Two horny guys use sexy rui shiina as their personal fuck toy

Two horny guys use sexy rui shiina as their personal fuck toy
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My name is Josh but everybody calls me J.D. I'm 16 and Caucasian but one of my grandmothers was Japanese. She had my mother when my grandfather was in the Navy and stationed in Japan. She was 12 years younger than Grandpa and they were never married. We live about an hour north of L.A. in a small town about 30 miles in from the ocean. Mom and Dad divorced about four years ago.

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I live with Mom but see Dad almost every week. I have a really cute 16 year old girlfriend named Veronica.

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I call her Vi. We have been going together for about three months. We spend a lot of time together and after only a couple weeks of dating, things started getting pretty hot sexually between us. I had had sex with a couple of girls before but she was a virgin. That does not mean that she was not interested in sex. We started making out and soon were all over each other. It started when we were kissing and I slipped my hand under her blouse and put it on one of her tits.

When she did not object, I lifted her blouse and put my mouth on one of her small but firm round tits.

Vi loved having me suck her boobs. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as I did it. Soon, I felt her hand on my crotch. I was sure that I was going to get to fuck her.

I reached down and rubbed her pussy and slipped a finger into her tight wet hole and finger fucked her. She moved her hips to match my strokes. I told her to wait a minute while I got a rubber but she stopped me. "I know rubbers can break and I don't want to take any chances on getting pregnant. It would just kill my parents. I'll suck you if you want." She didn't have to say that twice. It was only seconds before she was bent over me, I had my hard cock out and she had her lips around it.

That was the first time I had experienced oral sex and I loved it. I'm sure my prick was dripping pre-cum. Vi bobbed her head up and down on the first couple inches of my five inch cock while stroking the shaft with her hand.

It probably was not more than a minute before I told her that I was ready to come. Latina bubble butt smashed by black dick pulled off and stroked me faster. I blasted a load of cum on my stomach. One drop even went far enough to land on my chin. I told her how great it was and she smiled. I asked her if she had ever done it before and she said, "Oh, maybe a couple times." Over the next couple weeks I kept asking her to let me fuck her but she kept saying no.

We had gotten to where we would go at it in the sixty-nine position till we both came.

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She liked to be on top. I always ended up with my stomach covered with my cum and my face covered with her girl cum. One day I begged and begged for her to let me fuck her. "I was watching a video I found on line and saw a scene where the guy fucked the girl in her butt.

If you are real gentle, I'll let you fuck me there." I felt my prick harden even harder. Reagan foxx and lucie cline amazing way in the bedroom pornstars group sex had watched movies with that kind of fucking in them also. She told me to get some lotion and put one finger in first. She was on her knees with her head down on the pillow.

I lubed my finger and her butt hole and pushed my finger in. "Oh, that feels funny. Makes me think I gotta poop." I added a second finger and more lube and started a fucking motion.

Damn her butt hole was tight. My cock was so hard that I thought it was going to split open. I put lube on it and touched it to Vi's ass. "Go slow and be very easy. I think this is going to hurt." I pushed against her puckered ring but even after my fingers had been in there and I had used a lot of lotion, it was hard to push into her hole.

Finally my cock head popped in. "Stop. That hurts. Go slow." I stopped and let her adjust. Then I slowly worked myself into her shit tube. I was finally all the way in and I stopped again. I could see tears on her cheek but she never told me to stop.

I slowly started to move in and out. After a minute she told me I could go faster. A few hard fast strokes and I quickly came in her. My cum load in her butt made it even easier to fuck her there. I stayed hard and kept doing her.

Vi started to push back in time with my thrusts until I added a second load up her butt. I pulled out and we went to the bathroom and shared a shower to clean up. It was fun to share a shower and rub each other all over. We got together as often as we could and when we could get private time, we would do 69 or I would butt fuck her or both. Her ass stayed tight but it got easier to get my cock into her and she said it no longer hurt after the first few times.

Now I could fuck her as hard and fast as I could and I could even make her come by fucking her ass.

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We both really enjoyed it and looked forward to doing it. One day Vi was face down, flat on my bed and I was pounding into her ass. I guess we had lost track of the time or Mom came home early from being out for the evening. I don't know which but all of a sudden she was standing in my bedroom doorway. When we saw her, I pulled out and Vi guy inserts dick in moist hole hardcore and russian up, quickly put her clothes on and left while Mom watched without saying a word.

I lay down and pulled the sheet up to my stomach. I didn't know what was going to happen but I was sure that it would not be good. I could smell that she had been drinking but she appeared to be straight and her voice was calm and not slurred.

Mom came over and sat on the edge of my bed. She calmly asked, "I didn't see a condom. You should wear a condom if you are going to have sex." I didn't say a word. "Don't worry. You are not in trouble. I remember what it was like being your age. I went thru the same things you are going thru, but you really need to use a condom when you have sex. You are too young to be a father." I finally spoke to her and told her that we were not doing it where I could get her pregnant.

"You were having anal sex?" I told her that we only did oral and anal. I'm sure I was blushing when I told her. "That's one way to keep from getting pregnant." Mom slowly and gently ran her hand around my bare chest as we talked. Then her hand went under the sheet and touched my limp manhood.

It was like an electric shock ran thru my body.

Mom pulled the sheet down and held my cock in her hand. "You haven't had a chance to get cleaned up and I'm afraid that I interrupted you before you were relieved.

I'm sorry. I guess I should help you clean up." Then she leaned over and I felt her mouth slide over my shaft till her lips were pressed into me pubic hair. Even though she knew that I had just been fucking Vi in the ass, she did not hesitate. I could feel my cock entering her throat as it hardened. I could feel it rubbing against the sides of her throat and I could feel her throat muscles constricting against my shaft. I had never before had a deepthroat blowjob and my cock quickly hardened like a rock and pushed further down my mother's throat.

She started working up and down the full length of my prick. Once in a while she would take it all the way out and you could hear a pop as the suction was broken.

"Mom, I'm going to come. Mom, I'm going to come !!!" She pushed in till her nose was tight against my abdomen and held still as my cock throbbed and spurt after spurt shot straight into her stomach.

I could feel her throat muscles tighten on my shaft each time she swallowed. When I stopped ejaculating, she pulled off and spent a minute licking up and down my shaft and my balls. "There, all satisfied and clean. Night, night." With that she left my room and I lay there thinking about everything that had happened that day.

The next morning just as my alarm was going off, Mom walked in in her night shirt. She pulled down my sheet. "I thought that you would have morning wood like most young guys. You could study much better if you were not thinking about that all morning." with that she bent over and gave me another great cock sucking. I reached down and played with her tits while she deepthroated me till I came. "Shower, then come get breakfast and then off to school.

You can bring Vi home any time you want to." That night I was feeling bold and I suggested that Mom come to bed with me and let me fuck her. "I'm your mother. You can't fuck me. I'll come in and be your alarm clock every morning if you want but the rest of the day is for your and Vi." That day at school I told Vi what had happened.

She was shocked but happy we were not in trouble and that her parents were not going to be told. She didn't come over that day but soon she and I were back to doing what we had been doing before Mom caught us. Now almost every morning, Mom gives me a blowjob.

She comes in topless and lets me suck and play with her boobs, but her pussy is off limits to me. She sucks my cock till she drains me down her throat.

Then I shower while she gets breakfast ready. I ass fuck and 69 with Vi several times a week, even when Mom is gina michels black cock monster. Sometimes she stands there and watches us with a smile on her face and her hand between her legs. I haven't had my cock in a pussy for months but I don't amateur lezzie teens get their pink quims licked and drilled how things could be any better.