Tattooed girl has fun with a dick

Tattooed girl has fun with a dick
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(i uploaded part 6 1st my bad ill try to keep them in order sorry guys and gals) If the turn of events had Bart flabbergasted last week he was in for a even bigger surprise the following friday when his sister had a sleepover planned at the Simpsons house with her 2 girlfriend Terri and Sherri. Homer and Marge where going to be out at a swingers party which was to be held at Edna Krabappels house until 1 or 2 am in the morning.

The twins arrived early as they had to work out with Lisa what they where going to do. To make sure Bart did not bother Lisa and her friends Marge said he could invite his friend Milhouse to stay the night. But just to make sure their would be no trouble when they where out Marge had also asked old grandpa Simpson if he would mind babysitting Maggie so he could keep an eye on the lot of them.

Marge was upstairs in her room still getting ready for the party. She had to make sure she remembered to take her doubled headed dildo and her 18 inch black strapon as she knew Edna was fond of a bit of 3 way action with a woman and a man. Edna Krabappel was the quiet timid teacher at school teaching the kids but under that timid woman was one wild bitch that swung both ways given the chance.

As principal skinner found out daily when they get together in the storeroom with miss hover for some three way action. Marge picked up the dildo but she just could not resist trying it out before the party as tonight she was so horny she just had to have a quick fuck with something or someone. One quick look to make sure her bedroom door was closed before getting started. But in her haste she had forgotten to shut the bedroom curtains and had not noticed Bart in the treehouse waiting for his friend Milhouse to arrive.

Barts eyes where nearly popping out with what he was seeing. Marge did not notice Bart peeking through the window at her lying on the bed.

So their was Marge with both hands wrapped around the base of her toy. Already impaling herself with the 18″ strapon pulsating thick 6″ fat black penis shaped dildo. Marge pressed the vibrating clitoral attachment firmly against her clit. Both clitoral stimulator and shaft were humming away at their quick little paces.

Bart couldn't bear to watch another second before whipping out his cock and start stroking it at a steady pace. He watched all of incredibly cute yo chick lapdance and gets facial striptease smalltits not missing a single orgasmic drilling stroke.

She then started rubbing it over her tits, getting her thimble-sized nipples to stand up from her 2-inch areolas. She then tit-fucked the thing for awhile while playing with her twat with her free hand.

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"Sometimes Marge would have to get herself good and well worked up before she could relax her throat enough to swallow a dick or a dildo. She then began to tease the thing with her tongue licking up and down the long 18″ shaft and running her tongue over its scrotum.

Then Marge puckered her lips like she was going to whistle and slowly began to work the head of it into her mouth. Soon she had about half of it inside her and began to stick her tongue out to lick the underside of the shaft. Just at that moment the bedroom door opened and in walked Lisa to ask her mother a question. Lisa stood shocked for a moment then quickly shut the door so the twins would not see her mother lying on her bed playing with herself and walked over to the bed. Marge opened her eyes to see Cfnm babes humiliate loser in dressing room standing nice pounding with beautiful chick hardcore and blowjob front of her with a look on her face that Marge recognized from last week.

"Can i use your vibrator" Lisa said. "No that's for me" Marge replied. and you know you should knock before you enter our room Lisa if the door is shut.

By the way where are Terri and Sherri i hope you shut your door before you came in here. "Yes mum" "no but you can share the two-headed dildo if you want with me Lisa" "Yes please mum"Lisa said "but we will have to be quick before the twins come looking for you" Marge said "Take hold of that two-headed monster and start to play with it ." Marge said to Lisa "Spread your legs" Marge said Lisa did as she was told opening her legs a little.

"More Lisa!" Marge said "Good girl," Marge said with a wicked smirk on her face as she placed her hand over Lisa's hairless cunt. Lisa whimpered as she rubbed it then slid a finger between her pussy lips. Lisa was fucking wet! "You're enjoying this, aren't you, you little slut?" Marge's heart pounded as trickles of sweat rolled across her heaving breasts.

She pinched her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She gasped and panted and then let out a low moan. She arched her back and then heaved her pelvis up to Lisa's greedy mouth which was vigorously lapping at her clit and pussy lips. Her probing fingers pumped ever so fast in and out of her love canal pressing against her inner cavern walls.

Marge's face was now so close to Lisa's she could smell her candy lip gloss. Marge held her lips to her daughter's and shoved her tongue into Lisa's mouth. Lisa had never kissed another girl before last week but she found herself responding once more to her mother and wondered at the strange musky taste in her mother's mouth.

Everything was upside down and backwards. Marge's hand touched Lisa's breast. Then her blouse was being pulled opened. Marge was no longer kissing her lips she was sucking Lisa's nipple. Then Marge guided Lisa's mouth to her nipple. Lisa found herself sucking it between her lips as if another person was controlling her body. Marge moved down her body until she was between Lisa's legs.

She felt shivers run up her body when her mother's eager tongue flicked across the wet folds of her pussy and over her hard clit. Marge pushed two fingers up Lisa's cunt as she continued euro amateur fucks fake cop outdoor pov policeman and hardcore lick her pussy.

Lisa's was confused from everything that was happening to her but her body craved it. Marge rubbed a finger across Lisa's rosebud and continued pressing until it slipped inside her tight passage. Lisa's tensed at the sudden but not unpleasant intrusion into forbidden Territory. She was just staring back at Marge with the look of a deer caught in the headlights look and Marge suddenly found herself extremely turned on. She loved to dominate other women and this little bitch deserved it was the thought running through Marge's head.

What a little slut she had for a daughter. Was the other thought in Marge's head? With that Lisa and Marge started sucking on it at each end and each playing with their clit and lips before starting to insert the device into themselves. Of course to do this they had to face each other and slowly move closer together. Marge said "Let's get into it Lisa. Then they began kissing each other playing with each other's tits and clits.

Now deep kissing, fondling each other's breasts, playing with their clits and humping on that double dildo, Lisa's chest and throat started showing a sexual flush on her pale skin and Marge began her quiet moaning. Lisa for her part was grinding her end of the monster dildo deep into her cunt which was beginning to leak the sweet juices Marge had come golden shower girls fucked and piss drenched love so much last week.

I want you to cum Lisa as i am just about to cum and hopefully you will cum at the same time as i do. Lisa's entire body tingled with desire. The feel of flesh sliding across her clit only added to the exotic sensation surging through her loins. Her body tensed.

She could not hold back the rush of pleasure that exploded from her pussy. Incredibly the both of them came at nearly the same time. Marge licked up the juices from Lisa's gushing cunt. Her finger continued to dig around inside Lisa's cunt.

A secondary explosion gripped Lisa expelling even more pussy juice into Marge's mouth. Marge and Lisa stayed locked together on their shared toy for a few minute until they had recovered a little. Marge sat back on the bed feeling temporarily satisfied. Then Marge pushed Lisa back on the bed and climbed on top of her. With her face just above Lisa's drenched pussy she swung her leg over Lisa's head.

She clamped her lips around Lisa's swollen cunt and plunged her tongue into her wet creamy chamber. Lisa stared at Marge's sweet pussy poised just above her face.

It was neatly trimmed with a small strip of curls just above her slit. The moist petals of her pink folds peeked out from the gash down the middle of her swollen mound. Lisa was intoxicated by the strong smell emanating from her mother's sexual plum. The tongue and fingers probing Lisa's body filled her with an insatiable desire to do the same to her mother she moved her mouth towards the object of her lust. Her tongue licked the pink folds and swollen clit.

Lisa pressed her lips to Marge's puffy mound and kissed her cunt. Lisa's tongue pushed into the juicy opening. Marge pressed down on Lisa's mouth and squirmed against her probing tongue.

She shoved two fingers into Lisa's steamy wet cunt and sucked on her clit. After digging them around inside Lisa her mother pulled her juicy fingers from Lisa's cunt and rubbed them across her asshole. The tip of Marge's middle finger pressed against Lisa's tight opening until it yielded to the pressure. Lisa gasped from the invasion of her private area. The pressure from her mother's finger was incredible. It felt so good pushing up her ass but she couldn't imagine something the size of a man's penis in there like last week when Bart took her ass.

She spread Marge's rounded cheeks and started to lick around her tiny asshole. Lisa tensed when she felt a second finger enter her asshole slowly Lisa stretched and adjusted until the pressure turned to pleasure. Lost in a sea sunny leone sex devar bhabhi lust Lisa didn't see homer come into the bedroom and did not even consider it at all strange when a hard cock pressed against her lips at the entrance to her mother's pussy.

She swirled her tongue around the swollen knob just before it disappeared between her mother's juicy pink folds. Only inches in front of her face Lisa watched as homer's swollen cock slide in and out of her mother's steamy fuck hole. The swollen flesh of homer's manhood glistened with Marge's pussy juice. This image combined with the smell and taste of sex added to the already raging lust that had kidnapped Lisa's senses and turned her body into a playground of passion.

Then homer pulled out his cock father and deter fuking sex fucking Marge's pussy and pressed against Lisa's lips. She opened her mouth and felt it slide over her tongue. Lisa licked and swallowed the juices coating the hard flesh before guiding it back between the open petals at the entrance to her mother's juicy cunt and watched it slowly disappear.

Marge pounded her two fingers in and out of Lisa's asshole going faster and faster and digging them around inside her tight opening. Her other hand frantically rubbed two fingers across Lisa's swollen clit.

The sensations flowing through her body were more than Lisa could stand.

She arched her back and cried out. Marge clamped her lips around Lisa's mound and sucked the flood of cunt juice that poured alluring brazilian awesome babe plays solo hardcore blowjob her mouth. But before Lisa could recover her senses something hard and warm pressed against the opening too her asshole. It stretched her tight orifice until the large bulb penetrated her forbidden passage. The pressure was almost unbearable and quickly snapped Lisa back to reality.

"No… please… oh god… it's too big…" she pleaded. Lisa's plea where ignored. The hard shaft of flesh pushed deeper into her bowels causing Lisa's entire body to tense. Just when she began to adjust to the pressure of the cock in her ass it was sinking even deeper in too her arse. This continued until the entire length was buried up her dark tunnel. After several seconds it began to move slowly and miraculously the unbearable pressure turned into a pleasant and sensual throb.

The hard cock up Lisa's ass moved faster and deeper. Trapped in a stream of passion Lisa lifted her face and licked her mother's clit. But then the tip of her tongue touched the hard meat that was pounding in and out of her mother's cunt.

The taste of pussy juice coated her lips and filled her mouth.

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But if her father was still fucking her mother who had their massive cock in her arse? She could see the veins bulging from the swollen flesh of homer's prick that was fucking her mother she watched the shaft grow thicker and drive deep into her mother's hot cunt. Homer gave a loud grunt that signaled the first explosion of cum into her mother's belly. The spewing cock pulled out and slammed back in again and again until it was coated with a thick cream that trickled down into Lisa's mouth.

As homer pulled his cock out of Marge's cunt it was dripping cum and cunt juice across Lisa's face. In an act of shameless lust Lisa clamped her mouth over Marge's quivering cunt selingkuh menantu vs mertua japanese porn sucked the cream dripping from her body.

A second 12 inch long thick shafted cock quickly slid deep into her mother's drenched pussy. It pumped in and out of her swollen peach until the hard flesh was covered with the juices still swirling around inside her cunt. Lisa watched the 12 inch long shaft pull out of Marge's dripping chamber and press against the opening to her mother's asshole.

Marge's tight orifice easily swallowed the swollen knob and meaty thick shaft until it had disappeared inside her body. While she was getting her ass fucked her mother pumped two fingers in and out of her daughter's cunt and sucked on her clit.

The swollen protrusion up Lisa's ass continued to pound her body again and again.

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Everything was out of control but Lisa just wanted more and more. Jets of warm semen pumped into her anal orifice another explosion rocked her body seconds later she watched her mother's ass get filled with hot cum. The horny mother and daughter kissed like two lovers. Lisa's head was spinning out of control as she wanted to do all kinds of nasty and forbidden things to her mother but instead felt her body being pulled into someone's lap, who the fuck was behind her fucking her ass?

Her pussy was quickly filled with homer's thick hard cock her mother drove her pussy down onto Bart's hard meat no wait it wasn't Bart "fuck me" Lisa said. They continued to kiss while riding the cocks stuffed up their holes. Before Lisa could react homer's cock was now fucking her hot wet cunt faster and faster as she final got a chance to look over her shoulder to see just who the fuck was giving her arse a real good pounding and saw her grandfather fucking her ass real hard whilst the same thing was happening to her mother as Bart no it wasn't it was her brother hugo and he was trying to fuck his mother with his impossibly 12 inch huge thick shafted cock up she just turned and wants some big dick mother's asshole.

The pressure and pounding from the two massive thick dicks fucking her pussy and ass made it hard for Lisa to concentrate. Hugo suddenly pulled his 12 inch prick from his mother's ass and his cock erupted and spilled a flood of hot cum into her open mouth. Marge pulled Lisa's face to hers and kissed her feeding cum into Lisa's mouth with her tongue. Sharing a mouthful of cum with her mother brought her to the limits of sensuality and shamelessness.

With the pressure of two cocks pounding her pussy and ass Lisa's body jerked and twisted in a powerful orgasm. Seconds later her grandfather's cock up her ass swelled and exploded filling her bowels with hot cum.

Another orgasm gripped Lisa and sent her head spinning as she gasped for air. Lisa felt something warm splash against the side of her face but still in the throes of orgasm Lisa turned her head and received a second blast of hot cream across her nose and forehead. She just managed to get her lips around hugo's spewing cock. Lisa now had her body stuffed full of three cocks at the same time. when the hard meat of homer's dick which was stuffed up her cunt drove deep into her belly and erupted filling her steamy chamber full of more thick cream Lisa's orgasm peaked yet again.

Her pussy quivered with one spasm after another. Desperate gasps and moans were interspersed with screams of pleasure as cum dripped from her lips. Her lifeless body finally flopped down on the bed drained of energy and barely conscious. Through a fog she could feel her mother's mouth between her legs licking her pussy clean of its creamy filling. When her mother had finished sucking the juicy mixture from Lisa's cunt Marge climbed on top of Lisa and kissed her.

The creamy treat drooled from Marge's lips into Lisa's mouth. They continued to kiss and shared the globs of cum while they fondled stroked and probed each other's body with jacqueline fernandez sex photos xxxxxx hands and fingers.

Lisa was immediately sandwiched between homer and hugo who's hard thick prick was pressed against her swollen pussy and split it open slipping deep into her body.

Behind her Lisa felt the large knob of her father's cock probing her tight opening.

She gasped when it popped into her and buried its length up her ass. Lisa's feet lifted off the bed as the two cocks fucked her pussy and ass she wrapped her arms and legs around hugo for support. Two hands crushed her tits and pulled on her sensitive nipples. Another orgasm ripped through her wet pussy causing cunt juice to gush all over her father's cock that was fucking her.

Lisa was still trying to catch her breath when she felt an explosion of hot cum shoot up into her ass homer pulled out. With her arms and legs wrapped around hugo who was fucking her pounding his cock into her hard and fast driving her crazy.

She screamed and dug her fingernails into his shoulder when another orgasm exploded from her belly.

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She was still screaming when a river of hot cream flooded her cunt hugo pulled out. Lisa could feel the fluids oozing from her body until she was sitting in a chuby lesbian granny masturbate with lesbian fat girl boobs tube porn of cum and cunt juice.

Hugo's cock that had been fucking her dangled in her face she licked and sucked it clean. Over on the other side of the bed her mother was on her hands and knees with her legs pulled apart and with Lisa's grandfathers cock up her ass at the same time Marge was still working on her cunt with her big toy and fingers. Knowing that Lisa's girlfriends where just across the hall Marge was trying to muffle her screams of ecstasy as her orgasms came in waves exhausted she sat up.

Then Marge told Lisa that she should go back to her room before Terri and Sherri came looking for her. Lisa stopped at the door and Marge walked over and kissed her.

They shared the residual taste of cum still clinging to their tongues and lips. Marge was one horny bitch tonight and was just getting started she was going to have a good time tonight at the party this was going to be one hell of a night.

She also felt an intense tingling between her legs and knew she would want more when she regained some energy. Marge had been oblivious to anything outside the bedroom window or across the hallway in Lisa's room where Lisa had just gone back too to be with her friends who had started themselves