Hottie goes from sucking to fucking black dick monstercock interracial

Hottie goes from sucking to fucking black dick monstercock interracial
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During my single years I lived in a small town on a lazy oak ridden street. Next door to where I lived was a very nice family that kind of took me in. I was in my mid twenties at the time and worked a great deal of the time. The family would have me over for supper when I was not working and they had a daughter named Mandy.

Mandy was a pretty girl, somewhat chubby but not overly. Mandy was 18 or 19 and attended a community college so she still lived at home. Mandy was what some people would refer to as a nerd, but I talked with her frequently about what we busty cutie flashed her boobs for cash out of life and what some of our dreams were.

As time went by, Mandy and I got very close and I knew she had somewhat of a crush on me and I found her very attractive. Mandy was about 5' 5" and weighed about 130 lbs.

Mandy had black hair and as I said before she was a bit chubby, but she had very nice breasts and a very nice ass. Mandy was not one to have dates as she was trying to get good grades so she could qualify for grants to attend a real college.

One night I came home from work and my phone rand and it was Mandy, "Hey, would you like to come over for supper tonight?, My parents are at a movie and I saw that you just got home." "Sure, I'll come right over." I said. I went over and Mandy was dressed in just a lacy night gown and she had candles lit all through the house. "Hey what's up." I asked.

Mandy looked at me and said, "You know I have a crush on you and I want you!" I was shocked, but very aroused at the same time. At this point, Mandy seemed to be hungry for what I had to offer. Mandy led me to her bedroom and she sat on her bed and pulled me close to her and unzipped my pants. "I want to suck a dick!" "OK, but is this your first time sucking a cock?" I asked.

"Yes, but I know what to do." Mandy replied.

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I told her, "Ok Mandy, but I want you to tell me what you think of my cock before you start and I want you to tell me in detail what you see." "Um OK." Mandy said sheepishly. Mandy pulled my hard cock out of my pants and looked at it in the light and said, "It's long and it has purple veins, it's soft, but hard.

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It's very big around and the tip of it is shaped like a mushroom. In fact it's hot to the touch and I want to taste it." "Go ahead." I told her. Mandy took my cock at the base and began to moved closer, I could feel her hot breath as her wet lips got closer to my cock. I pulled my pants down further and told her to gentle massage my balls which she did.

I could tell Mandy was nervous as her hand trembled as she held the shaft of my cock. Mandy slowly placed her lips over my mushroom head and began to softly suck the head.

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Her mouth was so warm and her lips so soft! I asked her what she thought?

"It doesn't really have any taste, but it's taut anal is team fucked hard interracial hardcore and much softler than I thought it would be." Mandy said softly.

"Ok Mandy, now I want you to suck my cock and massage my balls and no more talking." I said. Without saying a word, Mandy began to take my cock in to her mouth and gently massage my balls. It was very arousing watching a young woman who had never sucked a cock begin to really get in to what she was doing. Mandy sucked my cock and force herself down on my shaft as she gagged a little. Mandy sucked my cock with just the right amount of pressure and I asked her, "Are you sure you've never done this?" "I'm sure, but I've watched lots of video's on how it's done." Mandy reliped.

Mandy went right back to sucking my cock and I reached up under her lacy nighty and began to rub her clit. As soon as I touched her pussy, I noticed she had shaved her pussy and she was just dripping with nectar! My finger slid right in to her tight little pussy and she moaned as she sucked my cock. I rubbed her clit and around her ass as she moaned and slurped my big rod!

I asked her if she wanted to taste my cum and she mumbled "Umhuh". I gently pinched her hard nipples as she sucked harder on my cock and I wanted to fuck her, but I knew she wanted to suck me until I came in her mouth!

I told Mandy, "I am soon going to cum, are you sure you want me to cum in your mouth?" "Yes I want to taste all of you." Mandy begged. Mandy's pussy was dripping wet and I began to grunt and fill her mouth with cum, she moaned when the first spurt hit the back of her throat, but she sucked as my cock began to unload my huge load! Mandy swallowed and swallowed more as my rough anal gang bang dp and mexico hardcore disobeying daddy spurted ribbons of hot cum in to her mouth!

I rubbed her pussy as she swallowed my load and she started to orgasms on my fingers! Mandy moaned as her pussy clamped down around my fingers and began to squeal in pleasure as she released her pent up sexual feelings! Mandy pulled away from my cock and my cum drizzled down her chin and she breathed heavy as her pussy convulsed around my fingers and she laid back on the bed with her exposed tits and her wet little pussy just quivering!

I wanted to fuck her little pussy right there, but I didn't! I asked her what she thought? "It was fucking amazing, especially when you came in my mouth. My pussy is on fire and I want you to fuck me with your big cock!" I told her that I would, but it would be another night. I told her what night I would fuck her and I wanted her to think about it for a few days. Anticipation is one of the greatest things in life, I told her.

Mandy laid there with her tits and tight little pussy in front of me, so I told her I would eat her pussy for her and she smiled. I licked and sucked Mandy's pussy, it was the sweetest tasting pussy.

I ate her little snatch until she exploded with a huge orgasm. My face was covered in her juices and my cock was hard again. Mandy noticed and begged me to fuck her, but I told her that I wanted another blowjob and I would eat he pussy while she sucked me off.

Mandy smiled and straddled alura jenson mom comfort tson face and began to suck my cock and I licked and sucked her pussy as she did.

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Mandy's pussy came and quivered the whole time and she sucked my cock like a pro until I pumped another load down her throat. By this time, Mandy's parents were due home so we agreed to meet the next time her parents went out and I told her I'd fuck her good! Mandy smiled and made me swear to it!

About a week later, Mandy got her tight virgin pussy broken in and she felt what it was like to have cum injected in to her pussy as well!