This naked lady felt such turn on that climbed masseurrsquos dick and massaged it with the pussy

This naked lady felt such turn on that climbed masseurrsquos dick and massaged it with the pussy
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Only eight more chapters including this one! Time flies man, never thought I'd get this far. Thanks to everyone who stayed with it for four years. It was that time. They had been planning it out for the last two weeks and it was finally here, mom and dad's anniversary. Mom, dad, Aunt Lisa, Jim, and Marie were all taking a cruise on a luxury ship, leaving us kids to fend for ourselves, which we were completely fine with.

Rita and I were upstairs helping mom pack what seemed like thirty different outfits. Dad probably had a small bag or two and would be done in five minutes or so with plenty of time to spare, with mom and Aunt Lisa on the other hand were moving in on an hour and it didn't seem like we were any closer to being done, good thing we got up early.

"Exactly how long is the vacation again? I asked. "Three days exact. Starts at noon today, ends at noon Monday morning," mom said. "With all these clothes it's more like it ends a month from Monday," I joked. "That's one of the good things of being a woman honey, accessorizing is a joy in itself." "More like a job, I'd never put that much effort into an outfit." "And that's why we have the better fashion sense, we put the time in," Rita said.

"You've been picking up on too much of that Ashley talk," I said. It's been an interesting two weeks to say the least. We'd been hanging out with the Ashley bunch a little more often after she passed the lie detector test. She was right, they were basically just like us, except they're richer, we could've had a lot more fun over time with as much of the same stuff we liked if they didn't act like complete bitches.

We finally let Ashley come into the house last week, and she responded with a little kiss assery (yes I made up a word) by taking mom, Aunt Lisa, and Rita shopping. They knew what she was doing, but since she offered they were gonna take full advantage, and they did, she had to have spent no less than $10,000 on that one shopping trip with all the designer stuff they came back with, but as rich as Ashley's father was it probably didn't even phase her.

Girl friend and boy friend porn bd show only did she buy stuff, but she helped around the house too; helping mom in her garden, dad with storage, she even helped clean up after dinner the time she stayed. She was almost too nice now, but I'll take that any day over the way she used to be, that and all the video games she bought me.

One thing we did notice about Ashley is that whenever it's just me, her, and Rita she tends to act a little different, not bad different, but curious different. It's been happening ever since the night we had sex in front of her in our car, she eyes us, stares at us like she wants to do something, but she never does, and when we ask her about it she plays it off like she's thinking about something else.

She's not as good a liar as she thinks. She, like everyone else was excited about all our parents leaving on vacation, and when our parents gone, I have a feeling she's gonna try something, it might be big, might be small, but she's definitely gonna try something. "Randy!" Mom actually slapped me from my thought.

"Oh, I phased out for a second, and ow!" "Yeah no kidding! I know full well what you were thinking about…" "Whatever do you mean mom?" I asked playing stupid.

"Don't give me that innocent routine. Don't go around being stupid while we're gone." "We'll be fine mom, we'll probably just do that same stuff we'd do if you were still here." "Yeah mom we'll be fine, we'll just fuck all over the house, nothing special," Rita grinned.

"The funny thing is that is nothing special," mom said as she went to close the door. "Ok, I don't wanna come back to a big orgy in my house, whatever you two decide to do, make sure it's just you, or take it to somebody else's house, like the Wilson's for instance." "I can already see it now, Marie's gonna get drunk and be all over you mom, and you'll let it happen. Dad and Jim are gonna take pictures and you'll never live it down." "Live it down? Rita if that happens that'll be the time of my life!

Not only that, but I'll have pictures of it, which will definitely mean some great sex after." "That first night is gonna be a big drunk swinging mess in that hotel room," I laughed.

"That's if we're lucky. Marie and I may have done a few things but we don't know anything about Jim, it shouldn't be hard for me and Lisa to sway him though, who can turn this down?" "I can think of a few people…" "Those few people aren't in this room I can tell you that much. I don't think I've been turned down for sex by either one of you yet, I must be laying it down!" "Make sure you leave all that ego on the cruise because once you get back we won't have the energy for anything with all the sex we're gonna have," Rita said.

"That sounds like a plan I can get on board with! What time you guys leaving!" I said. "I get no respect around here I tell you, I get no respect!" mom joked. "Ok Mrs. Dangerfield, I'm gonna go make sure dad has everything ready to go." I went down to the car where dad was loading up Aunt Lisa's bags in the back of mom's minivan, they had that much stuff that they needed a minivan to hold it all, women.

"Fifty bags for a three day trip, I swear I'll never understand women," dad said. "I was just thinking the same thing, and they're probably gonna buy stuff while they're there." "Speaking as a representative of women, I find your comments appalling," Aunt Lisa said.

"Appalling, but true. Seriously, it's just for three days!" dad said. "We like to be ready for every situation, if that takes fifty bags of clothes, then fine." "Dad let it go, it's an argument we can't win. We just have to accept it," I said.

"See your son gets it, life would be much simpler if you just rolled with it." "Do you have any bags you need help with dad?" "Nope, I was done an hour ago, I have the ONE duffle bag in the back corner." "You mean the one that's getting smashed by all the other bags?" "Yep, that's the one. Five minutes, and most of that was bringing the bag to the car." "Oh stop being so dramatic, you're the same way when it comes to your garage. Look, Anna's bringing her bags over now, you big baby!" We helped load the rest of the stuff in the back, luckily it was a three seater with the trunk door so they just barely had enough space.

There were ten fully packed duffle bags, depending on how much stuff the Wilson's brought they might have to take two cars. "Are the Wilson's meeting you here or at the boat?" Rita asked. "Neither, we're driving to their house to carpool, if everything and everyone fits," dad said. "Ok let's get going, we don't wanna be late to our first vacation in a long time." We gave them all hugs as they got in the car and watched them pull out curvy chick meko lilly gets drilled and creamed the driveway, waving out the windows as they drove off down the street.

"REMEMBER, DON'T DO ANYTHING Victoria brooks in punch these balls newbie WOULDN'T DO!" mom yelled back at us. Once they turned the corner we couldn't get back in the house fast enough. We were taking clothes off on the way upstairs, dropping them wherever they just happen to land at that time. We were kissing and feeling on each other so much we fell down on the stairs twice, but it only excited us more.

I was backing into our room when Rita stopped me and changed my direction to mom and dad's room. I felt for the doorknob behind me and opened the door, and when we were close enough to the bed Rita pushed me back onto it and locked the door behind us. "Mom and Aunt Lisa aren't gonna save you now," Rita grinned walking towards me.

"I don't think I'd want them to even if they were here," I responded. "We have the whole place to ourselves for three whole days, any ideas on what we can do to pass the time?" she asked as she climbed on the bed and started undoing my jeans.

"I don't know, we can clean the house, do some laundry, trim the hedges in the front yard…" "Or… you can make your little sister cum so many times she loses count." "Yeah I like your idea better, you always have the best ideas." She pulled my cock out and started stroking it.

"I thought you like that. For the next three straight hours, this cock belongs to me, and there's nothing you can do about it." "Are you saying I'm your slave now?" "If that's what you wanna call it, I'd rather look at it as both of us agreeing to fuck each other's brains out, I'm just taking my turn first." I was so turned on at that moment.

"We need to get away from everyone way more often." "Just wait until we get our own place, then you really belong to me!" She slid my pants the rest of the way off and took my cock all the way into her mouth. I was immediately hard as she bobbed her head up and down on my cock while sliding her own pants down and off her legs. I sat up on my elbows so I could see her and she responded by smiling around my cock and moving her hand to play with her pussy.

"Fuck Rita that feels so fucking good!" I moaned.

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Good, I want you nice and hard for what I plan to do to you." She let my cock fall from her mouth and sucked on my balls as my cock rested teen converse and lesbian redhead playing ranch affair her face, which felt just as good as when she had my cock in her mouth.

If I could recall right she's never sucked on my balls before, so either she was feeling adventurous, or she had something wicked planned for me like she said.

When she was done licking my balls she sucked the tip of my cock one more time and scooted me up to the top of mom and dad's bed. She licked her fingers and rubbed them on her pussy as she positioned herself over me.

"No mom and Aunt Lisa to worry about trying to get in with us, and no dad to worry about catching us equals me riding you until you can't cum no more," Rita said. "Are you sure you have the energy for that?" I asked. "I know I do, it's not me I'm worried about," she said as she dropped herself on me, literally impaling herself on my cock, which stunted her at first, but she quickly snapped out of it.

"FUCK! That feels good every time I do it!" "Don't hurt yourself, I'd hate to spend three parent free days with no sex." "Not a chance in hell Randy, not a fucking chance in hell." She smashed her hands to my chest and started bouncing herself up and down on me, pretty hard actually, like it was supposed to hurt or something. I guess this was her way of saying that she was in charge of me right now without actually saying it.

I reached up and grabbed a handful of both tits because they were asking for it just dangling right there in front of me, and when I did she grabbed my hands and pinned them to the bed. "You like grabbing these titties huh, pinching my nipples?

Let's see how much you like it if I pinch your nipples, probably more than me I'm guessing." She worked her hands to my nipples and pinched them hard, not too hard where it felt like a titty twister, but hard enough that I felt the sting of pain. The sudden jolt she sent through me made my lower half fly up off the bed, and since she was sitting on my cock it made me jab into her really hard and fast, which made her groan loudly in approval.

"Fuck! You hit my spot when you did that, do it again!" She pinched my nipples again and again, spacing out the time big tits milf sex tape leaked on snapchat which she did it so I couldn't plan for it and thrust into her like she wanted.

She squatted over me and actually did to a titty twister, it hurt a lot worse than the other times she did it and I showed her how much more by slamming up in her so hard her feet jumped off the bed for a split second. "OW that fucking hurt! Are you trying to tear off my nipples!" "What are you gonna do about it, lay there and take it or teach me a lesson?" I went to lift her off of me, but she dropped back to sitting on me and grinding my cock into her pussy, and every time I tried to grab her and move her off of me, she resisted.

"Come on Randy, grab me up and fuck the shit out of me, I wanna be fucked like I'm your little slut, but I'm not gonna just let you win, you're gonna have to fight for it, just like old times." "Not exactly like old times, I don't remember you sitting on me while I was balls deep I you." "It's too bad, think of the f…" I tried to sling her off of me while she was distracted, but she was aware just enough and put her arm out and stopped her momentum before I could roll her off.

"You sneaky bastard, now I'm really gonna make you work for it!" She held my wrists down and stared me right in the eyes as she fucked me, yeah, I was the one getting fucked. She wasn't even moaning or groaning, she was grinning evilly as the sound of her ass hitting my thighs echoed around the room. She had me right where she wanted me, and I was powerless to stop her, all I could do was lay back and enjoy my punishment.

"What, no fight left? Come on I know you're not gonna give up that easy!" "Why not? It's not like you're slapping me or anything, it's a win win." "That's a good idea!" (slap!) She moved her hand and slapped me clear across the face.

"Rita what the hell…" (slap!) Another one equally as hard. "Rita! Shit!" "There you are! You getting nice and mad now, or do I need to keep smacking you?" "If you slap me one more time…" "You'll what, lay there and take it?

You couldn't get me off you if your life depended on it. If Horny and skinny karina grand goes out in the woods and gets hammered masturbation and pornstars wasn't fucking you right now you'd just be getting slapped for no reason.

Does that make it better? Does me grinding on your cock make it ok for me to slap the shit out of you?" "You're pretty cocky for someone…" (slap!) "You don't get to talk, if you wanna act like my bitch I'm gonna treat you like my bitch until you man up and fuck the shit out of me!" That was the last straw. Not only did she once again slap the holy hell out of me, but she said one of the things you don't tell a guy, man up.

Not only are you jabbing at his self-worth, but you're bruising his ego and pride as a man, and next to our word, that's all we've got. I flung my arms down until I hit my legs, making her fall on top of me and in one motion thrust my hips group lesbo beauteous teen gals masturbation smalltits and to the right and yanked my hands free of her grip, I was now hovering over her with my cock staring angrily at her, but she couldn't look more turned on.

"Get on your hands and knees and grab the headboard right now." "Fuck yes! Anything you want Randy, anything you fucking want," Rita moaned. I slapped her hard on the ass which made her groan loudly. "You don't get to talk, if you wanna act like my slut I'm gonna treat you like my slut." I pushed my cock back into her pussy, not trying to be gentle at all and grabbed her shoulders as she held onto the headboard. I slammed into her so hard the headboard knocked against the wall because she held onto it.

I let her shoulders go and just watched as my cock pulled out and disappeared back into her over and over with increasing force. With as loud a noise as the headboard was making I was positive the neighbors could hear at least something, so before they came over I grabbed both her arms and held them out as leverage to keep fucking her.

"Headboards too loud, don't want the neighbors coming over spoiling our fun do we?" I asked. "No, we don't want that, we don't want that at all," Rita moaned. "That's right, we wanna keep getting fucked don't we?" "Yes we do, we wanna keep getting fucked nice and hard…" "And we wanna cum inside that worn out pussy don't we?" "Yes, we want badly for you to cum inside that worn out pussy!" "Not yet, first you're gonna get fucked some more, then I'll fill you up." "Whatever you want Randy, just please don't stop fucking me until you cum!" I let her arms go and she caught herself just in time to stay in doggystyle.

I took my cock out of her pussy and slid it right in her ass and grabbed a handful of hair; she wanted to be fucked hard, I was gonna make damn sure she was.

I didn't give her a chance to get adjusted to my cock in her ass as I was immediately pounding her as I pulled her back to me by her hair. Even though this was what she wanted, I made sure not to pull her hair too hard, I'd hate to lose out on a good fantasy because I couldn't control myself.

"Uhh, it hurts a little but I can take it, don't stop fucking me!" I squeezed and spread her cheeks like the pornstars do and watched my cock bottom out in her tight little ass over and over.

Her skin pulled against my cock every time I pulled it out, like it was trying to keep me from getting away, it looked like it hurt, but she was moaning pleasurably so I sent the idea from my mind. She leveraged herself firmly on her hands and knees and began to forcefully push herself back into me as hard as she could, ensuring she was being fucked the way she wanted to be fucked at that moment.

The more we fucked, it seemed like the hornier she got. She couldn't stay in one position for too long. We went from anal doggy, to, spooning in the floor, to standing up against the wall, we even fucked on the stairs, yes, fucked on the stairs, I was sitting on them and she was on top of me just banging it out. Before I knew it we were in the basement fucking on top of all of our dirty clothes.

"It's been what, almost three hours since we started fucking?" I asked. "Yep, and seven ogasms and three cumshots later with only a couple breaks in between." "I think my body is finally catching up with itself, I can't even cum anymore." "I got one more left in me, and I'm pretty close to it, just hang on a little longer." I pulled her back on top of me.

"Then you're gonna have to work for it." "I've been doing half the work up to this point, another five minutes won't kill me." She leaned forward and slammed herself down on me, trying to get me to hit her spot one more time.

It never ceased to amaze me how much sexual stamina she had, I wasn't bad but after three hours I needed an actual break, but she looked like she was just getting started. The look of intense concentration on her face showed how badly she wanted that last orgasm, she'd already gotten it in her head that she wanted it so by this point stopping was not an option. As sensitive as her pussy had to be at this point, she still didn't look like she was getting any closer to her orgasm, maybe because she wasn't hitting the right spot or maybe she wasn't using enough force or what, but she was gradually becoming more and more desperate, and I saw it as my opportunity to help her get that one last climax while I still had a little bit of strength left in me.

I grabbed her ass and conjuring up all the energy I had left, I pulled my cock out of her, tickled her clit until she groaned, and slammed back into her pussy relentlessly. "Fuck yes Randy, keep doing that, I'm gonna cum again, I can feel it!" "You better make it count, I don't think either one of us will have anything left after this!" "I'm so sore, but I don't care, I wanna cum one more time, just one more time, please Randy, make me cum again, make your little sister cum on that fat cock just one more time…" She knew saying stuff like that always gave me a small energy boost, and this time was no different.

My balls were slapping into her ass so hard they were actually starting to hurt from the contact, but I couldn't stop now, not with her so close, she'd never be able to build back up to another orgasm and I'd never hear the end of it, so my balls would just have to suffer, I just hoped I wouldn't do any long term damage. She went from moaning to panting really heavy in my ear and bit down on it, which made me squeeze her ass in my hands harder and thrust harder.

It hurt when she Mike Tysoned my ear, but in the end it was all worth it when she clasped her arms around my neck and threw her head back and screamed one last time. "Oh my god, I'm cumming!

Nine fucking orgsms! Oh my fucking god, Randy! Fuuuuuuuuuuck!" She didn't fully squirt, but I didn't feel a little liquid slide out of her body, the fact that she managed to get that much amazed me considering how many times she came before.

She had gotten so used to cumming at this point she didn't need to recover, she just lay on top of me looking at me, smiling as we lay on the pile of dirty clothes, with my cock still inside her. "Is that what sex is gonna be like when we get out on our own?" I asked. "I'm thinking about it, I kinda liked smacking you around." "That part you might have to cut out, my face is still stinging!" "That was the best part! It made you fuck me that much harder, which made me cum more." "Which could lead to some serious bruising, which could then lead to having to take medicine for the pain to go away, which leads to no sex for a while, can you deal with that?" "Next time I'm gonna pull your ears, or bite your nipples, that'll get a rise out of you." "Did you hear anything I just said?" "Yeah I heard you, you had me all the way up to when you said no sex, then everything after that sounded like wha-whomp whomp, wha-whomp whomp." "Only you could turn something as innocent as Charlie Brown into something sexual." "You forced my hand with this no sex nonsense.

I need it just as bad as you do, probably more." "Yeah I can tell after three hours and you still have all your energy, we worked our way down to the basement for Christ's sake, and whose pile of clothes are we laying on?" "Mom and Aunt Lisa's, I told them I'd wash them so they could focus on their trip." "So we just had sex on a bunch of dirty bras and used panties?" "Like that's gonna bother you as much as you fuck the people two pretty girls like to please each other actually wear them." "Not as often as you think, but yeah.

That's actually good timing anyway, I need to take a shower. Now you know what… I think I'm gonna take a bath today." "A bath sounds nice, put some bubble bath stuff in it." "Nope not a girly bath with all those bubbles and Epsom salts and all that stuff, just plain water with me sitting in it, and maybe a rubber ducky to keep me company until you get there." "Noone wants to get in that boring old plain water, you and your ducky have fun." "So you're gonna walk around all sticky and sweaty because of a boring bath?" "Yep.

You go take your man bath, I'll take a real bath when you're done. Don't try to use anything under the cabinet either, it's all mine," she gloated. "Fine, then this is mine," I said as I pulled my cock out of her, making her groan as it came out. I took off up the stairs before she could muster up a comeback. "YOU'RE PLAYING A DANGEROUS GAME RANDY RODERICK STEVENS!" she yelled after me.

Halfway up the stairs I decided against a bath and turned on the shower instead. I didn't feel like soaking at that particular moment, not with all the dirt and sweat we had accumulated over the last three hours, I'd just be sitting in a tub full of that, and it didn't sound appealing. I soaped up and watched all the dirt rinse off of me and down the drain, good decision on the shower.

As I was soaping my hair I heard the door open, and with noone else being in the house it was safe to assume it was Rita. She came in just as naked as I did and hopped right in the shower with me like it had been our routine for years. "So what are we doing today?

Do you have any plans? No need in staying cooped up in the house all day, unless you're ready for round two," Rita said.

"Round two? I think you mean round ten eleven twelve thirteen! Are you counting in dog years or something? There's no way that was only one session!" "No you're counting in dog years, I'm going by the female body, and my body wants more." "I think you inherited the nympho gene from every female in our family." "It's a possibility," she said as she started soaping her hair.

"I do need it way more than mom and Aunt Lisa, and my stamina is pretty high…" "Except when you cum, then you're nothing but dead weight." "But after a few minutes I'm ready to go again.

woman aren't supposed to reach their sexual peak until their thirties or forties, maybe I peaked early?" "Yeah I don't think you need to say maybe, that's a definite." "Then again what if I didn't peak? What if this is just my normal, and when I do get to my thirties and forties I become an even bigger nympho than what I already am?" "Then we're gonna be in hella trouble because there's no way I'd be able to keep up." "I'd probably need sex like twenty times a day… hell yeah I can live with that!" "Shit I can't, I don't know any one man who can and still have a normal day." "You'll warm up to it, all the sex you want, any time you want it, any place you want it, any hole you want, there's a lot you can do with that, a whole lot." I leaned over her and washed the shampoo out of my head.

"I better start getting in shape now then, I feel like I'm preparing for a lifelong triathlon." "You are, but it's the mother of all triathlons. Ok I'm done scaring you with a future of unlimited sex, we going anywhere or no?" she asked as she soaped herself up. "Why don't we have a whatever type of day, whatever we drive past that looks good, we do it." She thought for a second as she rinsed the shampoo out of her head.

"I like it. I don't think we've ever had a day that wasn't planned, where we just went with the flow like that." "If we did I don't remember. We can stick to casual since I don't think we'll randomly try to get into a five-star restaurant or anything like that." "Hey you never know, it's supposed to be spontaneous remember?" "Ok, I'll go put on a tuxedo to go to Burger King, you only live once." "Well it is Burger KING, maybe you should dress like that anyway.

Let me under the water." "What if I don't wanna let you under the water? What if I want you to freeze back there?" "Then I'm gonna squeeze your balls in my hand until they explode." Even the thought of that made me cringe.

"Well that escalated quickly, you win." "Haven't you figured that out by now, I always win, even when I don't win, I win." "You go push that girl logic on somebody else, I'm getting out." "I'm getting out right behind you, don't close the door." Having come to the bathroom with no towel, I had no choice but to walk through the cold hallway back to our room. I let as much water as I could drip off me and into the rug then headed for the room, completely forgetting the air conditioning was on.

I immediately grabbed a towel and dried off as fast as I could and went to throw the towel in the basket when I saw Rita coming full speed at me completely naked and still dripping wet.

I didn't have any time to react as she full on tackled me into the bed, wetting me back up after I just finished drying myself off, and to top it off, she had me pinned underneath her, a perfect gloating position. "Pinned ya, just like Nala did Simba in the Lion King! I told you, I always win. You just got manhandled by your little sister! How does it feel?" "Dammit Rita I was dry!

The damn a/c is on, it's cold as shit in here!" "Aww suck it up you'll be ok," she said as she slid her wet body across mine. "Get up Rita or you'll be sorry." "Didn't you hear what I said before, I always w…" She stopped talking when I grabbed hold of both her hardened nipples, at least the cold was good for something.

"You better get up or I'm gonna twist the shit out of your nipples!" "Do it, I dare you!" "Don't think I won't, they'll be sore all day if you don't get up!" "I don't think you'll do it, I think yeeeeeeeeooooooooowwwwwwwww!" I twisted each nipple in the opposite direction until she gave in and rolled off of me, frantically rubbing her nipples to try to make them feel better. "I told you I'd do it!" "Oh you asshole! That shit burns! I'm gonna get you back for that!" "Sure school nymph masturbating her hungry twat monstercock and hardcore will, NALA.

Let's get up and go somewhere, we're burning daylight." I put on some khaki shorts and a navy blue polo and tennis shoes and Rita pulled her hair back in a ponytail and put on a white mini skirt and her favorite green top, the one that clung to her and acted as a second skin, the one she didn't need a bra to wear, and matching flip flops. I loved when she wore that shirt, and she knew it, she was trying to make me feel guilty.

We went ravishing latina has her pussy hammered hard cumshots big tits to the car with me driving since she was still trying to ease the pain in her nipples. "You twisted really hard Randy, it still stings.

They feel like they're throbbing." "I didn't mean to twist that hard," I said as we got in the car and drove off.

"When we get back home I promise I'll make them feel better." "Damn right you're gonna make them feel better! My titties have always been nice to you, and this is how you say thanks, shows how appreciative you are!" "Ok ok, I'm sorry I twisted the hell out of your nipples, I won't do it so hard next time." "See, even when I lose, I win." I looked over and she was grinning. "You really just guilted an apology?

Do they even hurt?" "Yeah they hurt, and now you feel bad about it. Mission accomplished." "You're a sick little girl you know that. You see anything worth doing yet?" "Nope. Everything around here we've either done to death or is way beyond our taste." "Let's go over to Ashley's side of town.

It might cost a little more but it's a whole new variety of options we get to pick from, at least I hope it is." "It can't hurt to check, why not. Charlee chase double teams a cock with sexy redhead my god did we leave food for Tibbles before we left?" "I did already.

He's on his chain in the back yard and I put food and water in his bowls and put em in his doghouse, he's got toys and everything, he'll be fine for the whole day." She breathed a big sigh of relief. "Thank you, I feel so bad I forgot about him, helping mom pack ten thousand bags and whatnot." "Yeah I noticed, I had to help load it in the van. The worst part is they'll be buying stuff while they're gone, like dad said, so they'll be bringing even more stuff back." "It's a woman thing, you won't understand.

Hey what's that? Why don't we go there?" "To what, that blue building?" I said following where her finger was pointing. "That's like that gladiator thing they show on TV where you gotta climb the wall and jump through stuff." "Let's do it, I'll even pay for it, as long as it's not more than $50 a person." "It shouldn't be, but if it is I'll make up the difference if it's worth it." We pulled in the parking lot and went in, it was $20 a person for one event for an hour so I guess that was reasonable.

They had the whole Gladiator setup from the old TV show with people everywhere flying through courses and swinging off stuff. I wanted to do it and look like a boss in front of Rita and everyone, but I wanted to live even more, so we went to the training area. The place was so big everyone in the training area had their own section for what they were doing, and I for one have always wanted to do the wall climbing thing and press the button on top, and Rita wanted to do the q-tip fight on the platform thing, so we agreed to do hers, then we'd come back another day and do the rock climber.

"Ok how's it going you two I'm Gina, and I'll be your trainer for the Joust. Is this your first time coming here?" the trainer said as we walked over to her area. "Yep, we didn't even know this place was here, we just happened to drive by and see it," I said. "They actually just finished building it not too long ago, it's been open for about three months now, it's busy the whole time it's open actually." "That's because people actually get to do what they did on the TV mommy still needs your spunk filled boner here!" Rita said.

"It's definitely worth the time and money. Ok well if you remember the TV show then you should already know what to do, but I'll explain the basics just in case. Make sure all your safety equipment is on and locked tight, make sure you have good footing when you get on the platform, if you notice you have faulty equipment or props, let me know right away, and last, when you're up there, don't try to take each other's head off, other than that, have fun!" "Sounds like a plan.

I can't wait to get up there!" Rita said excitedly. She gave us everything we needed and we checked through it and once everything was cleared we were on our way. She didn't need to watch us beyond that point except to make sure we put everything on right. We couldn't wait to get up there.

"I specifically remember blonde girl ripped apart by an absurdly huge cock from the TV show, it looked so fun!

I always wanted to jump down on the pillow after the q-tip fight," Rita said all giddy as we put our safety equipment on. "Same with me and the rock wall, I wanna push the button and jump off the cliff." "You know I'm gonna knock you off right? I've been wanting to do this forever." "You would do that to me? Do I mean nothing to you?" I said melodramatically. "All you are right now is the person on the opposite platform of me.

Once we get up there Rita and Randy don't exist anymore, so don't hold back because I'm not." "Ok fine, I was gonna go easy on you, but you can forget that now, let's go!" We let Gina check us and we made our way up the circle platforms. Since it was too loud and we were on our own up there we just did a countdown from three and went to swinging at each other. Rita wasn't playing when she said Rita and Randy didn't exist, she was doing exactly what Gina said not to do.

She was hitting me so hard my momentum was getting thrown off whenever I tried to hit her back. Instead of holding her q-tip with her hands near the edges like everyone else was, she held hers like a sword and belted me with hit after hit until she caught me really good with a back to back and I went flying down on the pillow.

"WHOOOOOOOO! I TOLD YOU YOU WERE GOING DOWN! DON'T MESS WITH THE CATAPULT!" "The who? The Catapult!" I said trying to find her through my mask that she knocked crooked. "That's right, because I sent people flying!" she said as she front flipped off the platform and landed a few feet from me, making me bounce off the mat, then she put on a fake sweet smile and rolled her way over to me. "Ok now I'm Rita again." "You would think I was someone you hated the way you smacked me in the face!" "No, you just happen to be that unlucky person on the platform opposite of me." "Remind me never to get on your bad side then bring you here, Catapult." "I make no promises.

Come on, let's go again, we only get an hour remember?" After she knocked me senseless the first time I was hesitant to get back on the platform with her.

She was already back on top of hers in no time waiting for me to climb up. I tried to think of adorable chick with a bangin body hardcore massage strategy to use against her, but nothing I thought of would work against her small frame, so I decided to mimic her stance and hold my q-tip like a sword, and I would blast her in the side of the head as soon as she said go. "You look pretty confident over there, think you're gonna knock me down now?" "You just better hope there's padding where you land because I'm coming for you." "I'll believe that when I see it, as of right now it's Rita, one, Randy, a big fat zero!" "Remember all this trash talk when you're flying towards the mats in a little bit." "Ok ok let's go, countdown from three, you ready?

Three, two, one, GO!" I took my q-tip and swung it at her head like I was Babe Ruth aiming for the fences, the only problem was, mine was a swing and a miss, and it was at that moment I knew I fucked up. The moment I swung she knew it was coming. She ducked right under it, and my momentum from me missing made me spin counterclockwise on the platform, and when I came back around, her q-tip connected full force with the side of my head, completely knocking my momentum back the other way, and once again, I went flying towards the mats under me.

"What was that Randy? It looks like you just got shot through the Catapult AGAIN!" "Wow you go girl! You almost took his head off right there!" Gina cheered. "Hey whoa, aren't you desi indian girl sexy boobs tube porn to be all for that safety stuff and whatnot?

I could have a concussion over here," I said as I rolled over on my back. "You tried to take her head off first, and if you get a concussion from this material, as soft as it is, you're gonna have a very rough life." "Did you not see the first time she knocked me off?

She hit me so hard my helmet spun around on my head! I did the exact same thing she did! I see how it is, girls gotta stick together." "Aww don't be like that, she's a little girl, you're a man, you can take it." "No don't do that, don't make it ok for her to whack me but I can't hit her because she's small, she can pick me up and body slam me with no problem." "Aww Randy don't be such a crybaby, come back up here and let's go again," Rita jumped in.

I smiled. Granted she was looking down at me from the platform as I still lay on my back, but I suddenly felt good at that moment. I got up and made my way back to my platform all the while still smiling while saying nothing, but Rita kept her poker face on.

"Still confident? It didn't help you the last two times but we'll how this turn goes for you." She counted down from three as usual and this time I stood there and waited for her to swing first, when she did I blocked it and caught her in the stomach. She went back to the sword stance and tried to take my head off again, but I knocked it away, which made her spin around and whacked her on the ass.

She turned back around and came down at me like you would swing an axe, I just barely missed, but I did, and she was left completely vulnerable. I popped her in the back of the head with one end and then came back up uppercut style with the other end, knocking her off like the pit stage fatality in Mortal Kombat.

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"Oooooooh, Catapult says what!" I gloated as I held my q-tip in the air. "Lucky hit, if I didn't miss hitting you in the stomach you would've fell." "But you did miss, and now you get to look up at me, shot out of your own cannon, Catapult." She was back on the platform in no time and we were back at it. She slipped up again going in for a headshot, I hit her q-tip at the same way she swung hers at me, but hers went flying out of her hands, and she was standing there wide open.

I thought about letting her hop down and take the loss that way, but she'd gloated too much, so instead I faked like I was gonna hit her in the legs and falcon punched her off the platform. "I think that was the best hit of the day, don't you?" I teased. "I knocked you senseless earlier, we'll just say we both got in a knockout hit." By that point we'd gotten all the excitement of finally doing a Gladiator event out of our system and we were just up there having fun now.

We were having so much fun we paid for another hour. Altogether she knocked me off maybe thirty times to my twelve, but at that point I didn't care too much anymore, I'd even do a flip or something as I fell.

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One time she jumped from the platform and basically landed on me. I could tell she wanted to kiss me, and I wanted to kiss her too, but I couldn't remember how we introduced ourselves to Gina, and on top of that, if we did kiss and come back with Ashley's group as a brother and sister, we could dig an even bigger hole for ourselves, so we chose to let the moment die, even though we didn't want to. "Ok Rita and Randy, that's time. I'm gonna need the equipment back," Gina said. We ran up to the platform and did one last swan dive off before we relented and took off the stuff.

Now that we knew this place was here and how much fun it was, we would definitely be coming back, at least two or three times a week. "Rita you should sign up for the girls jousting team, there's still like ten slots left open.

I would tell you to sign up Randy but all the men's events got filled up almost immediately," Gina said. "I'm not surprised. Yeah Rita you should sign up, the list is probably small because there's probably not that many women who wanna get smacked in the head," I said.

"Probably. When do I have to sign up by?" Rita asked. "By the end of next week with the tournament starting three weeks later, it's a one day tournament. You get in free all the way up until the tournament starts if you sign filthy slut pees on the stairs hardcore and fetish. I can reserve your name and give you a chance to think about it?" "Yeah do that, I really want to but I wanna make sure I didn't have anything planned already, my name is Rita Stevens.

Do I get to bring someone to train with?" "You can bring one person or someone from here can train with you, either way." "Looks like I'll get to knock you off the platform a few more times," Rita smiled at me. "I'll definitely consider it, thanks for letting me know about it." "The way you were smacking him across the head I had no choice but to tell you about it, we'd love to have you.

Thanks for coming in, hope we see you guys later." "Thanks, us too," Rita said as we headed for the door. "So you gonna come back and see your new girlfriend?" I teased. "Girlfriend? She was just being nice and I was being nice back." "Yeah right you two were all laughing together and finishing each other's sentences and stuff, I won't be surprised to come back to the house one classy broad ava has her beaver plugged and see you two on the couch watching TV, oooh you know Stephanie won't like that, you having a new girlfriend and all…" "She's not my girlfriend you dork!

She is pretty though, I'd probably tap that." "I'm telling Stephanie!" I said as we got in the car and drove off. "You're just as bad as men, a pretty face and all of a sudden you're rolling around naked with each other." "Don't be jealous baby, you can roll around naked with us," Rita laughed. "That's all you had to say, everything's cool now," I joked back. "For real though, if we go back, are we going back as brother and sister or as boyfriend and girlfriend?" "That depends, will we ever go there with someone who doesn't know about us?" "Well I doubt…nooo mom and dad grew up on this too, they might be wanna come here just as bad as we do, especially dad.

Eventually the Ashley's will wind up here too because of us, so we might as well play it safe and use the brother sister scenario." "That's one more tally for moving out of state.

Oh well, let's not worry about it now, let's find somewhere to eat, all that moving around made me hungry." "No chain restaurants or anything like that, let's go somewhere locally owned." "Well there's plenty to pick from at least.

Something small, something we're not used to." We drove around for a while, even getting a little lost looking for something to stand out, but everything on this side of town looked like it was made of money, too big and flashy, not what we were looking for. We were about to give up when I saw a place out of the corner of my eye, almost being blocked off by two restaurants surrounding it. "There's a place over there, Café Stratos, wanna try it out?" I asked.

"Stratos? Like stratosphere? As in space stratosphere?

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What the hell, it's better than driving around for another forty-five minutes while we look for something else." "Hey you never know, they might have some good food in there." "They better, I'm starving. You won't like me when I'm hungry." "First Catapult, then The Hulk, I wonder how many more nicknames you have left in you." We pulled up to the place and walked in, and surprisingly it was really nice inside.

Despite the name, it was a quaint little restaurant with a modern design, but still had an old school feel to it, and they had a soup and salad bar, that's like a win win right there. "Hi my name is Denise, I'll be your server today, table for two?" the waitress said. "Yeah two please, can we get a window seat please?" Rita asked. "No problem, follow me," she said as she walked us to a corner booth. "The soup and salad bar is free once you order something, and you get free bread also.

I'll give you a moment to look over the menus, when you're ready just wave me over and I'll be right with you." "She seems nice, she looks a little young to be working though," I said. "It's probably a family business, this is a Greek restaurant. They have Greek chicken, Greek pork chops, ooh they have chicken parmesan! I don't know what to get!" "Let's get all three, you get one, I get one, and the other we take home, or if we're still hungry like a bunch of fattys we'll eat that too." "I like it.

I deserve to be a fatty, I probably burned like five thousand calories today." "Three hours of sex and two hours of doing gladiator, hell you probably burned more than that, both of us, I say we earned the right to pig out, but you know, in a classy way." "Agreed," Rita said as she waved the waitress over.

"We're ready to order. We're gonna share the Greek chicken, the Greek pork chops, and the chicken parmesan, the chicken and pork chops with corn and green beans, and the parmesan with mashed potatoes, and for our drinks, we'll both take a pepsi with light ice, we forget anything Randy?" "Nope, I think you covered it all," I laughed. "We're gonna be so fat when we're done." "Well at least you'll be fat and satisfied, the foods amazing.

Ok, and mashed potatoes with the parmesan, would you like a basket of dinner rolls while you wait?" "Just a couple, we don't wanna get full off the bread," I said. "Ok. Remember the soup and salad bar is open, and I'll be back with your drinks." "When she comes back let's try to guess her age, the loser leaves the tip," I said. "I was gonna leave the tip anyway but ok, I'm fine with you paying for everything, but before we guess anything, I wanna try a cup of that soup first." She got up and grabbed a cup of soup and a mini salad and came back just as the waitress was coming back.

"What kind of soup was it?" "Chicken noodle, the best kind. If it's good I might just get full off of this." "Ok, two Pepsi's, and a couple dinner rolls, your food is being made now," Denise said. "Hey would you get in trouble if you sat down with us?" Rita asked.

"Not if I only stay for a couple minutes, my father would have a fit if he saw me sitting down for a long time, especially if we had a lot of guests." "I told you it was a family business!

We're also trying to guess how old you are, he thinks you're like ten but I think you're closer to sixteen," Rita said. "Actually I'm right in the middle, just turned thirteen a couple months ago, puberty it taking it's sweet time visiting me, I'm still stuck in a kids body." "I was like that too, I didn't hit puberty until I was fifteen. All the girls around me were naughty blonde teen stepsis alexa grace fucked by hard cock pornstar handjob these huge chests and I was still walking around with a training bra on." "That's how all my friends are!

I hate it so much! I look like a boy standing next to them. My father loves it, he'd rather no boys talk to me, he thinks they're all immediately guilty." "Most are, it'll take a while to find a good one, especially one dad approved," I said.

"I'm not even thinking about boys, it's too much of a hassle, my dad keeps me working here all the time so I don't have time to do anything else, that's foreign parents amateur gorgeous babe gives a hot blow you." "Well at least you'll have your own money, and then there's always college," Rita said. "That's my only saving grace, I mean don't get me wrong I love my dad and all, but I gotta get away from him for a few years, my sanity depends on it." I looked up and saw a man with a lumberjack build, cleanly shaven and gray hair come from out of the back looking around the restaurant, he was no doubt looking for his daughter.

"Are you innocenthigh blonde schoolgirl teen penny pax fucking big cock you won't get in trouble talking to us?

Wild guess but I think that's your dad over there." "Yeah I'm sure, it's not so bad if the people I talk to are older than me, the older the better, but I should get up just in case. I'll go check on your food," she said as she walked away. Rita just about finished her piece of bread and soup. "She's so nice, and having a father like that too? If dad was like that, I would've ran away a long time ago." "And she still has five years with him.

It could be a whole lot worse though, I mean he is looking after her best interests and all, trying to keep her innocent until she turns eighteen." "Yeah, but trust me, as a girl, story porn xhamster sleeping masih perawan only pushes us away and makes us rebel." "Would you rebel against me?" "Would you give me a reason to rebel against you?" "What qualifies as a reason for making you rebel against me?" "I don't know, you the one who brought it up, what do you think you could do to make me wanna rebel against you?" "I could keep all the food for myself when it comes to the table…" "As hungry as I am, that would be a bad career move.

I'm trying not to go back up there and get another cup of soup, it's homemade chicken noodle soup, homemade. Homemade Randy! " "Oh so it's homemade?" I joked as Denise was making her way to us with what looked to be our three plates of fatness in the form of delicious looking Greek cuisine. "Food is here." Rita turned around as Denise sat the Greek pork chops down in front of her. "Perfect timing!" "Ok, since you're gonna share everything, I figured you could start with the pork chops and chicken, then finish off with the chicken parmesan, it's the best thing on the menu I think." "This all looks so good!

Thank you so much! You might wanna get away from us now, we're about to turn into two slobs. In twenty minutes, there won't be any food left over here." "Oh yeah right, you two? You're almost as skinny as me! I tell you what, if in twenty minutes all the food is gone I'll give you another chicken parmesan dinner free of charge." "Then you better tell them to go make it now because that bet is as good as ours," I said.

She was smiling to high intensity japanese fucking with shiona suzumori as she walked away, and as soon as she was out of sight we went to work on the food in front of us. We traded off a piece of chicken and a pork chop and before we knew it, we were already halfway done with our plates.

Denise came out to see if we were telling the truth, and when she saw our plates almost empty with ten minutes to go, she had a shocked look on her face and went back to the kitchen area, probably to tell them to get going on that extra chicken parmesan dinner. Denise was right, even though the pork chops and chicken were really good, the parmesan was in a class by itself. The chicken was nice and juicy and the sauce was thick and hearty. We'd went through the other plates of food so fast that we actually had time to sit and enjoy it and still make our twenty minute deadline.

"That was so good. I don't think we said a word the entire time we were eating!" Rita said. "That's a first. I think we found a new favorite restaurant." "Yeah we definitely found a new favorite restaurant.

I'm completely satisfied, not overly full where I can't walk either, but just enough. I can even go for a piece of cake or something." Just as Rita said that Denise was making her way back over to toying a horny japanese bawdy cleft hardcore blowjob. "I can't believe you guys ate all that in like twenty minutes, even my father is impressed, that's a really big deal!" "Yeah we're thin, but we can pack it away, we've always been like that.

We were just saying how we found our new favorite restaurant. The only thing that can make this better is a big piece of chocolate cake and some vanilla ice cream," Rita said. "Really? I can't wait to tell my dad. He loves when customers say that, it always bring a lot of business if they tell their friends and stuff." "We'll definitely tell all our friends, and our parents, and our parents friends, you might have too much business when were done blabbing about this place," I said.

"I'm gonna go tell my dad, and I'll get that cake and ice cream for you, on the house." "You don't have to do that, you're already giving us the parmesan…" I started. "It's ok, my dad will be happy to do it, he really loves getting new regulars." She walked away and about a minute later she was coming back with a huge slice of chocolate cake with two giant scoops of ice cream and two forks.

"This is the last piece, there's another in the oven now, you don't mind sharing this do you?" "No we're ok, we share everything else, my brother doesn't care about my germs," Rita said. "Your teencurves curvy phat ass babe callie calypso crazy over rough sex and jizz I thought you guys were a couple! You're so nice to each other…" "We're really close, we're actually twins, but thanks for the compliment," I said.

"My brother is never nice to me. He thinks because he's eighteen now and going to college he has to treat me like a kid, I hate it. How's the cake by the way?" "It's really good, are these chocolate chips in the cake?" Rita asked. "Yeah, the Hershey's kind, we put them in the brownies too." "How'd you get them to bake without them melting?" "I don't even know, the baker won't tell us any of her secrets or recipes, only her crew knows." "Well tell her this is amazing.

How is it you don't have a lot of business with food like this?" "Because of where we are. We're smashed in between two big chain restaurants. It's hard to see us unless you're looking for us. My dad bought this building because it was the only one we could afford at the time. We're trying to buy college freshman teen didnt know about the shared showers sign, but we need more business." "I think we can help out after today, we'll tell everyone we know and tell them to tell everyone they know," I said as I scooped up the last of the ice cream." "That'll really help us out, and more business means I can save up more money, which means I can get to college earlier, it's a win win." "Now I'm completely sated, and yes I said sated.

I don't need to eat anything else after that. Do you have our check? I can go home and be lazy for the rest of the day now." Rita said. "Yeah it's right here, it came out to $34.57 when everything is all done." "That's it?

We had three full course dinners, two pops and a dessert!" "Yep that's it, don't forget the free chicken parmesan and the dessert was free too." "Quick question, you play video games?" I asked.

"Since I was five, I even have a super Nintendo and sega genesis." "Really? That's even better. I have a proposition for you. I'll give you five video games to compare, if each one you get right, I'll add five dollars to your tip, deal?" "I'd be stupid to say no to that, deal." "These are based off of what we think is better, not the general public, just so big time cum on her pretty face know.

Ok, which is better, Super Mario Bros. 3 for Nintendo or Super Mario World on Super Nintendo?" "Ahh that's a tough one, how you gonna start off with that one! I'd have to say Super Mario Bros. 3 because it had more stuff to explore and more secrets, and it's a better classic." "Ok you got one right. Next, Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter?" "Mortal Kombat easily. The only person in street fighter who has a chance at beating anybody in Mortal Kombat is Akuma, hell Stryker can beat most of the street fighter people!" "That's two.

Rita do you have one you wanna ask her?" "Yeah I got one. Tomb Raider or Uncharted?" "Tomb Raider. Drake gets lucky a lot, Lara just kicks ass." "Three for three. Ok I got another hard one, Bayonetta or Slutty blonde tied up and fucked hard Gaiden on PS3 and Xbox 360?" "That's another hard one! I can't pick between them, they're both really good. Ninja Giaden has the intense boss battles, and Bayonetta has rapid fire combos, Ninja Gaiden has that charge combo thing, and Bayonetta has gun boots, freaking gun boots!

I can't pick." "Yeah we can't pick between the two either, we'll give you that one just for the explanation. Ok the last question, I saved the best for last, you ready?" "Hit me, you can't possibly ask anything harder that what you already did." "Ok. In pokemon red or blue, who is the pokemon you pick to start with?" "Charmander without a doubt. You can fish for water pokemon and grass pokemon are everywhere. You might, might pick squirtle, but 90% of the time everybody's gonna pick charmander, nobody ever picks bulbasaur.

So how'd I do?" "Five for five. And I thought I was the only girl who liked video games," Rita said. "It was all I had to do growing up, I wasn't allowed to have friends over, so dad was happy to buy me video games if it kept me away from boys and talking about boys with girls." "Well it paid off, literally, and not only that, boys love girls who play video games, and if you watch football and basketball, guys will be trying to marry you left and right." "Just don't tell my dad that, he doesn't wanna hear any talk like that until I'm eighteen." "Just five more years and you're there.

Well I think we've had about all the food we're gonna need for the next six hours, it's about time for us to head out," I said. "Before you leave let me go grab your other chicken parmesan from the back for you." She went to the back to get the food and while she was gone we left the bill money on the table with a $35 tip, which was more than the entire meal cost, but we didn't mind one bit, she was gonna use the money for college, I was gonna buy candy, it was for the best.

We waited at the door for her as she came back with the food already wrapped up to go for us. "Thanks again for coming in, I hope you guys come back soon," Denise said. "We'll be in at least two or three times a week, we'll bring some friends with us next time we come. Give it a few weeks, this place will be booming with business." "If it does you'll have free dessert on the house whenever you come." "Sold. Now you won't be able to get rid of us.

We had a good time here, we'll definitely be back. It was really nice meeting you Denise," Rita said. "You too, see you guys soon," she said back as we left out the front door.

"She kinda reminds me of you a little bit, without the controlling father though," I said. "Yeah I guess, I did have that same thin body frame. I wonder how long they've been in America, she doesn't have an accent, or maybe she was born here." "We can ask her when we go back, well you can, I don't want her dad to think I'm hitting on her or anything, I don't need those kind of problems in my life," I said as we got in the car.

"What time is it? Where are we going next?" "It's almost seven, it's about to start getting dark in like half an hour, and unfortunately we're not old enough to get in the good clubs yet, just the kiddie ones noone wants to go to." "I don't wanna do too much moving around anyway with all the food we just ate.

Maybe go sit down somewhere or something like that, I don't know, you pick." "So I can suggest something and you say no every time? No you pick." "I promise I won't do that, wherever you wanna go I'll go, or we can just go home, we had a pretty good day, we lucked out and found the gladiator place and a good hidden restaurant, add that to the morning we already had, I'd say it was a pretty good day." "Yeah you're right, I guess we can go home then since w…" "Hey let's go do that!

The boat tour thing. I think that's the one that takes you along the coast and out to the ocean for a little bit. Now is basically the perfect time too, let's do that." "How do I get there? I messed the address on the sign." "I'll mapquest it, it shouldn't be teen black girl gets her booty hard plowed far from here since we're already by the coastline." Rita got the directions and about ten minutes later we were pulling into the parking lot of Coastline Tours, the one stop hop for coast to coast exploration.

It turns out coast to coast tours only happen during the daytime and evenings, but we got there in time to get the second to last scheduled tour at seven. Since it was late the last two tours only lasted for twenty minutes so they could be back before it got dark, so we would only get part of the tour, but it was only fifteen dollars a person, and it was better than nothing, so we took it. The driver was a lady who looked to be in her early forties, but still looked good for her age, she looked even more excited than we were, which is a welcoming sign on a boat.

We got on the boat with a few other people and once we were all strapped in we went out into the water. "How's everyone doing today? My name Caroline and I'll be your driver for this tour that just so happen to taking place at sunset, so for all you lovebirds back there get comfortable because this is gonna be a romantic little cruise for you, and if you're single you can still enjoy the sunset and have a good time.

Now if everyone's strapped in we'll get this show on the road, thank you for choosing Coastline tours and enjoy the ride!" "I've never been in a boat before, this is so exciting!" Rita said. "Yes we have, remember when we go on dad's friends boat when we were little?" "That doesn't count, he didn't even drive it, we just sat in the docks, I'm talking about first time actually being on a moving boat, with the water and everything." "It is nice, when the sun starts to set it'll make it even nicer.

Do you think we'll see any whales, or dolphins, or octopus or clown fish or anything?" "This close to land, probably not, but you never know, something always happens." "Ok, everyone, we're heading out to open sea, make sure everyone stays seated to avoid any accidents, such as slipping into the water," Caroline said.

"That would suck, falling into ocean water way out here," I said. "And having to ride back soaked in fishy salt water, eeh pass," Rita said. We looked out at the horizon as the boat sailed into open water. The now fading sun cast on yellowish orangish glow on the city that looked like one of those pictures you'd buy in a gift shop. The driver stopped the boat right there and let everyone on the boat take in the view of the city.

Rita grabbed my hand and laid her head on my shoulder, and I didn't hesitate to put my arm around her. The chances of us coming here and seeing these exact people were slim to none, and I was comfortable with those odds to not care who saw us at that moment. "I never looked at the city like this, it looks so beautiful from out here," Rita said. "Being from here I guess we'd gotten used to seeing it, but it's nice to get a refresher once in a while, it does look pretty nice with the light hitting it like that." Rita took out her phone and took a picture of it, and I followed suit and pulled out my phone to take pictures of her with the sun setting behind her.

"Ok everyone, we're heading back to the coast, back to your seats," Caroline said. We took a few more photos of each other and got back in our seats and enjoyed the slow cruise back to the dock.

We held hands and leaned on each other the whole way back, along with about four or five other couples that took advantage of the sunset. "Ok and this is the end of the tour, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves because I know I did. if you'd like to take a few pictures with the boat you'll have about five to ten minutes to do so, and once again, than you for choosing Coastline Tours for your boating experience!" When we got back to the docks we decided to take a few more pictures together, with the sunset, and with the boat.

Almost everyone on the boat had the same idea, so we had to wait our turn before we got to get back in the boat for a few pictures. When it was finally our turn we took pictures in the drivers seat with the hat on, the boat was off and it was tied up so there was no danger of anyone driving off with the boat, so they let everyone take pictures in the seat. I should have known better, a day that's been going this good so far means something's bound to happen sooner or later to someone, and that sooner was now and that someone was me.

I was taking one last picture of Rita as she struck a pose holding on to one of the poles and was backing up to get her full body in the picture. "Oh my god Randy look out!" Rita yelled at me as she pointed at something behind me. Her warning came a second too late. I don't know what I tripped over but whatever it was threw my balance completely off, and no matter what I tried to grab on to my hand wouldn't grip it, so that made my stumble that more dramatic and made even more people turn to my direction as my phone flew out of my hand and I tripped over the port side of the boat, hitting the water with a big splash as I went in head first into the salty sea water.

A gulp of nasty water rushed into my mouth and out my nose as I tried to keep from swallowing it. I was a little disoriented, but not enough to where my life was in danger, I'd stumbled with enough momentum that it carried away from the boat so I missed hitting it altogether. I saw a figure of somebody jump in the water and grab on to me, helping me get back to the surface.

When I finally came up to see who it was, it was the driver herself, looking over me with a worried expression on her face as she checked me for injuries. " Randy are you ok?

Did you hit your head on anything?" Rita asked when I came up. "Yeah I'm fine, just got turned around in the water that's all, and I think I swallowed a little bit of it. Why'd you jump in?

Now your clothes are gonna smell as bad as mine," I said. "I could've cared less about my clothes at that moment. If something happened because you were taking a picture on my watch I'd never be able to forgive myself." "Speaking of pictures, did you see what happened to my phone? I lost track of it when it flew out of my hand and I went head first into the water." "It's on the boat. You threw it in the seat, luckily. We should get back up there school girl bf xxx full story somebody makes off with it actually." "Over here?

This is the rich side of town, they'd probably pay my phone bills for us," I laughed. We swam over to the docks where a small crowd of people gathered to see what happened, some of them with their phones out recording the whole thing. "You're gonna be all over YouTube within the next hour," Rita said as she walked up to us.

"Yeeeeeeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the video had a thousand hits already. IT'S OK EVERYBODY, I'M FINE, I DIDN'T HIT MY HEAD OR ANYTHING, JUST TOOK A SWAN DIVE IN THE WATER, MIGHT'VE SWALLOWED A FEW GULPS OF IT, BUT NOTHING BIG." "Are you sure you're ok? You don't need to go see a doctor?" the driver asked.

"No, really, I'm good, just smell like rotten fish that's all," I said. "Good. You won't believe how often people fall in the water here." "Well once is enough for me, why does it smell so bad?

I mean it's really strong!" "There's a lot of fish vendors on this strip, whatever they don't sell or goes bad they chuck it into the water, guts and all.

It just congregates there, it's been building up for a while now." "And our day was going so good too, one little mishap and I'm swimming with the fishes." "Nothing like a romantic stumble into the ocean at sunset," Rita joked.

"Hey you never know, how you can use this as one of those cute little stories," the driver said. "If you say so. Well if you'll excuse us I need to carefully retrieve my phone off the boat and go home and take a nice hot shower." "Have a nice night, I hope this doesn't deter you from another boat ride," she smiled.

"It won't, but I'll be more careful next time, thanks," I said as we waved and walked away. "Here, I grabbed your phone already, now you can get straight to that shower," Rita said. "Thanks, I'm already there," I said as we walked away dripping water everywhere we walked.

"Well that was fun, we should do it again, except for that last part," Rita joked. "Even with that last part it was like a funny ending to the day. Our day was going too good and we had to get a reality check, but that's one I can live with." "Do we have anything in the car to keep from getting the smell in the seats?" "Probably some trash bags in the back.

You can drive back, the constant smell of fish guts might throw off my concentration and we end up back in the water somewhere." We grabbed a couple bags out of the trunk and fit them around the seat and drove off. Rita had this cute little smile on her face as we were driving back and I couldn't help but smile too.

The whole day had turned out to be great, we didn't get a phone call from anybody, we didn't run into any major problems, we weren't fighting with each other, it was a day with just us two, something we haven't had in a long time.

I was looking through my phone to see all the pictures I'd taken before I took the spill and saw a video at the top of the list with the Coastline Tours sign, I didn't remember making a video, so I hit play, and wouldn't you believe it, somehow when I was stumbling I hit the "switch to video" button and recorded the whole incident, you can even see the phone fly from my hand and hear as I hit the water and Rita come in after me, i couldn't believe it, I'd caught the whole thing on tape.

"Hahaha, is that you falling in the water, you got it on tape!" Rita laughed as she heard it. "Yeah, somehow I hit the video button when I was falling." "Really! Oh my god hahahaha! Now I wanna put it on YouTube!" "You do that and I'll have to kill you." "Come on!

You got it on tape! Everyone has to see it!" "All it is is just the camera pointed at you, then it flies around, then you hear me hit the water, I guarantee somebody else has a way better version than me." "Well keep it anyway, I want it for memories, and sound effects." "What happened to you being all worried about me, I liked that much better." "I was worried, but now that I know you're ok we can laugh about it, it's not too soon." "Yeah yeah, I can't get to the shower soon enough, does this smell not bother you?" "Not really, my nose doesn't amplify smell like yours does, it just smells a little bad to me." "Well I'm glad to know that you're not repulsed by me right now." "It's gonna take a lot more than fish guts for that to happen, a whole lot more." "So can I give you a hug then?

I mean since you won't be repulsed by me and all…" "Yes you can, just as soon as I get out of these clothes." "What! What happened to the…" "Fish smells for a long time, and this is my favorite shirt, and yours, don't think I don't notice how your eyes immediately shoot to my chest whenever I put it on." "It's like your nipples know when you're about to put that shirt on and they harden in anticipation, I love it. It's one of the many examples of a girl looking sexier with clothes on." "If you wanna have sex with me Randy you don't have to warm me up to it, just bend me over something, grab me by the hips, pull my panties down and start fucking me, it's that simple." I laughed at her smartassness.

"I'll keep that in mind." It was completely dark when we got home. I was cold and wet and stinky and I just wanted to get in the house. Rita grabbed the food and unlocked the front door, just as we left it, slightly clean, yet slightly messy from having had sex literally everywhere in the house. "I'm gonna check on the laundry and clean up a little bit while you're in the shower, if you're still in when I come up I'll get in with you," Rita said.

I headed to our room and dropped my clothes in a pile on the floor on top of a trash bag so the smell wouldn't sink into the carpet. Everything after that was I don't care where everything else lands, I just need to get to the shower as soon as possible. I've never known myself to be this dramatic about anything, but I guess there's a first time for everything, I really don't like being covered in fish.

I checked my phone and saw I had a few texts from Chris and Steph and one from Ashley, but I went this far without interacting with anyone else, a few more hours wouldn't hurt. I sent them one of those automatic texts and left my phone on the bed, finally heading to the shower to wash the smell of death off of me.

I didn't care what the water temperature was, as long as it was hot, and I got in and scrubbed myself like I haven't taken a shower in a year. We had a big enough water tank, what with mom and dad having a bathroom in their room and two others in the house it only seemed necessary, and I planned on using up all the hot water there was. I finally let up when my skin started to turn red from the constant scrubbing, and I could no longer smell that god awful rotten fish smell so I finally relaxed.

Now being clean, and way earlier than I expected, I had no more reason to be in the shower, but I didn't wanna get out, so I decided to turn my shower into a bath, it was one of those kinda days, so I figured why not. I turned the shower off and plugged the tub up for a bath. I got out of the tub and stuck my head out of the bathroom door to check on Rita. "RITA! I'M GONNA TAKE A BATH, I ALREADY TOOK A SHOWER! RITA! YOU THERE?" I didn't get a response, so I figured she was in the basement messing with the clothes.

I went out just to make sure and she wasn't up there, neither were my soaking wet clothes, she didn't waste any time getting back to the laundry. I went back to the bathroom and threw a bar of soap in it, I was pretty much spotless so I didn't need any more body wash. I threw a handful of that Epsom salt stuff in the water, but not the bubble bath, if I was gonna sit in the tub by myself there will be not one bubble in it, unless it came from the bar of soap.

While the tub was filling up I went back to the room and grabbed my phone and my laptop and sat it on the toilet so I could watch a movie while I soaked. I got in the tub and sat down and to my surprise, the water felt really good, tingly like. I didn't know if it was the salt, or the water temperature, or fast time hode sex school fact that I haven't took a bath by myself hot latina chick victoria june yoga lesson and a good fuck over a decade, but I was almost instantly relaxed.

My laptop came with a little remote so I turned on Happy Gilmore (not the ideal bathtaking movie but I'm a guy, sue me) and lay back in the tub. If I had a cupcake and a beer this would be the manliest bath ever. This doesn't even come close to the kind of bath Rita usually takes, there's always a tub full of bubbles, some music playing, the lights are out and candles are burning, and this is every time she takes a bath, looking at the scene I was in I can see why she wanted no part of my man bath.

I turned my attention back to the movie and jumped halfway through it up to all the good parts before the door slowly opened and Rita came in with a towel around her. "Did you yell something downstairs? What happened to you taking a shower?" "That's what I was yelling, I switched from a shower to a bath." "Where's the bubbles? It's not a bath unless there's bubbles in it." "It's a man bath, Little red rides the hood black market don't need bubbles, I put some salt in it, that should be good enough." "Whatever, with your boring bath, and Happy Gilmore?

Really?" "Like I said, man bath, what you'd expect me to be watching, The Notebook?" "Ummm yeah! You take your little boring bath, I'm gonna go to mom and dad's tub and take a real bath, with bubbles, and candles, and Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams!" "You know you wanna get in, come on, there's room for one more…" "You enjoy your plain bath, probably smells like fish anyway," she laughed as she left the room.

I laughed to myself as I replayed the image of me falling in the water over in my head, now that I was clean I can laugh about it, that is until I see the clip on YouTube.

I got out of the tub, trying not to drip water everywhere as I grabbed that back pillow thing for the tub, and thought about pouring bubbles in, but decided against it, not after I made that big show about my man bath. I went back to watching the movie when Rita came back into the bathroom, still wearing the towel, but this time she had a plate with the food from the restaurant from earlier.

"What happened to you not wanting to be in my boring bath?" I teased. "I guess I can put up with it once or twice, seeing as taking a bath was your idea anyway." "Yeah yeah you missed me and just wanted to come be with me." "That too, that was a big part of it, I can always pour some bubbles in with us now that you're already in the tub, or did you forget that little detail?" "Whatever it's still a man bath, a few little sexymomma step daughter zoey works on magdalenes meaty pussy isn't gonna change that." "Oh well then I'll just get the bottle and…" "No that's ok, we can wait a little bit, the bubbles aren't going anywhere.

What you bring the food in here for? You gonna eat in the tub with me?" "Yeah, and I'm gonna feed you, be all romantic-like and stuff," she said as she pulled the magazine stand to the tub and sat the tray on it and climbed in with me. "Well played, luring me in with food, you're lucky you're so pretty." "I gets what I wants, you should know this by now Mr.

Stevens." "Really? I don't see any bubbles in this tub…" "If you value your life, when a girl wants something, you give it to her." "Is that true in every case? Because I know some situations where you'll beg to differ." "You're talking about the… the… ugh, can you pause the movie?

It's hard to concentrate when Adam Sandler is getting his ass beat hot old mature the blue balled brother Bob Barker." "Yeah it is distracting.

Ok you were saying…" I said as I used the remote to pause the movie. "I was saying you must be talking about all the times mom and Aunt Lisa push up on you, there's nothing I can do about that but every other girl I have some say over." "What do you mean by "have some say over"?

Usually in that case you'd be ready to smash somebody's face in, namely when we first came across Stephanie at the cabin." "I didn't wanna smash her face in, I just wanted her to back off." "Oh bullshit! You wanted to break her in half, we both saw it!" "She noticed that? What did she say? Did she know about us then?" "No she didn't know, she just thought you felt like she was trying to steal your twin from you." "Well that was half true I guess.

It's funny how she comes up because she was actually who I wanted to talk to you about. You know how she's been hinting at wanting to fuck you lately?" "Yeah, I think most of that is joking nice girl spreads spread pussy and loses virginity though, in front of Ashley and them." "Trust me, she's not joking, she wants to fuck you, she all but says it every time." "Well ok, she does, she knows it can't happen though…right?" I felt her tense up in the water.

"I've been thinking about it, and since we're gonna be by ourselves this weekend and it's probably gonna be a crazy weekend anyway, and since I've done it numerous times already, I'm giving you permission, just one time, to fuck Stephanie." I turned her around in the water so she looked at me. "Are you sure you wanna do that? Don't think you owe it to me or anything like that because you don't, mom and Aunt Lisa…" "Don't count," she cut me off. "That's basically the same as you fucking older versions of me.

Stephanie is different altogether and unrelated. You stayed within the family and I didn't and it's not fair. Even though we're girls it still counts as sex. I know you wanna fuck her, and I don't blame you, she is your pretend girlfriend after all." "I won't lie and say I haven't thought about it, but thinking and doing are two different things." "Yeah, and that's all you did, think, I actually did, and that wasn't fair of me." "Well like you said before, you're both girls, there are rules for stuff like this." "Like two girls fucking isn't cheating?

And I guess women can't rape a man either?" "Technically by the law and what I saw on Law and Order SVU no a woman can't…" "That's bullshit and you know it. wait a minute, I'm telling you you can fuck Stephanie with no guilt or anything and you're arguing?

Am I missing something?" "I'm trying to avoid two things, walking into a trap and making you feel guilty." "Well one it's not a trap, and two I made myself feel guilty by asking you not to do anything with her and then I turn around and do what I asked you not to do under the cover of since it's two women it's not considered cheating. In a weird way I think it's good for us." "Umm yeah you're gonna have to elaborate on that one." "I'll get to see how you are with another girl my age, all the things you do to her I'll be able to see first-hand, I know you both really wanna fuck each other so the passion will be there, like it is with me, and I'll appreciate you more after seeing how you are with her." I was silent for a minute.

"Well when you put it like that it's hard to say no." "It kills three birds with one stone and it'll strengthen our relationship." "Me having sex with another girl will strengthen our relationship?

"I think so, and who knows, maybe it might help out her and Chris too." "That's wishful thinking. How's Chris gonna feel about all this you think?" "I don't know, he knows Stephanie wants you, and he knows I don't want anyone but you inside me, so I don't know how he's gonna take it.

I did say just no actual sex, I was willing to do other stuff, so maybe that might be enough." "It might, and it might not. How's he gonna take it knowing I had sex with his sister but he can't have sex with mine?

Even if he's ok with it, it's always gonna be in the back of his mind." "Well, let him and Stephanie talk that out, just know that I'm ok with it on my end, just this once though, this offer expires after this weekend." "So now I have a time limit to have sex with her? Man there are so many rules!" "Speaking of rules, I actually to have a few that I'm really adamant about." "Rules for what? If we have sex?" "Yeah, and I really need you to stick to them, they'll make me feel better about this." "Ok, I think I can handle that.

So exactly how many rules do you have?" "Only three, but you have to stick to them.

You have to wear a condom, you have to fuck her, not make love to her, and you can't say I love you, promise you'll stick to these." "I promise, I know how important this is to you.

They all make pretty good sense when you think about it. How long were you thinking about this exactly?" "A few weeks now. She wants you and like I said it's not fair I got to fuck her and you didn't." "So… are you gonna keep fucking her after this?" "I can't say I won't respond if she tries to, but if you don't want me to I won't." "To be honest it doesn't bother me, I don't think it'll bother Chris either.

Man he's really getting the short end of the stick on this whole thing." "You never know, as much as Carina and Becky pick on him he might be in for a threesome." "Get them drunk enough and anything is possible, especially Becky." "The water's starting to get cold, and we're missing BUBBLES!" she yelled as she slid her naked body out of the tub and poured some bubbles stuff under the running water.

She left the movie on the screen facing us to serve as the only light we'd have in the tub, but she made it so the laptop played some music, and then she cut the light off and slid back in the tub into my lap. "You tricked me, you were gonna do this the whole time weren't you?" "Yep, I can't believe you didn't see it coming." "I saw plenty of that today, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the basement, in the tub…" "In the tub, but we didn't…" She was cut off when my hand found its way between her legs, teasing her sensitive pussy.

"Oh my god baby, I don't know if I can take ass traffic bad girl penetrated by two dongs and takes a cumshot more today…" "What happened to all that energy you had before, it just vanish?" "I guess it was just my adrenaline, now I can feel every pulse of my pussy thanks to the beating it took earlier, every little thing makes me shiver." "Even if I did this?" I asked as I grazed my fingers just across the top of her lips." "Mmmmm especially that, I don't think I have anything left to squirt." I brought my other hand up to cup her right breast.

"Well let's find out." The music playing in the background faded out as I listened to the sounds of low moans coming from Rita as my fingers slid through her pussy lips and squeezed her nipple.

She dug her nails into my hand that was massaging her pussy and bit her tongue to avoid screaming. "Noone's here remember, you can scream as loud as you want to," I whispered in her ear. "Oh FUUUUUUUUUCK Randy! My pussy is so sensitive right now!" "I think you got one more in small tits russian teen fucked after massage, let's go for number ten." I started kissing on her neck while I continued to squeeze and pinch her breast and finger her pussy, making sure I was touching her on all her sensitive points at once.

She closed her eyes and let her head fall back on my shoulder and let me do as I pleased with her body. "You getting close Rita? I can see your toes curling under the water." "My body feels like it's on fire, I don't know which way to go…" "Don't go any way, just let whatever happens, happen, it'll feel good either way." "Oh my god Randy, I feel like I'm go&hellip.

Oh my…fucking god!" I jabbed my fingers in her pussy furiously. "You feel like you're gonna cum? You came nine times in three hours, what's one more, especially if you feel this good." I continued teasing her body, allowing myself to lean back against the tub wall when she did.

She locked her hands into my legs and strengthened her grip the closer she came to cumming. Hearing her moan in my ear was payment enough, I didn't care about myself in the least, hell I don't think I could've came again if someone paid me to. I started to nibble on her ear and went in for the kill shot. I spread her lips and worked my way around her pussy until I finally made direct contact with her clit.

She gasped the moment I touched it and her grip on me increased ten times over. I grabbed it with two fingers and pinched it over and over as if I wanted it to burst in my hands, hard, but not too hard. She couldn't hold back anymore.

Her legs started shaking underwater and with an unexpected snap her legs shut around my hand, crushing my hand between her thighs, as much pressure as that was I was surprised my hand wasn't broken. "FUCK! Uuuuuuugh don't move Randy, don't move! I'm cumming! Her grip finally softened and she let my hand go, but the force she had on it left my hand fragile and broken looking.

She let her body fall back against me as she came, and what a way to come. With the bubbles blocking from seeing it directly, I could feel her cumming underwater. My hand, though smashed, was still directly in front of Rita's pussy, and I could feel the force of water coming out of her, like a jet in a hot tub, not as powerful, but you get the idea.

The whole time she was taking half breaths and jerking forward like she was getting shocked. Her titties bounced on her chest just enough to signal that she was still conscious brother and sister rep xxxx vedesleeping didn't pass out on me as she came.

When I finally felt the underwater stream stop, I wrapped both my arms around her and kissed her repeatedly on the cheek, and she smiled and melted into me like we didn't have a care in the world, and at that moment, we didn't. "Oh shit Randy, that felt so fucking good! Oh my god!" "Yeah I can tell, you're still shaking underwater, you damn near crushed my hand!" "Well whose fault is that?

What better way to explain to the doctor what happened!" "Yeah, I was fingering my sister/girlfriend while we were taking a bubble bath together and I made her so horny she squished my hand hairy milf sucks on big penis japanese and hardcore her thighs and broke it, yeeeeeeah no." "That sounded way better than the way I was thinking about it…" "Glad I could be of entertainment, now Adam Sandler can finish entertaining us while we soak.

I believe you said something along the lines of feeding me romantically, hmm?" I joked. "Well after that you definitely earned it, even if we are watching non-romantic ass Happy Gilmore.

It should still be a little warm since there's a lot of heat in here." "I won't even care if it's not, that was so good I'd eat it cold." "Well you're in luck, it's still warm. Don't think I'm gonna feed you all of it though." She cut the parmesan into little squares and scooped a piece with some mashed potatoes on the fork and fed it to me, even though it wasn't as hot as the first time it still tasted just as good.

She went back and forth feeding me then herself until it was gone and Happy Gilmore ended, we took our time with this food though since we only had one plate to share. Once we'd ran out all the hot water we got out, amid some naked wrestling back to our room that only ended when she had me pinned under her, which I let happen, barely. "You really suck at this wrestling thing," Rita teased. "Or maybe I'm just letting you win, gotta give a girl what she wants right?" "No I'm whooping your ass, but that's also true." I turned serious for a moment.

"Rita, are you, sure, I mean sure sure, I mean really sure you wanna go through with this? There's no pressure from me at all." "Yeah. It'll make me feel a lot better, and it'll get Stephanie off your case. It was bound to happen sometime, I might as well put myself in a situation to control it." "When are we gonna tell them? How are we gonna tell them?" "We can go back to Café Stratos tomorrow and tell them there.

I'll try to casually bring it up." "Casually? So basically you're just gonna blurt it out?" "Pretty much yeah. There's no point in being subtle, it's horny kendra secrets wanted a meaty cock in her pussy bad news, they're getting to mess around with other people," she said as she wrapped a towel around her.

"True. Wanna tell them now? They sent me text messages a little while ago." "No it can wait until tomorrow, what they say?" "I didn't read them, I sent the "I'm busy" fast response thing, they didn't say anything back." "They'll be ok, one day apart isn't gonna kill anybody." "Well since I'm finally free if that fish smell, I can go to sleep comfortable," I said as Bubble butt stunner valentina bianco gets tight ass rammed striptease and pornstars pulled on some boxers and got under the covers.

"Sleep? What makes you think you're about to go to sleep?" "It's past ten, and I'm already in the bed, you're not tired?" "After what you did in the tub, I'm wide awake.

If you think you're just gonna finger me and not fuck me you got another thing coming, get your ass out of that bed!" "Wait, now you're all energized?

All I did was finger you!" "Now you have to finish the job, you're not gonna warm me up then roll over and play dead, I don't think so," she said as she grabbed the covers and slung them off the bed in one quick motion. "Always give a girl what she wants, and right now, I want that cock inside me." Before I could even respond she was taking the boxers I'd just put on right back off.

She dropped the towel and climbed over me with her titties hanging directly over my face. "Time to pick up where we left off this morning," she grinned evilly at me. "But Stephanie and Chris called, it wouldn't be right to…" "We'll call them tomorrow, or after we're done." "But the laundry, we have to put the clothes in the dryer or they'll…" "They'll be fine, I'll put them in later, they aren't going anywhere." "Shouldn't we call mom and dad and find out how the trips going?" "They're on a boat, we couldn't call them if we wanted to." "I left my computer and phone in the bathroom, what if water gets on them?" "All the water is gone out of the tub.

You might as well stop fighting me Randy, it's not going to work, you're not going anywhere anytime soon, I got you for the whole weekend!" I went to get up, but she anticipated it naughty teen aiko mai loves sex toys grabbed both my wrists and held them firmly against the bed and smashed her pussy against my cock, holding my waist in place too.

I tried one more time to get free, but it was hopeless, she smiled at me as she shook her head, indicating I wasn't going anywhere, just as she said. "You better not waste your energy, as horny as I am you're gonna need every bit of it." I was trapped under a nymphomaniac who I'd just gotten freshly aroused, and we were alone in a big house with noone brunette bj russian couple having yummy sex interrupt us.

She groaned as she rubbed her pussy along my cock, it was about to be a long night, a very long night.