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Jasmine challenged to take the full cock big black cock and monstercock
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Tsyr Ker dropped from the opened skylight onto the ground of the empty warehouse. With the exception of the skylight, the warehouse was cast in darkness. Darkness wasn't a concern of Tsyr Ker since her blindness allowed her to see a different spectrum than normal people.

Standing up slowing, she moved to a lone stand and quietly removed her sword and placed it, still in the sheath, onto the stand. The presence of a demon lurking in the shadows nagged at her.

She knew who it was, but continued to ignore the feeling and went about her normal routine. It was her one way to defy her master and keep her freewill.

After stripping off her equipment and the stealth suit, she was left standing naked. The light basked over her curvaceous body and left her hair shimmering. She stood there for several minutes enjoying the comfort of the light and open freedom. No matter where she stayed, her routine always ended with her standing naked and thoughts of the past flowing through her mind. She never regretted the past. What's done is done Dwelling on the past was a sign of weakness and in this world there wasn't room for weakness.

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Tsyr Ker smiled to herself. The demon had patience; she had to have it or else her plans would never grow into fruition. Nothing brought more of a smile to Tsyr Ker's face than stretching that patience to its limits. "What graces me with your presence my master?" She asked without turning. The demon walked out from the shadows. A crooked smile curved across her face.

Talilith played this game at every meeting she held with her pet assassin; more for her own amusement than Tsyr Ker's. Of course Talilith allowed her to believe she was in control; it was after all a good way to keep a servant motivated. Your mission was a success? "We will know soon enough, I suspect," Tsyr Ker replied. Yes. She said seductively. Soon enough. Talilith began to slowly walk toward Tsyr Ker, who remained motionless.

Talilith's hand stretched out and brushed across Tsyr Ker's stomach causing ripples of ecstasy through her body.

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"You have done well and you deserve a reward," Talilith whispered into her ear. A flood of euphoria rushed through Tsyr Ker's body. Chills rippled across the surface of her skin as her breathing came on heavier and deeper. She hadn't felt closeness like this since her time in the Black List. Sean de Lennet was assigned her partner when she had joined.

He had shown and taught her everything she'd need to know about being a member of Black List. After many months of working close together, their relationship grew beyond the scope of the job. He provided her with the closeness she needed but was denied when her parents doctor sex doctor sex doctor sex.

"Soon everything we have worked toward will come to fruition. But now let's focus on the now," Talilith said in a whisper as she began softly kissing Tsyr Ker's neck. Talilith turned the assassin around to face her. She ran her lips over her cheek and neck, and then slowly moved her hand up then down to her breast. She brushed her hand around the mound, and then palmed it and began stroking.

She caressed the mound with the palm of her hand and rubbed the nipple with her thumb. The assassin felt her breasts growing warmer by the second. Her nipples were rigid and sunny leone sex devar bhabhi up firm like pellets.

She moved her head around, stroking her cheek with Talilith's. Her breath was almost hot now. Talilith briskly rubbed her own breast. She could feel it swelling and growing hot.

Then she went to the Tsyr Ker's other breast and stroked it. "Ohh," she breathed out. Talilith dipped her head down and ran her mouth over the breast, and then circled in and concentrated on licking the nipple and sucking the mound.

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Tsyr Ker moaned again. She went from one to the other, licking and sucking and rubbing them. "Ahh," Tsyr Ker breathed out hotly. She placed her hands on Talilith's head and brushed them around her neck and cheeks. Talilith gently pulled her down onto the ground and slid atop her.

She slowly rubbed her body on the other, brushing her breasts upon hers and stroking her flanks. Tsyr Ker wrapped her arms around the demon and began moving her body under hers. They panted and gasped in passion as they rubbed their breasts and pussies together. Talilith slid down hardcore ramming of busty sluts fur pie assassin's body, running and sliding her tongue down to her navel, on down between her legs.

She spread Tsyr Ker's thighs and drew them back. Her vulva was surrounded by light brown fuzzy hair. Talilith then grasped her hips and sank her face down on her vulva. The demon brushed her lips up and down the slit and blew hotly on it. Tsyr Ker groaned and clasped the back of her head. Talilith slid her tongue slowly into her pussy. "Ohh," she crooned and moved her pelvis up.

"Ahh." Talilith swirled and flicked and jammed her tongue in her vulva. The demon thought she tasted so good—like musky cinnamon. "Ooh," she breathed out, and began rotating her vulva, pressing it upon Talilith's mouth. The demon slid her tongue up and down and around her clitoris, licking the little bud, and then began sucking it with her lips. Tsyr Ker gasped and mashed her pussy upon Talilith's face and clutched her head.

Without missing a lick, Talilith moved her body, scooting it around. With her legs she straddled her head and lowered herself down on her face.

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Talilith felt the tip of the assassin's tongue touch her slit, and then she slid it in. A shaft of wet fire stabbed up her pussy, all the way to her breasts. Her heart thudded. Tsyr Ker jabbed her tongue in and out of Talilith's pussy, sending hot stinging barbs shooting up her channel.

They thrashed and writhed and licked and sucked, sending each other over the edge—to the peak of climax, of rapture, of orgasmic paradise