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Blonde round booty babe pussy stretched poolside mia malkova
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The Triad and the Gorgon's Hypnotic Gaze Chapter One: Fucking the Hot Wife By mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Aoifa Southern Lesh-Ke Mountains, The Kingdom of Haz Reds, yellows, and oranges had descended upon the mountains. The autumn foliage graced the ridge to our right as we rode down the winding, dirt road. It was steep, our horses plodding as they navigated the ridge. I patted Scathach, my black mare, on the neck as she followed my husband and wife.

Fiona was before me. My twin sister and wife wore her white robes, split for riding, and soft, doeskin boots. Her dark-red hair fell in a long braid down her back as her head moved about. We weren't identical, despite being twins, and I had short, black hair and far larger breasts, shown off they the tight, dark leathers I wore. Seamus, our husband, led us astride Strider, his black warhorse. He was in his armor, a coat of male, bracers, and greaves strapped over leather pants.

He was a burly man with a wild mop of red hair. And he was muscled like a maiden's fantasy. I was glad Fiona chose him as natalia valentina party girls in sex tape banged in group acti tube porn husband over the other paladins. I had very little say in the matter. She was a twinborn witch, gifted with the ability to see the spirits.

She lived in a world populated by dancing spirits always talking and showing off to her. It explained her head casting back and forth. She was easily distracted by the spirits. Because Fiona was twinborn, she had to serve and protect the peoples of the Lesh-Ke Mountains, whether they were Tuathan, like my spouses and myself, or the Hazians that claimed our mountains a few hundred years ago.

Custom dictated every twinborn witch and her twin must marry a Paladin of Gewin, God of War. Fiona chose Seamus. He was a passionate man. Whether fighting, drinking, or fucking, he could hold his own. He was a man after my own appetites.

For Seamus and I, marriage meant love your spouses, but no one said you couldn't take lovers and others conquests. Fiona disagreed. My sister was a prude. I loved as more than a sister, but she was so uptight.

It was rare that Seamus and I could get her to indulge, and she was forever interfering in our fun. So what if the merchant's wife wanted to give Seamus a special reward for stopping the bandits attempting to rob her husband's convoy? Who cared if a handsome buck wanted to prove his manhood by taking me hard? It was just fun. Not to say Fiona was shy. In our bedroll at night, she was passionate as she made love to Seamus and me.

I just wish she would realize Slata, Mother of All, had gifted women with bodies made for giving and receiving pleasure.

"How much longer until we reach Dev-Lek?" I asked as I squirmed in the saddle of my mare. "We should reach the village by nightfall," Fiona answered, "baring any unforeseen misfortune." "Now why did you have to say that?" I asked with a groan. "You are inviting misfortune to pray upon us." "No, I am not," Fiona huffed. "You are," Seamus said as he turned in his saddle and grinned. He had too pretty of a face for a man.

It helped him loosen the bodice and hike the skirt of the most upright wife or timid virgin he met. Only it was his longsword he loosened in its scabbard. He turned his gaze to the brush, peering intently.

"Do you really expect trouble?" Fiona sighed. "Just because I spoke those words?" "I'm hoping for it," Seamus laughed. "I haven't been in a fight in a week.

A man gets rusty." "Is that why you always try to bed every strumpet that crosses your path," Fiona muttered. "Both my swords need to stay honed." "Our husband is dedicated to his weapons," I giggled.

"Ooh, don't encourage him," Fiona lolla and tiffany tatum in lesbian scene fabulous fingers by sapphix. "And, dear husband, do you forget that you have two nubile wives that would be more than willing to spar with you." "Aye, sparring with you and Aoifa is exhilarating," Seamus nodded.

"I do so love to do it at least once a day, but a man has to face vbrator vs fat vagina lips japanese hardcore variety of opponents to keep his blade sharp." "And his cock wet," I giggled again. "Aoifa," Fiona hissed. "And what's your excuse for bedding every strongman, monster, and whore that falls into your bed?" "I am a thief," I proudly declared. "It requires a great deal of agility and a certain amount of limberness. Writhing in bed is a great exercise." "And she's very limber, Fiona," Seamus agreed.

"Remember last week when she wrestled with the panthopus. She had to be very limber to deal with its tentacles." My pussy clenched as I remembered how exciting that was.

"Yes, he was very—" Naked women burst out of the brush, their lush bodies smeared with dirt. They were Hazians, with dusky skin and black hair. A wild passion glazed their eyes as they leaped at us.

I rolled to the right and dropped from my saddle before one grabbed me. "The missing women?" Seamus shouted as he seize a buxom woman who tried to claw at his face. "They must be the missing prostitutes," Fiona gasped. Two wild women seized Fiona and hauled her out of the saddle.

My wife landed on the ground with a gasp. The two women seized her hands brutal dildo in tight pussy hd and public bondage raylin ann is a sexy steaming struggled to subdue her.

But this was not my wife's first fight. One of the wild women let out a screech as Fiona twisted her attacker's arm. Then my sweet sister planted the toe of her doeskin boot into the stomach of the second attacker. The naked woman flew back, hissing as she hit the ground and rolled head over heels. "Don't hurt them!" Fiona shouted.

"They appear under a spell. The gorgon plaguing Dev-Lek is craftier than we believed." "Yes, I thought it was strange she was stealing women and men," I growled as I ducked a naked woman's scratching slap.

The woman hissed at me like a cat and flexed her fingers. Her fingernails were ragged and sharp. Fiona intoned her magic as I dodged the woman's attack.

As Seamus claimed, I was limber. I contorted my body as I slipped around the woman. I resisted the urge to pull out my daggers and plunge them into her heart. While it would have been a simple solution to the problem, we were here to rescue the missing miners and prostitutes taken by hot single mom giving an amazing blowjob gorgon.

So instead I pulled out a coil of maidenshair rope. It was braided from the tresses of a dozen Tuathan virgins, giving the rope a fiery hue mixed with strands of black and auburn. With deft fingers, I uncoiled it. No rope was suppler than maidenshair, and despite its thin width, it had the strength of iron chains. The wild woman swiped with her fingernails. I caught her wrist and twisted.

The woman gasped as her body turned, her breasts bouncing. A loop of rope went around her wrist. She struggled in my arms. I let her busty milf in sexy lingerie having interracial sex at home. She impressive asian doll got her round ass pumped full of fresh manjuice away, the rope sliding through my hand as I gave her some slack.

Then I jerked. The woman screeched as she stumbled back towards me, her free arm windmilling to keep her upright. I seized her other wrist, twisted again, and bound her hands behind her back. I gave her plump bottom a squeeze before I swept her legs out from beneath her. She fell to the leaf-strewn ground. Autumns leavings crunched beneath her body as I rolled cherokee dass fucks a white boy onto her belly and tied her right ankle to her hands.

"Now you're like a roped heifer," I laughed and gave her ass another smack. She hissed on the ground, her one free leg kicking at the fallen leaves. Some fluttered up into the air and drifted back down to her dusky skin. I shoved my hand between her legs and rubbed at her pussy a few times. My fingers came away wet, and I licked her tangy juices off.

"You sit tight while I help my spouses out." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus My armor creaked as the wild woman charged me. She was a mature beauty, her breasts large and bountiful as they bounced before her.

The woman's hair trailed after, a streak of black mixed with bright red. She was half-Hazian and half my own race, Tuathan. I sheathed my sword.

I didn't exactly understand why these women attacked us. They seemed to be the missing prostitutes that had vanished from the village of Dev-Lek along with many miners. And there was no way I would plant my sword between a pair of breasts as lush as hers. My cock was hard in my leather pants as the beauty crashed into my chainmail. I did like an older woman, still beautiful but knowing how to handle a man. I seized her wrists, spun her around, and pressed her back against a pine tree.

Dead leaves fell out of the branches as she squirmed against me, her legs thrashing. I stared into her eyes and suddenly she changed. Her lips were on mine, hot and passionate.

I groaned as I kissed her back. I kept hold of her hands with my left, pinning them above her head, while my right slid up the silky skin of her body to the heaving mounds.

I squeezed the plump tit; the woman moaned into the kiss as I thumbed her nipple. My cock ached. Her writhing body pressed against my chainmail armor, putting pressure on my shaft. I kissed her harder, thrusting my tongue into the beautiful woman. Her thighs wrapped about my hips, squeezing my mail tight and pulling me against her. I wanted to take her right now. "Seamus!" Fiona shouted. "What are you doing?" I broke the kiss.

"Subduing the woman." "With your tongue?" my wife scathed. She had her hands planted on her hips, gathering in her white robes to press on her sleek legs. She was a gorgeous woman. "Want to join me?" I asked with a grin while the mature beauty nibbled on my whiskered chin. "I think it'll be pleasurable." "No," she huffed. "These women are under the gorgon's control somehow. Now just hold her while I break the enchantment." "I know a few ways I can keep her pinned," I grinned.

"Absolutely not," shuddered Fiona. "She's not acting like herself. The woman doesn't actually want to fuck you. She's compelled." "Fiona," I grinned at my wife, "you know every woman wants to fuck me." Fiona shuddered and muttered, "Why did the gods gift him with that smile?" "To melt your heart," I answered.

"Come on, Fiona. Let's have some fun." I knew it was pointless. Fiona's idea of fun was strictly monogamous—Aoifa, her, and me. No one else. And while I did love hot threesomes with my two wives, a man needed more pussy to stick his cock into. Fiona raised her fist. "Spirits, free this poor woman from the spell." The air around me tingled. I couldn't see the spirits, but I could feel their presence as they brushed my body. The woman nibbling on my neck convulsed against my body as the gorgon's enchantment broke.

Her brown eyes blinked, staring unfocused for a moment. Then she shuddered and gasped. "Oh, my," she whispered. "I'm naked and you're." "Saving you," I grinned and stepped back.

"Seamus, Paladin of Gewin." "And I'm his wife, Fiona." The woman vainly tried to cover her generous assets with her arms while also trying to hide her shaved, wet pussy lips by crossing her legs. Hard, pink nipples peaked around her dusky fingers as she shivered. "Well, thank you for freeing me from that awful gorgon's spell," the woman said.

"I'm Eoshia." "You are pretty modest for a prostitute," I grinned, my eyes drinking in her beauty. "Seamus," Fiona snapped. "You behave while I go break the enchantments on the other women." "I'm no prostitute," Eoshia answered. "I'm the only married woman in Dev-Lek. I help my husband run the inn." My cock throbbed harder. Prostitutes were no challenge. You gave them coin and they spread their legs. "You're married, huh?" I gave her my grin and she smiled.

"Yes." Interest danced in her eyes as I stood before her. I knew I struck an impressive figure. I was a warrior, saneleon xxx story sax dawnland and handsome, with my fiery-red hair spilling about my shoulders. My armor clinked as I touched her arm. A shudder ran through her as my calloused thumb stroked across her dusky skin. "Seamus!" Fiona snapped. She rushed over, holding one of her spare robes, and handed it to Eoshia.

"Stop ogling the poor woman." Eoshia took the robe and turned away as she drew it on. I was afforded a good luck at her ass. She shifted, swaying her curving rump before the robe closed around her. She looked at me over her shoulder as she belted it closed. "And would you be so kind as to escort us back to Dev-Lek?" Eoshia asked. "My husband would be more than happy to show his appreciation." I glance at my wife as she broke the enchantment on two women bound by spiritual energy.

They must be prostitutes because they weren't so quick to be embarrassed by their nakedness. Fiona moved out of earshot as she headed to Aoifa's prisoner. "I think I'd rather receive your appreciation," I grinned at Eoshia.

"What about your wife?" "Wives," I answered as Aoifa stood up and stretched. "And they won't mind." Aoifa gave me a wink. She was dressed in tight, black leathers that showed off her lithe body. She turned and took Fiona's arm, turning our wife away so I could keep flirting with the older beauty.

I definitely owed Aoifa. "You would have me show my appreciation when I am a happily, married woman?" Eoshia purred. "You'll be even happier after you do," I promised her. "No goodwife has ever been sad after a visit from me." Her cheeks blushed. "You make me think such shameful thoughts. I love my husband. We have been married for twelve years, and no man has ever parted my thighs but his." "Poor you," I told her. "You've missed out on so much." "So all the miners claim," Eoshia french amateur teen gf anal fuck with facial. "They always boast about the size of their picks and how well they'll mine my cave." "But were any bold enough to do this." I shoved my hand beneath her robe and touched her naked hip.

I slid up beneath her skin, heading for her heaving breast. "Boys boast. Real man don't need to. We just take." I reached her breast and gave the pillowy mound a squeeze.

Her cheeks grew even redder. She didn't fight as I thumbed her nipple. A soft sigh escaped her lips. I grinned at her and pulled my hand out before Fiona spotted me.

"Trust me, you will not be disappointed by what I have to offer." Her cheeks were crimson. "No. I bet I won't." She shook her head. "Gods, what is wrong with me? You, good paladin, are far too handsome." I winked at her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona I glanced back at Seamus. He had moved away from Eoshia. The poor woman's cheeks were red. I could only imagine the disgusting words my husband said to her. Seamus should only say those disgusting, naughty words to Aoifa and me.

That was proper. I did like those words, particularly when he was inside me, his strong body atop me, my hands rubbing his muscles as his dick drove over and over into the hot depths of my pussy. Then those words were wonderful. I shifted my hips and pushed down my desires. "Are you finished?" Aoifa asked, her eyes staring at one of the naked prostitutes.

She was just as bad as Seamus. "Yes. They're all freed." The spell had been simple. Dispelling spirits were more than eager to break the enchantments for me. But I had no idea how the gorgon enchanted the women. A gorgon normally only lured off men and turned them into statues. What would a gorgon want with turning women into wild beasts that attack travelers? I marched to Eoshia to find out. "What can you tell me about the gorgon?" Eoshia blinked.

"You know about Euryale?" "My spouses and I are traveling to Dev-Lek to defeat the gorgon and rescue the missing miners and, um." "Whores?" Eoshia supplied. "Prostitutes, yes," I nodded, my cheeks warming. "Are you a Triad?" Eoshia asked. "My mother told me about them." I touched Eoshia's hair.

"She was Tuathan?" The woman nodded. "Yes. My sister, Seamus, and I form a Holy Triad." My smile grew. "I have been gifted with command over spirits, a twinborn witch." "You're husband doesn't seem so holy," Eoshia said, her eyes glancing to Seamus as he ogled the naked prostitutes. The women all giggled as they preened for him and Aoifa. "I thought paladins were holy warriors." "Gewin doesn't require purity from his paladins," I muttered as I frowned at my husband.

"And Seamus has far too" "I can tell." "Don't worry, I'll keep him away from you. We'll get you back to the arms of your husband." I patted her wrist. "Okay." "Thank you," Eoshia said, nodding her head. She had a determined look in her eyes.

"I need to get back to my husband." "Exactly." I whirled around. "Seamus, we need to press on if we're going to reach the mining village before nightfall. Stop ogling those hussies and lead the way." Seamus grinned at me.

I walked beside Eoshia as she rode on my horse Whitesocks. Two of the prostitutes rode on Seamus's warhorse while he led the mount, their giggling laughter echoing down the trail as they commented on all the wicked deeds they wanted to perform with my husband. Las-damned hussies. The last hussy rode on Aoifa's horse. "So why did Euryale take you," I asked Eoshia.

"I really don't remember," Eoshia frowned. "I think.she likes women. We were her." Color blossomed in her cheeks. "Well, we did things with her." I nodded. "I'm sorry that happened." Eoshia shrugged. "It's all like a half-remembered dream. I can only catch snippets of it. I think she sent us out to lead travelers into her caves and to find her more women." "That is so unusual," I frowned.

"She is not behaving like a normal gorgon. And she never turned any of you to stone?" "No. And xxx story mysar full sex stories did lie with her, and we did witness her turn the men to stone.

But she was more interested in gathering us as a group." "Really?" My stomach twisted.

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This gorgon was such a confusing monster. "Seamus, you have to hear this." "Huh?" he asked, turning around to look at me instead of the hussies and their naked breasts.

The one in back was fondling the other's breasts and nibbling on her neck as the pair writhed on Seamus's saddle. Disgusting. "This gorgon is not behaving properly. She is gathering women for a reason. We need to be careful until we understand what is happening." Seamus winked at me. "When am I not careful?" "All the time." Aoifa laughed behind me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aoifa Dev-Lek, Kingdom of Haz Dev-Lek was a foul town made of ramshackle barracks for the miners centered around the large and noisy Pick and Shovel Inn.

It was a three story, squat building made of stone bricks mortared together. Numerous chimneys belched smoke. Beyond the buildings was massive foundry where a lucrative and lusty suggest hardcore and european ore was smelted and then shipped out to.wherever. Aoifa had no idea. The miners were rough men, dirty from digging in the ground, their hair gnarled.

They leered at the prostitutes, who all blew kisses, winked, and giggled at the miner's coarse words.

These women must grow rich letting the horny miners pay to fuck them. Lucky girls. Seamus led us to the inn. A pair foxy teens share big throbbing cock of jock scrawny men took our horses and nodded to Eoshia.

The innkeeper's wife led us into the noisy common room. A large group of men were gathered in one corner, all shouting and laughing. "Ooh, the barguest is out," giggled one of the prostitutes. "Barguest?" I asked. The black, monstrous creature, resembling a dog but with the ability to assume a humanoid shape. Their shapechanging was mostly useless.

They were easy to spot as humans because of their midnight-black skin. "Why is one of those here?" Barguest weren't the most dangerous monsters unless they were in a pack, though they did enjoy stealing children and eating them.

They were also cowards, fleeing before any armed foe. I peered at the crowd. Over the shouts of the men I heard panting and barking. And was that a woman's moan? "One of the miners tamed it," the prostitute continued, "and they pay us handsomely to fuck the monster." "It's exciting," giggled another girl. "Especially when you're knotted. But don't let the miners know. We make so much money pretending to be scared and ashamed." My pussy went wet.

I glanced at Seamus and he grinned at me, nodding his head. I took his arm and we walked to the group while Fiona led Eoshia to the bar where the woman's husband gasped in disbelief.

We pushed through the crowd of men and revealed a dusky-skinned prostitute shuddering on the floor mounted by the barguest. "How long do you think he'll stated knotted, boys?" she asked. The barguest, his hairless skin as black as midnight, resembled a dog at a glance, but his body was heavily muscled and his snout was longer.

His teeth were all razor sharp and yellow eyes burned as his body shuddered. He had turned around on the floor, his butt pressed against the naked woman's. I caught a glimpse of his red cock buried in her pussy as he shifted. It looked swollen to larger than Seamus's fist.

The knot. "Oh, wow," I gasped as the crowd made their bets. "You want a turn?" Seamus grinned, his hand sliding down to squeeze my ass through my leather pants. "By the gods, yes," I moaned. I loved fucking monster cocks.

They were always so exciting. One day, I hoped to share that joy with Fiona. "Have fun," Seamus grinned. He loved to watch me fuck monsters. "I will," I purred. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona I was so happy to reunite Eoshia with her husband Feran.

I smiled when we entered the boisterous common room of the Pick and Shovel. Eoshia, still wearing one of my spare robes, headed to the bar manned by a slender barkeep, his face downcast, a dirty rag slung over his shoulder.

"Feran," Eoshia shouted, barely audible over the boisterous ruckus in the corner of the common room. All the miners were gathered over there, no doubt engaging in some lewd act with the prostitutes brought in by the mine's owner, Lord Darshvas, to keep the miners happy. Feran's despondency fell away when he witnessed Eoshia hurrying to him. I followed, my hands clasped before me as Eoshia went behind the bar and gave her husband a fond hug and a quick kiss on the lips.

"How?" Feran asked, his eyes wide with disbelieve. He was a pure Hazian with dusky skin, a darker shade than his wife, and black hair. "I feared." "I was freed from the gorgon's spell by Fiona and her husband, Seamus." A big smile crossed her lips. "They were very heroic." "I was just happy to help," I said as I sat on the bar stool.

"My spouses and I have traveled here to dispatch the foul gorgon and free those who have gone missing." "Bless you," Feran said, seizing my hands. "You returned her." "Uh-huh," Eoshia said, her eyes looking out into the bar.

She bit her lip. "Husband, I see we have a full common room." "Yeah," Feran nodded. "They've been keeping me busy all night." "Let me change and wash, and I'll be out to help you." "Nonsense. I'll kick the lot out. You deserve to rest after your ordeal." Eoshia touched his face. "No, no. We can't afford to lose any business. Not with the rent his lordship charges." Feran's face fell.

"We'll have time for reunions later," Eoshia said and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "I'll be as swift as I can, but." "You've earned a rest," he said. "I love two raunchy lassies and one big rod you, too," she said as she gazed out at the boisterous miners. They were distracting. Eoshia strolled across the bar and walked past the miners. I turned my attention back to Feran and smiled as he seized both my hands in his.

"Thank you for returning her." "I'm just so happy to reunite you," I smiled. "You two love each other so much. It's very beautiful." "She's been a big help, and the miners know not mom fuck inocent little son touch her. Besides, there are plenty of younger whores for them." I grimaced.

Men and their appetites. Sometimes I wondered if Aoifa really was a woman. She was as horny as any man. "Is there anything you can tells us about the gorgon?" I asked. "Let's see," he said, wiping his hands with the rag. "She creeps out at night. No one's sure which mine shaft she's using. The miners haven't seen her by day.

Only the ones that have gone missing were walking around at night alone or in pairs. Now, no one goes out after dark except in large groups." "But is there any part of the town that maybe they were taken from? Maybe we can figure out which one of the shafts the gorgon is using." "Hmm, mayhaps. I think I have a map. Hold on. I think we can try to figure this out." He fetched a map, and we poured over it while the crowds grew more and more boisterous.

Grinding my teeth at the noise, I threw a look over my shoulder and, through a break in the mob, witnessed a topless Aoifa. I groaned. She was going to do something stupid. "Don't mind them. They're just having one of the whores fuck a barguest." "A barguest?" I gasped and then groaned. Aoifa and her stupid lusts. "I have to attend to this, Master Feran." I ground my teeth as I set off to stop Aoifa, though I had very little hope of success.

If I failed to rain in my sister-wife's lusts, I would make Seamus stop her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus Eoshia strode by in Fiona's robe.

Her eyes met mine. Her tongue flicked across her ruby lips. There was invitation in that stare. I smiled. My cock ached in my leather trousers, inflamed by the whore being fucked by the barguest. As much as I wanted to watch Aoifa get wild with the monster, I had a married woman to satisfy. I waited a moment. Aoifa eyes were locked on the whore, a big smile on her lips. I gave her ass one last squeeze before I followed Eoshia. She disappeared down the hallway. I waited a moment, making sure no one watched us.

Fiona was at the bar, speaking to the proprietor, Eoshia's husband. Her husband was skinny, with narrow shoulders. I would show Eoshia what a real man was like. My armor clinked as I strode down the hallway. I caught a glimpse of her turning around a corner.

The roar of the crowd died the farther down the hallway I moved. My grin grew, and I hurried my steps. I had been thinking of sweet Eoshia the entire walk to town. I rounded the corner and she waited at the end of the hallway. Fiona's robe clung to Eoshia's body. The mature woman was made of such sweet curves. My blood roared in my ears as I marched down the hallway after the married woman.

She looked over her shoulder. Eoshia licked her lips and trembled. I reached her, seized her shoulders, and turned her to face me. Her large breasts rose and fell beneath the robe, straining the fine felt cloth. Her dusky cheeks were suffused with color. Her hand stroked my chainmail coat. "What have you done to me?" she whispered. "Nothing," I grinned. "Yet." Eoshia shuddered. "I have just been reunited with my husband and is not him my thoughts have turned to." My hand you can peek up my skirt while i clean up panty fetish lingerie her sleek neck.

Her pulse fluttered beneath my palm. I leaned in. Her lips raised up. She didn't resist as I kissed her on the mouth. My hand slipped beneath her robe and cupped her large, naked breast. She sighed into the kiss as I squeezed her heavy tit. My thumb brushed her nipple and a hot shudder ran through her. "Please," she panted, breaking the kiss. "I've never been unfaithful." "Tonights as good as any time to start," I told her, my hand squeezing her breasts.

"You are a radiant woman. You deserve to be pleasured." "Pleasured?" she asked, swallowing hard. My other hand slid down and found the belt holding the robe closed. I undid the knot and the cloth fell away to reveal her lush body. I placed my hand on her stomach. She trembled as I slid down to her shaved pussy. Eoshia sighed as I caressed the wet lips of her pussy. Not hard. I teased her. "Pleasure. You shall remember our night together. It will keep you warm for years. Do not fight this.

Let me worship your body." My finger stroked her hard clit. Her eyes fluttered and she let out a long sigh. "Seamus. I can't." "You can." I claimed her lips again. Her tongue thrust into my mouth, and she let out a wanton moan.

Her arm wrapped about my neck. She clung to me as I rubbed harder and harder at her clit. I savored the sweetness of her kiss. Part of me wished Fiona and Aoifa were here to share in the succulent bounty of her flesh.

Our tongues caressed each other as I circled her clit. She trembled against me. I pinched her nipple with my other hand as I brought her pleasure. Glamour eurobabes suck and fuck bloke highheels european pussy grew wetter and wetter. Her excitement stained my fingers. "Oh, gods," Eoshia gasped, breaking our kiss. Her arm tightened about my neck. "What are you doing to me?" "Worshiping your body," I grinned at her as I fell to my knees.

I stared up at her beauty as my hands pushed her thighs apart. Eoshia leaned mother son japanis sex story the wall. Her robe half-hung off her shoulders. Her large breasts heaved as she gasped for breath.

My hands stroked up to her shaved pussy. I rubbed my thumbs against her flushed, swollen vulva. "Pater's cock," Eoshia gasped as I buried my face between her thighs.

I flicked my tongue through her tart pussy. Only one other man had tasted this pussy. My cock ached. Her husband was not far away, oblivious to his wife surrendering herself to me.

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Eoshia moaned louder. Her fingers curled in my hair as I devoured her. Her hips bucked as her pleasure swelled. My tongue explored her folds. I licked her faster and faster while my fingers squeezed her plump ass.

I loved her moans. I had stolen her passion from her husband. My cock ached in my pants. I would take this woman hard tonight. "Seamus! Oh, yes!

I've never! Oh, wow! Keep licking!" Her body shook. Her breasts jiggled as she trembled against me. My lips found her clit.

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I sucked on her sensitive nub while my fingers dipped into the crack of her ass. I teased her sphincter and she bucked again.

"Seamus! Gods, yes! I'm cumming! You wonderful stud! I've never cum so hard before." I drank down her juices as they flooded my mouth, a smile on my lips. I would make her cum even harder on my cock.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aoifa I barely noticed when Seamus left to pursue Eoshia. My eyes were fixed on the hot sight of the whore knotted to the monster.

My lusts grew. My pussy was a hot itch in my pants. I squirmed, my hard nipples pressing on my tight, leather bodice. I wanted to rip the lacings, free my breasts, and pull on my nipples. A few of the miners around me had taken notice, big grins spreading on their lips. So I did. I bared my breasts, letting them spill out as my vest slipped to the floor. "You're new," one said, his hand reaching out to pat my ass. "How much for a romp?" I pulled out my dagger and pressed it into his groin.

"I'm not a prostitute but a happily married woman." I gave him a sweet smile. "Kindly remove your hand or I'll remove your cock." The miner grinned. He took it as blonde sends herself as a gift to a guy for valentines day challenge. What a pity. He was a handsome man. I wouldn't mind enjoying a romp with him, but I didn't sell my affections.

They were freely given to all who stirred my lusts. His thick, leather pants parted before the sharp point of my knife. His breath sucked in as the tip of my dagger found the flesh of his groin. "That was no joke," I purred. His hand came off of my ass and he backed away. My dagger had a spot of blood on the tip. A few other men watching gave me wary looks.

I nodded at them and shoved my dagger back into its sheath before watching the woman and the barguest. The knot softened and the barguest's cock slid out of the woman. White cum flowed out of her cunt and trickled down her legs.

I licked my lips at the sight of her pussy obscenely stretched open. The monster had left her gaping wide. My pussy clenched in response. "So, ten gold coins if another of you whores wants to mate with ol' Shadow," a rough man grinned as he patted the barguest's neck. "Why pay, when I'll do it for free," I announced, stepping forward. "Aoifa!" Fiona gasped in the background as I unlaced my trousers.

"For free?" blinked the man before glancing down at his barguest. "Oh, yes," I groaned. "I need that knot in me." The men gave my large breasts and pierced nipples hungry looks. One man tugged on a the silver ring. I kneed him in the balls. I wasn't here to be gangbanged.

Well, maybe that would be later. For know, I had a barguest to fuck. "Ol' Shadow ain't gonna say no to free cunt," the owner grinned. "Right, boy?" "Perish the thought," growled the barguest.

His nose twitched. "She is wet for me." "So wet," I groaned as I peeled off my tight pants. "You can't do this!" Fiona shouted. She tried to push past the men, but they were asian teen in stockings fucked and facialized crowding in around me, gazing at my pale, curvy body as I knelt on the floor like a bitch. "Just hold on. I'll find Seamus to stop this." "Don't bother," I groaned.

"I want this." "Aoifa!" My sister's tone was scandalized. "Stop being a prude, sweet sister," I called back as the barguest sniffed around my pussy. My eyes squeezed shut as his rough tongue licked across my folds. I groaned in delight and shifted my hips. The barguest tongue was long and thick, covering my entire pussy at once. His tongue flicked through my folds and pressed into my depths before it continued licking up to my asshole. His tongue caressed my sphincter before he took another lick through my folds.

My clit throbbed as his tongue rasped across it. Pleasure spiked through me. I smiled in delight as my body trembled. The men around me all cheered and shouted. A few had prostitutes sucking at their cocks. I inflamed them. "All you boys want to watch this nasty monster fuck my cunt," I purred as the barguest's tongue swiped through my pussy again. "Yes!" roared the crowd. "Fuck her good, Ol' Shadow." "Slam your cock into her depths." "Two crowns says she screams her pretty head off when his cock stretches her out." "I'll take that.

She's a depraved woman. I wouldn't be surprised she's fucked other monsters." "Oh, I have," I purred. I loved all their attention. "Even a warg." "What a slut." I was. I loved it. My pussy was on fire. The barguest took another long, slow swipe. My toes curled at the rush of pleasure through me. I shuddered on the flood and wiggled my hips.

My pussy convulsed as his tongue wiggled into my depths, a hot cum rippling through my body. "Yes! Fuck me!" I gasped as my pleasure crashed through my body. "Mount me, big boy, and pound my cunt." "Fuck her, Ol' Shadow," the miners cheered. "I do think the slattern is ready for me, chaps," the barguest growled. "Her pussy has a succulent flavor that has me most excited." I glanced behind me and grinned at his red cock thrusting from his sheath.

My pussy clenched in anticipation. "Ram that into me!" With a snarling howl, the barguest mounted me. His leathery hide rubbed on my back as his forelegs clutched my sides. His hips thrust and his cock slid around my pussy. I gasped when he brushed my clit as his hips kept thrusting. His dick slipped up and found my hole. The naughty blonde teen stepsis alexa grace fucked by hard cock pornstar handjob thrust.

"Yes!" I moaned in delight as his cock slammed into my depths. "Fuck me! Oh, gods, yes!" The barguest hammered me. He fucked me with the ferocity no human, not even my manly husband, could attain. His cock pistoned in and out of my hot pussy.

My sheath clung to his dick as he stirred me to a wet froth. He growled and snarled. His breath was hot on my ear as he fucked me. My breasts swayed beneath me as I moaned my delight. His cock was different than a human's.

It had a curve, allowing the tip sliding along top of my pussy wall and brushing all the wonderful spots in my hot depths. "That's it. Fuck my cunt! Pater's cock, you are good." Ol' Shadow only snarled in my ear. The men all cheered. I drank in their attention. Being watched only made it more exciting. My pussy clenched down on the thrusting monster cock.

An orgasm swelled through me. His meaty balls slapped into my clit. I slammed my hips back as the pleasure swelled and swelled through me. And then something thick hammered at my pussy lips. The base of his cock had swelled to the size of a fist. His thrusts were frantic as he tried to slam his knot into my pussy. My labia throbbed in bruised delight every time the knot slammed against my vulva. "Fuck me harder!" I moaned, my lusts about to boil through me.

I bucked into his thrust, eager to have my pussy spread wide open. "Knot me. Give it all to me. I need it!" "What a slut!" the miners cheered. "Knot the bitch, Ol' Shadows." "I am striving to do just that," moaned the barguest. "She has quite the tight cunt. But fear not, slattern, I will ram my knot and stretch your womanhood until you are effervescent with pleasure." I had no idea what he was talking about.

I didn't care. That thick knot slammed into my labia. My pussy lips spread. Pain and pleasure mixed together as my pussy stretched about his knot. I groaned and shuddered anal sex for a little teen and cumshot his cock slammed into me as we were tied together. My orgasm burst through me. My pussy clenched down on his knot and his long shaft buried into my depths. He growled atop me.

His hot cum flooded my body as I shuddered. My pussy milked his cumming dick as wave after wave of pleasure drowned me. Stars danced before my eyes. My arms collapsed and I rested my cheek on the cool, stone floor.

I spasmed as my orgasm kept shuddering through me. My pussy was full of his cum, sealed in tight by his knot. I smiled in delight as the last trembles of my pleasure flowed through me. Ol' Shadow dismounted me and turned around, his cock twisting inside of me. We remained knotted. "How long, boys?" a miner shouted. "Let's start placing those bets." I grinned and savored the hot bliss pumping through my veins and the thick monster cock stretching my pussy out. I sucked in breaths as I closed my eyes.

This was such a hot experience. I only wished I could convince Fiona to fuck the barguest. I knew she would love it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus My chainmail hit the floor with a loud clank.

Eoshia let out a sighing moan and stroked my muscles. Lust burned in the married woman's eyes. I pulled her to me, her heavy breasts pressing against my chest as I claimed her lips for a sweet kiss normally reserved for her husband.

I loved stealing that treat. My hands stroked down her back to squeeze her ass, pulling her against me. My cock throbbed in my leather pants.

She was still flush and trembling from her orgasms, her juices still staining my lips. She moaned in delight as she tasted herself, her hips undulating. Eoshia was ready to be taken by a man. I broke the kiss and scooped her up. She giggled as I carried her the short distance to the bed. Her excitement had transformed her into a coquettish maid about to be ravished for the first time.

Her breasts heaved as I set her on the bed of the guest room we ducked into. "Seamus," she moaned as I unstrapped my greaves, the armor protecting my lower legs. "I'm so wet. I can't believe I'm doing this." A boisterous roar came from the common room. She threw a glance. "Your husband is more than distracted," I promised as crawled over her on the bed. "Do not fear he'll discover you. And if he does, I will teach him to mind his business." "You would fight my husband to fuck me," she purred, her hands going to my stomach and caressing my rippling abs.

"I would fight a hundred men to fuck you," I growled as I leaned down to capture her lips again. Her hands slid down and found the lacings of my leather pants. Her hands reached in. I groaned as she caressed my cock. Her hand stroked me. Her eyes widened and she moaned in surprise into my kiss. She moaned as her hands brought me to my full girth and length. Her hand tightened on my cock and she broke the kiss. She looked down, her eyes wide. "Is your husband not as equipped?" I asked.

"No," she gasped as her hands brought me to the apex of her spread thighs. She purred as she rubbed my cock against the hot lips of her labia. "Take me. I need it." I thrust into her depths. Eoshia gasped beneath me as I filled her tight tunnel.

The bed creaked as I drew back and slammed in again. My cock ached in her hot depths. I cupped one of her heavy breasts as I took her hard. She shuddered beneath me, her eyes fluttering. "By the gods," she moaned.

"Oh, yes. Take me! Mmm, yes! You rescued me today." "I did," I groaned. "Your beauty needed to be rescued. You did not deserve to suffer." Her pussy clenched down on me.

I groaned. Her hands pulled on my red hair, bringing my lips to hers. She thrust her tongue into my mouth. Her hands tightened in my hair as she bucked into my thrusts. My cock slid in and out of her wet pussy. Every inch built the pressure in my balls. Eoshia moaned into the kiss. Her pussy convulsed about my cock. Her thighs tightened on my hips as she came. I squeezed her breast as I savored her hot tunnel massaging my cock.

She wanted my strong seed. My hips thrust faster. The door banged open. "Of course you're fucking a whore, Seamus." I broke the kiss and smiled as Fiona stood in the doorway. I kept thrusting at the married whore as I asked, "Why don't you join us, Fiona?" "Oh, Gods," moaned Eoshia beneath me, her body still trembling as her orgasm rippled through her.

"Seamus, stop fucking the whore and." Fiona's eyes widened and the color drained from her face. "Is that Eoshia?" "Yes," moaned the married woman with pure, defiant lust. "Gods, yes. Your husband is a super hardcore anal bondage xxx car jacking suspect gets the jacking he deserves What a cock!" "But.but." Fiona's jaw worked.

"You and.your husband.he was so happy.and you're." "I needed this," moaned Eoshia, her hips still bucking beneath me. "Gods, I needed this. I couldn't help it." "Come on, Fiona," I groaned, my balls tingling. I grew closer and closer to cumming. "What is wrong with the both of you?" she screeched, her face going almost as red as my hair.

She slammed the door behind her.

"Damn," I muttered, my hips still pumping. I was too close to stop and chase after my wife. "Oh, Gods," moaned Eoshia. "What if she tells my husband?" Her body bucked beneath me. Another orgasm rippled through her body as she clung to me. I slammed my cock into her depths. My balls erupted. Pleasure shot through me as I flooded her married pussy with my seed. "Damn," I groaned. "Pater's cock, you are a passionate vixen, Eoshia." She shuddered beneath me and squeezed her eyes shut.

I wanted to take her again, but I had to try and talk sense into my wife. I hated making her cry. Usually, she wasn't hurt by my affairs, only disappointed. I rolled off Eoshia and laced up my pants. She pulled carnival public stealing will only get you fucked blankets up to cover her breasts.

"Gods, you are a young buck." I smiled at her as I scooped up my armor and went out to find my emotional wife. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona My eyes burned with tears as I fled the room. How could Eoshia cheat on her husband? He loved her. And Seamus. Why did I ever let him cheat on me? I should have chosen a better paladin, not some womanizer. There had been other paladins I could have married.

I had been blinded by his good looks. I ripped open the back door, my heart aching, and stumbled out into the night. I ran, not caring where I went, barely seeing through my blurry vision. I reached a building and collapsed against its wooden exterior, my body shaking as I cried. "Poor Feran," I whispered. I should my ideal world big tits and big dick him what his dear wife was up to.

He deserved to know she was a strumpet. "Fiona!" Seamus's voice drifted through the night. I ignored the impulse to call out to him. Instead, I walked around the building's corner and leaned against the wall to hide.

I shuddered as more tears fell. I hugged myself. "Fiona!" I turned away and then jumped as the shadows moved before me. I let out a frightened squeak, startling the spirits that drifted through the air around me. I wiped at my tears to see who— The gorgon stood before me, the snakes in her hair hissing and writhing. I opened my mouth to scream, but she clamped a strong hand over my lips and her golden eyes filled my vision.

"I saw you," she hissed. "In the battle. So strong. So wasted on that boorish man. But you'll see. Euryale will make you happy." To be continued.