Bukkake orgy with german chicks wildgroupsex deepthroat

Bukkake orgy with german chicks wildgroupsex deepthroat
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Adaptation The past several months have been a true testimonial to the adaptability of our species. As a middle aged MILF sucked on my engorged organ with blissful abandon, I let the stimulating warmth gradually seep through my core and tighten the two sperm producing orbs into my abdomen.

She wasn't much of a looker, but her oral skills were delightfully developed, and her passion was unmistakable. Her tongue massaged my glans with gentle circles, as her mouth evolved into a vacuum, sealed with moist and firmly puckered lips at the base of my penis. Her hand wandered across my crinkled scrotum gently. Within a few brief moments, I shamelessly erupted; rocking my hips gently towards her kneeling form, as she greedily swallowed my essence.

After a short respite she rose and helped me secure the zipper, and with an appreciative pat on my rump, she disappeared into the milling crowd at the food court in the Mall. My heart slowed its tormented pace and I strolled somewhat unevenly towards the short line in front of the Booger King. Just a few months earlier, I would have considered the ball draining blowjob in public as lewd, but now it happened with such frequency, I hardly gave it a second thought. A young coed grabbed my deflating crotch and smiled.

I gently shook my head, and she turned to the guy behind me who dropped his slacks as she eagerly dropped to her knees. All about me, similar scenes of debauchery were on display, and I could only reflect on the circumstances that brought us to where we were today. I'd gone to the airport with my beloved wife Becky to pick-up her cousin returning from a vacation in Southeast Asia. Naomi was a free spirit that loved to travel, and thanks to a lucrative estate left by a distant relative, she now had the means to pursue her dreams.

It was a late night arrival, and she looked extremely tired as she entered the cool terminal, her eyes were encircled with dark rings and sunk into their sockets. With a heavy shoulder bag, she staggered into my wife's arms and unceremoniously stifled her sniffles.

Several other female passengers appeared equally exhausted, all with the noticeable flush of a fever and runny noses. Fearing a pandemic of bird flu, we quickly hustled her into the car and sped to a nearby hospital. The reception area was filled with women with similar symptoms and soon Becky and I began to feel the symptoms of the flu. My balls ached. A nurse with a box of vials in one hand and a handful of forms in the other stopped and jotted down our names, took our vitals and drew a vial of blood from each of us.

Shortly thereafter, a second nurse and her assistant gave us an injection and advised us to go home if we could and call immediately if the symptoms worsened. We were only too happy to comply as more victims were cramming into the cramped area, making movement and even breathing difficult.

We got home and cranked up the heat while forcing down liquids before falling into our bed under a mountain of covers. It is difficult to describe the feeling of being sandwiched between two soft sickly kin a wonderful prescription for a good night's sleep. Becky snored softly and evenly. Many nights, when sleep escaped me, I would listen to the rhythm of her breathing, much like listening to the waves of gentle ocean surf, and find solace there.

She was still an attractive woman although she quickly disagreed when anyone mentioned it to her. With a welcoming smile beneath a crown of curly brown hair, she was eager to help those in genuine need and keep me content when the day was done. Becky worked part-time at a nearby day curvy black girl london banks gets dicked center with the unexpected dividend of keeping her fit chasing the rug rats although the stubborn tummy roll (undoubtedly nurtured by her fantastic cooking) never receded to her satisfaction.

Her breasts were large and lick able, and her full hips were sensually inviting. She was a virgin when we married, and retained the 'first time' fascination with my genitals even now. Naomi was quite a contrast; vibrant with a youthful fascination that tempted many potential suitors although few made it into her confidence and even fewer into her underwear. Her unruly dishwater blond mange swept across her tanned shoulders and cafe brown eyes past her long sensuous neck.

Barely B padded bra breasts swelled above her tight abs and immature hips. Naomi's long, long legs were on the verge of anorexic while remaining unmistakably sensual. There was little doubt of her experience with the opposing gender that somehow added to her mystery and sensuality.

In my younger years I may have given chase, but time and experience had tempered my hormones towards the redeeming graces only Becky could provide. I was awakened by Naomi fishing my flaccid penis from my crinkled underwear as my wife frantically frigged herself beneath the covers. When Becky realized I was awake, she laid the most passionate kiss on my lips she had given since our honeymoon while Naomi threw back the covers and mounted my rapidly hardening woody with wild abandon.

As I slid into the warm silky tightness of her youthful core, my wife exploded with a breathy orgasm and I pulled her hips towards my mouth to partake of her abundant, sweet tasting ejaculate. Naomi rode me with wild abandon until, unable to control my own orgasm, I violently erupted deep into her insistent pussy, pumping her full of semen until it squirted out with each downward thrust. Naomi whimpered several times before collapsing on my torso and whispering her barely audible gratitude.

Becky gently rolled her onto my side and dove on my shriveling organ, coaxing me back to fullness with oral expertise I've never before experienced. Becky was never one for oral sex until now, and she licked my organ from base to crown fervently, muttering how beautiful I was between breaths. Even I was surprised at my recovery as the familiar pulses announced my impending release. I had never experienced multiple orgasms until then. As as I filled my wife's grateful unfiltered blair williams dean taylor, she sucked and drank fervently until my organ again wilted with exhaustion.

She rolled off me slowly, and we lay on our backs and stared at the ceiling in silence, trying to sort out feelings and potential consequences. The oppressive silence that followed was deafening until Naomi blurted out "You have a beautiful cock." Her face turned a brilliant shade of crimson. Becky mumbled her affirmation before slowly turning to face me and gaze lovingly into my eyes. Their revelation caught me off guard and I cleared my throat to stall for time.

"Never heard that before," I volunteered weakly while continuing to gaze into Becky's eyes, "I've sorta focused more on function than form." My two companions giggled and hugged me briefly before Becky pulled down the covers and exposed the wilted flesh which Naomi immediately grabbed and gently massaged. Her delicate fingers gently traced the outline and roamed across the sensitive flesh curiously probing the contours and blood vessels. She licked her lips and sighed.

"I'm always amazed how something so smooth and soft can become so hard," Naomi offered. "At times I am too," I contended bringing a simultaneous giggle from my bed mates. "If I had these," my wife retorted, as she caressed my sensitive gonads, "I'd never leave the house!" Another snicker burst forth and again I found myself at a loss for words.

"How's everyone feeling," I offered in an attempt to change the subject. They both claimed to have slight headaches and an inexplicable need for fresh semen. We fell silent once again as the gentle attention to my genitals continued. Lost between fulfillment and doubt, I let my mind wander freely until the image of the pained passengers at the airport returned. I immediately flipped on the TV and my thoughts were confirmed.

The morning news had a world map slutty lesbos fill up their oversized arses with cream and ejaculate it out the rapid camille en couple ou en gangbang elle veut du sexe of the 'illness' and while the news crew was obviously 'grasping at straws,' they knew of its effects.

Just off camera, the unmistakable sounds of passionate lovemaking provided a soothing background soundtrack to the broadcast. Apparently, after 12-hours of flu like symptoms, women were converted into spermicidal maniacs and men were rendered virtually impotent.

The government was intent on the blame game while various CDC facilities were in hyper drive in their search for a cure. Abstinence was advised. I called work and was greeted by several minutes of heavy breathing and orgasmic expletives before my boss breathlessly answered the phone.

He wanted me on the line, but warned of the commute and only men were permitted in the building. I was tempted to ask if he had turned gay but hung up allowing prudence to preserve my paycheck.

After a shower and a quick cup of coffee mixed with a pair of passionate farewell kisses, I was out the door. Small gangs of women incredible sex with busty rouge hardcore and blowjob wandering the streets, and when they saw me, they charged. My survival instinct kicked in.

Within seconds I was through the front door and on the phone promising the boss I'd be in as soon as I could, as Becky and Naomi hastily disrobed me. Foreplay was forgotten, as my overworked organ disappeared into Becky's mouth and Naomi's hands coaxed life into my depleted gonads. With my virility in doubt, I concentrated on the surreal vision of my wife and her cousin on their knees.

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Fortunately, my doubts were unfounded and I stiffened slowly in the gentle warmth that eagerly explored the secret triggers that only Becky's experience could provide. As the focused neural overload reached its explosive threshold, four hands replaced the intoxicating warmth of my wife's mouth and I released a well earned reward for my two hard working companions.

They hungrily devoured my seed gleefully as I fell backwards onto the lazy boy, exhausted. The girls blonde taylor lynn gives in all holes kneeling positions on either side of me and rested their heads on my extended arms.

A casual visual inspection of my abused organ revealed only slight chafing and discoloration. Becky stirred slowly and followed my gaze. She quickly rose and disappeared down the hallway only to reappear moments later with a bottle of lotion.

Back on her knees again, she began to massage the cool liquid into the feverish organ lovingly, soon joined by the gentle hands of Naomi. In the ensuing afterglow, it appeared to me that if unchecked, the moral fiber which we had based our lives had suddenly and inexplicably began to unravel and reverse itself. Damn, the implications were mind boggling! Two days later, after a pensive farewell, I was able to navigate through the sparse groups of copulating couples to get to work.

Production was at a minimum with less than half the crew and spontaneous unsolicited sperm extraction from wanton women who spied us as they walked by, but I was able to complete my shift and head to the nearby grocery store to restock the fridge.

When I approached, I cradled my crotch which was quite effective at discouraging the horny females that preyed unmercifully on potential donors.

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The checkout clerk was not deterred by my rejection, however, and with the desperation of a frenzied nymphomaniac, she tore my work slacks from my torso and got down to fulfilling her needs. It took a while after the previous extractions of the day, but her persistence finally paid off in the form of several dribbles that trickled down her throat.

Exhausted, I quickly bagged the goods (the regular bag man was pinned beneath a riding woman twice his size) and threw a five on the counter. Several recovery minutes securely locked in the car were required before my vision returned to normal and I returned to the streets. As I entered the house, I encountered Naomi doing the nasty with some young suitor on the couch. I quietly closed the door behind me and watched her orgasm gradually unfold, her tight and tiny titties trembling with each forceful downward thrust of those flawless youthful hips.

He growled as he unloaded and she shivered uncontrollably as her orgasm tortured her delicate frame for several seconds. When she saw me, she quickly dismounted and flushed the same bright red I had seen after our first sexual encounter. "I would have invited you to join us if I knew you were here," she offered meekly.

"My dear," I replied, "I'm grateful you didn't. It's been a long draining day; Seen Becky?" "Not since she left for work this morning; maybe something came up." "Or came in," I retorted, "Wish I could have been there to provided for her." "No offense, but I doubt any one man can take care of any one woman anymore," Naomi confided." "I'm thinking of heading out with Raul and his friends in their RV for awhile." Raul stood ungracefully and extended his hand.

He was hung like a horse, easily twice my size when flaccid. I shook his hand unceremoniously and offered a weak smile when Becky entered, her hair and clothes disheveled like she had been through the business end of a tornado. Tears were in her two long cocks for busty african slave in bedroom as she ran into my arms and sobbed an apology.

sunny leone and other girl sex I comforted as she sobbed, "Your love is safe with me." Naomi ran over and embraced us and was soon joined by Raul. It was inevitable I immediately surmised, and any jealousy I harbored disappeared (except for the size of Raul's appendage). "Look, let's just go with it, being mindful of STD's and possessive lovers, agreed?" We embraced again until I advised Raul to point his prong somewhere else besides my hip.

Becky pulled me into the bedroom and shagged her attire briskly before quickly removing my apparel. She reached for the soothing lotion and gingerly applied it while whispering words of comfort as my penis was a completely separate entity. We climbed under the covers and embraced, soon to be joined by Naomi and Raul.

It was a little tight, but all I could ever ask for.

Several months have passed since the bacteria, released from a water treatment facility in Southeast Asia, circled the globe and changed the sexual orientation of the mammalian species. The bacteria evolved quickly into a harmless strain, birth rates plummeted, well being became the norm, and a gradual acceptance of the new born sexual orientation was welcomed by all but a diminishing amount of clergy that still clung to the wisdom of ages past while faithfully awaiting the miracle of restoration.

Medications were hurriedly developed that, at best, could only partially suppress female sex drive and increase male virility. My relationship with Becky grew profoundly, and although we frequently engaged different partners, it was purely physical, and we always returned to the comfort of each others embrace. I left for work as always, gave my essence to those I could, bonded with my male counterparts, came home and watched the news, and cuddled with Becky all night.

Sometimes we shared the bed with a desperate waif in need of a seminal deposit but I always awoke with Becky in my arms. We were among the vast majority that, never knowing the future, had adapted to our new orientation, and I, for one, was grateful.