First lezzie experience in front of the camera pantyhose and lesbians

First lezzie experience in front of the camera pantyhose and lesbians
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"The series of coincidence's leading to the day my friends Susan Meyer, Lynette Scavo, and Gabriella Solis got together began two days before what would ever be referred to as "The Incident".

After coming over to collect Maynard for the day, Mike waited around to say a quick hi to Susan, "She's just busy, she'll be down soon I think…" the boy told him; Mike sending his son across the road he took a seat and waited. Susan heard the door slam, assuming the two of them had gone, she dropped her towel and walked down the stairs into the kitchen, unaware of Mike behind her. Mike chuckled before awkwardly pointing out his presence, "OH MY GOD!" she yelled, running up the stairs and falling over, smashing her face into the stair, he ran over to her, "Oh my god, are you okay!?" he asked her, she looked up at him, attempting to keep her body pressed against the ground, "Yeah, I'm fine… will you please leave?" she asked of him, the fall was bad and he was still concerned, "Okay, but I'd rather know you where okay…" he told her, she shook her head in dismay, "What and just let em get up and flash you?" Mike was about to open the door but looked back, his hand inches from the handle, "You know, I've seen you naked like 100 times before…" he told her, as she attempted to reach up to her towel without moving, it was just out of reach.

"Yeah, but we where dating then, it was different, this is just weird…" she told him. She pushed up grabbing the towel and seizing up her back, she shrieked. "What's the matter?!" he asked, walking over again. "My Back, Ahhh!" she yelled, Mike walked over, "Well I'm gonna have to pick you up, once you stand you'll start feeling better… as usual…" This happened a lot with Susan, she was crawling across the floor for various reasons more often than anyone he'd ever known.

He stood her up, pulling her back a bit as she clicked and sighed loudly, thanking him and returning to her towel, wrapping it around her tightly. Mike went to leave, grabbing the handle and pulling. Nothing happened. "Uh, the door's stuck!" he shouted up to Susan, who ran downstairs hurriedly, "What!?", Mike explained Maynard slamming the door accidently must have broken the lock.

He went to use the back door, "Oh the back door broke a while ago, the locks screwed, you can climb out of my bedroom window, the others tilt open…" she told him, he already knew this of course, but Susan forgot these things.

Mike went up to her boudoir, Susan trying her hardest to open a window. Mike found a book on the bedside table he flicked through it. "What is this?" he asked, knowing the answer, "Oh, nothing it's…" she tried to explain, Mike was still holding it, "This is porn! It's a porn magazine in the form of a story!" She shook her head, insisting it was "Erotica" as he sat on the bed flicking through it, not really reading it, "You just leave this lying around in your room!?

Maynard's starting to read, I don't want him seeing this around the house!" Susan argued back; "Hey, unlike you, I'm alone in no relationship, living by myself all the time, I have the right to relieve my… sexual… aggression." Mike giggled at her ridiculous use of vocabulary, "So buy a vibrator, I'd rather he saw something he didn't understand than a sex novel, german hot german teen dirty talk badly written one at that…" this offended Susan a little because she liked the book, "Hey, for your information I don't like vibrators!

I don't like any other form of sex than… sex! And I simply read that book in order to visualize it in my head. It's actually a very graphic book!" she screamed at him, glad she hadn't been able to get the window luscious babe alexis texas sits on face of neighbor pornstars hardcore as people would have heard this argument.

About 35 minutes later, Susan and Mike lay naked in bed; Mike had read an extract aloud in order to mock her, instead turning the two of them on resulting in crazy wild sex. "This isn't too bad is it…?" Mike asked.

Susan shook her head. "We're just two friends, helping each other relieve some… sexual frustration right?" he asked, she jumped up, liking the less sinful way it was described, "Exactly! That's what it is… and a very enjoyable one at that!" she said, Mike swallowed nervously, "Maybe it's such a helpful way for us to… be friends… that we should help each other again… some time…" Susan smiled but tried to hide it, "Um, I don't know, I think I'll have to have another go in order to decide…" She giggled as he climbed on top of asian girl masturbation webcam show with sextoy.

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That same day, Gabby reached into her top drawer, into her sequined pink dress and pulled out pregnant bbw mom milks tits and fucks big wet pussy Vibrator she hid in there, Carlos was completely opposed to the things, but back in the day they where rich and he was working all the time, she bought it, at the time it was a prototype, it was small, but it rotated at various angles, vibrated, shook and had immense speeds too.

Today the manufacturer had contacted her, informing her; the new version was out. She was setting out to go and buy it, slipping it into her purse. When she arrived the friendly, good looking salesmen took her into the back-room as he used to, showing her through the new features, "It now comes with just one button, click once for on- progressive mode, again for Slow mode, again for fast mode, again for intense mode.

This switch on the side is for lock mode…" She was confused, "What are all these modey-majigas?" she asked, he smiled, telling her she'd have to find that out herself. "Unlike the other model, this one isn't waterproof but we're working on it, so no solo's in the Jacuzzi… Um, and lastly it comes with this little remote, I think that's all, other than the standard design, pink as you requested, the top segment is at a 30 degree angle from the rest of the dildo, as it vibrates and rotates, this little bit circles the inside of your vagina, vibrating against the walls, this middle segment turns rapidly clockwise whilst the other segments sunny leone in green saree posing nude the opposite way, it has small bumps on the side for texture and is made of a stretchy jelly-like substances.

Finally the main bottom part of the vibrator doesn't rotate but vibrates the most, usually to stimulate the cliterous…" he finished, "Now to keep your end of the bargain…" he told her, as she swallowed nervously, "Look I was wondering if I could pay in cash this time…" She asked him, smiling politelyhe chuckled, "Oh you'll be paying 30 dollars… plus the usually form of payment…" the man smiled back.

She sighed loudly, giving him the thirty dollars as he handed her the new dildo and she handed him the old one. "Think I'll try progressive mode, see what that's all about…" she told him, pressing the button once turning it on and into progressive mode. Slowly pushing it down her belly, under her slightly damp panties then into her vagina. She tingled as it entered her, gyrating her hips to cute brunette posing and teasing in addition to foot feel of it wiggling inside her, she felt is slowly speeding up, causing her to moan erotically, as she sank into her chair, her face twisted into a blissful look of shock.

"One or two?" she asked him, wincing, trying to concentrate on the words not the pleasure. "Three" he replied simply. She found it impossible to reply, simply accepting it and diverting her attention to the strange new feelings, realising the remote was still in his hand. She moaned again, breathing in sharply before gasping and moaning again, rocking in the chair, throwing her head back she began to scream, running her hands through her hair.

"Fuck…! Ahhh, GOD! YEAH! YEAH…" YEAH!!!" she yelled, he giggled, "You're not fooling me that easy, the didlo's rigged up to make the remote shine red whenever you actually have an orgasm." He told her. "Shit!" she said, realising he had outsmarted her as always (In fact, the remote didn't light up; he had just expected her to fake one). Since Gabriella's last visit; she had been with a few other guys and picked up some odd fetishes, some of them she could no longer cum without, she loved the feel of someone massaging her breast and to get multiple-orgasms there had to be a finger up her ass.

She sat back, letting the sensations take her over as it speeded up some more; she hoped the intense vibrations would allow her to cum without these fetishes. Asher breathing deepened, she neared the edge, biting her lower lip; at that moment the remote was used switch the cock into slow mode, she looked up at him, slapping him on the arm for denying her an orgasm, cussing him repeatedly, she was building up again, this time she xxswipe hook up with huge tits fucked hard resist, taking her hand, pushing it under her bra to knead against her breast, moaning loudly, and grunting.

She formed a tight fist with her hand, Jeff pressing down the speed button as the vibrator kicked into medium speed, her toes curling as she screamed, wriggling her small body as she came hard, her eyes firmly shut. The man chuckled, his hand stroking his cock with one hand; switching the vibrator to FAST with his spare hand. Her back arched sharply as it began to twist and shake within her, she screamed for avail, as it took her over again, her eyes a pool of pure lust as she attempted to scold him her muscles contracting with the pleasure forming a face conveying only one thing, fear, not only had she never felt such a mix of pain and pleasure, her inhibitions where fading as her lust grew, knowing she couldn't prevent herself from pulling her shirt off for much longer, as she continued to ride through her second orgasm, she gripped the fabric of her top, trying to scream with only silence escaping her delicate lips, she pulled her legs into her body and convoluted her upper body, struggling for air.

Jeff switching the dildo into immense mode, watching as she reacted instantly, the sensitive walls of her cunt in pain, attempting the clamp around the slithering rod, she black ghetto trash taking white cock in mouth and pussy together turned around on her chair and appearing to hump the seat, trying to get hit the arm of the chair against her pussy so the pain would stop.

It was no use as the rod simply chick gets spoiled on a spy cam position, stimulating her hard clit. She screamed and screamed but no orgasm came, she realised someone would have to put a finger in her ass, it couldn't be her own, it simply didn't work, she stood up abruptly, shivering from the movement as she did, begging the man to stick his finger in her ass through exasperated and exaggerated breaths, sonya drills her cunt with her fingers smiled, undid her jeans and pulled her panties down, she hated this but needed it to get this fantastic vibrator and her amazing orgasm.

The man had another idea in mind to hers, dropping his own trousers he plunged his dick into her ass, she cried out in pain, trying to reach back to push him out but if she tried to turn to the side the vibrator would push hard against her G-spot, she turned once and shot back in shock, wincing ass the cock thrust into her ass she turned again the vibrator smashing into he G-spot with force and staying in position, vibration at it's fastest speed she lost the energy to attack Jeff, instead steadying herself on the chair and shutting her eyes.

She bit into the chair, tears rolling down her cheek in a surprising burst of pleasure as she arched her back, cumming not once, not twice but three times on the spot, an amazing multiple orgasm as she fainted for a few seconds, so aroused but now super sensitive all over, yanking out the dildo quickly, she was still aroused and decided to pay back the perverted bastard.

She pulled forward, feeling the man's cock pop out of her, the man was alone, desperate and controlling, yet a complete coward, she had what she wanted and now she needed revenge, turning with lightening speed, she jumped onto him, sticking his dick in her pussy, pushing him against the desk and wrapping her slender tan legs around his naked waist, forcing him to fuck her.

"Shit, Gabby, what are you doing!?" he screamed, "Go on Jeff, cum inside me, you know you want to! Make me pregnant!" she screamed at him, as she came from the immense joy and movement that was necessary in this manoeuvre. He screamed out trying to hold back, she taunted him, "I wonder what Carlos will say when he finds out you raped me!" She giggled, "Okay, Mrs Solis, I'm sorry; you can take back your money and the dildo please!

Don't do this!" he yelped She was enjoying this, fucking him hard against the desk, nothing he could do to stop it. She pulled off her top, "Come on Jeff, look at my amazing figure, feel my smooth skin, come in me Jeff!

I want to feel your sexy goo inside me!" knowing she was on the pill made her secure but Jeff had no idea… Gabby screamed as she came again, rubbing her hands over Jeff's body, and grabbing the old dildo from the desk, kissing its shiny exterior goodbye, she pushed it into her tight round ass, turning on to immense. "YES! YES! YES!" She screamed as he tried to get away and get her off, he squirmed around the desk, "AH!

SHIT! NO! GABBY PLEASE STOP" She had another amazing orgasm, then another; kissing him firmly on the mouth she jumped off him, and jerked him off the rest of the way, swallowing the juice. She grabbed her dildo, put down the old one and left after re-dressing, her ass wiggling from left to right as she left the store.

*** The Scavo's financial trouble had lead Lynette to her last straw, she had signed up to a programme where she would be given an experimental pill for $7,000, it was now the day after Mike and Susan had first gotten together and Gabby had gotten her new sex toy. "This seems a lot of money for a single experiment…" She told the doctor suspiciously, he nodded, "Well it's a drug that is set brunette milf creampied in taxi fakecenter fingering get rid of "The pill", worth billion;, it sends chemicals to the sexual organs, the body simply discarding the eggs as they are formed, it should have a 100% success rate if tested properly, but side-effects are a big problem at the moment and few people between 40-50 are willing to be test subjects…" he explained.

Lynette gulped, "Uh, like um… what kind of side-effects? " she asked, as he reached into his desk to grab a note book, "Don't worry, death and shortened life span is impossible, but it is possible you may experience dramatically increased sensitivity in you groin as a lot of blood will be rushing to this region, it may cause a few headaches, a little tiredness, dizzy spells and so forth, we recommend you don't drive just in case… in very rare cases it can result in infertility but if this occurs you will receive a 10,000 dollar compensation.

Now we assume most of the side effects will no longer occur as we have made significant improvements to the formula, but due to the potential effects we have to offer a high pay out for your assistance…" Lynette smiled awkwardly, flicking her hair to the side, her red flowery summer dress with small black high heeled shoes where highly visible in the mirror opposite her, she sighed as she realised how much of her boobs where visible, the outfit was clearly getting too small.

Most of her red bra was in clear view! She was annoyed mostly because she'd took a lot of time on her make-up and now everyone wouldn't see her beauty as they could see her cleavage. "So how often do I take it?" she asked; he chuckled quietly, standing up and turning away, "Just once, we'll do it here… Do you have a partner Mrs Scavo?" the doctor asked, "Yes a husband, why?" she told him, the doctor turned to look at her, an attractive blond like her, married?

How unexpected. "Well you see in order for the chemicals to get to the right place they need to be inserted through the vagina…" she shook her head, "No way doc, not in there!" she told him, He was worried, few people were willing to be tested for this drug and the money making possibilities where endless, the contract for a probational testing period only lasted three more weeks and the reward fund for participant's wasn't being used; so maybe… "We'll offer you 10,000 dollars!

Please!" he asked of her, explaining so few people where taking the drug. She sighed sitting back down, "What's this got to do with my husband?" she asked, the doctor explaining the pill needs to get to the uterus as quick as possible, "The best way to do this is for you to be lying still and for you to a receive a moderately sized orgasm." Lynette was shocked but her need for the money and need to keep her family afloat led her to forget her inhibitions, "So I have to masturbate here?" she asked him, "Oh no, you can't masturbate, your body must be flat at the time of ingestion in order for the optimum angle, your husband will be needed to do the stimulation…" he explained, "My husband can't know about this… I'm sorry I'll have to opt out…" she told him, picking up her bag, "We have a variety of vibrators and equipment with nurses here to work them, listen!

Miss Scavo! We'll pay you 15,000 step mom and son xxx vediin hotel room, please!" he yelled, this money now coming out of his own pocket as he had a share in the pills business, she turned back, agreeing, "I don't want to use any vibrators if possible, do you have someone with… good fingers?" She asked, being told being told he would do what he could, offering her the contract which she signed, "Now Mrs Scavo, you are our control experiment, which means we want to test the effects on you of the pill without sex occurring, so we urge you not to have sex during the next month; but if you do, to urge your partner wear a condom…".

She proceeded to go into a room with lots of equipment and a long tilted chair. The nurse instructed her to remove her lower body's clothing, she'd never been so humiliated, but money was very tight after selling the pizza place… She slid her dress off her long slender legs, pulling off her thong; she got up onto the chair.

The nurse explained, "The procedure will only work if you're mostly still at the time of ingestion, would you prefer to be tied down? Please note that a failed attempt will result in a second try…" he explained, "I'll be fine thanks…" she told him, now completely naked other than her shoes and her red bra.

He tried for about 10 minutes to arouse her, but she was too uncomfortable, after a while he gave up asking her what she thought they should do. She told him that giving blowjobs was how foreplay usually ensued… so she couldn't help. The nurse insisted it stay strictly off the record, as he unzipped his pants, she was shocked. As the unexpected event occurring in front of her caught her cute teen shy masturbation family makes me feel better guard, and she was a little aroused at the sight of a cock, a different one to the past 20 or so years of her life.

She eagerly got to the floor and sucked on the hard rod. He felt her tongue explore his large cock, trying not to cum, but she was so good at it, and clearly very sexually frustrated and desperate in various ways, but she was so fit… He couldn't help it, her moaning and hand movements sent him over the edge as he came in her mouth, she got up onto the chair at an angle, pulling him towards her with her legs and fucking him roughly, screaming for more.

They enjoyed multiple kisses as they instinctively removed each others clothing, each of them feeling wrong but so horny. As Lynette began to moan loudly, the nurse remembered his job, taking his hand off her silky tit and pushing her down on to the chair, he stuck his fingers inside her; rubbing at her G-spot furiously, she threw her head back, as he licked at her clit, flicking it with his tongue, she gripped his head with her thighs, she came; pulling up her body abruptly as he pushed the pill inside of her, her back arching and her toes curling as she screamed the roof down.

The nurse looked up, Scavo realising she was supposed to stay still, he re-dressed then called for 5 other male nurses to hold her down, she begged for them to stop but the contract was signed; stating a correct ingestion must be completed on the first day. One nurse held down her arms, another the sides of her head, one guy for each of her legs and a guy straddling her abdomen.

The initial nurse produced a magic wand vibrator, pushing its spherical vibrating sponge against her mound and turning it on "NO! NOT THAT PLEASE!

I CAN'T TAKE IT!!" and she was right, as she screamed and attempted to free her body from the men's clutches, she firmly shut her eyes, begging for liberty, nearing her orgasm, she tried to wriggle, the nurses holding her in place as she attempted to bring her knees into her body, stretch her arms, arch her back, anything!

Any limb she could channel the moral-smashing orgasm coming upon her. The orgasm was so strong, and she felt the pill being sucked up inside her as she cried out, tears rolling down her cheeks as the nurses left the room; the main nurse telling her she could go home. She limped back to her car, slumping into the driver's seat and cursing all men everywhere.

It was that same day that Gabby got out of the shower, wrapping herself tightly in a towel and walking downstairs, wondering aimlessly around the empty house, alone. On the Friday her kids where at school, her husband at work and she craved the fantastic sex Carlos and her enjoyed.

During their relationship, their sex had always been fantastic, being a diverse and changing experience as they formed new fetishes, tried new positions, methods and sex games; like the time they had both had sex blindly.

As she ran through these various memories her nipples hardened, begging for attention, Gabby was still in her towel as she skipped mom teach seks full story mp4 the stairs, into her room and reached into her draw to retrieve her new toy, as she leaped onto the bed she stared at the Vibronitor for a while, it's pink, shiny, jelly texture feeling good in the soft cushiony palm of her hands, as she stared at it she told herself using it so frequently would cause it to become boring quickly, and sex would begin to bore her too… and she didn't want that at all.

Thinking through all the disadvantages, the taboo of it, the illogicality of it, she only wanted it more, to the point her breathing was quickening just thinking about it, she pulled up her legs, lowering herself under the cushiony Egyptian cotton duvet, sinking and snuggling into the warm luxurious double bed. She switched the vibrator on with the remote onto it's slow mode. Pressing it against her just-shaved pussy, she pressed it firmly against her clit, shaking from the flutters of pleasure that where sent up her spine.

She stifled her breath, gently rubbing it up and down as she lowered it into her steaming warm pussy. Gabby's nipples where now rock hard, she attempted to reach them by slipping her hands under the top of her towel, but it was wrapped around her too tightly. "UHH!" she yelped in frustration, giving up and flicking at them through the snugly fabric of her towel. She lowered the vibrator as it buzzed steadily, pulsating against her welcoming pussy lips as Gabby cranked up the speed, "Yeah! That's it baby!" she whispered a little loudly, remembering no-ne was home, she pushed the vibrator inside her with a tight gap gets hardcore gangbang russian blowjob swift gesture, send a pleasurable ripple around her body as she wriggled around trying to ride it through.

Edie Britt opened her cupboard, realising how little sugar she had, as her craving for a coffee grew, she sighed, realising human contact was necessary as she waddled into her room, pulling on her pink matching bra and panties, sliding a tight one-piece suit up her legs, gyrating her hips to allow it onto her slim slender body.

She pulled it up over her pert C cup breasts before sliding on the straps, taking a heavy breath out she slipped the silky skin of her foot into some high heeled open red shoes and set out to Susan's. Mike had a 18 minute break from plumbing that same day, and MJ was at school whilst no Art classes ran in the morning, Susan was still at home and Katherine was out working with Brie, as they lay in Susan's bed, Mike on top of her, kissing the side of her neck, and grinding his hips against hers playfully two busty starlets share a massive member brunette and big tits they giggled in unison, Mike began kissing down her naked upper body down to her jeans, then undoing the button and growling as he pulled them down with his teeth.

She sniggered to herself, holding a hand to her forehead as he began licking at her dripping wet cunt, she moaned loudly as she closed her thighs around his head, the smooth sexy skin pressing against his ears whilst his tongue explored her pelvic region in great detail, and great depth as his doing pressed on her G-spot she arched her back, grabbing a lock of his hair, whispering his name.

Mike linked his arms around her legs, pulling his tongue deeper inside her, she screamed as she came over his face, bucking her hips as she went before sitting up and kissing Mike hard on the lips, their mouths warm and arousing. Whilst they snogged, Susan reached into his jeans whilst undoing them, taking out his throbbing member and pushing it inside her with her thumb and forefinger, still for a moment as it filled her up, her pussy muscles contracting around the hard rod.

She gasped as he pulled his hips back, thrusting inside her, brining each other closer to that elusive gratification they both wanted so badly. As their hips smacked into each other repeatedly, the doorbell rang and Susan pulled out quickly, Mike sighing loudly; she grabbed his cock, rubbing at it quickly, and using this leverage to guide him downstairs with her, seeing through the curtain on her door it was Eddie (a blond tall figure stood just out of sight) "Susan!?" She cried, as she grabbed a dressing gown, about to put it on as Mike realised Susan had stopped stroking his needy cock.

He approached her from behind whilst she plunged one of her arms into the sleeve of a dressing gown; he pushed her black guygy style sex while playing a story game with her bf with a swift motion and forced his cock into her moist pussy from behind, "UHN!" she screamed, loud enough for Edie to jump back from the door.

Mike didn't give her enough time to reply as he began thrusting in and out of her. "OH GOD!" she shrieked, steadying herself on the stair-railing, she moaned over and over, the feeling of this position of entry fantastic, as it brushed hard against her enflamed G-spot. He unclasped her bra, as it dropped to the floor with her dressing gown, Mike pinching her tiny rigid nipples as she screeched with delight.

"Harder! YES HARDER!" She screamed Edie was taken aback, as she tiptoed around the house, looking through the window around the back of the house, she could see Mike and Susan naked, reflected in the hall mirror, the sight caused her to grow wet quickly, seeing Mike thrust into her repeatedly as she screamed in passion.

Meyer bent over as Mike entered her Doggie-Style. Edie was deprived of sex, and desperate, she reached under her dress, pushing two digits into her panties as they gently tumbled down her killer legs. Her smooth bony fingers sliding between her vaginal lips; she moaned in pleasure. Gabby was next door, playing a similar game as the Vibronitor caused her small frame to shake in pure bliss once again, as she came, she tried to overcome the feeling and get to that obscure 3 orgasms as she grabbed a pillow pushing it under the covers and yanking her towel off her silky smooth body, seizing a breast as she forced the round pillow beneath her and humped the cushion-y material, biting into the pillow by her face.

Screaming into it, as next door Susan made a similar noise. "Are you on the pill?" Shouted Mike over her cries. Her face stretched into a look of shock, as she attempted to hold off her orgasm so she can allow it to grow to untold heights. Edie, still outside, plunged her fingers in and out of her drenched pussy, making quiet but audible noises as she struggled to stay quiet and keep standing.

"ARE YOU ON THE PILL!?" Mike asked loudly, Susan trying to respond but unable to speak, as she's rammed continually into the stair-railings, "Uhhhh!" was all she could muster, Mike getting pissed, "If you don't tell me I'm gonna have to slow down…" he informed her, as the shock of the threat gave her enough energy to attempt a reply… "I'm… I'm… UHHH!

I'm…" Mike shook his head, taking his hand off her breast and placing a single finger at the entry of her anus before pushing it in as far as it would go, Susan screamed loud enough for the birds to fly off old man big tit girl tender sex in jacuzzi front porch as she shrieked, "I'm on the pill… YES!!!" As Mike thrust his fucking with thief in bathroom in and out of the ripe round ass being wiggled into the air, "Fuck!" he yelled as he felt his ball sack contract.

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The noises where too much for Edie, as she began fucking herself faster and faster, her knees bending from the immense pressure building up in her groin as she resisted the urge to scream loudly as she usually did; simply gritting her teeth, curling her beautifully painted toes and fingers as she threw her head back, cursing towards the sky.

At the same moment, Gabby was humping her pillow in frustration, just inches away from cumming all over the soft fabric; she pinched her nipples and stroking the supple skin around them, feeling their fantastically firm spherical shape but once again pissed at the fact she needed something up her ass, and her finger wouldn't work. She looked around for inspiration, not having a second dildo she could use.

She screamed as she realised she wasn't gonna get her much needed third cumming session. She tried to ignore this, continuing to fuck the pillow as Susan contracted around Mike's dick next door, her face coiled into a blissful agony as she attempted to find an outlet for her immense orgasm, curling her toes and arching her back usually did the trick, but this orgasm was so much bigger than girl gagged in bondage first time poor callie calypso previous ones, the knowledge of it being "Taboo" as well as being entered from behind driving her sex organs crazy.

She chucked her head back, the tip of her toes perturbing against the wooden flooring, her hands squeezed the railing as her back arched, her eyes firmly shut and legs begged to be pulled into her body, but being her only means of staying upright.

She shrieked knowing there was nothing she could do but pull a single leg up, stroking it up Mike's thigh as he filled her with the fresh steamy cum she loved.

Edie yelped as she came a second time in quick succession seeing Susan cum, they stood there exhausted and still, in the same position as Edie pulled up the bottom of her dressspraying her sex juice over the wall of Susan's house. "Shit!" she whispered, pulling down her dress and pulling up her dripping panties, and realising she needed to sit down after the immense workout… but she still needed sugar.

She headed over to the closest house, the Solis Residence. Susan was breathing heavily, her whole body shaking with each breathe as she slid herself off Mike's finger and… well… his bigger finger.

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Mike, "That was so amazing!" he told her, as she trembled, trying to turn around, picking up her dressing gown and putting it on, she embraced Mike, resting her head on his chest as she squeezed against him hard, the softening tissue of her nipple touching his toned abdomen. "Will you take Maynard tomorrow? I'm going out with Brie…" explained Susan, to which Mike nodded, "Sure… See you tomorrow?" he asked, referring to the sex session they would have 24 hours later whilst Maynard was being looked after by Katherine and Mike was "Finishing up with the plumbing".

Gabriela Solis was still thrusting her pelvis roughly into the pillow as the door bell rang; Gabby moaned to herself, not wanting to get up, the vibrator feeling so good. It was then she realised what time it was, seeing the clock on the wall showing 3pm, she realised the postman might be here, maybe she could convince him to "Help her", she pulled out the vibrator, loathing the normality of movement; the only thing motivating her was the possible orgasm that lay ahead, as she grabbed her silky dressing gown, bounding down the stairs, as she continued to play with her cunt right until she reached the door, opening it to see Edie.

"Oh…!" she said to herself, her heart dropping, "What brings you here?" she asked, Edie letting herself in, exhausted from cumming just a minute before and needing to sit down; this didn't pan out to well for Gabriella, who's body cursed her for not staying in bed, clearly this was karma's revenge for her attempt at being unfaithful, "Clearly karma has never been horny!" she thought to herself.

As Edie sat down, making small chit chat as Gabby's arousal dropped a little whilst they talked, eventually Edie stated her true intensions; sugar. "You brought a cup?" asked Gabby, Edie realising she hadn't. Gabby went into the kitchen, realising she'd been sitting in front of Edie completely naked under her gown, the taboo of it, once again causing her cliterous to enlarge, as she stroked it, out of view of Edie in the other room, she decided it was time for Edie to go, filling Carlos's "Best Dad" mug that she hated with sugar, and showing Edie out, as they neared the door Juanita burst through the door, Carlos and her other daughter in tow.

It was now 4 o'clock and Carlos was home from work, picking up the kids on the way. Gabby cursed karma once again, hoping she might be able to have sex with Carlos a little later, she ran upstairs shortly after to re-hide her Vibronitor.

Big ass ebony milf gets bbc in the ass awoke that Saturday morning to Maynard singing loudly in the kitchen, she moaned as she rolled over to look at the time, realising it was 10am, she decided to call Brie and check on their plans for later in the evening. After showering and dressing, she picked up the phone in the kitchen, calling her at work, "Hello, is Brie there please?" she asked politely, "Speaking… Is that Susan?" She asked back, as Susan confirmed her assumption, "Hi there, what can I do for you?" asked Brie, Susan hoping she hadn't forgotten about their plans, "I was just calling to check if you and I are still a go for tonight, we said we'd meet up…" Brie sighed loudly into the phone, Meyer's guess correct.

"I'm so sorry Susan, I forgot, I have a big catering thing tonight and every member of staff including myself is gonna be of great value.

Make it up to you another time?" She asked apologetically, Susan agreed, a little annoyed as she'd got a day free of Maynard and it was gonna go to waste… She decided to call up a few of her other friends around the neighbourhood, first she called Edie, who seemed a little out of sorts, she'd never spoken to Susan whilst being so giggly, unfortunately Edie had dinner plans with her husband, so she diverted her attention to dialling Lynette's number, "Uh, yeah I should be fine to come over tonight, I'd rather not go anywhere fancy just a night in the isn't at my house will do fine…" said Lynette, urging for a trip out her house as she hadn't been able to drive for a few days due to the experimental pill.

Meyer then rang Katherine, who was unable to make it, being called in to work the big catering job with Brie that night. Gabby was her last call, who decided to come along, "It sounds like it's gonna be just You, Me, Lynette and a bottle of wine to be honest…" She chuckled, Gabriella telling Susan; "Doesn't sound like a bad use of an evening to me!".

They finished their phone conversation 10 minutes later. Lynette was feeling very horny, her kids where mostly in their own rooms other than her daughter, with a stupid kids TV show on in the background and Tom upstairs cleaning the bedroom, she didn't understand the route of her arousal, she wriggled in her seat, growing in discomfort as she began to get inexplicably wetter, crazy thoughts running through her mind such as, "If I fingered myself here, she wouldn't notice, or even understand what I'm doing, I could get away with that right?" the only rational relief caused her to jump up and run upstairs.

Gabriella was also feeling a little horny, having not been able to have sex with Carlos that night due to his tiredness; she had been frustrated about the orgasm she had lost ever since Edie had opened the door. Now it was around 7 in the evening, just over an hour before it was time to head to Susan's, she figured she could get Carlos into bed with her, Celia and where at friends' houses mother fuck son xxx story they often where on a Saturday, and Carlos had been by his computer all day.

Gabby went upstairs, dressing into her finest, bright white, sexy lingerie, the tight thin white fabric barely covering her breasts and flat smooth stomach. Silky white gloves covered her forearm, and her palms, leaving her fingers free of fabric. Whilst soft white velvety stockings covered her tan legs, hooking up to the garter, she hung the clothes she intended to wear out to Susan's tonight on the cupboard so she could quickly change after sex.

She was planning to wear a thin and puffy white dress, a new one of hers; it had faint varying thin black stripes down it, the bottom coming down to her knees. She pranced sexily down the stairs, leaving the dress behind, calling for Carlos as he huffed and puffed before coming up the stairs, unknowing of what awaited him.

Lynette walked into their just-cleaned room, Tom flopping onto the bed in exhaustion as Lynette entered. He was breathing heavily. Lynette remembered Tom begging her into sex about a week ago, year old slut lets older men fuck her and cum inside of her young pussy hadn't begged him for sex in a long time; it was either spur of the moment or him begging nowadays, but now, her powers of resistance depleted as her arousal grew.

She closed the door behind her, jumping up and straddling Tom, he chuckled, sitting up and kissing her, "What's this about?" he asked suspiciously, she shook her head, "I am feeling so kinky right now!" she giggled playfully, pulling out their pink fluffy handcuffs from behind her back.

"But… the kids?" he mentioned, the sense of being caught causing his cock to lift and push against the wet pussy through the thick fabrics of their clothing. She felt this, growling seductively as she grinded her pelvis against his, the denim-against-denim making a growling sound of its own, as Tom pushed the shirt off her shoulders, the white material flowing gracefully to the ground as Lynette pulled the red top she was wearing underneath up and over her head.

She was now in just a pale pink, lightly padded bra, her sexy, slim abdomen in clear view, with her tight denim jeans that highlighted her slender legs, and tiny delicate pink feet peeping out the bottom. She moaned as Tom's hands explored her body, being pushed backwards to stand on the floor, as Tom clasped the handcuffs onto one of Lynette's wrists, whilst unbuttoning her jeans, Lynette watching him all the while.

As Tom bit into the denim and tugged them down with his teeth, maintaining the animalistic atmosphere, Lynette swivelled her hips in order to squirm out of the unyielding denim prison. As the pants fell to the floor into a heap, she stepped dexterously out of them, the Scavos pausing there for a moment before Lynette jumped onto him again and he fell back onto the bed. Carlos reached the top of the stairs just before the gyrating peachy behind of his wife, pranced into their bedroom; he dropped his head, laughing in exhaustion as he followed her.

"Hunny… Now? Really?" he asked, the sensual appearance of his goddess-of-a-partner in desperate need for his body having no effect on him, as he suffered from the drawbacks of a job with long hours and hard work, a non-existent social life and a home full of two kids and a wife, who was most defiantly; more than a handful… "Carlos, come on!

Ever since you got this job our sex life has been practically dead!" she told him, pouting her bottom lip in a stroppy fashion. He sighed loudly, "I'm sorry hunny…" he said, rubbing his hands up and down her forearm half-heartedly; Gabby optimistic; "and I promise I'll get my act together soon; but I really can't tonight hunny, I wouldn't want to bruise my… perfect reputation!" he smiled lackadaisically, "Yeah well… your reputation wasn't that great to begin with!" she hissed, jumping onto the bed in a huff as Carlos shook his head and left the room disbelievingly, as their times of arousal always seemed to contrast each other.

Gabby turned to her top drawer, opening it and pulling out the shiny pink rod and kissing it on the tip, "Look's like it's just you and me then hunny…" she said, pulling out the remote and groaning Lynette ran her exposed leg up her husband's denim-coated thighs, forming a bigger tent in his pants, pushing against the wet patch in her undies. As she slipped her tantalizing hands under his tight t-shirt, her palms causing a frictional torment as the tips of her fingernails skimmed over his large pectoral muscles and the fluffy handcuffs tickled his sensitive skin.

As she bit into thin air, teasing him more and more, purring gently and leaning in whilst pushing the top over his head and off his arms. He moved up to kiss her, Lynette's thighs squeezing his wanting body securely. As he kissed her neck and shoulders she licked and bit lightly at his ear lobe snarling all the time. He barked as he ran the rough palms of his hands up her waist, as she breathed heavily, pulling her head back and shutting her eyes as she enjoyed the sensations.

She pushed him back calmly onto the soft mattress of the bed, as she held herself up with extended arms, the handcuffs rattling all the while; dragging the wet fabric of her panties along his toned abdomen as she pulled her hips up to his mouth, he sank his teeth into the cloth as she slithered out of the wispy panties, Tom licking at the sweet moisture.

Lynette ran her bulging cliterous down his body again, sending small shivers up her spine as she did. At some point, Tom's baggy jeans had been undone in the fooling around, and as the tips of Lynette's toes ran down his body, they slipped under Tom's jeans, Lynette too occupied by the immense pleasure she was receiving from the feeling of her clit bumping along the gaps between her husbands muscles.

Tom had already let his wife's panties fall to the side of his head, as he too enjoyed the reaction to his wife's tight little body, stroking against his own. Feeling the rigid, warm tissue of his cock run up her legs as she pushed it down onto his stomach unknowingly, pointing directly up at her soaking love hole, the glossy texture of her slender legs sliding over his; two of his kids screamed playfully, just outside the room, playing one of their childish games, the thought of his children shrinking his cock momentarily.

As she slid back, the warm semi-hard member ran between her thighs and pushed against her clit, being flexible due to it's small decrease in size, it slid up the top wall of her vagina, and popped into her pussy, the immense sensations causing it to solidify and causing her to shiver, the huge dick filling her insides snugly, as it always had. Gabby struggled to slide the hard plastic shaft into her hot, wet pussy, due to the tight nature of her lingerie panties.

She gasped as she finally got it in with a big push. Pressing down on the "intense" button on the remote; the conversation between Carlos and herself wasting 5 minutes of her time; she now had just 30 minutes before she had to go out, and 20 minutes before her kids got home, she had no time to spare, this time promising herself the three orgasms she yearned for.

Knowing she had to keep it quite in order to keep her Vibronitor a secret from Carlos… She hummed to herself whilst the tip of the dildo circled the inner-walls of her vagina as they attempted to contract around the oddly-shaped rod.

The forceful movements of the vibrator driving her ever-closer to her first explosion of passion, she reached to her side, running out of bed as her hand slid off the edge of the bed, dropping the remote as her fingers extended from the immense effect the rotating pole was having on her.

She pulled her arm back towards her; grabbing a handful of her duvet and squeezing it as her pelvic muscles squeezed the rubbery cock that was submerged completely within her.

She held her other hand over her mouth as she pushed her waist upwards, until her upper back, head and the very tip of her curled toes where all that touched the mattress before the powerful orgasm wore off and she fell back onto the bad, huffing and puffing heavily, as she didn't know what to do with herself, the immense shuddering of the cock inside her driving her insane.

She stood up haltingly, swaying from left to right, her hands wavering through the air as if drunk until one of them reached the doorway into her on-suite bathroom, she steadied herself, her legs slowly sliding apart, her teeth and lips parting, opening her mouth wide and shutting her eyes as the rim of the dildo pushed up against her G-spot, catching on it whilst trying to rotate inside her.

It pressed roughly against it, vibrating fanatically before sliding back into its rhythmic movements, as she gasped noisily. Either one of her hands being used to hold herself up, either soft palm on either side of the doorframe, she began to shake as the next wave of immense pleasure washed over her, standing knock-kneed as she trembled, a small cry escaping her lips as she avoided the temptation of screaming her lungs out.

Her fingers now gripping the solid wood, her back arching excessively as her toes gripped at the carpet flooring, breaking into another series of heavy breaths as she fell to her knees; parting her legs and causing the sensitive skin of her cunt even more pain, as she leaned forward abruptly, pressing her head lightly to the marble flooring of her bathroom, ordering herself to ride-it-through and achieve that three orgasm goal.

Meanwhile, the tiny toes of Lynette's cosy feet peered out of the bottom of Tom's jeans, relaxing as it brushed against the soft skin of his own. Lynette realised both their legs where in Tom's jeans and her cunt engulfed his rock-solid penis.

She looked up at him, wondering where his underwear avi love bouncing off her pussy on top of seth gamble smalltits blowjob got to, "I just stuck these jeans on when I woke up to clean the room…" he told her, predicting her concern from her facial expression, she giggled, "You always did say these jeans where to big for me…" he told her chuckling, looking down over her back, seeing the crack of her peachy rear peeping out of his flies, the button and zip undone to his jeans but the waist almost holding them together, she growled, resting her chin on his chest as she pulled up her hips as far as the denim would allow, expelling three inches of his cock out of her, before plunging it back in.

She quickened her pace, Tom forcing her legs further apart as he divided his own, the jeans forcing her legs to follow suit. "Uhn!" she grunted quietly as the cock was pushed deeper inside of her, every movement amplified by the additional amount of blood pumping through her pelvic area… You see the unmentioned side affect of the drug Lynette was on, one the creators hadn't even thought of yet, was increased arousal, as in order for the egg to be destroyed by the body, more oxygen was used up by the muscles, therefore needing more blood to pass through the groin area, this blood sub-sequentially inflames the cliterous and G-spot at undesignated points throughout the menstrual cycle, despite the fact Lynette hadn't started "her period" yet… Tom of course didn't have this same advantage, so Lynette began building up to her orgasm much sooner than usual, as she moaned quietly into her ear, grunting with each thrust of her pelvis, her toes began to curl and tense up, as she stretched out her arms, pulling backwards as a gush of warm liquid surrounded Tom's cock and dripped down his legs.

"Oh god…" she whined, "God, let me suck you Tom… I want you in my mouth!" she pleaded, words she'd never said before… Trying to pull her hips out of the jeans, but it was no use, Tom's cock was softer when she squeezed into the jeans; now it was at its maximum dimension and there was no escape, she could push up about three inches, but Tom's cock held her firmly inside the jeans. Tom winced with each of her movements, Lynette realising he had to soften in order to get out.

"Don't suppose you're wearing a condom?" she asked him, Tom pulling his head back as he realised she wasn't gonna allow him to cum inside her, despite how outrageously turned on he was, realising he hadn't even remembered to do up the handcuffs.

"MUM!?" Called her daughter from downstairs, Tom and Lynette realising unanimously that their daughter would eventually come looking for them in their room. "Lynette, you have to get up!" he told her, as they heard Penny's footsteps as she searched for Lynette downstairs. "I can't, you need to soften up; I'm stuck!" she told him. Squirming and pulling at the fabric with her fingers trying to break free, "Uh, Lynette, you're not helping me out here, that just makes me harder…" he told her.

Lynette held herself up with one hand, pulling back a strand of her hair from her face with the other, as she thought it through and began thrusting her hips again, "Shi… What the hell are you doing?" he asked her, inevitably putting his warm palms on her threesome sex blowjob teen xxx itsy bitsy hotspot and assisting with the movement, "The faster you cum, the quicker we can get out…" she told him, Penny still calling out for her, but a little further away now, probably in the kitchen.

"Uhn, UHN, UHN!" she cried, the solid cock, bashing into her super-sensitive G-spot with every plunge, Tom lexington fucks ryab and anikas ass in several position to concentrate on cumming when all he could focus on was the presence of Lynette's bra, he reached around behind her, unclasping it and throwing it onto the floor.

"What the… hell… was that…?" She asked between elongated breathes, he took a breast in each hand, admiring the fantastic feel as the rigid nipples pushed at his skin. She moaned a little too adorable girl plays with marital device hardcore massage, as he reached up and kissed her, kneading at the spherical mass "Oh shit, you can't cum inside me Tom!" she realised, not because of the pill she was testing, but there was no way she could get pregnant again, this pill was only a prototype "You're not on the pill!?" He added, the two of them still fucking but beginning to slow down.

Footsteps could be heard treading up the stairs, a door opened "Parker, have you seen mum?" Penny asked, "I thought she was with you downstairs…" answered Porter. Lynette shook her head as she began fucking him harder and faster than before, propelling herself to the edge of the bed gradually. "Fuck… Lynette! What are you doing, I can't hold back much longer!" he whispered at her.

"Uhn! Come on!" she kept grunting, as Tom threw his head back, "Shit… shit!" he gasped as Penny approached the door, pulling the handle as Lynette rolled them over, Tom right on the lad is luring attractive babe with kisses of cumming. The two of them hit the floor, bouncing twice as Tom came inside of her, Lynette on top of him, breathing onto his neck as the fall had caused her husband's cock to hit her G-spot hard, turning her on, with the squelchy feeling of the cum inside her, one she hadn't felt in a while turning her on even more.

The door swung open, and Penny stared into the room, all clothes where hidden behind the bed, as where her mother and father, "Mum? Dad?" she called. Lynette was thrusting slowly, plunging Tom's cock slowly in and out of her, the lips of her cunt sucking him in, then pushing him out, the pain of this feeling against his now sensitive cock would usually cause him to dismount, but the jeans trapped him, and with Penny in the room, no audible objection could be made as he winced in response to each of her excessive movements.

The feel of his softening cock against her clit sent ripples of pleasure up her spine, as she half-whispered, half-moaned into his ear as he cupped her breasts, pinching at her nipples in an attempt to hurt her a little, but in this elevated state of arousal, it felt amazing, only egging her on as Penny sighed and left the room, shutting the door behind her.

Tom pushed her up, trying to get her off him, instead she sat up, riding him cowboy as the new position heightened sensitivity, sending a surge of bliss throughout her body, as her toes formed a fist, her nails scratching lightly into Tom's chest as she pulled her back, shut her eyes and grunted as quietly as she could, sending sticky translucent goo, flooding down Tom's cock, as he gasped in pain.

The two of them lay there, breathing heavily for a minute, "That was pretty damn good!" Tom told her, Lynette only capable of a nod as she snuggled into him hard. "Come on!" he told her, grabbing her under the arms and sliding her out of him a bit, realising she was to exhausted to move, he stood up with her still partly in the jeans, they now stood straight with his limp dick still inside her, he grabbed her waist, lifting her out of the jeans, her slender legs brushing against him, bringing on another semi, when the smooth skin of her feet reached his knees, she pulled out her legs, wrapping them around his waist, his cock sliding into her with ease.

The kissed passionately Tom fell onto the bed; shattered. About a minute later, the sexual release caught up with Lynette, bringing on a sudden happy mood. Tom still a little aroused, he mucked around with her, picking out skimpy dresses and underwear for her to put on, it was like how they used to be in their younger days. Eventually he picked out his favourite set of black lacy lingerie, putting them on her and standing back to admire her fantastic figure.

"Oh yeah…!" he said aloud, as she giggled, slipping into a tight but modest mauve dress, reaching down below her knees and covering a majority of her breasts. It was strapped, linking over her shoulders to the back of the dress. "That dress just screams "Fuck Me" hunny…" he informed her as she giggled, "No it doesn't…" she told him, pushing him lightly on the chest, "Well I guess anything you wear screams "Fuck Me" as far as I'm concerned…" he laughed, leaving her in peace to go find Penny.

Lynette picked out some shiny strappy black shoes. Worrying she may look a tad overdressed for a simple night in, but after the orgasms she had just endured, nothing mattered. She decided to head up a little early, picking up Gabby on the way and then heading to Susan's.

Hoping she may get enough time to have a quick rough and tumble with her husband when she got home. "Why am I so damn horny!" she asked herself smiling, taking off the handcuffs and placing them back in the cupboard. Gabby was so agonizingly close by now, her head pressed against the hard marble, on her hands and knees, her peachy butt waving high in the air. She felt her orgasm building up, harshly pulling up her back and gasping as if she'd just pulled her head out of water.

She grinded her teeth together, trying to suppress the sound her body urged her to expel. "Uhh!" she managed, as she stood up abruptly, turning towards the bedroom, and falling towards it, her trembling legs unable to withstand the ridiculously small weight of her body. She stifled her breathe, grabbing at the soft carpet with her hands and dragging her body across the floor, the friction against her skin, clit and nipples through her lingerie causing her to shiver from the tingly sensations as she squirmed into the room.

The Vibronitor was still on intense and she needed to be able to turn it down immediately after she came in order to avoid severe pain. "Ahhh, god!" she yelled, pressing her mouth to the floor in an attempt to contain the sound. She neared the foot of the bed as the doorbell rang, "The kids are back… shit!" She thought to herself, hearing her husband jog up the stairs, his keys jangling in his pocket.

Her mind raced, knowing her panties where too tight to withdraw the quiet vibrator quickly enough, the remote was on the other side of the bed, just underneath it, so she couldn't grab it and at least turn down the speed nasty teen martini bows gets pussy slammed hard and deep hardcore brunette remote didn't have an off switch) There was a severe wet patch in the bottom half of her white lingerie.

She stood up quickly, wincing from the movement of the dildo as she slipped her dress of the hanger, turned away from the door and began sliding it up her legs. Carlos burst through the door; "Hey baby, Lynette's at the door!" he told her, holding his mobile an inch away from his head, and continuing his conversation on the phone after informing her.

Gabby's plan was to ask him to get the door and then pull out the dildo and hide it, but it was her friend so she had to run and get it, "Hunny, can you ask her to gimme 5 minutes, I'm just finishing up…" he asked her, Carlos holding out a finger to indicate he was busy on the phone and walking in the bedroom to sit on the bed, Gabby didn't know what else to do but pull up her dress, fasten it, and tell Lynette to give her a moment, but Carlos was still watching her whilst on the phone, she couldn't go and collect the remote which had bounced under the bed, or even reach into her panties and turn it off.

She considered dropping something wacky cuties bang the biggest strap on dildos and spray love juice everywhere monstercock cumshots the bed, retrieving it and the remote in one move but was too afraid Carlos might try to pick it up, and find the remote. She waddled down the stairs, trying to put the intense vibrations out of her head, planning to reach in and pull it out as she walked down the stairs, but her kids had arrived home, and pushed passed Lynette, opening the door and running right inside and up the stairs, "Hi mum!

Thanks for letting us go out today!" yelled Juanita, in a better mood than usual as she whizzed passed. The door was now wide open; Lynette looking right at her. "Wow, great make-up!" she told Gabby, who had administered it earlier when trying to seduce Carlos.

"You wanna set off?" asked Lynette, Gabby trying to listen whilst ripples of pleasure sent sharp shivers up her spine, "Um, I just gotta grab my shoes…" she told her, heading up the stairs as Juanita approached her, holding the glittery silver shoes she intended to wear, "Here we go mum…" she said, holding out the small heeled shoes as they glistened in the light, Gabby crouched down to take them, "Well aren't you in a good mood!" she told Juanita with a slightly sour tone, which Juanita didn't seem to pick up on.

Gabby fell onto her knees, her face twisting into a look of shock as the vibrator shifted position, pushing up against her raging clit.

"Ahh!" she yelped, Juanita a little concerned, asking if she was okay. "I'm fine" Gabby told her, regaining her composure, "I just lost my balance hunny!" She smiled, forgetting the excuse she was about to use. "Uh, leave them here Juanita, I'm gonna go say goodbye to Carlos!" she told the girls, as she hopped up the stairs, dodging her other daughter Celia, playing at the top. Juanita smiled politely at Mrs Scavo who smiled back courteously. A little annoyed at how long this was taking, the thought of fucking her husband again running through her mind.

Gabby neared the bedroom, Celia following her, "Mummy, when are you gonna be home?" as she tugged at her dress. Gabby stumbled, trying to ignore her daughter and hold off the cries she was dying to release. She gasped, realising her husband had switched position and was now directly above the Vibronitor remote.

She thought for a moment, before walking over to him, slipping between his thighs and kissing him roughly on the lips, his shocked appearance subsiding as she used her tongue to explore his mouth, buying herself time to reach around for the remote with her left foot.

She slid the tender texture of her sole over the soft carpet, moving it from left to right before it caught on a small cold plastic remote, pushing down on it as the dildo went from medium to intense to slow as she smashed her foot against the plastic, pushing it further underneath the bed for good measure, the delicately painted toes flicking the bottom of it directly under the centre of the bed.

She pulled her lips away, smiling from her achievement; the speed was now much more bearable. Carlos shook off his smitten expression, resuming his phone conversation, smiling at his wife and mouthing the word, "Goodbye" as she left the room, Celia still tugging at her side, "I won't be back tonight hunny, I'll see you tomorrow morning!" she told her daughter, who accepted this, letting go of her dress but continuing to walk along side her until they reached the front door, Gabby slipping her feet into the spongy frame of her shoes.

"Let's go!" she smiled, walking out the door and waving to her children as she did, Lynette looking at Gabby in a new light; admiring how beautiful she was… how fuck-able she was. "Are you wearing stockings?" she asked her, as they walked along the road towards Susan Meyer's house.

"No! These are tights… really thin tights…" she lied, hoping Lynette would just accept the white silk fingerless gloves as part of the outfit; which matched surprisingly well, making her look like the cutest of little dollies. Inside the house they where approaching was both Susan and Mike, completely naked in bed, Mike thrusting in and out of her rapidly as Susan's eye's almost rolled about in her head from the pleasure.

Susan wasn't expecting her friends for another 10-15 minutes and therefore was still half-way through enjoying the assistance from her friend-with-benefits. Thankfully, her bedroom was at the back of the house, so Lynette and Gabby couldn't hear her devilish cries.

"Oh god that's good…" she shrieked, her voice rising and dropping in pitch randomly as she struggled to stay on her hands and knees whilst Mike plunged inside her from behind repeatedly. "UHN! UHN! UHN!" She cried, Mike grunting in unison as the he leaned forward, kissing up the small of her back, her knees causing a hot friction with the bed sheets as they slowly drifted apart. The bed shook on its sturdy legs, the metal frame banging lightly into the wall real sex mom and son it rocked.

Susan's hands we're sliding all over the place thick bodied ebony stunner anal screwed by massive dark cock an attempt to keep herself upright whilst Mike pounded into her again and again, eventually she pulled both her hands up, griping onto the metal bedpan tightly.

"MMMMMMM!" She moaned, rolling her head on her shoulders just before Mike got carried away and yanked her off the bed to her feet, pushing her firmly up against the wall and kissing her whilst ramming his throbbing cock inside her; her eyes wide with shock as she pulled up her legs to wrap them around him. Thrusting him in and out of her as their lips twisted and turned around each others mouths.

Gabby reached the door first; pressing digital playground ebony babe fucks huge dick the doorbell and waiting as Lynette caught up and stood next to her. The Vibronitor speeded up a little, and Gabby breathed in sharply, realising she hadn't set it to SLOW like she'd thought, but in fact it was on the progressive mode, slowly speeding up inside her squelchy wet love hole; unbeknown to Lynette, who shifted impatiently as her pussy twitched, in dire need of attention.

Susan and Mike where both so close as the doorbell rang and didn't bother stopping; responding only by saying "Crap!" unanimously. Mike speeded up dramatically, pinching at Susan's nipples as he winced and grunted, "Yes Mike, come on quick! Cum inside me, I need this! I need it!" she begged, pulling him closer to him as he released his hot steamy cum inside her, the doorbell ringing again, as Susan continued to pull him in and out of her, "Susan!?" shouted Gabby through the door, barely audible.

Susan pulled down her legs and dropped to the floor, "Shit… forget it, you need to get out of here!" she told him, slipping her fingers inside her and pushing him back onto the bed. "Are you sure?" he asked as he began to re-dress. Susan pulled open her underwear drawer, remembering she hadn't done the washing and had absolutely no underwear; she opened the cupboard to get out her expensive stuff.

"Sorry hunny, here, let me help you get dressed…" he said, as she slipped on the silky black and white polka dot panties with matching black & white bra, Mike fastening it as she pulled her tight skinny jeans off the hanger. She continued to massage her soaking mound as he pulled on the taut denim, picking out a short red dress which covered her whole stomach, the huge straps running over her breasts and tying around her neck.

She was to horny to realise the odd outfit he was picking out, sliding it on her and tying it up around the back, the middle of her bra visible, she slipped her hand out of her panties and did up the jeans. "Crap! I am so horny right now… you owe me one amazing orgasm!" she giggled, instructing him to escape through the window so her friends wouldn't see. Mike pushed her gently onto the bed, running his chin down her denim-coated legs, licking down her feet and biting tenderly on her big toe, jade nicole vs mr marcus his toe across the tip and growling, Susan loving the toe-play that teased her; usually used in their foreplay.

"Until next time…" he gleamed, leaping out the window. She stood giggling; slipping on some pink trainer socks and heading down the stairs, where Lynette was ringing the bell furiously. Susan made her excuses about getting ready before letting in her two friends, Gabby shuffling gently in order to reduce the movement of her ever accelerating dildo. Susan brought them over to a table she'd moved into the centre of the hall, Susan had set out 5 new chick-flick DVDs she had bought, simply adding a couple of bottles of red wine and her good glasses… A comfy yellow armchair and a two seater were placed next to the low table.

"You two are looking a bit fancy!?" Susan told Gabby and Lynette, the two of them laughing as they mentioned how rarely they got out of the house due to their kids. "You can talk!" Lynette pointed out, "The last time you wore that red dress was your first date with Jackson!" they chuckled, sitting down and looking through the DVDs, reading them aloud. "A tale of a woman's destiny to find her true self…" Lynette read, Susan blushing, "What rubbish!" the next 10 minutes continued much like this, small talk and general mucking about as Susan opened the wine and poured a hefty portion into each glass.

Gabby picked up the next DVD, "A touching tale of an extraordinary passion between two ordinary people, showing how love triumphs over all when a man and woman's fate intertwine…" she read, in her sexiest accent, "Is it love?

Or something much… much more?" she giggled, placing it down and taking a gulp sex with hot large tit hotty pornstar hardcore the wine, feeling the vibrator kick up a notch, her hand shuddering as the wine swirled in the glass, a single drop sliding down the outside of the cup and touching against her thin forefinger.

She put the glass down abruptly, grabbing the DVD case she had just read from and walking over to the TV. "Let's watch this one first!" she announced, placing it in the DVD player, moving her legs discreetly from left to right in order to shift the position of the dildo to a less stimulating spot.

After doing so, she got up and sat back down carefully, the dildo speeding up, swinging to the right and slapping into her G-spot, the rotating body skimming against it, as she moaned quietly, inaudible over the DVD menu music.

The film began, and surprisingly, wasn't all that bad, Susan wasn't really watching; having seen it before. Instead she thought of how great the sex was with Mike, and how horny she had left him, a smile crept over her face.

Lynette was metart parusa dominika a by luca helios watching the film, the effects of the pill she was on had completely lost it's effectiveness as she concentrated on the complex plot of the film.

Gabby however was very uncomfortable, getting very hot and beginning to sweat the slightest bit, as she couldn't get the image of cumming in front of her friends out of her mind. One part of her subconscious; ordered her to say she was sick and leave, another part told her she wanted to stay and be with her friends, but the devil inside her wanted that third orgasm more than anything else she could think of.

Then the sex scene began, it was quite graphic and sensual as the protagonist peeled the clothes away from her boyfriend-to-be, kissing him passionately and squealing.

Susan began to get a little wet, whilst Lynette was practically soaked, the drug causing her to be more turned enchanting holes team fucked hard pornstar hardcore than ever before. Gabby simply couldn't take it, "I'm just gonna pop to the loo…" she whispered, Susan not answering from her trance as Lynette nodded a little, Gabby shuffling upstairs and into the toilet; closing the door behind her.

The door didn't have a lock, so she simply stood back; zipping down her dress and watching it fall to the floor the image of her lingerie in the mirror turning her on a little, she stared at her naked body running her hands over it as she moaned aloud. Realising she was WAY to horny, she reached into her panties and pulled out the dildo.

Placing it on the side as she slid her dress back on, and used the tissues to clean up the gooey mess; throwing them into the toilet and flushing. She approached the door, holding the dildo in her hand and realising her dress had no pockets, her handbag still at the table. She decided to hold it and discreetly slip it into her bag when she got back to the table. Unfortunately, the sensual scene was getting too much for Lynette too, who was mesmerised by the characters movements, her pussy twitching as it begged for her full attention, she decided she absolutely had to stick her fingers inside her, apologising as she skipped upstairs, Susan pausing the DVD.

The film froze on the couple completely naked, shagging against a wall, much like Susan and Mike had been earlier, she looked around realising it was just her in the room, she slipped her hand under the loose hem of her jeans, running her middle and forefinger over her slimy slit. Pushing the two digits inside as she moaned sensually, bucking her hips as her head rolled back. Lynette hopped up to the door, completely forgetting who was in there, she grabbed the handle and began opening the door.

In a split second, Gabby realised what was happening, not wanting her friend to see the dildo, she realised there was only one place for it to go; lifting up her skirt and slipping the hard rod under her panties and back inside her, Gasping as she dropped her skirt and Lynette entered.

"Oh sorry, I forgot you where in here…" she said, Gabby telling her it was okay as she slipped past her, Lynette closing the door as she entered the bathroom.

She sat on the toilet seat, tugging up the bottom of her dress and reaching her hands underneath it, sliding her slender digits inside the cum-drenched opening. Susan was enjoying the pleasure as she too played with herself, flicking her finger tips over her solid clit.

Seeing her friend walk down the steps; she swiftly pulled her hand out of her trousers, cursing her friend's presence. Swizzling in her seat as her friend sat opposite her, looking for her handbag, and realising that Susan would see if she tried to slip the dildo out of her and into the bag, she put the bag onto the floor. Content with the Vibronitor's current position… Lynette thrust her fingers in and out of her furiously, biting her upper lip to keep from moaning.

She ran her spare hand over the downy texture of her dress. Beginning to roll her hips, the glossy skin of her legs wobbling as she trembled, the heels of her shoes tapping against the floor. Lynette hadn't fingered herself since she was a teen, always being able to manipulate her husband into sex when she wanted it; so it wasn't really necessary, but she'd never been this horny before, pulling herself to her feet, her hand resting on the lever as she came hard, curling her little toes and shutting her eyes; falling onto the lever causing the toilet to flush loudly.

She wiped herself off, feeling no less horny than she had before. She regained her balance, pulled down her dress, and headed downstairs to join her friends. Twenty minutes later, Carlos tucked his children into bed; receiving another phone call and making his way into the bedroom, "Hi Pete…" he answered, opening the door and walking into the room, shutting it behind him, "It's in the email, I sent it earlier today, just wait for it to arrive, it takes a while when something attached…" he explained, accidently dropping the phone, grabbing helplessly at the air as it hit the carpet and bounced under the bed.

He tugged up his trousers before crouching down and reaching under the bed for his small mobile phone, feeling blindly with his hands as he felt it, and pulled it out, seeing not a phone in his hand put a tiny plastic remote, he examined it whilst reaching under the bed with his spare hand and pulling out his phone, "Hi sorry about that mate, I dropped the phone…" he explained, his attention never leaving the remote as he searched for some brand or name but nothing was on it.

The remote was Gabby's Vibronitor remote, the one she had kicked under the bed earlier; but Carlos had no idea what it was, with no indication on the device. Carlos opposed the use of dildos and vibrators therefore didn't even assume that was what it was for, simply pressing down on the speed button.

Meanwhile next door, the film was coming to an end, as Gabby suddenly jolted in her seat, unbeknown to her friends who had tears running down rusia pantat gede susu gede eyes, their horny thoughts subsiding. Lynette had sat directly behind Gabby on the two seater; with Susan in the armchair directly opposite her, so she had left her Vibronitor inside her, and now for some unknown reason it was slowly speeding up.

"Alright mate, I'll see you tomorrow… bye," spoke Carlos; finishing the conversation with his co-worker. He frowned listening around the room tai story sex thu vat french best he pressed various buttons, SLOW, MEDIUM, PROGRESSIVE, SLOW, until he gave up and took it into his daughter's rooms, Celia was fast asleep.

"Hey Juanita, you seen this remote before?" he asked her as quietly as he could, she stirred; looking up a little and shaking her head, "Nope dad, never seen it before…" she told him, her head falling back heavily onto the pillow. Gabby's mind raced, searching for any kind of excuse to get her out of the room; but nothing came to her, "The Vibronitor must be broken, the settings are changing randomly…" she thought to herself, as Carlos entered the kitchen, pointing at random objects and pressing buttons, finally pointing to the coffee machine and clicking, "INTENSE" before giving up and leaving it on the side, making a mental note to ask Gabby about it.

Little did he know, that next door his wife was reacting to xxx sexy story download sex stories button he had pressed, shifting uncomfortably from left to right as the vibrations brought her closer to the edge staggeringly fast, she began to sink into her chair, using all her energy to stay quiet and resist the urge to massage her inflamed clit.

Her breathing quickened and deepened as the dildo twisted and convoluted inside her, knocking roughly against her vaginal walls before catching and circling her insides as she quivered gently. Carlos went back into the kitchen, grabbing the remote as he remembered the remote control car he had bought for his daughters a while ago, finding it, then pointing and clicking "SLOW", kicking at the floor gently when it didn't work; in the knowledge this was gonna annoy him all night. He flipped the car upside down, checking the batteries.

Gabby breathed out heavily as it began to slow down, she was relieved yet no less turned on than before, the slow movements only prolonged her orgasm, but she tried to re-gather her thoughts. The film was about to end, the couple having just bought a house, and moving in.

So she knew whatever excuse she made would seem silly as the movie was about to end… "Maybe I could wait a minute or two…" she told herself silently, as she tried to focus on the film. Carlos pointed around the room pressing "INTENSE" repeatedly, storming out the room when nothing happened. He placed the remote on the stairs so he would remember it later.

Gabriella's eyes grew wide in shock, clenching her fists and extending her legs as the sensations took her over. Millions of brilliant excuses became clear in her mind, needing a drink, not feeling too good and wanting to take an aspirin, going to check on Carlos, but it was too late; she no longer had the energy to talk, knowing if she opened her mouth she would scream, she knew this orgasm was gonna be big, and she didn't know what to do, her legs shaking violently as the movie finished and cut to the credits, her two friends wiping at their eyes with damp tissues.

Gabby had a sudden burst of energy, getting up and deciding to head for the toilet immediately and make excuses later, she had to make it stop… but as she took her first step, the Vibronitor altered position, pressing against her G-Spot with great force, she fell forward, holding herself up on the armchair as she pushed her round peachy behind teen adriana chechik squirts from getting dicked down the air, retching as she shut her eyes firmly, no longer able to contain the surges of pleasure the washed over her, "Are you okay?!" asked Susan just before Gabriella screamed in agony briefly, then shrieked again for a good 17 seconds as juices flowed down her legs, her body shaking under the pressure as her toes curled and her back arched, squeezing the springy material of the armchair, Susan getting up and placing a hand on her friends back abruptly before she realised her friend wasn't ill but was having an orgasm… Gabby fell to the floor exhausted, frantically pulling up her dress and slipping down her panties, reaching deep into her cunt to pull out the vibrator, squirming and yelling from the pain the after-shocks caused her.

She yanked it out of her, chucking it across the floor and covering her face with both hands in a mix of embarrassment and fatigue. Lynette's clit had never been so swollen in her life, as she re-played the vision of her sexy friend cumming in front of her again and again.

Watching the vibrator coil and bend on the wooden floor, the vibrations making a terrible racket. Susan ran over, picking up the soaking wet dildo with her thumb and forefinger, pressing the button once and turning it off.

"Oh my god… I can't believe I just did that… uhh…" Gasped Gabby; still hiding her head in shame. Susan slapped her friend's arm lightly "You scared the shit out of me!" she chuckled. As Lynette fell back onto her chair, her pussy itching for attention.

"What is that thing?" asked Susan inquisitively, looking at the pink rubbery warm rod in her right hand. "It's a Vibronitor…" she explained through elongated breathes, "It's a cutting-edge vibrator that rotates… and spins and… well, vibrates…" she explained, Susan admiring the texture and shape as Gabby suggested, "Try it…" looking directly into Susan's eyes.

She shook her head slowly, "No I couldn't… atla sikisen kadin pornosu storylari defiantly attractive loni legend giving blowjob and rammed by big wang in front of you guys!" she told them, her cunt begging for contact. "Go on! Gabby did it!" giggled Lynette, as Gabby stood up and took the Vibronitor in her hand, switching it on to progressive mode, "Come on… you know you want to…" she smiled, hoping it may take the heat off her own awkward situation.

"No, maybe some other time…" she sighed, Lynette reaching out a hand, "I'll do it!" she grinned eagerly, as Gabby hastily handing it over, wondering why Lynette was acting so out of character, without the knowledge of the experimental drug she was on that increased her arousal to previously unreached heights.

Lynette looked the device up and down, admiring it before pulling up her dress a little, sliding it up her thigh, past her loose knickers and into her impatient twat. She moaned instantly, the device slowly speeding up.

Gabby slouching into the armchair as Susan remained standing, her hand over her mouth in shock. Lynette slid her hand over her breast, squeezing it gently, her other hand clinging to the sofa. She tilted her left foot, the feel of her stilettos pressing against the floor as she pushed down, sliding the shoe off her feet before brooke and marie luv candyland pornstar and oral sex the same to her other shoe.

"So how long has that thing been inside you?" asked Susan, her eyes never leaving Lynette's pleasure-ridden expression. Gabby answered in a similar trance-like state, "On and off all night, I couldn't get it out because you guys where around all the time…" Lynette yelped, outstretching her long tan legs, her feet flexing to and fro, Susan and Gabby provided with a great view of her recently shaved pussy, Lynette rolled her head, moaning louder and louder.

Gabriela was getting turned on again, clearly the weeks of stored up sex had left her in need of a good orgasm, and now she was hungry for more. She reached her hand under her skirt, pressing her palm against her bare call me daddy money hungry associates step daughter, massaging the wet texture, Susan growing more uncomfortable.

Lynette dropped her legs as the dildo speeded up dramatically; standing and turning around as she leant on the sofa, her pert ass sticking right out as she arched her back, realising the true reality of her situation, "I can't cum in front of my friends like this!" she told herself, gasping as she whispered for her friends to remove the dildo. "What did she say?" asked Gabby as Lynette shrieked, "Get it out of me! I can't get it out…" she broke off, falling onto the sofa and lying there as she pulled her knees into her body, Susan rushing over to help as Gabby continued to play with her cunt, slipping a few digits inside her and moaning through her sealed jaw.

Susan tried to reach into her friends dress, "You have to part your legs Lynette!" she shouted, Lynette shaking her head in agonising bliss; "I can't! I can't…" she whispered, wanting the orgasm badly but not wanting them to see, but yet she couldn't move. Susan flipped her over, pulling down the zip of the dress and reaching around her hip, unable to reach the dildo. "AHHHH!" screamed Lynette, "God no!

DON'T!" She turned to face Susan with a face of shock, Susan's arm still caught in Lynette's dress. Susan was pulled on top of Lynette as she twisted her body, crying out as she wrapped her legs around her friend, embracing her roughly, her muscles being forced to clamp around the closest squeezable object, She curled her delicately painted toes, pushing her stomach into Susan's as they screamed together, Lynette's juices covering her purple dress.

"Shit!" she gasped, the dildo continuing to vibrate, she stood suddenly, Susan falling off her and onto the floor as her hand slipped out of the dress. As Lynette stood the dress fell into a heap on the floor. Scavo was in too much pain to fight back, reaching right into her panties and pulling out the snake-like cock. "Ahhh!" she whimpered, Gabby moaning louder as she continued to pleasure herself.

"Are you wearing Lingerie?" asked Gabby giggling, Lynette falling back onto the sofa, her cum dripping down her slender legs. "Yeah… Tom and I where mucking about when I got dressed…" she panted, looking up at Gabby who was clearly wearing stockings and a lacy pair of knickers.

"The bra matches too…" explained Gabby who had noticed Lynette was staring at her legs. "You guys are insane…" chuckled Susan, who sat on the floor, in disbelief of what she had seen.

"Come on… your go!" Gabby said, Susan shaking wild oral pleasure with hot amazing babes head, telling them there was no way she was gonna stick that thing inside her.

Lynette and Gabby shared a look before jumping up, and holding their friend to the ground with lightning speed, Lynette sat on Susan's knee's whilst Gabby grabbed her wrists, locking her arms around them and pulling them into her body. "Crap! You guys, don't you fucking dare!" she ordered, Lynette reaching forward to undo her girlfriend's jeans, her heart pumping from the extra adrenaline and sexual urges she endured as her friend squirmed and writhed beneath her.

Lynette pulled her friends jeans down a little to reveal drenched black and white polka dot lingerie. Grabbing the vibrating dildo from beside her, she clicked the button twice, setting it to a medium speed. "Are we all wearing fancy pants?" she asked, Susan explaining it was the only underwear that wasn't in the wash as she attempted to bite at Gabby's legs that where on either side of her head. Lynette peeled back the silk, running the rim of the dildo up and down her friend's slit, hearing her purr loudly.

"Oh shit…" she managed through her moans, Lynette slipping two of her fingers inside Susan; Meyer responding with a shiver; not enjoying the sensation. Lynette darted her slippery fingers in and out of her rapidly for a while before withdrawing them, and sucking on the digits; plunging the pink cock inside Susan; who now shook more violently than before.

"Please you guys… AHHH! I swear to god, I'm not just saying this but… mmmm… you don't wanna see what happens to me… when… when…" Susan fell into a broken-record-like phase as she fought to keep back the pleasure, "You cum?" asked Gabby giggling. Susan nodded, "Please, I can't stop myself, I'm begging you, just let me go, I'll do anything!" she pleaded. Her two friends laughing in response; "What do you say Mrs Solis?" asked Lynette, the alcohol beginning to pass into her accelerated blood stream.

"Would you strip for us Susan?" asked Gabby, "Yes…" Susan gulped. Lynette and Gabriella a little taken back… "Would you give us a little lap dance!?" chuckled Lynette, Susan nodding begrudgingly before Gabby asked, "Would you lick me out?" Susan nodding whilst whispering a quiet, "Yea…" Lynette and Gabby sharing a glance before Solis turned, trapping Meyer's hands under her knees, placing her cunt directly above her face.

"Tell you what, if I cum, we'll take out the Vibronitor, so all you gotta do is make me have an orgasm before you do…" she explained, Susan nodding. Gabby giggled, lowering her pelvis onto her friend's face, the frilly dress surrounding Susan's head. She licked at it coyly, a ripple of pleasure causing her to gasp and realise the gravity of her situation; beginning to lick furiously at her friend's pussy, her face baring a sour expression as she clearly wasn't enjoying the taste.

Gabby held Susan's arms down with her legs, the fleshy upper-arms wedged between Gabriella's thighs and ankles. But her movements began to deepen, pushing her tongue further into Gabby, appearing to get into it a little, as she continued to squirm, her legs beginning to push apart whilst Lynette struggled to restrain them.

Juices trickled out of Susan's pussy, her hips beginning to roll as her embarrassment faded into secondary thoughts. Lynette was getting bored, reaching forward and uncovering the sleek skin of Susan's toned abdomen by pushing the soft red fabric away.

She ran her hands over the skin, before pushing her hair away from her face and licking at Meyer's labia, her tongue being used to explore the shape of her belly-button, this caused Susan to moan loudly into Gabby's cunt, who reacted by shivering for a second, pushing her twat harder into Susan's face.

"Lynette, take off my dress! I wanna see her face." instructed Solis; Lynette pulling her tongue away, eager to see her friend's undies. She unzipped the back, Gabby raising her arms above her head, whining as she continued to ride her companion's tongue.

Lynette slid the delicate fabric off the goddess's body, the tan silk-like skin exposed as Scavo threw her dress aside; reaching down to lick at the slender stomach again.

Susan enjoyed this feeling, flexing her back to push her stomach into Lynette's face. Lynette soon got bored of this, reaching over to the Vibronitor and pressing the button as it speeded up, wriggling inside her in a frenzied fashion. Susan pulled her mouth round assed beauty is nailed hardcore and blowjob of Gabby, screaming aloud for a second before Gabby forced her cunt back over Meyer's already-wet face.

Susan was now struggling against them frantically, focusing a majority of her attention on trying to make Gabby cum on her face. Lynette span around, keeping her firm buttocks permanently pressed against the denim surrounding Susan's legs.

She was now facing Meyer's wriggling toes, sliding the panties and jeans off her kicking legs that where attempting to part, in order to get a more powerful orgasm… it seemed Susan was losing control of her rational thinking! Lynette was so horny, she needed to lick, or suck on anything! Peeling away the pink trainer socks from Susan's manicured feet, then covering her big toe with her own mouth as Susan cried for her to stop, "Fuck, how do you know about that!?" screamed Susan, this obviously being a hot-spot for her friend.

Her tongue darted in-between the gaps in her toes, running gently over the soft wrinkles that formed on the soles of her feet, Susan was no longer kicking. Gabby couldn't take much more, Susan's tongue kept flicking over her clit before delving deep into her hole. Every time she took a deeper breath and she could now feel the pressure building, she fell forward a little, holding herself up with her hands, "Susan, I need you to stick your finger in my ass!" she cried, relaxing her right leg in order to free Susan's hand, knowing full well Susan may not comply.

Susan reached into the back of Gabby's underwear without hesitation, sticking a single digit in her but as she yelped, the sharp fingernails hurting a little, Susan continued to fuck her friend's ass with her finger before Gabby began sucking in her stomach, wincing and releasing her juices over her Susan's face; who was shocked at the reaction… but didn't stop licking.

Gabby stumbled off her, unable to take any more licking from the immense sensitivity and soreness in her groin. "Time to take it out then…" Gabby sighed, reaching slowly into Susan's drenched pussy.

"NO! Oohhh… don't…" pleaded Susan, now too occupied with the amazing pleasure that drove her on as opposed to the embarrassment of her dirty habits. "What's that?" she asked, Susan not hearing her as she held herself up with her hands, her face baring a blissful expression. Gabby reached in and pulled the dildo out a centimetre, "I said… What's that?" shouted Horny pretty teen calls fellow for seduction schoolgirl japanese over Susan's deafening moans "Please, leave it in…" pleaded a half-naked Susan, her eyes firmly shut.

Gabriella smiled, glad the Vibronitor had won her over; she let go of the dildo, watching it sink back into place as she pulled the strand of hair away from her face, and behind her ear; leaning down and resting her face on Susan's pussy, nuzzling her nose between the slit.

Gabby hadn't been this bi-curious since her college days, but now it all came flooding back, as her horniness flew off the scale; in pursuit of her next release. Susan's face was contorted into a look of disbelief, the pleasure flowing through her body like a wave, but this inexplicable energy was driving Susan over the edge; not having any idea what to do with herself, she began panting heavily, filling the room with a piercing scream, she threw her head back, opened her legs as wide as Lynette would allow and pushed her pelvis violently into Gabby's face as she came hard, the vaginal muscles contracting around the heavy dildo, her juices trickling onto the floor as she came again, this time falling silent as her arm's caved, no longer able to sustain the weight as her back fell roughly to the ground, her naked legs shaking and pushing a little further apart; they vibrated against Lynette's naked cunt, the moisture warming the skin on her legs.

Susan came once more, this time much larger, as she ejaculated over Gabby's face, shrieking as she came, Gabby gasping as her face was coated, now understanding Susan's resistance to an intense orgasm. Susan finished off by curling up, pulling her knee's in sharply to her body and forming a ball as she reached three fingers into herself, exposing the dripping shaft of the Vibronitor.

Which she turned off; and dropped to the floor. As she recovered, Lynette was raring to go, as was Gabby, who where both immensely turned on and in sensual lingerie, they shared a glance before Scavo jumped on top of her, kissing each other passionately as their hands explored each others bodies, Lynette tasting Susan's sweet cum in her friend's mouth.

Their hands soon found each other's panties, rubbing their hands up and down the slit as they moaned and purred aloud. Susan regained her energy quickly, in disbelief of the kiss she was witnessing, she grabbed her sexy swedish blonde babe on webcam more videos on sexycamsorg, putting them back on and standing up. "What is up with us tonight!?" asked Susan, the two separating from their kiss.

They all pondered in thought before Gabby answered, "Well… I have been really horny all week…!" she chuckled nervously. "So have I!" exclaimed Lynette, not knowing it was the pill she was on that was causing the heightened arousal.

"Well I haven't…" interrupted Susan, causing an awkward silence before adding, "Mike and I where… upstairs…". Gabby was next to interrupt, "You and Mike!?" she asked, Lynette sharing the same shocked expression. "Well, yeah recently we've been doing the whole, 'friends with benefits' thing…" Gabby chuckled, "Hunny, it's only friends with benefits if they're single!" Susan responded quickly to this, obviously overcome with guilt, "I know… I know!

But he was mine first!" she explained, the two of them looking at her sceptically. "Anyway, I was in the middle of it with Mike when you got here and we had to finish up so… that's why I was… a little turned on" she said, in a tone revealing how ashamed of it she was, yet her cliterous remained swollen. "And it's worn off now so I'd like it if we could stop now…" she explained, a little uncomfortably.

Lynette smiled in acceptance of the challenge, walking sexily towards her, "What's the matter Susan?" she asked, "You honestly telling us you've never even questioned the experience of sex with another woman?" Susan gulped, shaking her head slowly as Lynette strode behind her. "Even after last week when you got kissed twice, once by your boss and once by your teacher?" she whispered into Susan's ear, the air tickling her skin.

"No…" she muttered, feeling very awkward, half naked with two even more naked women in the room. "Tell you what…" Gabby suggested, "Me and Lynette are gonna have one more go, if the idea of LESBIANS, creeps you out so much, then we will leave as long as you refrain from touching yourself while watching…" she giggled, Lynette nodding and laughing at the proposal.

Susan would rather they just left, she was still pretty horny but the closeness freaked her out, yet she saw no other way of getting them to leave without losing her friends, "Okay then…" she told them, plonking herself down on the armchair. Lynette winked at Gabby before grabbing the armchair and turning it towards the wide open space of the room. The two of them then proceeded to take each others hands, walking into the "Stage" and kissing, their hands exploring each other's body.

As Lynette undid Gabby's bra, sliding it of her shoulders and down the silky skin of her arms, Gabriella crouched a little, gently lowering herself to the ground. Lynette remembered how Susan loved it when she'd sucked her toes, so she intended to use this tactic first, gently lowering Gabby to the ground where she lay there content. She began licking down the slender body of her sex-mate, running her lips over Gabby's white panties.

She then stroked her chin over the smooth tan legs, arriving at her stilettos. Lynette grabbed the heel and tip of the shoe, tilting and sliding it off the squeaky-clean feet, taking a toe in her mouth instantly and sucking on it, massaging the sole of the foot with her hands, Gabby didn't particularly take to feet-touching but moaned and sighed aloud for ultimate sexy ebony in red bikini showing her pink pussy holes on Susan; she was curious as to how Susan would fare as a lesbian sex tool.

"Uhhh! Ohh yeah that's good…" she muttered, kneading her firm breasts soothingly Lynette ran her tongue over the whole foot, utilizing both the top and bottom of her tongue and making as many sucking noises as she could before moving on to the other stiletto, not bothering to take off the shoe this time, she licked all over the exposed skin of Gabby's feet, the smell filling her senses as her heightened arousal caused all smells, tastes and feelings to be erotic and sensual, Lynette was almost in desperation as she yanked off the shoe, passionately taking the foot into her mouth as the two of them moaned aloud.

Susan wished she could touch herself, having always been a sucker for toes, and the occasional porn video, the sounds made during sex is what really turned her on, the growling, the moaning, the screaming… Milf mistress and cant resist first time noise complaints make messy tart cops like me of which contributed to the juices flowing into her already saturated panties, her cliterous itching to be touched.

Gabby was now to horny to just be lying there, she sat up, pushing Lynette backwards onto the floor, straddling her and kissing at her lips, her tongue forcing it's way into her friend's warm mouth. She then grabbed Lynette's panties, moving away to slide them off her body, Lynette humping at the air as she enjoyed the sensations, Gabby decided to get her revenge, now at Lynette's toes, she reached down and sucked on them, using her fingernails to tickle the soles of her feet, watching her squirm and writhe on the floor as she laughed.

Reaching up and mounting Gabby, yanking her last piece of clothing off her hips, Gabby now completely naked, her perfect firm breasts displaying ripe hard nipples that begged to be touched.

They each rose to their feet, kissing passionately, Lynette pushing Gabby back onto the kitchen counter where they cleared the surface; books and paper going flying whilst Susan just watched in a trance. Legal age teenager receives creamed all over girlfriend and homemade questioned touching her soaking cunt for a few seconds, hoping they wouldn't hot anal games for two nasty sluts. Lynette now climbed onto the counter to mount her friend, who pushed her backwards causing her to stumble and fall back on the floor, "You're not coming up here with those panties on!?" giggled Gabby, who was yanked down by Lynette, "You take 'em off then bitch!" she chuckled, as Gabby crouched, nuzzling her nose into the soggy fabric before pulling them slowly down her solid slender legs, licking at the soft skin of her cunt like a dog licking a wound.

Lynette pushed Gabby's face further into the juicy mess as her tongue perturbed into the tight hole. Lynette moaning aloud, enjoying the sucking and licking feelings as she saw Susan fingering herself enthusiastically out of the corner of her eye, smiling; and deciding to kick things up a notch. Lynette picked up Gabby who sighed from the interruption, but enjoyed their saliva-exchange as Lynette pushed her back onto the kitchen counter, the cold tiles causing her to flinch as it touched her warm coffee skin, Lynette mounted her, beads of sweat running down their lean stomachs as their stomachs pushed together.

They began cupping and squeezing each others boobs, squealing and moaning; Lynette deciding to rotate her hips, their pelvic regions grinding together, cliterous against cliterous, cunt against cunt; great pov blowjobs anissa kate amp nicole aniston amp natasha nice amp aleksa nicole sensations resulting in wild screams, heavy breathing and begs form more as they humped at each others bodies, Gabby's hands slithering around Lynette's neck, grasping her tightly before reaching her long perfect legs around Lynette's petite sexy frame, ramming into her body again and again.

Lynette looked up, shocked to see Susan standing right next to them, she reached down and sucked on Gabby's nipple, begging them to finger her, "Just one finger… please… oh god please…" she pleaded, Lynette hoping down, pulling down the fantastic polka dot panties, loving the feel of her silky/fleshy thighs against her palms.

She then pushed two fingers into her friend, hearing her moan and sigh before lapping up the liquid that coated Susan's clit, her body shuddering in response; the finger fucking and clit flicking driving her to a stand still as Gabby span on the counter, pulling Susan's head right into her pussy for the second time today. "Oh you are such a good pussy eater…" Gabby told her, whilst the constant stops annoyed her, Susan in constant shock of Lynette's tongue workout.

Gabby then sat up, pushing Susan away in annoyance, she pranced across them too to grab her Vibronitor, about to put it in her pussy when she noticed the top part of the dildo had a settings button on it, she moved it from "3" to "1" the dildo changing and becoming deadly straight, the rubbery material simply moving in line with the main shaft. She giggled, devious thoughts crossing her mind. Susan however had no thoughts crossing her mind other than how badly she needed to cum, she just imagined Mike sucking up her cunt juice instead of Lynette, it felt so amazing, having someone who knew exactly what they where doing in your pussy.

"Ahhhh!" Susan screamed, as a well lubricated dildo plunged into her peach behind, vibrating at full capacity. The whole dildo didn't go in, her ass was to tight, but the effect was amazing nonetheless.

The pain caused her anal muscles to contract, holding the dildo in place as she begged for it to be taken out, reaching behind as her body shook from the pleasurable vibrations. But Gabriella had anticipated Susan's reluctance, pushing her cunt against her ass, the dildo slipping in her pussy as Susan and Gabby shared the vibrations, Susan trying to push Gabby away and get to the dildo, but Solis remained belfast northern ireland amateur xxx porn storys mature place, shaking against Susan's fleshy butt, "Ohhhh yeah!" screamed Gabby, Lynette still licking and fingering furiously, she used her spare hand to grab Gabby's foot from the floor, pulling it between Susan's legs, and pushing it against her own pussy, Lynette needed someone to touch it.

Gabby laughed, stroking her foot over the swollen clit as fast as she could, Lynette pulling her tongue away as her body trembled, loving the feeling as Gabby's big toe popped inside her from time to time, "YES! That's good! Fuck!" she shouted, Susan reaching round and smashing Lynette's face back into her cunt, "Suck me!!!" was all she could manage, as all three of them began moaning aloud, screaming and shouting each other's names. Edie Britt was out on a midnight stroll as she often did, often unable to sleep and loving the sunny leone oil sex big tits and silence of Wisteria Lane at night.

She walked past Susan's house, hearing the loud noise coming from the house, she walked up to the porch afraid for her so-called-friends.

She then realised all the screams and moans where erotic sounds coming from her three friends. She laughed silently, reaching into her handbag, hoping she had her camera on her… and she did. Quietly opening the door, she peered over to the sexy scene, using the film ability of her camera whilst hiding behind a plant to capture the three of them cumming together.

Lynette first, being held against Susan's crotch, she shook and arched her back, pushing her hips into Gabby's foot, covering it in cum. "Nothing better than a cum-drenched foot" Edie thought to herself, watching Susan throw her head back, moaning quietly before screaming, "SHIT! GOD YES! GIVE IT TO ME! TAKE ME THERE! YES! YES!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!" her toes curling against the floor; her legs buckling a little and juices squirted right into Lynette's face.

"Susan; A squirter? Wouldn't have guessed that…" Edie thought. But watching Gabby cum was one of the most beautiful things to watch, as her face twisted into pure pleasure and lust, her arms squeezing Susan's sexy abdomen, her hips rolling and pushing violently into her friends ass, her toes curling and shaking with her legs, her every muscles contracted with her immense orgasm, screaming as she came not once, not twice, but three times, her cum seeping into Susan's ass crack, running down both their legs as all three of them fell back onto the floor on top of each other, puddles of cum all over the floor as their arms snuggled them together, breathing heavily and purring in ecstasy.

Edie clapped and stood up, "Good show…" she giggled, the three of them screaming and falling over each other. "Don't bother trying to cover up, I've just seen it all, plus it's all on tape!" she jumped gleefully.

----------------------- TO BE CONTINUED