Stunning brunette babe gets her moist vagina fucked after baseball practice doggystyle piercing

Stunning brunette babe gets her moist vagina fucked after baseball practice doggystyle piercing
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. An excerpt from Blonde beautiful and ready to lose her virginity Islands RP & Stories Project. This piece is about Keith Frost a Master Chef at a 5-star restaurant in the Islands and a Special Culinary Arts Professor at St Abbot's University, and his personal slave Shannon Labbe.

Though she's his property, romance seems to be in bloom. Posted on behalf of ShadowMonkey the original author. "THE SHOWER" I woke to the tropical breeze dancing across my bare back.

I lifted my head and blindly turned it to the open patio doors, looking for the fragrance of the native flowers to tease my nose. I inhaled deeply as I opened my eyes, the ocean view just beyond the patio coming into focus.

I glanced down at the clock on the side table, only to groan at the realization I had not slept in on my day off. My left hand slid from under my pillow to extend across the satin sheets looking for someone it didn't find.

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I lifted my head, freeing my pillow to be removed by the right hand as the left retrieved hers. My head came to rest in her pillow, bunched in my arms and cool to the touch. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply again, drawing in traces of perfume and sweat from the fabric.

As I laid there in bed, I heard the shower being turned off. I got out of bed quietly with a smile as I heard her begin to hum through the open door. As I made my way around the bed, I paused only for a moment to pick up a strip of burnt bacon and the glass of orange juice she had waiting for me on the nearby table. As the meat crunched loudly in my mouth, I listened for the sound of the ice hitting the walls of the glass.

With my quiet approach to the door, I was able to position myself so she could not see me in the mirror. Her head was down in mild concentration as she stood at the vanity. Her focus was on the toothpaste she was applying with a decorator's precision.

After placing her brush on the marble sink with a faint click, her free hand joined the other in holding the tube. Her slender fingers on one hand flipped closed the cap before her other hand squeezed the tube from the bottom. The bright morning light highlighted streaks of white across her red nail polish as she moved the toothpaste up in the tube, addressing my she begged me to bend her over peeve of squeezing from the middle.

One slender arm reached up to open the medicine cabinet, the mirror casting a white line across her lightly tanned face as it moved, before her other arm placed the tube inside. With a graceful gesture she closed the cabinet before picking up the brush. Her free hand went up to move her wet, wavy red hair behind her ears as the other hand worked the faucet to wet her brush.

Her pale green eyes focused forward in the mirror as she lifted her hand and parted her thin lips. The tip of her light pink tongue left her mouth as she watched herself push the paste into the bristles. Her brush followed her tongue into her mouth as it closed, the head of the brush making a bulge in her lightly freckled cheek. I smiled at the familiar sight of her mouth holding something in it. As she began the brush her teeth, the gentle rocking of her body worked loose the water still trapped in her hair.

The droplets broke free to gently tap on her shoulders before beginning the exploration of her body. Some of the trails down her chest led the water to caress the curves of her full C's with some water collecting on the tips of her tanned nipples before they fell to her feet.

Other trails found their way through the valley between her breasts before crossing her flat stomach ehesau beim fremdficken erwischt tube porn disappearing into the V of her hips. The smooth skin on her back led the droplets straight to the shallow cup of her lower back as she leaned forward a little. Water escaping that cup ran over the tight curves of her small ass or disappeared down between her cheeks.

Her athletic leg closest to me was bent at the knee as the other took the weight of her petite frame. She soon shifted her weight, straightening the nearest leg in a display of sculpted toneness as the other relaxed.

Both legs went straight as he back curved forward, displaying the firmness of her breasts as they held their shape while hanging under her.

One hand reached out to turn on the faucet as the other checked her hair to sell your gf birthday present shaved pussy and cunnilingus it behind her ears. Her thin lips puckered as she delicately spat the toothpaste into the sink. She stood up again as one hand reached for a cup and the other rinsed the brush.

She filled her mouth with water as she placed the brush into the holder. She swished her mouth clean before bending over again and emptying her mouth. She drank from the cup again after standing and tilted her head back, exposing the light scarring on her slender neck from a previous collar.

She gargled her throat clean before spitting into the sink again. She poured the remains of the cup into the sink as she free hand reached for a towel. She looked at herself in the mirror as she wiped her mouth dry, fixing her eyes on the reflection of her neck. As she placed the towel on the rod, she tilted her head side to side to touch the faint lines on her neck from a past life.

She fluffed her hair with her hands a little before turning to the door. When she saw me there, she jumped in surprise. Her eyes met my warm smile before her head lowered, pointing eyes down, as her body went rigid and straight.

I crossed the few steps to get to her to place my free hand under her chin as the other set my glass on the vanity. I lifted her chin to bring her face up to meet mine, my smile unchanging. As my eyes met hers, the contagion of my smile caught her face as she returned it.

I leaned in to kiss her with no need to guide her; she was already moving to meet me. Her soft lips met mine in a gentle touch as we both closed our eyes. Her arms wrapped around my neck as mine found their way around her waist, pulling each other closer until her firm breasts pressed lightly against my bare chest. Our heads tilted opposite of each other as mouths parted and tongues met. I could still taste a faint trace of the mint toothpaste as my tongue massaged hers.

Still holding each other close, our mouths and heads straightened with lips meeting in soft taps. I rested my forehead against hers as we relaxed in our embrace.

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As the tropical wind blew the gentle scent of lavender shampoo to meet my nose, I opened my eyes. With foreheads touching she opened her eyes and met mine.

A playful smile crossed my face before our lips met again.

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She smiled back as she pulled herself closer against me, her arms sliding across my shoulders. My eyes closed as my head titled up, taking in the feeling of soft fingertips leading scratching nails down my back with hardened nipples pressing into my chest. Playful smiles met again as I opened my eyes. As her hands drifted around my waist to begin untying the drawstring of my pants, my fingers gently brushed up and down her back. I took a short, quick breath as her hand reached into my pants and wrapped around my manhood.

Eyes stayed locked with grins widening as she gently stroked my shaft and guided my pants off of my hips. I leaned in to kiss her, but stopped short purposely.

She leaned in to meet me but I kept my mouth just out of reach, my parted lips blowing hot breath on her mouth just out of reach. A tease for a tease. I took a step forward out of my pants at my feet, guiding her backwards. She paused for a moment as her free hand reached for the vanity. She brought my glass of orange juice into view as her other hand left my member, it throbbing to find her hand again.

My hands froze at her waist as she poured some of the juice at the top of her right breast. She leaned back as my head went down with tongue out to meet her skin.

The tip of my tongue chased every path of juice across her curves until the sweet liquid was licked clean. I licked across her upper chest before working up her neck. My tongue-tip flicked her earlobe, prompting her to raise her head quickly and kiss me passionately.

With tongues now dancing together and arms holding each other close, I guided her backwards into the shower with the glass of juice still in her hand. Our embrace broke just inside the shower, me reaching back to close the door as I watched her back away with a playful smile.

She took the few steps to cross the shower before leaning against the slate wall. The lightly tanned skin of her petite body and red hair contrasted well against the grey stone. As I began my approach, she lifted her one foot to place it flat against the wall. With her knee extended out to me, she slowly rolled old young cleaning lady gets fucked by wrinkled grandpa and swallows cum thigh open, exposing her tanned lips and freshly shaven pubic area.

Her free new clone stepdaughter teen smashed by a insane stepdad wiped sweat from the glass before gliding over her hips and parting the entrance to her sex briefly in a tease.

I went to my knees in front of her, guiding her lifted leg over my shoulder with one hand as the other caressed the taunt thigh supporting her. I began kissing her inner thigh, starting at the knee and working my way to her hip. As I moved in closer, she poured a trail of orange juice from hip to knee. The tip of my tongue ran along her thigh, collecting rivulets escaping down the side.

From her knee back to her hips, the flat of my tongue collected the juice resting on her athletic leg. Before my face reached her hips, I felt her slender fingers run thru my hair.

My head followed the motion, tilting back for ours eyes to meet through chubby asian girl plays with dildo in webcam masturbation big butt valley of her chest. In the corner of my vision the glass began to pour again. I opened my mouth and leaned in, catching the sweet liquid as it cascaded over the curve of her breast and erect nipple. I drank what I could, letting the rest splash on my lili parker in fake cop an originals episode or across her stomach.

As I wiped my chin clean, our eyes met again with lustful intent. Her fingers reached into the empty glass to retrieve an ice cube before she placed the glass on the shelf. She titled her head back and to the side with eyes closed to place the cube against her neck, a sharp inhale followed by a light moan escaping her mouth in response. She guided the cube down her neck to her upper chest, great unfathomable throat orall service interracial and hardcore going shoulder to shoulder.

I kissed the top of her inner thigh before guiding her leg from my shoulder, allowing me to stand to meet the ice cube with my mouth as my chest brushed against her breasts and my erect manhood following her inner thigh to press lightly against her lips.

I wrapped my mouth around the cube, letting her slide her fingers away as I took it between my teeth. I moved the cube down her right breast, exhaling from my mouth for hot contrast against the sharp cold, as her arms went flat against the slate. She pushed her chest out some as I circled her areola with the cube, her hardened nipple in constant contact with it.

Her body jumped lightly with another sharp exhale as the cube touched her left breast after I lifted it from her skin to move it to her other fleshy mound. I took the cube along the under curve of her breast to reach her flat stomach, delightfully watching her chest move in short, quick breaths. I traced the arch of her ribs with the cube before circling each of her abs, her stomach muscles involuntarily pulling away. She moaned again as I circled her shallow navel with the cube, bringing her fingers to run through my hair before gently pushing me to kneel again.

As I lowered back to my knees, I took the cube from hip to hip with her body twisting slightly in response. When I reached my knees, she placed her legs on my shoulders and pushed her hips out to me to allow the cube access to her sex.

I started at the top of her slit, using the rounded curves pretty teenie stretches spread slit and gets deflorated the ice to gently spread her hood and access her clit.

She moaned again as cube circled her sensitive nub, ice always in contact with hot breath blowing around it. I puckered my lips around the cube as I began to work it up and down her tanned lips, applying soft stimulation around the hard surface. With a gentle push of my tongue I placed the cube into the entrance of her tunnel, her body shivering from cold as my mouth drew back for the cube to click to the tile floor.

My hands came up, fingers dimpling into her tight ass cheeks, to support her as she rolled her hips forward. The tip of my tongue led my face forward as her thighs spread more, exposing her tanned lips to me. The first lick went bottom to top, removing the last of the cool water left from the ice. With my hot breath blowing directly on her skin, my tongue-tip traveled up and down her crease, each time pressing inward more than the last.

When her lips curled around the tip, I moved it up to push aside her hood and expose her engorged clit. My tip danced around the sensitive nub in circles before brushing over it, her athletic thighs closing against my head in response and muffling my hearing.

As I began to gently suck on her clit, I felt her ankles cross against my back. Each time I paused to inhale, tongue left on her clit while inhaling through my mouth to draw air across the skin of her pelvic V and from under her hips, her fingers in my hair pushed me close again.

Soon I placed my lips directly on hers as my tongue dove into her tunnel. Everywhere I contacted her silky walls they spasmed to the touch, trying in vain to clamp down on my moist tongue as it danced. With each fold I caressed her body leaned forward, curling into a ball around my head until I could feel her breasts resting on me. Her fingers began to dig into my back as my tongue moved faster and deeper, her moaning shifting higher in pitch as the pause between them shortened.

She came with a moan pitched in silence, her nails dug deep into my skin, her heels pressing into my back, her sexual nectar flooding against my tongue before lathering my chin. My tongue continued with a feverous pitch as it licked as much of her body's secret flavor from her tunnel as I could.

When I finally pulled my head back to breathe, letting light strings of cum and saliva connecting my mouth to her hips, I looked up at her again. Her back was flat against the wall again with eyes closed. I watched her begin to relax a little as the heaving of her breasts began to shallow back to normal. One of her hands left my head to pull her sweat-matted hair from her face. With eyes still on her face, I kissed her inner thighs as they relaxed from around my head. I sent a slight shiver up her spine from blowing on her dew covered lips, making her open her eyes for playful smile to meet playful smile.

She guided one leg from my shoulder and then the next as her hand blindly reached for the shower control pad. With her leaning against the wall I kissed my way up her stomach as I stood, the warm water from the rainfall showerhead above tapping lightly on our skin.

I kissed my way up the valley of her breasts, placing kisses on the inner curves as well, as her other hand returned to my head. From her upper chest to her neck, her head tilted to the side for exposure, along her chin and finally to her mouth, I placed delicate kisses. Her hands locked fingers behind my neck as out tongues danced in each other's mouths. I stood partially crouched as my hands reached down to her tone thighs and pull them up to my hips. The tip of my manhood rested gently against her dripping lips as my hands slid along her skin to cup her ass as her legs wrapped around my waist.

We parted lips to look at each other in the eyes lustfully. Her eyes went wide for a moment with a sharp inhale ending in a light moan as she used her legs to pull me inside her. The warm sensation of her silky inner walls sliding along my shaft was only amplified by her muscles clamping against me.

I began to roll my hips forward in a building rhythm as her legs pulled me deeper. Our eyes locked with foreheads touching and hot breath blowing on each other's mouths as we worked into the steady rhythm. My hands adjusted her hips slightly from side to side until I watched her eyes roll closed, signaling that my head had touched her most sensitive inner wall.

My fingers dimpled her cheeks again as I held her hips in place and turned us to the side. The gentle rhythm was soon replaced with harder, faster impacts of our hips. Her exhales left her mouth in pitch changing moans again as her eyes remained closed.

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With her hands holding my neck, she arched her back, thrusting her breasts up as her head tilted back. With each jolting hit of our hips, I watched her firm breasts jiggle slightly as the water splashed down on them.

From the warmth growing in her hips and muscles spasming more frantically against my shaft, I could feel her next orgasm begin to rise. My thrusts went deeper and harder as her legs pulled me closer in response. Her legs soon locked, holding my hips close to hers to limit the distance of my thrusts. Her moans became silent again with mouth hanging open as her second orgasm hit her.

A tremor swept over her body as a fresh wave of cum crashed against my veiny shaft inside her. I continued to move myself in hard, sharp thrusts as her fluttering walls uncontrollably tried to hold me in place, only to defeat themselves by slickening me with her cum, as I attempted to prolong her orgasm as long as possible.

When her tremors stopped, gripping muscles slowed, and legs unlocked, she pulled her head back up to kiss me deeply. As I slowed asian mother id like to fuck cookie poung action japanese and hardcore thrusting, I could feel her warm cum travel down my shaft and onto my sac.

Our foreheads touched again as mouths parted. I bent my knees to lower us, allowing her to find her footing after she slid her smooth legs down mine. My shaft left her hips, allowing her cum to run down her inner thighs and drip to the floor. She turned around as I stood, reaching her arms back to hold my neck again. I placed my hands on her hips as my head traced up the crease of her cheeks to find her ring.

She went up on her toes as I pressed inward, using only her cum to grease my entry. Once I was completely standing, she had slid her ass completely down my shaft with her legs dangling freely in the air.

She rolled her hips back and forth as her anus muscles clamped firmly along my shaft. I began to moan lightly in her ear before taking my mouth to her neck and shoulder.

I could feel the warmth growing in my core as my orgasm began to take shape. I traced the back of her ear with my tongue before biting gently on her lobe, all the while my eyes looking over her shoulder to watch the water bounce off her breasts. She moved her hips faster, prompting me to pull her closer and go deeper while my mouth opened over her shoulder.

No longer able to contain it, I muffled my moan by gently biting on her shoulder as my orgasm released, pumping my seed deep into her anus as my orgasm swept across my body in a wave of warmth. We kept her hips moving until the curve of my manhood naturally disappeared. I bent at the knees again to gently lower her to the floor. I stood as she turned to face me, both of us still panting as our bodies returned to normal.

We wrapped our arms around each other as her head went up and mine went down to meet in a passionate kiss. A few short kisses were exchanged before our mouths finally parted. She placed her head on my shoulder as we held each other close, standing under the warm water of the shower. I hope you enjoyed this excerpt. Please consider joining us in the islands!!. . .