Blonde milf diana doll gets a mouth full of cum

Blonde milf diana doll gets a mouth full of cum
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¬¬The Motel Words: 16,627 By: Dick N. Bahlz Every guy dreams of a place where women are naked, ready and wanton. This is the story of a very special place where anything goes and everything happens. It's a sexual dream-come-true for many. For others, it is a place to express their wildest inner thoughts on sexuality. For yet others, it is a must-have place where they can act-out things they previously reserved for that time when one is half-asleep—half-dreaming of nirvana—sex without reserve, responsibility or relationship.

Chapter One It had been an especially trying day. I work as a traveling sales rep for a major pharmaceutical company and had been up since sunrise visiting my clients along the sweltering-in-July Southeast Coast of Florida, and was ready to knock-off early. I ended up in Hollywood, Florida, checking into what appeared to be a fleabag motor inn on A1A—the beach road that runs north and south along the coast all the way down to South Beach on Miami Beach.

This was far from the glamour of South Beach, with it's peeling paint, semi-dilapidated pool located about ten feet from the busy four-lane road and its cheap screen doors and rusty air conditioners in every room, but the woman checking me in was actually pretty hot and I couldn't help but notice over blonde shemale enjoys big black dick in assho shoulder that I could see several good looking women with really large breasts sunning by the pool.

Two of them had their tops off.

What? Had I stumbled into a stripper's convention? I said, "Don't they distract the drivers on A1A?" "No, the fence pretty much hides the nudity, unless one of them stands up. Then we hear the honking and hollering from passing drivers. Men" "Is it legal?" I asked, noticing the low concrete fence that ran along the roadway.

It couldn't have been more than three feet high. "A gray area, really," she said. "The cops can't crack down unless a guest complains, and you can see here on your check-in form that it clearly states 'nude, or semi-nude sunbathing may be encountered at our pool and beach facility, if you have a problem with this, please find another place to stay'." "It won't bother me!" I added much too quickly. She smiled and said, "Are you going to join them?" "You mean, now?" I asked.

"Yes, I mean now, and are you going to 'join' them?" She asked with a twinkle in her eyes, which were roving up and down my body in slow motion. "Oh, you mean take my shirt off?" I asked. "Of course, why wouldn't I?" "No," she said, "I mean take it all off." "Is that permitted? I mean, I don't see any of them totally nude, just topless," I said.

"Well, they saw you drive in, and usually we wait until all the guests are here before things start to heat up." She smiled. 'We,' I thought? Mmm. This might've been my best choice ever as far as finding a cheap hotel goes. I actually thanked my boss nice nympho is gaping narrow pussy in close up and getting off myself for making us reps find the sleaziest, cheapest hotels on our business trips thanks to our ever-shrinking budgets.

Something in my pants was doing the opposite, ever-expanding, as I took a closer look at this lovely woman behind the counter. I noticed that she had very, very short shorts on and her top was unbuttoned just one button beyond appropriate for most hotels. What had to be a pair of D-sized breasts was fighting a wild fucking for a sexy attractive bitch battle to bust out of the blouse.

But this was the beach, right? So I bravely tried to clarify, "So the beach is clothing optional, too." Saying 'clothing optional' to make it sound as if I sunbathed and frolicked nude all the time.

"Actually, if you stay between the two big palms out back, yes it is 'clothing optional'." She half rolled her eyes at the term. "Just don't scare any of the tourists on either side of us by walking too close to the fence on either side. Some of them bring kids and get riled up if they see a naked man or woman walking toward them.

Just be discreet." She said with a wink. I flashed a smile and said, "Wanna join me for a swim?" Ah, I could have shot myself. I sounded like such a geek! I turned six shades of red as I looked into her beautiful green eyes, struggling to keep my gaze from dropping down to the fantastic cleavage.

"Uh, no." She stammered. "I don't get off, um I mean, my shift relief doesn't come, ah I mean, I'm not done behind the desk here until about 3:30." Unable to tell if she was kidding about the sexual innuendos or just plain made a mistake, I said. "Well, there's still plenty of sun left at 3:30, if you want to meet me on the beach, I'll be there." I was fixated on seeing those round tits and what those tiny shorts were covering, both front and back.

"Okay, maybe." She said with smile and gave me my room key. "It's around that way, facing the beach." "Thanks," I said and started out of the office with one eye carefully trained on the pool area where a blonde with enormous tits was rolling over to tan her back. She smiled at me checking her out and gave a slight wave as her breasts jiggled between her elbows. I wondered if this was really happening. Chapter Two The air conditioner felt amazingly cool as I stripped-off my sweat-soaked shirt, tie and slacks.

Naked, I checked myself out in the mirror. Not bad for mid-forties, I thought. Trim enough, a muscle here, a little bulge there, but overall a nicely tanned, toned body. Average penis. That had always bothered me. But what can a guy do? If you watch enough porn, you're going to hot fucking amazes sexy lovely hottie smalltits homemade a complex. And I watch a lot of porn.

In fact I turned toward the TV, tempted to order an adult movie and lay back and enjoy myself. But the beach was calling me. It was a little after two, and if I had a shot at the desk girl maybe I should be out there. I was a little nervous about being naked outside, though. So, I reached into my pharmaceuticals bag and pulled out a sample-card of Viagra.

I popped one. 'Not going to hurt an 'old man' to have a little help keeping a chubby at the nude beach, I figured. I mixed a pretty strong gin and tonic, put on bathing trunks and grabbed a towel.

My room door faced the Atlantic Ocean and a great view across a wide, white sandy beach with several palms on either side, running along parallel picket fences bordering the hotel property.

It was not resort material, but any beach is nice and this one was displayed to me on a gorgeous day with hot sun and a gentle breeze. As I walked out toward the water in that awkward-each-foot-sinking-into-the-sand stroll, I noticed several guests were lounging on towels and mats naked, or nearly nude.

Off to the left I saw a guy with a huge penis lying on his back. He looked so tan, that I wondered if he had a job. Covered in suntan oil, his cock seemed to be coiled up on his stomach like a snake. Why didn't my dick do that? It usually just lay there between my legs basically unseen if I hadn't always kept my pubic hair trimmed to nearly-nothing. On the right of the sort-of pathway to the ocean, I spotted a young black-haired woman.

She appeared to be early 20s, slim, small-but-perky tits standing straight up from her chest, and a nest of pubic hair that rivaled a 70's porn star's bush. She too, was covered with oil and seemed to be simmering in the sun. There were naked bodies everywhere as I looked for a good spot to put down my stuff and get out of sight.

It seemed like everyone was staring at the 'new guy in the shorts' making his way across the sand. I settled on an open area next to a plump blonde woman, whose enormous breasts were hanging into her armpits. Her pussy was shaven, and lying on foxy nympho is brought in asshole asylum for harsh therapy back, I thought she didn't look that bad.

Proof that most guys love a naked woman, even women they'd pass without a second look on the street. She was wearing big sunglasses and a hat, so I couldn't see her face. I dropped my rich tighty ebony teen fucks a pool cleaners hard cock to look cool in front of this nude crowd, trying to make sure I didn't automatically fondle and adjust myself and laid down my towel.

I then realized I should have waited to drop the shorts. It was difficult trying not to spread my butt cheeks and expose my asshole to anyone behind me as I moved around the towel to straighten it. So, I squatted in this strange, unbalanced duck walk as I fiddled with the corners. I felt ridiculous and looked it, I knew. But it was either do the duck-walk or give someone a butthole-shot, and I figured I'd be a polite if not awkward, nudist.

"Thanks for not showing me your balloon-knot" I heard someone say. I reddened, not from the sun, but from embarrassment. "You're welcome," I said looking around. "I wouldn't have minded. I'm pretty used to it. I come here often." The heavy blonde woman said. "Really? I've never been…" "Yeah, I can tell." She said. "I look that bad?" "No, you look pretty good, stud." She said, "But your ass is white." "Oh, I didn't realize…" "'I see it all the time, stud." She said.

"So where ya from, where ya goin' and do you want to talk or want me to shut up?" I said, "I don't want you to shut up. I'm from Atlanta, headed to the West Coast of Florida tomorrow on business, and a little conversation along with this gin may loosen me up enough to enjoy myself." "I'm Vicki," she said and rolled up onto her left elbow, an enormous breast shifting from under her right arm, sliding onto her chest and mashing up against the other, which was now trapped on top of her left arm.

I'd never seen such an oiled cleavage. She pulled down her sunglasses and I realized she had a beautiful face and nice blonde hair. My first take on her weight had been off. She wasn't fat, but full-figured. I guess my nerves were so shot that I was trying not to look at her too closely, until now. "If you're a first timer, you should rub some of this on. You've got to tan that ass." She tossed me her Hawaiian Tropic oil.

"Thanks," I said as I lay down on my stomach and rubbed the oil on as much of my back, buttocks and legs as I could reach.

Then while contorting into various positions to even it out, I felt hands on my upper back. I glanced over a shoulder to see Vicki, her pendulous breasts swaying back and forth, as she evened out my oil situation then flopped back onto her towel and resumed her supine sun tanning position. "Thanks," was all I could manage. "You can relax, now. You should relax. Enjoy the sun. We're all here to get sun-soaked and have a little fun." "Uh, okay.

It's cool." I said, and thought, God, how dumb can I sound? Chapter Three My new friend Vicki was on my left as I lay on my stomach staring at the ocean through the reflective blue lenses of my Revo sunglasses.

To my right a darkly tanned buxom brown-haired beauty was sitting up, her knees bent, arms supporting her from behind as she gazed toward the sea. Her left breast was so large it was partially hidden behind her thigh. All I could see was the side, which bulged-out nicely above her flat stomach and toned leg. As I looked down from her breast past her knees, my eyes literally drooling down her thigh to her butt nestled in the sand, I could see the very edges of her labia lips between her thighs.

The two shiny, soft flaps of skin had a twinge of dark pubic hair above them blowing gently in the breeze. I suddenly felt she could feel my stare through my dark sunglasses, so I turned my head the other way.

Wow. It was hot. I was hot. And nude. The shifting sand beneath me started to work its magic on my limp dick. I had to try to think about something else or I would never be able to turn over. The gin started to hit me and I decided to go get another.

I rolled over and sat-up. Sweat and oil ran down my back, providing a hot mature mia ivanova assbanged in boots tickle up and down my spine.

I stood up and Vicki giggled. I glanced at her, then turned my head and japanese beauteous hottie tames a giant dick the brown haired woman gazing up at me. I looked down and saw it. I had the most enormous, hard, pulsating erection I'd ever remembered.

I guess all this eye candy and thinking about nudity, oil, sex, and of course, the Viagra, had all kicked-in. I should have known better than to take a Viagra and go to a nude beach!

I could not think of anything to say to hide my embarrassment, so I turned and ran for the shoreline. My dick was so hard; it barely flapped alice sucking big dick and doggystyle fuck and forth as I strode through the deep sand. Freedom and the wind were making it even harder as I ran!

Vicki squealed and I heard her laugh and say, "C'mon Norma, we've got a runner!" I slowed down well before the water line, but kept my back to the women who I could hear coming up behind me. "'Want some help with that?" Asked Vicki. "Yeah, I see 'something suddenly came up'," said the woman apparently named Norma in a slightly Spanish accent.

"C'mon, we're here to help." Said Vicki. "Then why are you laughing?" I said, my feelings somewhat on edge. I still had a raging hard-on and hearing these lovely women talking to me, as I turned my back to them like a three year old, was making it even harder. "We're not laughing at you, just at what happened. We LOVE men with hard-ons!" She said.

"Jes, we do," said Norma in a thicker Spanish accent. So, I turned around—erection and all—to face them.

They were standing very close, but did not touch me or reach out. "Okay, so what can you do?" I said. "Maybe we should go for a swim." Said Vicki, her breasts glistening in the sun—sweat and oil running down and over her roundish stomach into the fold of her shaven (or was that waxed) twat. Wow. I glanced over at Norma who was standing with one hand on a hip at a jaunty angle. Her breasts where slightly less tan than the rest of her, especially around her nipples, which were exquisite.

It was almost too much. I stared at the two women, Norma's silver dollar-sized nipples hardening in the breeze.

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My mind was racing with wet-dream thoughts. These two women were so hot, so shiny, and so seductive that I could hardly keep myself from reaching out to touch their breasts, caress their skin and slide my fingers between their legs.

They were just plain gorgeous. Too pretty. Too much. Suddenly, without anything touching it except the light sea boyfrend bangs cute lovely hottie hardcore and massage, my cock exploded in a huge wave of cum.

My knees buckled as I started shooting load after load of bright, white sperm into the air. The look on my face was one of shock and pleasure. My cock was waving up and down as my balls drained their milk and loaded it into my shaft where it was quickly dispensed in huge spurts flying out of the tip in ten-inch streams.

One of the loads hit Norma on the stomach, another smacked into Vicki's arm—the long trail of semen swinging around and sticking to her, the third spurt hit Vicki right in the crack of her pussy lips. She giggled and her knees sort of buckled in surprise as the hot jizz slowly melted down her leg. It was as if I was out of my body.

I hadn't had an orgasm without touching my dick since I had wet dreams as a kid. This was totally different.

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I was a grown man, for one. I wasn't asleep for another. And, there were two hot women staring at me the whole time. My emotions went from orgasm to embarrassment as I stood there weak in the knees now, looking past the two girls hot little stripper beauty hardcore and blowjob about 20 people laying about the beach, some sitting up and staring at the commotion of laughter, my groaning and the girls giggling.

But most embarrassing of all, Vicki and Norma were just standing there looking at me with their mouths hanging open. "I, I, ah, I." I stammered. "It's okay!" Vicki said a bit too loudly. "Bravo!" Shouted Norma. Now, everyone was staring and could clearly see the women wiping the dripping sperm from their oily bodies, and me with my cock now covered with cum, looking sort of like a brown banana dipped in white frosting at the tip, which was still pointed to the sky in an effortless erection that was just as hard as it was before I squirted.

My look of shock and embarrassment spurred the women to action, and they both wrapped an arm around each fuck machine sex toy torture, then me, and pulled me in closer for a triple-hug, which made my cock rub up against their smooth stomachs and thighs and brought yet one more shudder from me. Chapter Four "We've got to take him to The Room for some fun later," Vicki said.

"Jes, we do, we certainly do." Said Norma as she reached out with an oily hand and wrapped it around the base of my cock and sack, and squeezed. I thought I would cum again but there wasn't anything left in my balls, my dick just throbbed. "The Room? What's that? You mean your hotel room?" I asked, as they both grabbed me and started pushing me backward into the warm water of the ocean. I lost my footing and we all three fell into the shallow water, rolling, grabbing, licking, kissing, twisting, and giggling as our asses settled into the soft sand.

We moved closer to shore where the waves lapped the shoreline and I could sit in about three inches of water. Vicki and Norma took turns licking and sucking my cock as I looked over their heads at the boats passing by on the turquoise water. I slipped my finger into Norma's steaming pussy as she lay on her side trying to keep her ass from spreading wide to the people on the beach, most of whom were acting as if nothing was going on down at the shoreline.

Vicki was straight down in front of me, my dick halfway down her throat as she worked her magic. The fabulous silky feeling of Norma's wet love-channel brought me to yet another screaming orgasm. This time I just let my head fall backward and moaned. "OOhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooodddddddd." Vicki never stopped her up-and-down rhythm on my dick as it once again convulsed into several good-sized spurts that went straight down her throat.

Once done, I looked down at the top of her head and she kept very still, my cock buried deep in her throat as it stopped its relentless twitching. When my heart slowed back to near normal, as normal as it could be teen loves it in ass while someone is watching my hand still working Norma's hot vagina into a shuddering climax.

Norma flexed her hips tightly against the crook of my wrist until I thought it would break my arm. "Uh, uh, uh, jes! Uh, uh, oooooohhhhhhhhhh, jes." Moaned Norma. "My turn's gotta come soon," said Vicki, "But we're attracting an audience." "We better get out of here," said Norma. We all three got up and put our arms around each other in the shallow water and laughed and joked as if what just happened was really a matter of us kidding around acting like we were stroking and sucking each other to orgasm.

With the exception of the dried cum caked on my shoulder (I must've shot one spurt high into the air on the first go-around and never noticed it hit me), we thought we had them fooled as we strolled back to our towels up on the beach.

I had forgotten the time.

In fact, I could barely remember my own name. It was the first time since coming to the beach that I could lay on my back. I collapsed as Vicki handed me a drink, which appeared from a cooler next to her towel. Chapter Five I barely skinny japanese attractive babe fingered and boned my eyes closed for more than a few minutes when I felt a shadow pass over me.

I opened them and could only see the dark outline of a human shape silhouetted by the bright 3 PM sun behind her. A nice human shape at that—hourglass figure, narrow waist, twin bulges under the arms nearly as wide as the shoulders. "After that show, I don't expect you to even remember me. Hey girls.

How are ya?" Said the shadow. "Mmmm. Great." Said Norma. "I'm next in line," said Vicki with a smirk in her voice. "I would hope so," said the shadow. "How are you doing, Marcie?" Asked Vicki. "Great, now that I'm off work." Said the shadow. And I knew it right then! It was the desk clerk standing in front of the setting sun, totally nude. I could see a two-inch gap between her legs, her pussy lips outlined by the golden light from behind.

I could even see peach fuzz hair peeking from her thighs as she stood, feet shoulder-width apart in front of me. "Cum-boy here really put on show." "Cum-boy?" I groaned.

"Oh, he was great," purred Norma. "He put on a great show," said Vicki, "I think he's cute. And, he makes me feel like a beautiful woman." She chuckled. "How could he not make you feel that way?" Asked Marcie. "He came just looking at you." I tried to get a word in edgewise. "Hey, I, uh, it's been a long time…" "Oh, don't try to be macho," said Vicki.

"We loved every second of it and if you don't think any woman would love to have a man climax just by looking at her, you're crazy." "Yeah, it was hot." Said Marie as she squatted down in the sand in front of me. I could see her lips part as her knees bent and spread. My cock noticed it, too, and started a slow, steady rise once again. "My name's Marcie, if you were ever going to ask, and it's nice to meet you. All of you." She said as her eyes once again did that up-and-down over my body.

I sat up as my dick did the same—the tip meeting my stomach as my knees came up. "Hi, I didn't mean to be rude…" I said as her eyes locked on my cock and it started to throb back and forth at the thought of those lips of hers wrapping around it and sliding up and down to pleasureville.

"Oh look! He's coming "up" again!" Shouted Norma, who seemed to have an unusually loud voice when it came to my dick. "He sure is," said Vicki climbing up on all fours and crawling over closer to me. "It's my turn, girls." Since Marcie worked for the hotel, she turned to the naked guy with the giant dick lying on his back a few feet away and said, "Get a couple of loungers and a beach umbrella, Ramon." Apparently he worked there too, and quickly jumped up, his dick swinging back and forth like a softball in a tubesock and headed toward the hotel.

"What's going on?" I asked, as Vicki started rubbing my cock around on my stomach, guiding my hand hot blonde having a quickie fuck with her bf her slippery, bald pussy.

"We're just going to create a little privacy," said Marcie.

"Yes, so don't change a thing." Said Vicki, still stroking. "Oh, I won't." I mumbled and locked eyes with Marcie who was slowly licking her lips. A moment later Ramon returned, his muscular frame using little effort to carry two large lounge chairs and a huge beach umbrella, through the soft and shifting sand. With his cock still swinging like a pendulum, he set the stuff down in the sand and went to work arranging the chairs on their sides, like mini-fences and setting the umbrella up—not to block the sun—but to create a little blind bungalow to hide us from three sides and any potential onlookers on the beach.

As soon as the view was blocked, Vicki went to work. Pulling my fingers from her now-drooling slit, she quickly put both knees on each side of my face and lowered her wonder-hole onto my mouth. I began licking like it was "Free-sundae Sunday" at the Baskin-Robbins ice cream store.

With Vicki facing toward me moaning and grinding, I felt a softness surround my penis. Someone was licking and sucking the tip bringing me to an even greater state of arousal. I heard Norma sun and mome xxx vidoscom. What she was saying was muffled by Vicki's thighs, but I knew it wasn't Norma sucking my cock, that's for sure.

Whoever was working down there could not have been talking at the same time. Vicki exploded above me, her thighs tightening around my head, crushing my ears, blocking-out all sound and nearly drowning me in a flood of cum. Gushes of tasty cum were pumping into my mouth and I was gulping like a camel at an oasis. That, and the incredible feeling on my cock had me in a state of pure bliss. Vicki slowly let her legs relax and the blood began its recirculation back into my brain, just in time to feel a slippery finger work its way around my butthole.

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The oily feel of it was great. The finger gingerly pushed at my puckering asshole as the lips worked their magic on my wand. Yet another hand began to play with my balls and from the feel of it, I could tell it was two different people. Vicki quickly flipped positions on me, nearly jumping up and coming down in a rear-facing straddle that put her cunt firmly back on my mouth with her butthole just above my nose.

I watched as a finger slowly made its way down Vicki's butt-crack to her magic backdoor and slid right in. It appeared to be the brown hand of Norma making an appearance in the butt-show going on inches from my eyes as my now-aching tongue sex xnxx soohl tearcre lohare its way around and around Vicki's clit and into her cunt in a rotating circus of spit-and-cum-covered stunts.

Meanwhile, another hand appeared on Vicki's ass rubbing oil in circles around her buttocks dating in saint john nb finally the long middle of finger of who I thought must be Marcie worked its way into her butthole alongside the other finger.

Both worked her ass in-and-out taking turns massaging her bunghole as her moaning increased with each tongue-lashing I gave her pussy. My cock suddenly popped out of whomever's mouth was on it, and I could actually feel Vicki's sweet lips surround it and take it deep down her throat as she had done on the shoreline earlier, only this time her neck was at a better angle to deep-throat because she was straddling my head facing my toes. I felt her nose hit my ball-sack, where someone was still swirling my nuts around in an oil-fest of a massage.

I was near explosion once again, thinking I can't cum three times in less than an hour, can I? Or, can I. Chapter Six Vicki's shudders increased in intensity and speed as she climaxed again on my face with two fingers massaging her butthole to an orgasm of its own. I felt her weight collapse down gently on me as she relaxed and the fingers pulled out of her anus just above my nose. The hands kept rubbing circles around her firm, smooth ass cheeks as my attention was undeniably turned southward to my cock, balls and ass.

By now, Vicki had my entire cock in her throat and was working it up-and-down as I had quickly learned; only she knew how to do. But I could also feel lips on my nuts. I stiffened as someone drew my testicles into their mouth—sucking them in one at a time. Thank God it was so hot on the beach and the skin of my sack was loose.

The feeling of my cock all the way down a throat and my balls entirely in someone's mouth, which was now closing around my scrotum, was the kind of pain and pleasure reserved for those oh-so-few moments in life. I couldn't cum because of the pressure on my testicles but my penis was jerking and throbbing as if it were shooting wads of thick cum.

I had never felt something this intense, but it would get even more surreal. The finger probing my ass was now making in-and-out movements similar to what I'd been watching in Vicki's ass inches from my face a few moments earlier. It was a secondary feeling compared to the oral-orchestration being played out on my cock and balls, but I couldn't deny it. The finger would slide in, pause, bend and press my prostate, relax, withdraw, then start the process all over again.

This, as Vicki's mouth kept her rhythm on my shaft and "whomever's" mouth kept a firm suction on my scrotum. I wondered who had the long finger and trimmed nails but didn't really care.

The finger withdrew and Vicki deftly rolled me slightly onto my side as the suction continued on my sack and she kept my penis clenched in her throat, which she was now convulsing around my rock-hard cock in rhythmic swallowing movements. I was on my side when Marcie appeared above me and pulled one of Vicki's legs aside and presented me with her waxed, tiny, pink pussy, gently setting it on my lips and moving it side-to-side so my tongue could work it in the opposite direction as I had been using on Vicki.

This kept me from fatigue as I started a new oral technique on her beautiful vagina. I felt yet another hand on my butt and then a blunt object pressing gently against my butthole. I had no idea what it was, but it wasn't a finger! It was difficult to relax with the sucking on my cock and balls by two different mouths but somehow I managed to exhale while eating Marcie's pussy and something big slid slowly past my virgin ass-ring muscle and then kept pushing.

It felt like someone was driving a truck up my butt. Then it slid back a little. Then back in mature and her bound husband mature amateur hardcore sex blowjob cumshot bigtits bondage blonde bit farther.

I figured the girls had a dildo until I heard a groan. Oh Shit! Chapter Seven I promise I've never had a homosexual encounter.

Not anywhere, anytime. Not as a kid. Not in college like so many people say is "natural". Never. And, was this really a homosexual experience? I struggled to move but was pinned down with Vicki on top of me sucking my cock deep into her throat, Norma (I deduced by the process of elimination) with my balls sucked into her mouth, Marcie sitting sideways on my face sliding her cunt across my slippery lips and mouth…and someone (Ramon?) pushing something (his huge dick?) into my ass.

I tightened up in spasms—no longer able to hold back—my slippery balls pulled their way out of Norma's mouth and just as I started to shoot my largest load ever down Vicki's throat, I felt my rectum fill with fluid.

It had to be Ramon shooting a load of hot cum in my ass. With the second contraction of my cock, my ass clenched and pushed-out whatever was in there with a slippery spasm. Then, Marcie screamed and started squirting like a water-hose. She held her cunt just above my face, drenching it with her hot cum-fluid as Vicki removed my cock from her mouth and another mouth quickly gobbled it in and kept rhythmically sucking the sperm out of my draining balls.

Marcie swung a leg back over me and rolled onto her back rubbing her clit as a fountain of cum continued to spray out and up. I had only seen a true "squirter" in pornos, but this was the real thing. Marcie had a fountain of cum streaming from her vagina as she rubbed her clit with intense, fast, back and forth strokes. Vicki rolled off me onto her back by my side as I sat up and saw Norma's mouth firmly wrapped around the head of Ramon's 12-inch cock and Ramon's mouth puckered around my dick as he swirled his tongue over my glans inhaling the last of my mega-load.

I groaned, "Oh, no&hellip." Chapter Eight Marcie collapsed back onto the sand next to me, her head falling inches from mine as I layback trying to absorb what just happened. She tenderly turned her head and began kissing my lips, slipping her tongue between mine and gently biting my lower lip.

It felt great. I kissed her back and began to work my body up against hers. My semi-soft penis rubbed against her as we clenched in a full body hug. Eventually, we broke out of the kiss and looked around.

Ramon was standing above us, his dick gently swaying in the breeze as Norma's spit dried on it. Norma and Vicki were kissing the same way Marcie and I had been and were gently hugging and caressing each other.

It was a real tender moment after such an almost violent-writhing sexcapade on the hot sand. "Wow," was all I could get out. "Say that again," said Marcie; her big tanned tits—which I could finally fully check out—were covered with sand.

The nipples as hard as marbles with tips just as large were exquisite. I wanted to gently pinch them, but I was truly spent, at least for the time being. "Hey you guys, we should think about heading to the pool to get rid of some of this sand," said Vicki. "I think I have some in my pussy and ass after that ride. You weren't too bad cum-boy!" "Oh, here we go again with the 'cum-boy' thing." I said. "My tongue nearly gave out from fatigue until you made that second splash-down!" We all laughed at that.

Ramon then knelt down in front of us and began to moan and writhe just like Vicki, making us all crack-up. His dick was so long, the head was brushing the sand as he imitated her riding my face. "Hey, that's pretty good Ramon," cracked Vicki, "Too bad my clit's not as long as your big-assed dong, so I could get-off faster!" We all kept laughing as the wisecracks kept coming. "Well, I could water my lawn back home with Marcie's cum-shower!" Said Norma.

"I've never seen anything like that." "Yeah, I could've washed my car with that!" I said. Ramon picked up his floppy dick and began waving it around. "Yeah, you shoot more than a firehose!" He said. "Okay guys, you gonna make fun? Or, just be happy that you have a true squirter in your midst?" Asked Marcie. "Oh, we're all impressed," I said and we joined hands, arms and legs in a sort of awkward group-hug. I knew deep inside mom or son ke kompoz eu all be friends for a long time—even me and Ramon, who hadn't said much, not even hello, but had already shot a rather large load of semen into my ass, which was now beginning to dribble out.

"Hey, I, ah, I, ah, I, ah&hellip." I stammered as the women started laughing and pointing at the stream of jizz running out of my butt. "I don't know how to take care of this…" I continued.

"I've never—done…" "Stop!" Marcie said sternly. "We're here to do things we've never done, or ever thought we'd do. There will be no guilt, no jealousy, no issues, no competition, and no anger. Just love. Love of sex. Got it?" "Got it," we all said in basic unison. "Now, let's show cum-boy here how to clean-out his asshole, so we can go tanya teta and denny word in my the pool!" She said as she moved down toward my rear-end and deftly stuck her tongue into my tender rectum.

I couldn't believe the feeling. My dick started its run for the sky once again, only Vicki stepped in. "Hey, not again cum-boy." She said, "We've got a long night ahead of us, and your sack will dry-up like a prune if you keep cumming every ten minutes!" She laughed. "Let me take care of that." She grabbed Ramon's foot-long and pulled him and over to me and stuck it in my mouth. My dick started to go south immediately and Ramon pointed at it. "I know," said Vicki, "He's not gay, but he has to learn to play." She brushed Ramon's penis around my lips and slid it into my mouth.

It tasted salty and some of the dried cum started to come off in my now stretched-out mouth. I automatically began sucking on it. She pulled it out and I noticed it had grown stiffer. His dick never really got longer or bigger around, just harder. Marcie continued to lick my ass clean as Vicki pushed Ramon's dick deeper into my throat before pulling it out and gently pushing him away.

"Okay, that's enough." She said, "Can we go to the pool now?" "Yes!" Everyone said and we got up dusting off what sand we could, grabbing our towels—and shorts in my case—and heading toward the hotel. (more if you want it.)