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Lovely milf leigh gets to fucked ava koxxx and bf hard dick striptease and pornstars
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Lund looked out of her apartment balcony, towards the Libyan Sea. The Libyan Sea was those bits of waters off the coast of Libya that adjoined towards the greater Mediterranean Sea. It was late evening, and the sun was nearly down.

It also looked kind of reddish rather than yellowish. Lund had a good life, teaching Mandarin (China's official language) in some blonde bbw lesbian seduces cutie into sex lesbianchunkers and lesbians school. Since the aftermath of World War Three, relationship between Libya and Europe had improved, with westerners coming to Libya to work.

Also since that war, Libya's oil production became more significant to Europeans more than ever. The country got richer and improved since then, kind of like Dubai or Abu Dhabi before the war. As for how the Third World War began was quite simple. An energy-independent America was on the verge of overtaking Saudi Arabia as the world's leading producer of oil.

With the country concentrating more on dealing with the Pacific, rather than either Europe or the Middle East, it finally withdrew from those parts of the world. The consequences of an American withdrawal resulted in an Israeli-Sunni-Shiite conflict, which started first in the Middle East, then eventually spearing towards Central and South Asia.

A nuclear armed Israel and nuclear armed Iran not only had to deal with each other, but also with fanatical Sunni Arab, Turkish and Pakistani fundamentalists that wanted to wipe them off the face of the Earth.

As much as Israel and Iran were getting bombarded by nukes from the Sunni states, Israel and Iran managed to successfully launch their counter strike offensives. Israel managed to take down Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and even Saudi Arabia. Iran managed to deal with Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq and the former Central Asian Republics.

With the Middle East and Central Asia reduced to radioactive wastelands, Europe was mostly getting their oil instead from America and Libya. As Libya was a North African country, it survived the fate of the Middle East.

Also since World War III, Libya had become much more stable, as it was when it had been an Italian colony.

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Lund was an attractive sexy black haired blue eyed Danish woman. Back in Denmark and Europe, she frequently had sex with strangers and one night stands were very common with her. But she also enjoyed life in Libya too. The weather was much hotter, than in her native Scandinavia.

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People were also lot friendlier too. But as Libya was an Arab Muslim country, many of the women wore burkas and many men attended Friday petite blonde likes to fuck acid rain at their local mosques. But not much in Tripoli, the capital. She heard the intercom buzzer ringing. She was expecting two visitors. She replied raunchy interracial action with a skinny bint the buzzer, saying, "OK, I'm letting you guys up!!" She hit the button for the downstairs electric door entrance.

A minute later, she opened the front door. It was Helena and Tony. Helena was another fellow Dane while Tony was from Naples, Italy. As for why they were in her apartment tonight, was because they had been planning something for some time now.

While Lund taught Mandarin, Helena taught Hindi (India's official language) and Tony taught AO Maths. "So you guys really still up for this?" Tony asked in English. Lund looked at Helena. Helena was an attractive woman, wit brown hair and blue eyes. She too had her moments enjoying whoring around.

The difference between the two women was that while Lund was a bit more tanned, Helena was quite pale. Tony, on the other hand, looked Mediterranean and could even fool local people that he was an Arab, since he also happened to speak fluent Arabic too. Lund said, "I think we can pull this off." Helena looked at Lund. If Lund was confident, so was she. "So we are on the fourth floor and what floor was this guy again in?" Tony asked.

"Way at the top. At the tenth floor. Actually he lives alone and so far, there are no other tenants up there," Lund smiled confidently. "And you say that you've seen him bring back hookers?" Tony asked. "Well he preaches against premarital sex on the streets but so far, he is a dumb corrupt fuck!!" exclaimed Lund.

"How about you two get dressed and I wait here in the living room," suggested Tony. Lund took Helena with her to her bedroom. The two of them got changed in special clothes, which Lund managed to have bought in the Libyan black market. After changing, they got out of the room. Lund and Helena both wore thin black veils, black bras and black panties; all covered in thin transparent harem garments.

"And you really think he is going to buy you two and pay me real money?" Tony asked. "Well he is originally from Bahrain and he had lived here in Libya during the war. From what I heard, he was once a religious teacher, preaching death to the west and how western women were all whores.

I also heard he is very corrupt, has a weak memory and enjoys wasting his billions on whores and other kind of things. As for why he came here, was because he would be safe here, in case Iran had invaded his country.

From what I heard he thought Libya was far enough to survive a successful Shiite occupation of the Middle East!!" Lund talked. "Well they are all radioactive wastelands now. Lucky for us, he is wealthy and dumb," said Tony. Basically the three of them were planning a con job.

They wanted to cheat some rich Arab guy off his money. They even had a plan on how they were going to do it. Tony also got changed, in clothes that Lund managed to have acquired for him. He was dressed like some sort of Arab slave trader.

There were even rumours that he once even had contact with Islamic terrorists groups and may have even helped funded some of them. Tony also placed two manacles on each Danish woman's head and each manacle was attached to a leash. The plan: Tony was going to sell both Lund and Helena as slaves to this Bahraini guy.

He would likely pay Tony a high cheque for both of them. While that Bahraini guy has sex with them and eventually falls asleep, they were going to sneak out of his apartment. Then with all the money they get from that guy, they would leave Libya, head straight for the Caribbean and split up the money three ways. As for that Bahraini guy, Lund was sure that he would even forget about them or having paid for them, when he wakes up the next morning.

By the time it was 10PM, they left Lund's apartment and headed straight for an elevator. The elevator they got was empty and so, more relaxing for them. The elevator reached the tenth floor.

They got out. Lund told them which his apartment was. Tony led both Danish women by their leashes. When they reached the Bahrain guy's apartment door, Tony rang the door bell. Two minutes later, the front door opened. It was a 60 year old fat Arab guy. He looked like a dimwit. He smiled at the sight of Lund and Helena. "How much?? How much???" the Bahraini guy asked. He was a like a spoiled little boy in Toys R Us, wanting to buy the Stomp and Chomp Grimlock model (from the Transformers movie).

"Can I come in first?" asked Tony. The conversation had been in Arabic. The fat Bahraini guy motioned for Tony to lead Lund and Helena by their leashes, towards his living room. Once in the living room, both Lund and Helena could see what kind of living room it was. On the wall, was a picture with some Arabic inscription. On the table were Blue Ray disc covers, looking mostly like porn. "How much?? How much??" the Bahraini guy eagerly asked. "How about €500,000 for each western whore!!" suggested Tony.

At the words "western whore", Tony could see the Bahraini guy's cock stiffen under his pants. The Bahraini guy left the living room. In the meantime, Tony unshackled the manacles from both women's necks.

The Bahraini guy returned back with a cheque book. "I am not good in counting and so how about I draw you two cheques!!" smiled the Bahraini guy. The Bahraini guy gave him two €500,000 cheques. Tony smiled. The Bahraini guy walked Tony straight to the front door.

Tony went back to Lund's apartment, as she left him the house key. As for Lund and Helena, they still stood still in their harem slave outfits. The Bahraini guy started fondling with Lund's black hair. He then went to Helena' fondling with her brown hair. "From now on you two belong to me. From now on you will obey me. I am your Master!!" the Bahraini guy bossed them in Arabic. "Yes master!!" Lund and Helena managed to respond in unison, in Arabic too.

"My!! My!! I like my women dark. What is your name? Sexy little pussika has a meaty pussy are you from?" the Bahraini guy asked Lund, as he touched her hair. "My name is Lund, Master. I am from Denmark!!" Lund replied in Arabic. "Well I didn't know that Danish women can be beautiful and dark as you. With your black hair and that you speak good Arabic, you could be an Arab. From now on, I command you to be an Arab.

So my black haired slave, what are you??" the Bahraini guy testing his command over her. "I am an Arab Master," said Lund.

Lund was getting sexual excitement between her legs. The idea of being karma rx in those are not mine like this was something she was now trying to control.

The Bahraini guy then went towards Helena, touching her brown hair. "And you, what is your name? Where are you from? You look European! You look American!! You have a nice white complexion!!" complimented the Bahraini guy.

"I am Helena Master. I also come from Denmark," responded Helena. Helena too was getting sexual excitement from this. "I want you both to strip off bamvisions anal fuck for blonde emma hix garments!!" the Bahraini guy ordered them.

"Yes Master," the two Danes responded in unison. Lund and Helena took off their thin veil, thin transparent garment, bra and panty, revealing their entire nakedness. Both women had shaven cunts.

"Now I want you both to go to the couch and perform position!!" ordered the Bahraini guy. The two Danish women went over to the couch, facing each other's pussy and licking each other's pussy.

The two women had never had sex with each other before, let alone had any form of lesbian sex (because they were heteros). "Lick!! Lick!!" cheered the Bahraini guy. Lund hated the taste of Helena's pussy. Helena also hated the taste of Lund's pussy. Both women knew this was some sacrifice they were going to make, if their plan was going to work out.

As both women were concentrating licking each other (and closing their eyes while doing it too), they both felt a strong tug on each of their hairs. The Bahraini guy dragged them to the floor, by the couch. He was naked and sat down. "Come here!!" he motioned for them. As they crawled towards where his crotch was, he put each hand on each woman's hair. "I want you both to lick my balls and suck me!!" he ordered them "Yes Master!!" replied the Danish women.

Lund and Helena lapped their tongues on his balls and from time to time, each woman took turns sucking his cock, drinking his sperm. "Ahh yes!!" the Bahraini guy cried in excitement. Lund and Helena were taking turns drinking Bahraini sperm. When the Bahraini guy had enough of his cock getting sucked, he yanked both women's hair very hard.

"Ok enough!! I want you two whores to crawl to my bedroom!!" he ordered. "Yes Master!!" they replied in unison. The Bahraini guy watched the two white women crawl towards his bedroom.

He was enjoying watching their white Danish butts wiggle. When they were inside his bedroom, he then ordered them to climb onto his bed. Once they were on his bed, he took turns being on top of each woman. He would thrust his cock and shoot Bahraini juice into their Danish holes, while also licking and sucking both women's nipples very hard. Both women cried in sexual agony, as his sucking of their nipples was very forceful, like as if a vacuum cleaner was sucking on both their nipples.

He would also sometimes kiss both women on their necks and even their lips. But whenever he was kissing Lund, with his brown eyes locked with her blue ones, he would say, "Your Arab lips taste very well!!." Lund actually didn't like the idea that she would be mistaken for an Arab. Sure she had black hair, but her face was Nordic and even had blue eyes.

Maybe he likes the idea that he has an Arab slave with blue eyes or that there are Arabs who have blue eyes, Lund thought. His cock really hammered Lund's pussy. After fucking each woman's front holes he made them lie face down. He first thrust his cock into Lund's ass. While fucking her anally, shooting more Arab sperm down her Danish asshole, he pulled her long black hair really roughly.

The way he was yanking Lund's hair, caused the raven-haired Danish woman to cry out loud. She tried telling herself that she could take all this.

"Take that you fucking whore!! All Arab women are whores!! All!!" screamed the Bahraini guy. His cock rode her as really roughly. The way he was calling her an "Arab" indicated that he really started believing she was an Arab. Jesus Christ?? You would think he would be calling me a white European whore.

But no, he seems to get excited calling his own women a bunch of whores, Lund thought. Lund's dark side was starting to like the idea that because she was tanned and had black hair, that she could be accepted as a fellow Arab, even if in a crude way. "You fucking Arab whore!!" the Bahraini guy getting near hysterical. And with that, he slapped her butt cheeks really hard. Each time he used the words "Arab whore", he would always end up slapping her butt cheeks.

Maybe if I ever return back to Denmark, Mom and son with big boobs can dress in lingerie and tell my Danish customers that I am an Arab hooker.

Probably could earn a living that way too, Lund thought. When the Bahraini guy tired of ass fucking Lund, he then thrust his cock deep into Helena's pale ass, while pulling her long brown hair.

As Helena felt cold wet sperm entering her anus, he was calling her names. "You western women are all whores!! I enjoy having my Arab cock moving and commanding inside your white ass!!" screamed the Bahraini guy. Helena cried in sexual agony. As Helena was laying face down, getting more Arab juice pumping into her back hole, Lund just laid face down, with her visibly full of Arab cum.

The Bahraini guy tired of fucking them, just collapsed right there on his own bed. Lund and Helena were also exhausted. They were making sure that he was already going to fall asleep. When they started hearing him snoring and saw that he really was asleep, Lund whispered to Helena, telling her that it was time for them to go back to her apartment.

When they got back downstairs to Lund's apartment, Tony let them in. They showered, had a small sleep, woke up by 5PM and by the time it was 6AM, Tony drove them all the way to the airport. They were going to catch a late flight to the Caribbean. As for the Bahraini guy, he woke up somewhere in the mid afternoon the next day.

He didn't remember anything of the night before.