Hot mom tanya tate kitchen

Hot mom tanya tate kitchen
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The first time I saw her I was taken in by her beauty. She was 18 years old, 5'6" tall, and 110 pounds with a nice tight ass and a set of c cup breasts that were so firm that they barely jiggled when she walked. Only one problem! She was my fiancé's daughter! Her mom and I were engaged to be married when she and I met. It was not long after her mom and I got married that she started calling me "Daddy" and even started using my last name.

We became very close. She would curl up on my lap, and sometimes even crawl into bed between my wife and I, while we were watching tv. When my wife was gone she would walk around the house in a step brother fucking a viagra first time pornstars hardcore of tight short shorts and a cut off t-shirt with no bra. I was not sure at first if she was aware of the affect that she was having on me or not.

The way she would grind her tight ass into my lap. The way she would let her hand fall right next to my cock when she would crawl into bed.

The way she would walk around the house while wearing almost nothing. Either way, she was driving me crazy. The first time I was sure that something was going on was soon after we put in a hot tub at our home. Late one cool evening I had come home after my wife was asleep and decided to relax in the hot tub for a while before taking a shower and heading off to bed myself.

She came out to join me wearing the smallest bikini that I had ever seen in my life! For the first time I got a truly good look at her body. It was an amazing sight to see! She sat on the edge of the hot tub and slowly lifted her long sexy legs over the rim and into the steamy water one at a time while pausing just long enough between them for me to get a look at her crotch.

She was already wet! As she got used to the temperature of the water she slowly lowered herself into the water while she smiled as she bobbed her breasts right at the water's surface before submerging their firm glory beneath the bubbles. After a few minutes she came over towards where I was sitting, turned with her back to me and sat on my lap, making sure to grind her tight ass into my growing cock! It only took me a moment to realize that she had removed her bikini bottoms.

Then I knew she was trying to get me turned on, and it was working! With every bit of energy I could muster I tried to keep my cock from growing under her. It was no use! Every time she would move I would get harder. It only took a few minutes for my manhood to reach its full length and girth.

I was about ready to explode! She got up, winked at me and then got out of the hot tub, grabbed a towel, dried off and headed into the house. Things like the hot tub incident continued and it seemed it was all I could do to keep from giving in. I was surely enjoying the teasing but there was still the fact that she was my step-daughter.

Finally after a year or so I had enough of the teasing and decided to tease back. I had just returned from one of my usual ten or twelve day business trips and found the house empty when I walked in, or so I thought.

I changed into my trunks and headed to the hot tub frisky teenies screw the biggest strapon dildos and spray juice all over unwind after the six hour drive home. As I was just starting to fully relax I saw the patio door open and there she was, in that same tiny bikini that she housewife is a bbc lover interracial black dick wore when her mom was gone and she wanted to get me going.

She lowered herself into the warm water and once again turned to sit on my lap. As soon as I saw her coming out the door I had removed my trunks knowing that she would remove her bottoms and sit on my lap. Sure enough, within minutes she turned around and when she sat on me, my already hard cock pushed up between her smooth legs and slid along her puffy lips.

She seemed startled at the feeling of my erect cock touching the skin of her inner thighs and tender outer folds for the first time. She quickly moved off my lap, pulled her bottoms up and went inside the house. Had I messed up?

Had I taking things too far? Only time would tell. As I arrived home the next evening my wife was heading out the door for an out-of-town meeting. We said goodbye and I retreated to the hot tub once again. As soon as I got into trailer how to clean a fat slut water and turned on the jets I remover my trunks and waited.

Yet again it was not very long before she showed up and entered the hot tub with me. I was not sure I would be able to hold back much longer if she was to sit on my lap again. Nor did I want to hold back! After five minutes or so she came across towards me but this time she did not turn around as normal. She climbed onto my lap facing me and I knew instantly that she had removed her bottoms again, and this time she had removed her top also!

As she pressed her beautiful body against me I felt the firmness of her gorgeous breasts at last. She then slid her bottom towards me and her waiting lips met my rock hard cock like I had dreamed about for so long. I leaned in towards her and placed my lips against hers.

They were so soft and as our lips touched I knew there was no way I would be able to stop! Our lips slowly parted and our tongues began a dance that was so slow and sensual that I never wanted it to end.

She broke the kiss as she was in great need of taking a breath. As she drew in a deep breath of the cool night air I lifter her small body just far enough to get my lips around her right nipple.

Her nipples were already standing at full attention and as I flicked my tongue across her nipple she stopped breathing and let out a soft moan that let me know that she was not going to resist my continuing advances.

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I placed my mouth around her full breast and lightly sucked on its fullness and then moved to her left breast to give it the same treatment. I raised my head back up and our lips met once again. As we kissed I felt her hands slide between us as she wrapped her slim fingers around my hard shaft. It was all I could do to keep from blowing my load right then and there. I broke off our kiss and lifted her body so she was floating on the water in front of me.

Her soft scent was intoxicating as I gently kissed her flat belly, worked my way down to her inner thighs and then centered my attention on the most beautiful pink lips I had ever seen. Gently I lowered my tongue into her soft waiting lips beautiful mother and cute daughter on midnight bus flicked it across her erect clit as it peeked out of her tender folds.

As I began to suck on her clit I found her already lubricated hole and slowly inserted one finger and then two. I had never felt anyone so tight before. It made me wonder if the size of my ridged cock would be too much for her to take.

As I continued to suck her clit and work my fingers in and out of her tight hole she launched into the most intense orgasm I had ever seen. She tightened up and then broke into shaking so violently that it I wondered if she was having a seizure.

She passed out as the orgasm subsided and I stopped my oral assault on her womanhood. I gently lifter her out of the hot tub and carried her into her bedroom. Upon reaching her bed I laid her down, dried her incredible body and was about to cover her with her sheets when she slowly opened her eyes. "My turn" she whispered as she sat up, wrapped her tiny hands around my still raging hard-on.

Her lips touched the tip of my cock and I came close once again to a major release. She slowly opened her lips and took almost half of my length into her mouth while stroking the rest of my shaft with a gentle touch that I had never experienced. She continued working her magic on my manhood as I reached down and took her moist mound in my hand. It was sopping wet and waiting to be taken. I withdrew my hard shaft from her mouth and laid her gently on her back before me.

What an amazing sight! She was so much more beautiful lying there than I had ever imagined she was. Her legs were pulled up and as I placed my knees between them they parted so I had full access to her moist waiting lips. She shuddered with anticipation as I placed the head of my cock against her.

Her hands reached down and pulled her lips aside to give me full access to her waiting tunnel. I slowly pushed into her as her muscles relaxed and gave way to my advancing shaft.

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As I was less than half way into her I felt it. She was a virgin! My heart almost stopped! I looked into her eyes and waited for some sort of sign from her that it was ok to take her as she lay under me.

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She whispered "Take me Daddy" and with a thrust of her hips that pushed my cock through her virginal barrier she gave me her answer. The pain was evident in her eyes and tears began to trickle down her cheeks.

As she began to relax her movements became almost involuntary. With a slow rhythm I began to slide my now ready to burst cock in and out of her hot hole. She was matching every movement I made. I gradually increased my speed and was now ramming my rock hard manhood into her virgin cervix with every thrust. It seemed to happen way too soon. She began to buck uncontrollably beneath me while her eyes rolled back and she launched into an orgasm that was more intense than earlier in the evening!

As she began to orgasm I was no longer able to hold back. I unloaded an orgasm of my own that was unlike any I had ever had in my life. I pumped shot after shot of hot cum into her waiting womb as we came together in an act of passion so much more rall dad sexy beautiful girl than words could ever describe! As she and I collapsed into each other's arms in total exhaustion she looked me in the eyes, smiled, kissed me softly, and said: "I Love You.

I think we just made a baby!"! I just smiled back and responded: "I Love You too and if we didn't make a baby this time, I would love to try again"! With that we drifted off into an amazingly restful sleep as we snuggled our naked bodies next to each other.