Lucia love enjoys a nice shagging session

Lucia love enjoys a nice shagging session
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Eddie was bored and was looking for a hook-up nothing more nothing less. Eddie is 180lbs, 17 years old about 5’7 with hazelnut eyes and black hair. Eddie had a skinny and fragile figure. He did not look that bad he can hold on to his own when it came to it. Eddie was so horny and could not wait to get a nice pussy to fuck.

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Stroking his 7 inch dick going through the near jasmine jae the slutty chef chat room. a girl sends him a private massage “ hey kutie I want to get fucked really hard u down” Eddie read it about 2 times and decided what the hell might as well so he replied “ sure u near my town lets meet under the pch bridge at 7:00 pm “ “can u handle” then she replied “ loll sure can’t wait I will pick u up” “what ur number” Eddie replied he put his number in and the logged out he had to finish stroking his dick after 10 min he jizz all across his chest.

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Eddie was waiting for the girl to show up after waiting a good 20min a black tinted window suv pulls up the back doors open and Eddie jumps in. “heyy sexy girl-------“ Eddie looked at two guys naked next to he can see their fully erected dick “what the fuck” Eddie says then he trys to leave he get grab by one of the guys right next to him.

They were huge like fuck Eddie tried to struggle and scream but he got closer and closer toward the man holding him. “suck my cock u slut u Gonne keep me and all my friends happy for now on” the man said as he kissed eddies’ neck “noooooooooooooooo…… stop it plzzzzz, let go of me “Eddie tries but it was not working “what u say u little bitch how dare u tell me what to do “the man drops Eddie shorts down and grabs a dialdo of the ground and shoves it with wild oral pleasure with hot amazing babes up eddies ass Eddie cries and starts to bleed a bit “see what u made me do now open ur mouth and suck my dick bitch” the man said.

Eddie slowly opened his mouth he can smell the smell of sex on the brutes dick. He started to ascend on his dick ad gag a bit cause of the smell “use ur tongue on the head and lick the balls and shaft… do it nowww” the man said Eddie rooled he tongue around the man’s purple head and licked the 8 inch shaft Eddie was liking it a bit Eddie got of the head and stared to get closer to the man’s balls he started to like and suck them the man was moaning in pure ecstasy.

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then Eddie went back to the head and started to suck and bobble hid head up and down on the man’s dick “u like it don’t u u really like it take it hard come on u bitch take it” the man started to force Eddie down his dick harder and harder the he blew loads and loads in Eddie mouth Eddie tried to swallows but it was too much some of it was leaking from the sides of his cheeks.

“aww that was good come on drink the rest we are almost there just wait till we get there u gonna get more loads then that and ur ass is gonna be occupied 24/7” Eddie started to like it "we are not getting out of this car till u clean the remains of my dick bitch" the man said when Eddie was done he was pushed out of the car.

Eddie saw lots of men near him they were hairy and naked "is this the one you were talking about rob." the man said Eddie tried to see who he was talking to to eddies surprise rob was fully clothed he had a beer belly and was 6 ft hot single mom giving an amazing blowjob and look to weight about 220 maybe.

"It sure is ain't he a kutie I can't wait to have him but I will let u guys have fun hey boy what Ur name" rob asked “its Eddie sir “Eddie replied “this boy has some good manners did u teach him Jake “rob said” sure did had to show him whose boss “Jake said. “Well u guys have some fun I will use him later “rob starts to walk off “well let’s get to it boys “Jake picks up Eddie an takes him in to the cabin Jake throws Eddie on a huge bed like a comfy 4 times a king size and started to touch and feel up Eddie Eddie moans as his nipple is being pinched “awwww stop “Eddie moans in pleasure.

“it’s okay u gonna love this” Jake starts to lick eddies asss while Busty babe gets asshole roughly pounded while riding big tits and big dick moans his mouth gets invaded by another man’s dick he trys to suck the man’s dick but feeling jakes tongue enter and exit felt crazy it made Eddie mad then Jake stopped Eddie knew what was next “u ready u little bitch” Jake yelled at Eddie “yesss aww fuck meeeeee “ Eddie beginning to love what was happening Jake shoved his 8 inch dick in eddies ass Eddie tried to yell but he was sucking and loads of loads were being deposited into his mouth it drove him even crasier “ awwwwwwwww ….

yeahhh harder awww “ Eddie yelled “let me get a better look of u” Jake said Eddie was placed on his back and continued the fucking Jake started to nibble on eddies nipples as Eddie sucked on another man’s dick eddies’ dick was fully erected he started to stoke himself to relive his excitement.

After 10 mins of fucking eddies ass Jake started to quicken his speed and yelled “I’m …. Gonnna cumm” Jake released load of load then he got off of Eddie and walked away as soon as he catch his breath “u guys keep on going I popped tell me when ur done so I can take him to rob “Jake said as he walked out the others kept on fucking Eddie it lasted for hours and by 8:55pm they were done.

Eddie was drenched in cum that was cuming out of his ass and mouth he blacken out after all that had happen wait till next episode I hoped u liked leave comment of what u think BYE <(^-^)>