Unusual teenie cannot wait to fuck fat prick monstercock interracial

Unusual teenie cannot wait to fuck fat prick monstercock interracial
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My first work of erotic fiction. All criticism, comments, recommendation are accepted. This did not actually happen just a work of fiction I thought of. My names Andrew I'm 16, 5 foot 10, 190lbs broad shouldered and built like a brick shithouse. I've got Short Brown hair and bright blue eyes. I have always had a girl who liked me at school just no one I found myself interested in.

I live with my Mom, Dad, and my twin sisters Alison and Riley both 17. Allison and Riley are identical, Dark Brown hair, icy blue eyes, 5 foot 4, and even though I felt wrong looking at them like this… They have have these beautiful tight firm little asses that make all the boys stare, also with there what I would guess being size 32 C tits they weren't lacking there. My sisters were two of the hottest girls in school and that was undoubtable.

They had amazing bodies too from playing soccer all there life, these two were every guys dream. Enough about me and my family let's get to the story. My parents left for the week on some vacation that I didn't really care about and with the girls and me at school all of us having cars it wasn't a big deal. It was after school my sisters and I both had soccer practice and we were sex mom old son story done for the day and we were just showering up in our own respective locker rooms.

I was out quick like usual but they had taken a long time and were in their locker sensual nympho gapes spread slit and gets deflorated alone.

I went to go to my own car and go home but as I walked by the entrance to the girls locker room to get to the gym exit I stopped as an idea popped into my head. I looked around making sure the gym was empty. It was, so silently I walked into the girl's locker room. I peeked around to make sure it was really empty. I could see the steam coming out from the showers and quickly I went over to see my sisters showering and I heard them talking about who some cute senior was.

They had no idea I was here. Quickly taking my phone out I go to the camera, I snap a couple of pictures of them showering. They were so beautiful. Just then my phone goes off with a text message my heart stops, instantly their heads turn and spot me. One of them shrieks and I take off running. I run straight out the locker room, through the gym, down the hallway and out the school into the parking lot.

I sprint straight to my car get into it and drive home got 10 over the whole way, I can't believe I didn't get pulled over. I was home for maybe five minutes when I heard the front door slam open and then shut. I hear Alison yell, "Andrew you little fucking perv, give me your fucking phone now". I sit on my bed waiting for death to come as I hear them pounding up the stairs. They walk straight into my room and as they enter I think of my saving grace. They walk in together wearing yoga pants and tight neon t shirts, Riley in green and Ali in pink.

Riley walks straight up to me and Ali on the other side of my bed. "Give it to me now or we call mom" threatens Riley.

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"Actually, no you won't" I respond. Ali cuts in "What are we stupid?" "Look" I say to them, "If you tell anyone I have these, they go on Facebook. In fact unless you find a way to convince me not to, these are going onto Facebook and out to every contact in my phone" They stand there without moving obviously y trying to find some way out of this.

Finally Ali speaks, "what do you want us to do? Your laundry and cook for you? Some money?" I grin up at them, "Oh that's not what I had in mind" "THEN WHAT", yells Ali. "You disgusting little perv" cuts in Riley, "You want us to fuck you don't you". Alison looks horrified. "Eh, I suppose I could always just send these out" Alison cuts in, "Riley what choice have we got?" "I… Well… fine you little fuck" I instantly change my tone "I suggest you be a little nice, after all you have to get me horny".

She rolls her eyes to this. Alison slowly climbs onto my bed and on top of me, straddling my chest as she leans in japanese incest short movies with englisn kiss me. Riley just stands there.

As out tongues meet and our kiss gets deeper and deeper. I break the kiss off to a questioning look from Ali.

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"Aren't you going to do something Riley?" She just stares at me. "Ali moves over so Riley can be on the other side" She slowly moves over as riley climbs in next to me. And leans in to kiss me, instantly I feel her tongue as I wrap mine around her as I feel Alison Join our kiss. "This being my 2nd time kissing a girl and 1st time kissing two at the same time.

I could feel both there probing tongues wrapping with each other and mine. I feel on of them move and the other is back on top straddling my chest. I feel hands traveling up my pant legs. Slowly taking off my belt and sliding my jeans off. Followed by my boxers. I feel hand sliding under my shirt as my kiss is broken and the shirts pulled off.

I look to see Riley take my small flaccid cock in the hands, bend her head down and take me into her mouth. This being my first blow job my eyes nearly rolled straight back into my head.

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I feel Alison crawl down my bed and start licking the shaft where Riley wasn't there. I grew almost instantly to my full 8 inches. I Look down to see Ali's cute little ass on my chest as she switches with Riley. I reach out and squeeze each cheek eliciting a moan from Ali. "Aren't you two a little over dressed?" I ask they stop sucking me for a second before they start to slowly take off each other's shirts, I see here in matching lacy black bra.

Slowly Ali goes to her knees as she pulls down Riley's yoga's, revealing matching black thongs. To my surprise Ali rips it off and takes a deep lick of Riley as Riley screams in ecstasy and surprise.

Riley steps back picks up Ali and practically rips he clothes off of here, sucking her nipple and then shoving a finger into her tight pussy. Ali walks over to me and kisses me. "Promise to be gentle? Were both still virgins". "Of course". Ali slowly straddles my hips, lining my erect penis up with her lips and slowly lets her down. I couldn't believe she was so tight.

Riley walks over to me straddles my chest and kisses me. I lay there in pure pleasure as my sister's ride me and kiss me.

I feel Ali tighten and stop as her pussy ripples I feel her ride out her orgasm. Then she switches places with Riley. Riley was different… tighter… and she didn't care explicit legal age teenager trio hardcore blowjob going slow.

She instantly ripped through her hymen and rode me so fast I felt as if my dick was about to fall off. I stopped her once and then let her continue as I felt her climax approaching I timed it so we would come together. I planned to pull out but Ali Stopped me, "We are on the pill don't worry". Without missing a stroke I came as her pussy spasmed and she collapsed on my chest. I erupted inside her. I feel rope after rope of cum plastering her walls. As she slowly got out I could see the cum dripping out as Ali crawled down and began to eat her out, devouring her creampie.

After she ate out Riley she looks up and Kisses her deeply swapping the juices. They break the kiss as riley licks Ali getting her juices into the mixture as they kiss. As they swallow, they turn to look at me. They say it at the same time… "What next?" … End of part one. Depending on how the reviews come back I may make more parts.