First night boom press sex

First night boom press sex
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Caught Wet Handed Chapter One by Simon Fear My name is Stacy Powell. I'm 18 and a senior at the High School in the town where I live, and I live with my mom and dad and two oldest twin sisters who are 20. I am 5 ft. 2in. at a 105 lbs. with red hair to blonde beauties lips print on gazoo striptease hardcore neck, perky 34b cup tits, and a nice round and firm ass. I have fair skin with a pinkish tint to it. I am not one your hot babes that everyone lust about but I do turn a few eyes in boys and girls.

I usually dress in short skirts, the ones when you walk the back will show the bottom of my ass cheeks, and I'm not into panties, unless they are g-strings, and only on occasions because I love the feel of the air on my pussy, which by the way I keep completely shaved. I easily get horny, and my pussy drips madly when I get turned on, so much that it will drip down my thighs.

I started shaving my pussy when I saw my best friend taking a shower in the girl's locker room 4 years ago, and so I decided to try it, and did I love it. That was when I also learned about masturbation as I had several orgasms after I got done shaving. Since then I usually masturbate at 3 to 4 times a day if not more. Now after having said that I want to tell you about the first time I got caught with pleasuring myself. I had gotten out of school early that day and rushed home.

No one was there, as my parents didn't get off till 5 and my sisters would not be home from college until after 4, so I had plenty of time. I only live a mile from my school so I walked. I do this instead of driving my car so I don't spend all my money on just gas, and can use the extra money saved up to buy other things.

I kinda wished I had taken my car that day because I used up 18 minutes from the walking, which would have been used better in what I was wanting to do. I got home and changed real quick getting out my school uniform. As I finished undressing I looked at my self in the mirror, and saw that my nipples were already hard from thinking about what I was going to do. I rubbed my fingertips over my nipples and felt the sensation sweep through me as I moaned out in pleasure then pinched them a little.

I trailed down my firm tummy with my right hand as I went to my nether region. When I cupped my pussy I felt how wet I already was, in fact I was drenched. I rubbed my finger through my slit getting it all slick, and over my clit. "MMMMMM you are just a naughty little girl aren't you," I said to my reflection. "You're really going to go through with this aren't you, you little slut." I then slid my finger inside my wet hole, feeling the warmth of my inside.

"MMMMMMM ohh that feels good doesn't it, you love fucking your pussy don't you" I kept pushing my finger in and out, my juices flowing madly out of me. "UHHHH OHhhhh, you had better wait and save it for later, you don't want to get there just yet," I told myself. I could already feel the climax building up inside, but I reluctantly pull my finger out, knowing I would waste time if I didn't get a move on.

Quickly I stuck my finger into my mouth and sucked my finger off tasting my juice. I love the taste so I'm always doing it. I quickly grabbed my school shirt and wiped the remaining juice from my pussy and inner thigh, but I knew it would get wet in no time again.

I put on my black skirt, and put my red tank top on. I don't usually bother with bras either as my tits are firm, and I don't mind my nipples poking through. I then put on some black knee high stockings and my black pumps. On my way out I stopped at the mirror again and looked myself over. "You are sexy aren't you?" I pinched my nipples through the thin material making them poke out and then walked downstairs. I grabbed my purse and car keys and went outside.

Once in the car, I backed out and then drove away. I knew exactly where it was I was going. Outside of town was an adult shop that sold your sex magazine, toys, videos, books, etc. I was going there for one thing.

A vibrator. A few months ago I had come home early from school. One of my sisters Sheryl was home, and wasn't expecting anybody in at that time. I came in the house and saw some her clothes lying on the couch as if they were just thrown there. Then I heard some moaning coming from the laundry room in the back of the house.

I figured she had brought her boy friend home and they were going at it while no one was there. I was intrigued and wanted to see so I crept through the kitchen to get a peek. From the sound of her moaning I figured she was getting close, so I peeked around the corner to watch them cum, hoping that maybe he would pull out and spew his jizz onto her.

What I saw shocked me. Instead of having sex with her boyfriend she was on leaning against the dryer completely naked except for her socks, and she was pushing in and out of her pussy what looked to be like a penis except it was pink in color, and no boyfriend attached to the penis, and it was humming.

This was the first time I had seen a vibrator but I heard about them from some other girls in school. I kept watching as she pushed the toy faster into her wet hole, when her whole body started shaking. She rammed the toy deep inside her and held it while she screamed out in ecstasy, her thighs clenching tightly around her hand. Her orgasm lasted forever it seemed like. She finally started to relax as she slid down the side of the dryer and sat on the tile floor. She slowly pulled the fake penis out of her and then put it to her lips and started to lick it and then pushed it into her mouth as she started sucking on it.

I was so turned on by this, My pussy was just pouring out my girl juice as I felt it running down my legs. Sheryl finally got done sucking on the penis and started to get up. I turned around and quickly but quietly walked back to the front door, knowing that if Sheryl caught me spying on her she would kick my ass, and she could, as she has done it in the past.

I opened the door and shut it so it would let her know that someone was home. I heard the door of the dryer open and then close, so I figured she was getting some clothes on since she had left hers in the living room. She then came walking out the kitchen, wearing a pair of pj bottoms and a white t-shirt. She was walking a little weird like she was holding pee and needed to go badly and I figured it was from her little exercise she had, and she was a little flushed. I could also tell she hadn't been expecting me home for another hour as the clothes she was wearing were still damp as her shirt was sticking to her well rounded 36c cup breast and that it was pretty transparent and you could see the pink of her nipples.

"Hey Stace, you're home early." Sheryl said. "Yeah, I had all my work finished, so there wasn't any need to stay in Homeroom amateur holly hudson gets the innocence fucked out of her pornstars and hardcore. How come your home, you look a little flushed, you feeling all right." Sheryl replied, "The college had a fire today, cause some idiot threw a lit cigarette in the trash so all our classes got canceled today, and I am feeling a little sick, so I think I'll lay down for a while and relax.

Could you do me a favor, I started doing laundry and I dropped the basket in here, but I didn't get all the clothes picked up, would you take these in here and just toss em in the wash and turn it in on for me, I'll switch them to the dryer later." "Sure, anything else I can do for you." "No just that, if you don't mind, I'd appreciate it," She said.

She then kissed my forehead and went upstairs to her room. I quickly picked up her clothes, and threw them in the washer, when I realized she hadn't been carrying her toy with her, and the clothes she was wearing had no pockets to hide it, so I figured she had hidden it in her pile of clothes or one of the cabinets in the laundry room.

I began searching everywhere for it, looking high and low, but I never found it. "Too bad" I said to myself, "I bet that would feel awesome." I gave up searching and grabbed a soda and a sandwich and headed upstairs to my room. As I passed her door, I could hear her moaning softly and I recognized the unmistakable low hum of her vibrator.

I ran to my room and shut the door and I ate my sandwich trying to figure out she carried it past me without me seeing it. As I finished my sandwich it finally dawned on me. She had known she didn't have any pockets on her clothes, and that if she had left it hidden in the laundry room someone might find it, so she had taken it out the only way she could, she had left inside her pussy, and that was why she had been acting like she needed to pee.

She was clenching her pussy to hold the vibe in so it wouldn't fall out and down her pants legs where it would fall out onto the floor into open view. I got so horny thinking about it I slipped out of my skirt and laid down on my bed and fingered myself off. I was so turned on I came quickly squirting my juices all over my quilt.

As I lay there after I was done I realized I wanted to buy a vibrator for my own. I got up not worrying about my skirt as I got on my computer and got online. I looked up vibrators, and found a page on all sorts of different vibes varying in shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. I then read an article where you could buy these online or go to an Adult bookstore.

I did a search to find the closest Adult bookstore near my town, since I didn't have a credit card to purchase online, and if I did, I still didn't want one delivered to my house, and raise questions if someone else got the package before me. I was surprised to find an Adult bookstore just 5 miles out of town. I didn't think there would be milf alexis fawx fucks teen lovers in hardcore threesome this close.

That was when I made the decision to go to it and buy one. As I drove out of the city limits I started thinking about it, and I was beginning to get horny again.

I was out in the open country now and I thought what the hell. I set the cruise control and then using my knees on the steering wheel, I raised my ass off the seat and pushed my skirt to my whipping ugly slave first time ashly andercronys son in treat me with no respect, then taking the wheel with one hand I used the other to push my skirt down to my feet.

I reached my hand down between my legs and felt myself, looking at myself in the rearview mirror. "Ohhhhh my your so wet Stace, you dirty girl, just thinking such naughty things." I began rubbing my clit causing me to get even wetter. "MMMMMM so hot and wet thinking about the new toy your fixing to buy yourself. I began thrusting my finger into my wet pussy, and it started making squishy slurps and plops.

"MMMMMMM yes fuck yourself girl, fuck that little two stunning babes share a massive member of yours." I began pushing my finger in and out faster and harder, and as I began feeling my climax building up, I got lost in my own little world and didn't realize that I had accidentally stepped on the gas pedal increasing my speed.

"Ohhhhh fuck Stace, yeah fuck your pussy, Uhhhhhh oh yes, damn that feels so good." I kept picking up speed with my hand, as well as with the car.

Ohhhh God I'm almost there, I'm gonna cum." I began bucking my ass up and down in my seat in rythym with fingers. "UUGGGHHHH oh god yess I'm almost there ohhh it feelss soo good, yes UUGGHH." I was all of a sudden startled when loud sirens began blaring behind me.

I glanced at my speedometer and was shocked to see that I was doing over 80 mph in a 55 speed zone. "Oh shit, Oh shit I'm in so much trouble, why did he have to be patrolling out here." I pulled over to the shoulder and stopped the car, and put it in park. I pushed the review mirror back into place so I could see the car, but I happened to be traveling east so at 2:30 pm the sun was behind me and glaring into my mirror and I could not see behind me.

I then heard the car door shut and I thought my parents would kill me when they found out I got a ticket for speeding.

I rolled the window down, and I heard the Officer's radio saying, "464, your 10-28 registers back to a Stacey Powell, no prior history, no 10-29's." I wondered what a 10-28 & 10-29 meant, and figured it to be some kind of police codes. As I heard the footsteps of the officer approaching on the gravel I reached down beside me to grab my purse, when to my horror I realized that during my frustration at being interrupted in a good orgasm, and for being pulled over, I had forgotten to pull my skirt back up which was laying on the floor board.

Here I was half-naked, my tank top stopped right below my tummy, and my whole pelvis was exposed, showing my pink and extremely drenched pussy. My heart leapt into my throat, as I realized I was in more trouble than just a speeding ticket. I knew I couldn't bend over and pull my skirt back up in time, plus I was afraid that the officer might think I was reaching for a weapon, so I just placed my purse in my lap hoping he wouldn't be able to down into my lap. As the officer reached my window, I stammered, "I.

I'm sorry Officer, I didn't realize I was going so fast." I was surprised when I heard this female voice say, "I need to see your driver's license and proof of insurance miss. I reached into my purse and pulled them out and handed them to the Officer.

When I looked out I saw a female Officer standing there. She was blonde, with a short crop, her breasts which looked to be about a 36c cup were trying to push out of her shirt, she had a slim waist and looked to be about 5ft 8 in. She wasn't what you would call beautiful but she had a pretty face and looked to be in her mid 20's.

"Miss Powell, I clocked you doing about 89 about 2 miles back, and you were swerving a little. You didn't leave spex casting chick pussylicked by euro babe lane, but you got pretty close. Is everything sharukh khan and kajol xxx right?" Oh she had a sweet little voice, but I could also feel the authority behind the voice and knew that even though she looked fragile I was dirty instructions keep it down or i fuck you up sure she could handle herself.

"I'm sorry Officer I was a bit distracted." "Miss Powell you don't look so good, are you feeling all right?" She said. "I'm just nervous Officer, I've never sped before" Then she asked, "Where are you headed?" I tried to think of a good lie but I didn't know what was out this way so I just replied, "I'm going to K.T.'s bookstore". I was hoping that since the bookstore was out of the city limits she might not know what kind of bookstore it was. She gave me weird glance, and I knew then she wasn't fooled.

"Going for some extra curricular reading or something are you?" I began to blush, "Just checking it out, my friends told me it was a good bookstore." The Officer stared at me a little longer then said, "Miss Powell if you'll just wait here I have to go back and run your license." She turned around and started walking back and I got a looked at her firm ass, and I got to wondering what she looked liked naked.

I could feel myself getting excited again thinking about her naked as I waited, I slowly slipped my hand under my purse and stuck my finger back into pussy. I closed my eyes imagining the Officer naked I didn't even hear her walk back up. "Miss Powell everything checks out and you have a good record." I gasped and jerked my hand out.

She handed me my Driver License and insurance card and as I took them my hand touched her. The Officer looked at her hand funny and then smell of it, and I was wondering why, when I realized my hand was pretty wet from my juices and that juice had smeared onto her hand. "Ma'am, I going to need you to step out of the vehicle." I looked shocked as I asked, "Is everything OK, I thought you said I checked out good." "Miss Powell you look flustered and I feel you might be under the influence of an intoxicating substance and I need to have you do some test to make sure." "Officer there really is no need, I don't do drugs." "Miss Powell please step out of the vehicle, or I will have to arrest you for obstruction.

If you pass the tests I'll just let you off you with a warning, so your driving record won't be bad, but if you refuse, you'll be charged with obstruction and have a ticket for speeding and a C&I." I knew that the instance I stepped out it would over anyway, but I didn't have a choice so I placed the purse to the side, and opened the door and slowly stepped out.

I saw the surprised looked on the Officer's face and I knew I was done for. I hung my head down in shame, and yet I was completely aroused at being half naked out on the highway in front of the pretty officer. "Miss Powell, you are now also in another violation of indecent exposure, and I'm going to have to place you under arrest." I started tearing up, "Officer please I'm sorry, but if you would, my skirt is down there if you'll let put it on." I started to reach back into my car, when she grabbed my wrist and twisted it behind my back and then slammed me against the car.

"We'll have none of that now, you are going to stand just like this, since you want to drive around like this." She then placed my hand on top of the car along with my hand, and then using knee she shove it between my legs forcing them apart. I gasped out from the pain in my chest and from feeling the air rush between my legs.

Her knee brushed my pussy causing some juice to squirt out. I knew it got on her pants. "Well you're just a horny little slut aren't you, your getting off on this shit," she said. "Now for my own protection as well as yours I am going to have to search for weapons." "Officer I'm sure you can see I can't be hiding anything." WHACK!!!

I cried out as I felt her club hit my ass. "Do not sass me young lady, you are in enough trouble as it is, and there are places you could be hiding things" Her hands started running through my hair, then she moved down to my shoulder, and then started moving down my back. My pussy was on fire by this time, I couldn't believe this was happening.

Her hand then began caressing my bare ass, and I let out a little gasp as she touched the area where her club at hit me. Damn, her hands felt good and it was making my situation even worse. Her hands lingered a little longer on my ass, then she moved down the back of my thighs.

She felt around my stockings, then started moving back up inside my thighs. My breathing got heavier as her hand touched the outside of my pussy, oh how wonderful it felt. Then her finger slipped inside of me and I moaned out as my legs spread open a little more. She jerked her finger out, and "WHACK" her club hit me again on my ass. "Now none of that slut, you'll do just what I say and nothing more." Damn I was getting turned on.

She moved her hand tattooed hottie has fun with a dick to my pussy and slipped her finger in again, and I couldn't help but moan.

She started moving her finger around inside, and I could feel a climax building. "Oh no," I thought "Please don't let me cum in front of her." Then she pushed another finger inside and I gasped out and was moaning louder than I should.

I was right on the brink of cumming when she pulled out. "Well there's nothing in there, but you could still be hiding something somewhere else." She moved her hands in front of my pelvis and started feeling under my shirt and moving up my tummy. She placed her hands right under my tits feeling the bottom of them.

"Well this wont do," She said, "Your shirt is in my way." She grabbed ahold of the bottom of my of tank top and to my surprise she pulled it way up and over my head leaving it hanging on my arms. I was now totally exposed to this Officer and to anyone who might drive by. "Please Officer what if someone drives by." WHACK. Her club hit my ass again.

Oh that was beginning to sting, as she was new ebony xxx v f storys hitting the same spot. "Shut your mouth slut, you should have thought about that before driving around the country exposing your twat to anyone who might drive by." Damn why was I getting so turned on. I heard her sniffing and realized she was smelling my juice on her hands. "Damn slut you are just drenched down, but you smell good." She placed her hands back around me and began feeling of my tits, running her finger tips over my erect nipples, then she began squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples.

I could feel her tits through her shirt pressing against my bare back, and I swear I felt brooke and jordan darkish colored haired chick screwed by gigantic cock as wel nipples were hard. She was breathing a little hard. "Nice and perky, I bet you love showing your tits to everyone don't you?" "Please, I don't." WHACK.

Oh my ass was getting so sore. "I said shut lezdom master spanking gagged subs ass submissive discipline, you do not speak unless I tell you. Now there in nothing hidden on your body, or inside your cunt but there is fucked in the mouth and finished with a massage more place to search." I wondered where else could I be hiding something, when I heard the sound of Velcro opening.

Then I heard her pull something out. What could she possible be doing. Then I heard the familiar sound of when you're in a doctor's office when they pull those rubber gloves on. Oh shit she wasn't going to search there was she. "Officer please don't, I ne." WHACK. Ouch.

When was I going to learn to shut my mouth. I heard her searching for something, then she muttered, "Damn I don't have that lubricant. Well you have plenty of lubricant don't you, I think I'll just borrow some from you." I thought I don't any lubri. UGGhhhhh I groaned as two of her finger slipped into my pussy. Oh that lubricant. She swished her fingers around inside for a few moment. Oh shit I was about to cumm, but then she pull out and it made a wet splot sound.

Oh I didn't care at this point I just wish she would let me cumm, I was so on fire. Then she reached in front and pulled me back a little ways causing my ass to stick further out.

She spread my butt cheeks apart and then I felt her wet latex fingers rubbing against my asshole. It sent a chill through my body although it was very warm out.

Then I felt preasure as she started pushing her fingertip into me. "OHHhh" I moaned as her finger slipped in. She started moving her finger around inside and I couldn't believe the sensations I was getting from this.

"Hmmmm, I need wife husband swinger in playboy tv go further, but I can't do it with one finger." I felt her other begin to press in, and there was a little pain. "Damn you are tight there, I guess you don't do anal do you." "What is anal?" I managed to gasp out. I felt her shove hard and her finger slipped in to join the other one. "It is when you fuck your ass instead of your pussy, I figured a slut like you would know that." She wiggled her fingers around inside for what seemed like forever, and I felt my climax building again.

Damn if that's what it does I might try it I thought. Right before I was about to cum she pulled out again. Oh I wished she would quit teasing me. I heard her take off the glove and throw it on the ground.

Then she grabbed my arm and spun me around to face her. Now that my arms were not on the car's top my shirt slid off and hit the ground. She then kicked it off to the side. I looked up at her, and I knew my eyes were all red from the tears, but I surprised to see the look on her face.

Instead of anger there was a smile with a lustful look in her eyes as she checked me out. "You are a hot little number, but we're not through yet, and I'm going to enjoy this." I was expecting something awful to happen, but was shocked when she stepped into me, and planted her lips right on mine. I then felt her tongue slide into my mouth, and I smelled the perfume on her. I was so turned on I met her tongue with mine.

Her tits were pressed up against mine and her hands began caressing my sore ass. I started to move my hands around her when she pulled back and with lightening reflexes grabbed my wrist, pulled her cuffs out, and slapped it onto my wrist, then twisted me around, putting my arm behind me, and then grabbed my other wrist and pulled it rose monroe fucks in public me, and slapped the other cuff on me.

I was now completely at the mercy of the Pretty Officer, fully naked. Fear came over me as thought now I'm going to jail and I have nothing on. "This is my show, I'm in charge and I control where your hands go do you understand me?" I managed to nod in agreement.

She then removed her gun belt and laid it on the ground. Then she stepped back in me and put her mouth to my ear and started to suck on it. Oh damn, I don't know how she knew but sucking on my ears really gets me going. She slid her tongue in my ear and licked around it. Then she whispered, "I'm going to enjoy every minute of this, and I hope you do too. I have seen you around town several time, and I knew I had to have you.

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When I saw pass by me at the edge of the town, I followed you. I have been hoping for a chance to pull you over, and then Sex fairy tales porn pornbabushki ru pu saw my opportunity." I looked at her and saw her pretty smile and knew I wanted her too, she had control over me and it turned me on.

"What if someone drives by?" "I took care of that," She said, "After you pulled onto this country highway I stopped the car, and set up a detour sign, we shouldn't be bothered." I smile back, Damn I had Police stalker, and I loved it.

She leaned back into me and began kissing me, sliding her tongue into me, and I met back with mine. As we kissed her groped my sore but her touch was gentle.

She moaned a little and she started kissing down my neck. Oh she knew just the right ways to get to me. She trailed down to tits, as she began bathing my tits with her tongue.

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She flicked one nipple several times, then moved to other one and did the same thing. She then took my nipple into her mouth and began sucking on it. "MMMMMM" I moaned. She squeezed my ass and then trailed her fingertips through my crack. After she sucked one nipple for a while she moved over to the other one and began sucking. Oh it felt so wonderful sending chills through my back and down into my pussy.

I had never been sexed up like before, and knew Teen takes cum outside young old and pornstars was missing out. When she got done sucking on those nipples she trailed down my tummy with her tongue licking here and there. Then she slid her tongue into my navel. I gasped out as she began probing my belly button, and sucking on it. Damn how did she know all my sensitive area. I could my juices just flowing out and down my thighs.

Then she moved further down and she planted a kiss right above my pussy. "OhhHhhh." I moaned, "Please I need it badly." Instead of sliding her tongue inside my pussy like I was hoping, she trailed around the outside with her tongue then moved down to my inner thighs where she began lapping my juices off me. Ohhhh such a tease, I loved it. "MMMMM you taste so sweet Stacey, and you are so wet, I never saw so much juice come from a girl." "Wait till I cumm," I cooed back at her.

She looked back up at me lovingly and I saw the burning lust in her eyes. Then she blew air my pussy. 'UUGghhhhh," I moaned. My knees almost gave out. Then she slid her tongue she loves to lick my ass and milk me then drink it all and licked across my nether lips.

Ohh I felt like I was about to collapse but I managed to stay up. Then she slid her tongue into my lips, and flicked my clit, and then pulled it into her mouth as she began sucking on it. "OOhhhhhh yes, please UGGHhhhh" I gasped out. My knees did actually give but her hands held my ass, and my leaning against the car kept me falling into her. Then slid her tongue deep into my pussy, and began probing in and out, and wiggling around inside. "OOOOHhhh yes, fuck me, AAHhhh oh shit I'mm gonna cummm, UGGHHhh AAhHHHhh" I grounded my hips into her as my pent-up orgasm released itself with a powerful explosion.

Wave after wave of my girl juice gushed out all over her pretty face, she tried drinking it all in but there was too much as it flowed over drenching her hair, and running down her cheeks onto her uniform shirt. But she kept going, licking and sucking my pussy. I didn't have even finish my one orgasm when another powerful one racked my body. "AAAAAGGggg fuck, OhhHhhhh yesss UGghhhh", I screamed out. I knew I was squeezing her head with my thighs and I was afraid I might hurt but I was no longer in control of my own body.

I gushed more juice onto her face and I could feel it running down my legs, and soaking my stockings up, but she kept going thrusting her tongue deep inside me, as another orgasm racked my body yet again.

"AAAhhhhh shit UGGGhhhh fuck yesssss." I was screaming so loudly I knew if anyone was near by they could hear me clearly but I didn't care. She started sucking on my clit again as she removed one of hand from my and thrust two fingers into my soaking pussy, as she began finger fucking. "OOOHHHhh fuck my pussy, OOhhh shit yessss, AAHHHHhhhh".

Another orgasm hit my body, as more juice squirted out onto the Officer face. My pussy was getting so sensitive I could barely handle her touching me, but she kept going as two orgasms racked me in a row. "OOhhh please I ca. I can't take. Take anymore" I managed to stuttered. She moved her face back but gave me one more good long lick through my slit, as a smelled orgasm spasmed out.

My knees felt like rubber, and my head was spinning so wildly I almost fell into her, but she managed to catch me and slowly lowered me down, till I was sitting on the pavement. I was breathing hard and trying to catch my breath and my orgasms dwindled down.

The Officer knelt down beside me and cupped one of tits, and she leaned in and began tonguing my mouth again. I meekly tongued back, as I was still trying to gain control of my body. "I'm sorry I over did you sweety but when you began gushing all over my face I had to have more. I have never seen anything like before and it got me hot." "Oh no don't be sorry, I have never experienced anything like before," I stammered. I reached up and cupped her tit and began massaging it, tweaking her hard nipple that struggling to rip her shirt open.

"MMMMMM", She moaned. She thrust her chest out, and I swear it looked like her shirt would bust open. She began to unbutton it, when the radio on her belt blared out, "Station to 464". "Shit," the Officer said. She reached over and took her radio out, all the while I was still massaging her tit. "Station this 464" "464, we need you to cancel your 10-7, and respond to a 10-90 at the General Mart on Wilcox and Rowe, to back up carnival public stealing will only get you fucked. All other cars are busy at this time." "10-4, Station, I will be enroute from County Highway 1746." The Officer quickly got up and put her gun belt back.

I slowly stood up. "You have to go." She leaned forward and gave me a quick on the lips, "Unfortunately I must, duty calls." She pulled out a pad and quickly jotted down something on it. "I'm giving you a warning this time, it want go on your record, but should you feel the need to speed again, call this number, between these time, and let me know where you'll be at. You still owe me" She gave me another quick kiss, tweaked my nipple and ran back to her car.

"Wait", I called to her. She stopped at her door and looked back. "What's a 10-90?" "Burglary Alarm," she called back. "Be careful," I called back. She smiled and got in her car. I just stood there naked and watched as she pealed out and did a U-turn and sped back to the city with her lights and siren going. I stood there for a few minutes, when I realized that the front of her shirt was soaked as well as her hair with my juice.

I sighed as my new lover disappeared in the distance her siren fading. I looked at the paper she had handed me. "Officer Ivy Summers;" I read "I will definitely be giving you a call." I then realized that I was still standing there naked. I picked up my Shirt and put it back on, then I reached in my car and pulled out my skirt and put it on. Just in time and another car drove by and honked just as I cover my ass.

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I was still a little shaky and I got in my car and turned it on. I started driving away I glance at her number again, and thought to myself I will be seeing you again soon, Oh I have to by a scanner so I can hear her sexy voice and maybe she teach me what those codes are.

To Be Continued.