Racy hawt japanese three some hardcore blowjob

Racy hawt japanese three some hardcore blowjob
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My LBFM I am a 48 y/o man who is currently enjoying a blowjob by a lovely 18 y/o Pinay. No, I didn't pick her up in the streets of Manila or brought her from a foreign country. In fact, a few years ago, she was quickly becoming a typical American pain in the ass. But I am getting ahead of myself. During my 20 years in the Military I had been stationed in the Philippines. During that time I fell in love with a beautiful woman 5 years my junior. We were married for 15 blissful years. Susan was a typical Pinay in that she was truly sexy and submissive.

There was nothing she wouldn't do to keep me happy. Susan couldn't get enough of my cock. It didn't matter if it was in her mouth, pussy or her tight ass. We met Terry when we were stationed in North Carolina. Terry was retired, single and couldn't find a decent woman to save his life. We introduced him to Susan's childhood friend Mary. At the time we introduced them, Mary had a daughter named Tina.

Terry and Mary fell in love and he brought them both to the US. They were a match made in heaven just like me and Susan.

About four year ago, a drunk driver hit my wife's car, killing her. I was devastated. After a time, Terry and Mary started talking about me finding myself another good woman. It took time, but I started to date, and Mary made sure that she was to approve any prospect. No one met the standards that satisfied Mary. No woman was good enough for me. Also during this time, Tina was starting High School and beginning to become quite a handful. Tina had started to hang out with the wrong crowd.

Tina had started to talk back, smoke, forget chores and her grades were falling. I know this was driving Mary crazy that her daughter was straying away from her Pinay roots and becoming "Americanized". I had a chunk of land brazzers milfs like it big eva notty milf squad vegas the stakeout outside of town. It had an open space that was off the road and I build me a new home.

One Thursday evening I was sitting on my porch and noticed that there were some headlights shining on a back portion of my property. I grabbed my flashlight and proceeded to sneak towards my trespassers.

When I got there, I found a car with the windows steamed up. As I quietly approached the car, I could hear two voices, one male, and the other female. Both were young. The female voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

Male: "Yes, suck that cock. Fuck you're a great cock sucker" Female: "You're huge and I am hot! It's time for you to put that big thing in me.

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You're the largest I have ever had." Male: "Damn Tina, you're fucking pretty girl with admirable a hole bounces on knob That is where I know that voice. That was Terry's and Mary's daughter.

I turned on my flashlight and shined it into the car. "Tina, get your ass out of that car!" "OH Shit" they both said as they scrambled for their clothes. "Don't bother getting dressed. Both of you step out of the car NOW!" As Tina stepped out of the car, her eyes got large when she determined who I was, and then she just lowered her head in shame.

"Who the fuck are you? You ain't the cops." the boy said. "Your right, I'm not the cops, but I could call them and have you arrested for trespassing. I am the owner of this property and since you're on my property, I am GOD. You got any other stupid questions?" He just lowered his head and said no. While I asked him his name and home phone number, I noticed that his cock had wilted.

I had to chuckle a bit since I remember Tina saying that he was the largest she had seen and I thought it was tiny.

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It was about 6 inch long and a little bit larger than a quarter. While I started dialing it, I said, "Now I am not going to call the cops, but I will call your parents. I will let them handle the punishment." When his parents answered the phone, I explained the situation and told them that I was sending their son home to let them deal with him as they deemed necessary. They asked about the girl, and I explained that I knew her parents and would be taking her home. They talked to their son and he quickly got in his car, handed Tina her clothes and sped home.

After the boy left, I grabbed Tina and led her back to my home. Tina cried and begged me not to tell her mom of the incident. "And why should I?" I exclaimed. "I would let you fuck me if you promise not to." My mind started to race. I hadn't had any pussy in almost four years and here was this beautiful teen girl asking me to fuck her.

But this girl was the young daughter of my friends. Suddenly a plan entered into my mind and I responded, "Nice try, but we will see what your parents say when I get you home. I am sure they would love to porn story nancy ajram 2019 that you not only fucked a boy, but tried to bribe me with your pussy." Her mouth just dropped open.

She couldn't believe that I could turn her down. Little did she know what was running through my mind would rock her world. The ride to her home was very quiet.

I was deep in thought and she was terrified of the punishment she knew she was going to get from her mother. When Terry opened the door he was surprised that I had brought Tina home.

Tina started to head to her room when I told her that she should stay here while I explained the events of the evening. When I said I had caught Tina fucking a young boy on my property, Mary's face turned to an anger that would scare anyone. Mary jumped up and started a barrage of slaps, punches and cussing that would make a Marine proud. Mary was saying that paula shy gets rubbed by rachel adjani had disgraced robust milf officers enjoy their asses getting stretched by a bbc and the family, and that she was nothing but an American whore.

Terry had a hard time holding Mary back when she heard of the attempted bribe. Terry looked over at Tina and asked it this was true. Tina just nodded her head yes. Terry told her to go to her room and he would deal with this shortly. As Tina started to get up, I told Terry and Mary that I may have a solution to this whole situation. As solution that would correct Tina's actions once and for all.

After Tina left the room, I began to lay out my plan. I told them that if they would be willing, I would be willing to teach Tina. Her studies would include the same studies as school, and I would guarantee her acceptance into collage.

Her studies would also include a return to Pinay family values and how to be a good submissive wife. Mary asked "What kind of man would accept her after all this? She is a whore!" "I would. Without the wrong influence and with my training, I know she would make a good wife.

During her training, she would be my LBFM PBR." Terry just chuckled while Mary asked "LBFMPBR? What is that?" "She would be my Little Brown Fucking Machine, Powered By Rice" "Well, if she wants to be a whore, she might as well be your whore. If you're sure you can handle her, I would be so honored. I couldn't think of a better man for the school xxx blacked porn story would handle getting her withdrawn from school and her transcripts transferred to me.

Since I hold a teaching degree, it would be easy to arrange. I told them that I would return tomorrow morning to finalize the training curriculum and pick Tina up. I went home and put together 3 curriculum schedules. The first schedule was for the School boards records. It was the most generic to include only the items that they desired to see. The second was for Terry and Mary. This included everything on the school boards along with instruction in Pinay cooking, history, language, and a course I called Family Matters.

The last schedule was for me and it included Sex Education and Husbandry. Each had a section on how testing would be accomplished. I knew how the School Board required testing was to be performed, but I noted that my grading scale was going to be much higher. I would not accept anything less that a 95%. As for the Pinay testing, I would be working with Mary to determine and administer the testing. I arrived at Terry's an hour before Tina was scheduled to head to school.

Mary called the school, informing them that Tina would be transferring and that I would be by this week to pull her from the school. Mary went in and grabbed Tina and dragged her out to the living room while Terry went out to his shop and grabbed some rope. Mary stood Tina in front of me, holding her hands together. "You are not going back to the high school. I will be your new teacher.

Your mom and dad have turned you over to me to handle your training. Since you want to be a whore, you're now my whore." Terry started to bind her hands as Tina was looking at her parents in shock. "Mom? Dad? You can't do this to me!" Tina said as she started to struggle, trying to get away.

Tina started to scream as Mary placed a gag in her mouth. Tina's eyes were enlarged from terror. "You're training starts tomorrow, but my enjoyment starts tonight." As I picked her up.

Mary led me to Tina's bedroom "Mike, here is your bedroom. I am sure my daughter wouldn't mind" I placed Tina on her bed and secured her hands and feet to the bed. All the time Tina is trying to scream, begging and pleading for me to let her go.

Tina had on a light cotton nightie that was easily ripped from her body, leaving her naked on the bed. "Now I am going to remove your gag so you can answer some questions. You will only answer my questions. You will say nothing else. You will be punished if you do not comply. Is that understood?" Tina shook her head in agreement. I removed her gag. I walked around the room looking at my step dad stole my panty while I started asking the questions.

"When you were fucking the other boy, you said that his cock was the largest you have ever had. Is that correct? Was that the largest cock you have had?" "Yes, his cock is huge" "How many boys have you fucked?" "15-20" "Been with any girls" "Yes, a couple" she said.

"When was your first and where?" "About a year ago, at a friend's house." "Have you done any anal?" I asked. "What, fuck my ass? Not a chance." "Last question before we go to sleep. Have you had sex with more than 1 person at a time?" "I have been in the same room with more than one person, but not together. Why?" "Well, I said you were only to answer my questions, nothing else." I said as I replaced the gag back into her mouth. I covered her with a blanket and turned the light off before I started to undress.

The thought of fucking Tina had given me a raging hard-on and I wanted it to be a surprise. You see I am about 7 ½ inch in length and about the size of a silver dollar around. Much larger that anyone she has claimed having been with so far. Once I was naked, I climbed into bed behind Tina and wrapped my arms around her.

She tried to wiggle around a bit, in an effort to keep me away from her, but since her hands and feet tied, she was not successful. As I started to nibble on her neck, I reached around between her legs and started to play with her pussy and clit. I whispered in her ear "I know your going to enjoy this first fucking" as my hard cock touched her butt.

I could hear whimpers emanating from her, and her pussy was quickly becoming soaked from my fingering. I reached back around and grabbed my cock and guided it between her legs. As it started to press between her legs I could hear her make a short gasp. She was just beginning to determine my size.

As the head pressed against her pussy lips I reached back around and began my assault on her clit. Her breathing became heavy as my cock began to stretch her open.

I pushed about 2 inches into her and then stopped. "Do you like my cock?" I asked. She nodded her head yes. "Would you like some more?" Again she nodded yes.

I slid a little more than an inch more before asking the same questions. Again she nodded yes while trying to say please. I slid in another couple more inches and asked again. She nodded yes and began to beg to be fucked. "I am as far as any of your boyfriends have been, and I am not done yet. I am not sure you can handle all of it?" Muffled, I heard "Please fuck me.

Please." I pulled my cock back about an inch. Tina started to whimper a bit and pressing her pussy down. "Are you my slut? My Little Brown Fucking Machine? My little American Whore? What would you give to have my cock all the way inside you?" Tina was nodding to each question and muffled "Anything, ANYTHING!" "Anything you said?" I asked and she nodded yes. "Good, then anything is what I get." I slowly slid my cock from her pussy.

I then slid the head back and pressed it against her anus. Tina quickly started to plead no, shaking her head no and trying to move her waist so that my cock would return to her pussy.

As I started to push against her, she tried to prevent my entrance. There was a battle between my hard cock and her sphincter muscles, a battle that I was determined to win. I continued to press harder and harder until the head popped in. I paused as Tina gave out a scream from the pain. "Tonight I have taken your anal virginity. You will get use to my cock in your ass.

In the morning I will bury my cock all the way in your pussy, but first you will feel it entirely in your ass." Tina continued screaming as my cock slowly penetrated her bowels. I took my time, pushing in a bit and then out a bit. It was a good 30 minutes before I finally fully buried my cock all the way into her ass.

Her screaming anime hentai amv ecchi tube porn died down, but I knew that it still hurt a lot. "You now have my entire cock in you. My wife use to love it when I fucked her ass. Consider this as your education tuition." I started to slide my cock out until the head was all that was still in her before sliding it back in.

I continued this long, slow, steady fucking until I started to feel an eruption starting to build. I turned Tina onto her stomach and started to pick up the pace until I was slamming my cock in. I had pushed so hard, Tina was pushed up against the headboard. Tina was groaning with every push although it was not all from unbelievably hot lesbian princesses playing with toys pantyhose and lesbians pleasure.

Soon I could no longer hold it as I filled her backside with cum. I lay against her and rolled her back onto her side while keeping my cock still in her.

My cock remained jewels jade and jenna ross amazing way in the bedroom her as I drifted off to sleep. I woke up early the next morning feeling like a new man. During the night my cock had popped out of Tina's ass along with a health amount of cum. I got up out of bed and went to a piss. I passed Terry and Mary in the hallway.

They were heading down for breakfast and I was invited to join them. I told them that I needed to take a piss and I still had a little task to handle before I would be bringing Tina down for breakfast. They said that coffee would be ready when I finished. I decided to just wash up a little in the sink first and then I would have Tina join me for a shower later.

As I entered the bedroom, Tina was still asleep. She was now lying on her back. Her black hair was outlining her face. Her arms still tied above her head making her tits to point out. She had beautiful A cups with her nipples sticking straight out. I leaned over and started to suck on her nipples going from one to the other. She started to moan from pleasure before she woke up.

"Good morning Tina. Did you sleep well? It is time for me to give you what you begged for. My cock buried all the way into your pussy. Now you get to really see what you had in your ass." I said as I removed the robe. Tina's eyes opened wide when she spied my cock. I heard a muffled "Oh God" "I am going to remove your gag so that you can suck it.

If you start to scream, you will not only fail to feel my cock in your pussy, but you will again feel it in your ass. I know your ass is very tender right now so I wouldn't recommend it. Understand?" Tina nodded her head in agreement. As I removed her gag, she asked, "Please untie me. I promise not to fight or try to run away.

I want that cock." As soon as I untied her, she quickly got on her knees and started to worship my cock. She licked the head and then down the shaft to my balls and back up.

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As she wrapped her tiny hands around my harden cock she said "It looks and feels larger than last night. I can't wait to wrap myself around it." She tried to stretch her lips around the head. After some work, she succeeded in getting the head and about 2 inch into her mouth.

Her tongue was feverishly working on the head as she erin stone party group fuck on balcony to try and stuff as much of it into her mouth. I motioned for her to lie back on the bed, which she quickly complied, spreading her legs in an invitation. Her pussy was already dripping from anticipation of the fucking she was about to receive. I placed the length of my cock between her pussy lips and slid it up and down as if to lubricate the underside.

"Please fuck me Mark. Don't torture me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me fast, fuck me deep." She begged. I placed the tip against her pussy and slowly pushed the head in before freezing.

Her pussy was so tight and hot. I was having beautiful flashbacks to Susan only to be awakened to hear, "Mark! PLEASE" from Tina. I proceeded just like last night, inserting the first couple inches and asking if she wanted more. "PLEASSE. Give it all to me" I slid a couple more inches in and asked again. "Please please please please" she repeatedly replied. I pushed a couple more inches in and felt her cervix. I still had another inch to go. "I don't think you can take all of me." I said just as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled her legs and thrust her hips at the same time.

I didn't think I could have gone any deeper, but she proved me wrong as I was completely buried in her. Tina gave out a loud grunt and an "Oh my God" as she was completely filled. I pulled my cock out to the head and began my slow, steady fucking of this tight young pussy. After about ten minutes of the slow and steady, Tina started to beg me to fuck her harder, but I just ignored her.

Soon she was doing all she could to get me to speed up, but I wasn't ready, and I knew that she wanted me to speed up so that she could release. Tina placed her hand between her legs to play with her clit, but I grabbed it and held both of her hands above her head.

Soon I could feel the explosion building deep inside me. I started to pick up the pace, much to Tina's relief, until I was slamming my cock against her cervix again. Tina started to trash about widely from her orgasm as I started to shoot my hot lava. As my last shot fired into Tina, I collapsed on top of her. Professional sex xxx hide and go fuck cock still inside but quickly deflating.

When my cock popped out of her pussy, with a drizzle of cum attached, I collapsed on top of Tina. I rolled off to one side and Tina curled up to me. We slept for about 20 minutes.

After we got up, we grabbed a shower and headed down for breakfast. Tina came into the kitchen with her head down. She walked up small boy with young woman the table where her parents were sitting.

"Mom, Dad. I apologize for all that I have put you through. I hope I can regain your grace by showing you I can become the daughter you can be proud of." Tina has completed High School Home Study with Honors and has received acceptance letters from several top collages in the country.

We were married just after her 18th birthday. She has tattooed just above her pussy the letters "LBFM". Tina has been asking me what sexual fantasies I want fulfilled. She has been hinting that nothing would be taboo. What to make of my LBFM.