Border patrol sex spank my tight ass officer

Border patrol sex spank my tight ass officer
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I sat and watched him through my bangs, he was doing a presentation for the class with a few friends there goal obviously to make you pervcity teen brooklyn oraloverdose pussy licking face fucking instead of giving the facts he was tall, almost six foot, and very dark, he probably had some spanish blood in him. I had been admiring his silly attitude for weeks before this and found myself falling for a jock I had never liked a popular sports boys before my interests normally turned to the bad boys with piercings and leather wrapped around them.

I had bold tastes for the invisible girl of the school, I was average height with dirty blond hair and big brown eyes that I had heard could be very scary looking when i'm angry I wasn't pretty and yet I always found myself attracted to boys far out of my league.

like this one. tanner,I didn't know his last name I was afraid to ask, mr tall, dark, and handsome himself. he was far out of my league, I couldn't believe he would ever like me like that, even though I had caught him sneaking peaks at me throughout the year but that had to be because he saw me staring at him no way a guy like that would be attracted to the quiet plain girl she wasn't gorgeous, no not at all but there was something about her.

everytime I saw here I wanted to rip off the large jacket that hide the delicious body I saw hints of every so often. her large brown eyes held so much depth and fire I wanted to take it to own it, yes something about the girl stirred my inner dom. she was a hidden girl I had never even seen her whole face, one half of it being covered by her bangs.

her dirty blonde hair was always a mess as was her outfits, always consisting of that large green jacket a large t-shirt and sweats and glasses that always slid down her nose in a way you knew they were a old pair handed down and just with new lenses she could definitely be pretty if she tried I decided turning away from her.

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the dom in me demanded to take her, to make her ours in every way possible he repeated it every time she made herself small in the halls or her eyes immediately dropped when we made eye contact. the girl was a natural sub and I knew she had the be my sub the weeks went on and my mind drifted away from thoughts of tanner as other boys came and when in my life. of course they didn't know they were ever in it, I was too shy to ever really even talk to a boy let alone be in a relationship with one, no I simply admired from afar my crushes being new each week all thoughts of tanner gone.

but not for long she had moved on but I never had.

the need I had for her only grow and I knew it was time to take what I now knew was mine. I wasn't a virgin no far from it, my cock was well chased after and me being as experiences as I was already knew the trick to teasing and giving girls the max amount of pleasure their little bodies can handle. I knew for a fact that little Rebecca's body would enjoy this even if her mind refused she always left the college at the same time everyday, at the same exit.

I thank the lord she was a girl that liked her rut.

she always left through the hall the football players locker room was. the time being late enough that everyone was gone but the team not returning yet, she didn't like crowds I decided why else would she take a hall that is always completely empty and slightly dark until the team occupies it once more? I heard her light humming and got into place. just as she was crossing the team locker room door I made my move. I stepped behind her smiling as I saw the headphones wedged in her ears preventing her from hearing me approach.

I wrapped an arm around her waist and another to cover her mouth before pulling her against me. her muffled screams excited me my cock twitching against her lovely bottom only making her scream harder, her arms reached out toward the football players that she could see but in no way could see her.

I smiled as I bent down and yanked out first one ear bud then the other with my mouth only stopping to lick and suck as each ear, she shivered. she fought of course but she struggling and british big breasted sammy sanders fingering herself against me only made my hard on worse than it already was "yes that's right move for me becca" I whispered in her ear letting her know she was only making her situation worse.

my grin only grew as she immediately stopped "now I have always dreamed of fucking that hot ass in the locker rooms but I have to get back to practice japanese family sex 1 english subtitles we are going to take a little walk to my apartment and then I need to get back to practice got it?" I flicked out a long switch blade and held it against her throat. I laughed as she immediately nodded her head Slowly I removed the knife only to place the tip at her stomach and pushed her forward quietly telling her to start walking.

she moved silently in front of my tears were streaming down her face and small sobs escaped every once and awhile once we got to my apartment which was very close to the campus. I slipped a blindfold over her eyes since she hadn't seen me yet. I pushed her into my room then onto my bed where I crawled over her as she began to sob harder at what she knew would come. but not yet. I pushed a ball gag in her mouth with some effort satisfied that she hadn't tried to scream in this process so far.

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what a good sub I though before tying each limb to one of my bed post so she laid spread eagle for me when I get home "okay sweetness I have to go but ill be back later for the main event I laughed almost evilly before kissing her forehead brooke banner in a fishnet outfit shags leaving her to herself the tears wouldn't stop. I was going to be raped that I knew. he had left me here spread eagle I knew what he had planned an in a strange way I was excited, don't get me wrong I'm scared shitless but I had always fantasiced about being raped.

I never thought it would actually happen to me of all people. I wasn't pretty I don't understand why anyone would set there sights on me I had always dressed in a way to avoid boys and how here I was laying spread eagle waiting for a boy, a strange, to come and fuck me against my will in a way it was exciting I was terrified to the point I was shaking but I couldn't help thinking of him pining my hands down as I fight and scream so he will shove his tongue inside my mouth.

In my mind he would shred my cloths off with that deadly knife of his. He would pull off his cloths as well touching and grabbing at me everywhere sucking on my hard nipples and fingering my wet cunt I would struggle and scream trying so hard for it not to feel as amazing as it did but I couldn't help cumming all over his fingers.

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He would force the fingers in my mouth telling me how great I tasted. Then finally he would place his hard cock at my entrance and ripping throw my cherry fucking me long and hard until he found release inside me he may even cum over my chest of fuck my ass!

I couldn't help the wetness of my underwear of how hard my nipples were at the thoughts running through my head. Every fantasy I had ever had was coming up even though I would actually want what was going to happen any minute now. Suddenly the door opened