Kitty jane can piss and stuff at the same time masturbation and wet panties

Kitty jane can piss and stuff at the same time masturbation and wet panties
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 08 WITH TEEN AGED BOY I strongly believe in sexual satisfaction in my life and I would do every possible thing for a good sex. Many male readers think that as I am too sexy, I can be easily available to them for sex. Yes! I admit that I am too sexy but at the same time, I am satisfied with my uncle and boyfriend because they are always present whenever I need them for sex. When they are not available immediately at the time of need, I use my fingers or vibrator.

There was a time in my life when both uncle and boyfriend were away for quite some time and I had a short term sexual relationship with a teen aged boy. This relationship was last for a short period and my uncle / boyfriend, both are still unaware about this.

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Some time I feel very bad for being hiding this truth from them but I think that was in my fortune because of my weakness at that particular time. I do not want to justify myself that what I did in my life is correct, but I can say that I have the required strength to accept/share the things which I did whether it was wrong or right.

I strongly believe that french amateur sucks dick in public hardcore european cannot undo the things once it is done and you should accept the facts/reality. I know that there are many people, men or women, who had sex with close family members, but they do not want it to disclose it.

I have also kept my sexual relation with my uncle secret from my parents, but I have disclosed it to my boyfriend and shared this with the readers. Any way, now read and enjoy my real life sexual encounter with a teen aged boy. . At that time, I was 24 years old and was enjoying my sexual life better than any girl could. I have already completed my education amateur busty babe do intense handjob venus I have started to play a very important role in our family business for export marketing of our product.

Readers are aware that we are having a very big farm where we grow nuts and mangoes. One corner portion of our farm is still thick natural jungle and we left it as it is because of our love towards nature. In other words, we need not to convert this part for commercial production.

Our workers at farm lives in their quarters build by us along one of the boundary of our farm near the jungle part. Our cottage is located on other boundary of the farm.

Whenever I visit the farm, I take a round of farm to see the progress and very often, I spend some time in jungle roaming here and there or to relax under any big tree. My boyfriend went to Delhi to join his duty and uncle was away on his business trip. One day, I visited the farm in the afternoon at about 3.00 pm. I have parked my car at cottage and took a round of farm.

It was hot weather. When I was near jungle portion, I was feeling little tired. I entered in to jungle portion. It was pleasant in thick tree shadow. Nice jolting a hard and thick boner hardcore blowjob was running a cross.

I took out water bottle from my hand bag to drink some water. I decided to relax little under one big tree and drink water.

I was sitting with my back resting on tree. I did not know when I was gone sleep while relaxing. I woke-up after half an hour. I was feeling to pee. I could have do it under the same tree but I was fearing that somebody from farm workers may come there in search of me and I did not want to expose myself to any worker. I walked toward a rock which is little far, to pee behind it.

I reached behind the rock and unbuttoned my jeans and push down it up to my knee along with my panty. I was sitting and relaxing by drain out pee. Suddenly I heard some noise like somebody is talking nearby.

I looked around but nobody was there. I finished peeing and stand up. I pulled my panty and jeans on place and buttoned it. I was still looking around to find out who is there. There was another rock little further xoxxx com story free porn storys the voice was continued to come.

I thought that there must be two persons behind that rock and talking in slow voice. I moved carefully towards that rock without making any noise. I was on top of the rock and could not believe on my eyes what I was seeing there. My eyes were wide open and there was an unbelievable, never seen before drama was going on.

There was only one man, aged about 40, moaning in sex pleasure in local language. ( I put here everything in English to understand better.

Actually, everybody at farm talks in local or Hindi language) He was naked below his waist. He was wearing only a shirt and his other cloths were lying down near him. I could see his back and naked ass. The unbelievable thing was he not masturbating or he was not having sex with any female. He was fucking a goat. His legs were in spread position to adjust his cock for goat's pussy. He was holding back of goat and fucking her like a female. He was calling the goat darling and loving babe in sex pleasure moaning.

His back was moving forward and backward. The goat was standing without any problem when he was making strokes and pushing his cock inside her and it was looking like she is also enjoying fuck with him. I understood that the goat must be his regular partner in fucking.

He was telling a lot of things to his fucking partner goat, some I understood and some I could not. He must have been working at our farm and could have been find this place perfect for fucking the goat. I have come across with different type of sex another method of sex satisfaction with an animal. He could not notice that I was watching him because I was on height behind him and there is no shadow due to thick jungle with a lot of tree.

He was fucking the goat carelessly and enjoying. He increased his speed and started moaning more loudly. I understood that he was near to finish. Suddenly, he holds the goat tight and bends upon her. He must have fired his cum inside goat's pussy and the goat was still unmoved. After some time, he removed his cock from goat pussy. It was dark, long and thick cock and I thought that the goat must have enjoyed the fuck with that cock. He started to clean his cock with help of dry tree leaves and goat had moved little forward started to clean her pussy by self licking.

I turned back and started to walk towards our cottage. What I have seen was first time in my life. I wanted to reach cottage as early as possible because I was becoming horny and my panty was started to wet. I have reached the cottage and locked the main door from inside. For your information, nobody is allowed in our cottage except a female worker in every morning to clean it.

The watchman remains on the outer gate. I removed all my cloths in bedroom and went in to attach bathroom. I was under cold shower and my hands were moving on my body.

I was feeling and wishing that either my uncle or boyfriend would have been with me for a fuck. But both were out. I moved my right hand up to my pussy and I was squeezing my boobs with my left hand. My hairless pussy was completely wet with juices and water. I could not control myself for a long time and started to stroke/rub my clit/g-spot with my middle finger with a great speed.

As I was hot since quite some time, I experienced orgasm soon but it was not so strong. My middle finger of right hand was still in between pussy lips and my legs were tightly gripped on my hand. After some time, I have removed my finger out of my pussy lips and turned the shower off.

I have opened the tap in full speed and sat down with my legs wide open. I have adjusted my sitting position in such a way that tap water was coming directly on my pussy. I have started to enjoy tap water on my pussy giving a lot of pleasure. This is a unique way of female masturbating with tap water. My body started to stiff and stiff and I was in haven with a strong orgasm. I came out of bathroom and that time it was 5.30 pm. I wanted to give some instructions to watchman on night duty and I came down after wearing all my cloths.

Day watchman was on his duty in his cabin and I asked him about night watchman. (His name is Madan) He told me that Madan is in his room behind the cottage.

I decided to walk up to his room instead of calling him. I reached up to his room and his room was seems locked from inside there was sound coming OOH. AAH. OH.OH AAAAAA AAAA AA AAAH --OOOOHHHHHHH. I was aware that he is single and unmarried.

He must have brought some woman to have sex but there was no female sound. I walked towards a window and second time on the same day; I was surprised to see another abnormal drama. Our watchman (Madan ) was naked and there was another boy aged about 18 years who was also naked. Madan was fucking ass of that boy. They were in doggy position and his cock was inside ass of that cute boy and I could notice that the boy was in pain saying ohhhhhhhhhhh.aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh with his every stroke.

The boy was very cute and handsome. His ass was small but in very good round shape. Cock of boy was of pinkish and it was not so thick but a longer one. Madan's cock was also not thick but the boy was feeling pain when he was fucking his ass. Boy's cock was visible to me very clearly as he was in doggy position allowing Madan to fuck his ass. I have seen this gay fucking in movies only but first time with my naked eyes. Madan was stroking in boy's ass and he moved one of his hand down to hold the boy's cock.

Now his cock stroking in boys ass and he was stroking the boy's cock with his hand. He is fucking boy's ass and at the same time masturbating the boy. After some time, he removed his cock from boy's ass and cleaned it with a cloth. Madan's cock is smaller one, not very thick but strong one.

Now both were sitting opposite each other. Madan asked the boy to masturbate his cock and the boy followed his instructions. He holds his cock between his palms and started stroking it up and down.up and down.

As Madan was already too hot and have fucked the boy's ass for some time, he soon fired his cum. Now Madan hold the boy's cute and pink long cock in his hands and started to stroke it up and down with full speed. The boy's eyes were closed and it seems that the boy did not know much about sex. Madan was stroking hard to boy's cock and I was surprised that the boy was taking longer time to cum.

Watchman have changed his hand and now he was masturbating the boy hard with other hand. The boy started to lift his ass after some time and he fired his cum high in the air submissive een slut cleans toilet with tongue tube porn a long distance. I moved from there and returned back to main door and asked the watchman to on duty to call Madan from his room.

I returned in to cottage and thinking about two extra ordinary sex act seen by me in a single day within 2 hours. I could not stop myself from thinking about that cute boy. His cock was pink, not dark or black like most of the men. The most important thing was that he took a long time to cum which is the most important to satisfy a female.

I have decided to have boy's pink and long cock in my pussy at least for once. I thought about uncle and boyfriend but the willingness to have fuck with that boy was so strong that my mind have diverted again on that boy. Madan was tiny tits teen railed by big hard shaft in the kitchen before me and I could not notice anything on his face that he had fucked ass of a teen aged boy just now.

Hot amateur fucks herself with toys on cam was looking like normal. I have given him certain instructions. He requested me for a job for his relative from his native place and I understood that he is talking about that boy. Me: who is he ? Madan : madame !

my relative from my native place. His name is Ratan and he is 18 years old. Uneducated but seems a very nice and hard working boy. He is only son to his mother and I called him thinking that he will get any job here at farm. He knows something about farming too.

I wanted to ask him that what he was doing with him in the room but I decided to keep mum on that. I also thought that if I call that boy now, I may not be able to control myself because his pink cock is already in my mind and making me horny. I told him that I would visit again tomorrow and bring that boy to me that time. He left and I also left for home. On the way while driving, I have already decided to keep that boy on the job.

After reaching home, I discussed with my dad to keep that boy on the job and my dad told me to keep him in the cottage only to look after all the work at cottage. Next day, I went to farm and was sitting in the office at ground floor of our cottage.

The watchman, Madan came along with the boy (Ratan). Madan: Ratan, she is our madam. Ratan came forward and touched my feet and said ---- madam! My name is Ratan. I will work hard with honesty. I will accept whatever you decide to pay me, but I need a job to feed my aged mother.

Me: Madan ! you may go. I want to talk to Ratan. Madan left and I asked Ratan to sit. Ratan: madam! How can I sit before you?

Me: you can sit because you are not my employee yet and I have to decide about it. He sat unwillingly on the corner of one chair. Me: What relation you have with Madan? Ratan: Not a close relationship madam. He is my brother in a distance relationship. Me: What can you do ? Ratan: Anything madam what you say. I can do farming. I can cook food or whatever you say me to do. Me: Since how many days you are here with Madan? Ratan: Today is fourth day madam.

Madan told me that whenever sir or madam visits here, he would talk about my job. Me: Alright. You will get a job but I do not like people telling lie. Ratan: I will not lie any time madam. I will tell you truth every time. Me: Do you want to stay with Madan or you want separate room? Ratan: Whatever you wish madam. Me: What you wish? Ratan: no problem for me madam. If you can give me separate room, I can bring my mother here, or I can adjust with Madan.

Me: Do you like Madan? Ratan: very much madam. I got job only because of him. Me: That is his obligation on you. My question is that do you really like Madan? He could not give any answer and I understood the reason behind allowing Madan to fuck his ass.

He did not do that happily. Me: I told you that I do not like the person who tells lie. What is your actual relationship with Madan? I am asking about 5.30/6.00 pm yesterday. His eyes were wide open hearing it from my mouth and soon his eyes were with water. He understood that I know everything. He held my legs and said. . I am sorry madam! I was forced to do that for the job. I feel shame doing that but I was helpless.

I will never do that again. He was crying like a little boy. For one moment, I thought that I too want to do the same thing to him what Madan did to him for a job. What is the difference between both things? But my sex willingness with him was too strong and I told myself that I will not force him to do any unnatural sex. I will give him a natural sex pleasure and will get a natural sex pleasure in return. Me: OK. Leave my legs. Sit on chair and stop crying like a small boy.

You are appointed to look after everything at this cottage, right from cleaning and maintenance. You can shift in servant's room in cottage itself next to this office. Your duty starts from right now.

Bring your things here and call Madan. He left the office with wet eyes and my sexy mind was planning how to get Ratan in my sex trap. I have instructed Madan to help Ratan in shifting to servant room in cottage and also to get him necessary things for his own cooking at servant's rooms. Ratan have shifted to his new room and I told him to bring tea for me. It was 2.00 pm in after noon and I told Ratan to put my lunch on dining table from my lunch box which I brought from home.

I was taking lunch and Ratan was standing there waiting for my instructions. I finished the lunch and told Ratan to clean the table and come to my room. I was in my bedroom on first floor and was sitting on the sofa. Sometime later Ratan entered in the room. Me: Ratan ! Do you know massage? Ratan: yes madam, I can massage. Me: then come on and massage my legs, I am feeling tired.

He came forward and sat on the floor near my legs. He had removed my scandals and started to massage my feet. I was wearing a tight jean that is why he was not able to massage above ankles. I had asked him to wait and went in to bathroom with my shorts. I had removed my jeans and came out of bathroom wearing my shorts. Now, most of the portions of my long and sexy legs were available for direct massage.

I again sat on sofa and asked him to massage my legs up to knee. He was massaging my legs very skillfully and after some time, I could feel little sweat in his palms while massaging. I smiled in my heart thinking that he had started feeling hot by touching my sexy legs with his bare hands.

I moved my back forward on sofa and have kept my legs straight to allow him to massage my Thais. His hands were started little shaky but he was doing his job skillfully. Me: Ratan ! Ratan: yes madam!! Me: Tell me the truth.

Had you done that thing before also with anybody or it was first time with Madan. Ratan kept his head down and replied.It was first time madam. Me : What he told you, tell me all without hiding anything.

Sexy asian bbw kelly loves to fuck huge white cocks Madam! I came here four days ago when I received letter from Madan that he can arrange a job for me. He used to sleep in the day because he is in night duty. He told me that I can roam here and there in the farm in the day till I get a job here.

He also told me that he is feeling very lonely here but now he is happy that I am here for his company. First night, we have cooked our food together and he went for his duty and asked me to sleep keeping the door open as the room is inside the compound. I went for sleep and woke up in the morning only. I saw Madan playing with his.his.his. in hands at one of the corner of the room.

He was moving his hands and after some time he had put it back in to his pant and was cleaning the floor with a cloth. He saw me woke up and smiled to me. Then he prepared tea for both of us and told me that his duty is over and he would sleep after lunch. I asked him what he was after being tempted sweetheart gets nailed hardcore and blowjob but he did not tell me anything. Two more days passed without much happening. Yesterday morning, I woke up realizing that Madan is sleeping with me on my bed and his hand was on

He also put something hot and hard on my palm and I understood that it was his. His. He was trying to get mine out of my cloths and I stood up. He was laughing and said . you are a very good and cute boy. We both have to leave here alone and after dirty talking i will get to fuck her hard hardcore and creampie should help each other.

If you follow my instructions and co-operate with me, you will get a job very quickly and I will keep you happy all the time.

I understood what he was trying to say but I was helpless. I was fully depended on him. He had gone to sleep after lunch and woke up at 4.30 in the evening. He pulled me in to his bed and removed all my cloths and. and . and. Me: did you feel pain at that time?

Ratan: yes madam. It was painful. I stood up and told. Ratan! You are a good boy. Give me massage on my back. And I was on my bed. I have unbuttoned my top/shirt and I was laying on the bed and Ratan was looking at me with wide opened eyes.

Me: come on Ratan ! Give me massage on my back. He came on the bed and started to massage on my back but I could feel shaking his hands on my back with his sweating palms. He was really feeling hot now. Me: Ratan! Open the hook of bra and massage on my full back. He tried to open my bra's hook but could not do it. I moved my hands behind and have unhooked the bra.

I have seen his face, it was red and with some sweating drops even in air conditioned bedroom. I understood that now he is ready and this is the right time. Me: Oh! Are you feeling hot? You can remove your shirt. Ratan: it is alright madam.

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I am fine. Me: no. Remove your shirt and massage me. He had removed his shirt. He was not wearing any undergarment. His cute chest was before my eyes. I turned again and he started to massage my naked back.

I have already noticed that his throat must have gone dry by seeing portion of my boobs coming out from my sides. He was trying hard to keep himself in control and his hands were moving on my back slowly and slowly.

I was started becoming horny and hot on touching his hands on my naked back. My pussy started going wet with my own juices. Me: Ratan! Are you alright?

But he could not speak anything.

I felt that grip of his palms on my back going harder and harder. This was the right time to hit hot iron. I was lying on the bed with my back up side. My boobs were squeezing between bed and me. I moved my hands towards him and I noticed that cutie teen girl shoves up her ass was his knee. He was sitting on the bed on his knees. I moved my hand further between his legs and his cock was under my grip above his pant.

He nearly jumped in the air when I touched his cock but he was speechless. I turned and now I was on my back. He was able to see my sexy boobs fully and I saw he was moving his tongue on his dry lips. I understood that he is completely raw and virgin. I did not want to waste much time to educate him about sex.

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I pulled him over me and had put my juicy lips on his dry lips. I understood that he will not be able to do anything on his own. I have to do everything. I gave one of my boobs in to his mouth and asked him to suck him. He was sucking it like a child for milk. While he was sucking my boob, I removed his pant and underwear. He was naked and still sucking my boob. I touched his naked cock. It was very cute.

As mention above, it was not very awesome savannah secret was picked up and fucked on the beach but a long and strong one. I asked him to remove my shorts and panty. He followed my instructions and has pulled out my shorts and panty. I had widen my legs little and he was watching my cute and clean shaved pussy with his eyes and mouth open widely. I asked him to suck my pussy. He hesitated a bit and put his lips on my pussy lips.

OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. It was a great feeling which I cannot explain but you can imagine it teen aged virgin boy's lips on my pussy. He was hesitating in starting but after that he was kissing my pussy and having taste of my juices by kissing my pussy lips like I kissed her lips. He was not aware of anything and I decided to teach him everything on some other day. I told him to sit on the bed and I put my head on his lap.

His cock was in standing position before my eyes. His cock was very straight like a rod. Length was about 6.5" and it was a slim cock. Color was pinkish which I liked very much. Tip of his cock was little wet with his pre - cum.

I took it in my hand and pulled the cover skin down to see head of cock. Head of his cock was more pinkish it was looking very nice with a lovely hole in the middle.

I took it in my mouth. This was the first time for me to have a slim and straight cock and it was testing great and differently from uncle's and boyfriend's cock. I was sucking it and he was enjoying it. His eyes were closed in pleasure. I did cock sucking for some time, during which he was playing with my boobs, squeezing them, moving them and pumping them.

I was on the bed on my back with legs wide open. You know that this is a ideal and perfect position for a girl for maximum possible pleasure in fucking. I put a thin pillow below my ass so that his cock reaches deep in to my pussy. I could notice that whatever knowledge of sex he is having, he understood that it is the time for fucking. He was sitting between my legs on his knees and his cock was touching to my pussy. It was giving me a unexplainable pleasure that a virgin teen cock is knocking my pussy door.

His hands were on my sides ideal czech sweeties stretch their butts with butt plug and huge sex toys he was trying hard to find my pussy hole to push his cock in side. I could feel that he was knocking the wrong door or dialing a wrong number. This was because of his inexperience and his teen aged virginity.

A big smile was on my lips noticing that and he was still trying to enter. I took charge of fucking by holding his cock between my fingers and guided it to the right pussy hole.

He pushed his cock inside with a bang and about half portion of his cock was in side of my pussy. His cock was slim but length was like a fully grown cock. I have guided him to take back his cock a little bit and push it hard inside again.

He did it and now his cock was touching deep in to my pussy. I told him to start stroking slowly and he did it. He was moving cock in and out . in and out . in and out. I did not tell him to increase the speed but he had increased it automatically. This is quite natural. I was being fucked by teen aged, slim, long, hard, hot, pink and virgin cock of my employee on his very first day of duty.

He was increasing his speed and I was enjoying a wonderful fuck. I knew that he takes a longer time to finish. I was near my climax and told him to increase is speed.

He did it. His back was moving forward and backward with a great speed like a speed machine. I was near. very near.

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very very near to finish. I was moving my back upwards with his strokes and he was extreme painful anal teen cry german me. fucking me.and fucking me hard. I reached up to desired destination. I was finished. I felt a strong orgasm and I rounded my legs around his back tightly and hugged him tight on me.

He could not understand reason for this but still trying stroking me but it was difficult for him as he was in my tight grip. He stopped stroking and was lying on me with his hard and hot cock deep in to my pussy. I loosen my grip from him and I was back in the same fucking position to play second inning.

He again started stroking me hard. Moving his cock in and out with full speed. We both were sweating in air conditioned room. He had tightened his teeth and continues to fuck me. I was very happy that teen aged boy taking longer time in fucking.

He was fucking me like a bull and I was nearing my second finish but there was no sign from him for even one finish. I told him to stop and take out his cock.

He could not understand this but had followed my instructions. It was clear from his face that he is not happy but he removed his cock. I took his cock in my hand, hold it tightly between my palms and started to give him a hand job. He understood that he will be finished like Madan did it with him but he did not react. I was moving my hand up and down. up and down to take him near his destination. I felt his hard cock becoming harder after some time and have stopped stroking.

I told him to put it again in to my pussy and fuck me. I could see a bright light in his eyes and I helped him again to push his cock in to my pussy. He was stroking me fast. fast . fast. And fast. I was near my second station and I could feel from his expression that he is also near to throw his cum.

He was fucking me. fucking me. fucking me and both were on the seventh sky. He started unknowingly moaning automatically and I was finished second time with a long, strong and good orgasm.

He was still fucking me hard and moaning in pleasure and I understood that he is near to finishing line. I did not stop him and after about 10 hard strokes, he had fired his warm cum deep in to my pussy. Now he was lying on me and my legs and hands were around his body. He hugged me tight in pleasure after his first ever experienced fuck. His slim and long cock was still dancing deep in to my pussy and I could feel his cum coming out from his cock with force on every movement of his dancing cock.

He was taking long breaths like he finished his long race/running. I too was breathing hard after a very satisfying and good fucking with a virgin teen aged boy. We were laying un moved for some time and after that I told Ratan to Take his cloths on and bring me a tea. He moved from me by removing his cock from my pussy. I could see that his cock was become more pinkish after losing virginity by first pussy fuck.

Now it was not hard and it was in semi soft condition. Readers are aware that I love to suck soft cock and I could not stop myself from sucking his soft cock. I tested a mixture of his cum with my own pussy juices while sucking his soft cock.

I cleaned his cock by sucking and I do not hesitate to write that I liked it more than my uncle's and boy friend's. I went to bathroom in my birthday suit leaving him on the bed watching movement of my round and hard ass while walking. I took a shower and drinking the tea prepared by Ratan feeling very satisfied.

Me: Ratan! What you feel about me? Ratan: Madam ! You are very good and kind hearten. Me: It's OK! And do not do that again with Madan. You can tell him that madam knows everything and did not like it. Ratan: OK madam! Me: Mind it! Nobody should know about what we did.

Ratan: No madam! I swore!! Me: Tell me honestly! Did you enjoy!! Did you like it!!! Ratan could not speak much expect THANK YOU MADAM and run away towards kitchen like a shy girl. Julee