Awesome blonde teen anal masturbation on webcam

Awesome blonde teen anal masturbation on webcam
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Those who haven't read first part please do so. Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes. I picked up the sheet to look down at her and instead of the green eyed beauty I had grown accustomed to seeing I saw her blue eyed sister.

I nearly jumped out of my skin. "Tammy What the hell do you think your doing? Tina would be pissed at both of us if she came in." I cried. "She left for work already and she seemed to have so much fun last night sucking public park sex and a facial with katie you I wanted to try it." She answered pouting a little. "Just a little, Please." "I must be nuts." I thought to myself as I said aloud "Ok just a little." It was so neat watching you guys fuck last night and I thought she was going to suck your dick right off for a while.

Then when she wanted you to fuck her ass I couldn't believe it. Do you do it that way a lot?" She asked as she washed me down.

"No, that was the first time we had anal." I answered. "It was cool!

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I came once while watching you, then I did it again so you could watch." she giggled. "You know Tina saw you playing with yourself last night." I casually mentioned. "You're kidding." She gasped "No, I'm serious. We both watched when you came before you went to sleep. Then she made me fuck her again. She got so horny watching you. She said she needed it again." I answered. "Oh my God! How will I face her." She asked. "Just pretend it never happened.

What the hell. She saw you play with yourself but you watched her get ass fucked and heard her beg for it." I pointed out. She giggled again and gave me a hug. "Let's get out of here and get ready to go or we're going to be late picking Tina up." We finished our shower and got the bags into the car. We made it to the Drug Store were Tina worked just as she was walking out the door.

Perfect timing. She jumped in and we were off.

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I turned onto the road and headed for the highway to get to the beach as soon as possible. Since Tammy and I had had more sleep than Tina we were barely on the road before she fell asleep. I drove and Tammy sat in the back seat. We tried to be quiet so Tina could get some rest so I just concentrated on the road. After a while I glanced in the mirror sell your gf birthday present shaved pussy and cunnilingus Tammy and she had her head back on the seat and was breathing heavy.

I tilted the mirror down and as I suspected she was diddling herself in the car while we were driving. "God she is a horny little bitch" ran thru my mind as I looked back up at her face and saw her smiling back at me. I think she played with herself the whole trip.

She certainly had me horny as hell. We arrived at the motel in mid afternoon got checked in quickly and started to settle into the room. Steve had taken care of me. The room was what they call a Jr. Suite. It had two king sized beds a couch and a couple of chairs with a TV in a sitting area a table and a huge bathroom with an enormous walk in shower.

The girls started to unpack while I laid down. It was only a few minutes before I heard sounds of unhappiness. I opened my eyes and asked, "What's wrong?" "Neither of us thought to bring a swim suit so we have to go to the beach in shorts and t shirts." Tina told me. "We just are disappointed because we wanted to get some sun. Go back to sleep, we'll wake you in an hour." "No I'm awake, and I wanted to walk down to the liquor store anyway, to get some wine for later." Both girls brightened at the idea of sneaking alcohol as both were under the drinking age.

"and soda for those who aren't 21 yet" I added, just to be a shit. I actually had another idea. I had notice a women's clothing store about a block away when we had been driving in and I figured to surprise the girls with swim suits. I got up hot ladies acquire happy to max smalltits and homemade headed out. The store was well stocked, small boutique type. A little higher end than I anticipated but that's what they make credit cards for.

I picked out a bikini that I new would make any red blooded male drool. It had a small triangle in the front to cover their pussies and just enough to keep from getting arrested in the back. (This was before the days of thongs and getting arrested for bearing too much was a possibility) The tops were not much more than strings with little triangles of cloth.

I got two black and two white. One of each color for each girl at the same time I saw a little black dress that look so good on the mannequin that it made me horny, so I figured that it would be dynamite on the girls I got two of those also. I knew they did not have any dress clothes with them and I do like to go out for dinner and dancing when I am on vacation.

I haggled with the shop owner about the price, threatening to leave it all until she knocked off 33%. She still made a bundle on me at $350 but I felt better. When I got back to the room I handed the girls one of the bags I had. The one with the black bikinis in it and told them to try them on. Their eyes went wide when they saw them and wider still when they saw the price tags. They ran into the bathroom together and giggled and ohed and awed while they got dressed.

After a few minutes Tina stuck her head out and said. "We can't wear these we'll get arrested. There's not much cloth here" "Come on out and let me see" I answered With that Tammy pushed past her and said "I'm not afraid!" She was a sight! It fit perfectly. I had got a size smaller than they needed. The girls thought they were tight but every crack and crevice was visible. Perfect!Tina came out behind her sister.

I paid both of them some very sincere compliments and finally Tina agreed that they did look hot. So off to the beach we went for the late afternoon sun. I admit to feeling 10 feet tall. A beautiful scantily clad girl on each arm. I felt like a real stud. The beach was nearly empty this late in the day. We laid our towels down and headed for the water.

A few minutes of splashing and dunking and generally messing around and I felt someone swim between my legs and reach up and grab my cock and pull it out of my trunks. Then Tammy surfaces in front of me. She's giggling and stroking my dick. Then just as suddenly she let go and swam away. I quickly stuffed my hardon back into my trunks and then Tina swam up to me.

She put her arms around me and gave me a kiss. Then with one hand she reached down and freed my straining member. Now that it's waving in the water she slowly slid down under the water and proceeded to give me a blow job on the beach. She stayed down for as long as she could hold her breath and then surfaced again.

"I'll finish that later." She said as she stuffed me back into my trunks. Now, I was exceedingly horny, I needed to cum now! But it was not to be. Just at this time they decided to head back to the room to get some dinner.

We picked up our stuff and went back to the room. "Tammy, you get the shower first then we'll follow together, it'll be faster that way" Tina said as we entered the room. "Your just trying to get me out of the way so you can do the nasty, but that's ok I'll co-operate" Tammy laughed in response as she ducked into the bathroom. She wasn't wrong. As soon as the door closed I untied Tina's strings and jumped her bones.

Between Tammy playing with my dick in the water and Tina sucking me off under water, not to mention the two of them looking like twins in one size to small bikinis I was more than ready. I stuck my hand into Tina's twat and found she was as wet and ready as I was. I wasted no time in sinking my cock fully into her. She wrapped her legs around me and I plunged my meat into her until she came with a shudder and a gasp.

She tried to push me off, but I wasn't done. "I want to finish what I started on the beach", she giggled at me. So I pulled out and sat on the edge of the bed while she got on her knees between my legs and took me into her mouth. She was working me expertly and I was close to cumming, then I glanced up at the bathroom door and saw Tammy peeking out watching me get my blow job. I just smiled at her as I blew my cum into Tina's mouth just as she was on the down stroke. It went right down her throat as she pulled off and took the rest in her mouth drinking every drop.

As she finished Tammy quietly closed the door. She gave us just enough time to get clothes on again before shouting "I hope you to sex fiends are finished because I'm coming out." With no more warning she walked out wearing only panties and a towel in front of her drying herself.

"Tammy, put some clothes on or Jack will see you." Tina told her sister. "Well he's already seen you and we look just alike, so what. Besides if we're going to be sharing this room for the curvy riku sena swallowed a stiff dick 4 days we will be seeing a lot of each other" Tammy answered.

"You're turning into such a slut" Tina told her. "Just like my older sister." Tammy answered with a laugh. Tina and I went into the bathroom and got quick showers, with only a minimum of feeling up and sucking. When we were through we pulled on our casual clothes for a walk on the boardwalk and a meal of junk food. We spent the next couple of hours walking the boards, riding the rides and eating the food. It was getting near 10 and we were all tired so we returned to the room and opened the wine I had bought for a quiet drink.

Both girls thanked me for the trip and told me how wonderful I was and my head swelled so much that we were in danger of having to get another room just to fit it in. Soon the wine was gone and we were all sleepy. Tammy went to the bathroom to get changed into her oversized T shirt while Tina and I stripped down and crawled under the covers. Tina was a little apprehensive that I was sleeping nude but she didn't dwell on it as she was too tired. I dropped off instantly, even before Tammy came out of the bathroom.

As usual when I drink, I awoke about 3 hours later needing to empty my bladder and get a drink of water. I made it to the bathroom and then slid back into bed. I snuggled up against Tina and found her T shirt had ridden up over her ass. I felt my dick slide into the crack of her ass and it felt good. I knew I was taking a chance but I reached around under her shirt and put a hand on her naked tit. I gently traced circles around her nipple and then slowly stroked over top of the tip, just teasing it.

They hardened almost instantly. So I moved mom and sans xxx storys hand down over her ass and to her pussy. With her legs pulled up I had easy access from the rear. I found she was wet and ready for entry as I slid a finger in and gently worked it in and out of her hole, trying to get her hotter.

I met with success as she pushed her ass back against me and started to wiggle around in her sleep. I worked another finger in and then a third. Now her juices were really flowing.

I pulled my fingers out and slid my dick sexy hot teen tight ass dildos on webcam to her hole. Manipulating it with my hand I worked it back and forth between her lips and then slowly slid it deep inside her. She groaned with satisfaction as I slowly pumped back and forth. I was working her into frenzy and she was still mostly asleep. So I pulled out and rolled over on my back.

She whimpered at having lost what she craved and rolled over onto gorgeous ebony woman with huge tits once again. She mounted me in a second, stripped off her T shirt, and was riding me with lust filled abandon. I looked over at the other bed and saw Tammy sitting up leaning on one arm, watching us. Her other hand was buried between her legs, working her own twat while she watched her sister fuck my dick. By now Tina was fully awake but only interested in my cock in her pussy.

I looked into her eyes harish sex story and won said, "Tammy's awake and watching us." "Oh Shit." was her only response as she looked over at her sister. But she didn't miss a stroke.

"Tammy if you want to see better come over sexy lassies pleasure boners in an orgy I said. Tammy slid right out of bed and joined us on our bed. Her face less than a foot away step brother fucking a viagra first time pornstars hardcore my cock sliding into her sisters cunt.

I reached over and turned on the bedside light and said. "Tammy if you're going to watch then get naked." She looked at me than at her sister and hesitated only a second before peeling off her shirt revealing her nakedness for all of us. "Now lay back and keep fingering yourself so Tina can watch you." I ordered. By now Tina was in continuous orgasm mode, just one small orgasm after another non-stop.

Tammy slid up on the bed so she was next to me and was plunging her fingers into her pussy and working her clit with her thumb. I reached over and tweaked her nearest nipple with one hand while I did the same to Tina. We kept this up for a minute or so when I moved my hand down to Tina's clit.

I applied pressure and rubbed back and forth on her bud. She was building to a massive orgasm and I wanted it to be her best. At the same time I moved my other hand down to Tammy's box and stuck two fingers inside her and manipulated her clit with my thumb. She was also ready. I knew I would not last much longer either and then it came. I shot my baby juice deep into Tina's womb.

The sensation of my hot cum slamming deep inside her pushed her over the edge and she came with a gush of girlcum and a scream, the sounds and smells that were released gave Tammy what she needed to finish also and she came with a shudder and a groan. We all collapsed in a heap and passed out.

I woke a few hours later with sunlight streaming into the room. I had an arm wrapped around each beautiful sister and their heads on my chest, each had a leg laying over mine, both sleeping soundly and smiling.

What could be better, two beautiful sexy women in my bed sleeping contentedly. "Life is good." I thought as I dropped back off to dreamland. I thought I was still in dreamland later when I awoke. I could feel a set of lips sliding up and down my dick and a tongue swirling around it. Over and over it was a wonderful way to wake up and I was getting used to it. I let out a groan of pleasure and the blowjob stopped for an instant and then started again asTina wrapped her arms around me and gave me a kiss.

"Wait a minute you're up here kissing me, who's sucking my cock?" even as I asked Tina the question I knew it had to be Tammy giving me the blowjob while her sister was in bed with me. I was still groggy and my brain was not quite working yet. "I didn't think you would mind, I decided to teach Tammy how to suck cock." Tina answered.

"How's she doing?" "Either you are a great teacher or she is an excellent student." I groaned in response. "I'm not going to last much longer.

"That's OK go ahead and cum in her mouth. But wait until I get there I want to watch you blow you cum into my sister's mouth. This is so hot!" she said as she slid back down. I pulled the sheet off so I could also see. The sight that greeted me was breathtaking. Tammy was on my right with her lips wrapped around my dick, working it up and down and Tina was on my left with her nose and mouth only inches away from my dick.

I stared for a few seconds playing with a biggest ramrod deepthroat and blowjob then I felt the familiar swelling in my prick and the rushing of cum from my balls and down my shaft. Then the release as it gushed into Tammy's mouth.

"Don't swallow, hold it in your mouth." Tina ordered her sister. I was soon finished and my dick slipped out of Tammy's mouth. She was looking at her sister with chipmunk cheeks, all puffed out. "I want to taste it too"Tina said as she leaned over and kissed her sister, opening her mouth and pushing her tongue between Tammy's lips. Tammy hesitated at first then relaxed as Tina's tongue worked around her own as they shared my cum.

They soon broke the kiss and each girl swallowed what they each had in their mouths. Tammy looked at les wild teens diva jenny liona charlize bella carmen callaway eva sedona dakota skye ariana marie j and like an excited kid seeking approval asked, "Did I do it right?

I love sucking cock. I could have kept it up forever but I wanted to taste your cum in my mouth too." "You did just fine and with more practice you'll be as good as your sister." I answered. She beamed with pride at the compliment and reached over and hugged her sister to her. "Thanks for sharing Sis." Tammy said. "Your welcome, just remember, he's mine, I got dibs.

Don't try to steal him. If you want just ask." Tina answered as she hugged her sister back. "You did just fine and with more practice you'll be as good as your sister." I answered. She beamed with pride at the compliment and reached over and hugged her sister to her.

"Thanks for sharing Sis." Tammy said. "Your welcome, just remember, he's mine, I got dibs. Don't try to steal him. If you want just ask." Tina answered as she hugged her sister back. The sight of two naked women hugging each other over my naked body worked on me and my dick started to come back to life. It wasn't long before the girls noticed. It was hard not to as it rose up and poked them in the ribs. "O good, I need to get fucked again after watching you suck him off I am so horny" Tina exclaimed as she straddled me and began to work my cock into her waiting box.

She took hold of me in her had and worked my meat back and forth thru her slit teasing herself. Occasionally rubbing the head over her clit. When she was ready she sat down and impaled herself on me and began rocking back and forth. Her eyes were closed and her head tilted back as she moaned "That is so good." Tammy crawled up next to me and lay with her head on my shoulder stroking my chest as her sister fucked me, slowly rocking back and forth.

Her gaze and attention were focused on her sister, watching her sister's naked body with her perfect tits riding my cock. I took Tammy's naked ass in my hand and began stroking it. Perfect flesh so soft and willing. I moved my hand down to between her legs and she parted them for me giving me access to her wet and waiting pussy.

I allowed a finger to slide into her and slowly worked it back and forth. She let out a loud sigh. We were all content each getting sexual attention, slow and gentle, lovingly. Having just cum in Tammy's mouth, not to mention the activity of the night before, I could have kept fucking for hours without cumming again, but I could tell that Tina was getting what she needed and would soon climax so I concentrated my fingers on Tammy's G spot to increase the speed of her climax and in a few minutes both girls were creaming one into my hand and the other on my dick.

As we settled down I drew my cum covered hand to my mouth and sucked Tammy's girl cum from my fingers. Tammy watched me and finally asked high school xxxii story porn a teacher force duck a school girl does it taste like?" She asked me.

"Here try it." As I offered my hand to her. She tentivly licked my fingers, Then again she licked and finally started sucking her cum off my hand.

Once she had cleaned me up I asked "Since you cleaned my hand why don't you try cleaning your sister off my dick?" She glanced at Leggy beauty receives willing for sex games for approval and received a smile and a nod. She hen wasted no time diving onto my dick and cleaning her sister's cum off of my cock and balls. When she had me cleaned up she looked at Tina and said "You taste a little different from me.

Both are good but different. Is that because I'm still a virgin and your not?" "I don't know." Tina answered. And both girls looked at me. "All women taste a little different than each other." I said Both girls laid down next to me and we cuddle for a while all well satisfied. After a while I reminded them that if they wanted to get any sun today we had to get our lazy asses out of bed as it was after 10AM already.hand why don't you try cleaning your sister off my dick?" We all got up and started our morning routine, no longer worrying about who was dressed and who was in the bathroom.

I was shaving when Tammy came into the bathroom and sat on the toilet to pee. As she sat there peeing and watching me Tina came in. Looked at her sister smiled and said "What a shameless slut you are becoming. Peeing in front of Jack like that. Hurry up I have to go to." "Look who's calling who a slut." Tammy retorted. "You're the one who fucked your boyfriend while I laid in bed with the two of you, twice." "I know, wasn't it great" Tina answered.

Both girls giggled as they switched places on the toilet and all the while I kept shaving. I still had a hardon. Once we all finished in the bathroom the girls started to put on the suits I had gotten them the day before. I pulled the second set of suits, the white ones, out of the drawer I had hidden them in and suggested that they wear these instead.

They were thrilled and awed at getting another set of matching bikini's as another gift and I got another round of hugs and kisses as I watched their naked bodies fill the suits meager offerings. Each girl slipped on matching wraps and we were ready. I gathered up the towels and other items we needed an out we went.

By this time I was hungry and we stopped at a restaurant on the way for breakfast or brunch if you would rather call it.

We had a hearty and filling meal. The place was nearly empty due to the time of morning it was. There were two other couples eating at two separate tables, late risers like ourselves and a table with 8 college kids (5 boys and 3 girls) out enjoying their vacation. I went to pay the bill and hit the head before we got to the beach and on my return I heard an interesting exchange.

Apparently one of the college boys had come over to the table to try to pick my girls up once I left. I missed the opening statements but what I heard went like this Boy: So are you girls going to join us? Tina; No thank you.

We are with someone. Boy; Yeah I saw him. An old guy like that can't take care of you girls. Tina: Thank you, NO. We are quite happy the way things are. Boy; Like what is he your father or something, man he's like ancient. Tammy; He's our boyfriend! Right Sis. We share him and he keeps us very satisfied! Now up to this point the conversation was fairly quiet.

But as the boy's eyes bugged out at Tammy's implied revelation she continued in a voice loud enough for the entire place to hear. Tammy; Besides we didn't bring magnifying glasses so we'd never be able find you dick.

The two other couples each snickered at their tables and the boy's friends were roaring with laughter at the put down and brush off he received. I walked up behind them and said, "What's everybody laughing about? Do you girls want to back to the room for another session or to the beach for some rest?" Tina knew I had heard at least part of the conversation so she played along by answering "You wore us fuck is all that beautiful babe needs between last night and this morning we need to rest on the beach for a while." The girls rose and headed for the door.

Leaving a gape mouthed college boy behind. I dropped a couple of bucks on the table for a tip and looked at him. "Don't worry son, one day you'll grow up to be a man and have beautiful women too." At that his friends started laughing all over again and the other couples in the restaurant were near hysterics as I walked out. What shocked me most was the way Tammy had referred to me as "our boyfriend" and since Tina had not even flinched when she said it I could only surmise that, sometime earlier the girls had decided to share me, not that I was complaining.

My only real worry was that I would survive the continued sexual use. I put the worry out of my mind as we walked to the beach. A pretty girl on each arm, oh well at least I'd die happy. We arrived after the short walk and spread our full sex stories xxxii hot story com then headed for the water.

We frolicked in the surf for a while, the girls teasing me the whole time. Tammy stood with her back to the beach and faced Tina and I as she pulled her top up and exposed her beautiful breasts to us and proceeded to rub them. "Slut" Tina called laughing as she was standing there with her hand down my trunks jacking me off. The play continued for a half hour or so before we came out to lay in the sun. The girls put on a show of rubbing suntan lotion onto me. One working the right and one working the left.

All the while every guy within sight was watching these two scantily clad women pay attention to me and then to each other. I was eating it up and my ego was growing by the minute. We laid down for a few minutes but the girls were both restless and shortly headed back to the water. I fell asleep watching them play in the water. Sometime later Tina woke me up.

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"We're thirsty, Tammy said she'd go get us some drinks." I dug a five out of my pocket and handed it to her and told her I could use something too. Tammy skipped off in search of soft drinks for us and Tina lay down next to me.

She leaned over and gave me a long tender kiss before she said "Thanks for being wonderful and teaching me that I had a great sister, I just had to give her a chance." With that she curled up next to me and just laid there stroking my chest down to my thigh.

Finally she said, "Tammy and I were talking and she asked me something. I told her she had to ask you." "What did she ask?" I responded a little curious. "She wanted to know if you would make love to her.

Take her cherry" She answered. "How asian kimberly chi fuckfest phat booty yella synamon strippers and amateur you feel about that?" I asked Tina "Well a week ago I would have been really pissed. But now I think it would be really hot to watch you fuck my little sister.

Just thinking about it I'm getting horny." She said "So when is she going to ask me?" I queried. Tina laughed "When she gets up the nerve. But it won't be long because she really wants you to and kinky lexi has her juicy snatch penetrated amateur blonde a little upset that you haven't tried yet.

I told her that that was because you didn't want to hurt me." "You're right about that." I said. "I was real tempted to fuck her this morning after I did you. But I held off. I didn't want to do that and hurt you." "That's why I love you." She said as he kissed me again. The rest of the afternoon we played in the sand swam in the surf and laid in the sun. Around 4:00 we headed back to the room.

I told the girls I had gotten us late dinner reservations at a dance club and it would be 9:00 till we ate so we grabbed a hamburger on the boardwalk to hold us over. When we got back to the room Tina suddenly decided she was thirsty and went back downstairs to get drinks for us.

I knew she was giving Tammy the opportunity to ask me her question. I unlocked the door and we stepped inside. Tammy looked at me and said "I have a favor to ask.

I asked Tina and she said it was up to you, but she thought you'd hoe sucks and swallows tube porn yes." Playing dumb I said "What's the favor? If I can I probably will." "I'd like you to make love to me the way you do Tina." She blurted out. "How does Tina feel about that?" I asked her.

"She said it was OK and that she would help so I didn't get scared or anything" she answered. "Are you scared?" I asked. "A little. I know it will hurt a little because it's my first time. But I see the love you and Tina share and I want to share it too, if you'll let me." Tammy answered me.

"OK but when the time is right. It will be better than if we plan it and say, that at 6:00 we are going to do it. Just when we both want to and when Tina's here to help." I said. With that she started to cry and threw her arms around me. We were locked in that embrace when Tina came in. "Tammy asked me her question." I said "I told her I would be happy to when the time is right." Now Tina joined into our hug.

After kisses all around I suggested "Why don't we jump in the shower and rinse off the salt and sand." "Can I get in with you guys this time?" Tammy squeaked.

"Of course." I answered. With that we all stripped each other naked and headed for the bathroom. It was play as much as shower. We got all the salt and sand off and I got my dick sucked a little by both girls individually and in unison and I fingered both of their pussies for them along with stroking them and sucking their tits.

I even got them to wash each other with the soap. Seeing that was a real turn on for me and I could tell long haired vixen natsuki yoshinaga toys her shaved pussy they enjoyed touching and being touched by each other.

Once we were done we dried off and crawled into bed for a nap. We were all tired from the sun and surf so we just cuddled up under the sheet, the three of us naked in one king sized bed. There was a lot of touching and gentle kisses all round before we drifted off. I woke about an hour later. Still plenty of time before our dinner reservations.

Tina was already awake and resting her head on my chest, gently stroking my chest and losing her fingers in all the hair. I leaned down and kissed her and she smiled back at me.

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Tammy was still asleep curled up tightly against me in my arm. I took hold of one of her tits with my hand and traced circles around the nipple, slowly teasing it to life.

It was only a minute or so before both her nipples were fully erect. Tina looked at me and asked, "Now?" "I think so I whispered back. She smiled and leaned up and kissed me. "Thanks for being so sweet to my sister." She whispered. "I'm sure it will be my pleasure." I whispered back. "I know, but you're not a letch about it." She answered me and kissed me again. Then she sat up and moved to the bottom of the bed. She sat there Indian style, with her pussy spread wide open for me to see.

I tried to ignore the sight as I went about gently waking Tammy. I put my head down and started to tongue her nipples, sucking one than the other into my mouth and flicking across the tips with my tongue.

She started to stir and soon grabbed my head and clamped it to her chest. I slid away, still allowing my fingers to pay attention to her sweet tits but moving my head down and licking my way down toward her belly, then running my tongue through her belly button and down to her fur. I gently kissed her mound all over until I found her clit. Once located I flicked my tongue out and down into her slit to the sensitive love button. She let out a loud gasp and "Oh my god!".

I moved my tongue into her slit, sucking her lips into my mouth and working up and down her pussy from her hole to her clit. She was withering in ecstasy as she reached her climax and came all over my face. Now I was certain she was cute girl before her pussy filled w cum and wet as I crawled back up to her and kissed her lips. Allowing my tongue to caress her lips and then slip inside her mouth. She responded hungrily and started to lick her girl cum off my face.

By this time I had positioned myself for an entrance. My cock was fully erect and rubbing against her pussy lips. She had spread her legs giving me full access and then I slid the head inside her. She gasped and her eyes flew open. I pushed about xxx best low quality bf story peli pela more inches inside before I stopped again.

"It feels so good to have you inside me. I can't believe it feels this good." She said as she stared into my eyes. "Just wait I'm not all the way in yet." I answered.

"Tina, come up here and help your sister." "What should I do?" She asked sliding onto the bed next to her. "For now just be there for her." I replied. "Because the next inch or so may be a little painful." I pushed in a little further until I felt the resistance of her hymen. I held it there for a second and backed out a little and stroked forward then back. Tammy quickly got into the feel of it and was groaning and loving the feeling when I suddenly rammed forward, fully impaling her on my dick.

I held myself all the way inside her. Waiting for the pain to subside and her to get used to me filling her up. She stared up at me her eyes wide and her mouth frozen in an "O".Tina leaned over and kissed her cheek. "Now you're a woman, baby sister." Tammy turned and looked at her as she started to relax. She leaned her head out and both sisters kissed each other gently on the lips. "Thanks for sharing this with me Tina. Even though it hurt it's going away already and now I can understand why you like it so much.

I like when someone touches my tits or pussy and I really like when he licks them, I have fun sucking cock, but nothing feels as good as when Jack puts his dick in me like this." Tina smiled at her sister and said "you think it's good now wait until he starts sliding it in and out." With that she nodded to me and I slowly withdrew and pushed in again, then withdrew till just the tip was inside then pushed in again.

Tammy was in heaven and began to orgasm on the 5th stroke. I just kept going. In and out. "Oh God it's wonderful." Tammy cried through her orgasm. "Just wait until you feel his seed shoot inside you Sis." Tina told her.

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I was able to keep going for about 10 minutes before I needed to cum. It had been building in my balls and I had been able to keep it away but no longer. I sped up my pace and grunted out "I'm going to shoot" and with that blasted my seed into her virgin womb. Tammy gave a little cry of delight as my hot sperm splashed into her over and over. The feeling of my sperm blasting with force into her was all she needed to push her into her final orgasm.

As I shot my cum into her she came with a force I had rarely experienced with women. She shot juices out all over both of us. Even with my cock filling her completely she blasted squirt after squirt so that it splashed all over my chest and stomach and onto her tits and legs pooling on her stomach.

Tina stared at her sister. "I never came like that. You shot juice all over the place some of it got on me. But you drenched Jack and yourself." "It was so good. I love to fuck. Can I fuck him again Sis?" Tammy asked. "If you want to, but I'm next." Tina answered foxy brunette plunges pink toy into wet pussy pornstars at the puddle of girl cum on Tammy's belly.

Then she leaned forward and licked her sisters cum off of her stomach. "That is good." Tina said as she leaned over for more.

She started licking her sister's stomach and before long had worked her way up to her tits. Tina was swirling her tongue over Tammy's mounds and across her nipples. Trying to get every drop but, I believe caught in the moment of lust and enjoying the feeling of licking her sisters tits. As I watched this show my dick started to harden again and I was slowly pumping in and out of Tammy's pussy once more. She just groaned "I love cock." And took the fucking I was giving her while her sister sucked her tits.

A few minutes of this and I wanted a switch so I slid out of Tammy and moved off the bed. Tina's ass was hanging off the edge of the bed and as I stood behind her I was able to slide right into her pussy, she was so wet from the excitement of watching her sister lose her cherry and the stimulation of sucking her first tit. I started to pound away at her backroom casting couch high school student she immediately started to cum on my cock.

"Tina, do you like my cock in your pussy?" I asked. "Yes" she answered breathlessly. "Do you like sucking your sister's tits" I asked. "Yes" she answered breathlessly. "Did you like the taste of her cum on her belly?" "Yes" she answered breathlessly again. "Then eat her pussy while I fuck you" She looked back at me and I slammed into her extra hard.

Surrendering she moved down to Tammy's fur covered mound. "I don't know what to do." She said as she hovered over her sisters open legs. "Just do to her what you like to have done to you." I responded. She put her head down and started to lick her sister snatch. She went to work with a vengeance it was obvious in a minute that she was enjoying the pussy she had her face buried in.

She came again and her juices were running down my legs as I pounded her from behind. I let her keep eating as I pulled out and moved over to Tammy. I dangled my dick in her face and she immediately opened her mouth and sucked it in. Tammy sucked me into her mouth and sucked and licked me until all of her sisters cum was cleaned from my dick. "Tina, are you sucking my cum from your sisters cunt?' I asked as I slid back around to prepare to fuck Tammy again.

A muffled "Mmm Huh" was all I got as a response. "Good now let me fuck her again. You can lick her clit as I slide my dick in and out and we'll see if she can cum like that again." I said.

She moved her face out of the way and I slid my cock into Tammy's pussy and began to pound her like I had her sister. Tina went to work tickling Tammy's clit with her tongue while I fucked her.

All that was left for Tammy to do was lay there and scream "Oh my God I'm cumming, I'm cumming." Together we worked Tammy for a few minutes more till she begged us to stop. "I can't take anymore, please stop. Please stop" I pulled out and rolled Tina over I was close to cumming again and need to finish, so I plunged into Tina and fucked her till I shot my juice into her.

She shuddered as she felt the hot cum splash into her and orgasamed again herself. Then we all collapsed onto the cum soaked sheets. Each of us sticky with the others juices.