Pokemon hentai pokemon misty xxx

Pokemon hentai pokemon misty xxx
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The Barber Cumth It is a beautiful morning in the Arizona desert. It is spring and the winter rains have enriched the desert so that all the desert plants are green and growing. We are visiting our friends who live here for the weekend, a welcome relief from the city hubbub.

There is always room here one place or another. This time we are staying in a residence that will soon be sold. A very comfortable house with all the luxuries of home. The house is right across the street from our close friends who we have known for a very long time and it just happens no not just happens we have enjoyed the nudist life style with them for many years.

As usual, my lady sleeps a little longer than I do, so I casually walk across the street to our friends. I can smell the coffee brewing and I am ready for japanese lesbian forced orgasm rape cup. I ring the door bell, just so not to surprise Bill and Nancy, and walk in.

I know where the coffee cups are kept, so I help myself to coffee and saunter into the living room. Both Bill and Nancy are up, setting in the living room watching the news on their TV. As usual, Bill is nude but Nancy is also nude which is very unusual. Is something going on? Before I continue, I must describe both Bill and Nancy.

Bill is a very tall, older man who has maintained himself very well. He is not only tall and handsome but has one of the most gorgeous huge uncircumcised cocks you or I have ever seen. It is not erect presently but I have a feeling that something interesting is about to happen and that Bill's cock will not stay flaccid for long.

Nancy is much younger than Bill but not by much. She lives in this nudist environment but is very seldom nude. However, today she is nude and seems to be very relaxed doing so. Again, to big cock up wet girlfriends tight ass Nancy, I must say that she is a very attractive women, well preserved for her age.

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Her breasts are beautiful, beautifully shaped with very little sag as her age might require &hellip. and she has one of the most beautiful pussies you have ever seen. It's only draw back is the it is covered with a dense growth of hair. Her body is very trim and there is very little sign of 2 her age. Not being nude is not bad but is unusual for most women in today's nudist environment. Again, I am surprised to see Nancy nude. She is lovely and her nudity is more than welcome.

However, there is an air of intrigue present. Something is planned and may happen in my presence. As I mentioned before, Nancy has a unusually large growth of pubic hair and Bill has been pushing and pushing her to have it removed.

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He loves to "eat" Nancy's pussy but dislikes the hair covering it. Bill stands, walks over to Nancy. He asks her to stand. He than slowly runs his hands over Nancy, stopping for a minute or so to massage her beautiful breasts then proceeds over her smooth, flat belly to rest on her hair covered pussy. He turnslooks at me and says, "today the barber cumeth". I am very pleased and surprised and wonder - "Am I to have the pleasure of participating?" Bill turns Nancy around and around, exhibiting her luscious body, again stopping with Nancy's pussy pointed directly at me and just a foot or so away.

Bill asks, "Would you like to be the barber or the post trim inspector". I would love to be the inspector but being impotent, and knowing what the inspection probably involves, I agree to be the barber, thus Bill will be the inspector. Yes, oh,yes !!!! Bill leads us both to the kitchen where there is a nice strong kitchen table. Bill lifts Nancy onto the table where he has laid a towel, has Nancy lay back, parts her legs and bends them at the knees.

This, of course, provides us with an excellent view and access to her hair covered pussy. Bill than leaves to get the barbering equipment. I stand there looking at Nancy's beautiful hair covered pussy, drawling, waiting to begin my long awaited task.

This process has been long hoped for. Bill returns with all the paraphernalia; electric trimmer (I must trim the long hair first), warm water in a pan, shaving cream and a safety razor ( good, I don't want to injure any part of her lovely pussy). Bill hands me the trimmer and I begin.

I am very careful, removing all the very long hair from her entire uvula, parting her labia to trim any smaller hairs hiding there. I also inspect for any hair around her vaginal opening and carefully trim 3 hair I find there. That job inspected and approved, I begin by applying shaving cream. I make sure that all areas are well covered, applying of the shaving cream with my fingers, gently moving sharukh khan and kajol xxx cream around so that all areas are completely covered including labia, inside and out, and all around the vaginal opening.

Oops ! Two of my fingers just slipped into her vagina. Apparently this was OK as Nancy moans and raises her hips slightly to meet my "intruding" fingers. It is now time for the barber, who is totally enjoying his duties to proceed. I grasp the razor and carefully begin shaving the pubic area proceeding down the her inter legs and close to her now erect clitoris ( yes, Nancy is enjoying this).

I continue down the labia, holding each labia tight between my fingers. I must wash the hair from my razor often as this is the first time Nancy's uvular area has been shaved.

I continue, not hurrying but enjoying my task immensely. Next I make sure that all the fine hair is removed from Nancy's vaginal opening. I now notice that a large amount of pussy juice in running from her pussy onto the towel a very good sign that Nancy is still enjoying the process. There is some hair around her anus to be removed there.

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So I continue, her anus contracting slightly. The shaving done, I take a wet wash cloth and remove all the excess shaving cream. Again taking all the time necessary to thoroughly clean the area and to prolong my part of the process as long as possible.

Goodness, what a beautiful bare pussy. Now is the time for the inspector to perform his duties. He must spread Nancy's legs wider and bend her knees enough so that he has full access to her uvular area.

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(I look over his shoulder. What a luscious sight.) He pulls her slightly closer to the edge of the table again to give him the ability to inspect the job that the barber has just completed. This duty is obviously pleasing Bill as his large flaccid cock has begun to enlarge.

Bill continues with his inspection, lowering his head so that he can closely inspect the entire area. He notices a very small amount of shaving cream between Nancy's labia near her vaginal opening. He dips his head closer, his tongue darts out, korean mom tuck by own son chm all traces of the shaving cream. Again, Nancy displays pleasure, her hands grasp Bill's head and pulls his head deep between her 4 legs.

Bill's head remains there for quite some time, Nancy moving her hips up and down. Her labia are swollen, she is ready to cum. Bill, however, is not. Again, I observe Bill's cock. It has continued to grow now becoming absolutely huge. I would guess that it is a good 8" inches long and 2.5 inches in diameter. Is our inspector ready? YES !!!!! Apparently all the uvular area is intact but he must proceed to insure that no damage has been done to her vagina and beyond.

Bill grasps his now huge cock and slowly moves it up and down between Nancy's labia, resting the huge head of his enormous cock against her vaginal opening. Nancy apparently approves the inspectors move, reaching for his hips, grasping them and pulling Bill forward, the huge head of his gigantic cock entering her pussy (obviously where it has been many times before).

She continues to pull Bill into her until at last Bill takes control and slowly pushing his immense cock deeper and deeper into Nancy's stretching pussy. Bill continues pressing his huge cock deeper and deeper until &hellip. the immense cock head rests against her cervix. He can go no further in spite of Nancy's desire for more and more of Bill's magnificent huge cock.

They rest a moment.

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However, Nancy again begins to trusts her pussy up into Bill's totally imbedded huge cock, he in turn thrusts his huge cock in and out of Nancy's now very, very stretched, socking wet pussy, her pussy juices running out around Bill's imbedded cock and producing a small puddle of pussy juice on the towel. Nancy thrusts and thrusts and Bill thrusts and thrusts, they both building toward a monumental orgasm.

Nancy shudders, experiencing one orgasm after another causing bill to suddenly drive his huge cock to the hilt into Nancy's pussy. Bill cums and cums again, cum flooding Nancy's totally stretch, very pleased pussy.

Bill's cum also spills out of Nancy's pussy onto the well used towel. What an enjoyable event as I get to suck the cum and pussy juices from her well used pussy and to lick his wilting cock clean. Yum !!!! Both Nancy, Bill and I am please with all that Cumth !!!!!!!