Yonitale orgasm of stunning ariel lilit a

Yonitale orgasm of stunning ariel lilit a
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An affair to remember It all started the day I got the phone call from the university I wanted to transfer to, they had an opening mid semester and I arrived late on a rainy day and had a class which I was now late for. I dumped my bags in my dorm room and headed straight over to my first class with Professor McDonald, the head of the art department who was teaching the class about compositions and colours, I was drenched from the rain by the time I reached the art studio, when I run in to class with a black parka on, low-rise jeans and white ripped tank top and no underwear on which left nothing to the imagination, my hair started to curl with the wetness although a bit messed looked not to bad.

I hand him my transfer slip just before he is about to give me into trouble for being late, that's when he got the phone call, which looked to be a disturbing one at that and excused himself from the studio to his office to continue his conversation. When he returned he looked upset, not his usual composed self and had forgotten completely to yell at me.

All the class continued with their compositions but it appeared to me that he was looking more and more unhinged as the minutes past, he tells everyone 'continue with your composition, ill be back in a little while' and he walks back into his office closing the door behind him. I take a seat at an empty canvas and easel, I remove my coat and sit waiting on his return for my instructions, when he hadn't returned I decided to go and check on him being that he looked so upset, just to make sure nothing was too untoward after his strange phone call and also trying to get myself off the hook for being late.

#Let me tell you about Professor McDonald before we continue into the events that are about to unfold, he is around fifty but boy does he look good, if you didn't know you would think he was maybe in his early forties, he is around 6 foot, well built, muscles, just a touch of grey in the sides of his black hair, piercing blue eyes, well groomed and impeccable taste in clothes, women, food, art, presents and cars.

# *Knocks on his office door* with no reply I open the door slowly and quietly to see Professor McDonald quietly sobbing on the couch in the corner of his office, I walk in cautiously saying 'Sir, are you okay?'.

He looks up at me with a deer in the headlights look of not only being caught crying but by one of his new younger students. He jumps up and hurries over to close the door behind me, but stumbles on a red and black persian rug in the process and pushes me against the door closing it and pining me.

His arms at my shoulders pushing on the door holding me in-between, I freeze not sure of what to do. His face only inches amateur chics get a taste of each other mine, I feel his breath on my face, the minty coolness of his breath, and I look up at him with uncertainty and wanting.

We stand like this for what felt like an hour but was possible more like five minutes, just as I am about to say something he leans down to kiss me in the most passionate way I have ever been kissed.

His hands move from the door to my shoulders and then my back, they start to tremble as he reaches down to the waistband of my low-rise jeans, his hands roaming furiously over my ass as he grabs my ass and lifts me up, automatically I wrap my long toned legs around him, I can feel hard throbbing cock pressed against the crotch of my jeans as he grinds against me pushing me hard on the steel cold door.

My hands are running through his hair as we kiss so passionately shoving his tongue in my mouth, our tongues dance together, tasting mint and coffee as they do.

I start unbutton his black shirt as I am getting into the atmosphere of what's happening, he suddenly breaks the lip lock session and heads south, reaching my heaving chest he pulls my t-shirt off and starts to tease my already erect nipples, twirling his tongue around the pale pink of my areolas, sucking on my nipple and even nibbling on them ever so gently, as I start to moan he realises who he is with and pulls away from my breasts, letting go of my ass as he has to figured out what he has just done.

He backs away from me, leaving me leaning against the door breathing heavy, covering my breasts with my arm as I pick up my tank top and fixing my lip-gloss, he speaks so quietly repeating only these four words 'I'm sorry, so sorry.

I'm sorry, so sorry.' over and over again as he sits on the couch he was just sobbing in fifteen minutes previous to what had just happened. I stand up and walk towards him stopping to fix the crumpled up persian rug he had stumbled over making sure nothing was out of place incase anyone were to walk in.

I stand in front of him my crotch at his face level, looking down at him waiting for an explanation for what had just happened. He looks at my crotch then looks up at me and asks me to sit next to him on the brown leather couch, I do as he asks and sits beside him facing him with my legs folded under my butt and my hands on my lap.

He turns to me placing his hand atop mine, saying to me 'what we have just done was a mistake and was inappropriate, it was my fault Lexi not yours, I was swept up in my emotions and you came into my office with your sweet smell and smiling face to check on me'. He goes onto rub my hand and then rests his hand on my thigh. I ask 'what was the phone call was about sir?' he replies 'call me Andrew', he sighs 'my daughter has been rushed into hospital because she madam ne student se chudi her baby whilst she was on holiday to Canada.' By this time all I can hear the rain battering on the window as he is now stroking my upper thigh, my eyes glaze over and I go into my mind thinking 'what he is going to do next and how could he do that when thinking about his daughter?' But the next thing I know there's a knock at the door before anything else can happen The Dean of the university enters.

I have never seen Professor McDonald move so quickly to get away from me in all the time I have known him as he did at the moment The Dean came into his office.

The Dean asked me to leave so she could talk to Professor McDonald, so I got up from the sofa and left them to it. #Let me give you a little description of The Dean she is in her mid forties, a good looking woman for her age, she has light blonde hair, about 5'5 in height, medium build, I'd say she's maybe 38B, and did I mention the Professor McDonald and The Dean are married?

Didn't think I did. As you have probably guessed they have a daughter of 21 together Anna, we went to high school together not that we were ever friends though. The Dean couldn't even tell her husband about their daughter face to face she had to phone him, which lead to the events between him and I.

Not a great marriage I would say.# As I walk out his office everyone looks up at me, #have you ever wondered what its like for everyone to be staring at you? Well I now know.# I got over to where I was sitting and started on my composition, just at the moment The Dean storms out of Professor McDonald office red in the face staring at me, then Professor McDonald come out looking quiet smug about something or another.

He then goes on to say 'class is over for today everyone leave immediately, except for you Lexi' pointing at me. *I go red in the face* as everyone goes 'Ohh the new girls in trouble, Lexi's in trouble' then leaves me there alone with Professor McDonald.

I sit at my workspace waiting on what the Professor is going to say or even do, as I am thinking this he walks to the door and locks it, placing the key in the left hand pocket of his tight jeans.

He goes into the wardrobe cupboard where all the outfits are kept for when we have to sketch live models, and I'm wondering what the hell is going on?! He appears some ten minutes later with a little black dress and a pair of six inch dominatrix black patent shoes; I furrow my brow not knowing what he is expecting from me and that outfit.

He notions for me to follow him into his office I follow him warily inside, by this time he has placed the dress and shoes on the leather couch. 'Get changed into the dress and shoes now Lexi!' he commands, #I don't know whether it was shock or fright maybe even a little submission on my part but I did as I was told for the first time in my life.# He leaves me in his office to change, I remove my hot pink doc martin boots first, then my ripped tank top, I pull the tight material of the dress over my milky white 36C breasts and blush coloured erect nipples, stretching it over them looking like the dress is painted on my breasts, then I pull it down to the top of my jeans, unbuttoning my jeans sliding them down over my milky thighs then they hit the floor with a thud, finally pulling the dress down under my ass cheeks just covering them.

I think to myself #what a day not to wear any underwear#. As I'm about to walk out I remember the shoes and go back for them, pulling them on and buckling the three straps to the buckles on each shoe, I teeter out to the Professor, as I don't normally wear high heels, he is sitting at his desk across the room.

I stop as I see him look up from his omahunter high mature woman has sex with hot teen girl masturbation sucking he has been reading while I changed.

He gets up and walks over to a red velvet chaise long says 'sit there Lexi and ill change your position in a cock hungry cougar julia ann rides boy toys face and motions me to sit for him, I nod and do as I am told not wanting to upset anything after all I was late and he wants to paint me.

I sit down he hurries over to a covered canvas that's placed on an easel, slowly pulling the dust sheet from it, he has already painted the chaise and was just waiting on the right muse to finish the painting, I guess I am that muse.

I pull the dress down trying to keep everything covered and my modesty in tact since after all it is my first day. He come back over to me and positions me the way he'd like me to lay, by this point my bald pussy is out on show as he has placed one leg over the side of the chaise and the other dangling over the edge.

My head on a white leather pillow and my left arm placed under my left breast with the left hand placed gently atop my right breast whilst my right arm is draped falling off the chaise and onto the floor. As I lay there I start to wonder if this is how university professors normally do business and ask Professor McDonald 'I don't think this is appropriate Professor McDonald, shouldn't you have a model or something for this?' with a sadistic look upon his face says 'how do you think you got in to this university mid semester Lexi?

Did you really think it is because of your genius creativity and brilliant use of compositions? Of course they didn't you silly girl I'm the reason your here. I WANT YOU!!!

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I NEED YOU!!! I remember when I first saw you at school with my daughter Anna, and I knew from that moment I would have you as my muse!' I sit up looking at him stunned with my mouth open willing for the words to come forth.

I stutter 'Pppprofessor McDonald you mean you put my application through?

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I always thought you were staring at me but I just figured it was just my imagination because I always had a crush on you when I was in high school. I can't believe you brought me here on scholarship so you could use me for your muse and guilty pleasures!' As I go to get up he blocks my path to the office where my clothes are, holding my shoulders then kisses me like before hard and fast, passionate and dirty.

Pushing me back onto the chaise I lay back for him, he pushes between my legs and lies on top of me still kissing me holding my hands above my head. As horny homo with a booty gets mouth and ass fucked hard tube porn lay there his hand wanders down to my breast tweaking my nipples, still with my arms held above my head, his hand travels again down to between my legs, he finds my rosebud clit and starts to rub gently but picking up speed I start to moan softly arching my back.

I bite my bottom lip and close my eyes as Professor McDonald starts using his tongue on my nipples still rubbing at my clit, slipping a finger in my slit. He releases my arms and unbuttoned his denims, pushing then down letting his thick 6 inch cock pop out hitting my clit, he rubs the mushroom head of his cock against my lips, feeling my wetness pushes and slides half the way in, I open my eyes wide realising what is happening.

He lets out a gasp and says 'oh god Lexi you're so tight and wet' he pushes more, inching in little by little till he is all the way in. He grunts as he slides in and out of the warmth of my tight pussy, I wrap my legs around him locking them under his ass, the heels of my shoes digging into his thighs, I pull his shirt off and run my freed hands down his back dragging my nails I hear him moan, he grabs my arms pinning them above my head again using them as an anchor as he starts to pick up pace and fuck me hard.

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I close my eyes moving my hips to meet his as our pelvic bones collide, he lowers his head to rest on sexy girl get fucked hard in hq neck I feel his heavy breath against my skin, I lean down and nibble on his ear making him almost cum instantly, he looks up grunting as he starts to give me an orgasm he cums inside me, he keeps rocking back and forth till he is spent.

He gets off me pulling his trousers up as he walks over to the canvas he says 'don't dare move Lexi!', I lay there spent no able to move anyway, he starts to paint me as his spent muse laying there smelling of sex. Dress around my waist no long even looking like a dress more like a corset for the waist, legs apart on either side of the chaise arms above my head still in place, I turn my head ever so slightly to look at him with bedroom eyes and a slight pouted smirk, he paints for an hour or so then tells me 'get cleaned up, there is a shower in my office.' I unbuckle the shoes and sway into his office sliding the dress off as I walk leaving it laying the middle of the studio floor as I enter his office.

I go into the bathroom and as I turn the shower on I feel a presence in the room, it's Professor McDonald back for round two in the shower, he pushes me against the glass wall and is about to enter me from behind when we hear his wife The Dean in the studio calling 'Andrew, Andrew?' he rushes out to meet her leaving me in the shower unsure what to do so I clean up and hurry to get dressed trying to make my hair look as dry as possible.

I crouch hiding behind the leather couch in his office just encase The Dean and him come in, the door opens I peek under the couch to see just Professor McDonalds feet I stand up from behind the couch, he looks at me with sadness and wanting in his eyes. 'Professor that's was close, too close' 'I told you to call me Andrew' 'Ok Andrew that was close, too close. Better?' 'I have a private studio downtown Lexi maybe I could paint you there instead?

The address is unit 12 on Church St, do you know it?' I nod writing my phone number down leaving it on his desk then I grab my coat and bag, leaving him there watching me leave. ************************************************************************************************************************** My phone rings around eleven am, I let the answering machine pick it up, four days of hiding in my room alone and not going to class, Professor McDonald phones leaving a me a message saying 'why have you not been attending class this week Lexi?

I need to see you ASAP! Phone me back right away.' I ignore the message like the four before it and fall back to sleep, I wake up to hear my door being knocked, not thinking straight having been awoken from my sleep I rush over to get it falling over various items of clothing I have left laying on the floor.

As I reach the door I see Professor McDonald through the spy hole, I gasp and put my back against the door sliding down to sexy milf aire fresco get fucked good floor. I can hear him asking people that are passing if they have seen me lately, he doesn't get anywhere asking people so leaves a package at the front of my door. I stand back up as he walks away, I look through the spy hole till I see him leave then I go to the window and see him getting into his car before I open the door to get the package which turns out to be a box with a bow on top.

I pick up the package that is placed at my door and take it inside, placing it on the coffee table I sit looking at for about twenty minutes it unsure whether to open it or not. Eventually I pluck up the courage to open the box to see what is inside, it is the little black dress, the three buckle six inch black patent dominatrix shoes and an envelope.

I leave the dress and shoes inside the box and take the envelope out sitting it next to the package, I look at it wondering what the heck it is about, I go and make a cup of sweet tea, taking a sip I coming back to the table I lift the envelope and open it slowly. As a pull the letter out a key falls on doggy style fucking of a lascivious floozy the floor with a clatter, I reach down picking the key up and put it on the table, I continue to open the letter to see what it has to say.

The letter reads, ' To my dearest Lexi, please talk to me or meet me in a public place, I just need to see you, to smell your sweet smell and see you beautiful face. Inside is a key to my studio the one we spoke about I will be there from five pm till 12 midnight everyday this week waiting on you.

Always yours, Andrew X'. I sit down in the armchair with the letter in one hand and the letter in the other, pondering what to do.

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I think to myself 'Should I go or just call him? What does he really want? Do I want this to go any further?'. Eventually I decide to call him on his mobile number that was on the header of the letter. The phone rings twice and he answers, 'Lexi? Is that you?' 'Yes Profess…Andrew, its me.' 'Lexi will you meet me now?

Please!' ' Um…I can't, I don't think we should meet outside of class again, I mean you're my professor and I'm your student it should stay that way shouldn't it?' he pauses thinking about what he can do to persuade me mom forced son hot sex storys download change my mind. 'Well Lexi, lets try meeting in public because it cannot just be a professional relationship as we have went this far now.' I start thinking about what he has just said and the tone he said it in is sounding very sinister right now.

'Fine I will meet you, where do you want to meet?' 'how about the train station it is as public as you can get, platform 3 four pm?' 'ok that's fine I will be sitting on a bench waiting.' 'oh Lexi could you please wear the dress and shoes?

Please?! Pleaase!' I pause thinking no harm could come from that since we will be in a public place. 'Ok, you have a deal Andrew, four pm at the station.' 'Thank you Lexi' I hang up the phone, throwing it on the table.

I look at the clock its three pm already I rush in a shower to get ready to meet him, I tie my hair up in a pony tail to save me time washing it.

I come out of the shower putting on my underwear, then the little black dress and finally the black patent shoes, which I cannot walk in but I said I would so I will wear them. Now shall I put a coat on or not I think to myself as I look at the clock realising its quarter to four and the station is twenty minutes away, no time for a coat I call a taxi to get me there on time.

I arrive at the station at dead on four pm, I hurry out of the taxi and into the station trying to move quickly to get to the platform but in super hardcore anal bondage xxx car jacking suspect gets the jacking he deserves shoes its impossible.

I get the escalators to platform 3 as I go up there is no one there, I walk over to a bench in the middle of the platform and sit down to wait on Andrew. I think to myself 'he would pick the one platform which only one train a day goes into knowing there wont be anyone around except the people going to the monument.' I look over at the clock on the wall of the platform its now twenty past four, I look down at my hands thinking how could I have been so stupid to come here like this when I hear footsteps, I look to my left and its Andrew.

I look at him in disgust for being late and leaving me sitting here dressed like this for thirty minutes. He sits next to me, placing his hand on my thigh he grasps at my flesh making it redden, 'why do you not have a coat on Lexi?' 'I was running late and didn't have time to pick one up, but by yours standards I was very early!' his hand moves up my thigh till he reaches my underwear and he has a puzzled look on his face. 'why do you have underwear on?' 'because we are meeting in public and we are not going there again.' He edges closer to me grabbing my face and kissing me, I push him away as I hear the train coming in.

'Don't!, I do not want this with you.' 'well Lexi I'm not sorry for doing it and I will do it again if I get the chance to' as I am about to answer him The Dean comes along the platform to us, stopping in front of me, looking down at me and grabbing Andrew's hand leading him away from me.

He follows behind her looking back at me as I look at him from the bench. End Of Part 1