Honry babe sucking on throbbing cock pornstars

Honry babe sucking on throbbing cock pornstars
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The Motel Room Saturday was finally here.I went out in the afternoon, got a prepaid CC from one of those check cashing places, drove 15 miles out of town, found a motel.rented the room, let the attendant know it would be for me and my daughter, getting work done on our house so we wanted to be out of the way when it was happening.I know, I gave too much information, like he cares.

I drove back.and waited. The "dance" was from 730-930, so I let my wife know I would wait around instead of driving back home and them all the way back.

She did not really care.I let her know I would shoot some pool as I waited.and YES, I would stay sober to keep our precious neice safe. I had arranged to pick her up at 630, telling everyone I wanted to treat her to a little meal before the dance.this way, I had an extra hour or so for my real plan. Isabelle knew I was going to show up even earlier.610, so to be ready.

I rang the door bell at 604, and her dad answered.and was surprised to see me so early.but even more shocked well Belle came down the stairs all ready too.he laughed, and said "she must be excited for the dance".

We exchanged knowing glances.but her dad was none the wiser. I saw her in her vitalizing studs lusty shaft hardcore and blowjob, not the normal tom boy attire, and she looked even more precious than ever.but I was still detemined to get my cock in her tonight.

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We were out the door and on the road by 609. We arrived at the motel by 635, and quickly opened the door to room number 14 with my key. I took a few quick pictures of her in the dress with my camera phone, being sure not to identify the motel room etc.just in case anyone saw them later.

I gave her a quick hug, and told her to get undressed and come to bed, as I was quickly taking off my jeans and shirt. We both teen has massive orgasm and coach big dick did you ever wonder what happens when a steamy into bed, were buck naked, and it was still only 645.this was gonna happen just like I wanted. We snuggled for like two minutes, I told Isabelle that "we dont have a lot of time, but I want us to 69 some and then take it to the next level and make her a woman tonight".

A smile on her face the size of Montana, and a boner in me like you would not believe.let the fun begin. I maneurvered around, and side by side we began to 69. I went straight for the clit, and flicked and licked for all I had.I wanted to get this 13 year old as sexed up as possible before I stuck her. She was sucking as well as EVER, she was MUCH better when being licked, but most women are.

She was learning how to REALLY suck cock, using sucking, taking it deeper, using some tongue, moaning on my cock. Add to that the fact that her mouth is not real big, my cock is thick.and it is a tight young mouth that gets me off.what more can you ask for?

We did this for about 10 minutes, and this little vixon was grinding her hips, moaning like crazy, and sucking me REAL good. I was almost afraid the next room may be able to hear.but I was not stopping or getting her to stop either. I stopped us long enough to tell her we are going to try different positions tonight.as I lifted her up, scooped her over me, and went back to her hairless twat.she did not miss a beat.within seconds she gobbled my cock from above.

If I did not know better, I would have sworn she was experienced at this.but I was getting to know that she was a natural at this fucking thing. I smiled as I munched her.and she grinded her cunny into her uncles chin and mouth.as she greedily sucked my cock.

This position lasted for about 10 minutes.and I wanted to top her now in the 69, so a quick flip to the side (the girl did not take my dick out as we did this), and a quick flip and she was beneath me.my cock now out.not a word from either of us, I lowered and ate her, she raised up to suck me again.FUCK.I was fighting cumming right there. I wanted to get in her throat now.from over her.

For anyone who has throat fucked before, it is amazing the gag reflex, the TIGHT TIGHT throat muscles.and that is on women.imagine a little 13 year old who probably weighs 70 pounds.

I let her lift up and down to suck my cock for a few minutes.cause it was so hot.but I wanted to lay her down and guide my cock INTO HER THROAT. I did not want to hurt her, scare her, or get her against this wonderful thing that was happening.but I wanted to at least try this.

I came up from her snatch, looked at her as she was bobbing up to suck, then down.eyes closed, not aware of anything but my cock in her hungry mouth. I smiled young teen ass to mouth threesome small girl makes big moves shitty grin, and just watched for a couple minutes.

She kept sucking me, even though I was not doing her.my cock hungry neice was becoming a slut before my eyes.for me at least.and I was loving it. I started to lower my cock to her, as she kept coming up to meet it.in a few seconds, she was flat on the bed with about 3 inches in her mouth, and she could not lift off as she was flat on the bed.her eyes opened, she saw me watching her suck me, and I continued to lower more of my dick into her willing mouth.

At about 5 inches she started to panic, not being in control, having me ready to enter her throat.she started to gag, I pulled out as little as I could to relax her.and still had 4 inches of hard cock in her mouth.

I zoe britton enjoys a nice masturbating session that much in her tiny mouth and told her "relax, I am going to do the moving now. I am going to be pumping my cock in your mouth for you.lay there and let me.

I will put my entire cock in you.so it will be in your throat. It will feel scary at times, but when you feel it.swallow, and this will allow more in your mouth and you will like it.and I will LOVE it.

I am cartoon forced sex in train to keep eating you as I do this, so you will be enjoying this too. Now relax and let me do this.your Aunt Janet cannot do this, but I am sure you are going to be MUCH better than she is".

All buttered up now.so I went down on her, and began to slowly at first feed my cock into her mouth. I sucked her little clit for the first time, and the moans and gyrating that came let me know that she liked it alright. As she continued this, I began to slowly pump my cock into her mouth, getting to the throat, and pulling back. As I continued to lick and suck her cunny, I inserted my tongue into her crack for the first time ever, and the squirm was AWESOME.

In about 10 seconds, she had her first orgasm ever (that I am aware of at least). I was getting my tiny neice off, in a motel room, with my cock nearing her throat.life does NOT get any better than this.or does it. I grinned and decided to lower my cock INTO that willing throat as she was coming off her first orgasm.one gentle push, she gagged, I said "Swallow Belle Belle, your uncle is going to put it in your throat now.SWALLOW" and the little imp swallowed, and I felt my head enter the tightest, sweetest, opening I had ever been in.

Her eyes teared up, she gagged a bit, but then the throat muscles took over and it was almost like they were massaging my hard cock. I looked at her, a look of terror.so I wanted to put her at ease "oh yeah baby, NICE." as I started to pull out, then went right back in.

I pumped in and out of her throat 4 times and knew I was going to cum. "Belle baby, I am going to cum in your throat now. Keep swallowing even though it is all the way in, like you are trying to get it all the way down in your belly, and I will cum.oh yeah, like that dear.". The little darling did as she was told, trying to gulp my dick, but I was already nuts deep in her.made me wonder, if I WERE longer, could she have swallowed more man meat.I wish I had the dick to find out.back to reality I thought.I twitched and my 5 blasts of cum went straight in her throat and down her gut.

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I did not move my cock as I had my cum gush, then dribble out. My little neice, was writhing on this filthy motel bed as she swallowed a huge load of my spunk.

I stayed there, and started softening in her throat, but it was so FN hot that I still was semi hard as I smiled, pulled out, hugged my angel, and kissed her on the forehead. We snuggled for a bit, I made sure she was okay. She confided it was scary, hard to breathe, etc.but she liked it.

She then wanted to talk about what I had done to her.sucking her clit (she did not know the name, but I educated her as we talked). She did not know that she had cum, so I let her know, she smiled. I let her know that meant I was doing it good, and she was liking it. She readily agreed to both statements. A quick look at the clock.it was 8:15 now. Dance ends at 930, to make it home in good time (dance is about 10 minuts from her home, this motel about 20), I knew we needed to leave by 920.

I had about an hour left.

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I told her the one thing we need to do now to make her a woman is to do the one thing that married folks do.put my thing in sizzling sexy ass fucking smalltits and homemade thing and both "finish". I did not want to use crase words like cunt, cock, fuck, and cum. My little Isabelle looked at me, and simply shrugged.almost like it was nothing at all.

I may have created a monster I thought.as I grinned at her. I wanted to see every part of this deflowering, so I thought for a moment, and decided on missionary style.but with me up and watching all parts of me taking her cherry. I gave her a few quick licks, rudely spat on her cunt, then did the same to my hand and rubbed it on the knob of my now hard cock. I looked at her, and told her "look me in the face this whole time OK, until I tell you it is okay to look away".

I wanted to watch her, and have her see me, EVERY step of this process.

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I pulled her tiny body to the edge of the bed, proceeded to lean into her naval exceptional czech chick gets tempted in the shopping centre and screwed in pov with my hard on, and had my cock head resting against her slit.

"This will hurt at first baby, like the throat did.but you will end up liking this. This is what your Mom and Dad do, me and Janet do, and all married couples".

"We can do this because you are a big girl, and we have a special relationship that not all uncles and neices have.". I kept full eye contact with her, and started pushing, and using my fingers to GENTLY spread her tiny cunt lips. FUCK, this was tight, and I knew it was going to be tough, and hurt her.but I wanted her cherry too bad to stop, wait for lube, etc.I was going to enter her NOW.

She grimaced, bit her lip, but stared me in the eye the whole way. I felt my cock head start to enter her, she wimpered, I licked my lips, and rotated between staring her in the face and watching my fat cock head push its way into heaven.and trust me, this tight twat was HEAVEN. POP.my cock head was in her.a moan, gasp, head beautiful babe cammie fox gets her pussy drilled by big dick by her, and then she looked me back in the eye, she lauren dewynter earns her tattoo at a man gangbang tearing up a bit, still biting her lip, and looking to me for comfort.

Well, no comfort now I thought.I need to FUCK your cunt baby girl. I pulled back a bit, had the END of my knob in her, and started gently rocking back and forth.she was only getting my head.FOR now.but with a few gentle rocks back and forth I was forcing more of my dick in her tiny body. She kept grimacing, but like the angel she was, she kept eye contact with the uncle who was molesting, and now raping her tiny body.

I felt a little bad for her, but was not planning on stopping anytime soon. I continued slowly giving her more and more of my hard cock, and probably had about 4.5 inches in her when I felt she could take no more.so I decided to use this much to fuck her and kept up a constant slow motion of 4.5 inches in, 2 inches back, and then back in.I never took my head out of her.

This pussy was far tighter than I remember high school girls when I was a kid.but my dick was not this thick back then either.LOL. She was starting to get used to it.and she seemed to relax a bit, but it was obvious she was still in pain.

I did this, and tried to comfort her as I raped her "I love you Belle", "You are such a big girl now", "You are doing great".

I was only 5 or 6 minuts at her twat, and slowly at that.too tight to fuck.plus I wanted this tightness to remain for as long as possible.I was planning on doing Belle Belle for YEARS to come.and I was going to cum. " Baby, Uncle Brian is going to CUM in you now.FUCK YEAH".and I blasted in her. I was not thinking "can she get pregnant", I KNEW she was not on the pill (Minister daughter.COME ON).I was not worried about the mess.I feared nothing right there.

Cumming in my neices tight cunt, and feeling her fill up, and actually swell with about half my cock still in her.and knowing she was too FN tight to have any cum even leak out.I did not want to even pul out. I looked her in the eye, smiled, then looked at her now puffy pussy, and slowly pulled out.

I watched intently, as VERY slowly my cum came out of her cunny.tight tight little cunny it is. I smiled an evil grin, sighed, and plopped down on the dirty motel bed besides my now raped underaged neice. I looked at her, she was sort of in shock at the full event.and to think, all this started with physio therapy for my leg.NICE therapy. Did I feel bad.YES. Did I think I should end it all now and NOT rape and abuse her again.YES.

Was I going to stop.HELL now. I told Isabelle to go have a quick shower, and we would have to leave soon. She did as she was told (such a good kid) and on the way home I made sure she knew we needed to keep not telling anyone about us, that our secret would get me in trouble, get her parents mad at her, and only be bad for us both. She understood, agreed, and seemed OK on the drive home. We got to her house, I let her off, and drove home.