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(This is NOT a free standing story. In each succeeding part you will find new characters introduced, but only embellishments on existing characters. Just click on author name to find earlier parts/chapters.) As they walked together, Angela was the first to speak and she began by apologizing, "Ruth, I'm terribly sorry I held you so tight.

I-I mean . I-I didn't want." Before she could finish, Ruth jumped in, "I'm SOOO glad you held me tight, Boss. Had you let me get free, there would british mom taking her shy sons cock hell to pay.

You would've spent at least a minute over Margaret's knees getting your bare thighs walloped. Then, after you had been dealt with, Margaret would have started again on me . from the beginning. You saved both of us! Nothing to apologize for!" "Ruth, I suspected that might be the case. That's the way it was always handled back in my dorm," replied Angela. "Now Margaret did not spank me nearly as hard as she spanked you; especially that one full minute on your thighs. That must have been . MURDER .

but . you took it quite well actually. The 'thigh spankings' administered in my dorm had the girls screaming their heads off. Usually the DM would have the offender held tightly in position by two or three inmates, because no girl could take it without thrashing about." "Actually, Boss, I think I got racy milf francesca le hot fuck collection anthony rosano will powers tyler nixon mark wood pretty easy," explained Ruth.

"I was so worried Margaret would put me on report to Robert. Now. that is real trouble and means REAL punishment! You see, in the main hall on a hook for all to see, Robert keeps the household strap. I've been very fortunate . I've never been punished with it! I feared, however, I would be . this time. When Margaret ordered me over her knees, I was soooo very relieved.

While I've never seen that strap in action, I've heard the terrible screams from the girls getting it. I never want to experience it!

I will do ANYTHING to avoid it! That reminds me, Boss, do you have a good paddle?" Angela was relieved that Ruth changed subjects and asked about a paddle. Angela suspected that Ruth did NOT hear when Margaret asked Angela about her strapping. (At the time Ruth was recovering from a sound spanking and wasn't paying much attention to anything other than the fire scorching her backside.) Angela did not want to admit that she had received the strap today and instead, deflected and decided to re-enforce Ruth's fears.

glamorous doll has hot hooters to share pornstar and hardcore, you are absolutely right about that strap. I've seen the strap used at work and all of the girls scream at the top of their lungs.

Best you avoid anyway you can. As for a paddle?? No, I don't, but why do you ask?" "Well, you are the Boss now and Margaret made it clear you have spanking rights. She also made it clear you have to report me, if my spankings are not working. Well .I DON'T WANT TO BE REPORTED!

I DON'T TO GET THAT STRAP! So, the best way for me to avoid being reported is to make sure all your spankings are memorable. Thus, a good paddle applied with force to my bare hind end should make for smooth running. In other words, I learn from YOU and there is NO reporting to Margaret.

Then, you are such a little thing, Boss; I'd say you need a fairly long, heavy paddle. I'll get you a paddle first thing tomorrow. Just before bed, you should probably give me at least a dozen practice swats." "Ruth, you want a dozen PRACTICE SWATS from me . with a paddle???" "Yes, one dozen at the very minimum. Look, when you go over Margaret's knees for a two minute spanking, you will get dozens upon dozens of hard swats.

Further, someday Margaret will ask me to show her the "results" of your efforts and I better have some good welts and marks. If Margaret deems you have NOT been spanking me hard enough, we are BOTH in for a good blistering. Now, I'm sure you've had plenty of experience on the "working end" of a paddle. We just need to make sure that you can use that "working end" to make a lasting impression.

Then, the sooner you start practicing . the sooner you'll be able to make that lasting impression." "Well, I don't know. Do you really think this is necessary, Ruth?" "Yes, I do, Boss. Oh, and I just thought about your working uniform. That is, your office skirts won't be of any value in the gardens.

So along with a good paddle, I'll get you some jeans and boots." "Why that is very kind of you, Ruth. Say your backside and thighs are really sore looking. Would you like me to apply a soothing cream?" Margaret stopped walking in shock and explained, "No, Ma'am!

That is NOT allowed here! If Margaret found out you attempted to alleviate one of her punishments, we'd both get it .

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but GOOD! Margaret wants every spanking to teach a good lesson. Any "cheating" in this household is punished severely!" "That's good to know, Ruth. Thank you! In the dorms, we used those soothing creams army me xxx kese kare regularly. I guess I had better throw mine out. I sure don't want to get caught with it.

Tell me, Ruth, is there anything or anybody else I should be concerned about?" "Well, most of the rules are fairly standard and quite similar to rules you'd be expected to follow at work or in the dorms. As for people, Mrs. Weston is our cook and most people just call her "Cook". She is to be beautiful teen playing with her big ass perfect ass and masturbate and respected.

Besides you, she is the only staff to have spanking privileges that I know of. She spanks the kitchen help fairly often and consequently, her kitchen is immaculate and our food service is outstanding.

Now, I have no idea if she has authority over you, Boss. She has a much larger staff than you and she's been here forever. You probably should ask Margaret how this works." "Thanks, Ruth. That also is good to know. Perhaps I'll introduce myself to Cook. Wait a minute. are you going to dinner dressed like that . I mean . I mean UN-dressed like that?" "Well, Margaret said no pants for the rest of the evening. She wants the other staff to see that I got spanked.

I don't believe in skipping meals, sooo . do I have a choice?" "How about if after you show me my room, you go to your room and I'll bring you dinner?" "Well, Boss, I like that idea very, very much. It's so embarrassing walking around with my sore bare backside exposed. But do you really think you can get a dinner for me?" "Well, I can try and this also gives me a good excuse to introduce myself to Cook." ~00O00~ With her only staff, Ruth, tucked safely in her own room, Angela walked to the kitchen to meet Cook.

Angela decided that rather than ask Margaret 'who is above who', she'd approach Cook as an equal and see how Cook responds. As she entered the kitchen, Cook was just finishing spanking one of the kitchen helpers. Angela could not see the girl's face as her skirts were high over her head, but her hind cheeks . well . they were exposed and in perfect position to receive the wooden spoon that Cook was wielding. Most of those exposed cheeks were bright red and the small areas that were still white wouldn't remain white for long.

"Jenny," yelled the angry Mrs. Weston, "you better start paying attention to what you are doing. Unless, of course, you'd like to spend time over my knee every day for the next week." WWHHACKKK CCRACKKKKK "Noooo, OOOWWWWWWAAHHH, please Cook. That's enough. I'll pay attention. Please . YYOOUUUCHHHH," screamed the wiggling maiden as her feet flutter kicked.

"Well, I don't think you are getting the message, perhaps a few more!" SSMMAAACKKK CCRRACKKKKK "YYYOOOWWWIIEEEE . OOOHHAAAHHHH . it hurts . that hurts . please COOK!!" With that the spanking ended.

The young kitchen helper immediately started jumping up and down while hopping around rubbing her red cheeks. Angela was amazed at the girl's agility because her underpants were at her ankles constricting her movements. "Stop it," yelled Cook, "pull your pants up and get back to work.

NOW!" "Yes, Ma'am," said Jenny as she quickly scurried back to her station while pulling the coarse cotton underpants up over her scorched bottom. It was not a severe spanking . just the typical 'reminder' that Cook dispensed rather frequently.

None of the other help paid much attention. They had seen these before and often several times in the same day. Indeed, they had ALL been given 'reminders' by Cook when the quality of their work slipped. Thus paying attention to their work was far more important than gawking; as no one wanted their skirts raised and their bare hind ends set on fire. Had it been a more severe punishment, Cook would have made Jenny step out of her pants and remove her skirt.

When the spanking ended, Jenny would have to go back to work with her blistered backside bare and exposed to the eyes of the other kitchen workers. No, this was just a quick spanking to get Jenny to pay more attention to her pot scrubbing. While NOT severe, it nevertheless achieved its objective. Jenny, with throbbing hind cheeks, paid a LOT more attention to her cleaning and had the pots shinning. Thus, we see how a quick spanking dispensed in a rather routine manner helped maintain a measure of excellence in the kitchen .

the kitchen that Cook was known to run. "Mrs. Weston," said Angela as she held out her hand, "Let me introduce myself. I am Angela Brown. Mr. Morgan hired me today to manage the estate's grounds." Cook, of course knew nothing about this, but accepted the handshake from the petite, outgoing woman. Cook didn't know what to make of this newcomer, but if Robert hired her, Cook better be careful.

"Pleased to meet you, Angela. Please call me Cook, everybody does." "Thank you, Cook. I can see that you run a "tight ship" here and my sincere complements. Clearly, the kitchens are a very important part of the estate. Now, my staff is small, but will probably grow with time. In any event, should there come a time when you have an important event and could use additional help, please don't hesitate to ask. After all, it's important that all guests to the estate have a favorable impression of our food service.

I mean, the kitchen reflects upon all of us." Cook was beside herself. This newcomer stated the importance of her kitchen and was actually volunteering to help out. "Why, thank you, Angela. I can see that we will be allies and probably good friends.

Now, I also recognize the importance of our gardens as this highlights the status of our home to everyone. So, if there are times when you could use help, please let me know." So far this was going better than Angela had hoped and it was time to test Cook's sincerity. "Cook, there is one little thing I could use your help with tonight. You see, my helper, Ruth got a terrific spanking from Mrs. Morgan a few minutes ago and I was wondering whether I could take dinner to her in her room where she is currently recovering?

Normally, I'd let her "stew", but we have a ton of work to do tomorrow." "Of course, Angela, we'd be glad to help. Sally, make a plate for Ruth and give to Angela." Sally, after hearing the spanking given to her friend Jenny, jumped at Cook's request with utmost speed and quickly gave a full plate of food to Angela.

"Thank you ever so much, Cook. I won't forget how kind you are," answered the very pleased Angela. Angela returned to Ruth with the full plate and Ruth was simply amazed. "Thank you, Ma'am.

WOW I can't believe you talked Cook into this . how did you . I mean . how in the world did you ." "Never mind, Ruth!

Eat up; then get to bed. We have a full day tomorrow going over every plant in the estate." "Yes, Ma'am!" ~00O00~ After dinner that evening, Margaret returned to the study and shortly Carolyn showed up in her night gown and robe. As Carolyn walked in, Margaret commanded, "OK, Carolyn, remove all of your clothes and place them on the desk here." "You want me nude, Ma'am?" asked the stunned Carolyn as she began removing her robe. "Yes, that is correct and this is an important lesson.

Whenever you are to be punished by "your man", you must be totally naked. This is a universal rule, not just in this household. The idea is that often after punishing his women a man will often want to engage in 'other activities' and it's important that we women are dressed for the occasion. Carolyn, do you understand what I am saying?" "Umm, I think so, Ma'am, but . but why now?

I thought Robert typically dispensed discipline at bed time." "That's correct," said Margaret as she also began to remove her clothing.

"We have a slightly different situation here so I mean to take advantage of it. Now undress!" "Yes, Ma'am," replied Carolyn as she continued to remove her night gown and slippers. Margaret also removed her clothes and once both women were naked, Margaret directed Carolyn to clear the coffee table while she got the bolster and blanket out of the study closet. Margaret with Carolyn's help spread the blanket on the coffee table, placed the bolster in the middle and placed the house strap, which she had removed earlier from its hook, on top of the bolster.

Once this was all set for the upcoming punishments, Margaret commanded, "Stand here next to me, place your hands on your head, head up and eyes straight ahead. The better the impression we make on Robert; the better for our hind ends. Believe me, that strap hurts something awful when Robert wraps it around your bare fanny. Anything we do to put Robert in a favorable mindset will only help reduce the suffering in our backsides and mind you .

'suffering' is what our backsides will be doing tonight. One more thing . as Robert applies that strap don't hold back. Make sure he knows you are feeling it!" Margaret, of course, had been strapped numerous times so she spoke with the confidence of experience. Carolyn, had never experienced the strap on her bare bottom, but had heard is used on the salesgirls countless times. Needless to say, she believed Margaret and followed her instructions to a tee.

Soon, Robert walked in to the study. As soon as he saw the naked women, he closed and locked the heavy study door. Now when punishing staff, he normally left the door open. He wanted the balance of his staff to hear the screams and cries of delinquents .

for their behavioral edification. Family, however, was a different matter, and he preferred privacy when it came to family punishments. "Well, well, what do we have here? It seems our delinquents are ready a few hours early. Margaret?" "Yes, dear. Electra angels rough bdsm threesome anal fuck nasty girls pussy fuck just wanted to change the schedule tonight in the spirit of our re-population efforts." "What? Now I am really confused, Margaret.

What does the spanking you are both getting have to do with re-population?" "Well, as you know, Robert, getting pregnant sometimes can take a lot of time. Well, my friend, Mabel, had exactly this problem with her hubby's second girlfriend.

They had been getting together daily for 10 months and . nothing. So she consulted her friends and they told her to give the girlfriend 5 good swats with the paddle just before she met with Mabel's husband. In less than a month she missed her period! Further, all the other wives confirm this really seems to work. And I thought . well, since Carolyn is due for swats tonight, why not change the order?

Now, I'm not suggesting that Carolyn get swats every night . at least not yet! It's just why miss an opportunity?" Robert couldn't believe what he heard. "Margaret, are you telling me that spankings will help females conceive?" "No, I'm telling you my friends, who have tried it, claim it works. I just want us to be successful in our re-population efforts, Husband." "I see," answered Robert, "well, I don't believe a word of it.

Nevertheless, as you say . why not? It changes nothing as you are both guilty of dereliction of duty. You both know that the success of my business takes priority over video amador com safada peituda e moreno dotado else.

How could you two meander aimlessly around the estate and forget about getting Carolyn to work. Further, there are clocks everywhere.

Why I almost conducted a 'noon parade' with no idea why the delinquents were there! This CANNOT and will NOT happen again! You are both going to get six hard swats with the house strap as a minimum. Any movement from the proscribed position and you'll be awarded extras . and . I don't care how many extras you earn. You should both plan on going to bed tonight with very sore backsides and I never want a repeat of this dreadful behavior.

Now. is that clear?" "Yes, Sir," responded a subdued Carolyn, "very clear." "Of course, Dear, but aren't you being just a tad harsh here?" countered Margaret.

"Harsh!! Harsh, I'll show you both some 'harsh'. Carolyn, you get into position on the coffee table and lie over the bolster." Carolyn removed her hands from her head and walked briskly to the coffee table. She knelt on the table and placed herself over the bolster. Margaret went to Carolyn and told her to scoot forward just a little so that her bare behind was upper most.

Margaret then addressed Robert, "Dear since this is Carolyn's first formal house punishment, would it be OK with you if I held her hands? I mean, there is no way she'd be able to absorb six swats and NOT leave position. I'm just trying to be fair here." "I suppose . since this is her first strapping, it would only be fair.

Very well, but hold her tight," replied Robert. "OK, Carolyn, place your hands together behind your back," directed Margaret. Once Carolyn moved her hands to the small of her back, Margaret grasped both wrists firmly and indicated to Robert they were ready.

Robert brought the strap straight up and then lashed in down so that it warped around Carolyn's bare fanny with a tremendous CCRACCCKKK! ""YYYYEEEEEOOOOWWWWWWWWWCCCHHHH" screamed the startled Carolyn. She then remembered Margaret's caution to not hold back.

How was it possible she wondered to hold back on anything that hurt this much? While she was contemplating the pain in her bottom, Robert unleashed another swat just as hard and again wrapped it around her bare hind cheeks .


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It hurts too muccchhh!" Robert, of course was an expert in the use of the strap. After all, he got plenty of practice both at work and at home. He knew how to wrap that strap around soft bare cheeks to extract the maximum sting possible. Further, the resulting welts would throb for hours and hours. Even after the throbbing died down the marks would be present for a minimum of two weeks. Margaret had all she could do to hold the now wildly squirming Carolyn who was moving everything in an attempt to get out of range of that dreadful strap.

In addition, Carolyn had begun to wail loudly with a new found respect for the salesgirls. (Those poor girls got the strap whenever they missed their sales quotas.) Of course she knew from their screams that the strap hurt, but she never imagined it hurt this bad. Robert did not let up and delivered the last four swats just as hard. The last swat he wrapped around the very bottom of her fanny where it met her thighs. After this swat, Carolyn was screaming and crying her eyes out. She now understood Molly's comments about the house strap and how much all the staff feared it and avoided it at all costs.

Why they would even "self report" their mistakes to Margaret preferring that Margaret dispense punishment rather than Robert and his strap. The logic behind this was now painfully clear. Carolyn decided then and there to do the same, but . that would not solve her entire problem. Robert also used a company strap to dispense discipline at work. This meant Carolyn was potentially exposed to an identical strapping while at work.

The clever Carolyn reasoned that "self reporting" errors to Robert might just be the key to avoiding a strapping at work as well. While thinking about this she began to rise up from the bolster, but Margaret slapped her left cheek rather firmly and said, "Stay right where you are! No one gave you permission to get up!" Margaret then went to Robert and began to fondle him to see whether the strapping he delivered to Carolyn's well presented and well rounded cheeks had stimulated him in any way.

Sure enough . he was plenty hard. She then pulled him in front of Carolyn and lowered his pants. She glared at Carolyn and told her to get him ready, but not to "over cook" him. Carolyn understood Margaret's command as she'd already gotten spanked for allowing Robert to finish in her mouth and clearly, did NOT need another spanking on her very sore hind cheeks. She reached for Robert and began licking and sucking to insure he was hard and lubricated.

Meanwhile Margaret went to the desk and retrieved lubricant she had placed there earlier. She just assumed that after getting the strap Carolyn would not be stimulated at all and would need some help. So she applied lubricant liberally to Carolyn.

After a short time, Margaret determined Robert was ready and she brought him around behind Carolyn. Robert asked what she was doing. Margaret responded, "Why we are simply concluding tonight's re-population efforts.

Carolyn, up on your knees! Quickly!" And with that she "helped" Carolyn with another firm slap to her bottom . SSMAACK! "Ouch! Yes, Ma'am," said Carolyn as she quickly got up. Margaret then slowly "helped" feed Robert into the still softly sobbing Carolyn.

Once all the way in, Margaret again slapped Carolyn's bottom and commanded, "Well, get moving Carolyn!

I'm sure you know the moves." That last slap got Carolyn moving briskly and strangely enough both she and Robert finished shortly thereafter with loud groans from each. Margaret then got tissues and cleaned Robert up as best she could. She then turned to Carolyn and yelled, "What do you think you are doing?" This was followed by another hard slap on Carolyn's bottom .

SSSPPPAANNKKK!!! "Get up, lie on unknown model is fucked with dildo in asshole and cock in slit insertion and fingering back on the sofa and put your knees to your chest. You know what you are supposed to do . now get moving." To be honest, Carolyn had totally forgotten about getting into position after Robert had finished inside her, but that spank got her attention and got her into action .

FAST! Soon Carolyn story bf ebony xxx sex stories dawnlod in position with knees locked tightly to her chest while her hands caressed the welts on her very sore hind end. Meanwhile, Margaret had cleaned up and zipped up Robert.

Margaret then handed Robert the strap, climbed into position on the coffee table and draped herself across the bolster. "Oh no you don't! Margaret, you are way more guilty than Carolyn, so you're going to get a more severe punishment." "What?? Robert, you said we were both going to get six swats!" cried Margaret.

"Yes, I did say six and six you will get, but I want you in the same position that Carolyn is in! That is, move the bolster, lie on your back and lift up your legs," commanded Robert. He did this because unlike Carolyn, he knew Margaret could take six hard swats and not let out a sound nor shed a tear.

Of course, she cried anyways, but Robert knew those cries were strictly for show. "Oh, noooooo, Robert! It hurts too much that way. Pleeease, pleeasse let me take them like Carolyn. Or .

or you could give me ten swats like Carolyn took them," begged Margaret. "Margaret, perhaps you'd prefer a full dozen in the legs up position?" "No, Sir," responded a subdued Margaret as she got into position and held her legs straight up. She knew full well it was pointless to argue and that arguing would only result in more swats to her condemned backside . and in this awful position!