American bbw jacks pleasures her plump pussy with dildo

American bbw jacks pleasures her plump pussy with dildo
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This is my first so please bear with me. I am 18. I have this wildest dream about fucking my sister. My sister Dina is 26 marreid. She is a lawyer. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She is 5'7 bloned C Cup and 110 lb. One day I visit her. I new her huby was away on a business trip like usual. she opens the door wearing a short skirt and a silky blouse.

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HI there sorry to come at this time but I was in around. Oh its ok I need the company. Oh is Mike away again? oh yes like Iam marreid to a ghost I hardly see him. I look at her enjoying the way she looks.

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so how are you? will fine I guess. you look so sad is there any thing I can do. NO its ok but thanks. come on dina you can tell me. its just that Mike is always away and I h ave needs you know.

OH I see.

my eyes focused on her blouse I can see her bra. my cock start to grow. You want to stay the night ? sure if thats ok. good that is so sweet of you. I need to change and take a shower help your self. Ok Dina thks. as she walk to her room my eyes are following her I cant help thinking of her in my arms.

she close the door to her room I sit there for a while thinking what I shoould do. I walk to her room slowly open the door she is still in the shower I take my cloth off my 8" cock is fucking hard. I enter the bathroom I can see her naked I see her rubing her cunt. YOu need any help i ask. omg what the hell you think you are doing. I know you want me sis I can sucking and spanking tube porn it in your eyes.

i grap her and pull her close to me I put my lips on hers and kiss her she try to pull back but I grab her hard and hold her hand to my cock feel it Dina tell me you dont want it in your pussy.

OH robin plz stop its wrong I am ur sister. I know but I want you I cant hold back i pick her up and take her to the bed. I lay her down now suck my cock sis. NO plz stop. I slap her on the face Dina we can do this the easy way or the hard way but at the end you are going to be mine.

Ok but plz dont hit me. she takes my cock in her mouth mmm dina I have been dreaming about this day for a very teamskeet pierced chick enjoys rough anal sex creampie time.

she atart to suck my cock slowly at first. take it all in I know you can come on dina now. Oh thats it baby oh yes you love ur brothers cock dont you. mmmm yes its so big. oh yes faster mmm I love you Dina. I take my cock out of her and spread her legs mmm dina your are so pretty.

Oh robin take me take me now. I push my cock between her legs and start to fuck her she maon load oh shit its so big I have never had a big one like this before oh yes fuck me fuck me hard. I pump her hard I fuck her like I have never fucked anyone before oh Robin I love you oh yes more more OH yes Iam cumming aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh yyyyyyyyyyy esssssssssss oh Dina I am cumming I try to pull out buut dina grab me oh plz cum in me fill me with your cum.

oooooooooooooooooo fucking bitch oh yesssssssssssss yes mmmm Dina this was the best fuck I had ever had I hope you liked it. Oh yes Robin I loved it we should often.

I woke up the second day dina have gone to work. I call her hey baby whats up nothing much I will be back at 4. ok. I wait for like an houor buut I cant stand it I wanted her so bad so I get in my car and drive to her working place. HI there. Hi what are you doing here. as I walk to he I grab her and lay her on the table. what do you think you ar doing its my working place and some one might see us.

I dont care I want you know as I unbotton her blouse and rip the bra off oh dina you are so fucking beautiful. I pull my cock out now get down and suck it. but. no buts just do what I tell you. she kneel down and ake my cock in her mouth oh dina this is better.

you love giving your small bro a blowjob dont you. oh it feels good. now get up and lay back Iam going to give you the fuck of your life with one trust I bury it in her wet cunt she scream loud I start to fuck her with force oh robin stop plz you are hurting me but I dont listen I know you love it that way you slut.

say it say that you are a slut Iam a slut iam ur slut oh robin fuck me harder fill me with ur cum i want you to fill me. dina do you want my baby? yes yes robin plz fuck me more faster. oh iam cummingggggggggggggggg shit aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh yesssssssssssssssssss me too as i cum hard in my sister cunt.

robin I love you me too As we are getting dresssed the door to her office is opened and her boss walk in. what is going on in here. oh nothing tom. but it was to late he can see that she have no bra on and that the bra is laying on the floor with her skirt still up.

oh dina I have never taken you to be of this kind. what do you mean what kind? a slut if you want to know. now you better get dressed and follow me to my office both of you. I can see the fear in dina's eyes dont worry it will be ok.

as we walk in tom's office he ask dina tol ock the doors. she do and walk slowly towards him. Now take off your cloth and get down on your knee and suck my cock Tom you cant be serious, I am she looks at him and than at me I tell family paab beti xxx story do it. As she take her cloth offf and start to suck him I get hard again. so I take my cloth off ans walk over can I join. sure tom say. you can fuck her ass while she suck me like a whore.

dina try to protest but it was late as I push my cock in her ass and start to fuck her. Oh dina your ass is so tight. she moans hard still sucking Toms cock. Tom tell her to stop as he gets up and tell her to lay on his cock while I am fucking her ass.

she obeys with out a word and we both fuck her hard. Dina start to moan load and she begin to have orgasim and orgasim finaly I cum in her ass while tom cum hard in her cunt.