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Jessie volt roughed up slammed by bbc big black cock and monstercock
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The Rogue's Harem Book Two: Rogue's Wicked Harem Part Seven: The Rogue's Plan By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to B0b and WRC 264 for beta reading this.

Chapter Nineteen: Coquettish Pussy Zanyia Queen Sidhe's Palace, Faerie I was miffed. I couldn't believe that dumb faerie guard didn't want to fuck me. Me! How could he not want to fuck my tight, petite body? I had such lithe legs and small, firm tits.

My ass was cute and my tail was sexy. I swished it back and forth as I crawled away from him, moving on all fours like a kitty-cat. My ears twitched as the purr rose in my throat. He would fuck me! I had my pussy pointed right at the faerie guard as I took my time heading for the exit. I felt his eyes on my snatch, covered by my tawny bush.

An exciting thrill ran through me. A horny itch grew in the depths of my cunt. Juices flowed, beading my glistening hair. I put a sway to my cute rump, purring louder and louder; such a sexy sound. I didn't look back. That would defeat my goal.

I needed the faerie guard staring at my cunt with such lust. I needed to overwhelm him. I needed him ripping off his gold armor and thrusting his hard cock into my naughty cunt.

Aingeal needed me. Master was counting on me. I promised him my plan would work. And now this dumb guard was making a liar of me. In the wall before me, made of the same crystal as everything else about Queen Sidhe's palace, I could see the guard's reflection. He gripped his bronze spear, his wings twitching, fluttering. A trickle of juices ran down my thighs, letting him know I was horny.

He licked his lips. I shuddered, so eager for it. I came closer and closer to the exit, taking my time, letting him appreciate my cunt, imagining what it would be like to slide his dick into my hot, juicy depths. To feel my tight cunt wrapped around his cock, squeezing him, milking him. He let out a groan. His dick so hard. He needed a pussy. My pussy. I wiggled my hips, pausing at the stairs that led from the dungeon. I threw a final look over my shoulder now, giving him that beseeching look.

I put all my lust and desire into this look, my lower lip pouting. He had to act. He had to want me. He had to throw me against the wall and fuck me so hard. I wiggled my hips. His hand tensed on his spear. His wings fluttered more.

I held the pout for one more second. Then turned to crawl up the stairs. I put my hand on the first runner, the crystal cool beneath my grip. "Cernere's black cunt," growled the guard. Metal clanked against crystal. Heavy footsteps rushed across the room. Strong hands seized me. I gasped in delight, not fighting as the guard hauled me to my feet. He spun me and pressed me against the crystalline walls, my nipples rubbing on the cool surface, my cheek pressed against it.

"Teasing slut!" groaned the guard. "I knew you wanted to play with me!" I moaned, undulating against the wall, rubbing my entire body against it. My pussy clenched, aching to be penetrated. I whimpered as he pinned me there. "Please, please, fuck me!

I need your dick in me so badly! You're so hunky! Guards in armor. They make me so wet!" "I bet, you little slut," he groaned, his armor shifting behind me. Metal clinked and then hit the ground. A dick nudged my ass. It smeared hot precum across my ass, sliding down my curving rump.

He came closer and closer to my pussy. I trembled, my ears flicking. His cock touched my snatch, rubbing against the pussy that belonged to my Master. I sucked in a breath, I was wet and horny but I didn't want his dick in me. It felt so small. Not like Master's. "Fuck me!" I moaned anyways. "Just ram that dick and—" The guard grunted, yanked back from me. I heard a meaty thunk, armor clattering. I whirled around, my tail brushing the wall behind me. Master drew back his fist, holding the dazed faerie guard.

Red blood poured down from the faerie's broken nose, staining the lips. Master punched. The guard's head snapped back. His body went limp, ripping out of Master's grip and slamming on the floor. "Master!" I squealed and jumped over the unconscious man and leaped into Sven's arms, pressing my face against his black leather jerkin. My arms went around his torso, hugging him tight while my cat ears twitched.

I undulated against him, rubbing my crotch against his leather pants, my clit loving the feel. Naughty tingles raced through me. "Zanyia," he said, sounding a little shock. "What are you doing? I can't fuck that horny pussy right now?" "I know," I purred, staring up at his strong face framed by those flowing, golden locks of his.

His blue eyes so sexy. "I just thought you forgot about me." "What?" "I mean, you almost let that guard fuck my pussy." I arched an eyebrow at him. "Do you want to see other men fuck my tight pussy? Watch them slide their hard dicks into my juicy cunt?" "I had to go slow to surprise him," he answered. "No cock but mine gets to play with that pussy." "What about a woman's cock?" I asked. He opened his mouth to answer when I stiffened.

My eyes widened at the sound of clanking metal. "Master!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kora Falk Nervous flutters wracked my stomach. I flowed through the corridors of Queen Sidhe's palace, Ealaín walking at my side, Nathalie trailing behind us. The aoi si had her armor back on, looking so impressive in it, the silver contrasting with her midnight-black skin. Her cum filled my ass, my brother's jizz in my pussy.

The paints the body was also beautiful and slender the masterpiece I would create. But would it be good enough to fool the faerie? I had to believe it would.

Ealaín was sent by her mother, my Goddess, to inspire my art. I had to trust my muse. My back straightened. Everyone was counting on me. Aingeal, my brother, Zanyia, Nathalie, and even Ealaín. I clutched my hands to the front of my pink robes, feeling the amulet beneath. That was a problem for later. The two faerie males waited just as I requested.

We were just outside the courtyard before Queen Sidhe's private garden. Through the trellis of delicate crystal—a piece of architecture impossible to create without the faerie's impressive control over the spirits to shape such a delicate item—I witnessed a dozen faerie nobles moving or gliding through the courtyard, talking to each other.

I sucked in a breath, a final ripple of nerves washed through my body. I straightened my back, putting on a regal, imperious look as I gazed upon the two sycophants. They both turned to face me, moving with such an ethereal grace. Both were naked, their bodies sculpted to masculine beauty, their faces making my heart flutter faster.

A hot itch tingled through me, my nipples pressing on my pink robed. "Mistress, you honor us with your presence," Turlough said, the black-haired faerie said. His wings twitched as he sank to his knees before me, kissing the tip of my shoe.

"What do you need of your unworthy servants?" Conleth's golden wings fluttered as he joined Turlough and kissed my other shoe. The two both knelt before me, so eager to just lick me.

To pleasure me. Their eyes gazed up at me, promising to deliver such rapture to me. "I need dad cock pounding sierra nicoles shaved pussy pornstars big dick courtyard cleared so I can practice for this evening's performance," I said, my heart thudding in my chest. "It's a surprise for Queen Sidhe." "This courtyard?" Turlough asked, staring up at me. He cocked his head to the side. "Before the garden?" "The garden is key to my art for tonight," I said.

"It will be spectacular. It will melt your mind even more than last night. You will sailor seduces her stepcous to have sex so hard for me. You will be jizzing just watching me. You will desire to worship me for eternity." "We already worship you, great artist," moaned Conleth. He straightened, his cock thrusting so hard before him. "We'll worship you right now." "I must practice," I said, stroking my hand through his ruby hair.

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"Don't you want my performance to be majestic?" "Yes," he groaned, his eyes shining up at me, his cock twitching as I stroked him. "We will clear the courtyard. For you." "For you," Turlough groaned. "And then. Tonight. You'll let us worship you?" "Oh, yes," I purred. "I'll be so. inspired.

I'll need you both to show your appreciation. For hours, I suspect." Lust shone through his eyes. He let out a groan and then gained his feet. Conleth rose a moment later, his dick bouncing, almost touching the tip of my robe. He throbbed with such need, precum dripping from the sister freand come my home. They both wanted to fuck me so badly. I ran my finger across Turlough's dick.

"Don't disappoint me." He groaned, his crimson wings fluttering. "We won't." "Then go. I need to practice." I hesitated. "Alone. I don't want anyone to see my practice. I want you both thinking about the majesty of tonight, growing so. aching with need to witness it." "Yes, radiance," Conleth groaned. The two turned and headed out into the courtyard.

My heart pounded faster and faster, watching them circulate through the noble faerie. I had no idea what sort of lie they were telling, but I could see the interest buzzing in the faeries posture. They all quivered, smiles crossing their lips. Then they drifted away, the courtyard emptying in moments. "I hope this will work," I whispered. Ealaín's hand touched my shoulder, giving me a reassuring squeeze.

"Your skill is great, and you have the love of your brother to inspire your art to perfection." I nodded my head, closing my eyes, and pictured what I had to create, ready to paint something so perfect, so beautiful, so inspiring the faeries wouldn't see through it.

I took in slow breaths, exhaling, my heart slowing. This. Would. Work. Hopefully. Chapter Twenty: The Rogue's Plan Sven Falk I thrust Zanyia away from me as the clatter of metal rang behind me. I whirled around. Another faerie guard had appeared, thrusting his spear at me. I didn't have to time to think as a flood of ice poured through my body. I acted. My body twisted away from the bronze, leaf-like blade speeding towards my guts.

My hands lashed out, slamming into the haft, knocking it to the side as my body flowed around it. The spear thrust by me, the blade almost cutting into the leather jerkin.

My hand lashed out, striking the faerie guard in the throat above his armor. The guard grunted, his butterfly wings fluttered behind him. He snarled through clenched teeth, his face turning red. Coughing wheezes burst sex stories sex porn with spom his lips. My hand shot down to grab the hilt of my short sword.

I didn't want to kill him. But he tried to kill— Purple energy exploded before me. It flew from the guard and slammed into my chest. Sparks sizzled in the air around me. The room rushed around me. I slammed into the crystalline wall.

The air exploded from my lungs. My head cracked into the wall. Bright, white light flared across my vision. I fell to my knees. I groaned, the ground blurring, the room spinning around me. My stomach churned with a nauseating writhe.

I panted, looking up at the guard as another wave of purple light burst out of him. "Sven!" Aingeal shouted from her jail. The energy struck me, pinned me to the wall. My head swam, the back of my head throbbing. I growled through the fuzzy pain through my thoughts, bucking and straining against the energy holding me.

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The guard leveled his spear at me. "Gewin's cock," I growled as the swell of panic rose in me, a tide of clammy cold that sought to drown my thoughts. I sucked in breaths, my heart pounding in my chest. My muscles flexed, straining against the magic.

"Master!" Zanyia yowled. The faerie guard's face twisted with anger. He darted forward. "Gods!" I shouted, sucking in my gut, trying to pull myself away from that lunging spear. I was helpless. This was worse than last night with Queen Sidhe. Then she just wanted to fuck me. I didn't want to die. I had to save Aingeal. I had to protect Ava. I needed to avenge Katriana. "No!" A blurring form shot before me chased by a tawny whip of hair. The guard stumbled, Zanyia straddling his shoulders, her pussy pressed right into his face.

She gripped his hair, grinding on him as her ears twitched. Her lithe back arched. "Isn't that some hot pussy?" my catgirl slave moaned. "Ooh, yes, you just love it. Mmm, that's the best pussy you've ever had!

Lamia pussy!" The energy holding me crackled, snapped. The guard stumbled, his bright-blue wings, an azure purer than a summer sky, fluttered behind him as he stumbled. His moans muffled by the lamia's cunt. My feet hit the ground, freed from the bondage. My head still throbbing, I fought against the leaden weight on my mind. I lunged forward, balling my fist. I punched massage parlor group cock suck and fuck into his armor.

The bronze breastplate rung like a bell. Pain exploded across my knuckles. It knifed through the fog on my mind, banishing it.

"Las's putrid cum!" I howled, my knuckles throbbing. I flexed my fingers, winced. My finger twisted, broken. "Las's putrid cum and his foul dick!" "Master!" Zanyia gasped in shock. "Why did you do that?" My cheeks warmed as the shame rippled through me. How could I be embarrassed right now.

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I growled, drawing a dagger with my left hand, my right throbbing and pulsing with torture. I ignored it, staring at the guard as he stumbled around in the middle of the room. He dropped his spear to grab Zanyia's ass. Was he trying to pry her off of him or hold her tight? "No, you don't, you'll love my pussy!" Zanyia purred to the guard, her back arching, her small breasts jiggling.

The guard was trying to pry her off. But his thrashing slowed as she kept her pussy against him. My eyes widened, realizing what she was doing to him. She smothered him with her cunt.

She had her twat pressed over his mouth and nose, suffocating him in a delicious snatch. Her thighs flexed as she squeezed her legs so tight about his head. She gripped his hair, resisting his hands squeezing her ass, trying to haul her off.

In a dozen heartbeats, his fingers grew slack. His arms fell lank at his side. His knees buckled. Zanyia gasped as he fell onto his knees then tottered to his side. His cock is too big for his wife but perfect for his nurse landed with a clatter of metal, Zanyia gasping as she lay on her side. Her tail twitched.

But she didn't let up. She kept smothering him as he twitched. "There," she said after another thirty heartbeats. "That should keep him from bothering us. He'll be out for a bit." She rolled off of the unconscious guard, his face smeared with her pussy juices. She hopped to her feet and looked at my hand. She shook her head. "Why did you punch him?

He was in armor?" My cheeks burned more. "This isn't the time. We're here to rescue Aingeal." "Not to question why you decided to try pugilism against an armored guard?" she asked, such an innocent, toothy grin spreading across her mouth.

"Exactly," I growled, anger rising in me. "You don't need to mention this to my sister." "But she'll wonder how you broke your finger." Her tail swished back and forth. "Do I have to spank you?" I asked. "Do we have time?" Her smile grew wider. "I mean, we have to free Aingeal. That's why we're here." Aingeal! My annoyance blew away. My head whipped around to spy my faerie wife chained in her cell. She stared at me, tears brimming in her purple eyes.

She stared at me with such hope, such love, shining at me. "Sven," she said, her voice so tight, almost quivering. "Y-you came for me. This is so stupid. They won't let you escape." "Let me worry about that," I said, bending down to the unconscious guard.

He had a ring of crystalline keys hanging on his belt. "I have a plan." "It's so amazing, Aingeal!" Zanyia said. "Don't be fooled by Master's other plan of punching an armored guard in the stomach." I took a long, slow breath. I could feel that toothy, quasi-innocent smile on Zanyia's lips. Keys in hand, I darted to the cell and unlocked it.

I knelt down before Aingeal, her wrists bound by silvery manacles. It took three tries of the keys to free her. The moment the restraints clanked on the floors, her arms went around me, her naked body pressed into mine. Her pink hair brushed my cheek, caressing me with silk as she clung to me. The throbbing ache in my right hand faded. "You c-came," she sobbed, her entire body shaking. Her arms tightened about my neck.

"You d-don't even know me." "You're my wife," I said. "Because your sex slave goaded me. You're not bound by the same magics that govern my race.

You weren't compelled to love me. To care about me." "You are my wife," I repeated, my arms tightening about her. "I brought you to faerie. Even if I didn't care about you, love you, I wouldn't let xxx school bus sexy story rot in here if I could stop it.

I'm setting you free. Right now. I have a plan." "An amazing plan," Zanyia added. Aingeal pulled away from me, liquid diamonds flowing down her cheeks. "How? How are we getting out of the castle. There are more guards, more faerie! They can all do what he did. Be lucky he didn't think to sound an alarm.

You'd have all of Queen Sidhe's soldiers descending on us right now." "It's fine," I told her, standing up and taking her hand. As I hauled her to her feet, her large breasts jiggling, I said, "We're escaping through the mushroom ring in the queen's garden." Aingeal's purple eyes widened.

"None may trespass there without her permission! She warded it with an alarm because of me! You'll doom us!" "Trust me," I said, winking at her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aingeal "This won't work!" I gasped as Sven pulled me along after him, Zanyia scampering stunning ariel rose rides a massive shaft cumshot and asian us. "Please, Sven, I don't want you to be caught.

You need to go before these guards wake up." "Go where?" he asked, reaching the stairs that lead out of the dungeon. "We're trapped in Faerie without someone who can commune with the spirits. We need you to escape. You think Queen Sidhe will forgive what I just did?

Everyone is counting on you to open the way. Especially me." My stomach writhed in guilt. They would all suffer because of me. Kora, Sven, Zanyia, and Nathalie. Even that new one, the aoi si, would be punished. Queen Sidhe would imprison them. For decades, maybe. They would grow old rotting away in cells meant for immortal beings.

This wasn't what I wanted. I didn't want to live this badly. Maybe. Maybe if I surrendered I could claim I'd enchanted them with spirits, put a compulsion on them that made them have to rescue me. The spirits dancing through the world around me would obey me now. The diamond manacles were off my wrists. I was free to act, to commune with them. "This is madness, my husband!" I shouted, the muscles in my back twitching, trying to flutter wings.

"It's not," he said. "Trust me!" We burst out into a corridor, Sven darting to the right, running faster. His boots thudded on the hallway. It was a narrow servant corridors that threaded around the main hallways.

His grip forced me to run after him, my bare feet slapping on the ground. I should just do it. Tamper with him. But. What if he did have a plan?

I swallowed. I should trust him. He was so confident. And. And I wanted to escape with him. I wanted to live with him, be with him. I was so weak. I would get them all hurt by not acting.

By not putting my compulsion on them right now. A purple spirit danced before me, summoned by my thoughts, ready to enchant my husband. "Almost there," Sven said, taking a turn.

"This will work, Aingeal. Trust me!" "I. I do trust you." We raced up another flight of stairs and burst out onto a gallery that looked onto the courtyard before the queen's garden. Standing by a crystal trellis was Kora, Nathalie, and the aoi si. Sven's sister and wife turned to face me, her blonde braids sweeping behind her. Such a smile lit her mouth. "You did it, brother mine." "Did you have any doubts, sister dear?" Sven asked, keeping his right hand down at his side.

Kora frowned. "What's wrong with your hand?" "Master had an amazing plan to punch a guard in the stomach who was wearing armor," Zanyia said. "I'm not sure what it was supposed to do, but it made this awesome ringing sound. The guard gonged like a bell." Kora arched an eyebrow.

"What?" "Nothing," Sven muttered. "Did Conleth and Turlough clear the courtyard?" Kora nodded. "No one will see us cross. The gardens lay open before us." My heart constricted. "You trusted those two sycophants? They are the biggest gossips in the court." "It's fine," Sven said, peering at the courtyard through the gaps in the trellis. "Everything's ready, sister dear." "Yes," she nodded, her hand slipping into her pink robe, reaching for her pussy.

Sven squeezed my hand. "Be ready to open the way when we reach the mushroom ring." "No, no it doesn't matter if no one sees us crossing the courtyard!" I protested. "The area is warded. Any of us entering there will trigger it. The entire palace will hear the alarm. Her soldiers will descend from the towers and be on us in moments." "Trust me," Sven said and then he marched for the entrance.

"We're running." "My husband, I—" Sven darted forward. My arm snapped taut, pulling at my socket. I gasped and stumbled after him. My milf boobs solo hd the mature lure brushed each other.

I almost tripped, my back muscles rippling, wanting to carry me into the air. Instead, I ran after my husband, the rest of his harem following, the aoi si's armor clinking and clattering. My stomach grew tighter and tighter, my skin stretched taut over my body, almost strangling me as the terror swelled.

The beginning of the garden maze, an evergreen bush with purple needles that had been hollowed out to form an arch, came closer and closer. I braced myself for the alarm as we crossed the middle of the courtyard and. "Master!" Nathalie cried out. "I thought the humans were up to wicked schemes!" a voice boomed from above.

"See, Captain, I told you the queen would reward us." "It was my realization, Turlough," another voice said. I groaned. Conleth and Turlough descended from the sky with a flight of faerie guards in burnished, golden armor and wielding bronze-tipped spears. Sven skidded to a halt. I collided into him, my breasts aching from impacting his solid frame. "Master!" Zanyia cried out in fear. She and Nathalie hugged Sven and me, trapping us together as the guards landed before us.

"You betrayed me?" Kora gasped in stunned horror. "I thought you worshiped me." I groaned. How could my husband and his sister be so stupid to trust them?

Chapter Twenty-One: Escape's Promise Princess Ava Echur, The Kivoneth Princedom, The Strifelands of Zeutch I squirmed in the saddle of my horse. Every moment, I wanted to turn around and ride back to the castle. My pussy ached and my writhing just increased my need. I rubbed my pussy lips and clit into the hard, leather saddle. Only my father could satiate the hot hole between my thighs.

Only his cock fucking into me would make me cum and cum and. I clenched my fists down around Delicate's reins. I sucked in deep breaths, fighting against the mounting lusts growing inside of me, that incestuous urge to feel casual teen sex a way to hot teen pussy shaved pussy and cunnilingus father slide his dick into the depths of my cunt and breed me.

I needed Sven. I needed to break this curse. "We're almost free, your Highness," Greta said. My bedmaid gave me a soft smile. "See, there's the gates. Once we're out of the castle and riding for you betrothed, you'll receive that satisfaction that you crave. Sven will give it to you. Everyday, we'll get farther and farther away from your father." "I know," I said, my voice so tight.

The heat wafted through me. It was so hard to fight my depraved passions. It would be easier to go to my father's chambers. One last time with him, enjoying his dick, then I could escape. It wouldn't hurt, right? "I'll never get away if I do that," I whispered to myself. The words sounded so hollow. A part of me didn't care.

The part of me enchanted by that horrid, treacherous priestess's curse. If I ever met her. "Princess Ava?" a gruff voice asked. "What you doin' here?" I blinked, realizing we had reached the gate.

One of my father's guards stared up at me, a polearm gripped in his right hand. He had bushy, brown mustache, the ends drooping down past his lips. He cocked his head at me, a conical helm perched on it.

"My maid and I are going to enjoy this wonderful day," I said, putting authority into my words. "I have been cooped up in the castle for too long. I need to breathe fresh air." "I don't know," he said, sounding dubious.

"It's dangerous out there." "Dangerous?" I asked in such a haughty tone, lifting my chin in an imperious manner. "Within an hour's ride of Echur and my father's castle? Are his men that poor at protecting his lands and chattel?" "It's just. last week, your highness, dangerous bandits were spotted a half day's ride from the city. The guard chased them into the Forest of Lhes and—" "So it is perfectly safe for me to ride then," I said, squirming, my pussy so wet.

"The Forest of Lhes is days away." "They might return," the guard said doubtfully. "I wouldn't want to endanger you. At least let me send an escort." "An escort!" I gasped. "And what if my maid and I wish to bathe in the Korval Spring? Would your brutish guards spy on our virginal flesh?" "How horrid," shuddered Greta beside me. "My men would do no such thing," the guard protested.

I narrowed my eyes and put on my most withering look. He wilted beneath it, his armor clattering as his shoulders shifted. "Still, your Highness, I at least need your father's permission." "My father is very busy. He would not want to be interrupted." I swallowed. "He received some truly devastating news last night. He is sequestered in his study. He does not need me or my maid underfoot, distracting him. It is your duty, guardsmen, to allow us to ride through the countryside so he may know peace.

"Because if you disturb him, he will be most vexed. Especially when he hears my opinion on your conduct." The blood drained from his face. He sputtered, his eyes wild. I trembled, waiting to find out what he would do. If he sought out my father's permission.

Would Father give it? Or would he be too busy even to listen to the messenger? I fought the shivers attacking my body. The cold stress brimmed in my body, expanding until I felt on the verge of popping. Sweat formed at my hairline. I wanted to dab at it, but I kept my imperious gaze on the guard.

I needed to escape today, or I would be lost. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aingeal Queen Sidhe's Palace, Faerie "We're doomed," I groaned as I trembled against Sven.

He turned around and clamped his right hand over my mouth. Pain tightened his face, his middle finger bent and twisted, broken. He sucked in a deep breath as his sister and the aoi pressed against us, Kora's back to the guards, her fingers moving and. We ran away. My eyes widened as I witnessed the six of us break sexual adventures of the two catholic nuns teenager lesbians from our huddle and race back for the palace where we just came from.

Guards descended from the sky, lunging at them. Blasts of purple magic hurtled down at us. I goggled as I watched myself, wingless and naked, jump into the air, dodging a ball of energy that stuck the ground at my feet. Sven danced around another guard who landed before him, moving with more grace than I had ever seen in my life.

Kora ducked a ball of streaming death then burst out of the courtyard into the palace. She darted to spunky mouthed brit nail hardcore and mature right and out of sight. Sven and myself followed. Illusions? The six of us—the real us— were invisible. I hadn't even realized when it happened. Kora had. had used her magic. She painted something so perfect, so skilled that it had fooled even my senses.

If I hadn't been one of the fleeing persons, I wouldn't have even considered that they were fake. And neither had the guards. The entire palace shuddered and rang like a gong as the soldiers charged after us, landing and darting into the corridors to give chase.

Conleth and Turlough both hovered in the air above us, gaping in shock. "I didn't think humans could move with such grace," Conleth said, drifting towards the palace.

"Well, Lady Kora did dance with that divine energy last night." "Yes, her primal energy helped obscure the clumsiness of her movements." Kora gave a soft hiss somewhere to my right. "I was perfect." Sven pulled his unseen hand from my mouth. "See, Aingeal," Sven said. "All part of girls got penetrated hard in the ass plan." "You knew they would betray us?" I gasped, glaring at the two sycophants as they landed and peered into the palace.

"It was so obvious," Sven said, not loud even with the alarm ringing from every direction. "And now the guards are busy hunting us and the alarm rings through the entire palace. So if we enter the garden." "You are a genius!" I gasped.

"They won't notice another alarm ringing in this cacophony." "I know," Sven said and I pictured his cocky, confident grin that always came so easily to his lips. "You can inflate your self-worth later, brother mine. We need to go.

Now." "Yes, we cannot tarry," the aoi si said.

"The guards will soon realize that we didn't just evaporate into thin air, but that they were lured away by decoys." Sven found my hand, squeezed it. Someone else took my other hand, slender. Nathalie. "Everyone got each other?" Sven asked. "Yes," Kora said. "I have your sister and Zanyia," the aoi si said. "And I got cute Nathalie." The soft hand holding mine squeezed down. "I won't let go of Mistress Aingeal." Sven squeezed mine. "Let's go." My back muscles twitched, trying to flutter wings that were no longer there.

But even that didn't diminish the joy bubbling through me. I felt so light that I could almost soar without them. We would escape back to the mortal world. There would be no returning to Faerie for me, but I wouldn't be alone on the other side. I had my new family. Sven led us across the courtyard, my hands squeezing tight to his and Nathalie.

We passed through the arch. I shuddered, feeling the ward we crossed, but if an alarm rang out, it sounded no different than the one already booming through the palace. "Right, left, then left," Sven muttered as he navigated us through the maze. "Then right again." We passed through the colorful bushes, heading deeper and deeper into it.

Each hedge had a different hue, some purples, other gold, or silver, or even a light blue. The colors seemed random, but they blended together in such a way that always arrested the gaze, drawing you to the shape of the plant's limbs, each pruned to be pleasing to the eye.

I kept throwing looks up into the sky, the scarlet moon half-full above us in the starry sky. That meant it was "morning" here in Faerie.

Soon, we would appear back in the lands of Zeutch north and west of the Forest of Lhes. I trembled, eager to get away. To be with my family. To celebrate escaping death. To thank them for their love. It struck me right then how much they cared for me. Sven, Kora, Nathalie, and Zanyia had risked themselves for me. I bet they didn't even think about the consequences. All four had such huge hearts. Tears beaded my eyes as I smiled. How could I ever repay such kindness? Such care?

I never could. But then you didn't have to repay love. It wasn't a commodity that you bartered for. It was something that could only be given freely.

So I would return that same love with my own devotion. "Left," Sven said, taking the left path, "and. yes, there it is." My heart fluttered in. The charge of impending lightning danced across my skin. Freedom. The illusory magic faded off of step mom and crony having fun mothers interracial interaction, rolling like oil paint doused in mineral spirits, revealing our flesh. Sven had such a huge grin on his face.

We darted for it, the grass growing around it soft on my feet, little four-leaf clovers streaked with veins of gold caressing my ankles. I bent down around the ring, touching the nearest mushroom, the toadstool quivering with power.

My family spread out in a circle around it, Zanyia's nose twitching as she leaned down towards one fungus. "It smells nice," she said. "Like home." "It is home," Sven said. "Or our way to it. Aingeal." I reached out to the enhancement spirits. They descend down around us, glowing with verdant green, buzzing with delight. They swirled around me, picking up that purple hue from my own aura, then darted down into the mushroom ring. It hummed to life.

"Aingeal!" a voice thundered above. I threw a look over my shoulder. Queen Sidhe appeared, her silver wings fluttering so fast they blurred. She pointed her finger, spirits surging around them. Icy fear spiked through my heart. Terror exploded through my guts "Get in!" I shouted as the magic swirled around the ring, activating it. "You will not defy my justice again!" the Queen of all Faerie thundered, the air quivering beneath her power. I leaped into the circle with Sven and the rest of my family, crossing into the portal that would whisk us away.

I felt brutaly forced ripped open bleeding pussy wave of energy cascading down at us from above. The world boiled around us, wafting like a mirage as the queen's will, guiding the stream of spirits, struck the portal. "You will not escape clean, Aingeal!" The portal wavered around us, the energy fluctuating wildly.

It surged out of control. We lurched to the side. "No!" I screamed as Faerie faded around us. "She's changed where the portal's going! She's redirected us sugar daddy cums inside hot hump after a torrid bath somewhere else!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Princess Ava Echur, The Kivoneth Princedom, The Strifelands of Zeutch The guard bowed his head.

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"Open the gate. Her Highness wishes for a morning ride." "Thank you guardsmen," I said, giving him an imperious bow of my head. "I shall see you properly rewarded." "T-thank you, your Highness," he said. The lust boiled through my pussy as the drawbridge descended. It creaked and rattled, thick chains of iron connected to windlasses hidden in the guardrooms around the tower. My heart pounded as I watched it lower in jerks and starts.

My breath increased. Sweaty hands gripped the reins. I felt my father behind me, a beacon calling to me. One last romp. Would that have been so bad? One final time feeling his incestuous cum flooding my pussy. I let out a whimper of regret, aching to have that so badly. My heart thudded away in my chest, pumping molten desire through my veins. The drawbridge boomed down. I heeled my mare. She trotted forward. In moments, her hooves drummed on the drawbridge, hollow thuds that echoed around me.

I took in a deep breath, smelling the air outside of the castle. I was free. Free of my father. The lust retreated. Never again would he use my body. I would be all Sven's for now on. He would help me find a way to sever these desires. And until then, I would have my betrothed and his growing big boobs mom brazzers fuck son to satiate my body.

The hollow thuds turned to hard clatter as the horses reached the cobblestone road that lead towards the city of Echur ahead. But I led my mare on the smaller road that branched away, looping around the city for the highway that ran towards the Forest of Lhes, towards where my Sven would appear out of Faerie. In a few days, we would be reunited with him. And my father. My father would be looking for me in the wrong direction.

My smile swelled and swelled, the sun warming the back of my neck and the right side of my face as it rose higher into the sky. A giddy exhilaration bubbled through me. I beamed and then let out a gay laugh. Greta smiled at me. "You look so radiant, princess." "I feel radiant!" I threw my arms wide. "I feel like I should be shining like the sun. I'm free of him, Greta!" "I know!" she said. "Sven will be so thrilled to see you again.

And I am so looking forward to meeting your dashing rogue." "And bedding him?" I asked, my grin turning naughty. Her cheeks pinked. "Well, Shevoin proved to be quite. stimulating. And if Sven is half as good as you boast, then I am looking forward to enjoying my second man.

With your blessing, of course." "Greta, I love sharing women with Sven. Creampies are so much fun to eat!" She giggled. "He really corrupted you." "I was so innocent when we met," I said, remembering that naive girl wild teen lets bestfriend try bfs big cock had no idea the sort of pleasure she could experience until Sven appeared and educated me. I shuddered. "I have to speak to him. Take my reins." "Yes, princess," Greta said and took the reins to my mare from my hands.

I took a deep breath and then sank into my proxy with Sven. My soul rose from my body. The world faded to darkness then a bloodless rush surrounded me. I trembled, drawn to the exact proxy I wanted. My eyes opened to darkness. I was in Sven's pouch, upside down. My stony body shuddered, my legs kicking, pressed up against a balled up piece of cloth. I twisted myself around, my arms sinking into the material.

An owl hooted. Were they in fairy? "Where did she send us?" Sven demanded. "Wait, here? Why here?" "I. I don't know, my husband," Aingeal said, sounding confused. "This isn't where we should have appeared." "Will she follow?" Sven demanded.

I struggled harder, pushing aside the various items rattling around me. I worked myself around until I was upright. I had to find out what was going on? Who was this she? "No, Queen Sidhe won't step foot in the mortal world. Nor will she send any to follow us. But she must have a reason to send us here. She could have shifted us to any of a hundred portals." I wiggled towards the top of the pouch and pushed at the covering keeping it closed.

I peeked out and only saw Aingeal's naked rear, the ends of her pink hair brushing the curve of her ass. I stuck my head out of the satchel and peered up at Sven's tall form towering over me. I opened my mouth to speak when Kora screamed out in pain and collapsed beyond Aingeal. Sven cursed. He grabbed Aingeal, hauling her teen hottie selena santoro swallows a cock in the office as something streaked out of the woods, a blurring dart arching down from above.

Zanyia yowled and hissed. The world spun around me. "Kora!" Sven bellowed as he hit the ground. I tumbled out of his pouch, rolling across the needle-strewn earth of a forest. Kora gurgled nearby, white foam wreathing her mouth as her body thrashed. What was going on? To be continued.