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Pregnant bbw mom milks tits and fucks big wet pussy
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Just so you people know I do NOT own Naruto I wish I did. Plz RnR "Normal speak" 'Thoughts' Written by Dragon of the Underworld Revised by Evildart17 And on to the story. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Way I Dreamed It Part 1 Chapter 7 "Dreaming?" said Hinata a bit confused, and then she noticed the surroundings. They were not in bed, and they were not naked.

She was in the couch in the hospital sleeping just like the other girls. Then she remembered they had fallen asleep waiting for the nurse. 'What a minute if I'm awake, then that means. . He. . He's' "YOU'RE BACK!" yelled Hinata as she launched herself at him hugging and kissing him. The other woke up only to see Hinata hugging and kissing Naruto; they had woken up when Hinata yelled. "I've been looking for you everywhere, I decided to check the hospital and when I checked at the front desk they told me that Hanabi was here and so I knew you would be here too" "Hey your back" said Tenten.

"Yeah and just in time" said Ino. "Uhh why is everyone here?" asked Naruto. "Naruto we'll tell you that later" said Tsunade. "Yeah theirs other things that need to be said" said Tenten with a nod towards Hinata. Naruto then turned to Hinata.

"Naruto-kun I. .

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I have something to tell you" "What is it?" "Naruto-kun I. . I. . I'm pregnant" "Your pregnant" said Naruto he had a surprised face that was very slowly softening and turning in to a face with a smile full of joy, Hinata only nodded. "Your pregnant" he said, again Hinata nodded again. "We are pregnant" Hinata continued to nod. "That. . That means. . That means you're. . You're going to a mommy" he said with a big smile on his face.

Hinata nodded yet again with smile, "And your going to a be a daddy" Naruto quickly took Hinata in to a passionate kiss as he hugged her, lifted her unusual teens plow the biggest strapons and spray cum all over the place, and twirled her around. Naruto stopped what he was doing, "Were.

. Were ganna have a baby" "Were ganna be having a baby" Hinata repeated big natural rides cock and facial julia reaves words. "Hinata. . You make me so happy" "I told you" said Tenten as she wiped away tears that were trickling down her cheeks.

She was just so happy for Hinata she got what she wanted, in a sense she got what all girls want, she knew because she too wanted that. "Hinata I'm so jealous. . you're so lucky" said Ino as she smiled at the couple. Naruto looked to the side only to see all the other girls crying except Hanabi who was just smiling. They all came towards them. "Congratulations" said everyone as they hugged Naruto and Hinata.

"Hinata we should tell you father ASAP" said Naruto. "No Naruto it doesn't matter" said Hinata with a bit of a sad face. "What do you mean of course it matters" Naruto noticed the others also had a down face.

"Naruto I guess its time to answer your question about why were here" said Tsunade. "What happened?" he asked.

"You see Naruto, Hinata's father already knows, he wanted Hinata to get rid of the baby, but when Hinata didn't want to he began to beat her badly, when Hanabi stood up for her he beat her a—" Tsunade was cut off.

"HOW COULD HE DO THAT THEY ARE HIS DAUG----" this time Tsunade cut Naruto off as she brought a hand up to stop him.

"That is why they will no longer live in the Hyuga compound; this isn't the first time that he has treated them this badly. In response to this Hiashi said that he disowned them and they no longer are Hyugas" Naruto looked at Hinata she had some tears on her cheeks as did Hanabi.

"Hinata wait here a couple of minutes" said Naruto as he began to walk away. "Naruto where are you going. . your not going to go cause any trouble are you?" asked Tsunade. "No. .

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. . At least not yet. . I'll be back in a couple of minutes" he said as he left. "Where do you think he's going" asked Ino. "I don't know, I guess were ganna have to wait" said Tenten. They all waited about twenty minutes and Naruto finally came back.

He went up to Hinata. "Hinata I.

. . I want you to come and live with me" asked Naruto. Ino leaned closer to Tenten and whispered, "That was sudden" "I. . I. . I don't know" said Hinata. "What do you mean?" "I can't leave Hanabi all alone" said Hinata.

Naruto gave her a small chuckle. "Hanabi is going to came and live with us as well" said Naruto.

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"REALLY" yelled both Hinata and Hanabi. "Of course. . I can't have my little girl's favorite aunt out on the street, right" said Naruto as he kneeled down and rub Hinata's belly. "I'm ganna be her only aunt" said Hanabi. 'His little girl?. . yesterday when Hinata barged in to Tsunades office she referred to the baby as a her, how could they possibly know it's a her if she's barely going to be two months pregnant' thought Tenten. "Hey what about us" said Ino, the girls wanted to part of the little baby's life.

"Yeeeeeeaah" said Hanabi as she turned to Naruto. "Anyway. . live girl fucked with machine sextoy masturbating and webcamsex.. . Were all ganna be together then" said Hanabi. "How do you guy know the baby is going to be a girl" said Tenten. "Yeah?" said Ino. "Because we just do" said Hinata. "What do you mean you just do?" asked Ino. "I don't know we just know" said Naruto, while both Hinata and Hanabi nodded their heads in agreement.

Ino leaned in closer to Tenten again and whispered, "Watch it turns out to be a boy" "Anyway so you are moving in with me right," asked Naruto Hinata and Hanabi just nodded.

"You left for twenty minutes just to come back and say that" asked Tsunade. "No I left for ten minutes to find something" said Naruto. "What?" asked Ino. "This". . said Naruto as he pulled something out of his pocket and opened it. Naruto got down on one knee and asked, "Hinata will you marry me." "YES I'll marry" said Hinata extremely happy; she hugged him as she cried from all the joy she was experiencing.

Ino whispered to Tenten, "I stand corrected this is way more sudden" "Naruto-kun. . ." "Yeah Hinata-chan?" "You. . You make me so happy" she returned the same words he said to her. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hanabi was finally cleared to leave. "Come on guys lets go home" said Naruto. "Wait you guys don't want to hang out" asked Ino. "Not me I just got back from a mission and I'm tired, but. . ." Naruto looked at Hinata to see if maybe she wanted to go.

"I want to rest as well" said Hinata. "Yeah me too" added Hanabi. With that the three headed home, while the other two, Tenten and Ino looked at each other smiled and left together in the opposite direction. The two went in search of their teammates to spread the news, they searched all day, they found most of them, and they saw Chouji, Shikamaru, Shino, and Lee together.

Tenten and Ino quickly told them about Hinata's situation and what had happened. All of them were shocked, first of all because they thought that Naruto never knew that Hinata liked him, and they never thought that Hinata would actually tell him, but to top it all of she was pregnant, they were ganna have to talk with them tomorrow.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The three arrived at the apartment, and entered.

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"Alright, um Hinata you could sleep in my room, Hanabi you will take the guess room, OK" said Naruto. "Mmm where are you going to sleep" asked Hanabi.

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"I'll take the couch" said Naruto. "But Naruto, umm" Hinata wanted to say something but was hesitant with Hanabi still standing there looking at the two of them. "What is it Hinata?" asked Naruto, he noticed that she looked at Hinata and knew what was going on. "Hinata its ok you don't have to be embarrassed" "Naruto ummm if you like you c-can sleep in the same bed with me, I-I.

. I mean. . w-we already you know ummm slept together [she blushed big time] and we. . we are going to get married. I think its ok" said Hinata. "Ummmm ok, yeah sure" said Naruto.

"Alright guys lets go to sleep, tomorrow we have somewhere important we need to go" said Naruto. "Where are we going" said Hanabi. "You'll see" said Naruto as he finished setting up Hanabi's room, fixing her bed, and finding some pj's she could use.

After that Hinata Naruto headed to their room, where they slept holding each other. 'Tomorrow' thought Naruto. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx REVIEW