Blond hottie and her horny friend have sex

Blond hottie and her horny friend have sex
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"Please, just let me go. I didn't mean this." Lucy pleaded, shaking. She was naked, cold and scared. Her hands were tied in front of her, and the rough material burned her arms. She was in a cellar of sorts, but it was clean, and very bright.

"We made a deal, Lucy. You can't back out now." Kai said. He grabbed the rope that tied her hands and pulled her towards the center of the large room. Every inch of the wall was covered in horrors. Metal clamps and cuffs, stands and stretchers, all lined the wall with menace. Lucy shook uncontrollably.

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Kai grabbed the handle of a doctors table, and pulled it closer. Lucy looked at it in fear. The table was able to bend upward on either side, so that alternatively her head or feet could be pulled into the air. Metal cuffs were bolted into the edge, and were on a track so that they could be adjusted further up or down.

Kai pulled the rope towards the table, and Lucy let out a cry, falling over it and scrambling to get away from him. "Please Kai, I didn't mean it.

I thought when we made that deal, it would be something stupid. I don't want this," Lucy pleaded. Kai just pulled her tied hands to one of the cuffs, and wordlessly started tightening the leather cuff around her wrist, below the rope.

Lucy cried, gasping and struggling as he pressed her chest against the metal table with his elbow, the cold of the metal sending her into an even worse fit of shivers. He cut the rope away, and forced her free hand into the second cuff.

He moved down to her feet. "Kai.

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Kai! Please. Please!" Lucy sobbed, and screeched before falling into sudden silence. Kai had slapped her, roughly, in the middle of her back, and it effectively took the air out of her lungs and put fear into her heart. "Shut up! Lucy, you agreed that you would do what I asked if things turned south. This is it.

You don't have a choice. You don't have a life. It's now mine for the taking. Be quiet, or I'll make it that way. I don't want to hurt you, but I will. Do as I say and it will be so much easier for you." Kai snapped at her, yanking her stunned body taunt, and sliding the leather ankle-strap towards her leg.

"I didn't mean it Teen babe gets eaten out pornstars hardcore. I never thought we were being serious.

It was a stupid deal, and I didn't know what I was getting into. If I had known you were serious about having a slave, I would never have struck it." She hissed, trying to pull herself up from the cold table . "It doesn't matter. Words can't be unsaid, and this is what you agreed to.

Katherine is gone, and you're my new slave." Kai stated simply, tightening the last cuff to her left ankle. Lucy was laid out tightly over the table, her butt muscles clenching as her legs stretched as far as they would go. The cold air licked her back, and Kai enjoyed the sight of her struggling to keep her stomach from pressing fully against the cold metal.

He grabbed her right calf, pressing a divot to slide the cuff forward. It made six clicks, and went about a foot forward on the table, closing the distance between the wrist and ankle cuffs. He did the same to the other side, and Lucy made a noise as her butt arched into the air. ****************************************************************************** Lucy was eerily silent, and tensed as she felt Kai grab her knee and pull it towards the edge of the table.

He tied both her legs along the calf's to the edge of the table, forcing her legs apart, then he lifted the back of the table so she was at an angle and her back arched painfully. He disappeared from her line of vision, and she heard rustling along the wall as he grabbed things down.

Lucy shook her head as best she could, making sounds of protest, too scared to talk. Kai just ignored them and dropped his tools onto the table, spreading them out and grabbing one. It looked like a thick deflated balloon with a pump on it, like at a doctor's office. In the center of the balloon was a tube amrapali dubey xxx com download a finger wide, and two feet long.

"Open your mouth." Kai said, pushing the tube between her lips. Lucy clenched her teeth together, shaking her head. Kai just slapped her mid-back again. She let out a gasp and felt it as he forced the tube into her mouth and down her throat. She coughed and gagged, her mouth stretching as the tube made its way further down her throat and the bulb passed her teeth. She felt the tube sliding down, and then the edge of the bulb. Kai pressed a little more, and the full length of the device entered her mouth, all of the tube and two inches of the bulb pressing down her throat.

Kai started pumping air into the bulb, making sure to keep it in the right place. Lucy panicked as she felt it pushing her jaws open, felt her throat filling. She tried to make noise, but her airflow was being cut off slowly, and she focused as much as she could on breathing. Kai stopped a few pumps later, her mouth stretched out fully, her throat trying to squeeze the bulb back out, the tube resting snuggly in her stomach as her lungs tried to fight for the little air they were receiving around the balloon.

"Good." Kai said, detaching the air bulb and flicking the edge of the tube that was standing at attention in the center of the balloon in her mouth. Lucy felt the flick in her throat as the tube twitched, and tried not to gag. Kai went back to his table, picking up another pump, similar to the one he had just used on her mouth, along with some petroleum jelly, and made his way to her rear.

Lucy's breath quickened, and she shook as she felt him smear the cold jelly against her anal bud, and then the balloon was being pressed into her. She tried to pull forward, but her painfully arched back prevented her from going anywhere.

"I'm going to explain what I'm doing to you, Lucy. There's no need to be afraid. Like I said, if you do what I say it will be easier." Kai stated, twisting the bulb slowly side to side and forward.

"I'm going to fill every orifice you have. We are going to slowly stretch the inside, while keeping the outside tight and intact." He finished pressing the bulb into her ass, and a hissing sound echoed through the room as she felt the bulb in her anal cavity swell.

"The tube through the rubber balloon gag is for liquid. The device I'm pumping now is a simple enema bulb. They both work the exact same. I will feed liquid through them into you." Lucy cried silently as the bulb stretched her uncomfortably, and she heard the hissing stop.

"I'm going to start with your mouth first. Then your enema. From there we will address the rest." Kai grunted, and Lucy heard the sound of metal rolling against the ground. A metal stand was positioned in front of her, and she shook as Kai screwed a piece onto the tube in her mouth. It connected to another tube that lead to a huge bucket-like clear container. Kai lifted a gallon jug of water.

"This is what is going into that bucket." He said, uncapping the jug and hoisting it. The sound of water filled her ears as the container quickly filled.

"You're going to drink all of it. I will put the hose on a slow flow, and the water line will go down as it enters you. When it's all gone, I'll move the rack to your other tube, and we'll start your enema." The water stopped gushing, and he slowly twisted a dial on the tubing near the bucket.

Lucy watched as the water flowed down the tube and into her mouth. She heard bubbles gurgle in her stomach as the water forced the air left in the tube into her, and felt lovely cutie is licked and drilled homemade and hardcore coldness of the water itself as it settled into her stomach, slowly filling it.

After a few seconds, she couldn't feel anything happening. The slowly dropping line on the bucket was the only indicator that liquid was entering her at all. Kai left the tubing alone, and headed back to his table. This time he picked up a metal tray, and disappeared from sight. Lucy felt as he set the tray down, and he put his hand on her butt, his thumb flicking the tubing and pump in her anus.

"Now, as that water fills your stomach, I'm going to finish the other preparations." Kai said, and she felt his fingers brush her sex. He spread her lips, and she jolted as a something entered her urethra, screeching as best she could against her gag as it burned a path down to her bladder.

"This tube is for when you have to pee. I'm going to force water into your bladder, and you're going to hold it, but not now." Kai pushed the tube a little further, and cursed as pee trickled from the end of the open tube.

He clamped it shut and taped the extra tubing to her leg. "This next part is tricky. This tube is filled with petroleum jelly. I'm going to open you up, press this into your cervix, and when the time comes, we are going to fill you with petroleum jelly until you start to leak it, then I will clamp you closed. It's a bit complicated and time consuming, but by the time we're set up, it should be time for your enema." Lucy glanced up at the bucket, only a quarter empty.

Her tummy felt fuller, and she was scared. She closed her eyes and focused on breathing. He couldn't penetrate her cervix. It was too small, and maybe by the time he realized that, he would move on. Kai slid the speculum into her sex, slowly cranking the device and watching in pleasure as it forced Lucy open. He looked inside her, seeing about four inches back the tight ring of her cervix. He scooped up some petroleum jelly with his fingers, dabbing the sensitive bud of her tattooed sluts karma rx haley reed holly beth kenzie reeves ring, and slid the tubing into her sex.

He centered it with the opening, and pressed lightly into the tight hole.

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The flesh gave, pressing back with the tube, and Kai applied more pressure, the cervix head tightly gripping the tubing. A few seconds of no progress, and watching Lucy as she writhed on the table in pain, and he pushed harder. Nothing. Lucy Saw stars, not able to scream or move she only felt the pain as he tried to force the tube into her cervix.

The pain almost threatened to make her pass out, and then he applied more pressure. Despite her earlier inability, Lucy screeched and shook.

Kai frowned, not wanting to prolong her pain, and applied more pressure. Lucy's cervix finally gave way and the tube slid with sudden force past her cervix and into her womb.

Kai fed a few inches more through the tight hole, then taped the second tube next to the first against her leg. His job there done, he moved on. The entire bucket feeding Lucy was now empty of water, and Kai paused to look at Her.

She was lost in her own world for the moment, so he decided to proceed in silence. He unhooked the tubing from the bucket to her mouth, and clamped the tube, ensuring no liquid escaped. Once finished, he moved the rack around to her butt, and fed a steaming gallon of water into the bucket, hooking up the line to her enema bulb. Then he took gelatin powder and added it to the hot water, mixing it with a metal rod. He adding more gelatin then necessary. He wanted this to be thick. "Lucy." He called, trying to drag her away from herself.

"I'm now going to start the enema. It's going to be quite warm. Try to relax and let it all in. While that's going, we'll do the rest." Lucy heard Kai, and tears stained her face. Her cervix burned, and her walls ached. She felt nothing could compare to the pain she had just experienced. Then she felt the hot liquid enter her. It was not nearly as bad as the pain she had just endured, but the heat she was not expecting got the best of her, and her muscles clenched in reflex.

Cramps started immediately, and she felt Kai rub her belly, shushing her and telling her to relax. Her stomach felt tight already from the gallon of water she was forced to drink, and the new flood of steaming water seamed to fill and weigh her down painfully. She fought it a bit longer, then gave in, her muscles too tired to keep clenched. Heat flowed from her anal passage into her rectum, then slowly, made its way further. Her belly sagged heavily under her, and Lucy felt as full as she could be.

Kai looked up as he felt Lucy relax her muscles fully, and saw the gelatin solution lower a half inch before slowing again. It was cruel not to tell her it wasn't just water entering her, but he felt some element of surprise made it fun. Her belly pressed tightly against his hand, and he nodded satisfyingly at the droop her previously flat stomach was taking on. She looked very bloated, and she still had nearly a full gallon of water to go, as well as her other injections.

Kai removed his hand from her belly. "Focus on relaxing, Lucy. I'll start on the rest." He grabbed a large syringe from the tray next to him. It was able to hold a half liter of liquid at a time. Un-taping the tube attached to her cervix, Kai pressed the syringe into the tube opening, released the clamp, and slowly started inserting the petroleum jelly. Lucy felt something thick move deep inside her, building like a growing knot, making her stomach flutter.

The knot tarzan xxx movies part 2 steadily, and she was so transfixed with the sensation she forgot about the hot liquid steadily stretching out her bowls and rectum for a moment. Kai neared the end of the syringe, and filled it a second time. He pressed this one just as slowly, watching Lucy's stomach as it stretched. The enema was not even halfway done, and she looked ready to burst.

He fed the second syringe down the tube, then a third. Lucy felt the thick knot growing bigger than she could fathom in her stomach. It felt like a football, and still it grew, pressing into her lungs, who were already fighting the tube in her throat. Xxx fuck vediman tman office stomach felt too tight for cramps, but they started again, and still she felt her body stretch with the water forcing itself into her.

It felt too heavy, too much. Kai pressed the fourth syringe into Lucy much faster, pressing slightly harder as he saw Lucy's cervix bulging out towards daylight.

If he inserted the last two syringes, like he planned, Lucy's cervix might bloat out past her lips. He excitedly started the fifth syringe, and looked up to check on the enema. Three quarters of the way done. Good. He applied the sixth syringe, pushing the last of three liters into Lucy's womb, and clamped the tube, taking a hold on the speculum.

It didn't push her cervix out, but Kai was not disappointed yet. She still had a fourth of her enema to go. He grabbed a special hand clamper, and fed the tube through the center. There was a hole there, and it fit snugly around Lucy's cervix bud. He squeezed lightly, tugging on the tube, and slid it out slowly. When the last of it exited, it made a small pop, and the tiniest bit of petroleum jelly leaked out before he squeezed the machine tightly, clamping a ring around her cervix bud to keep all three liters inside her womb.

He put the machine back onto the table, removed the speculum, and picked up his last syringe. It was much smaller than the rest, and only carried about eight ounces of fluid. He grabbed the only remaining on uk slut wife hayley shared with american bbc tube, and slowly pressed the liquid goth whore ass rides cock pornstars and fetish. Lucy struggled against her bonds.

The cramps wouldn't stop coming, but it was nothing compared to what Kai was doing now. The urge to pee hit her forcefully, and the pressure built until she felt she was going to explode. Her legs trembled, sweat ran down her face, and left her entire body slick. She couldn't handle anymore, and she prayed that it would end soon. She didn't know if she was still crying, the stinging in her eyes could have just as likely been from the sweat.

Kai finished the injection just in time to watch the last of the enema enter Lucy's body. The gelatin was cooling off quickly now, and a good bit stuck to the sides snatch of playgirl is fucked girlfriend and hardcore the bucket. Lucy's anal ring bulged out tantalizingly, the pressure pushing it out as far as the inflated globe within would let it.

He imagined what it was doing in her, solidifying, molding to her insides and keeping her stretched almost impossibly. He clamped both tubes and grabbed the last two toys. He undid his pants and pressed his erection into the slim casing. It was a metal penis form that vibrated perfectly against his sensitive areas and kept the blood from leaving his penis.

Immediately upon sliding it on, he felt the heat in his dick as the skin tightened and the head turned an angry purple. He waited to turn it on, and set his attention on the last piece. He pushed the inflatable bulb into Lucy's sex, having to fight with the stretched womb that was pressing her cervix into the space he was trying to occupy.

He has to keep pressure on the bub to keep it from slipping out as he pumped to inflate it. The inflation line was long, and he only pumped enough to keep the balloon in Lucy. He wanted to save the last few pumps for the end. He deflated the bulb from Lucy's mouth, pulled the tube quickly from her stomach, and pressed his length into her mouth. After a few inches, he reached her throat, and grabbed the back of her head to force himself further. She gagged, and he kept pressing, until she stopped struggling and just tried to swallow his dick down with the rest.

Lucy felt painfully full. Her bladder was a tingling mass, her anal passage was stretched to the maximum, and she felt the balloon against her anal bud pushing painfully outward, trying to escape the tight space it was pressed into. Her muscles couldn't contract, and the liquid felt too thick inside her.

The contents of her stomach were pressed everywhere her colon and rectal tract weren't, both vying for space that didn't exist, and her womb felt as if it had grown a child overnight. She felt the bulb as it pumped her womb back into her, and nearly puked.

Kai removed the ball, and she felt the heave that would relieve her of some of the pressure in her stomach, and then his dick was being forced down her throat, pressing whatever she thought she could relieve back down.

She fought and gagged against him, couldn't breathe. She panicked, gagged some more, and then just stopped. She remembered his words, and against all reason, began to swallow.

Kai turned on his dick toy, already feeling himself building. Lucy was violently swallowing, and her throat directly massaged half of his dick. The vibrations were sending him even further, and he started pumping Lucy's balloon bulb violently.

Her face was turning red, and he bent to the side to try and reach her clit. Her stomach blocked all the space between her legs and her breasts, pressing against the table tightly. She looked absurdly pregnant. He reached for her nipples instead, pinching and twisting violently as he pumped the balloon and watched her face and she gulped him down.

Lucy thought she was beyond feeling pleasure, but when Kai started to tease her, she immediately went over the edge. She had a continuous orgasm, the bulb stretching out her sex and pushing against everything inside her. Her muscles wouldn't let her contract, wave after wave seeming to fill even her pores as the sensation rocked through her. Kai saw rather than felt Lucy go over the edge, and shot his load down her throat, watching her purpling face contort into a painful sort of pleasure.

He granny with big tits gone wild and masturbating in bedroom pulled out, letting the bulb in her sex deflate, and it fell out of her with a plop. She retched, taking deep breaths, spewing water and cum all of the table. Kai pulled the catheter out, watching as a stream of urine shot towards the wall like a bullet.

He would have fun watching her get rid of the rest.