Busty stepmom cherie deville tricks teen megan rain and licks her pussy

Busty stepmom cherie deville tricks teen megan rain and licks her pussy
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The old man parked his car, then walked towards the farm house. He was deep in thought thinking the best way to tell his young star, that her Grandmother had been taken in to the hospital, due to her health deteriorating. He found that the room he had left her to recover in, was empty. After checking the house, he walked outside to check each out building. When he approached the kennels he could hear a whimpering sound.

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He opened the main door and searched each caged room for the unusual sound. Unusual because his skinny chick gets it straight in the ass were hardnosed male animals who had never whimpered in their lives.

He was shocked to discover it was the biggest most aggressive dog, Stein his Doberman. Since getting the dog, he had not seen one as big. The silky black coated animal stood proud, ears constantly perked high, inquisitive eyes forever working things out, this dog had brains. The powerful beast was standing over a crumpled up young female laid on the dusty floor in a heap, still where she had collapsed after his enormous cock had released from her tight deflowered pussy.

She had fainted has he had filled her womb with his doggy cum. He hadn't tied with his new bitch but the large cock had held her up until it deflated, this was the moment the young girl slumped to the floor in a stupor. The old man was astonished by the dogs behaviour, the beast was licking the young face and crying. Desperately trying to give aid to the non moving female who had taken his heart when the young human had given her virginity to him.

When the old man approached the big dog, the beast stopped whining looked up at him, the man was sure there was concern in the K9s eyes. He knelt down and checked the girl, she was breathing. He noticed her young pussy was pumping out huge amounts of dog cum and girl juice laced with a small amount of her blood.

He told the animal she is ok and scooped the small figure up in his arms and left the kennel for the house. Stein followed. When he placed her on her bed the preity zinta xxx photbest storys jumped up and started to lick clean his petite human bitch.

He literally washed away the dirt from all over her soft naked skin. The dog was mesmerised by her nipples and could feel them stiffen when he washing them.

The man was astonished himself seeing the dog lick her small breasts then stop and look at them then lick them harder, then look at them again. He realised what the animal was understanding in its mind. The man lent forward and gently nibbled a nipple at the front of his teeth. The young girls chest lifted up and a small moan animated from her luscious sweet lips. Stein watched intently then lent forward and copied the act. The dog was pleased when the girl once again arched her back and pushed her small chest forward making a O shape with her lips with another small moan.

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The man with surprise watched the big dog lick and nibble each nipple in turn, the pretty semi conscious girl squirmed on the bed. Her nipples were becoming a brighter pink from the attention they were receiving. As the dog continued after several minutes, excited by his young bitchs response he put a paw on her small stomach, he felt his nails dig into her soft flesh. Whether it was because of a predatory thing like tearing the hot wife big tits and blowjob his prey, he became excited, he lifted his paw up and put it down again into her stomach feeling the wonderful pliable flesh settle between his claws.

The little female groaned louder. This made the dog place his paw down again but then slide it towards him, the girls body totally lifted off the bed, her small hands clenched the bed sheets in her fists, the sound that emitted from her mouth was like a gurgling growl.

This sound the big dog instantly recognised as a bitchs come on, it spurred him on to clench her right nipple in his teeth hard and pull it forcibly. The old man could see the nipple flesh stretch to its maximum, her small breasts were pulled grotesquely away from her young body, just as the man thought the nipple was going to come away and be left dangling loose from the dogs teeth, the dog let go and it and the breast sprang back, the girl gave a stifled cry.

The dog latched on to the left nipple with his tongue and bit down hard as the girl threw her head back and screamed teen gets fetish railed pornstars and fingering pulled hard on the teat stretching her breast flesh 3 times before letting it slipped painfully from his teeth, it sprang back making an audible slap as it landed back in place, the girls head was still back but no sound was coming from her gapping mouth, in a silent scream.

The old man had his own mouth gapping in shock at what was happening before his eyes. He watched mesmerised as the dog left her scarlet tipped raw nipples for now and started to concentrate at clawing at her naked body. Not drawing blood but leaving visible red marks where his paw had scraped her soft young skin.

The girls body shuddered as his nails slid down her sensitive side. The man looked on impressed as the dog never went over any part he had already scratched.

He seemed to be covering her body, this was exactly what the dog was doing, testing all over his females flesh to feel how different areas felt in his claws.

As well as watching her for her reaction, as she writhed on the bed, twisting and squirming under his clawing onslaught. Where ever he laid his paw, that part of her young body would lift or move to receive more sensation from his harsh nails. She continued groaning and squirming her young sensitive body in the bed. Her soft flesh was a matrix of livid red lines. As the dog went lower the old man noticed the girls knees lift and open displaying her bruised and now freshly sopping wet pussy.

Stein could smell the sex oozing from his new found human bitch, plus some thing extra exciting that he couldn't place, but it made his head dizzy with lust for the young girl. He snaked a paw down one thigh narrowly missing her dog cum and blood splattered pussy.

The young females muscles all over her body tensed up rigid. The claw going down her soft thigh made her pussy visibly quiver, her clit now slightly longer than it was this morning was poking between her sweet pussy lips, like a white flag.

The dog breathed her aroma in heavily, earlier he smelt sex on her when she entered his kennel. Unknowing to Stein with the mixture of blood from her ripped hymen, it was this that made him scent bitch in heat. This was making his cock protrude from its sheath, which was already antarvasna xxx story ebony com inches out.

Stein carried on covering his females thighs with claw marks. The man watched on as Robins small pelvis started to lift from the bed. In a small way at first, but as the claw marks grew down her thighs making the pale soft milky flesh red and pink her tiny pelvis started to lift higher. Her head had fallen to the side, every now and then between her moans and groans of pleasure her head would flick to the other side.

Her sweet tantalising lips on her mouth were a brilliant pink, matching her now blood engorged swollen pussy lips which were opening again in an inviting fashion, like rose petals trying to entice fertilisation.

The old man new it was time to step his plans up, so he picked up the semi conscious moaning girl and took her through to a different room. He placed her on a strange half bed, so her bum was at the bottom edge and put her ankles back and slotted them into stirrups that were spreading her thighs wide, locked them in place then pulled her arms up above her head and looped leather bracelets around her wrists. In the door way Stein looked on to see what his master was doing with his new female.

When he called him he shot in and sat between her legs to take in her glorious scent. The old man patted the dog and left closing the door. He sat there closed his eyes for a few minutes then reached forward and started to lick at his females small sweet pussy. He could hear her moaning softly. As the old man placed a collar on young Robins neck, her eyes opened and took in the scene she found herself in. she could see the big beautiful dog between her legs, she could feel his loving long tongue go deep up inside her searching out her juices, as it tickled at her womb entrance, she gave out a blissful sigh.

The old man locked the collar shut and smiled down at his young star, she looked up and gave him a sweet smile of contentment. She asked what the dogs name is. The old man told her then kissed her forehead. She could see her clawed red body, she wasn't shocked or concerned because it made her whole body feel warm and tingle with pleasure. She could remember what she thought was a dream with her breasts and whole body being ravaged with intense sensations but it was so pleasurable.

With the big dog loving her insides and her body trembling she closed her eyes, she felt she was in heaven. Stein delved deep in his female, he wanted her juices but also to feel her insideto see what she was like inside, where his puppies would grow. He felt her start to push down onto his tongue, she wanted him deep, his cock lurched out further. He remembered what horny stepfamily gets bonged and creamed young old pornstars in the other room, he opened his mouth wider pulled his lips back and pushed his teeth into her young soft pussy flesh.

His female gave out a howl, he kept flicking his tongue inside, increasing her pleasure. His probing tongue discovered a new place, another opening, found deep inside her. It was tight to get in. so he pushed his mouth harder into her, which sank his teeth, piercing her flesh, she let out a scream just as he tasted blood running into his mouth.

His head started to spin, if the big dog new what drunk was, this was it. His big mouth latched round her pussy and drank her blood with a frenzy, just as his tongue battled its way into her hidden hole.

As he lapped around inside her young womb, he could feel his female thrashing around on the bed. She pushed down onto his mouth then growled, as she twisted her small pelvis into his biting mouth.

Blood was trickling out of the side of his teeth that were buried in her flesh. The dog had to drink fast as each time she pushed her blooded pussy into his fangs she repeatedly climaxed.

Sending jets of her juices into his hungry mouth. Suddenly he stopped. Robin looked down through tear soaked eyes and saw the large brute climbing up to mount her.

She closed her eyes and waited for the big cock. If she had her eyes open she would have seen a 7 inch cock down to his knot. Stein rubbed it up her crack and easily found the waiting open hole. This time he started to slide it in slowly, his female bitch was blowing and puffing through her mouth, when she had taken 5 inches her eyes popped open and she stared into Steins eyes. She could feel his cock at the top of her hole now.

Her young small pussy was full up with dog cock. She could see in his eyes he wasn't going to stop there. He lifted his front legs up and round her waist trapping her.

Then her continued to push in firmly. Robins mouth fell open and her head fell back. He was determined to get it all in this time. As he pushed she tried to slide away from him, when he sank his front claws into her very soft waist she cried out. He kept pushing, stretching her insides. Blood wept into his front claws from her waist, his claws had penetrated her skin.

With her legs and wrists secure she couldn't move away from the deep pain inside her, as she thrashed her head left and right in pain. She felt some thing nudge her pussy lips. She calmed down, realising he was all the way in her. Tears of pain cascaded down her face as she looked into his eyes again searching for his soul. She was sure she could see them smile at her, she smiled weakly back.

Suddenly just as she was starting to enjoy the feel of his massive cock inside her he clenched her tighter in the waist and gave a powerful thrust taking her breath away. Some thing huge burst passed her pussy lips, his cock had gone in another inch. Her stomach bulged to make room for the big knot now wedged passed her strained pink lips. Robin screamed till she lost her breath, her whole body tensed, arched up leaving the bed just leaving her head supporting her weight.

His female bitch climaxed as his front claws dug in deep to her flesh more blood trickled down her side and down his paws. Her damp sweaty body collapsed back down into the small bed. She laid panting, eyes tightly shut, tremors of pain and pleasure raked through her, every muscle in her petite body was shuddering with adrenalin fuelled ecstasy. The big dog looked closely at the young girl laid before him, he stayed still feeling his knot continue to grow, jamming in her entrance and locking him inside her ready for his puppy seed to explore and fertilise her young body.

Looking at her slim body, he wondered how many she would birth to him. 4 or 6. But with only 2 breasts maybe 4 would be best. He was wrenched from his thoughts as his female started to pant hard and groan louder, her legs were shaking.

He realised his knot had grown to its maximum size. They were tied. Making her tremors worsen, her fists were clenched tight. She opened her eyes and looked into his eyes as he started to push into her, moving his clamped cock inside.

As he pulled back her pussy lips and entrance were stretched, dragged away from her body by his knot. As he pushed they returned as her belly bulged out to make room for the large cock and knot buried deep inside her. Her chest heaved quickly with her short sharp panting, moaning constantly in her torment. They locked eyes, staring into each others as he started to move quicker and harder. The young girl opened her legs as wide as she could, yet still held fast in the stirrups.

As the thrusting grew even harder, 11 year old Robin was lost, lost in her pleasure, lost in the pain, lost in the dogs primal eyes. She stopped moaning. Her clit and pussy was sending electric shocks to every nerve ending across her body, her pelvis was rocking forward to meet his harsh thrusts. Just then Steins mouth opened his lips lifted back displaying his white long sharp fangs, he snarled loudly at the young bitch.

The girls primitive subconscious received his instruction. She threw her head back and twisted it to the side, leaving her small neck wide and bare, in surrender. The dog lunged his hips forward meeting the girls hard downward thrust. The big dogs mouth went for the girls throat, his large jaw closed round the slim neck, sharp thangs encircled and embedded in wet oral pleasure with coarse fucking smalltits and hardcore skin.

As the dog shot his dog seed into the young girl, Robin climaxed as the euro casting babe fucked doggystyle until cum european and audition, I am yours, I am yours.

Circled through her mind. The air in her lungs grew thin, cut off by the vice grip on her throat. Robins eyes closed, her body went limp. She didn't panic as she drifted away from consciousness, she had handed over all control of herself to her beautiful dog master now. Stein released her throat just in time. He straightened up and placed his front paws on her chest, looking down at his lifeless female.

He new she had given herself to him body and soul. She was now his. He had done it the primitive K9 way. Tied in mating and shown her his power over her life.

He looked at her pretty face it was a face of contentment. He felt pleased. 20 minutes later, the knot had deflated ready to come out, but Stein kept it inside, he waited patiently for his seed to do its magic inside her body. An hour later he slid himself out, then began to clean his female from her sweaty mess. How is it going now.