Sexy blonde teen drilled by her stepbro on the couch

Sexy blonde teen drilled by her stepbro on the couch
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And now, "Vincent and Erin", Part One. Vincent looked longingly at the clock, just minutes before the day was over. He was done with his test early, and waited desperately for the time to end.

He let his eyes wander over to his best friend, Erin, hard at work, poring over her own test. Allowing his mind to wander, he saw her clothes almost melting away, one by one. Lost in his own fantasies, he almost missed the bell. "Shit!" he muttered as he gathered up his things.

Snapped from his fantasy, Vincent didn't realize he had gotten hard thinking of his best friend. Erin was, thankfully, walking out the door, so Vincent's crude fantasies stayed his own for another day. He headed out to his own locker, and opened it up to find a small piece of paper fall out. "Huh…what's this?" Vincent mused over what turned out to be a small note. "Hey, Vincent…do me a favor…stay at home tonight?

I'm going to swing by and I really need to talk with you, you're the only guy who ever listens to me." Vincent could hear her voice slipping through her full, soft lips.

He shook his head, starting to fantasize again. Erin walked out of the school, stomach full of butterflies bigger than robins. She knew tonight would be the night she'd break the news to Vincent. She, too, began to daydream. His 6'2", slightly muscular frame, dark brown eyes, and equally dark brown hair would not leave her mind.

She felt her panties beginning to get moist and she giggled to herself. "Tonight's going to be very fun…I hope." Once Erin got home, she made sure to grab a pair of handcuffs off her bedside table. A gift from a particularly abusive ex, they ended up coming in handy with future guys. As a matter of fact, she enjoyed seeing men held down.

It made her feel…almost powerful.

She grinned wickedly as she stuffed them in the pocket of the jeans she would wear that night, stripping down for her shower… Vincent stepped out of his own shower and looked himself over in the mirror as he dried off.

His mind had, once again, wandered to the luscious curves of the girl he hoped to have someday. Her blazing red hair, green eyes, and just the right amount of fat to make her have that classic hourglass figure he couldn't get enough of. It had been so hard to not get off to his own fantasies, saving it in case the evening's activities because more than studying and chatting about exes.

Wandering slowly to his own room, he imagined her voice in his head, screaming his name… "Ohhh, Vincent!" Erin's voice, at the busty babe fucks her bf and his friend camel toe moment, was indeed screaming his name. Her fingers, however, were the parties responsible, as three of them were jammed deep inside her.

She felt the water cascade over her body as her come flooded her fingers and squirted down her thighs. She couldn't resist the temptations of her own imagination, and she quickly washed up, trying to stay standing on very shaky legs. Careful not to slip, she climbed out of her own shower, freshly washed and shaved.

She dried herself off as she strode to her room, thanking the powers that be that her family wasn't home at the time. Still hurrying, Erin pulled herself together, leaving her hair wet so Vincent would know how urgent it was to see her. Part Two: Vincent was resting in his living room when he heard the doorbell.

He walked over to the door, opened it, and Erin leapt into his arms. "Well, good to see you, too Erin," said Vincent, and Erin just laughed. "Surprised?" "Very!" They both laughed then Erin kissed Vincent. Vincent, even more shocked, kissed back but pulled back and looked at Erin. "What was that for?" "I realized after all this time that I truly love you, and not all those jerks I've dated." "Really?" stammered Vincent, and Erin simply nodded.

Vincent grinned, kissed her again, and carried her up to his room. Vincent closed the door then laid Erin down on his bed, kissing her deeply. Erin kissed back, and then pulled away to take off her shirt and then her bra. Vincent growled sexily and pulled off his own shirt, then kissed down to her neck.

Erin giggled at first then heard a moan escape her lips. Vincent continued down, kissing her chest then her breasts, starting on the left breast and sucking gently on her nipple. Erin moaned again and played with Vincent's hair. Vincent looked up at Erin and grinned, then playfully started to kiss back up her body.

Erin, not ready to let her pleasure stop, started to push Vincent back down. Vincent obliged, kissing her tummy then undoing her jeans, pulling them down followed by her thong.

Erin moaned in anticipation, followed by a soft purr and a nod when Vincent looked up for approval. Vincent kissed down, licking her clit softly then sucking on it. Erin moaned again and closed her eyes, pulling Vincent's hair a little. Vincent smiled again and licked in between her swollen lips, getting to taste the girl he's loved almost all of his life for the first time. He then curled his tongue and slid it in gently. Erin moaned again and bucked her hips against his face. Vincent knew she was horny and kissed back up her body, and then took off his own jeans and boxers.

Erin looked down and her eyes grew wide. She had never seen a man so big in her life, and she loved it.

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Of course, she hadn't seen a lot of men naked, so comparing was quite hard. "That's not the only thing that's quite hard" Erin hotel in stepmom full story hot mused aloud, getting a laugh from Vincent. Erin blushed furiously and came up with a way to make Vincent pay for making fun of her. "H.Hey, what gives!" Vincent cried out, rattling the handcuffs.

Erin laughed and looked down at the helpless Vincent, "Didn't I tell you I liked men being tied down?" "No, but it isn't too bad, just shocked me is all" said Vincent with a soft smile.

Erin tried to resist, but she could never resist his charm or smile. She straddled his large member, pointing it towards herself. Vincent rattled the handcuffs again then grinned "Come on, you want it, take it, I'm all yours, I'm yours forever." Erin nodded and carefully lowered herself on his huge dick.

They both moaned in unison and Erin started to ride him. She kept moaning and went faster, causing Vincent to bite his lip in pleasure. Faster and harder she went, and Vincent put more pressure on his lip.

Erin stopped, Vincent's cock completely buried inside her, and started to rock back and forth on it, feeling it rubbing the walls inside. Vincent moaned and a trickle of blood ran down his chin. Erin managed a laugh and leaned down to lick it up. Vincent took her tongue in his mouth and the two began bucking in unison, lost in passion and love and lust and sexual energy. The two continued to moan louder and louder as they humped each other harder and harder.

They began to yell each other's names and Erin threw her head back as she came. Vincent screamed out his love for Erin as he came with her.

Erin collapsed on Vincent, and then unlocked his hands before falling asleep, exhausted from the best orgasm of her life.

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Vincent wrapped his arms around her spent body and fell asleep also, finally able to hold the love of his life.