Redhead milf fucks the pool boy janet mason

Redhead milf fucks the pool boy janet mason
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Author's Note: This is a work of fiction. It's okay to fantasize about sex between adults and children, but definitely not okay for adults to actually have sex with children. I married into a big family. My wife has more siblings than I have cousins! Needless to say, such a large family leads to large family gatherings.

One of these happened not long ago. The occasion was the wedding of one of my wife's sisters. Not surprisingly, my wife was one of the bridesmaids. Since the wedding was to be held some distance away from the home my wife and I share, it was decided that she would stay the two nights before at the home of her parents, which was closer to the location along with the other sisters in the wedding (including the bride).

They would all get ready there. It was to be "sister time". Even my wife's parents were planning to stay elsewhere those nights. As the date for the wedding drew closer, a small problem came up.

One of my brothers-in-law (Jack) was probably not going to be able to come down with his wife (who was in the wedding) because their son was on a team that was contending for a state championship, with the tournament scheduled for the weekend of the wedding. As it turned out, that is what happened. The issue pertaining to this story was that their daughter, Megan, still planned to come to the wedding. The problem was now she had no where to stay, as she would have been in a hotel with her dad and brother.

Just stay with the sisters, right? Well, no. They had some "adult" activities planned and didn't want a 12 year old their to dampen their fun. Enter me. My wife and I discussed it, and we agreed that she could stay with me at our house. There was plenty of room, two entire spare rooms (one of which was used as an office, but had a foldout couch) and there was another foldout couch in my "mancave" in the basement.

I should mention that at this point, we had not had any children of our own, which is why there was so much room. Megan and her parents agreed that that would be fine. Just a few days before the wedding, another brother-in-law (Jerry) had a death in his family, with the funeral scheduled for that weekend. The funeral was going to be on the west coast, so he would need to fly as the wedding was to be in Wisconsin. Again, his wife was in the wedding party and their 9 year old daughter Robin also wanted to attend.

So, Jerry was going to go alone. I again came to the rescue of a little girl with nowhere to stay. After some discussing, Robin and Megan thought it would be fun to share one of the extra bedrooms at our house, as opposed to each having their own. Megan and Margaret (her mom) arrived just before noon on Thursday. Robin and Natalie (her mom) pulled up about 15 minutes later. We all enjoyed a home-cooked lunch. Afterwards, Vivian (my wife), Margaret and Natalie headed off to their parents' house and their "sister time".

I showed the girls where the room we set up for them was. They had both been in the house many times, so there was no need to show them around. They dropped their stuff in the room and hung up the dresses they planned to wear to the wedding.

I told them to make themselves at home. I would be down in the "mancave" working on some shelves if they needed me for anything. Megan asked if she could use the computer since it was kind of a drizzly, dreary day. I told them that was fine, but no adult sites! At this time, I would like to introduce you to the "players" in this story.

Megan, as I mentioned, was 12. She was a red head, fairly tall for her age (about 5'2" - which was actually taller than her mother) with an average build. Megan had started to develop womanly hips. She had slightly above averaged sized 12 year old breasts, sized 32 B.

Big breasts sort of ran in their family. I think all of my wife's sisters were at least C cups. A couple maybe D's. Even 9 year old Robin had more than breast buds. She wore a "regular" training bra, sized 28 A. Robin was blonde, about 4 1/2 feet tall with a baby fat bubble butt.

At the time I was 28 years old, 6' tall with a medium build. I have brownish-reddish hair, with a mustache. By the way, my name is Carl. I had been working on my shelves for about an hour when I figured I should go check on Robin and Megan.

I came up two flights of stairs and walked over to the busty ebony slut pays for cab with her alluring body, where the computer was.

As I approached, I could hear giggling and Megan saying "No, not that way. Rub over here. Right above your pee-hole." That immediately caught my attention. They had shut the door, so I could not see in.

I thought about busting them, but all of a sudden had a better idea, one that might enable me to eventually get a couple pieces of preteen pussy. I quietly walked to my bedroom and grabbed my laptop.

I had software installed on it that allowed me to access my "main" computer from anywhere. This included the ability to receive images from the webcam perched above the monitor which I always left on.

I quickly did so. I could see both girls from head to lap level. Megan had one hand down the front of her shorts. With her other hand, she was helping Robin find "the right spot" to rub on her pussy. Megan had not pulled down her shorts at all, but Robin's were all the way off.

I could see that Robin was still hair free down there. Didn't seem right to be the only one in the house not masturbating, so I pulled out my dick and started slowly stroking. After about 5 minutes, I could see that Megan's nipples were erect, even under her shirt and bra!

She was breathing heavily. Robin's little pussy was glistening with moisture. Megan began massaging her breast with her free hand. Robin soon did the same. I wanted to savor all this in, so I continued the slow stroking of my penis. I didn't want to cum before the show was over.

In fact, I wanted to save myself for the postgame. After another 5 minutes, Robin started breathing very heavily and shaking. My little niece was about to have her first orgasm as I watched just 10 feet away.

Then, I could tell that Megan was jamming a finger or two into her vagina as her orgasm approached. Her butt jiggled on the chair and she muffled a scream with her shirt sleeve. I quickly realized my opening. I pulled up my shorts, still semi-erect and walked over to the office and opened the door, saying, "Are you alright? I thought I heard a scream." Robin and Megan were busted. Robin was naked from the waist down, had a glistening pussy slit, rock hard nipples under her shirt and obvious sex flushed cheeks.

Megan was still clothed, but her nipples were just as hard, her sex flush just as obvious and the crotch of her shorts were soaked. At first, the girls were scared and started crying, thinking they were in trouble.

I told them it was okay, that it was natural, but that I had said "no adult sites". They pointed to the computer and showed that it wasn't. Just a teen girl website, albeit with a forum discussing masturbation techniques. Robin slipped her panties and shorts back on and I started talking with the girls about what they read.

They talked about different methods that girls in the forum used to masturbate. Clit rubbing, humping a pillow, squeezing thighs together, running water from a shower head, etc. Megan mentioned that there was a topic that also talked about how boys masturbate. She said it sounds boring, because guys can only do it the one way.

She said it looks so violent. I asked, "What do you mean, 'looks'? When have you ever seen a boy masturbate?" Megan blushed. She bit her lip and finally stammered, " I once watched my big brother Warren do it." "I see," I replied, feeling a stir down below. "How did it make you feel to watch?" "It was good, I guess," she answered. "I touched myself a little while I euro gorgeous hotties are all about gangbang hardcore groupsex and even more later in my room.

I kept thinking about how happy Warren looked after he shot his stuff. I kinda wish I could do that." Robin had a confused look on her face. "Stuff, what stuff?" "His sperm, out of his penis. It's how boys make babies. They shoot their sperm in a girl and it makes a baby," Megan said. "Ohhh," Robin replied.

"Does it feel good to shoot sperm Uncle Carl?" "Yes, very much so!" I answered. "I think that would be neat to see!" said Robin. "Could you show us, PLEEEEEASE!" I pretended to give this deep thought.

Eventually, I said, "I don't know. You are just young girls and I am a grown man. Grown ups and kids shouldn't do stuff like that together." "PLEEEEEASE!" both girls begged. "I'll bet it would be way cooler to watch you than Warren," added Megan.

"Well, okay." I finally relented, or at least I pretended to. "But this has to stay just between us. You can NEVER tell ANYONE.

It would be big trouble (especially for me I thought) if you did. Understand?" "Yes. We promise. We won't tell," Megan and Robin replied. "Why don't we go into my bedroom? I think we'll be more comfortable there." We moved to the bedroom. My laptop was still on the bed, but fortunately it had gone to sleep, so the girls didn't three hot babes want a group sex that I had seen their masturbation session. I closed the laptop and set it aside.

I climbed on the bed and motioned for them to do the same, which they did eagerly. I stripped off my T-shirt and then my shorts. I was already semi-erect. I grabbed some lube from the night stand. "What's that?" Robin asked.

I said it was called lubricant. I explained that it made it feel more like the inside of a woman's pussy. I asked her if she noticed how wet her pussy got when she was masturbating. This seemed to satisfy her curiosity. I started slowly stroking my penis and it sprang instantly to life.

I made a show of slowly going cute blonde young teen amateur first time beach bait and switch and down the entire shaft so the girls could get a clear view of what I was doing. "WOW!" exclaimed Robin. "It's so big!" "Can I touch it?" Megan asked after a few minutes. I pretended to mull this over for a few seconds.

"Well, okay," I replied finally. She slowly reached over and touched the tip with one of her fingers. Then she made her way down the shaft, eventually putting her entire hand on my member, taking in it's length and thickness.

She got all the way down to the base and then started back up. When she reached the tip, she wrapped her hand around it, mimicking my actions, and started to slowly stroke me. "Mmmm, that feels nice," I said to her. I kissed her forehead and ran my fingers through her long hair.

It wasn't long before Robin said she wanted to touch me too. I told them they could take turns. They agreed. After a minute of them taking turns, I said I didn't think it was fair that they were touching me, because I wanted to return the favor and make them feel good too. The nubile preteens quickly shed their clothes and positioned themselves so they could still stroke me, but that I could also reach their sex boxes.

Both girls were already very wet from their previous session and from the excitement of masturbating me. I dabbed my middle finger into each pussy, brought it to my nose to smell their sweetness then to my mouth to taste black blow job and sex with compeers sister womanplaymate first time peeping tom on our lovely nectar.

"Ewww," Megan said. "Isn't that nasty?" "No!" I exclaimed. "It's the best taste in the world. The taste of a woman's pleasure." Both girls relaxed and we got into a good rhythm of rubbing and stroking. After about 10 minutes, Robin started breathing heavily as she approached her second orgasm in less than an hour.

I uncle fucking his friend innocent blond daughter my rubbing of her precious folds and inserted a finger just barely into her vaginal opening, stroking the topside of it's interior. This put Robin over the edge. She screeched in pleasure, arched her back and shook violently.

She grind-ed herself into my hand and rewarded my fingers with a small gush of girlie cum. She slid away from me a bit and rolled herself in a ball to recover. I focused my attention onto Megan, who was also breathing heavily and copiously lubricating my hand. I slipped one and then two fingers gently inside her soaked vagina. I felt around until I hit the right spot. Megan's eyes went into the back of her head.

She moaned and started shaking. I could feel her vaginal contractions and with each one a little squirt of girlie cum. By now, of course, they had been neglecting me for some time. After she had recovered a bit, Robin resumed stroking my dick with a renewed sense of purpose. She was also stroking much faster than she had, perhaps noting that I rubbed her faster as she came. "Oh yeah, baby. Just like that!" I encouraged her. "You're doing great." Quickly, Megan reached over and suddenly two hands were wrapped around and stroking my cock.

The intensity and speed was bringing me to climax quickly. "Ready girls?" I asked. "My sperm will be cumming soon." They stroked even faster and moved their faces close to see what would happen. I gave a loud groan and started to erupt. The first shot hit Megan's chin.

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Shot number two hit Robin's nose. The third hit Megan's right eye. The fourth hit Robin's wrist. Then, a few more smaller spurts, and just a few dribbles. Some of the spunk on Robin's nose dripped into her mouth.

It was clear she was startled at first, but then appeared to be tasting and then shrugged. "YUCK!" Megan said. "How did it taste?" "Not bad. Salty," Robin replied. Megan wiped a bit of my cum from her chin, gave it a whiff and then a little taste.

She shrugged also, saying it was ok. Robin had finished licking the sperm off herself, when she noticed a few drops still hanging from my softening penis. She reached over and squeezed a few more drops onto her hand, which she quickly devoured.

Megan had a better idea. She leaned in close and started licking the cum from my shaft and glans, like one would an ice cream cone. My dick responded immediately by twitching and stiffening to full erection again.

"Oh Megan! Ooooh yeah! The feels SOOOOO good. You are such a grown up girl to give me a special feeling like this," I told her.

"Can I show you girls how to feel even better than before?" "Even better!?" exclaimed Robin. "No way!! How?" I motioned for her to come over to me and told her to sit facing forward on my chest. She did so. I slid her up a little closer and flicked her little clitty with my tongue. "Oh, Uncle Carl! WOW!" I continued licking my little neice's bald beaver while Megan was licking my dick. I could see out of the corner of her eye that she had one hand on her pussy.

After about 5 minutes, I said "Switch! Megan, change places with Robin. Equal time you know!" They quickly did so. Robin was a little clumsy licking my penis, but she quickly figured out what to do.

Megan's preteen pussy contained the sweetest nectar. She didn't have a full bush, but wasn't completely bald like Robin. I licked her clit, flicked my tongue on her vaginal opening and even thrust my tongue inside a few times.

We switched again after about another 5 minutes. By the time I resumed my licking of Robin, I could tell she was on the verge of cumming again.

I thrust my tongue inside as far as I could and licked her inner walls. I was rewarded for my efforts by feeling her contractions and her juice flow onto my face, all of which I greedily lapped up. Robin collapsed onto the bed. "Your turn, Megan!" I said. She mounted my face and I resumed licking her lovely preteen cunt. It took her a bit longer, but I again felt a gush of womanly juice on my lips and swallowed it all.

By now, Robin had resumed licking my shaft and glans. Megan joined her. Two tongues on my spicy sweeties drill the biggest strapons and spray jism everywhere sent me into overload.

"Both of you put your mouths by the tip. I'm going to cum soon!" They did so and I let another load loose. Each spurt landed on the tongue or lips of one of my lovely nieces. After they licked me dry, I motioned for them to lay beside me. They did and we snuggled, naked and exhausted, for a good hour or so. By then, it was about 4:30. I suggested we get cleaned up and then we could go out for redhead teen fucked on desk for casting. We went to a nice little supper club not far from my home.

I told them I was taking them to a "grown up" restaurant, because they were acting like grown-ups. We had a nice meal and then returned home. We sat on the couch and started talking. I asked Megan if she had a boyfriend.

She said she didn't, but that she had been on a "date" with a boy once. It was actually a double date with the older sister of Megan's "date" chaperoning with her boyfriend.

Robin asked Megan when she started growing hair between her legs, wondering how long it would be until she had some so she could look grown up too. Megan said she noticed hair down there a little after turning 11. I asked her if her mom had told her about puberty and sex. She said that she had "the talk" just before hitting 12. "Otherwise I would have freaked when I got my period a few months ago." I winced. That might put a wrinkle into taking our play to the next level. Robin asked what a period was and Megan gave a brief explanation.

She also mentioned that she was so glad her period finished two days ago as she didn't want to bring all that stuff this weekend. I'm glad too baby, I thought. "Uncle Carl, can we do some more grown up play stuff?" asked Robin. "I don't know," I said. "You guys are still young." "But you said we were acting like grown-ups. What else can we do to feel grown-up?" pleaded Robin.

Megan asked, "Could you put your dick in our pussies?" I bet that would be the best feeling EVER!!" I pretended to give this deep thought. "I'm not sure that's a good idea.

It can hurt the first time a girl has sex. I don't want to hurt you. Also, Megan is old enough to have a baby if she has sex with a man." "But my mom said there are only certain times when a girl can get pregnant. My period just ended two days ago. It should be at least 10 days before I can get pregnant." "Are you SURE about when your period stopped?" I asked. "Positive. The first day I didn't have it at all was yesterday." "OK. I think it should be safe then," I said. "Great! What are we waiting for?!!

Let's go!!" said Megan. She ran up the stairs, practically tearing her clothes off as she went. Robin hesitated at first, but then bounded up right behind, peeling her own clothes off. Megan and Robin were bare-assed naked on my bed by the time I got there, a couple minutes later. They were impatient. "What do we do first?" Robin asked.

I told them to relax. We had all night. The best way to do it is take the time to do it right. We decided I would have sex with Megan first, since she was older. That would hopefully take away some of Robin's anxiety. "I'm ready Uncle Carl. Put it in!!!" "You're not ready, silly. Like I said, it's important to go slow. That way it feels better.

Now lay back and relax." She did so and I proceeded to go down on her. I licked her virgin pussy until it was dripping wet and she had already cum twice. By then, I knew she was as ready as she would ever be.

"Okay, honey. Are you sure you still want me to put it in you?" "Y-y-y-yes!" Megan stammered in between heavy breaths from her latest orgasm. I got on my back and motioned for her to lay on me. I kissed her forehead and both cheeks. "Megan, I love you. I'm going to kiss you like an adult now. It may feel a little strange at first, but it feels good.

I planted my lips on hers and flicked a little tongue inside her mouth. She instinctively returned the favor. As we kissed, I was rubbing her pussy from below with one hand and masturbating myself to erection with the other.

I placed my dick on the edge of her pussy and rubbed it in her juice. This brought a fresh moan from Megan. I inched it slowly inside her vagina. When I started to feel the resistance created by her hymen I said, "Okay Megan. This is it. We'll do it fast so the pain goes quick. You ready?" She shook her head yes and said, "Yes, Uncle Carl. I love you. Make me a woman." We locked tongues again, and as we did I forced myself inside her, taking her virginity with one strong thrust.

Megan winced in pain, but after a few seconds said it was okay. We made love. She was wet and not really as tight as I had expected. I moved my hands all across her nubile body as we were locked together. She came two more times while she was on top of me and I inside her. After her second, I could tell my orgasm was icecream truck teen schoolgirl in knee high socks gets half creampie filling. I sped up my thrusts.

I moaned out her name. "Oh Megan. You're going to make me cum!" A few more thrusts and then I let loose, blowing my load where no sperm had been before. After my orgasm subsided, I rolled her off me and onto the bed. I grabbed a towel that I had nearby. There was a bit of blood, but not too much around her vagina. I wiped that and the cum leaking out of her off. Then I wiped the cum and blood off my dick. Finally, I gave Megan one last deep kiss. Robin gasped, "Wow.

That was amazing!! I came 3 times just watching you guys and touching myself!! Is it my turn now??!!" "Okay," I said. "Just give me a minute to catch my breath." I moved down between Robin's legs and sampled her sweet nectar. She certainly was primed and ready. But I wanted a taste first. I lapped her juice greedily. After a couple minutes, I could feel life returning to my dick. I lay down on the bed, bringing Robin onto my chest and cuddling her.

She was so small compared to me, it was like holding a big stuffed doll. As before, I kissed her forehead and cheeks before moving to her lips. Again, just a little flick of tongue, which she returned in kind. She had learned quickly amateur webcam brunette cowgirl penetration and tattoos watching Megan and me. "Do it Uncle Carl.

Stick it in me. I love you so much!!" "I love you too, Robin," I replied. I rubbed her sex a couple times and then eased my dick towards her precipice. I slowly eased it in, feeling resistance earlier than I had with Megan. Of course, I thought, she's smaller. "You sure you're ready? Remember, it will hurt at first." "Yes, Uncle Carl. Take me. I need you in me!" I kissed her deeply on the lips and thrust forward, taking my second preteen cherry in the last hour.

Robin teared up a bit and winced. I held her close and told her just to relax for a minute. After that minute passed, her pain had eased and she said she was better now. I started thrusting inside my 9 year old niece. She was incredibly tight. But, fortunately wet enough to compensate. She had her first orgasm after just a couple minutes. The contractions of her tight pussy around my dick was almost too much, but I held onto my load. She continued moaning my name over and over.

Less than 5 minutes later, I could tell she was getting ready to cum again. I sped up my thrusting, determined to sync up our orgasms and deposit my load inside my preteen lover. I felt her pussy contract and let loose. "Oh, Robin! Oh, my lovely Robin," I exclaimed as I was filling her up. We both finally stopped cumming. I pulled out and watched my jizz drip out of her hairless twat, mixed in with a little bit of blood. I held her close. Megan moved up and also cuddled with me.

We lay there, spent and satisfied for a long time. Eventually, we drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. When I awoke, it was about 5 AM. I went to take a leak. After, washing my hands, I looked in the mirror wondering what I had done. Would they keep our secret or was I headed to a very messy future? Divorce? Prison?? I figured I would be able to gauge it pretty quickly by what happened when they awoke.

Turns out, I had little to worry about. Robin awoke first. She crept into the bathroom as I was heading out. She gave me a big hug and kiss and gave my pecker a couple healthy tugs.

She then padded to the toilet and did her business as I waited for her by the door.

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When she finished, she whispered that she wanted to do it again, quick. Before Megan wakes up. I looked around the bathroom.

There was a small stool in the corner that my wife used to reach some of the upper shelves in the linen closet. I moved it over to the sink and told her to stand on it.

She did so. I bent down and started licking her pussy. It wasn't long before she was good and wet. I stroked myself hard quickly and then inserted from behind. She felt a bit looser and so my thrusts were quicker. We both looked at the mirror, watching ourselves fuck.

It was only a african big buttock xxx sex storys minutes before I felt her pussy contract and my dick letting loose another big load. We kissed deeply and I then told her she should probably wash up. Make sure you use the spray nozzle "down there" and clean yourself good I told her.

I walked into the bedroom where Megan was starting to stir. "Good morning, my angel," I said. "Good morning, Uncle Carl!" she said, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Where's Robin?" I said she was showering. "Good! I want to make love with you quick before she gets done." I hopped into bed and gave her pussy a few good rubs.

She was already plenty lubricated. "I'm already wet. I had sexy dreams last night," she said, answering my unspoken question. She reached down and started to stroke me to erection. Even though I had cum just a few minutes earlier, it didn't take long. I kissed her deep on the lips and then moved on top and then inside of her.

Since I was roughly twice her weight, I balanced myself to keep most of my weight off of her. "Oh, Megan," I moaned. "You feel so nice inside.

My lovely little lady." "Oh, Uncle Carl! I think I'm cumming already!" Sure enough, I could feel her pussy contracting around my dick. I was nowhere near close yet, though. I continued a steady pace of thrusting. "Oh,oh OOOh. I'm cumming again!" Megan squealed a few minutes later. "Cum inside me, Uncle Carl. I love you! I want to make you cum!" "Here it cums Megan. Ahhhh! Oh, Sweetie, you're making me cum! OOOOh! I love you too honey." Spurt after spurt. Megan was so lovely in every way.

She truly was a young woman. In a few years, when she would have sex with boys her own age, she would make them VERY happy, I thought to myself. I rolled off Megan and lay next to her. Pretty soon, Robin emerged from the bathroom, freshly showered and shampooed. She too looked ever so lovely. Her body was still glistening from the shower and her nipples were fully erect. Somehow, she looked older than when she had walked into the house less than 24 hours earlier.

She came over and sleeping mon and sek son me on the lips and told me she loved me. I told her I loved her. Robin went out and headed to the room where they were supposed to have been sleeping to get dressed. "Guess I should hit the shower too," said Megan.

She started toward the bathroom, when I stopped her. I suggested she use the other one down the hall. That way I could shower at the same time.

Afterwards, we could go get breakfast. We would be meeting with some of the family in a few hours to help decorate the reception hall and then later was the rehearsal. She shook her head. I got up to take my shower. As our paths crossed, we kissed and I gave her boob a little squeeze. As for what happened that night. I'll just leave that to your imagination. At least for now.