Voluptuous blonde minx rides a thick dick cumshot and facial

Voluptuous blonde minx rides a thick dick cumshot and facial
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I burst through the door. "Hey, Mom? We're having a writing contest in ELA for an hour after school Tuesday through Friday. It's for our class only. Can I compete?" "Sure, Drew. Just remember you have laundry that Friday." "Kay thanks!" . . After school Friday… "Okay," said Mrs. McD. "We are not having a writing competition. We are going to have an in-school orgy." A collective gasp arose from the class.

Mrs. McD continued. "I know that this may come as a shock, but I have always had a thing for young adults having sex. Okay, I'm going to pair a few guys up with three girls each, and everyone else will come to me for a partner. Okay, Josh, you're with Alaina, Allie, and Casondra. Drew, you're with Alana, Alicia, and Nickole. Nick, Rebekah, Izzy, and Corrina. Everyone else, come to me." This was a treat. Those three were hot. Alana ira den blond teen russian with firm tits russian cumshots swallow tanned and had a nice, firm ass.

Alicia was pale with dark hair and had somewhat large, round tits. Nickole was light-brown and had a little bit of both. "Time for some ground rules. No kinky stuff. No slapping, biting, or anything like that. Only engage in intimate physical contact with your group, partner, or me. No being rude. No anal. I don't enjoy monkey screeches. Lastly, be gentle. These are girls, not football jocks. Okay, go ahead…" Mrs.

McD winked. This was gonna be fun. . "First," I began. "I'm going to undress you each one at a time, alright?" The three girls blushed and nodded. I pressed on. "Then, I will have Alana give me a handjob. Is that good with you, Alana?" She grinned. "I think that will be fine, Drew.

What will the other two be doing while I jerk you off?" "I don't know… What do you two want to do?" I directed the question sexy babe eve hungrily sucks huge dick Alicia and Nickole. "We should lick each other's pussies!" Nickole exclaimed. Alicia looked doubtful. "I dunno, guys. I'm not a lesbo." Alana sighed. "Alicia, it's only lesbian if you date or marry a girl. It's okay at an orgy." I interrupted any further arguments by unbuttoning the top button of Alana's long blouse.

I started to harden as her bra-covered bosoms and toned stomach were revealed further with each button that I undid. Finally, I pulled the blouse off her arms and grinned. "I'm going to undress your chests first, then take off your pants. Come here, Nickole." Nickole stepped forward in her t-shirt and skinny jeans. I simply pulled her shirt up over her head and revealed a nice chest and flat midriff. Alicia was the hardest to undress.

She had on a polo with a cami underneath. Her large hooters getting in the way weren't exactly helpful. They bounced and jiggled as I worked the two tops off her torso. I walked back to Alana and pulled down her leggings. The sudden absence of clothing revealed shapely, tanned legs and a firm butt. I decided to leave the panties on for now. I called Nickole over and had her skinny jeans off in a flash.

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Alicia's khakis were no more trouble than Nickole's shirt was. I stepped back and sighed. I had three beautiful, lingerie-clad girls standing before me. There was tanned and toned Alana, ebony Nickole, and short-but-busty Alicia. "Take off your bras slowly," I commanded. "Alana first." Alana looked at me and smiled evilly. She went into a huddle with the other girls and they whispered up a storm.

When they finished, they stalked over to me. "We'll take off our bras at the same time you take off your boxers." I had no hesitation. I whipped off my shirt and shorts. I was of average height and weight, with a dick of about five and a half inches. Nothing remarkable. I started counting down on my fingers. When I reached one, I pulled down my boxers. The girls unclasped their bras and slid down their panties.

My cock soon reached full stiffness, boss shares sexy wife with pretty secretary the three babes stared at it for a few seconds. Then Alana reached out a finger and stroked the underside of my shaft. She saw my expression of rapture and did it again. She then, still only using one finger, traced the head of my cock and shaft, over and over again. I moaned in ecstasy. She spat on her hand and wrapped it around my cock. As she pumped up and down, my cock started twitching.

I stopped her hand. "I'm about to jizz. Stop." She let go of my throbbing member. I had her lie down on her back.

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"I want to finger you. I want you ladies to love this afternoon as much as I do. Plus," I added smiling. "It'll hurt less when Mae olsen fight with her boyfriend pornstars and hardcore fuck you." .

. I pushed my pointer finger into Alana's warm, moist vagina. I felt her hymen with my fingertip and pushed gently. It broke like wet paper. She squealed and squirmed for a minute. I looked at her with concern. She nodded and mouthed I'm okay. I thrust my finger in and out, her moaning making me as hard as a rock. I added another finger and gently caressed her clitoris with my other hand.

"How," she gasped, quivering slightly. "Did you learn to make a girl feel so good?" "Luck." I stopped as her pussy clenched around my fingers and she moaned. "Damn, you're good, Drew. Damn, you're good." "Nickole," I called to the mixed girl.

"You get to give me a blowjob, 'kay?" "Finally, I get to taste your cock." Nickole walked over, hips swinging slightly. She got down on her knees and kissed the tip of my dick. She looked up at me with the cock-hungry eyes of a slut, though I knew she was a virgin. I jolted as she grabbed my balls with her velvety lips. Nickole ran her tongue along my shaft, then slipped the head into her mouth.

At first, she simply licked my glans as it was in her mouth, but she quickly started bobbing up and down, taking me deeper and deeper into her oral cavity.

I asked her if I could fuck her face. She released me from her mouth and nodded. I gathered up her hair and placed both hands on the back of her head.

She quickly latched onto my dick again and I thrust her head and my groin forward at the same time. Somehow, this was less pleasurable than her doing it herself. I let go and thankfully she got my message, slowing down her head and putting more skill into her much valued craft. I pulled my dripping member out of her mouth, though I couldn't stop my orgasm from coming.

I let loose a torrent of seminal fluid onto Nickole's face. She flinched as the hot semen splattered her. "Alicia, Alana," I called out to the other girls. "Come and remove the jizz from Nickole's face.

They walked forward and started licking the cum from Nickole's cheeks and forehead. I looked at the clock. Just enough time left to finger Nickole. I repeated the same process and technique that I used on Alana. Then the bell rang, and we all hurriedly redressed. Tomorrow was going to be even better. . The next day, after school, we had the same ground rules as before, but this time I wanted something more original that what I got yesterday.

When I undressed the three girls today, I noticed that they all wore fancy lingerie this time, rather than simple undergarments. I plopped down buck-ass nude into one of the school chairs, poised on the edge of the hard plastic. I reached out and grabbed Alicia's hand and pulled her to the chair. "You're going to give me a titfuck. Do you know what that is?" She shook her head. "Get on your knees and put your tits around my dick, like this." I grabbed her warm tits and wrapped them around my cock.

"Alana," I called. "Go and get the lube from Mrs. McD. She went and grabbed the time for hardcore toy porn along young itsuka oil and poured some onto the place where my hard member met Alicia's boobs. I turned my attention back to Alicia. "Then you squeeze your tits together, and slide them up and down my cock." Alicia pushed her tits together hot lesbians fill up their big asses with milk and blast it out threesome internal started sliding them up and down my lubed rod.

She tilted her head down and, as my dick's head poked out of her cleavage, gave me a shallow blowjob. I waited until I was just about to jizz, and then stopped her. I laid her down and fingered her, noticing that her pussy was much tighter than the others were. Now, I thought grinning, I fuck Alana. . I grabbed Alana by her forearm and led her to a clean area of carpet. I put her on her hands and knees, got behind her, and rested my cock between her butt cheeks.

I tapped on her ass and got her attention. "Are you sure you're okay with this, Alana? I don't have to fuck you if you don't want me to." She looked back at me with lustful eyes. "Would I have given you a handjob and gone this far if I didn't want you?" I shrugged.

I grabbed my dick and positioned it right by her pussy. Then I grabbed her ample ass on both sides and, in one quick moment, pulled her ass backward and thrust my groin forward. She squealed, though with pain or delight I didn't know.

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I slowly thrust into her wet cunt, focusing on depth of penetration rather than speed. I tried different angles. I ended up pulling out my cock and cumming on her ass. She reached back and wiped up my cum with her hand and brought it to her mouth.

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Alana wrinkled her nose as my semen hit her tongue. She looked at me and smiled ruefully, knowing that tomorrow was devoted to Alicia and Nickole. I smiled back started redressing.

"Tomorrow," I mumbled. "Don't wear bras or panties. Takes too long to undress." . . I undressed them the same way, and noticed that none of them had bras or panties on. I had Nickole lay on her back. I positioned myself into a position similar to that of a push-up, and thrust my cock into her vagina.

She gasped and smiled at me. I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers, knowing that those velvety lips were equally good piscina con il miamore te amoooooooo stimulating my genitals. I started thrusting faster and faster, until I finally pulled out and jizzed on Nickole's stomach. I wiped up my cum with my dick and gently eased it into Nickole's mouth, releasing another spurt of nut-cream. She sucked the jizz off my softening dick and swallowed.

I kissed her again as I waited to regain my breath. Alicia looked disappointed.

"What's wrong?" I asked her. "I don't know why you look so sad. It's your turn to get laid." She pouted. "You just orgasmed. I amazing mom amber lynn bach ride cock well young friend know how you'll have the energy to fuck me…" "Alicia," I playfully admonished.

"I was never going to fuck you. You are going to fuck me." She looked stunned. I laid down on my back and grinned. "Ride me, cowgirl." She walked up and rubbed her pussy lips on my cock until I was hard again, then plopped down onto my shaft.

I grabbed her sides and bounced her up and down, watching her large breasts bounce. She leaned her head back and moaned loudly, though I knew that it was authentic. "Stop," I said. "Turn around. I want to watch your ass bounce up and down." I turned her around. She laid her chest down on my legs. Alicia's ass was almost as nice as Alana's. She lifted her ass up and dropped it down onto my groin. She did it again. "No, wait. Turn back around. Your tits are nicer than your ass." She turned around again and kept on riding me.

I lifted her up off my cock and came on her leg. She wiped up the cum with an elegant finger and brought it to her lips. She grimaced and stood up. Alicia walked over to Alana and Nickole. Nickole pulled a camera out of her pile of clothes and said, "I want to take a video of each of our parts. Starting with the handjob." Alana grabbed my cock and pumped.

Nickole waited a few seconds before she stopped the camera and took Alana's place.

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She bobbed her head up and down on my cock. Alicia did her part and re-titfucked me. Then I fucked Alana doggystyle again, for a short time. Then Nickole missionary. Then Alicia rode me again. I had Nickole keep filming as I kept fucking Alicia. Then she shut the camera off as I came on Alicia's leg again. I had the three nude babes pose together as I snapped a pic.

The orgy was over, after three days. I had fucked three beautiful women and jizzed about five times. This was the best time I ever had in my whole college career. I will never forget it.