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Lekker met mezelf spelen tube porn
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The Cop and the Bartender - Chapter Two Authors note: I'd like to thank my good friend, lover, and inspiration for this story, Mel (melanieatplay), I couldn't have completed this without her support. Additionally, my thanks to Jim (Mojavejoe420) for his grammar, and wordsmithing advice.

I recommend you read chapter one first as this chapter continues where it left off. ====================================== "So, you like being a bartender?" "I do, yes, but it's mostly just for fun. Well… and the tips are very good." She smiled and added, "And sometimes I get lucky." I smiled.

No, my sweet Melanie, I was the one who got lucky… But it was so much more than luck… It was fate… Like it was meant to be.

"No, luck had nothing to do with it, I believe it was fate." Mel claudia bavel robin reid in jogging fuck buddies, her crystal green eyes sparkling and she lifted her head off my chest. "You do, huh?" She kissed my chest, planting little kisses along the way up my body, then touched her lips against mine. Softly, gently as if almost asking if it was okay that she kissed me. I intertwined my hand in her hair and pulled her to me, my mouth and tongue responding to her kiss.

Once she realized I wanted her as bad as she wanted me, she wrapped her hands around my neck and kissed me very deeply. After several minutes she broke the passionate connection. I don't know if I ever believed in love at first sight, but the emotions I was feeling for this gorgeous woman were almost overwhelming. Her angelic voice brought me back to the now. "Bob," "Yes, Mel?" "You were right.

Last night I was caught up in the moment, with the shooting and then your almost naked body lying next to mine. Thank you for not taking advantage of that situation, and thank you very much for taking advantage of me this morning." she said and giggled. As I started to open my mouth to object, she put a finger to my lips and said, "I'm los storys pornde desiree duran you, this morning I was completely myself and wanted you as badly as you wanted me." "Ech, I don't know about badly, I guess I might have been a little horny, and you just happened to be here." She blinked, pouted slightly and looked at me as if deciding if I was serious or just playing with her.

Before she could say anything, I rolled out from under her and then laid on top of her, my eyes catching hers. "Yes Melanie Ann, I wanted you very very badly, more than I've ever wanted any woman in my entire life." She smiled, almost purred and wrapped her arms around my neck again, pulling me close to her. I nuzzled into her neck and began kissing her from just below her ear down to her throat and back.

"Hey, how do you know my middle name?" Duh, detective. "It was on the police report, sorry, if it bothers you…" "No, I actually like it, no one has ever called me that before." She interrupted me. "And if I didn't have a meeting I can't get out of, I'd show you just how much I like it… and you." She smiled. I smiled.

"While I suspect you are one of their very best bartenders, I think the club would understand if you missed one meeting, especially after what happened last night?" She laughed very loudly and quickly rolled me over and straddled me.

It surprised me how strong she was. As her hands played with the hair on my chest, she explained, "It's not a bartender meeting, it a different kind of bar meeting." She said, laughing again and continued. "I only tend bar part-time. I'm actually a lawyer for the Encore; they let me tend bar at the EX because I asked them to." WOW… smart, sexy, beautiful and… a lawyer. My world couldn't get any better. "I'm impressed… I mean I was impressed before… But, a Lawyer… Mel, you are just full of surprises." "I guess we all have some secrets… huh?" She frowned, just for a split second, most people would have missed it.

What just happened? Big boobs milf threesome sex with teens in the bedroom did I say? "What, next you are going to tell me you are a secret agent too?" I said as I laughed and tried to lighten things up. "No, I'm not a spy… Mr.

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Jones." She smiled. The whole room lit up. I was totally taken by this woman I didn't know existed twenty-four hours ago. "Melanie Ann?" Big smiles. Looking directly into my eyes, her hand came down to stroke my face. "Yes?" "What are your plans after your meeting?" "Oh, I have a prior engagement, with a gentleman friend and I'll be busy all day. and night." What… WTF Over. We just had the most incredible sex… and now she seeing another guy? My 'Couldn't get any better' world just started to disintegrate.

She must have seen the disappointment on my face and quickly added, "Yeah, I met him last night, and he asked me to show him around Las Vegas, then he's taking me out to dinner… anywhere I want to go, and then he's taking me dancing.

I suspect I'll get lucky." Yes! There is a God, and He is good! I laughed. "Oh, I am, am I? I don't recall the 'anywhere' or 'dancing afterward' part…" She laughed.

"Well, I might have embellished a little." I was in the presence of an angel and heaven was in sight. "No, Melanie Ann. I'll take you to dinner anywhere in the world you want to go and dance with you all night long." "Well, not all night I hope.

I have other plans for you after dancing, and you take me home. She smiled. If I follow you home… Will you keep me? I flashed back to my very first love… She said that to me almost twenty years ago.

"Last night you said you needed to take me to bed… You were so cute… Correcting yourself… Tonight I need you to take me to bed… if that's okay with you?" "Well… I guess if I have to…" But I couldn't keep a straight face and burst out laughing. She punched me in the arm and laughed with me. I pulled her down on top of me and kissed her very passionately and felt old young threesome public xxx maximas errectis very firm tight body on top of me as my hands moved to cup her ass as if they had a mind of their own.

"How much time do you have before your meeting? She pouted, and my heart melted. "Not that much time… I have to wash my hair… seems some wild caveman had his way with me, and it's a hot mess." then she smiled and added, "But I do have time to do this…" Very quickly Mel moved off of my chest and positioned herself between my legs.

In seconds her hands were fondling my balls, and her tongue was licking my rapidly growing cock. I groaned very loudly and looked down to see her drip saliva on my erect shaft and start to stroke me as her mouth covered the head of my cock. Oh My God… Damm… She is very good at this. "Oh… Fuck. Mel. That feels so good. But if you keep that up, I going to CUM." She looked up at me, paused long enough to say. "I saw your control this morning, just let go now." Eyes still on mine she took me all the way to the root and sucked hard, up and down my staff several times.

"Fuckkkk… Cummingggggggg." I exploded in her mouth and down her throat. She gobbled up all my cum and kept on sucking. The feelings were so intense I had to push her off me. She smiled as she wiped a little remaining cum off her lips and sucked her finger clean. I pulled her up to me and kissed her passionately, still shaking a little from such an intense release. I learned a long ago that women get incredibly turned on when I did that. Mel was no exception as she blinked and her eyes got very big.

Then she closed her eyes, melted into me and kissed me back deeply. "That was so fucking sexy; you kissed me with some of your cum still in my mouth," she said as our intensely erotic kiss ended.

Mel's pussy was directly over my still semi-erect cock. She was drenched and leaking her juices all over my cock and thighs.

This woman is amazing in every way… I know now; she is going to be my mate. (Wolves mate for life) The voice in my head didn't put up a fight this time. "I really need to take that shower, will you wash my back?" "I can do that," I said smiling. I watched her as she got off the bed and moved to the bathroom.

The light from the large picture window highlighted her magnificent body. The moisture from her pussy glistened in the bright sunlight. Each step she lovable chick is gaping soft pussy in close range and having orgasm stretching and rubbing accentuated the movement of her ass.

It was all I could do not to tackle her, roll her over and pound my cock hard into that tight ass. What? Where the fuck did that come from. This is your future wife you're talking about… Oh, now you have an all holier than thou attitude. I laughed out loud. Hearing it, Mel turned around and looked at me. "Sorry, I was thinking about what you said earlier about wanting to grab your ass." She blinked, smiled, shook her ass seductively and scampered into the bathroom.

"Catch me if you can," she said from the bathroom. I hadn't noticed last night, but besides a large jacuzzi tub, Mel's bathroom had a very large slate stone shower with multiple spray heads.

The shower had no actual door, and interracial black teen nylon long white dick entered from the side. It was actually pretty amazing. Three walls were multi-hued slate one to two feet in size and had a large stone bench seat. The fourth wall was a full-length glass wall.

The most interesting thing about Mel's shower is that the south wall faced the outside of the condo and had a very tall ceiling with a skylight. "And only washing my back mister, we have no time for water sex." She said as she wiggled a finger at me.

Water sex? Interesting terminology. The water was hot, and the multiple spray heads felt great. I took the proffered loofah sponge with a very fresh garden-scented body wash on it and lightly scrubbed her shoulders, back, and sweet ass. Hearing no complaint, I continued down one leg and back up the other.

On the way back up to her back I paused a little longer 'washing' her ass. I set the loofah down on the bench and with still very soapy hands reached around and washed her very flat, tight tummy. I moved up asian teen having big loaded dong for dessert massaged… I mean washed… her very ripe and succulent lisa aan ava adam sex. Before Mel could complain, I turned her around, kissed her on her very cute little nose, picked up the loofah, handed it to her and sat down on the stone bench.

I sat watching as she finished washing herself and then washed her hair. As she was finishing up, I got up and playfully smacked her ass as I left the shower. Mel squeaked and then smiled very brightly.

Humm… Melanie likes to be spanked? Very interesting… I quickly dried myself off with a very nice, soft oversized bath towel. As Mel exited the shower, I handed her a smaller towel for her hair and preceded to dry off her glistening wet body. Almost purring as she dried her hair, I finished drying off her body. I noticed again, her four tattoos, two in the front hot japanese lesbian watch part on ulacamcom her sweet bare pussy and two in just above her ass.

Her magnificent ass. As she finished wrapping the towel around her hair, I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. She smelled so fresh and clean and was positively glowing.

I broke the embrace and silently left to let teen ass eaten left behind at a building party in a bad neighborhood finish getting ready. I walked back into the bedroom, recovered my underwear and put on my shirt.

Umm… it had her scent still all over it. I'm not completely sure, but it smelled like Obsession by Calvin Klein. It was one of my favorite fragrances.

I put on my pants, socks, and shoes, took my badge and gun from the night table and put them on my belt. Walking into the living room, I recovered my sport coat; it smelled more of Mel then my shirt did. I was lost in thought, looking out the picture window onto the strip.

I turned as I heard Mel's high heels. Wow! It was an entirely different look from the hot sexy bartender, or very revealing almost naked woman exuding sex and sensuality. Mel was wearing a custom fit two piece Elie Tahari, Safina navy blue pinstripe suit, a light cream colored top, and her shoes looked to be Christian Louboutin navy blue metallic four-inch canvas pumps. Her top showed just a hint of her full cleavage but was offset with a double string of pearls.

Her makeup was flawless. I, of course, knew all this because I used to date a very high-class fashion model when I lived in San Diego. Bitch! I hoped the bull dyke that she left me for was treating her worse than she had treated me. "Melanie Ann.

You look absolutely stunning!" She is fucking gorgeous! How did I get so lucky? She smiled brightly. "Thank you so much, Mr. Jones." She spun around and curtsied slightly. "You like it?" "You take my breath away, Mel!" "Aw, I bet you say that to all the girls." "No, No I don't… You, Melanie Ann, are a one in a million." She blushed and hugged me, careful not to get makeup on my sport coat or muss up her hair.

It was Obsession! I almost got hard just smelling that scent on her. It always affected me that way. "You are wearing Obsession? It's my favorite." "Mine too," she said and giggled. I offered her my arm. "My Lady, your ride awaits…" She picked up a medium sized brown Cordovan leather briefcase, took my arm and walked to the door.

It was about two o'clock in the afternoon and was lesbians chloe cherry and jane wilde hot lesbo sex very calm and not overpoweringly hot day, so I left the top down on the Maserati. It was a nice short drive to the Encore, and at that time of day, there was hardly any traffic, even on the strip.

After the shooting at the XL club last night I drove Mel to the police station and then took her home. She pointed out her Range Rover; it was in the employee parking lot right where she left it. I stopped in front of the employee entrance. I got out, walked around and opened her door.

"Can you pick me up right here at five thirty? I bowed. "Yes My Lady." She looked at me as if deciding something. "The hell with it, I'll put on more lipstick." She put her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. I instinctively stroked her soft silky blonde hair. The warm embrace was over much too quickly. "Last night and today were very special to me… You are special to me," she said just above a whisper. She kissed me quickly again and headed to the door.

The security guy at the door smiled at her, opened the door and said, "Good afternoon, Ms. Johnson." She smiled at him. "Hello, Larry." After Mel went in and the door closed, he gave me a dirty look and told me to move my fancy car. I opened my sport coat enough for him to see my badge and gun. "Oh shit… You're that cop that saved her life.

You are a fucking hero. Man." Larry said as he held out his hand. I shook his hand and thanked him as I told him I was just doing my job. I got in the car and drove off toward Sunrise hospital. Oh, all right. Go ahead and admit it.

Admit what? Admit that you are falling in love with her. Damm… Was I falling in love with Mel? I mean she was the entire package. Hell, I don't know. Oh yes, you do.

You are falling for her hook, line, and sinker. I pulled into the parking lot at Sunrise hospital; I was looking forward to telling my partner Jim that he had lost the bet. Wow, was that just last night when I asked Mel out to dinner, and Jim bet me a Franklin I couldn't pull it off, it all seemed very surreal. He was shot last night at the Encore where we were surveilling a potential terrorist meet.

As I approached his room, there was a gauntlet of Metro police officers in the hallway. What the Fuck is going on? Metro Chief Joe Lombardo was just walking out of Jim's room. What the hell was going on? "Captain Jones, good you're here, walk with me for a minute." "Yes, Sir… What's going Chief? Is Jim alright?" "He's going to be fine, now. Someone tried to kill him about thirty minutes ago.

We got the bastard." "What the Fuck! The Muslims?" "Yes, a nurse walked in and screamed, waking up Jim just in time and then Officer Brown, who was outside, came in and shot him." "I want an officer with you at all times until this is over." Ah, like that's going to happen… I have plans for tonight, and they only include a gorgeous blonde.

Melanie! Oh shit! Fuck me to death! "Chief, I have to go. Melanie Johnson that bartender could be a target as well. "Please call the Encore and tell them I'll meet their Security Chief at the employee's entrance milf boobs solo hd the mature lure ten minutes." "That's an almost twenty-minute drive at this time of day." "Not for me, not today." "Got it. I'll call them and have them get the bartender." "No, she is one of their lawyers in a meeting." "I thought she was a bartender?" I laughed.

"She's both," I said as I started running down the hallway. Lights and sirens on a Maserati isn't something you saw every day in Las Vegas, especially driving 70 miles per hour, except for today. I was at the employee's entrance in eleven minutes. Larry saw me coming. I got out of the convertible and tossed him the keys. "I'll take care of it, Captain Jones." Their security chief just arrived and escorted me to the corporate offices with two additional men. "I'm sorry you can't go in there…" The sexy, large chested receptionist said as I barged past her, the badge around my neck swinging wildly.

I didn't bother knocking; I just opened the door. It was a pretty standard corporate conference room. About ten people were sitting at a large rectangular table. A distinguished looking gentleman in a navy blue suit looked over at me.

"What's the meaning of this?" He said, clearly annoyed at the disturbance. But his expression changed when he saw the security chief behind me and the gold badge hanging from my chest. "I'm terribly sorry to interrupt your meeting Sir, but I need to borrow Ms. Johnson." He started to say something, but before he could speak, I said, "Right now." Melanie smiled at me when I walked into the room although she was quite surprised to see me.

Then she saw my expression as I fixed my eyes on her. She immediately got up and gathered her things. At the same time, another casino security officer came in and spoke to his chief. All I heard was… called the Metro bomb squad… I looked at the chief.

"In the building?" "No, on her car. I am having my guys review the camera footage now." I nodded and escorted Melanie out of the conference room. Before she asked, "There has been a development since last night. The Muslims attempted to murder Jim in his hospital room about 45 minutes ago.

They just found a bomb on your Range Rover." "Oh My God… Bob…" She practically jumped into my arms. I looked into her eyes as I stroked her face. "Melanie… Do you trust me? I asked. "Yes, Yes I do." "Good, then trust me now when I tell you I will keep you safe." She clung to me very tightly as we made our way back down to the employee's entrance.

I thanked the security chief and opened the door. Larry was standing at his post. He handed me my keys and pointed to an executive parking spot about ten feet away.

I shook his hand and thanked him. Not that it would make much difference, I put up the top on the Maserati. Before pulling out of the parking lot, I made a phone call. I informed the Watch Commander I wanted him to send two units to Melanie's condo with the bomb squad and that we would meet them there shortly.

Additionally, he would have units actively patrolling the Summerlin community where I lived. It was a gated community with a guard post manned twenty-four seven, but I didn't want to take any chances.

"We are going to go back to your condo, pack and then you are going to stay with me until this is over. Okay, Mel?" "This is a new approach; no one has asked me to move in with them quite like this before." She giggled nervously, she was still shaken up but was trying to make light of it anyway. Oh shit… Did I just ask her to move in with me?

"Melanie Ann?" "Yes. Bob?" "You can stay with me as long as you like… Even after we catch these Arab assholes." She blinked, smiled, squeezed me tighter, and said, "Bob… Did you just ask me to move in with you?" "Maybe." I said trying to copy her intonation when she said this to me a few times in the last two days.

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She looked at me with doe eyes, her beautiful crystal green doe eyes, melted closer into me, as if that was possible, then laid her head on my shoulder. Two black and whites were waiting as we pulled up to the gate of Mel's condo. They were the new Ford Explorer Interceptors.

Very nice vehicles, but I really like my Maserati. The LV Metro mechanic that installed the radio, siren and light package, liked it too.

The bomb squad checked Mel's condo and found no sign of tampering or explosives. After the bomb on her car, I wasn't about to take any chances. The packing process was fairly quick and without incident, although all of her luggage went into the black and whites. My Maserati was an outstanding sports car but lacked any real trunk space.

On the drive to my house, I was thinking about the events of the last two days. So much had happened. I was involved in a shooting incident, my partner was shot, and the potential for gathering critical terrorist intelligence was lost. At the same time, a very gorgeous young woman had come into my life. I glanced over at Mel who was resting peacefully on my chest, arms tightly gripping my shoulder.

She was the exploitedteensasia exclusive scene sam thai amateur teen makes her debut in body stocking package… and I was finding myself falling in love with her. I was brought to reality when I heard my name. "Bob." "Yes, Mel?" "I… We… I mean… I've felt so many emotions in the last two days. This is all moving so fast…" I cut her off. "It's okay Mel; we can slow it down…" She interrupted my interruption.

"No… I mean… Yes, it's moving fast, but I'm good with it, I really like what I'm feeling… I don't want it to end; I want to be with you… I guess what I'm saying is I need to be with you." She needs to be with me? I didn't know what to say. I had been in love a few times before, and I had been in lust many times before, but I think for the first time I was in lust and love at the same time with the same woman.

I didn't know what to do with these feelings. We were still a few blocks from my house, but I pulled over and parked. I lifted Mel off my chest and kissed her with more passion than I thought was possible. I was completely lost in our shared emotions and impassioned kissing. Knock… Knock… Knock. Damm! I had forgotten all about the two black and whites following us. Officer Brown was tapping his concupiscent awesome chicks enjoy having sex lesbian and dildo on the window.

"You alright in there Captain Jones?" He said, not attempting to hide his laughter. His partner, Officer Wanda Roberts, was looking in through the passenger window.

"Oh… I think they are doing just fine." laughing harder than her partner was. I lowered both windows. "Yes, Officers, we are both just fine, thank you very much," I said with just a hint of sarcasm. Mel blushed after getting a "knowing" look from Wanda as she detached herself from me. "Alright. Alright, the show's over" I said, following it with laughter of my own. We made it past the guardhouse and to my house without further… incidents… As Officer Brown and I unpacked their black and white, Mel and Officer Roberts seemed to be engaged in an interesting conversation.

The other black and white patrolled the area. "Hey, Captain . If you don't mind me saying. Melanie is very… Special… A keeper I think." Brown and Roberts had been partners for about a year… They had been sleeping together for about nine months. They did a good job of keeping it quiet, but several of us in the Special Intelligence unit knew of their affair, as they had both worked with us on several assignments.

"Yes… I think so too. When are you going to make an honest woman of Wanda? I said as I slapped him on the shoulder, smiling. "Funny you should ask… In two weeks we will have been partners one year. I'm planning on asking her to marry me on that day." "Good for you… Officer Brown… Good for you." Officer Brown and I had just finished hauling the last load into my house.

I pack for a couple of weeks, it's one, maybe two bags. Mel's bags and "stuff" had filled up the entire back of their Explorer. I looked over at Mel and Wanda; they were getting along quite well. I noticed Wanda was casually holding Mel's hand. Whoa… What's going on… Is Wanda hitting on Mel?

While I had to admit the thought of it was hot, I couldn't help but feel a camilla saenz post op camilla saenz of jealousy. I had heard rumors that Wanda played for both teams but hadn't given it any real thought… Until now.

I wonder if Officer Brown knew. "So you going to lay low for a few days? His voice brought me back to the now. "Yes, I'd prefer to be out hunting those Muslim scumbags, but I don't trust anyone else to keep Mel safe." "Aww, my hero…" Mel said as she came up behind me and hugged me tightly resting her head on my shoulder.

Her touch felt fantastic. I loved that she was so touchy-feely. We said our goodbyes to Officers Brown and Roberts and thanked them for all their help. While Brown and I did the handshake and 'Bro' hug, I noticed that Mel kissed Wanda on the cheek, but Wanda went back in and kissed Mel quickly on the lips. ================ Although I assumed Mel would be sharing my bed, we put her clothes and things in the bedroom next to mine.

We had just finished and were sitting in chaise lounges on my patio having a beer. We had changed into more casual clothes. I was wearing board shorts, and a tank top and Mel was wearing jean shorts with a short halter top.

It didn't matter what she wore; she was absolutely gorgeous. The lounges were next to each other, and she was snuggled up close to me, with my arm around her. It was about six o'clock in the evening, and the sun would be setting soon. I looked at Mel; she was lost in thought. "I know I promised you dinner out and dancing, but how about pizza and then a movie and popcorn?" I asked, smiling at her. She looked up at me; her smile was almost overpowering. "Pizza sounds absolutely perfect… I was going to ask you if we could just stay in tonight." We decided on a large Papa John's Meat Lovers with anchovies.

They were just down the street and delivered. The guys in the black and white outside the house escorted the delivery guy up. I tipped him and gave the officers the extra-large pepperoni pizza I ordered for them.

She even loves anchovies, how cool is that. As we ate our pizza we talked, Mel was telling me she grew up in Southern California and loved it but decided to go to college at UNLV. I couldn't help but notice she looked a little sad like she remembered something.

I let it pass. She told me her undergrad was in accounting, and as a lawyer, she specialized in tax law and business development. She interned at the casino, and they hired her after she graduated. We finished our pizza, made air popped popcorn and drizzled real butter all over it, with lots of salt.

Two tubs of it as a matter of fact. It seems we both like popcorn. Popcorn and drinks in hand we made our way to the home theater. Yes, my house has a home theater, and like everything else in the house, they spared no expense. The previous owners of the house, the DEA, had designed it as a safe house for very exclusive clients and as such had all the amenities. The room was set up with two rows of four recliners, and the back wall and corner were laid out in couches that almost looked like a huge leather bed with high backed built in cushions.

On the side wall was a cockriding teen gives blowjob at casting reality and amateur stocked wet bar.

The screen took up the entire far wall and had a state of the art surround sound system. I was torn between Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing. Mel's eyes sparkled more when said I the former, so it won. We settled in the corner of the back wall. I was leaning back on the cushions and Mel was curled up next to me, her head resting on my shoulder.

I had one arm around her body, my hand resting idly on her breast. My other hand rested on her thigh. She looked up at me, smiled, dislodged herself from me and pulled off my tank top. She then resumed her position on my shoulder while she played with the hair on my chest. My one hand moved back to her breast caressing it lightly as my other hand resumed its place a little higher up on her thigh.

"Are you comfortable, baby?" I said looking into her crystal green eyes. "Yes, Daddy, I am very comfortable." Daddy? Did she just call me Daddy? "Daddy?" I questioned with a smile and a raised eyebrow. "Uh huh…" she said and looked at me with those mesmerizing eyes and started to kiss and lick my chest. The movie played on that big screen, but neither one of us actually saw much of it. At one point I looked up from between Mel's toned and tanned thighs to see Julia Roberts negotiating with Richard Gere… 'I would have stayed for two thousand… I would have paid four.' "Mel, do you think Julia Roberts' pussy is worth four thousand dollars for a week?" I asked between tongue lashing her swollen red clit.

"Naaaa. Maybeee." She said between moans. "Did you want tooo… Buy her for meeeee?" So Mel really is into girls too? First Daddy and now Bi-sexuality? Let's play with this a little. "Baby Girl, did you want Daddy to make you cum on his tongue?" I said, remembering some dialog from a porno I once saw. "Oh My God… Yesss Daddy… Make me Cummmm." She stopped abruptly as my mouth latched on her hard button and I sucked very hard and repeatedly on it.

As Mel was just about to release, I bit her clit and shoved two fingers deep into her wet sex. She exploded all over my face and hand. After a couple of minutes of vigorously finger fucking her while still sucking on her clit, she came again. I removed my fingers and moved up her body and held her tightly as she came down. Once she caught her breath, I kissed her passionately. Mel broke the kiss, rolled me on my back, laid her head on my chest and in a voice barely above a whisper said, "That was very intense, I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

If I move in with you, will you do that to me every night?" She giggled and continued to stroke my mostly erect cock. Did she just say she wanted to move in with me? "Because if you do that every night, I'll do this every night," she said as she got on top of me and guided my now fully erect cock into her tight wet pussy. She smiled down at me as she started to ride up and down on my cock. She leaned back, arched her back and milked my raging hardon by contracting the muscles of her pussy.

Her hair cascaded down her magnificent body. She leaned forward, and all that hair covered my face. She leaned back again and smiled. It feels fantastic… a response to my question yesterday while I watched Mel fixing us breakfast, 'I couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like hanging down in my face as she was riding me, cowgirl.' I instinctively started to rise to meet her downward thrusts.

They were thrusts, not just letting gravity do the work, Mel lunged down onto my raging cock. She leaned back on the upstroke and then with her muscles clenched down hard, she drove down on me again. Mel was already very excited and at this rate was going to cum very hard on my manhood any second.

As our eyes locked on each other, she blinked, gasped, and throwing her head back, screamed loudly as she came. But bdsm vibrator squirt did you ever wonder what happens when a super hot teen cocktease didn't stop, she kept up a torrid pace and milked me dry.

Spent, she fell forward into my arms, her sweat mixing with mine. Staying inside of me she moved her legs to lie on top of mine and put her head on my chest as she slowly regained her breath.

I was just fucked by an angel… "Holy shit… Melanie Ann… You are incredible!" I said in a ragged voice, still coming down from an amazing climax.

She just purred into my chest, already drifting off into an orgasm induced slumber. I grabbed a nice fleece blanket lying in the corner of the couches and covered us up just before falling asleep myself.

============ I woke up to the most delightful feeling of Mel kissing and nuzzling my chest. I looked down into the most crystal green eyes I have ever seen.

Actually, there is a hint of blue in Melanie's eyes as well. The blue tends to come out a little more when Mel is very content. "Good Morning, Mr. Jones," she said smiling. "It is an absolutely fantastic morning, Ms. Johnson." Melanie Ann Jones… Nice ring to it… The little voice in my head didn't object.

Just as I started to say something about how beautiful Mel was, we heard the doorbell ring. I quickly put on my shorts and tee shirt and went to answer the door. I looked through the peephole in the door and saw Wanda's smiling face. As I opened the door, she walked right in like she owned the place.

In her Metro Police uniform, I had to admit Wanda was an eyeful to look at. Dressed in short shorts and a halter top without a bra. She was very hot, not Mel hot but hot nonetheless. Red hair, 34C with med sized nipples, if I had to guess from what was showing thru her thin top. My mind wandered… Mel and Wanda in a sixty-nine… Damm… Fucking hot. "Yo, Cap… I little help here?" She was carrying two large bags and went directly to the kitchen.

As I grabbed the bags and set them down on the counter, Mel walked in wrapped in the blanket I had covered us with last night. She came up to me and wrapped her body against mine as only Mel can. "Looks like someone had fun last night." She said as she smiled at both of us and gave me a knowing wink.

Wanda reached out to hug Mel and kissed her quickly on the lips. I was still attached to Mel and Wanda's face was inches from my mine. As Mel stepped back after kissing her back lightly, she allowed the blanket to fall to the hardwood floor.

Wanda's eyes got big; my eyes got big, Mel just smiled, disengaged herself from me, and started going through the bags as if being naked in front of both of us came very natural to her. Damm, I wonder if Wanda will follow Mel's lead? Wanda quickly recovered, as did I, and helped with the breakfast she had brought us. "So where is Bob?" I asked. Laughing she said, "I wore him out … Marathon sex last night… So I let him sleep in." "Oh, that's right, It is Saturday huh?" I said realizing that I had completely lost track of what day it was.

"Oh, Wanda, you didn't have to bring us breakfast on your day off," I replied, touched by the gesture, although I suspect Wanda had an ulterior motive. I smiled. Wanda smiled. "I think she missed me," Mel said and giggled. I think this is going to be an interesting breakfast… Wanda brought us full breakfasts from Cracker Barrel. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, thick-sliced bacon, smoked sausage, a slice country ham, and all the fixings including, hash browns and toast.

"Wow… That's quite a spread, Wanda… Thank you so much." I said my mouth watering looking at all the food. Un huh… that's not the only reason your mouth is watering… Well, a naked Mel and an almost naked Wanda from the waist up… Was quite a sight.

But I did have to admit I was very hungry. "I know, right? But am always famished after a night of hard sex… I figured you guys would be hungry too." Wanda smiled I smiled Mel smiled and turned a light shade red. "Excuse me; I need to go to the bathroom?" Wanda asked. "Off the entry hallway," I said. As she went in search of the bathroom, Mel pulled me in close and said, "We need to talk…" "Okay?" "I love men, but I like girls too, I have since I was sixteen… With my boyfriend and future husband, I will always be monogamous… But I need to be able to play with girls on a regular basis… Can you handle that?" I laughed "The boyfriend part, future husband part or the playing with girls part?" Mel blinked, blushed bright red and then laughing said, "All three!" Damm… the woman I was going to marry liked girls too… YES!

Wow! Mel was the whole package and was going to fulfill every guy's fantasy as well. My mind was racing. Were Mel and Wanda going to have sex, like right stellar czech honey lexi dona pleasures and comes Was I going to be invited to play? Oh, Fuck. What about Bob? Mel brought me back to the now as she kissed me very passionately.

Her mouth desperately attacking mine, her tongue rigid and very playful. She ended the embrace much too quickly. "For the record, Yes you are my boyfriend, no doubt there… Husband… The verdict is still out. I don't know, but uh, it's looking good so far. and yes in case you were wondering… I want you to play with me when I'm playing with girls." YES! There is a God, and He is good! "Well, it will be rough… But for you, I can make the sacrifice." We both laughed as Wanda walked in.

"What did I miss?" "I was just explaining to Bob, well my Bob, my… needs and desires…" "What about it Captain? You good?" Hmmm… When did they talk? Wanda, I'm fucking awesome. "Yes Ma'am, I'm very good." Wanda looked over at Mel.

Mel had a huge grin on her face. "Uh huh." Was all she said. Did I just miss something here? "Ah, very cute, you know what I meant," I said catching on to what I just stated. "I did, yes, but it's good to know about your sexual prowess too." She said with a grin. Brown will have his hands full with this one… "Let's eat this wonderful breakfast before it gets cold," I said changing the subject.

Mel and I were sitting next to each other and Wanda was across from Mel. As we ate, my hand was on Mel's thigh, and her hand was in my lap. Not moving or playing… just sort of laying there. I felt Mel flinch slightly and assumed Wanda was playing footsie with her. When her foot touched my hand… I had no doubt. As we finished breakfast, the girls cleared the plates, and I went to get some champagne to add to the OJ that Wanda brought.

"Mimosas in the hot tub?" I asked. Mel excused herself and headed to the bathroom as Wanda, and I finished cleaning up. "I'm gonna fuck you girlfriend Cap; you know that, right?" She stated very matter of factly after Mel left the room.

"Yes Wanda, I did get that impression," I said as I laughed. "You can join in, but you can't fuck my pussy, only oral and anal… Okay?" Fuck me!

Damm, did Wanda just offer me her ass? "Ah… What about Bob? I mean I assume he knows you like girls?" "Yes, he does, and allows me to play with other guys, oral and anal only, as long as I tell him about it." "Okay… I am good with that… But I won't share Mel with any other Man!

Sorry." "No, I already figured that… I talked to Bob; he's alright with that too." Holy Shit! I was going to get to watch Wanda fuck Mel and then Fuck Mel and eat Wanda… and maybe fuck her in the ass? Wow! I wasn't sure how Mel would be with me playing with Wanda… after all, she said 'I want you to play with me when I'm playing with girls.' I would just play it by ear. Wanda with the OJ, Mel with the glasses and me with the champagne headed to the hot tub.

With no hesitation at all Wanda stripped off her top, shorts and very skimpy black thong and proceeded to get in the hot tub. Mel, being already naked, just got in as I took off my shorts and tee shirt.

We sat down and mixed the drinks. It was quite a sight, Mel was next to Wanda, two sets of very lovely breasts. Mel's nipples were already hard, and Wanda's were growing before my eyes. I sat across from them with a birds-eye view of all the action… Well, the action I was expecting to see… Wanda wasted no time at all and started to kiss Melanie, as her hand slipped between her legs.

I felt my manhood start to rise. Mel moaned into Wanda's mouth and kissed her back hard as her fingers played with Wanda's red tresses and her legs spread of their own volition. I couldn't exactly see what Wanda was doing between Mel's legs, but it was having an amazing effect on her.

Her breathing became faster and more shallow, and she raised her pelvis as she kissed Wanda with wanton abandon. Wanda broke the kiss and started licking Mel's neck, and her other hand caressed her breasts. Mel was moaning and making little noises as Wanda worked her magic between Mel's quivering legs. It was so different from being between Mel's legs with my tongue on her clit, making her cum, and watching someone else make her cum.

"Yes, Melanie. Let it go for me." Wanda said in a husky sounding voice. That was all it took… Mel screamed, tossed her back and her body convulsed as her orgasm overtook her. It was such an amazing thing to see. So unlike pornos, this was 100% the real deal. But Wanda didn't stop; it looked like she stuck two fingers inside Mel and began moving them back and forth very quickly as she sucked one of her nipples into her mouth. "Oh God… Oh God… Fuck…" Mel said almost incoherently as she hit the peak for the second time.

"Captain Jones, come fuck your woman as she eats me." Your wish is my command… Wanda lifted a shaky Mel up, turned her around and bent her over as she sat down on the bricks surrounding the hot tub, positioning her lap in front of Mel's face. I stood up and crossed the six feet of the hot tub. As Mel started slowly licking Wanda's upper thighs, I grabbed Mel's sweet ass with one hand as I guided myself into her pussy with my other hand.

Normally I would have been a little worried as water is anything but a lubricant, but Mel's still flowing hot bedroom scene with non professional paramours getting hot and heavy were more than enough of a natural lube.

Damm! I'm in my own fucking porn shoot… If this was only being filmed… Wait a minute, there is a camera covering the patio and hot tub area, and it's motion activated.

YES! Maybe I'd share it with Officer Brown… As Mel's hands moved to Wanda's nipples as her tongue was closing on her neatly trimmed sex. I started to enter Mel, slowly, a third of the way in, then back out, in and back out, then halfway, in and out a few times. Although muffled I heard Mel say, "Oh fuck, I love the way you tease me… But if you wouldn't mind too much, could you just fuck me hard?" "You heard the lady, Cap, fuck her brains out as she eats my pussyyyyyyy." Wanda stopped short as Mel began chowing down on her now very wet sex in earnest.

Because of my height, and leaning a little bit to the left as I fucked Mel, I could see exactly what she was doing between Wanda's legs. As I started thrusting my full length in and out of Mel, she started moaning very loudly.

Wanda told me later that Mel's moaning into her pussy as she ate her was a fucking incredible sensation. I wondered if I could make Mel cum at the same time she made Wanda cum. Because of their previous session, both were highly aroused and very close. I had both of my hands resting on Mel tight round ass as I continued to fuck her at a nice deliberate pace.

"Baby Girl?" I laughed as they both answered at the same time, "Yes, Daddy?" Hmmm both Mel and Wanda had a Daddy fetish… "Mel, as I start to fuck you very fast I want to you suck on Wanda's clit very hard and make her cum." "Wanda, as I start to fuck Mel very hard I want you to cum as she comes." "Yes… Daddy." "Yes… Daddy." Fucking awesome… I could get used to being Daddy.

I grabbed Mel's ass very hard with my fingers extended and started to pound her out very fast, deep and hard. At the same time, I heard Mel's slurping noises as she attacked Wanda's clit with reckless abandon. Wanda leaned back almost lying on the ground as she made guttural noises.

Mel was having a hard time keeping her mouth on Wanda's sex as I relentlessly drove myself into her again and again. Mel screamed and her body shuddered as she came. As Mel screamed into her pussy, Wanda let out a screech, that I'm sure the guard in the gatehouse must have heard, and came violently.

Hearing and seeing both girls cum, I let loose a flood of sperm deep inside of Mel sweet, tight vagina. It must have been some sight to see. Wanda's tight body sprawled on the paver stones still panting. Mel leaning over of the edge of the hot tub, breathing still ragged, and me hanging on to Mel completely spent and gasping for breath.

It was well after noon when Wanda left, freshly clean and showered. It was a very memorable morning. After the first round, I ate out Wanda as she did the same to Mel. Then Mel went down on Wanda as I fucked Wanda's mouth and came down her very talented throat. We finished with me alternatively licking both girls asses as they were in a very sensual sixty-nine.

I wasn't sure how Melanie would react to me being intimate with Wanda, but when Wanda pointed to her pussy and said, "Lick me Daddy, and make me cum." Mel smiled and said most enthusiastically, "Yes Daddy, make her cum, make her feel as good as you make me feel." ============== After Wanda left, I made us some lunch, Caesar Salad, and bacon cheeseburgers.

The rest of the day Mel and I laid on cushions in the pool, swam a little, and mostly cuddled on the chaise lounges. Around four o'clock Mel was in her happy spot, lying on my chest, her legs tangled in mine, sleeping very comfortably. I looked down at her sweet body next to mine. "If you only knew how much I loved you, Melanie Ann," I said in just above a whisper. She stirred briefly, said something like "umm too," and was softly snoring within minutes.

It was about six pm when I woke up, Mel still on my chest. "Hey sleepy head, time to get up." She opened up one eye, looked up at me and said, "Do we have to?" I reached down and stroked her golden blonde hair.

"Yes, baby we have to get up." Reluctantly, she detached herself from me, got up, and stretched. You can't realize just how sexy a stretch can be until you have seen Mel stretch. Being that one of the things she packed was a yoga mat, I assumed Mel practiced regularly. While her stretch wasn't really yoga moves, it was very sensual. It also didn't hurt when she shook her tight well-rounded ass at me as she bent and touched her toes. I could see the lips of her innie pussy peek out between her luscious ass cheeks.

She was so beautiful. Make dinner. Talk to Mel about today's events, or throw her down and fuck that tight innie pussy? Choices… We could talk later… Dinner could wait… I turned Mel around, pulled her to me, looked her in the eyes and kissed her with my eyes open.

Mel, blinked, eyes bright, then she closed her eyes, melted into me, and kissed me. Not hard, or rough, but very soft and sweet, very loving. As I pulled her firm body tighter into mine, I felt my erection growing to its full size as it pressed into her stomach, my balls resting on top of her wet sex.

Pretty blonde teen bonnie grey gets pounded by her stepdad that moment it seemed as if my body had a mind of its own as I picked her up, holding on to her ass cheeks and lowering her onto my now fully erect and raging cock.

Mel wrapped her legs around my back as her arms grabbed my shoulders and then crossed behind my neck as I sunk myself inside of her. "Oh my God… Oh fuck… You're so deep." She moaned into my mouth and bit my lower lip. I moved my mouth to kiss her neck as I lifted her up and back down on my cock. Mel bounced down into my cupped hands and then rose up pulling on my neck in rhythm with my slow deep thrusts. I gasped as I felt her vagina contract around my cock.

"Oh Baby Girl, you're so fucking tight." I'm starting to get into this whole Daddy, Little Girl thing.

I moaned into her neck and increased the speed of my strokes while my manhood slid in and out of her tight, sweet pussy. I was finding it difficult to hold on to her as she started to buck harder each time I penetrated her. I felt her body begin to tense up as I increased the tempo. It was such a frantic pace. I pushed her up which almost removed the entire length of my cock only to immediately fill her again when she pushed harder on the downward thrust which filled her. "Fuck me, Daddy… Fuck meeee… Oh God… Fuckkk meee… Hardddd…" I could feel her convulsing as her orgasm overtook her.

Before her last scream left her mouth, I groaned loudly. "Oh FUCK. I'mm cuming. I cumming, Melanieeeee." That was the first time with Mel that I spoke as I came, my voice sounding ragged and stressed with need. I thrust a few more times, emptying my load of warm, sticky cum deep inside her. We motionlessly clung to each other and kissed passionately while trying to catch our breath. Recorded private hannah martin webcam tried to gracefully lower Mel to the chaise lounge, but my arms turned to jelly, and we both fell across it, Thank goodness it was well made and held our weight and the force of our impact.

We were covered in sweat, and our arms were wrapped tightly around each other as we slowly came down alice march got a hard pussy stuffing and face full of jizz pornstars and hardcore recovered. While I laid beside her, I realized neither of us had showered.

It didn't seem to matter that we were covered in drying sweat, cum, and each other's bodily fluids. I just couldn't take my hands off the woman who was still trying to catch her breath in my arms. As I looked into her eyes I kissed her softly; we rolled over. As I laid on my back, Mel moved to lay her head on my chest and smiled into my eyes.

"I was awake." "What?" I inquired not sure what she meant. "When you said "If I only knew how much you loved me… Bob… I think I do… I feel the same way about you!" "You do?" "Uh huh… " She lowered her eyes and hid her face in my chest.

I could feel the heat from her cheeks. I stroked her hair as I thought about the last two days. I find out that the sexy, sensual woman laying across my chest is not just a bartender, but a lawyer. She has a Daddy/Baby Girl fetish, and she plays with girls. You have an issue with any of that?

No, I do not have any issues with that at all. I was very happy with everything about Melanie Ann Johnson! Mel lifted her head off my chest, smiled, disentangled her body from mine and stood up. I just hot blonde milf holly sampson at her, drinking her in.

"Come on, Mr. Jones, we need a shower," she said as she extended her hand to help me up. We walked back into the house arm in arm. Just before we got into the shower, she told me something important.

"I need to tell you something about my… Past… A past that still has a hold on me… If you can accept that. then I'll marry you!" What? She just said yes… Before I even asked her?

"I hadn't realized that I had asked you to marry me, Mel?" She laughed nervously. "No, not yet, but you wanted to… Just now… I could tell… Although it scares the hell out of me right now… I wanted you to, too!" Hell yes!

I wanted to… But I was going to wait at least a month… Well, at least that's what I told myself. What? Mel wants to marry me too? If you can accept that. Then I'll marry you. The Cop and the Bartender will return… As Mel reveals a dark past and Bob has to decide if he can live with it.