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Golden shower lesbians cover each other in piss golden showers piss on pussy
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After the ups and downs of the Romeo and my 'alibi' thanks to Kori and Imelda I am able to just relax and not deal with any serious drama or bull shit for the next few days. Kori, Imelda and I mostly spend the time hanging out either at the house, the tattoo parlor or Imelda's work.

It didn't take long for the police to take the low jack euro teen double penetration permission to cum of my bike but it's been moved into private evidence and thankfully it can't get 'lost' in the system. We get to Wednesday in the week and I'm finally feeling like myself again.

I'm sitting in the shade outside while Kori, Imelda and the girls swim and tan. Carlos and Tyrell are hanging out by the pool as well but I'm more enjoying the peace and quiet for a change. It's the dripping wet Imelda standing next to me that breaks me out of my tranquil moment.

"Hey, so what's the deal with that cop," Imelda asks sitting on a lounge chair next to me. "No deal, no proof I got Romeo taken care of or even to confess," I reply casually.

I can see she's not sex toys between pussies free hd porn me to let it go so easily. Imelda gets back up and heads over to where Kori is tanning, this is one of the few times I've seen Kori in a two piece suit, a little black one with purple trim while Imelda is rocking a white and yellow one piece.

I watch them talk and Kori seems interested but not right away with the daylight keeping her warm. It might be good to come down here again, for all of us. A fresh start after high school and into college, money a plenty and people around who just took me in and trusted me with what I had to do. I love my Dad and Mom back home but last year was not a good start and Dad is still looking at me like I'm a child most of the time. I see Carlos head over to me dragging Tyrell with him, Carlos isn't one for swimming but Tyrell has no trouble sharing a pool with a bunch of girls.

I nod to them as they get close. "My cousin is really gonna miss you when you leave man," Carlos says plainly sitting down. "I'm gonna miss her too," I reply," but shit has to go down like this for now and I'm thinking about a return tour next summer." "Oh shit, that would be cool for the girls," Tyrell says happily. "Yeah, I got family and girls back home I wanna bring down here and see if they like the area before making any serious plans for the future," I tell them sitting the chair up.

We continue talking, mostly little things like Hector's health and how things are going with the two groups. I head back inside and see Loretta starting work on dinner and decide to sit and see how she's doing. "Don't you want to spend time with everyone else before you head home," Loretta asks me while getting food out. "I got time for that, I'm thinking about heading down here again next summer," I tell her watching face light up. "Well we'd love to have you again, and you can bring Kori with you when we fly you down," Loretta says happily.

"Well it's just a thought right now, besides I'm thinking about a road trip down here so I can bring all the girls," I tell her getting a puzzled look. We discuss the trip and how hard it would be to get that many people to travel in a few vehicles along with cost and food. Plus next year I'm eighteen and can do what I want but just how many people would be coming is the issue. Kori comes inside looking for me and we quiet the conversation as she enters. "Imelda wants you to think about what you should do with that deal," Kori says leaving details out for Loretta's sake.

"Nothing to do babe," I tell Kori," situation not met and that's all there is." "Yeah but we don't see it that way," Kori says with that devilish grin. Well crap, still got a little over a week left of time and now the girls want more. Damn women, I love them but I'm gonna be dead by thirty at this rate. I head back outside with Kori and sit back down in my lounge chair, even in the shade I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt and looking out of place compared to everyone else.

Dazzling and wet asian oral pleasure japanese hardcore rest of the night passes without incident and we get through till Saturday tight petite creampie staycation with a latin hottie anything dragging us down.

The big thing on Saturday is the same as every Saturday night, meet up at the races. Hector is still in the hospital but Carlos and the boys are still going and Imelda tells me that if I don't go she'll cut me. Not sure if she's serious but I decide not to tempt fate and agree to head out. Kori decides she wants to go but thankfully Abigail and Bethany are not interested in going. I get geared up in my camo pants and a Black Metal t-shirt and as always my leather jacket.

Mark decides he's gonna come too and I have him drive Kori as we head out around six at night. The trip starts off fine and Imelda and I are keeping up with Mark in his car when flashing lights behind us get everyone's attention. "Black motorcycle, pull to the side now," the speaker booms out.

I wave the rest of them ahead and pull to the side of the road taking off my helmet and shutting the engine off. I can see the cop in my rearview on his radio and after a few minutes he exits his car and approaches me. I try to hand him my license and registration but he waves it off and hands me a card with an address on it. I sit puzzled as he gets back in his car and drives off. I punch the address into my phone and send a text to Kori saying I'll be a bit late but no problems. I get down the road and it only takes a few minutes to find out that the address is damn near a police parking lot.

Granted there is a diner but every car has a radio and lights on the dash or top as I pull in. I can see several officers watch me as I pull into the lot but don't take a spot or shut my engine off as I wait to see why I'm here. It takes a minute or two before I see Detective Escalante exit the diner with a few other officers leaving at the same time.

I watch as she wastes no time making her way over to me. "I see you got my invitation," Escalante says as she gets close. I keep my helmet on and don't reply, this many people around feels like another set up or a beat down.

I watch her look to her colleagues who watch me puzzled as she continues. "Would you please take the helmet off so we can talk," Escalante asks politely.

I shake my head no and see that it confuses them more than a fucking a gorgeous babe on the couch mayhem, must not be used to the disrespect but I'm not budging as I let the Detective get within swinging range.

"I asked you to contact me once you were feeling better," Escalante says loudly over my engine," any reason you haven't bothered to try?" I stare at her from behind my tinted visor and shrug while shaking my head. I can see it's frustrating her a little but not as much as it confuses some of the others. I don't know what she wants from this but I start getting that feeling and keeping my hand on the throttle pull my ass off the seat and take out my spare helmet and toss it to her before sitting back down.

I watch her wave to some of her coworkers and putting the helmet on I squeal the tire turning to face the exit and peel out past them and onto the road. The Detective has a death grip around my waist and I'm laughing as we fly down the road to her place. I park it out front and as she hops off and hands me the helmet I can see some confusion on her face.

"Why take me home," Escalante asks puzzled.

"Either you want me to fuck you or you wanted the hell away from your coworkers," I reply smirking," Either way I have fun with you nearly pissing your pants on my bike." "Yeah kid, still no chance of you and me," she says with a bit of cockiness. I shrug my shoulders and put the helmet in my storage spot before revving the engine back up and it's only when I start to move I can hear Escalante telling me to stop. "Wait a minute," Escalante says as I lessen the throttle.

"Wait for what," I say pulling my helmet of and stopping my bike," you either want some or you don't. This shouldn't be too difficult a decision it's either 'come with me up to my place and fuck me like a dog in heat' or 'get lost kid'?" My last sentence gets a reaction but not revulsion like I thought it would, more curiosity than anything. Detective Escalante nods towards her building's door and I follow her inside and up hoy es día de cojer y mamar culito tube porn three flights of stairs to her apartment.

Once inside I get a better look at the place, a simple one bedroom but definitely nicer than I thought it'd be. I watch her get her coat off and put her handgun and badge on a side table before heading into her kitchen.

"Would you like something to drink or eat," Escalante asks me trying to break the ice. "Has it really been that long," I reply a little stunned," Divorce or just bad relationships?" I don't know which one it is but Escalante nods lightly and leans back with her hands on the counter.

I finally see her out of her element and take notice of her features, blue women's slacks and a cream colored button up blouse, low heeled shoes. Her breasts have always been under a coat but now I can tell she's a solid C cup and her hips are decently shaped. I move to the counter in front of her and lean back against it keeping my stance open. "I'm not here to make your life miserable, I already got my revenge on your neguin do morro atolou a rola no cu e passou a erva na bunda dela and he deserved it for fucking up your case," I tell Escalante plainly," Now how long has it been since you had a man?" "Longer than I'd like to admit," Escalante says a little ashamed.

"Is there something you like to do that turns guys off like fucking them with a strap on or calling out Daddy during sex that turns them off," I ask trying to get her to relax. "I can get a little physical sometimes but I thought guys liked that," Escalante says still a little embarrassed. I see her head lower and I rush in slamming our mouths together. Escalante is shocked by my suddenness of the kiss and I can feel her freeze up as I work my tongue into her mouth.

It's not as much kitty jane gets fucked in school uniform kissing a mannequin as one would think and I finally break the kiss and see she's still all clenched up and her eyes are closed from the sensation. "Okay, definitely not inexperienced like I thought you'd be," Escalante says after recovering slightly.

"Four girlfriends and I don't even bother to count my friends with benefits," I tell her trying not to sound like I'm bragging. "Four girlfriends, you've got four girls who are happy with sharing you," Escalante says still more stunned than before. I'm done with words and resume my personal war with Escalante's mouth re-ramming my tongue in.

This time she's more accepting and I feel her unzip my coat and wrap her arms around me with one hand grabbing my ass.

I press myself against her hard and feel Escalante's legs spread a little to get me closer to her. I can feel her soften but I suddenly remember that first time in the interrogation room and I'm really not in the mood to give her soft, besides that soft is for girls I know the first name of.

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I pull my chest back off of Escalante's and using both hands I rip her blouse apart tossing buttons to the floor.

I can feel her jolt from the suddenness but it doesn't stop her from kissing me. I work my mouth down her neck and finally get to her breasts, she's got a simple front clasp bra in white on and I can see it's doing a wonderful job of squeezing her tits. I get the clasp undone and latch onto her nipple hard with my mouth and start massaging the other with my hand.

I nibble lightly and work my tongue over Escalante's nipple. "Easy that's attached," I hear her gasp as she feels my teeth. I grunt and lift her up by her ass and sit her down on the counter before switching nipples.

I feel Escalante pulling her shirt and bra off but it doesn't matter much to me since I already have access. I let her nipple out of my mouth and lifting her breast a little I bite the side of it lightly getting a jolt out of her in shock.

I can feel her hand still on my head as I work my way down Escalante's torso and start pulling at her pants to get them off. "Just let me get out of those before you rip them," Escalante says kicking her shoes off and getting her own slacks down to her ankles.

I take quick notice of Escalante's white matching panties and am quickly done with them as I pull them aside and see her pussy, trimmed hair short and wet.

I treat her pussy like I treated her mouth, immediately shoving my tongue inside her hole while using my free hand to rub her clit. I'm not being nice and sweet like I have been with my girls; I curl my tongue into her pussy hole letting it hook the side. I feel Escalante grip my head and start to dig her nails into my scalp.

I masseuse oiling dick during sex in massage room tugging at the lip of her hole and can hear her moaning as I work her pussy vigorously. Escalante's taste is a little different, lightly salty and I'm getting more of her juices in my mouth as I hear a knocking coming from the apartment. I stop to look and see what it is but hands on my head get my attention.

"Why the fuck are you stopping," Escalate asks desperately before pushing my face back into her pussy. I resume tonguing Escalante's pussy and start rolling her clit in between my thumb and index finger. The sensation starts her shaking and I'm hearing that knocking again but I ignore it.

Escalante's moaning turns into hard grunting and I feel her body lock up as her orgasm hits.

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I keep working and feel her pussy get warmer as she cums on my face. After a few moments of me still working her I feel her scramble her hands on my head and finally taking me by my ears pulls me up to her face.

"Too… much… need to breathe," she says gasping for air. "Oh, so you're done then. Should I just go," I ask jokingly starting to head for the door. Escalante quickly comes to her senses and grabbing me by my jacket pulls me back to where I'm facing her.

I can see the look in her eyes, pure hunger. I get backed up against the opposite counter and watch as Escalante drops to her knees and starts undoing my pants.

I let my camo pants drop to the floor and as soon as my cock is free she wastes no time with admiration and starts sucking my cock hard and deep. I can feel most of me get in her mouth the first few bobs of head but it's her hands free from my cock and on her knees that catches my attention, usually one of the girls uses their hands or plays with me but the Detective is all mouth. I reach down and pull her hair back out of her face and start to push my cock forward into her mouth getting her to stop moving while I fuck her face lightly.

Escalante doesn't gag or drool too much from me, just takes it with her eyes closed. It's good but I want more as I pull my cock from her mouth and lower my hips a little placing my cock in between her breasts. Escalante seems a little confused by my actions but quickly places her hands on either side of her breasts and starts slowly jacking my cock with her tits.

The feeling of her tits is great, soft and the pressure from her hands makes me harder a lot quicker than her mouth was as I keep still and let her work my cock. We make eye contact and I can see she wants me to cum but I don't want to give it to her this easily. Escalante starts speeding up her tits on my cock and the only thing stopping me from cumming is pure determination to fuck her senseless.

I finally stop her and stand her up and walk kinky teenies bang the biggest strap dildos and spray jism everywhere monstercock squirting to her bedroom stripping out of my clothes on the way. "You have condom or something," Escalante asks crawling onto the bed. "Nope, do I need to stop so I can go get one," I ask jokingly crawling on top of her.

I can see her start to debate the situation as I spread her legs apart. I start rubbing my cock head against her slit and watch as she takes my cock and pull me into her. Escalante's pussy is warmer than when I was eating her and sliding into her is easier than I thought considering she's been without for a while.

I don't lay down on top of her instead keep my knees under me and start sliding in and out of her slowly with long strokes. Escalante's hands grab her headboard and I watch her as she looks down at our hips as I fuck her.

She feels tight wrapped around my cock and I take one of her breasts in my hand and squeeze it as I use the other to rub her clit with my thumb. I feel her start to clamp down on me and watch her eyes widen and mouth open as she starts to moan louder. I keep my pace slow and steady with my cock but my thumb fast and frantic trying to make her cum again. I feel her pussy start to try to force me out and I watch Escalante's body lock up before it hits me; I'm half inside her as she starts to squirt up my body.

"Jesus fucking Christ fucking asshole shit fuck," Escalante screams out either in orgasm or tourettes has finally taken hold of her.

I stop rubbing her clit and fucking her but keep my cock inside as she shakes lightly coming down from orgasm. I reach my hands down and gripping Escalante's ass lift it up off the mattress and start hammering my cock in and out of her hard and fast.

Exceptional tight teen gets her soft fuckbox and little butthole banged watch Escalante's arms stop gripping her headboard as she grabs my shoulders while wrapping her legs around my ass, I let her lean up and as soon as we're almost face to face she lunges forward and digs her teeth into my shoulder.

The pain is nice and her nails digging into my back makes me speed up and I can feel her as much as hear her grunting as she keeps her teeth latched onto my flesh. Our bodies are slamming together hard and fast when I quickly stop half way inside her and it takes a second for her to realize I'm not continuing. "What happened, why did you stop," Escalante asks almost desperate singapore baju merah tki indo me to keep moving.

"Well you seemed so worried about me cumming inside you that I figured I'd stop so I didn't," I tell her smiling," I can just go jerk off if you want?" "You shit… I'm gonna make you cum and you're going to like it," Escalante growls starting to push her hips against mine. "Well then where do I get to cum," I ask keeping my tone playful.

I see her eyes get desperate and watch as she leans forward and bites the base of my neck while pushing her pussy onto my cock. I smile to myself a little and start to frantically fuck her pussy hard. Escalante's pussy tightens up along with her teeth on my neck; I start to feel that tingle and wrap my arm around her back and ram my cock hard into her.

I feel her teeth let up on my neck and I take my opportunity to bite her back digging my teeth into her collar. I start to feel liquid against my body and the tingle at the base of my cock turns into an explosion as I dump my first load in days into her warm pussy.

As I start cumming Escalante bites me again and moves her hips to milk as much cum out of me as she can. After a few moments the rush of orgasm that had us thoughtless passes and I collapse backwards onto Escalante's bed with her landing on top of me. We both lay there recovering and after a few minutes Escalante rolls off of me giving me the chance to put my feet on the floor and start to toy sexy girl open xxxwwx my clothes back on.

It takes her a little bit to figure out I'm getting ready to leave. "And now you're leaving me here like this," Escalante asks happily. "Yep, you wanted to get some good sex and you got some," I tell her pulling up my pants," Also I got someplace to be. I figure you still have my number somewhere in case you want more while I'm still in town." "Wow, you must really not like hanging around after sex much," Escalante says a little hurt while pulling her blankets over her body.

I think about it for a second, she was nice and aside from being a bitch at the beginning I could be the big asshole and leave. I leave my boots and jacket on the floor and crawl onto her bed sitting next to her.

"Four girlfriends, remember? Besides, I'm like 10 years younger than you," I tell her softly," But here's what I'm gonna do. I might be coming back next summer or for college after that. If you are still single when I come down here I'll come see you when I'm free and I promise to make this look like a quickie.

Deal?" I watch Escalante smile lightly at the thought and she give me a light kiss before looking at my shirt oddly. I take a look at it and see some blood on my shirt and pressing down notice the pain in my shoulder, the minx drew some blood. I chuckle and get back up putting my boots on and after grabbing my coat stop by the side table with her badge and gun; I open the wallet and read her ID before putting it back where I found it.

I move back into her line of site and smile at her getting her to smile a little confused at my mood. "What is so funny," Escalante asks smirking. "Oh nothing really," I reply chuckling," if you fuck another guy before we do this again and he doesn't like you biting him and cumming hard tell him to find some bigger balls. Okay Nancy?" My use of her first name gets her attention fast and I watch the shock set in before making a quick exit of her apartment and I'm down the stairs and on my bike before I she can hopefully come after me.

It's almost nine at night when I get to the races and find Imelda's bike and Mark's car before parking next to them. Once I'm off sexymomma step daughter zoey works on magdalenes meaty pussy bike I see Mark over by the Union talking with Vicki and the girls must be off having fun on their own.

I decide to chill out and after a bit I finally see Kori come back from dancing. She lights up when she sees me and rushes over kissing me happily. "Where were you? Did the cops try to take you in again? Are you okay," Kori quickly asks me a little concerned. I pull my shirt down and show her the bite marks and once she sees them she starts laughing.

I laugh with her and tell her the basics of what happened. Imelda joins us about halfway through my explanation and Kori fills her in which gets me a kiss from her and both girls finally notice that I've got Detective smell on me. Imelda pulls me out of my coat and Kori takes my shirt off and wets it down with a bottle of water before using it like a rag to clean me up.

After their done Imelda puts my coat back on me and we get back to having fun and socializing with the people in the area. I do my usual meet and greet with Carlos's crew and even swing by Blaze and get a handshake out of him before heading back into the crowd.

It's the Union that ends up taking up much of my time. Mostly talking with Smitty and a few of the other guys and I don't even do much of the talking just listen and chill out. I thought at young guy picks up huge old grandma in cafe point I was talking with the guy who drove me around but that was a null time for personal reflection and I don't need to bring it up at all and thankfully neither does he.

I get tugged on the jacket by Vicki who directs my attention to a dance area where a little Asian guy is getting very 'feely' with Kori. I move to the edge of the dance area and Kori sees me before shrugging at the guy so I let it slide and head back to my bike.

It's another few minutes of hanging around with the boys when Kori beelines it right up to me grumpy. "That little fucker just offered me money to fuck him," Kori tells me pissed off.

I get a round robin of reactions from Carlos and the boys to stomp his ass out, I'm inclined but the Union not liking random outbursts of violence gets me thinking of what I can do. "He still out on the floor," I ask Kori who looks quickly and nods. I pull my coat off and hand it to Carlos for safekeeping and let Kori lead me to the dance area.

She's puzzled by me actually wanting to be out there considering I have absolutely no rhythm for dancing in the whole if my body but it's less about me dancing than her dancing up against me after a few moments. Thankfully it doesn't take too long before the little shit comes back around and while Kori has her ass grinding up against me he decides to start dancing close enough for me to tell he didn't have rice for dinner.

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"Hey babe, you gonna come chill with me or you sticking with the boy who got no money for a honey," is the pickup line this little fucker spits out to Kori with me standing right there. Kori reaches back and takes my hips in her hands and we start to rotate so the guy can see us from the side and I just wait for him to make the next move.

Thankfully it doesn't take long before he moves too close and I quickly thrust my head forward and smash the side of it into the bridge of his nose. Most people don't even notice it as he hits the ground and it's only when blood starts coming out and he starts to freak that I say something. "Baby why do you always tickle me like that? Every time you catch me in the ribs like that I just jerk to one side," I say to Kori smiling. "Oh honey I usually don't get a reaction when I play with you like that," Kori purrs back.

I break from the dancing and reach down to help the guy up, I can tell he's confused by the assistance considering I just knocked his ass down but I pull his hands away from his face and take a quick look.

"Ouch man, sorry about that. It's broken and needs to be straightened. You got medical for a hospital," I ask him helping him out of the dance area. I watch him shake his head as I lead him back over to Carlos and the boys, I wave to Carlos and once I sit him down I take a pen from Carlos and hold it in front of him.

"I can reset the nose but it's gonna hurt," I tell him waiting for an answer. "Butd I don habe anything to AHHHHHH," is about as far as I let him get before jamming the pen up his nose and taking the cartilage and breaking the nose back in place. I let the boys have their laugh and even Kori seems like she's finding this funny as the guy sits reeling in pain from my brief moment as a doctor. I pull Kori forward so he can see her and wait for him to focus. "Now do you want to tell my girl something or do we need to have a dance off like the movies," I ask jokingly before getting serious," Because I don't dance worth shit but I really know how to make life very painful for people who insult my family." "I'm sorry man," the guy gets out before trying to leave.

I don't let him get off the car before sitting his ass down forcibly. I place my hand on his shoulder and return my attention to Kori. "Did I ask you for an apology? I don't remember saying that I needed an apology," I tell him looking at Kori. "I'm so sorry for thinking you were a hooker and trying to pick up on you," the guy gets out before I let him run off.

"Awww baby, you were scaring him," Kori says laughing. Most of the night ends without any further incidents and while Innocent chick is gaping slim twat in closeup and having orgasm pleasuring and close up see Mark leaving alone but not without a little lovin' from Vicki before we head home.

Imelda heads out with Carlos and I would normally have gone with her but Kori is on my bike for a change and its home for us tonight. We find the home quiet in the late night/early morning.

Kori and I creep up stairs and his cock is too big for his wife but perfect for his nurse into my room quietly before I start to get ready for bed.

I'm down to my underwear when I find myself flung onto the bed and have to 'defend' myself from a ravenous girlfriend. I debate about protesting for being too tired or something but even if I was I know Kori isn't in the mood to discuss this after the past few days' worth of a dry spell.

I let Kori kiss my body and start working her way down, pulling my boxer briefs off and licking my cock slowly and gently. "Someone needs some T.L.C.

tonight and it's not just me," Kori purrs being very gentle with my hardening cock. I watch as Kori takes her time slowly licking my cock and lightly jerking me girl is having enjoyment engulfing a hard willy with her hand.

It's always a wonderful start to the night with her but something seems a little off when she starts to suck me. It's a slow suck but hard, much harder than I'm used to from her. I feel Kori start adding a light twist to her bobbing on my cock and it's much better than Escalante's warm up earlier but this isn't a warm up from what I'm feeling.

"Baby if you keep doing that I'm gonna cum," I tell her feeling the twinge in the base of my cock. "I know, I'm gonna make you cum on my face and then I'm going to tell you why we're not having sex till after the vacation," Kori says before quickly resuming her efforts. Kori has her mouth working overtime on my cock moving faster and with a singular purpose of getting me off. I try to hold out but with Kori as she stops using her mouth and jerks me fast and hard with her hand, gently rubbing my cock head against her cheek to prove a point.

I feel Kori biting lightly at the skin on my hips. I'm reveling in the sensation when I start to feel that tingle in the base of my cock and Kori can see my reaction coming and puts her face right in front of the first blast catching her almost by surprise. Kori keeps pumping getting my spray on her face an after most of the volleys are done she gently sucks the tip getting the last of my cum.

I watch her smile before getting up and grabbing a towel out of the dirty clothes to clean her face up. I recover and pull myself to the head of the bed while Kori strips down to nothing and joins me in the bed. "So why am I being punished with no love from my girl," I ask her and she cuddles up to me.

"Cause when you left and came down here we had one really great night so I could try to hold myself over till I saw you again. Now Imelda is stuck with the same thing only we don't know if you're ever coming back down here, she's scared of being hurt like I was. So what you are going to do is give her all your attention awesome babe courtney loxx is sucking cock for specie hardcore and blowjob last couple days we're here and give her a night like we had before you left," Kori tells me settling into rest.

"But baby I don't need to be away from you to do…," is about as far I get in my protest before receiving a light slap to my chest. "Baby, you are in charge with a lot of things. Now shut up and listen to your woman and do what she says," Kori tells me with a sternness to her voice I've not had before. I nod my head and see her smile before she settles back into cuddling. Yep I have made a little monster out of Kori apparently but she's got a good idea at least with me and Imelda having a night or two with just us.

I settle into sleep trying to figure out what Imelda would want to do for our last time together on the vacation. The next few days end up being a blur of seeing people for the last time and saying my goodbyes. I check in on Jackie and Kelly one last time, Kelly is good and Jackie still wants to talk about things that have already been said. I leave Jackie alone for the most part just to get some peace of mind with the whole thing and her. The Union was a warm reception as they invited me to a barbeque for the Sunday after I leave.

I gave them the news about my trip coming to an end and got pulled aside after some goodbyes by the Old Man who told me that when I was ready he'd love to have me as a fixture with them, I thanked him for the offer but I'm not sure I'm the joining up type. Carlos and the boys were happy to see me and Marta even gave me a hug goodbye.

I'm not sure what she knew about me and Romeo but all of them were glad to see me before I was gone Friday. Thursday I spent most of my last day trying to find Imelda, she stopped answering her phone and after losing half the day Kori finally had to get a location so I could at least see her before I left state. It takes me an hour on my bike to get across the city on the freeway and finally pull in at a cemetery where Imelda's bike is parked. I spend a while looking for her when I finally see her sitting on a stone bench, I know she sees me as I walk up but she doesn't react to my approach.

"Hey baby, come here often," I say trying to joke. "Once every couple of months to say hi to my Grandpa," Imelda says with flatness in her voice. I watch her get up and lead me over to what I can only presume is her Grand Father's head stone and keep quiet while she just sits down on the grass.

"So you get to leave and get away from all this finally," Imelda finally says breaking the silence. "Six weeks ago I'd have begged to get away, now I just wanna take something's with me," I reply sitting across from her.

"Do I seem sad or weak," Imelda asks me making eye contact. "No, just a little stoical," I tell her. "Okay, don't know what that means but whatever. We're not doing a one last goodbye thing here because I'm coming after you," Imelda tells me plainly. "What do you mean honey," I ask a little confused.

"I'm going to come find you and move up there," Imelda tells me plainly," I'm gonna get some money saved up and get a job up there, then I'm moving up and then you can make love to me. Not before, I'm not saying goodbye to you because I'm going to see you again." We sit in silence for a few more minutes when Imelda finally moves over to me and sits in my lap a little so I can hold her.

We let the sun go down on us and when we finally leave she's the one who tells me to go home and get myself ready to leave in the morning before heading the opposite direction. I explain it to Kori who is a little upset at the lack of romance involved between Imelda and my parting but little can be done as I am packed and set to leave in the morning.

My final morning in the house I don't stop for breakfast at seven with everyone but sit down anyway. Loretta decides she's going to take Kori and me to the airport so that we can say our goodbye there.

The next two hours is mostly driving, loading luggage which somehow Kori came here with one bag and left with three but I am still only using one.

Loretta tells me my bike will be shipped up in the next few weeks and Kori gives her a hug before leaving us alone for a moment. "Don't be so hard on your father," Loretta finally says bringing my attention back to home. "What are you meaning," I ask.

"He doesn't like to lose and I'm not exactly someone he wants around you anymore but he's still a good man and it was probably hard on him to let you go," Loretta tells me softly. "I'll deal with Dad in my own way," I tell her plainly," Next year I don't know what to do but I'm hoping for some peace and quiet but knowing my luck It'll be few and far between for me with all the antics my girls can get into in a year." "They take care of you," Loretta tells me," Honestly I think I'm gonna miss you as you are now more than the little boy who kept waking me up for pop tarts." We hug and remember the little things before I grab my backpack and meet up with Kori.

I don't look back to say goodbye cause that's some depressing crap I don't need to be feeling on the trip. The flight goes fine and once we're off the plane and have our luggage I find my parents and Kori's waiting for us xxx fuck vediman tman office the terminal exit.

We all say our hellos except mine to my father, nobody says anything and Kori heads home with her folks after giving me a kiss goodbye and I sit quietly in the car with Mom and Dad our trip home.

Back home things seem cooler but then again I'm not in Texas anymore and the more frequent raining causes me to notice the cleaner smell of Washington as I get my bag out of the trunk. Liz is happy to see me and I give her a gift that Kori helped me buy her before trying to settle in my room when my Dad finally decides to have a word with me.

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"Well you want to just take a swing at me now or should we do this in the garage," Dad says closing my door behind him. "Thought about doing that at the airport, honestly just tired of people trying to run my life," I tell him sitting on my bed.

"Well get used to it, you're still my son and that means we make decisions whether you like it or not," Dad tells me plainly," It's not like I enjoy having Loretta steal you away." "Well next time you should try to treat me like the man you've been molding me into instead of a child," I tell him with a little venom in my voice," I love you Dad but at least she's not looking at me like I'm nine sometimes." "Well no promises there, I was the one who had to make the tough choices when you were nine," Dad says with a little sorrow.

We sit quietly when I get a knock on my door, Dad answers and let's Katy and Mathilda in before showing himself out. Both girls give me the tackle onto my bed greeting and it's only when I can't breathe that they give me a little space.

I show them their places in my tattoo and it's only because we'll get stopped do they not proceed to rip my clothes off and show me how much they missed me. Later that night I text Kori who says it's nice to be home but a summer vacation repeat should be in order only bigger next time. I reply that I'm way ahead of her and smile before putting down my phone. SOMEWHERE ELSE It's a normal looking room for a teenage girl, full sized bed with pink comforter and pillows, stuffed animals in the corner, a computer desk with some 'popular' bands and a dresser with a lamp.

The girl in the room is going through her clothes like she's picking out what she wants to get rid of. "Slutty slutty slutty, he doesn't like slutty he pregnant sluts got double penetrated during a hot orgy proper girls," she mutters to herself throwing colored underwear in a plastic bag.

She gets done with the clothing and checks the messages on her computer, there's a new picture and frantically she picks out the image she wants and prints the picture out before heading over to her separate armoire and opens the doors. Inside the whole thing is a collage of pictures of Guy, with his girls, hanging out at school, and now one added from his return home.

The girl tapes it up next to a picture of Guy sitting next to a heavier set girl while he's wearing a polo shirt and khaki pants. "My boyfriends back and the bitches are in trouble," the girl sings to herself admiring her work. The girl checks herself out in a mirror, noting her own weight loss and smiles. She hops back onto her computer and messages a few friends with news and a notice about plans for next year.

"I'll have the people to take back everything Soapy massage ebony babe blowjob big rod interracial sucking and tits lost, no more whores in class and sluts to distract him," the girls mutters to herself before heading back over to her 'shrine'," They stole his identity and took him away from who he really is, but I'll fix that.

My friends are ready and we'll fix the school and I'll get back what I lost." The girl moves to her bed and picks up a framed picture of Guy and hugs lesbian brunettes jelena jensen casey calvert while chuckling and smiling to herself. I know it's not as long but this was just a conclusion to the story before the next series comes out, the next time I post on this story I should have a name for the next series with Guy and the whole crew.

Thoughts and comments are always welcome.