The pleasure of toy for shaggy cunt

The pleasure of toy for shaggy cunt
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This work is purely fictional. Any similarities to realevents or people may or may not be coincidental. Also, the charactersare thirteen. If this somehow offends you, then this story is obviously not for you. I hope you enjoy this story.

I certainly enjoyed writing it.

Now, this has some romance in it. If you are one of the people who just wants sex, skip the prologue. If you want incest, this story is not for you.

If you want death of bondage or domination, this is not for you. I don't write stuff like that, so please don't leave a comment big load of dick makes a girl happy for any of that. I am planning on more parts to this story, and I have it lined out, but feel free to suggest something. Last thing: Yes, this is a rewrite of Sammy's Inner Discovery, changed a bit and with many added parts.

More should come soon. Thank you, and bye! -James DeTorini. PROLOGUE: THE CREEK As the bus rolled away, Jen and I couldn't help but cheer. After all, it was, after nine grueling months of hard work, finally Summer vacation.

The weather had been growing hotter and hotter with each passing day, and my classmates had grown more and more anxious to get out of school. Since we were in the seventh grade, however, we'd had exams for the first time, and Summer vacation was now sweeter and more refreshing than ever. We'd gotten off at her bus stop, though we usually didn't. However, today's destination was different, in the thick woods behind her neighborhood.

It was the creek, which had been a favorite place of ours since we'd found it four years ago. It was a quiet, serene place, and very beautiful.

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We hung out there often, though hadn't done it lately with all our studying. "I am so glad it's finally Summer!" I cried out, smiling widely. Jen laughed. "Shut up! That was loud!" she said playfully.

"I don't care," I replied. Then, at the top of my lungs, I yelled, "SUMMER! WOOHOO!" She playfully pushed me, laughing harder. "I said shut up!" Happily, we made our way toward a small path between two trees, which we had forged ourselves four years earlier. We had been simply exploring when we stumbled across the calming waters of the creek, and then we found a good pathway that would be hard to find for an outsider.

The path wound through the dense trees, making its way down until the creek suddenly came into sight. And it was quite a sight; the water peacefully flowed across the rocks, surrounded by beds of limestone chock-full of marvelous old marine fossils and amazingly beautiful green-leaved trees.

The flowing water created a comforting sound that seemed to instantly dissolve one's troubles as easily as it did the many sediments inside. Jen and I sat on a bed of limestone, dangling our bare feet into pregnant girl with beautiful tits does everything imaginable waters a foot below. "I love this place," she said, closing her eyes and feeling the breeze.

She had very dark brown hair, hanging down her back to her waist, and beautiful deep brown eyes. Thirteen, she was mostly Caucasian, part Czech, part Swedish; but also looked vaguely Japanese. She actually was one-eighth Japanese. Her mixed background made her beautiful. Today she wore denim shorts at about her knees, and a red tanktop that fit her frame nicely. The many trees shaded us from the scorching Texas sun, and the fair breeze blew her long brown hair like the heroine from a movie.

The water lapping at my ankles was nice and cool, and Jen and I sat there for several moments, enjoying the calm of the scene. Next to my left hand, between Jen and me, an indentation made from what looked like a nautilus shell was carved in the limestone. I pointed it out to her. "Wow, that's actually a good one," she said, "compared to most of the faint ones we find!" I had to agree.

"It's pretty deep, too. And you can see all the ridges in it, look!" "Wow. that's amazing! What a cool fossil that is." "Probably of little value, though," I said, shrugging. "But it's still a good find, for us" she pointed out. "True!" I said, laughing. I picked up another rock next to me, one that was very flat and didn't look like it was about to fall apart.

Bending in my wrist, I then snapped it out and shot the hot hot sex ass destroyed by two over the waters, skipping it no less than six times! I cried out a quick, surprised laugh and high-fived her.

"Nice one, Sam!" she said, smiling and laughing. Her smile was wonderful, as bright as the sun above us and as contagious as the flu. It could brighten the darkest of days. The same went for her wonderful laugh. It was hard not to like her. So, no wonder she and I hung out so often that people referred to us as sisters.

And she was like an adopted sister in a way, I suppose, but she didn't feel that way to me. Cousin? Nah. We were much closer than that, closer that any two sisters, as well. So how could I describe my feelings for her?

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Something else flickered in me, but I didn't know what. And that feeling came up a lot that day, as we swam and played in tbe water, splashing eachother, playing with fish, and more. That was ass traffic sexy schoolgirl penetrated with toys and big cock beautiful and cumshots stirring.

I had had no idea exactly what those feelings meant then, but in due time, they'd be some of the most important feelings in my life. This is how it happened. This is our story. PART ONE: DISCOVERY Ring, ring, ring.

"Hello?" "Jen, it's me!" "Oh, hey, Sam!" she replied. "Wazzup?" "Well, since it's officially the first day of Summer - our first weekday off - I thought I should have you over!" I said.

Jen giggled. "Okay. That'd be great! But I gotta go ask my mom, hang on a sec. wait, right now, right?" "Uh, yeah," I replied. "Oh, but make sure it's okay since my parents won't be here for a while. They went to Twin Peaks to watch some 'hockey game', and won't be back till late." I heard distant footsteps over the line and faint speech. A moment later: "Yay! It's okay; she was going to check up on a house with some clients anyway." "Well, great!" I squealed.

"I'll be over in five minutes, okay?" She lived a couple blocks away and often walked to my house. "Mkay, seeyah!" "Adios!" I pressed the red button on my phone and laid back on my bed.

My room was upstairs, fairly large - 16' by 13'? - and my bed was in the center.

It was the queen my father had used as a child, and it had a big white comforter on it, which was extra-soft dowload blue film kim kardashian very warm.

Even in the Texan Summer heat, I kept the A/C really high just so I could use it. I've always liked the cold anyway - though I know Texas isn't the best place to live for a girl like me.

Across from my bed was a niche in which my computer desk stood with my much-loved Mac sitting on it, asleep. To the right of the desk was the door to my bathroom - my own personal one, which I liked a lot.

If I looked to my right, there was a fairly large window dominating the wall. It was always covered with thick brown curtains due to my disliking of too much light. The room was pretty dim, the dark wood facade on the walls helping contribute.

My room was fashioned to like the interior of a log cabin, not like Lincoln Logs but more like dark, stained plywood - just fancier. The left wall had a chest of drawers with my clothes inside, and, to the right of them, a door to the hallway.

My small closet was to the left of my computer with sliding doors. The doors were huge mirrors, which I often used. Still laying in my bed, I realized I was still in my pajamas. Though it was about four PM, I hadn't had the need to change as I had been doing my monthly chores all day, hence why I was just now inviting Jen over. I sighed and got up to go change, pressing play on my Mac and starting Bloc Party's Silent Alarm.

I opened the top drawer of my dresser and grabbed a plain purple tank top, shorts, and a new bra and pair of panties. I didn't have a aidra fox repair man gets free sex 4k fashion sense - I mostly just didn't care.

Sure, I made sure my colors matched and all, but I didn't really go for frilly stuff and dresses and all that. My clothes were mostly plain, the exceptions being the shirts I'd collected from my favorite bands. I was very into music, though most of what I liked was not very popular with my classmates.

Jen shared my tastes, which brought us very close and was even what caused our friendship to start in the first place.

One day in third grade, she'd said "nice shirt" to my Franz Ferdinand tank top. We started conversing and had hit it off right then.

With my plain clothes in hand, I turned to my right and looked at myself in the mirror. I had light brown, shoulder-length hair, blue eyes often described as 'piercing', and actual piercings in my ears. I was caucasian, descended from a mix of European cultures, and very pale. Jen often joked that I was a vampire due to my paleness and my hate of light - the latter of which she also happened to share.

People whom I meet for the first time often ask if I feel sick, but I rarely ever actually am. Still looking in the mirror, I pulled off my current pajama top. My white bra was revealed, and I unfastened that and took it off, too.

It hadn't really covered much - my breasts were small A-Cup wonders. They only bulged out about an inch, making me hope I was not done developing, though I was fairly sure I was, considering my age of thirteen. I momentarily studied my waistline, thin as ever. Though I ate often and in large quantities, I had always been nearly underweight.

I suppose I had a very fast metabolism rate. Glancing up, I noticed that my nipples were standing up, hard in the center of my half-inch-in-diameter areolae. I slowly put my index fingers to them and pressed gently, savoring the good feeling that had discovered many years ago.

I began to rub them, eyes closed with my head back in ecstasy. I then cupped my breasts nurses diary laure sainclair man in bed my hands and played with them. Closing my eyes, I rubbed them for a while, moving them up and down on my chest, surprised I was so horny.

My hand eventually wandered down to my pajama bottoms, and I found myself pulling them down along with my panties. Now fully in the nude, I could see in the mirror the pink of my inner labia slightly poking out of my pussy, hanging between my legs. In the habit of keeping up with a shaven pussy, I had shaved the previous day - not that there had been much to shave.

I lied down on the part of my bed across from the mirror and gently spread the fingers of my right hand on my mound. The supersoft comforter felt great and slick underneath my ass, and I began to move back and forth on it.

My index and middle fingers then slowly parted my lips and worked their way inside my pussy. I moaned in delight as my thumb began to rub my clit. My left hand was still toying with my breasts. My fingers worked in and out, and I could feel myself getting even wetter than before.

watching myself in the mirror, some of my juices began to flow out. I liked to watch myself in the mirror; I didn't know why, but it was strangely sexy. More and more juices flowed as I moved faster and faster towards my orgasm, as my thumb grazed sexy awesome gal likes kinky massage a lot hardcore and blowjob clit again and again, as my fingers went in and out and in and out.

I was moaning quite loudly now, and so close to cumming. Many years ago, shortly before my first period, I had discovered while bathing the art of pleasuring myself, and it had only gotten better as I developed more and more. It had taken me a whole week to figure out that my clit was a center of nerves, and a month more to achieve an orgasm. I hadn't pleased myself long enough before that to get one. I'd had 'the talk' with my parents at the age of nine after I accidentally walked in on my parents making love.

Before then, I had always considered all areas down america twboys and one gorl as dirty, but then I had learned that they had a purpose, and I got curious. Because of my being deep in ecstasy and also due to Bloc Party's "Positive Tension" playing (an interestingly ironic song in the circumstance), I did not hear Jen walk in the door.

I did not hear her as she walked up the stairs, nor did I hear her when she called my name. She also did not hear my moaning, either, and began to open my door. "Sam?" This time I heard her. Seeing her hand on the side of the quickly opening door, I screamed and grabbed a pillow, putting it over my pussy as I sat up and removed my fingers from my own depths.

She screamed too, of course, since I had startled her. She then rushed into my room even more quickly, which was the opposite effect of what I had intended. Her eyes then widened as we both screamed again in unison.

"Sam! Omigod, I am SO sorry!" she said, backing up against the door, accidentally shutting it. Since I hadn't gotten the chance to get another pillow in time, my arms were crossed, covering my breasts. She couldn't really see much of me, in fact.

She was seeing less of me than she would had I been wearing a swimsuit. Still, it felt odd since I wasn't in a swimsuit, or anything else at that. I caught my breath. "It's okay, Jen, not your fault." Today Jen was wearing a Bravery tank top that bulged over her chest and a very, very short denim skirt that only went about as far down as her wrists, revealing long slender legs that were amazingly.

I stopped my train of thought. That had been odd, I thought, then shoved that train out of my brain. Jen was talking. ".didn't know! What were you doing anyway?" "Uhh. I was changing." It wasn't a lie, just not the full truth. "Oh, well, I'm sorry again." she said. "It's okay," I replied. "It's just, no one's ever seen me naked before." And it was true. Since I was eight, my own parents hadn't even seen all of me.

"Why not?" she said with an odd half-smile. "You're gorgeous!" I smiled, and, unconsciously, my arms loosened from their places on my chest. "And besides, you're not technically naked; I can't really see anything." I had an odd feeling she was trying to. And then I realized my breasts weren't very well covered, and she must have, too, as her eyes widened as she said, "Omigod, your breasts.

they're-" I grew red with embarrassment. "I know, really small," I muttered. "Well, yeah," she said. "But that's good! I was gonna say they were… gorgeous." An odd feeling grew in me. almost like the day before. "Gorgeous?" "Yeah," she answered. "I think; I can't really see them well." I slowly took my arms off my chest. It felt so odd, letting someone see me. I was usually very prudent about myself. Her eyes moved right toward them, and another odd feeling grew within.

"Yeah, they are!" she said, looking at them. She came and sat next to me. "It's not bad to have small breasts!" she continued. "Some boys like that, and, personally, I like them bett-I mean. I think they're cute, too." She looked down for a second, but I didn't notice at the time; I'd always felt bad about my chest, but some people can like them? It was news to me, and very good news, at that. She continued, looking at my chest again. Strangely, it didn't really make me feel too uncomfortable.

"I wish mine were smaller. They're kinda big, though." And they were, compared to mine, bulging two inches from underneath her tanktop. Hers had been the first to grow of most in our school, and many girls had envied her.

They weren't by any means huge, but I personally wished I had her breasts, nice and large, fun to. I knocked that crazy train off its rails again. I noticed she was still looking at my chest, and then she noticed that I had noticed and looked up, looking slightly embarrassed.

"I wish I had yours," I said. "I think your size is cute, too." "Thanks!" she said, smiling.Then, out of the blue, looking at my chest again, she then said purposefully, "You may not be finished developing yet. They might not have grown their full size already." "I doubt it," I replied. "I'm thirteen; I'm pretty sure they're done. I mean, you're my age, and you're done developing, right?" "I think so." She kind of hesitated.

"Look." And then, suddenly, she began to take off her tanktop. My heart stopped. "Jen? What are you…?" Her tanktop was now off, and a pink bra was revealed. I watched, not breathing, as she slowly undid it, and took that off, too.

My eyes immediately focused on her breasts, which were as large and voluptuous as I had expected. Her areolae were an inch in diameter and the nipples in the center were, I was surprised to see, standing up. I realized mine were, too. "They haven't really grown in a while and I don't feel any. Sam?" I looked up again. I'd never realized Jen was so beautiful. "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine." I replied, but I was better than fine. Our eyes looking into one another's, we, as if from telepathy, suddenly.

cracked up. I didn't know why, or what was funny, but Jen's laughter was so contagious that it didn't matter. While laughing, my eyes found Jen's breasts again, which were shaking up and down on her hot chest. What was wrong with me? I thought. Since when had I ever been attracted to another girl? But the laughter alleviated any discomfort we'd had, and Jen said, still half-laughing, "See? It's not so bad to be naked in front of your best friend!" I had to agree; it was, in fact, great.

And that's when it hit me. I loved her. And I had always loved her. That was the only explanation. Her beatiful smile and great sense of humor, her kindness and and her simple awesomeness. she was amazing. She was the light of my life and I hadn't realized it till then. but now what? Did she feel the same way? What if she was repulses? What if. well, who knew. We were, after all, just about naked together already.

"So what do you think?" she asked. Meaning, ravishing milf rides on a stiff member pornstars and brunette my development.

"Um, I can't really tell." I replied. I hadn't even heard half of what she'd said in light of my sudden epiphany. A slice of silence followed. Then: "I can, she said softly, and slowly placed her hands on my breasts. I breathed sharply in, not having expected that.

This was going to be easier than I'd thought. I was not used to anyone touching me there. It felt so alien, so weird, and so. good. Her fingers pushed down on me as she searched for the nonexistent, fictitious signs. My hard nipples were touched again and again as she began to almost massage them, moving them back and forth the way I did.

It felt infinitely better than it did by myself, though. It was so sensual with someone else doing it, and I thought I was in heaven. It was quite a jump from having no one ever seeing you nude to having someone - another girl, at that - fondling your breasts. My eyes were still wide open from shock, and, after maybe seven seconds, she let go and looked down, embarrassed again.

"Umm. sorry." she muttered. Smiling and empowered, I replied, "About what?." Staring at each other, faces inches away, we, as if from telepathy, suddenly. kissed. Don't get me wrong, I'd kissed a lot before. And many were very good kissers.

But they were all boys. This time, it was so much different as our tongues wandered into one another's mouths, as our arms wrapped around each other's bodies. My pillow was still on my cross-legged lap, and she was kneeling on the bed in front of me, only dressed in her supershort skirt. We kissed for maybe fifteen seconds, which were at that point the best fifteen seconds of my life.

Breaking off, our tongues still touching for a second, we looked the other way the way two characters in a sitcom would after having their first kiss. But this was no comedy, though it was quite a situation. I was slightly embarrassed, I'll admit that. I had no idea what she was thinking, if she had liked it or found it repulsive or what.

Our deep breathing gradually slowed down as, after about three seconds, she said, still short on breath, "I think. I think I love you!" My heart swelled and I beamed. "I love you too!", and while it may seem silly reading it, it was a very dramatic moment for us, and we launched at each other. I found myself laying flat on my back (still with the pillow) with her laying on top of me as we kissed each other. While we did so, we also fondled each other's breasts, and, I have to say, the best fifteen seconds of my life kept updating.

A lot. It felt so good and so right. I loved her. She loved me. Skin on skin was the best feeling in the world, especially with supersoft comforter beneath my ass. Possibly after about two minutes, we broke off and declared our cutie kenzie gets fucked hard by charles with a big cock for one another once more. I couldn't believe how lucky I was. I never had known I was a lesbian until now, and I was finding out with probably the most beautiful girl in existence.

But the best had yet to come, by far. She moved down on me and I felt hertits on my stomach, which felt amazing. Then, experimentally, she brought her tongue down to my nipple and licked it. Oh. My. God. It was exquisite. Never had anyone licked me before, which sounds like an odd thing to saneleon xxx story sax dawnland, however true it may be.

Her tongue then began to trace circles around my nipple, and soon, my entire right breast was in her mouth, surrounded by her lips. She was sucking and licking so well that it was hard to believe that it was possible to pleasure oneself. She then began to move her lips slowly up my breast so that they eventually only surrounded my nipple, which she sucked extremely hard on as I moaned. She then put my entire breast in her mouth again, making her lips smaller until they surrounded only my nipple again and did it over and over again, still using her hands to fondle with my other breast.

"Oh, yeah." I cried as she hummed. After a while more of ecstasy, she switched breasts and concentrated on my left one. Tongue still moving quickly, still sucking hard, she really knew how to please me.

Again with her hands, she fondled my right breast now, and it was even better due to the fact that they were now wet with her saliva. Her hands became slippery as she rubbed me, and it was like a lubricant.

Another new best fifteen seconds of my life. After coming up again, we kissed again, and I flipped her over so I'd be on top. She laughed, having fun, japanese wife raped by postman I started what she had done to me, placing my tongue on her nipples. This was better than feeling them with my hands. Since they were so big, it felt amazingly great to have her entire tit in my mouth, and I, as she had, moved up and down in it with my lips, making sure to suck hard.

My still-wet breasts were slippery on her stomach, my hard nipples pushing against her. I switched breasts and found myself loving to play with her lovely, slippery tit. I had a lot of fun pleasing her, feeling her moans escape from within her.

We both knew at that point that we'd do anything to please one another. After a while, I broke off to kiss her, that wonderful girl. Tongue-on-tongue, feeling each other's mouths, we spent a while doing that. After breaking off, we hugged one another. "Oh god, you're amazing!" I told her. "As are you!" she replied. Still in an embrace, we looked at each other, trying to take in each other's beauty.

Did I mention she was beautiful? Smiling at each other in love, I knew I had always loved her. She was an amazing, kind, funny, and simply fun person. Just awesome. Thinking, I noticed her eying my pillow. I smiled sexily. Our fate was sealed. She pushed me down, and, with me lying flat, grabbed my pillow and threw it across the room.

I laughed, and with huge butterflies in my stomach, she slowly spread open my legs. Her face lit up. "You're beautiful," she purred. My pink inner labia were still sticking out between my legs.

Shaking and breathing shallowly with anticipation, I smiled, too. With that, she put her hands on the insides of my thighs, making me want nothing more than for her to finally touch my twat. She finally placed a hand on my pussy and softly rubbed it, making me extremely wet as my pussy slowly opened. "It's so pretty!" she gasped. Still smiling and very curious, she opened my labia wide with her fingers, checking me out.

She touched every other nook and cranny before her index finger slowly entered me. I gasped. As before, it felt infinitely better than when I had done it myself. I couldn't believe what was happening. It was amazing. As her slippery finger slipped further into my depths until in was fully in, her other index finger began to rub my clit. I almost came right then, but then it got better. She slid another finger into me, careful not to rupture my hymen, and then another.

It was wonderful. Working in and out, her entire hand covered in my juices, she was fantastic. But then she i had to leak this anal video her tongue and let it join in, too. Soon, it was entering me as well when it wasn't on my clit. It was orgasmic. Literally. I had then the most intense orgasm I had ever had. My entire body shook as she smiled above me, pleased with what she'd done, and with my tasty juices falling from her lips.

After lying there for a while, catching my breath, I smiled and said, "Now it's my turn." I pushed her down on the bed and got to taking off that extremely short skirt. Slowly pulling it down her legs, I then did the same with her panties, and gasped when I saw her beautiful vulva as her legs parted. Her naked body itself was a heavenly sight, in its solid, dark color, her big, beautiful breasts hanging from her chest.

But her pussy was magnificent. Her meaty outer labia and pink clit were quite a sight. Unable to wait much, I bent down and did what she'd done to me, starting with her thighs before exploring her beautiful pussy.

Her inner labia had been hidden, but after some rubbing they had been revealed and were exquisite. I slowly took my index finger and felt her inside, slippery, soft, and warm. Her juices immediately covered my finger and began to seep out on my comforter. My other index finger found her precious clit that I began to rub while pushing in another finger.

Her moaning and breathing increased. "Ohh! Oh, yeah. Oh, Sam." Soon enough, I couldn't wait any longer and brought my face down to her pussy, my tongue flicking her clit before entering her.

She tasted different than me; I had been expecting the same taste. But she tasted a lot better. I went and licked every inch of her hot little pussy and sucked hard on her clit, pulling her labia wih my mouth as I did so. My tongue gently snaked inside her vagina, surrounded by her tasty juices and warmth.

Soon, she was moaning loudly and came, her entire sexy little body shuddering ecstatically. I loved that I had given her that much pleasure. Still laying on the bed, she smiled and laughed, and I continued my tongue's path up from her twat to her chin and we kissed. This was certainly the best day of my life. Still kissing, our legs ended up intertwining.

It felt great to have skin-on-pussy, though it was annoying that we couldn't cum doing that. But, with an idea, I got off Jen and turned around, laying in the opposite direction, still facing her. I then inched forward so that my left leg was resting on her chest between her legs and my right was off to the side, with her left leg on my chest. Our pussies were touching, and it felt wonderful. We began to shudder and shake, clits rubbing together and labia spread flat against each other.

I slid in and out from between her, also moving up and down to get the most rubbing of our clits. It was tiring and exhausting, but it felt amazing. Her pussy on mine felt so different from anything else, and it wasn't long before the powerful ecstasy built up within us and we both came in unison, juices flowing into each other's twats. Both totally exhausted, we laid on each other again and kissed before laying side by side, breathing heavily.

"I love you, Sam," said Jen. "I love you, too, Jen," I answered. We smiled at each other, wondering how we could have gotten so lucky. "So." began Jen. "Are we telling anyone?" We smiled at each other again. "Not a soul." PART TWO: CLEANSING An hour later, Jen and I were snuggled on the couch watching Big Bang Theory. We were laying down side by side, me behind her, facing the screen and laughing our asses off. We were having a great time, and it felt good to be snuggled up with my new girlfriend.

As the show ended with Leonard stumped about Sheldon's new date, Jen turned towards me with a sexy smile and said, "There's still two hours 'til your parents get home." I didn't have to ask where she was going with that.

I had quite an idea. "You dirty girl. Wanna take a shower?" I didn't have to ask twice. --------------- We rushed upstairs to my bathroom, giggling as I goosed her on the way up. Once there, I grabbed her tanktop and began to pull it off along with her pink bra, revealing two extremely sexy and beautiful breasts. I could see that her nipples were already hard.

She then stripped me of my tanktop and lie down on the floor quickly so I could pull off her very short denim skirt and panties, which had covered up a truly amazing and fun pussy. My lips got wet immediately - both sets. She then launched herself up as I got on the floor so she could strip off my pants.

It still felt amazing to do this; my newly-formed lesbian libido was fully pumped up already. My shower was not a small acrylic one that gets installed directly in its place as one piece but was a built-in one, formed of glass-and-green-tile. Because of that, it was very large, about 4' by 6'. There was definitely enough room for the both of us. I opened the door and turned the knob, making the water flow out of the showerhead.

I made sure it was warm before signaling to Jen that the temperature was okay. She excitedly hopped in and rubbed her side against mine as we savored the feeling of the water dripping down on our bare skin. It felt great as it usually did, and the temperature was perfect. Jen evidently thought so, too, as she didn't speak a word of it but instead launched herself at me with a very powerful kiss.

Arms wrapped around one another, wet breasts pushed again each other, we both felt supremely powerful.

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Our newfound love felt like the strongest in the world, like we could do anything. Eventually, our hands felt their way down to eachother's breasts, which we fondled delightedly as we closed our eyes in pleasure.

I then reached for the shampoo and poured some on Jen's head, rubbing it in as she laughed pleasantly. She got some, too, for me, and we rinsed our hair lovingly. I then got some Summer's Eve on both our hands, and we gave each other a sexy smile. We both went for each other at the same time; as my hand found the wonderful texture of her pussy, I felt her fingers in mine. We rubbed and washed as thoroughly as possible, and cleansing never felt so beautiful girlfriend enjoys having passionate sex bf. Our fingers rushed in and out of each other, parting the labia again and again.

Soon, though, all the soap had washed away. I then grabbed some Dove soap and spread it on my hands. I started with her breasts, feeling them and playing with them sensually. She raised her arms above her head as I went back and forth, fingertips on her hard nipples that I pinched occasionally before moving down to her stomach. I rubbed back and forth from her belly button to her next, as if i were massaging her.

She then turned around, and I washed her back, tickling her momentarily. I embraced her from behind and kissed her neck. "I love you." That has to be one of the best sentences ever written, in any language. We stayed in that embrace for a while, with the feel of wet skin on skin, our bodies touching and moving sensually and erotically. She began to sway her hips side to side, and I followed suit, my pubic mound against her full ass cheeks. That felt salacious and wild asian group sex japanese groupsex. But it also left me with something which I hadn't thought about before: her ass.

I hadn't actually seen it yet, but now, looking at its sexy, voluptuous curves, I thought it was beautiful. Her ass wasn't big or fat by any means - which was good. It was just the way I liked it. It followed her thin figure, but it wasn't skinny to the point where it was saggy or empty. It was nice and full, with her cheeks evened out in a petite way.

Simply beautiful and so cute. I reached down and filled her cheeks in ny hands, gently massaging her. She moaned in pleasure. Suddenly, I realized that I couldn't wait to get all over her ass. I didn't just want it, either; I almost needed it.

I had her bend down, placing her hands on the shower seat. She breathed in sharply in anticipation. Her ass looked even more sexy now, what with her petite, pink little asshole in the center and her pussy hanging down. Until that moment, I had always thought of asses as disgusting and dirty.

I mean, who wouldn't? But I had never seen a girl's ass before, and right then I knew that I had been wrong. I took the soap again and rubbed it in. After washing, I thought, it'd probably be as good as her pussy, if not better. I'd heard that supposedly the ass was more fun to please, but it had never before been a particularly compelling idea. Until now. Washing her ass cheeks, working my way to her asshole, I couldn't wait. I could tell that she couldn't, either, so I washed over it quickly.

I then lathered up a finger with soap and spread open her cheeks, trying to work my way inside. As I began, she gasped and moaned.

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My finger inched further and further inside of her, and eventually slipped completely into her petite, tight little hole. I was pregnant girl with beautiful tits does everything imaginable by how soft it was inside.

My finger moved around, feeling the edges of her colon. She hugged my finger vey tightly as I did so. It felt so odd and alien and yet so great, and, judging by her low, ecstatic moans, she thought so, too. The thing was, although we were wet, the water - especially with the soap - had actually created a lot of friction, and I knew it could be better. But, I'm always prepared, so I had on hand some lubricant I'd stolen from my parents' bedroom earlier.

I withdrew my finger from her and then opened the bottle, letting its contents pour all over her sexy ass, spreading it all around, getting my hands in it. Her body instantly became extremely slippery. That was some sexy stuff. We'd have to experiment more later. I pushed my finger inside her again. It had definitely worked.I dug further in, wiggling my finger side to side before trying to move my finger in and out of her. Jen gave a moan of approval, so I kept it up. I got faster and faster as her moaning got louder.

My finger entered, then hot twtescher sextet with students, entered, then exited. It actually got to the point where, when I exited her, her asshole didn't even close like it had done before. It didn't hug my finger much anymore, either. I was stretching it, and it was beginning to relax as it felt better for Jen. It simply stayed gaping, its opening the width of my finger. She evidently liked this quite a bit. I then had an idea and decided to add in my middle finger.

I stopped with my index finger and, Slowly, the second finger entered as well, and her small asshole began to stretch open even further to let it in. It was tight again now. Her moans grew in volume and she began to whimper as I began to move my fingers in and out, as she relaxed. She started gaping again, even bugger this time.

And then - she came. She howled right then and there in supreme pleasure, her body spasming in convulsions. I couldn't believe it. I'd had absolutely no idea that you could cum just by the ass. It just blew my mind. She had to try it on me.

I bent down into the same position she had been in. The cool flow of lubricant greeted me as it took its path, seeping over me. I shuddered in anticipation.

Jen did some preparation, washing my ass cheeks and the area around my asshole with the soap. She, too, lathered up a finger and went in me. It was different from anything I'd expected.

Extremely different. There weren't actual nerves inside of me there, but I was very sensitive around my asshole. I felt her finger as she slithered in, but not once it was inside. But none of that is the weirdest of all. I may have been unable to actually feel her finger inside of me, but I could sense lesbians are nice at nasty games dildo toy presence through the pressure. I suddenly felt, I don't know, full, with it inside me.

It was only slightly uncomfortable. My ass hugged her finger tightly. It felt a bit odd, as if my asshole was of the opinion that she was an intuder. It was really tense, and I couldn't control it. But all in all, it was a great feeling, and I let Jen know so. That's when she began to move it out. It was a bit more uncomfortable.But when she came back in again, I got that great feeling of being 'full'. And then she moved out. Then in.

Then out. Then in. And my asshole was relaxing, getting used to its intruder. It felt even better now. With each of her thrusts in, I felt even more 'full', as her harder pushing created more pressure. And then she added another finger.

Slowly at first, as I had done, and I got mixed feelings as my asshole stretched again. It got tense like before, but I was so 'full' I thought I might burst. Which was great. I liked the feeling of my asshole stretching, and it got used to it quickly.

She began to thrust hard again, and I was in a state of nirvana. When my asshole was relaxed, it stopped closing when Jen withdrew her finger, and it felt wide and gaping. The feeling was amazing, and then, suddenly, I felt like I might cum. It was surprising, but the familiar feeling began to build up. Not much longer afterward, I came, collapsing into howls and moans as my body quaked. We embraced for a while, in a long, passionate kiss, our bodies together, breasts touching.

She then turned off the water and laid a towel on the floor in front of the shower. I followed her out and she got the lubricant bottle again. She poured in down her chest, letting it flow over her magnificent breasts. She then poured it down my chest, and I felt the cool liquid wash down my body.

Hands to eachother's breasts, we rubbed the lube in, covering our entire front side. We then poured some more on our backs and all over our legs, too. Soon, we guy gets lucky with two latinas by the beach completely slick with the lube, and, pulling me along by the hand, she dropped the the floor on her back. I came down on top of her, chests touching, laughing. The lack of friction was incredible. I began to move up and down on her, as if I were a man, and the skin rushing past skin was extremely sensual.

Her breasts began to sort of bounce. I liked that. They were firm, and the way they moved was great. We experimented a little then.

She turned over and my breasts were on her back as I slid over her again and again. She liked that. Then, I put my pussy up against one of her ass cheeks and it went flat on her, my labia spread. I moved back and forth like that a bit, savoring the feeling. The lack of friction felt great on my pussy, and Jen evidently like the feel of my pussy on her ass. Soon, she pushed me down and began to do what I had done to her. Her beautiful pussy spread on my ass did, in fact, feel great.

I rolled over and she put herself in my arms. My legs spread wide, and her legs were together, like missionary. But she she got up and arched my legs, still spread.

She then got down on me and placed her pussy on the upper part of my left leg. Her legs were on either side of my left one, so her left leg was between my two legs.

She then began to move up and down, and I could feel her clit on me. She brought her left leg up against my pussy, which flattened against her leg. I began to move back and forth, too, and I watched as her breasts bounced up and down.

God, that was so hot. Her shiny skin was so beautiful. We got faster and harder, our moans growing in volume. Her little pussy slid back and forth on my leg, and the plasure pounded my brain. I became lost in ecstasy as we grew closer to cumming.

and then it came. It was as intense as ever, and we shuddered and trembled and gasped throught it together. She then collapsed into my arms again, and we shared a long, tender kiss, our tongues snaking through eachother's mouths and intertwining. After a while, she broke off. "Your parents will be home soon." I sighed. "I know…" We were both sexually exhausted now. "Let's go wash off this lube, okay?" she suggested. We washed off in the shower again, and returned the lube to my parents' bathroom.

Then we spent the rest of the night together, playing games and talking, and just being together. Just the last thing made me the happiest girl in the world.

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