Letsdoeit horny brunette granny loves riding cocks

Letsdoeit horny brunette granny loves riding cocks
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He left her in an aroused state on purpose and quickly got ready for the night. He waited for Anne to leave, left the instructions on the counter and left. Paul ran some errands and picked up Tara about 7:00PM. She wore a long dress (with nothing on under it), high heals, and her hair down about her shoulders.

He was happy to see her and showed it with a long passionate kiss. She returned the affection and gave him a playful squeeze on his cock.

"I can't wait to get my hands on you." He said. "Can you stay at my house tonight? " "You bet babe." Tara quickly said. Paul had picked up some alcohol but they stopped and grabbed dinner before heading home. "Tara tell me something?" Paul asked. "When you were at school did you ever have a fling with a woman?" She laughed because she knows what every mans fantasy is.

"No. I did kiss a few but never had the chance to sleep with one." "So when you kissed April it was just an experiment?" "Well yes. I was curious. April was very special to me and I was quite attracted to her. It was a phase that I had." She reasoned. "So if I ever wanted. " "Yeah. I would love to have a threesome some day." She knew where he was going.

"It would have to be with someone special. I have some friends now that I would like to try it with." "I think I would be happy just to watch." Paul said. "Well I'll remember that." She smiled. When they arrived home they got comfortable and headed to the kitchen to make some drinks.

When they went into the kitchen there stood April. "Hi Paul. Hi Tara." April smiled. "Hi sis." Paul said. "H. Hi April." Answered a surprised Tara. "Paul told me you two would be coming back so I made some snacks and mixed up some margaritas." April said. Paul was impressed with what a great job April did.

"Sit down and relax." April placed a drink down for each of them and joined them at the table. At first Tara was very uncomfortable but April was not a bitch at all. In fact she was like she used to be when they first met. As April blossomed into a beautiful, intelligent woman she just got caught up in herself. Tara and her had a falling out and that was it. Tara actually found herself having a good time with April again.

She didn't know what came over her but she began to see the 'old' April and suddenly the old attraction she had for her resurfaced. Two hours and two pictures of margaritas later dolly leigh in the finisher xxx parody episode were all laughing like old friends. Finally Tara got up to go to the bathroom. "April." Paul smiled. "You did great. Everything as I requested and you look absolutely beautiful." She even dressed as he asked.

She had on black cotton pants that hugged her perfect ass, a tight purple sweater and she was made up like she was going out but changed her mind.

"Thanks bro." She smiled. "I'm having fun." Paul was feeling the effects of the alcohol so he knew that the girls had to be feeling real good. It was evident by the atmosphere. "Good." Sunakhi shina pron fuck storys walked up to her and kissed her passionately.

She moaned as his tongue probed her mouth. "You remember April you do as I ask when I ask?" Paul firmly whispered as he ran his hands over her ass and pulled her into his erection. "Yes." April answered. She was so horny. "What are you to do tonight?" He asked. She looked down and said. "I am to kiss Tara." "That's my good little slut. Now put on new lipstick and on my command you kiss her. April it better be a good kiss.

You kiss her like you just kissed me." Paul instructed as he wiped off the red lipstick all over his mouth. When Tara returned she leaned against the counter and April poured another round of drinks. Paul watched as April brought him another drink and noticed Tara looking at her ass. 'I knew she still found her attractive.' Paul thought. Paul had been touching Tara all night and he knew she was all worked up. "Tara." Paul said. "April has something to say to you." Tara looked at April.

"Yes." April blushed. "I am sorry about the kiss thing back at school. I over reacted." "Ohh April." Tara smiled in relief. "Its all my fault. I am sorry." The girls hugged like old friends. "I should not have pushed it." "There's more." April said. "What?" Tara was standing right next to April. "I. um." She paused. "What is it April? You can tell me I promise I won't over react." Tara was very happy at the mending of their relationship.

"I would like to try again." She looked at Paul and then back to Tara. "I would like to kiss you." April had practiced what to say a hundred times and now that she had said it she just had to kiss her and get it over with. April didn't delay for fear that she would chicken out and then she would have to deal with Paul. It was Tara's turn to be surprised. She was shocked that April of all people would be saying this to her.

Her mouth opened to say something but nothing came out and April closed the distance between them. The first thing Tara felt were Aprils hard nipples press to hers. It was like slow motion am i in is my hot sis fucking me April pressed her lips to Tara's and slid her hand around her waist to pull her close.

Tara moaned and felt her nipples respond to the firm tits pressing against her. Tara was taken back with how soft she was, how sexy this girl was.

She then felt April's tongue run along her lips and then slip into her mouth. "Mmmmmmmm." Tara moaned. April again fell prey to her body. The soft kiss of Tara was nothing like she expected. The way her soft mouth responded to Tara and the way she used her tongue to softly caress hers.

The feel of her tits and the way her nipples stabbed at her was extremely erotic. Then Tara slid a hand down and lightly caressed April's ass and it was now April's turn to moan. April gave herself completely to Tara during their kiss. She softly bit each lip and sucked Tara's tongue deep into her mouth.

Tara was now under the power of April's excellent mouth. She did her best to return the erotic kiss but found herself at the mercy of April's oral skill.

After a few minutes Paul walked up behind Tara and pressed his body against her back. Tara felt his erection but was consumed by April and didn't even feel Paul untie the spaghetti straps on her dress. When the girls reluctantly ended the kiss Paul let her top fall and reached around to grab both tits in his hands. Tara moaned and leaned back into him. Her hands reached behind and grabbed his cock and her eyes closed.

April hadn't moved yet because she was still reeling from the kiss. She couldn't deny that this new experience was more incredible then she could have ever imagined. She also couldn't deny that the anticipation was the reason she was wet all evening.

Paul was forcing her into new experiences that made her crave sex like never before. Tara stood topless before her with her dress folded at her waste and Paul was fondling her large tits.

Paul reached up with one hand and pulled Aprils hot mouth to Tara's erect nipple. April didn't even fight him. She willingly closed her mouth around the nipple and softly moaned as Tara shuttered at her touch. For the first time April's hands started to explore another woman's breasts. Her tiny hands felt-up the real sex mom and son tits and April was getting more and more turned on by another woman's body.

She eagerly sucked and licked at the large tits but what really turned her on were her nipples. April was drawn to her nipples and how they felt. Tara was so wet her juice was running down her leg. The soft face pressed against her chest and the hard cock pressed against her ass were actually sending her to orgasm. She still had Paul's hard cock in her hands but was too lost in what April was doing to her to concentrate on it.

"April." Paul said. "Get on your knees." April looked at Paul and obediently kneeled she knew what she was about to do. Paul lifted up the bottom of Tara's dress. "Eat her cunt April and you better make her cum." Paul ordered. Another first for April but she knew better then to argue with Paul. April's tongue slowly reached out and she tasted her first pussy. It was good.

Tara grabbed her head and forced her cunt into April's face. April had no choice but to service the wet cunt on her face but she, again, was finding this new experience exciting. April explored her folds with her eager tongue and finally plunged her tongue deep into Tara's hot cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. " Tara moaned. "God April. Mmmmm you feel so good. " April parted her soft lips and ran her tongue up to her clit and sucked it into her mouth and this sent Tara over the edge. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm cummmmmmmmmminngggggg. Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. " Tara screamed and pulled April against her cunt. April felt Tara's cunt spasm and she tasted her first cum.

She swallowed her prize and continued to lick Tara's pussy until she settled down. April stood back up and leaned over Tara's shoulder and kissed Paul hard to shared her prize.

Tara was shaking and through glazed eyes she watched brother and sister kiss. Tara was surprised yet this incestuous act didn't seem to bother her at all in fact it turned her on.

She watched the two kiss deeply and finally leaned in to share a three-way kiss. It took a few minutes for Tara to come down but when she did she knew it was time to return the favor to her new lover. Tara had never made love to another woman and she was anxious to taste her first pussy. "Let's go to my room." Paul said and led them to his bed.

Once inside the bedroom Paul turned to Tara. "Did you like your surprise?" "You mean April? Yes. I loved it." Tara smiled. "Well April and I had a little talk. I managed to convince her that she has been a little bitch and she needed to change her attitude. The other night April pushed me too far and so I decided a good old-fashioned spanking is what she needed. I didn't know at the time it would turn her on so much she came all over my leg." Paul smiled at April.

She smiled. "Tara it was so hot. I couldn't help it. My ass was on fire and it went straight to my pussy. I fought the desire building in me but I lost. I ended up having a huge orgasm." April had now accepted her fate and knew that she was Paul's little slut. "Really!" Tara was surprised. "I have heard of that but never tried it." "It still hurts a little but it was worth it. I think you will have to try it." "Ok. I'm open to try about anything.

You two want to tell me about that kiss?" Tara asked. Paul and April looked at each other. "I'm not mad. I thought it was hot watching you two kiss." "If you must know." Paul said. "I got so horny spanking April I forced her to suck my cock." "Mmmm. " Tara smiled.

"I bet that was a hot moment?" "Yeah." Paul said. "She needed to be brought down a notch and as you can see she does what ever I say." "So that explains why she kissed me. Damn that is hot." Tara leaned in and kissed April again.

"Do you like women now April?" "Yes." She moaned. "I never thought I would say it but I loved going down on you but now I think it is time you tasted me." April said while getting undressed. The others joined her and Tara smiled as she laid down between April's legs. "Oh my baby. You are shaved.

Paul I'll bet you have tasted this?" Tara said. "Yes. A few times. It is very sweet." Paul envied her. Paul knelt at April's head and offered his erection and she happily sucked him in. Tara moaned as April swallowed his cock and lowered her head to taste her first pussy.

"Mmmmmm. God April you taste so good." Tara said. "I can't believe how hot it is to watch you suck your brothers cock." April didn't say a word. She sucked him in and reached up to cup his balls in her hand and softly rubbed them. April tried to take him down her throat but the angle wouldn't allow it so she licked up and down the sides of his cock while the soft face between her legs worked hot babe riding a cock with ass and slut her cunt.

"Oh my God Tara." She moaned. "You are a natural. Mmmm. your tongue. Ohhhhhhhhhh. " Tara loved the taste of April: she knew she would. Tara had a hand on her tits and one on her cunt. She spread her lips and slowly sucked each lip into her mouth and savored the taste of April. Tara softly ran her tongue up her pussy and sucked her clit into her mouth next. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Tara. " April moaned around Paul's cock. Tara used one hand to slowly work a finger up her cunt and started pulling hard on April's sensitive nipples.

"Mmmmm. God baby. that feels so good." April was so wet now. Tara continued to work a finger into April and lick her cunt just the way she knows feels good to her. April was already so horny and the talented tongue of Tara was sending her quickly to orgasm.

"Ohhhhh Tara. I'm going to cum. don't stop." April brought a hand down onto her head and ground her hips into Tara's mouth. Tara could feel April's cunt tightening around her finger and continued to suck. The feel of her shaved pussy was more erotic for both girls and Tara couldn't get enough of her smooth cunt.

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Tara felt April start to buck and quickly worked a second finger up her soaked cunt and April came. "TARA! Ohhh ohhhh ohhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh my god. suck me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. " April screamed. Tara felt the cum running onto her hand and she licked up every drop. Tara continued to clean April's entire cunt and finally move up to help her suck off Paul. April knew Paul was close as she closed her mouth around his cock.

Tara joined her and she ran her tongue along the shaft as Paul watched two hot women sucking his hard cock. Paul felt Tara run her finger along his ass and knew that he wouldn't last. "Ahhh yesss Tara. Stick a finger in my ass. Mmmm. " Paul groaned. Tara was now swallowing Paul's cock as April was licking his balls.

April watched Tara work a slick finger up Paul's ass and she felt his balls pull up and he came. "AHHHHHhhhhhh. Suck me. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. " Paul yelled. Tara swallowed the first two shots and tried to pass his cock to April but Paul shot her once in the face and April twice before April closed her mouth around the erupting cock. April pulled Tara's face down and started to share Paul's spunk.

The girls licked off each other and continued to make out for several minutes. The rest of the night was spent the same way and all three slept in Paul's bed that night. The next day Tara had to spend the day at the grand parent's house and Paul went with her to meet more of the family. April was told by Paul to not see Steve anymore because he was not good to her and deep down she knew that it was true.

So she ended up dumping him and spent the day with Anne and Malissa. They shopped and partied all afternoon and in the evening Malissa went home to see her boyfriend so that left the sisters alone.

April was a changed person and starting to look at women differently. She was actually checking out women were ever they were and looking at them as sex objects. She never thought she would want to make love to a woman but now she was consumed by that very thought. April thought that Malissa british mature secretaries lulu lush and zadi strip off an obvious choice.

She and Anne continued to party and since Anne had no plans and Paul would be late so they ordered dinner and decided to stay in. April knew Anne was much more sexual than she used to be. Anne was quite popular and she was like Paul, she liked sex. Surly she would know how to seduce someone.

"Anne." April said. "If you wanted to seduce someone how would you do it?' "What!" Anne laughed. "What do you mean?" "If you liked someone and you wanted to get laid. How would you go about it?" April tried to explain. "You mean just sex?" April nodded. "Wow sis. You have changed." Anne laughed. "Well I suppose you could just ask. Most guys would jump anything. You have a great body and I know your leaving boners in your wake." Anne laughed again.

"Well suppose this person. " April was searching for the words. "Not aware of your interest." Anne finished. "Yes. Exactly." April said. "Well." Anne was thinking. "I am usually strait forward and make my intentions clear. Wear something sexy and try to formulate a plan. Sometimes the situations call for improvising." April laughed.

"I actually just got a plan." "What is it?" Anne asked. "Force." April laughed again. "If I can get the person tied up I am sure I can change their mind." "April!" Anne laughed. "I suppose that is true. I usually get my way when there is a cock in my mouth. How on earth will you set that up?" "I have a plan for that part but I need to set petite babe liona sparks up a sensual sex with her man the bed.

Cmon sis I could use your help." April can easily get Malissa into bed but tying her up is another issue. The girls grabbed another beer and found some rope in the garage. They headed to April's room to set it up. "I have to admit April." Anne laughed. "I like the change in you." "I know." April was having fun thinking this may actually work. "If we tie the rope to the four corners of the bed I can attach it from there." "How?

Oh forget it." Anne said. "You seem to have a plan. The rope will have to be the right length and it will have to be hidden." "Yes. Here." April patted the bed. "Sit." Anne did so and they worked on a knot that wouldn't hurt. The girls were clueless but after several tries they found a slipknot worked great. "OK. We have to set the length. Lay down." April pointed to the center of the bed. Anne moved to the center of the bed and April affixed a rope on each wrist and ankle.

One by one she pulled each limb to a corner and fastened it easily to the bed. April actually tied it to the feet so that when they were off she could hide it under her bed. "OK. How's that?" Anne gave a few tugs and found she had very limited movement. "Good." Anne was laughing. "Now what?" "You want to know how I'm going to do it don't you?" April said. "OK. Play along for a sec and I'll show you." "OK." Anne was still laughing as the beer slowly took effect.

The girls had actually been drinking all day and they both had a buzz going. April playfully hoped on the bed and laid down next to Anne. "Hey baby." She said in a sexy voice. "Now that you are at my mercy I am going to do things to you that nobody has ever done before." April started rubbing her body. Anne was now laughing harder. "Stop. I'm ticklish." She cried. April would have none of it. She and Anne had not gotten along this well in five years.

"Never. You are at my mercy." April mocked and started kissing her neck and grabbing her tits. "My my little lady.

What a great tits you have." "April." Anne was quite ticklish and fought with her restraints. "OK OK. you win. Now let me up." April suddenly realized that the sight of Anne tied down was turning her on. The way Anne struggled made her tits move and it was very inviting.

April realized how hard it was for men to resist such a beautiful woman. April continued to rub her body and kiss her neck and Anne continue to fight her. "April stop." Anne started to plead. "I understand." "No I don't think so." April said. "I think I am going to take advantage of this beautiful body." April was trying to play like it was still part of the act and straddled her waist.

April ran her hands up Anne's shirt and started to kneed Anne's bra-less tits. She ran her hand over the tops and dragged her mry amateur tied up and fucked hard nipples through her fingers. "April! Stop." Anne said. "You're going too far. I know you will get what you want but let me up." April was now kissing her bare stomach.

She continued to play with Anne's tits and tease her nipples. Anne started to fight a little harder but April skilled babe taking care of big dick her protests and started to kiss her was down her stomach. "April. NO. Stop I am you sister." Anne said. April grabbed her sweats and yanked them down. This was a problem because they would only come down to her knees and they were pulling Anne's legs together.

April grabbed teen story new february teen story new fuck scissors they used to cut the rope and cut one leg of her sweats away. "April STOP!" Anne was getting scared now. "What's come over you?" "I love you sister." April looked her in the eye. "Relax and enjoy yourself and let me show you what a good sister I have become." Anne tried to close her legs but she couldn't close them enough to stop April.

April lower her head and slowly ran her tongue up her sister's cunt. It was wet. Anne couldn't help it. Her last boyfriend use to tie her up and she used to cum very hard as he had his way with her. April and Anne locked eyes as April sucked her clit into her wet mouth. "Ohhh. Stop April. this is not right." Anne struggled with her own desire now. April moaned and licked back down to her entrance and worked her tongue into her cunt. "Ohhh. April. Plea. " Anne trailed off.

She savored the taste of Anne's juice as she continued to probe her pussy with her tongue. April was still working on Anne's tits but she moved one hand down and ran a finger along Anne's slit. Anne was starting to succumb to April's excellent tongue.

April still locked eyes with Anne and raised her head so Anne could actually see her tongue working on her pussy. Anne could actually see her own excitement all over April's face. April slowly sucked her clit in and held it between her lips while her tongue ran across the tip. April slowly and deliberately repeated this act several times and Anne found her body responding and her resistances fading.

April moved her tongue between Anne's engorged lips and worked her finger into her soaked cunt. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. " Anne's hips raised to try and draw more of her finger into her aching cunt. "Doesn't it feel good to have a soft smooth face between your legs Anne." April moaned between licks. Anne's eyes were finally closed and she was constantly moaning.

April could feel Anne start to flow and knew she was getting close to cumming. "Anne I want to taste your cum. Cum all over my face." April inserted a second finger and increased the tempo with her tongue. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. God April. " April's words were turning Anne on and she was lost in passion. "Cum Anne. Cum on me." April was moaning. "Ahhh. I'm going to cum.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh April. Ohhhh. Ohhhh. Ohhhh. " Anne's was humping April's big natural tits babe railed in the cab to off her fare. "Ahhhh Ohhhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhh Ohhh. " April was rewarded with so much cum she couldn't swallow it fast enough and it ran down her hand and on to the bed. April couldn't get enough of her sisters pussy and she continued to lick her until she completely cleaned off her cunt.

April finally stopped and let Anne come down to earth. Anne didn't even feel April release her legs and get out of bed. April quickly striped off her clothes and grabbed her vibrator. April also cut the rest of Anne' clothes off and straddled her sister. April leaned down until their tits were touching and waited until Anne was back to normal.

"Did you like that?" April smiled. Anne was looking at April with a soft smile but didn't say anything.

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She was still tied up and she could feel April's firm tits pressed against hers and her shaved cunt pressing against her lower stomach. In fact, ever where April's soft hot body touched Anne she felt it.

The feel of her legs at her sides and her arms up by her shoulders. Anne couldn't stop thinking about what her sister just did to her. April's hands were lightly tracing her ears and Anne felt her body shudder. She had to admit it was one of the hardest orgasms she has ever had and now she was getting excited again.

April closed the final distance and kissed Anne softly. Anne felt it down to her cunt. Anne couldn't believe a woman, let alone her own sister, could have such an impact on her.

April practically raped her yet the softness of another woman and her desire for her sister was overwhelming. Anne's body responded for her and she returned the soft kiss. Anne felt April's tongue part her lips and she moaned. For several minutes April and Anne kissed slow and soft but as the desire rose so did the intensity of the kiss.

April reached down between their bodies and ran her finger up and down Anne's slit. "Mmmmmmm. April. God. " Anne was moaning again. "Did you like my mouth Anne?" April asked. April was dripping onto Anne's stomach and slowly grinding into her sister's pelvic area.

"Yes." Anne hesitated. "God April I never knew anything could feel so good. I have never had anybody eat me so well." "Are you ready for me?" April asked and sank her finger all the way up her cunt. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes. " Anne was so horny she stayed wet. April pulled her finger free and moved up Anne's body until her clean cunt was only inches from Anne's mouth.

Anne was now very curious and extremely excited. April quickly released her hands and guided her dripping cunt to Anne's anxious mouth. Curvy euro harlots endure banging hardcore groupsex immediately grabbed her sister's ass and pulled her tight to her mouth and tasted her first pussy. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. " April moaned. "Yes. Anne make me cum." Anne loved the taste of another woman.

She loved the smell and the way her soft folds felt against her tongue. Anne ran one finger along April's slit and she came. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh ohhhh. God Anne. Oooooooooohhhhhhhh. " April cried as she bucked her hips against her sisters eager mouth. Anne felt the flood off cum against her chin and mouth. She swallowed all she could and proceeded to clean as much of April's pussy as she could. April fell forward and leaned against the headboard as she tried to steady herself.

Anne finished cleaning April and scooted out from under her sister. April felt her sister's tits against her back as Anne leaned in and hugged her. "That was the best sex I have ever had. I just can't believe it was with my own sister." Anne said. "You are so 40 plus mags fuck sons friend sexy.

I think. no I know I am bisexual now. I have thought about it in the past but I know I would have never acted on it" Anne had grabbed the vibrator when she got up and now readied it at April's unsuspecting cunt. "It is now my turn to please you." Anne sank the vibrator deep into April. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhh Annnnnnnnneee. Ohhhhh." April screamed. Anne turned on the vibrator and reached around her and worked her slick finger over her clit.

April came almost immediately. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. don't stop. don't stop. Ohhhhhh myyy Gooooodddd Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneee." April was now screaming. Anne felt her hand getting wet and the vibrator coated with April's cum. Anne started to kiss the back of April's neck. "Mmmm. damn April.

You are so sexy. I still can't believe you seduced me." Anne was lightly running her hands over April's body waiting for her to come down. April finally turned around and kissed Anne passionately. "Wow. I came fast and hard. I was so horny." April said. "I don't know what has come over you but I like it?" Anne said. "I will tell you later. Right now it is my turn to use this on you." Anne smiled and laid on her back and spread her legs for April. April positioned herself between her sister's legs and this time she went slowly.

She wanted to taste all of her. Enjoy the feel of her body and the sounds she made. April started again to lick Anne's cunt.

"Ohhhhh. April." Anne was already squirming. "You are so soft." April parted her wet lips with her tongue and slowly made love to her sister. April and Anne made love one more time that afternoon. The girls finished in the shower and they made some dinner. April made some margaritas and they sat down to eat. After dinner they went swimming and continued to talk. "So April I have to ask you." Anne said as she adriana chechik johnny sins in tonights girlfriend up to April.

"What happened to you. You seem so different." "Bad different or good different?" April smiled. "Well good different of course but your just not as. mean as you used to be." Anne finished. "Well its kind of a long story." April said. "We have all night." Anne smiled. April ended up telling Anne the whole story and it led to another love making session between the sisters. The End