Sunny leon sex stories coming black bra panty

Sunny leon sex stories coming black bra panty
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The Robin's Nest Arrival and Day 1 Well this road trip started out just the same as most others do for us. The van was packed to over flowing and there was myself and two other techs.

The three of us hadn't been out together for awhile. This was going to be a fairly large project though and take a couple of weeks to complete even with three of us there. The town was some where in middle America nothing too special - around 400,000 population. The first night we stopped a little better than half way there. We completed the journey on the second day. We checked into the hotel. The benefits of lesbian premier sensual lesbian scene by sapphix employed far longer than anyone else, when there are three of us I get a room to myself and the other two guys share a room together.

The hotel we stay in for trips like this are decent. Nothing too flashy but they do have a full size kitchen so you can cook your own meals and save some money.

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Laundry services are on site so it is kind of like a furnished apartment more so than a hotel room. Room service only comes by once a week to clean your room unless you request and pay for additional visits.

After getting settled in we got up the next morning and went to work. Did the normal thing with a meet and greet of everyone we were going to have to interact with. Explain to them the scope of work, time it would take in each unit and then field any questions they may have for us. That all went well as I expected it to. We got started to work and did a demonstration on the first unit for everyone.

I turned my two techs loose to continue with that while I installed the back bone of the system and got that all online. The day ended nicely. For a single day we had accomplished a lot. It was going to take the full two weeks, maybe even a day or two longer. We still had accomplished quite a bit though and we had a real good idea of what we had to do each day to get done on time.

Once we were all back at the hotel I suggested we go and celebrate our good day and the start of what appeared to be a good install. We all got cleaned up and met in the lobby. There was a Chili's just two blocks away from the hotel on the same street.

Sounded like a good place to get a meal and a beer or two. We walked in and sat at the bar as we usually do tend to avoid small children that way that scream and yell.

Nothing great was going and we talked and looked around the bar. I noticed one dark haired woman sitting by herself at a table in the bar area. She was attractive dark brown hair and you could tell not too tall. She pounding her big juicy ass super model skinny but damn sure wasn't huge either.

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As far as I was concerned she was just about right. As we ate, drank and talked and others came and went from the restaurant and the bar. Every time I glanced over to the dark haired woman though, it always seemed she was looking back at me. I also noticed that no one ever came to meet her as I thought it strange that someone as attractive as her should have a date? It got to be close to 10:00pm and we decided to call it a night as we did have to work the next day.

I had given the keys to the one of us that doesn't drink. It's always nice to have a designated driver with you on trips. I told the guys I was with that I wanted to talk to the woman across from us.

They smiled and gave me some shit for it and then left, being a great pick up artist I am not and they knew it. I figured I could easily walk two blocks back to the hotel. I asked the bartender to send the woman another drink of whatever it was she had been drinking, red wine as it was.

Once she got the drink and the bartender told her who it was from she looked over at me, smiled and blushed a busty blonde looker strips down outside big tits and then motioned for me to come over. I eagerly took my beer and headed for her table. I sat down and awkwardly worked into a conversation with her.

Her name was Robin as she introduced herself. I told her my name was Chuck and we went from there. Both agreed that we had been staring at each other all night. I asked her how it could be that someone as attractive as herself was sitting alone all night.

She told me she had been married and just recently divorced. Had an 18 year old daughter that was getting ready to start college and she wasn't really into the whole dating scene thing just yet but wanted to go out some where that she didn't think every guy would be hitting on her.

I almost thought I was done right there and made a funny comment about it and she said I was fine. She just didn't want the whole bar scene thing which I understood.

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I told Robin my marital woes as the night went on and adria raes tight pussy fuck doggystyle from behind naturaltits blowjob talked about our families, what each of us did for a living and the normal. I had told her that it was work that brought me to her town and what we did. She was currently unemployed and looking for a job. It was getting close to midnight and we were getting close to being tossed out as closing time was almost there.

We walked out together and Robin asked me where I was staying. As it was so close she offered me a ride back to the hotel. Once there after the short ride we talked just a bit more before saying goodnight. I asked if she minded a kiss to which she agreed. A soft peck on the lips went into a longer, deeper kiss with our tongues exploring each other as I reached my hand around Robin's waist and felt her for the first time.

When the kiss finally broke and both of us breathing a little heavier I asked her if she wanted to go to my room with me. She eagerly agreed and off we went hand in hand. I got my room, got the door open and as soon as it shut we picked up where we left off at. I had Robin pressed against the door locked into a deep kiss. Her arms were wrapped around me as I started to unbutton her blouse and push it over her shoulders.

She moved her arms so it could fall off to the floor and then had them around me again. She pushed my shirt up and over my head and to the floor with hers. I pulled her skirt up to her waist and reached between her legs and rubbed the crotch of her panties. She moaned into my mouth and moved down to my jeans, working to get them undone.

As two impassioned lovers we continued. I pushed her bra back with my other hand freeing her breasts and her large nipples. She reached inside my jeans and felt my cock hard and throbbing at her touch.

I watched and felt as Robin kissed her way quickly down my chest and then dropped to her knees. She stared at my cock briefly and pulled my jeans and underwear down to mid thigh together and then took me into her mouth. She worked her head up and down my shaft and I soon found my hand twisted in her hair.

As I first started to pull she stopped, looked up at me and said, "YES!" With that I pulled harder and pushed her back onto my cock. With my hand in her hair I guided her up and down me until I was soundly fucking her face. She gagged a couple of times her spit flowing over my cock and onto my balls.

I pulled her up, my cock dripping with her saliva and her face a little wet from the blow job she was giving me, I kissed her and told her we needed to get undressed as I was going to fuck her. She didn't say anything or hesitate and took off her bra, skirt, panties and shoes. I hurriedly kicked my shoes off then took off my jeans, underwear and socks. I pulled her over to the bed and kissed her again before pushing her back onto it.

As she lay there her legs fell apart, waiting for me to fuck this sexy woman in front of me. I kissed my way up her legs and the farther I went up, the farther she spread them for me. I smelled her sweet aroma when I swiped my tongue across her slit.

She cooed and pushed herself against my tongue and I pushed deeper into her. I found her clit and loved how wet she was. I licked and sucked on it and slid a finger into her waiting hole.

Before long I was fucking Robin with two fingers and one in her tight ass as I licked her pussy. She didn't disappoint me and arched her back as she groaned and came in my mouth. I drank all that I could of her and my face was dripping wet from her. I kissed my way up from between her legs to her breasts and those large nipples, which has always been a turn on for me. I sucked one into my mouth completely as if trying to give her a hickie on teen hardcore dp passionate fuckathon for her fiancee tit.

I pinched at the other one as I felt her hand stroking my cock between her legs. I did the same to the other nipple and pinched the one I was sucking on even harder. Between her moans and gasps I got her yes of approval. I kissed my up her neck to her ear lobe and suck it into my mouth. As my body had moved up just enough Robin rubbed the tip of my cock into her wet slit. I moved myself over her face and just before we kissed she said, "Fuck me!

Please fuck me!" She dragged out the word please as if she had to beg for that! I kissed her and as she tasted herself on my lips I pushed my cock through her hand and into her pussy.

I forced myself completely inside her and she pulled her hand out of the way. It was wet from her and I watched as she licked her fingers clean.

I worked my cock in and out of her, watching as she pulled her legs back giving me full access and positioning her clit so that every inch of me slid over it.

With Robin's encouragement I went faster and harder, each thrust into her tight cunt causing my balls to slap against her. Both of us moaning with each other as her hands explored my body and mine supported me. I felt her legs around me and her back arched as she came again. She rubbed her clit chemistry teacher fucked his nice sims porn the cock inside her and I held myself deep in her as she writhed herself against me and screamed as she came.

As she started to come down I pulled my cock out of her and immediately sunk it into her tight ass. Hearing her scream out as I fucked her there like I had her pussy lucia love enjoys a nice shagging session all I could take. A few strokes into her ass and her hand back at her clit I felt her ass tighten around my cock as she came again this time I pushed myself in deep and felt my sperm surging from my balls through my cock as I exploded inside her ass.

I pulled out a little and let loose with my second salvo. I slid in easier now through my own cum and pushed back in and shot a third load of cum into Robin. I pulled my cock out of her ass and watched as my cum soon ran from it.

I wiped it up with my cock and straddled her chest and put my hand back into her hair pulling it and her head up. I told her to open her mouth and as she did I put the tip of my cock into her mouth. Robin sucked the remaining cum from me and also what I had wiped up from her ass. I lay next to this erotic, gorgeous woman and watched as she licked her lips and drank all I had given her. We held each other and kissed once again.

I looked over at the clock it was 3:30am! As much as I had enjoyed this it was going to make for a long day 2. I had no idea how prophetic a statement that was going to be.

Robin and I fell asleep holding each other. We didn't stir until the alarm went off at 6:30am. A few snooze buttons later and it was 7:00am I had to finally get up.