Cam model went wild hardcore and european

Cam model went wild hardcore and european
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The night at the ski lodge changed everything for Ali and me. For most best friends, it would be extremely awkward. Thankfully, we were just super giggly after and saw each other in a new light. Michael noticed something different also, but never mentioned it.

Once we were back in Texas, Michael and I continued to sneak around Ali, little touches here and there, but we both became extremely busy. Michael with his law firm and me with preparing for college. I had gotten into the University of Texas and was ecstatic, along with Ali, who would be going to the same university. Eventually, the "talk" came and Michael and I decided that although our lust for each other would never cease, we couldn't go on like this. Not with me leaving for university and his moving up in the law firm.

So when Spring Break came around a week after my mutual break-up with Michael, Ali and I decided to go all out and book last minute plane tickets to Cancun, Mexico—gifts from our parents for getting into the one of the best colleges in the country for our majors.

Skimpy bikinis from Victoria's Secret, short and tight dresses, high heels and flip flops practically burst out of our luggage as french maid executrix sampler part by lady fyre made our way to Cancun. We arrived mid-afternoon and rushed to check in to our resort so we could get to the beach and party our teen hearts out. We quickly ditch our plane outfits, freshen up, and put on our best bikinis.

Mine being a turquoise push up bra bikini top with matching too-small-for-me bikini bottoms from Victoria's Secret that showed the perfect amount of skin. Ali's is essentially the same, except hers is in a neon pink color.

She smacks my butt as I walk past her to grab my sandals and sunglasses before heading out the door. "You ready to meet help me meet some cute college guys?" I ask as we reach the edge of the beach, stepping into the warm sand. "Oh yes, I'm so ready," she says as she claps her hands.

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Josh's plane had arrived an hour later than hours so he was probably just landing. Around us are hundreds and hundreds of college-age guys and girls, all in swimwear, with beers and red solo cups in hand with whatever mix drinks. Kegs line the beach in different sections, each with a different flag attached to it, whether it be an American flag, the flag from whichever state they're from or a college fraternity flag—the majority were fraternity flags.

Within five minutes of walking around we had a beer in one hand and were dancing around to the beat of techno song, our hands intertwined together. "Want some molly?" someone asks behind us. We turn around to see two very cute guys standing in front of us. Both have board shorts on with Sperry's, a PFG button up shirt and backwards caps on, all of different pastel colors.

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Definitely frat guys. Both are about 6 feet tall, one has shaggy, dirty blonde hair that peaks out from beneath his cap and the other almost black hair that must've been quite short. "Sure," Ali and I say, we had both taken some at a rave a year before and I loved how it made me feel, like the whole world was a party.

It also made me super horny. "But I don't have any cash on me, no room." I say as I point to my skintight bikini. The blonde smirks, sticking his Ray-Ban sunglasses in his shirt pocket and looks at me up and down, licking his lips, as his blue eyes brighten, "Oh, I see that." The brunette spoke up then, his eyes on both of us, "That's alright, you can make it up to us," he grins and reaches into his pocket, pulling out a ziplock xxxxx story sey xoxuhhjgsex stories filled halfway with molly.

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"And how do you expect me to make it up to you?" I say with a bite of my lip, looking them both up and down. "Well, you and your friend can dance with us and then maybe we can head back to our hotel room, show you two a good time," the blonde says with a smirk.

"Actually, my boyfriend is on his way as we speak, sorry," Ali says to the brunette's disappointment. "But pretty chicks have sex with guys interracial hardcore friend is very single," she says with a giggle. "If you boys can share, I'm sure we could come up with something," I say in a flirtatious tone and hold out my hand. "I'm Matthew, by the way," the brunette says as he drops two capsules filled with molly sunny leone and matt erickson and monique alxender threesome my hand.

"Jason," the blonde one says with a wave of his hand, his blue eyes alight with excitement. "I'm Charlie, this is Ali," I say as I pop the molly in my mouth, finishing my beer as Ali does the same. Ali waves shyly and instantly brightens as Josh walks over, kissing her hard and looking the guys in front of us up and down, sizing them up.

I laugh quietly and shake my head as they begin to make out. "The boyfriend, I presume?" Jason asks with a smirk and I nod. He holds out his hand, "My brothers are just over there, want to come have some drinks with us? Dance a little?" I nod and look over at Ali, who hasn't broken apart from Josh, "Bye Ali!" I say and take Jason's hand as we walk over to his fraternity's section of the beach with Matthew.

They all give me a once over, nodding their approval to Jason as I press my back to his front. I feel him wrap his arms around me, his hands on the top of my too-small bikini bottom as we begin to rub our bodies against each other to the pulse of the loud techno music.

As we kept tempo with the music for about ten minutes, Matthew thankfully showed up with a mix drink of some sorts in a neon colored solo cup. "Thank you!" I say and giggle as I wrap my arms around him, gulping it down, almost choking on the amount of alcohol in the drink.

"I guess the molly's hitting, huh, Jase?" Matthew asks as he chuckles and places his hands on my sides, starting to move with me again, our fronts pressed together.

"Definitely, she's a fun one," Jason replies as he steps forward, pressing against me from behind, his hands a little higher up on my sides. I was in a frat brother sandwich and my alcohol-and-molly-induced mind was in hot boy heaven. I can feel my bikini bottom slowly getting more and more wet as I begin to move my body against both of them, my empty cup falling to the ground as I wrap my right arm around Matthew and kiss him hard.

His tongue enters my mouth and I can taste beer on it as we slowly begin to make out, our bodies never stopping their movement to the beat of the music. I feel a hand grip the side of my neck and pull me apart from Matthew, Jason staring at me with heated eyes as I wrap my left arm around his neck behind me and begin to make out with him, sucking his tongue and nibbling his bottom lip as my world slowly starts spinning.

I pull away from him and continue dancing against both of them, feeling like I'm floating as the molly sets in.

"We're giving people a not forced her sister at home alone show, why don't we make it a little better?" I hear Jason whisper in my ear, although I'm sure he's speaking normally, but the bass of the techno song playing on their expensive speakers makes every yell sound like a whisper.

I nod in agreement, my eyes closed as I roll my hips to the music, feeling the bulges of both guys as I move against them. I feel Jason's hands on the clasp of my bikini top and open my eyes to see Matthew stepping back a few inches as he watches my bikini top pop off.

My bikini top falls to the floor and my perky 34C cup breasts hit the beach air, with my brown nipples rock hard from feeling both guys' bulges against me.

"God damn!" I hear a guy shout as all the guys around me start whooping and shouting "Fuck yeah, spring break!" as they stare at my bare breasts. Other girls begin doing the same thing but Matthew and Jason only have eyes for me. Jason turns me around so he can get a good look at them and I see his eyes widen. "Damn, they're fucking beautiful," he says and him and Matthew laugh as they bump fists. I grab Jason's PFG shirt and pull him towards me for a kiss, "Go get me another drink?

Then maybe we can head to my hotel room?" He nods quickly as Matthew pulls me to him again, both of his hands now on my breasts as my back presses against him, moving his hips with mine, making sure I feel his hardened bulge against me.

"You're fucking sexy," he whispers in my ear and I giggle as Jason hands me another drink, filled to the brim with the same mixed drink/punch as before. I drink it quickly, streams of the punch sliding down my body and over my breasts as Jason watches me. Matthew moves his hands lower to my hips as Jason leans forward and licks the streams of punch as they slide down my breasts, licking up my flat stomach and over my breasts, taking his time at my nipples, until he reaches my neck and sucks playfully.

I let out a loud moan and begin to kiss Jason hard, biting his bottom lip firmly as I move my body against his and Matthew's. As I'm kissing Jason I feel Matthew's mouth on my neck, sucking that tender spot that drives me insane and I moan into Jason's mouth, never feeling this much pleasure in my life from guys as hot as this.

What must've been an hour or two later, the sun began to go down and the beach became colder. I had made out with Jason and Matthew countless times and drank too much punch to do me any good. People were slowly leaving to go back to their hotel rooms to get ready for clubbing that night but I had different plans. "Is it time for my hotel room yet?" I ask as I pull away from both guys, biting my bottom lip. "Oh yeah, way past that time," Jason says as he pulls his shorts away from his crotch just to have them settle back down against his large bulge.

I look around for my bikini top, my arms over my breasts as I shiver and giggle at the situation, "I can't find my top." Matthew slips off his peach colored PFG shirt and slips it over my head, it's perfectly oversized. I smile, leaning against webcam teen masturbates for girlcrony and amazing threesome first time fun sized duddys drunkenly, "A true gentleman," I say with a loud giggle and I feel Jason pull me to his side, kissing my neck.

"I'll show you a true gentleman baby," he says as he bites my earlobe and I giggle more, leading them to my hotel at a resort a couple blocks away. "Damn, you're staying here?" Matthew asks as we walk into the two bedroom suite Michael got us. My heart stammers as I think of him, but I quickly push the thought aside as I nod, hearing no sounds of Ali or Josh being here.

"Yup, my and my best friend's parents hooked us up," I say with a smirk as I walk into my bedroom and push my suitcase off the king sized bed, sliding Matthew's shirt off me and sitting on the edge, resting on my elbows behind me.

Matthew and Jason give each other a look as they walk forward, each grabbing one of my legs and pulling them open as I lay against the bed, I giggle and whimper as I feel them begin to slide my bikini bottoms off, placing my feet down on the bed with my knees bent, giving them the perfect look at my clean shaven pussy.

Jason lifts up my bikini bottoms, seeing the wet spot in the crotch area. "Damn this girl is horny as fuck, look at this wet spot, and clean shaven," Jason says and leans forward, his fingers running up and down my slit roughly, sliding in one finger quickly, then two. I gasp and moan loudly at his sudden movement as Matthew walks around the bed, taking off his board shorts and showing me his dick, it was average sized in length but oh my was it thick.

The girth was perfect, more than two inches thick, and he thankfully had trimmed his pubic hair. Matthew steps forward, getting on the bed young hairy nerdy brunette cock riding teacher callie klein his knees, his cock inches from my face while he strokes his own cock slowly as Jason finger fucks me better than I've ever been (although that may be because I'm very intoxicated).

My moans were loud, louder than normal because of how horny molly and alcohol made me, and they were soon muffled by Matthew's wide cock entering my mouth. I was surprised for a moment that it fit, with that girth.

But I open my mouth wide and take him deeper, as deep as I possibly can as I moan around his cock loud, knowing the vibrations of my moaning help the blow job. Minutes later, I pop his cock out of my mouth and scream as Jason's fingers turn into his mouth and he begins to lick up and down my slit, taking my clit in his mouth and sucking it loudly.

I cry out as Matthew grabs my head and forces me back down onto his cock. Matthew begins to fuck my mouth hard, making my jaw hurt as my mouth is stretched to capacity with a girth that wide fucking it, but I love it, and I continue sucking, pulling away every so often to breathe but always being pulled back roughly.

I could feel my orgasm building and as I thought of what was happening, a cock in my mouth and my pussy being eaten by two deliciously sexy guys, I began to moan louder and louder as I rode out my orgasm against Jason's face, my juices covering the bottom half as I press it tightly against him, my thighs on either side of his face.

Just when I thought the pleasure was at it's peak, I look down to see Jason sliding his shorts off and pulling his shirt off, lining his long cock with my absolutely soaked cunt hole. His length is amazing, 8 inches at least, and his girth is almost as wide as Matthew's, although Matthew beat him in that aspect.

As he enters me in one swift move, I have to pull away from Matthew's thick cock quickly, screaming Jason's name as he begins plowing in and out of me. "Jason! Oh my&hellip. Fuck! Yes!" I scream, taking Matthew back into my mouth as the sound of my and Jason's skin slapping together joins the sound of my loud sucking of Matthew's cock.

I could feel Jason's cock stretching my tight pussy as he slows down to an agonizingly slow pace. He compilation of three amateurs and their best quickies to fuck me hard and slow, pulling my hips down to meet his as Matthew shouts he's getting close. I massage Matthew's balls firmly as I take him as far as I possibly can, thanking my non-existent gag reflex just as Jason speeds up, clearly wanting to get as far as Matthew.

My second orgasm building quickly just before feeling my pussy spasm and clench around Jason's long cock, slamming myself back against his hips as I ride out my orgasm hard, sucking Matthew's cock like my life depends on it. I hear Matthew groan seconds before he begins to fill my mouth with his cum, a few shots hitting my throat as I swallow them all gratefully, just as I hear another groan and feel hot spurts of cum shooting into my pussy.

The feeling of that and both guys' moans is more than enough to set me off on a third orgasm, and it is mind-blowing. My eyes close and I feel my body being picked up and my head set on a pillow, right before falling asleep, exhausted from all the pleasure. I wake up to the room being mostly dark except for the light of the digital clock, which read that it was midnight and the door halfway cracked, bringing in light from the living room lamps.

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My jaw and pussy are both delightfully sore. I look around me on the king sized bed and see Matthew and Jason both passed out on either side of me. I giggle and stretch, my body sore from the wonderful sex and traveling from earlier, seeing Jason's cock up and ready for some attention. Seeing as he pleased me so well a few hours before, I felt like I had to return the favor.

So I get up on all fours, trying not to wake them up as I climb between Jason's spread legs and take his cock in my hand. I begin to stroke it and hear him murmur in his sleep, groaning quietly. I smile and lean forward, licking it from the base to the tip, and around, licking the bead of pre-cum that slowly comes out of his hardened cock.

I feel him move and look up to see him watching me with tired eyes, looking a little confused. I take his cock in my mouth and begin sucking firmly, my tongue licking every inch of it as I do so. "Fuck… Charlie…" he says and moves around to get a little more comfortable. I close my eyes, still slightly saree blouse sex reshma bath piss and loving the taste of him (and me from our earlier fucking) and suck him deeper, into my throat and as far as he will go inside my mouth.

I hear him groan more and I am so focused on my blowjob that I don't even feel Matthew get up and get on his knees behind me as I'm kneeling in between Jason's legs, my ass in the air. I feel him rub his cock against my slit and I gasp as I feel him try to enter me, his girth too wide. I feel him spread my ass cheeks and push me forward a little, Jason going deeper into my mouth as Mathew pushes me and I feel him spit on my tight pussy, using his fingers as he enters me to spread around his version of lubrication.

He finger fucks me a little longer than needed, and my hips roll around his fingers in a slow motion as I continue sucking Jason's cock firmly, swallowing his delicious pre-cum. Unlike Jason, Matthew slowly enters me, popping his thick cock into my slick cunt.

"Holy fuck," he groans loudly as he feels my hot tightness surround him. I begin to move my hips and begin to meet his pace as he pounds me hard and fast. My hips roll around his cock at a delectable pace that makes me more and more wet, an unexpected orgasm hitting me as I scream and moan loudly, my wetness dripping down my thighs as I tongue the head of Jason's cock, shaking at the orgasm.

I feel two hands on either side of my face and feel Jason raise his hips as he begins to fuck my mouth at a fast pace, my mouth wide and ready to take his cock.

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I cry out at both Matthew and Jason's fucking of my two holes, not knowing how much more I can take before exploding with my fifth orgasm of the day.

Thankfully, I don't have to wait long as I soon feel Jason's legs go stiff as he begins spurting cum in my begging mouth. After I swallow all of the cum and lick up the droplets sliding down Jason's cock, I look behind me to see Matthew still going steady, grinning at me.

I moan as he wraps my hair in his hand, pulling my head back and pulling me up a little as he pounds me relentlessly from behind. Jason sits up and begins sucking my breasts, nibbling on my nipples and pulling them with his teeth, the bite of his mouth sending waves of pleasure to my clit that he soon begins to rub quickly. My entire body is warm with pleasure and I moan over and over, yelping and panting at both of their very welcomed assaults on my pleasure points.

"You gonna cum for us again you slut?" Jason says as he continues his sucking and biting on my breasts, his fingers rubbing my clit roughly. I nod, moaning and crying out, "Oh fuck yes…" "I'm gonna fill you up with cum again baby, you ready for that? You ready to have two different guys' cum deep inside your slutty little cunt hole?" Matthew asks as he pulls my hair harder, and grips my neck with his other hand, choking me lightly.

I moan louder, gasping for air as he lets go of my neck screaming out, "Yes, fill me up with your cum, pleaseee!" I say, shocked at how their manhandling of me makes me even more aroused than before. My orgasm hits me as I feel a hand choke me again, my eyes practically rolling into the back of my head as my body stiffens up, my orgasm rocking my body hard and making my pussy tighten around Matthew's delicious cock.

My orgasm must've set him off because seconds later I feel Matthew's big cock slam harder than before into my cunt one, two, three times before feeling his hot cum fill me up, his breathing hard and erratic as he releases both my neck and hair, along with popping his slowly softening cock out of me, letting me fall against Jason, who hadn't stopped his assault on my breasts or clit throughout my entire orgasm.

I lay down on my side beside Jason and breathe hard, my entire body exhausted. "God damn you're a good fuck," Matthew says with a grin as he grabs a towel from the closet and wipes the sweat off his chest and face. He throws one to Jason who does the same and then wipes at the cum slowly dribbling down my slit. I moan softly at his tender clean up. "I think you've made up for the molly, and like a thousand more, if you want them," Jason says jokingly, the towel running up and down my slit as he cleans me up.

I giggle and shake my head, "I think I'll be good with just big ass german mature fucks outdoor mature sex video few more, and maybe you two coming over a few more times before the week is over." Jason smirks and Matthew climbs in the bed behind me, kissing my neck and licking my ear, "Oh, that can definitely be arranged babe."