Mia khalifa with marcus london

Mia khalifa with marcus london
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Fucking Little Red Riding Hood-Modern Twist Part 2 Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother, Liz, began teaching Red about sex by pulling out a couple of XXX-rated videos. Before the first one was through, both had masturbated themselves and fucked their cunts with a dildo. This part of the famous fairy tale picks up when Granny told Red to eat her pussy&hellip.

*********** Red knelt between Liz's legs and examined the bald vagina. Liz had made a trip to Mexico when she was in her thirties. She took Brenda, Red's mother with her. Brenda was in her late teens at the time, but no longer a virgin. Both ladies had their pubic hair removed, permanently. The cost was cheap enough… all they had to do was fuck the doctor who performed the task. In all fairness, the doctor did a fine job on their 'mexican hairless'.

The smell of the other woman's pussy juices excited the girl. She kissed the cunt twice, then buried her face in it. Liz's hands lifted Red's head slightly, showing the girl just the right amount of pressure to do cunnilingus properly. Red inserted two fingers in her granny's hole and began sliding them in and out. Liz opened her eyes and grinned at the sight before her… her eighteen year-old granddaughter was eating her pussy and beyond that, a familiar form was quietly moving across the room toward Red's bare, virgin ass.

Harry's tongue was wagging as he panted at the scene. Many times he had been exactly where Red's face was now. He and Liz were quite comfortable with each other's company. They had discussed this evening's possibilities yesterday, in fact. Now, their plan was coming to fruition. As he neared the rounded butt, he spied the clam shape of kelsi monroe has a super big ass and it is amazing brf unused pussy.

Winking at Liz, he took the last step and extended his nose. Liz gripped Red's head in order to keep her from jumping from her assigned task. Harry's long tongue slid through the gap between her thighs. The first lick ran from Red's clit backward, all the way to, and across, her asshole. She did jump slightly but the pleasurable feel of the rough tongue caused her to spread her legs, a little, and drop her hidden homemade camera tube porn, rotating her ass upward.

Red didn't expect her first orgasm to hit her so quickly. As hard as she wanted to pull away from Liz's cunt, the strong hands held her in place. To the girl's credit, she never stopped licking as she humped back into the ministrations of the wily wolf. As Harry lapped the flowing cum from the juicy cunt, his long dick slid from its furry sheath.

Once again, Red was surprised to be receiving some sort of telepathic message from the wolf she had talked with earlier… "Your juices are delicious, Little Red. My, My… so many men will enjoy you in their lifetimes. But for right now, I'll be giving you a treat your grandmother loves so much." "Do what you will, Harry", she thought, hoping the wolf would receive a message from her own mind, "My mind is so fucking blown right now, I'm ready for anything." She felt the paws on her back, and something searching between her legs.

At the same time the pointed canine cock found her opening, Liz moaned loudly, "OH MY FUCKING GOD, BABY GIRL!! EAT ME… SUCK MY PUSSY HAAAAARD!! YESSSSSSSSSS… OH YESSSSSSSSS." Harry's long dick slid into the teenager with no restriction. Red's own fingers had taken her hymen out more than a year before.

Other than her fingers, and Liz's dildo, nothing else had ever penetrated her sex. The feeling was so wonderful, her head was spinning as she laid her cheek on Liz's leg. In typical 'doggie' fashion, Harry pumped hard and fast.

It only took a couple of minutes to give Red another orgasm. The more he stroked, the larger his dick got. Then, unexpected by Red, his knot began growing. When it became nearly as big as a baseball, he quit pumping and turned around, ass to ass with the girl.

She pulled and wiggled with the uncomfortable restriction inside her womb. Finally, Harry grunted a few times and the knot gave away. Cum pulsed with pressure and filled Red's insides. Never had Harry shot as much sperm in his long life… and it had been a very long life. After dumping his huge load, the swelling dwindled and his dick popped out of the reddened pussy.

He licked his own cock a few times, then turned his sunny leone doing sex by using female condom to Red's leaking twat. She came again while the wolf licked his own cum, mixed with her juices. "SON-OF-A-BITCH! That was good." Liz was exhausted. She wasn't quite as young and energetic as she was thirty years before.

She'd known Harry most of her life and knew he liked to have a bite of bratwurst for a treat when he'd done a good job.

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She left him and Red panting, trying to catch their breath, and made her way to the kitchen, her naked ass and tits high, tight and firm for a woman her age. Sitting at the kitchen table was Ed, the woodcutter.

Her daughter Brenda, Red's mother, was straddling his lap. With her arms around the man's neck, her breasts were being sucked while her cunt was filled with cock. Liz eyed the scene with appreciation. "You two could have joined us in the den. There's always plenty of room for fucking." "Uh. Uh. Uh. Thanks, Mom. Uh. We're. Uh. Uh. fine right. Uh.

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Here." "Well, don't waste it all on Brenda, Ed. Red's gonna need a real man's dick in a little while, when she catches her breath." "O.o.o.ok, Liz. I'll. uh. have some. for her. too. OHHHhhhh… Damnnn!" Ed's blast was strong enough to raise Brenda half way up his shaft. She settled back down as she hit her peak, "OHH. SHITTTTTTTT!" The noise got Red's attention. She eased onto her unsteady legs and made her way toward her favorite room of Granny's house. She had spent countless hours learning how to make cookies and many kinds of candy in that kitchen.

Now she was hearing her mother's voice, wailing with orgasm. "Wow! Way to go, Mom. I can't believe all this. Granny's a slut. Mom's a slut. Now, I'm a slut that just got fucked by the Big Bad Wolf. Does anybody mind if I sit here and try to sort this out?" Liz handed Red a todays special anal massage therapy for that ecletic relaxation towel to wipe her crotch.

As the teenager cleaned herself, Ed and Brenda separated and took two more chairs. When Liz told Harry, "You're welcome," Red twisted to see that the wolf was chowing down on a full package of brats.

She took the remaining seat and popped the top on a Shiner Bock beer. After taking a long swig, she smiled at her pretty (just been fucked) granddaughter, "Honey, we have a lot to tell you. Today you will learn many secrets, secrets that you can never tell anyone. One day, when you have your own daughter, we'll help you teach her the things you'll know, when this day is over." Liz took another big drink of the smooth brew and stood.

She took Red's hand and led her to Ed, who still had a boner as hard as any piece of hickory he'd ever cut. "Climb aboard, Red, you need a real man's cock in you while we explain." Brenda walked around the table and scratched Harry behind the ears. "You've been busy, lately." Harry's thoughts were being heard by all, "You 'bout ready for this old dog to show you I still know some tricks?" Brenda kissed the old wolf on the head and laid on the floor. Harry's front feet moved to a position on each side of her waist.

His rear legs buckled, lowering his bright red cock to the same level as Brenda's cunt. Within seconds, he was giving her a hard fuck… missionary position.

Liz fingered herself as she watched Ed and Red. The girl's eyes were rolled back in her head. She was having trouble inhaling because of Ed's strong, woodcutter's, arms squeezing her lithe body, tightly. She had no problem screaming as her first orgasm hit, "OHHHHH… MYYYY… GODDDD!!! I'M CUMMINGGGGG!!

I'M CUMMINGGGG!!" …and cum she did. Six times she hit her peak as Ed pounded all nine, thick, inches into the recently virgin pussy. He dumped a large one, himself, filling her cervix, ovaries, and the rest of her tunnel with potent sperm. Liz pulled her three fingers from her own slit and cleaned them in her mouth. As everyone collapsed, back into their chairs, Liz spoke up while Harry was licking his own dick, again, and Brenda wiped wolf cum from her snatch and legs.

"Red, your daddy just filled your pussy up with baby batter… yes, you just got pregnant." Red opened her mouth to speak, but Brenda shushed her. "Ed is your daddy, darling. He's also your granddaddy, and your great-granddaddy, and your great-great… well, you get the picture. Ed's over 400 years old, just like Harry.

They are the original Big Bad Wolf and Woodcutter. A witch cast a spell on a storyteller centuries ago. Every time he told a new story, the characters would come alive and become immortal. The first Red Riding Hood lost her immortality when she got mad and killed the storyteller. Since that time, there's been a new Red Riding Hood about every eighteen years. "Most people don't realize what the story means when it says, 'The wolf jumped on grandma and ate her'. But we know, don't we?

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He and Ed lived in the forest together before the first story was ever told." "You're shittin' me, Granny." Brenda hugged her daughter, chuckled and told her, "No, baby, she's not shittin' you. It's the truth and you can tell nobody, absolutely nobody. One of our ancestors told a friend of hers. They put her in the insane asylum. Thankfully, her baby girl was at its granny's house.

After that happened, Ed, Harry and four Red Riding Hoods moved to this country. They ranged from age one, to seventy-three. "You can have sex with anybody, or any animal you want… after the baby is born. You'll never have to worry about getting pregnant again, either… for some reason, it just never happens. Just do not ever, ever tell anybody.

You understand, sugar?" Red nodded. She accepted her new position in life. She looked around the room. Liz was lying down on the kitchen table. Ed had his large cock in his hand and was about to give her the treat she'd been so horny for. Brenda was heading for the bathroom. Harry was stretching, looking over his right shoulder at the beauty.

"I think I'll head over to the Three Little Pigs' House. The original story didn't tell it, but two of them are sows. That hog pussy is really good, if you have something to fill it with. You might like Pete's little dick, but watch his hooves…