Busty lea pleasures two big black cocks

Busty lea pleasures two big black cocks
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The minds of both Billy and Claire were instantly seized by panic. Claire said nothing but her shoulders slumped in despair. Running was not an option.

First she was naked and second Richard blocked the way. Even if she got passed him, she would have to clothe herself and then get away. Richard was fast and strong.

Even if she achieved the impossible and actually got dressed and out, she wouldn't get far. The fast dawning realisation that her fate was sealed was solidified in that moment. Even in the gloom, she managed to find a tiny positive. She would now be spared sex with the fat, greasy, smelly Two blackhair girls sucking dick in car and his appallingly ugly mate Arthur. Cruel though he was and despise him as she did; fit, hard Richard was the kind of man that could satisfy any woman.

The appalling punishment that awaited her was unavoidable so given a straight choice between being rooted by Billy and Arthur or fucked by Richard, she would take Richard without hesitation.

The dryness between her legs that had been a feature of the anticipation of sex with the odious duo was now moistening in preparation for a skewering by Richard which she knew was not far away. Billy on the other had couldn't stop talking "My flat mate Arthur brought her here…I was going to turn her in&hellip.honest…um… she just knocked on the door and came in and took off all her clothes…um she was begging for sex…um…I said no&hellip.um" "Shut up, Fatso…you will get a chance to tell your story soon enough, I advise to settle on one story and make it the truth." turning his attention once more to Claire "you can wait in the living room, Claire" The naked girl bent down to pick up her clothes before hurrying out.

"Leave your clothes, bitch. I am desperate to unload so I will be giving you a quick poke before we leave." With that her moistening pussy turned to flood. She expected it soon but thought they would return to the hotel first.

She did not have long to wait. In no time Richard appeared with Billy, whose hands were secured behind his back with hand cuffs.

Richard walked up to a frightened but excited Claire and grabbed her shoulders, turning her and grabbed both her hands, cuffing them. "Is that really necessary…I am not going to resist you…I will submit." "It's the way I want it." he replied as he reached around to fondle her tits, with his customary roughness, before running his hand down her belly to her pussy, to establish her degree of preparation.

Claire opened her legs obligingly. Subconsciously she wanted what was coming and more consciously she had no mind to anger Richard, he had far too much control of her unfortunate fate to be enraged.

Richard, for his part, was prepared to force his way in dry if necessary but was gratified that she was ready and eager. "Good and ready slut&hellip.you are such a whore I think you would beg for it if you thought It was not coming." He then changed his tone to a more advisory "if you want to orgasm, you'd better be quick, the master will wonder where we are if we don't get back soon, so I will take only as long as I need to relieve myself." Claire was disgusted at the description of what was about to be done to her as nothing more than a toilet function.

"But, if you don't make it, don't worry, you will get many opportunities over the next couple of days. Your escape has taken the matter skinny japanese attractive babe fingered and boned a whole new level.

I am very glad I am…well…administering and not copping it as you will be." Billy watched slack jawed in anticipation. If he was not going to get to do Claire, then watching this handsome man do her was a reasonable second choice.

With his dick rock hard he squirmed as he watched the groping, deriving pleasure by rubbing his cock against his clothes. Once again changing tone Richard said "Now, a point of …well… etiquette. A naked prisoner must always be displaying itself. Even in hand cuffs. When hands are cuffed behind as are now you must draw your hands up that you provide unobstructed view of your bottom. Hands should drop no lower than the dimples on your back." To emphasise the point he pressed his index fingers into the indentations above her buttocks.

"If cuffed to the front, arms must be held wide to provide easy access to your tits and must never…ever conceal any part of your pubic region. Finally, it goes without saying that your legs remain well spread at all times." Again changing tone he adopted a more jovial expression "Good news is that it is an equal opportunity rule…men must adopt the same stance…hope you were paying attention… you great tub of lard." 'Now spread 'em good and wide and bend over cunt, I want to make a more thorough inspection before I do you." This was of course completely unnecessary.

It was all about dominance and humiliation. Richard wanted to degrade Claire as small tits russian teen fucked after massage as possible while at the same time providing Billy with a very graphic understanding of what he was missing out on. As Claire complied, desperate to get Richard into her hungry pussy he said cruelly "bend lower and spread wider so I can get a good look at your sopping snatch." Claire thought she would fall as she tried to comply with his orders but she managed to keep her balance.

Her drenched gash was now well displayed below her anus and was beginning to drip. Richard stepped to the side to make sure Billy had a clear view and used his fingers to separate her lips to reveal her inner most intimate parts. "OK, you'll do…go and bend over violet vasquez y jazmyne fat puerto rican ass table." Claire moved with indecent haste to adopt the position. Richard lifted the front of his white t shirt over his head to get it out of the way without removing it.

He then moved behind Claire and undid his belt in preparation to remove his pants. It was only then that he realised that he was blocking Billy's view of Claire.

Turning to prisoner he said "Don't want you to miss out fatso. Move around so you get a side view of her shafting." He immediately moved to a prime vantage point. Although he was strongly heterosexual, Billy was nonetheless enjoying the sight of Richard's hard muscled torso almost as much as Claire's gorgeous feminine curves. He did not want to miss a thing, taking almost equal pleasure from viewing the invader and the conquered. With Billy in place, Richard unbuttoned and unzipped his fly, pealing his shorts and underpants together down to his ankles, his over eager cock springing free and incongruously pointing to the ceiling rather than the target cunt.

The sound of the zipper heralded to Claire the commencement of her eagerly awaited skewering. She braced herself over the table to and opened her legs a bit wider as a fresh let down of female juices dripped on the floor. Without delay, Richard took his penis in hand and pointed at her opening, driving it hard and fast into her welcoming hole.

Claire gasped and then began panting in time to his relentless shafting. Billy squirmed some more, in fact if the other two had been paying him any attention at all it would have been obvious that he was masturbating, handlessly inside his pants. It took Richard only 90 seconds to unload. He suddenly stopped moving and threw his head back, exhaling audibly as he pumped what s goof load of semen into Claire's womb. Close but unsatisfied, Claire took the lead grinding back on his penis in a desperate attempt to finish the job.

Cruelly, Richard quickly withdrew placing his still spasming cock on her back as he had during the trial and deposited the remainder of his jizz on, instead of in her abused body and in the process denying Claire the climax she so desperately craved. At that precise moment that Billy unloaded in his pants. His climax was very audible and unmistakeable. Richard and Claire both turned to look at his in disgust as he filled his pants. Claire collapsed angry and defeated on the table.

She was wise enough not to verbalise her disappointment although Richard understood only too well. He grabbed a handful of hair and dragged her up from the table and twisted her head to face him.

"You have so little to look forward to, I thought I sleeping sister ke sath balatkar leave you an orgasm…and as I said you have plenty of opportunities in the coming days." he said without a hint of sympathy in his tone or expression. "On your knees bitch and clean me up." Despairingly Claire sank to her knees and gave Richard a thorough tongue bath, licking and ingesting some stray semen and her own female juices.

When it was clear she was done he ordered her to dry him with her hair. Billy remained trance like as this went on, wondering if the show would ever end and kind of hoping it never did. His dick which had gone soft after his humiliating orgasm was beginning to show some signs of life again.

"Now pull up teen group masturbation first time sore loser pants" Richard instructed a still kneeling Claire after the cleaning was done. He took over when the waist bands reached mid thigh, pulling both under and outer garments up, fastening his belt and zipping his fly before pulling his t shirt back over his head.

Richard then pulled a key from his pocket and said "on your feet slut" Claire struggled up from her kneeling position and faced Richard who grabbed her shoulders and roughly spun her around to unlock the handcuffs. "Go and get dressed and hurry up about it" "Would you mind terribly if I cleaned up before we go?" pleaded Billy in the most obsequious tone he could muster.

Richard stared at him with a look of pure contempt for what seemed like an eternity. "You need to control yourself, you appalling creep…what sort of man gets off watching a young lady being so brutally used. No you may not clean up." The whole statement was confected outrage. Richard knew a heap of men that would take enormous pleasure from watching someone like Claire cop such a rogering. In fact he was one of them. Defeated, Claire returned, shoulders hunched to the living room, once more dressed in her cheap track suit.

She even offered her wrists to be cuffed, at the front. Richard ordered he to turn around and secured them behind her back before ordering Billy to lead the way out of the apartment. **** At a café in the centre of the city, 3 blocks from the Hotel and 2 from the meeting venue, 3 couples met for their lunch break, all in their 20's, full of life and ambition they chatted about the events of the morning.

All but two were ecstatic about the lifting of the prohibition on sex. As couples in long term relationships, they had all enjoyed active and satisfying sex lives. While they shared chat about their experiences they were all monogamous.

"I am that randy, I don't think I have the patience for romantic preparations tonight, Kat" remarked Paul Saunders to his girlfriend of 4 years, without a hint of discretion, happy to let the group in on his plans for the evening. The other two men laughed and responded in unison "Right on man." No less reticent Kat responded "Normally a lady would like to at least be offered a drink before surrender, but tonight I will waive that nicety…maybe I am not a lady after all…it is crazy, we have been off it for less than two days and I am gagging for it." "Probably the restoration of our virginity has caused it…you know, eager for the first time all over again." opined Lin Hu rather remotely, her mind far away.

"I'm not sure" interjected Heidi Gustaffson the only married woman in the group. "Oh hun" responded her husband of 9 months with manufactured concern "We can get on with making that baby we both want so much." The manufactured concern was to cover his desperate need to make love to his wife.

A gentle man and great lover he was nevertheless as desperate, maybe even more so than anyone else to relieve his sexual frustration. "It's just that we are now making babies that will grow into playthings for the monster. I don't want that. The idea of a beautiful daughter being taken and abused by that beast is more than I can cope with at the moment." "I agree" interjected Lin, although she really didn't agree at all.

Her motivation was quite different. Much as she loved her partner of 13 months and had enjoyed a full physical relationship with him, she now wanted to experience what Heidi so feared for her unborn daughter. She wanted to remain intact and be broken by what she saw as the noble beast. She had no clear plan to achieve this, but was determined to remain unsullied until she had a developed a credible scheme and realised her ambition.

Lin had made up her mind that she would terminate her relationship with Peter Leong before he took her restored virginity. She had no wish to publicly humiliate Peter so the break would not occur here and now, but their wonderful love affair would almost certainly end before dinner tonight. Desperate to recover the situation Heinrich Gustaffson appealed tenderly to his wife "It's OK hun, we will use protection until we sought this out.

I understand your concern, there is no rush…but we cannot allow the Master to spoil our love." "Well we don't have any baby making plans, do we Paul? " asked Kat rhetorically "We're still committed to a rigorous training regime to get the process perfect before make a baby. What time can you be home Paulie… don't make me wait or I may have to shop around…" She added lasciviously.

The conversation was then mercifully interrupted by lunch. Too many fears and insecurities had emerged and no one wanted to continue in that vein in public. The conversation turned to the trite and trivial until lunch was consumed and they each returned to work, happy to resolve their concerns later in private.

**** The humiliation of Suzanne and Phil complete the Lord returned to the living room of the suite, ravenously hungry. A sumptuous smorgasbord of cold meats, seafood and salads awaited him and his recent enforcement recruits waited his arrival before tucking into the feast. Also present was the scantily clad Sophia Johansson, neither physically nor psychologically prepared to provide service. "Time to eat and discuss the way forward" said the master as he loaded 6 king prawns on a plate for an appertiser.

"You will not join us Ms Johansson, you will have to earn your nourishment on your knees and your back…anyway probably best you approach your duty lean and hungry." He advised his afternoons entertainment in a matter of fact tone.

"Actually come to think of it, you can be my personal lunch waitress…are you any good at peeling prawns?" "Yes" she responded despondently. "Yes. What" he responded harshly. "Yes sir, sorry sir" "Very well…get me a glass of the Pinot Grigio and then over here to peel my prawns." Sophia move quickly, not wishing to cause further offence.

"Now to the business at hand…" The wine arrived before he could complete his sentence. He picked up the glass and took a sip as Sophia took up her place alongside him to begin peeling the prawns. Replacing the glass on the table he used his right hand to reach under her diaphanous mini night dress to stroke and knead her buttocks before sliding his hand between her legs to check on her level of personal readiness.

He then withdrew the hand and held it up before his eyes. Frowning he then looked up at Sophia. To that point she had managed to keep her eyes on the prawn peeling task, despite the intimate invasion. "You had better attend to this…no artificial lubrication will be used…I am prepared to force my way in dry if necessary, but Simona and arial are nude perfection tube porn think you will find it a lot less painful if you juice yourself up." Unseen, the cursory touch had hit her button and within a minute she was in flood.

Another sip of the wine and he picked up the first peeled prawn and dipped into seafood sauce before taking a bite. "So we have a lot to talk about." said the master addressing the table where all of his recruited enforcers were now seated with plates of food. "First thing…I have been a bit schizophrenic about your titles.

You will be generically known as Enforcers. In an investigative role you will be known as Interrogators. In the execution of sentences you will be teams of Disciplinarians, or so it will go until I have a better idea." The assembled appointees nodded and mumble their agreement, The terminology had struck a chord in their sadistic hearts. "Now, I must say there are nowhere near enough of you. I will summon the final group from which you were each selected back to the auditorium 2 hours from now." With that he raised his wand and summoned the group back for further selection.

"You see, we now have to interrogate Claire, to get to the bottom of her escape." having finished his prawns he paused and turned to Sophia, standing nervously by his side. "Main course. Serve me some poached chicken breast, roast beef, rice salad and coleslaw, bitch." Sophia picked up the entrée plate and as she turned to go he added, "and some more wine…better bring the bottle" slapped her across her barely covered bottom to hurry her on her way.

The assembled lunch party observed the treatment of the very famous Sophia Johansson with excitement and fascination. None of them had ever expected to see one so high and mighty brought so low, and that was only the beginning the star was soon to be brought much lower, very much lower.

All present, irrespective of their sexual orientation, hoped they may be able to witness the further degradation of this proud woman.

"As I was saying, an interrogation team for Claire as well as for Ma and Pa Kettle…which reminds me we need some surrogates for the old folks" he said raising his wand once more "Some paper please&hellip." There was a brief moment of panic and no one knew where to find blank paper.

After a second Sophia chimed in "there is usually writing paper in the writing desk." she said indicating a small, highly polished table beside the door to bedroom one. Without delay she walked to the desk and removed 10 sheets of loose watermarked paper from the drawer.

"Well it seems you are multi-talented Ms Johansson…fucktoy, waitress and secretary…although we are yet to assess your competence in your primary role." With that he pointed the wand at the first sheet of paper and it was immediately printed with the address of one of the old couple's children complete with a detailed map.

Turning the to a second page another location was printed. When he got to the third, nothing printed. "How convenient…only two locations "he said as he handed the printed pages across to the man to his immediate left. "I don't even know your name or story. You are charged with rounding up all of Ma and Pa Kettle's relatives over the age of 18 so we can select suitable surrogates for interrogation and, as seems likely, punishment" Changing tone from the instructive to the curious he went on "tell us your name and story." "My name is Richard Orlov…" "Ah, another Dick." Interrupted the master.

"Yes exactly, my friends call me Dick, on account of…I have quite a large one and I like sticking it in the arses of fags. I have no interest in women and sex without inflicting pain on the victim is not very interesting for me. I think fucking is something you do to…not with another person." "So Dick, you don't like Chicks?" "Yes sir, but you don't need to like someone to inflict pain and humiliation on them. Actually it is better if you don't like them…you tend to drive harder." "I see…if I command you to do a bitch…you will be able to?" "Yes sir…I can do my duty…and I will enjoy it, it's just that it is not a preference." "OK Dick after the recruitment of further enforcers, you and Sarah will round up the Kettle relos." Again looking at the sheets he said looks like you will be attending the Home of Mr Dorset and of Mrs Satras.

I only want blood relatives over 18 for now. So don't worry about the respective spouses, well not immediately. Let's see if the first cast of the net gets us suitable surrogates." "Yes sir" Sarah and Dick replied in unison. "Good, but we are still not getting very far…so as I was saying we need interrogation team for Clair and Ma… um…Mr and Mrs Dorset and a punishment detail for Phil.

That's 4 teams before we even consider that others may be involved in Claire's escape. Oh wait on…there's those two deros who picked Clair up at the Pub as well. We could easily be conducting 4 interrogations and two punishments at the same time." "I have let Ratty go. He was telling the truth and I am going to give him Claire for a week after we have finished interrogating and punishing her." "Teams jennifer best and karla kush threesome in the bedroom comprise 4 to 6 people each so that is a minimum of 24 people and we only have 5 on the team so far.

I would suggest that you recruit a further 40 for now&hellip.no…an additional 42…oh say 50. People and whole teams will be reused, provided they produce satisfactory performance, but not too quickly.

All need to be rested, recharged and eager to deal with miscreants." "Next we need hot and horny roommates share hung neighbor, whips, floggers, paddles and canes. Then of course there are clamps of various sizes and electric prods.

Stocks and a wooden pony will also be required. Over time we will design our own implements. I don't want manacles and stocks to hurt the victim.

When restraining a miscreant for questioning or punishment I want them to be able to focus their undivided attention on the chosen target area, free from pain caused by restraints. In the short term we will pick up whatever we can from sex shops, saddleries and even maybe museums." "After the recruitment all the rest of you…bar Robyn, Richard and Sarah will be on the job of sourcing the equipment.

Richard and Sarah will be rounding up the Dorset surrogates. Robyn, I have other plans for you… Vanessa, see that Robyn is ready for my use." Sarah Johansson went white as she imagined her almost inevitable second act being laid out In graphic if sketchy detail. It was very clear that evidence would be obtained through torture and subsequent punishments would follow the same theme.

Silence then reigned, but for clicking of cutlery on crockery as the party finished their lunch. Finally finishing his meal the master pushed his chair back from the table and turned it 90 degrees to face the room. "Right Ms TV star. Time to trade. I will lend you my cock in return for your dignity" Sophia looked stunned and was left speechless.

"No need to respond" he laughed, "that is as good as the trade gets…scary as it sounds it could be and may get a whole lot worse than it sounds…now sit on your Lord's lap and seal the deal with a kiss." He added with mock kindness as he patted his legs. Sophia turned to sit sideways on the masters lap. "No no no, that will never do…front on…come on get on with it, girl" he instructed irritably. Sophia realised that in taking her place as instructed here very short nightie would ride up providing the assembled aides and servants a clear view of her buttocks.

She thought she would die of shame notwithstanding big cock lawyer anal fucks hot babe she knew worse…much worse was to come.

As Sophia settled on her perch, the master turned to the wait staff and instructed them to clear and wipe down the table. "Ms Johansson has not earned the right to be deflowered on a bed. I will conquer her on the table…so hurry up, clean up and get out unless… The three hotel employees did not have to be told twice. While two of them were young women with fascination with this charismatic creature, the discussion had filled them with terror and a quick exit was a high priority.

"OK, kiss me" Sophia went for his lips but in a closed, chaste fashion. The master made his expectations clear by responding open mouthed and forcing his tongue between her lips. Sophia responded, giving as good as she got, but the failure to lead irritated the master.

Breaking from the clinch he said menacingly "you'd better do better than that" as he ripped the white diaphanous fabric of the baby doll night dress open exposing her breasts. At thirty they sagged a bit but were not overly large so were still quite beautiful and a regular exercise routine had kept he muscles in good order.

Her nipples were made quite prominent by the excitement and continued to point generally up. Sophia Johansson was a very well maintained woman and the lord knew it, although he was not of a mind to pay compliments.

Nevertheless his enthusiasm for the task ahead continued to grow. The master then removed the tattered garment completely from her body leaving only the micro g string to protect he modesty and giving the assembly and good look at her impressive body. The master then looked down to the panties and saw that they were now completely drenched.

Addressing the room he said "bitches are the darndest things you know, these lips say no" take it slow my anal is tight he pressed his index finger on her lips before wiping two fingers over he sodden mound and holding them aloft, glistening "while these lips say go!

This cunt is desperate for a skewering." All of the men I the room including the very gay Richard Orlov now had raging hard ons while every woman including the deeply lesbian Robyn MacDonald were lubricated to the max.

"Ok slut, try the kiss again and get it right this time." Terrified, Sophia threw caution to the wind and gave the master a full on pash, while wrapping her arms around his neck and riding forward to rub her desperate pussy against his still concealed boner. Startled by the turn around the master enjoyed the embrace for a short time before he realised that he might lose his load before he was inside Sophia. Abruptly he broke the clinch and pushed Sophia off his lap and sent the near naked woman tumbling inelegantly to the floor.

"Right enforcers, time to do your jobs." And then turning his attention to the startled woman "On your feet slut." With Sophia once again standing before him the lord took firm hold of the strings across her hips and dragged the panties up, forcing the fabric painfully into her slit before it gave way rendering her completely naked, as the enforcers filed out of the room, each glancing furtively at the nude TV star as they went, a little saddened that they were to miss the final and total degradation of a community idol.

Next he turned his attention to Vanessa, "Take Robyn away and prepare her for use. I want her presented as something she is not…a cock hungry whore" then turning his attention to the pleasing looking lesbian he added.

"Pay close attention to what Vanessa tells you and obey her every instruction. She is a great root and your continued membership of the team will depend on a good performance. There is no one better to instruct you." He then added "go to the suite next door, I will come in when I am ready…I don't want Robyn to see what happens to Sophia, it might give her and unfair advantage." With that, Vanessa and Robyn left, Robyn looking forward quite eagerly to be up close and personal with the beautiful stripper.

This left only the master and Sophia with Suzanne and Naidu to witness her degradation. Without delay the master ordered Sophia the knees and to crawl to him and suck his cock. Defeated and without hope of salvation, Sophia went about this distasteful task with what appeared to be enthusiasm.

The master parted his legs and undid the tie of his bath robe to facilitate her access to his rigid member. The master was agreeably surprised at Sophia's skill. He enjoyed the gentle caressing of her tongue and lips that he held himself in check for 5 minutes before unloading mesmerizing a tough weenie gloryhole and hardcore her mouth and throat. Indeed he only let go because he became curious about whether this skill would be replicated down below.

He silently rated just teen babe first time sucking stepbros banana Vanessa and Naidu as a cock sucker and more than good enough to interest him in another round. Momentarily sated the master relaxed in his chair and allowed his new plaything to lick his still hard cock long after the need to catch stray semen had passed. "May I as a question, Lord?" asked between licks. "You may." He responded.

"Can people deny you sex?" she asked before hastily adding "I know what you have said publicly…but it seems to me that your…um…servants are giving willingly." "I cannot be denied." He responded firmly before adding " I have selected only willing targets to date…well…I don't think Richard was thrilled about going down on me and I am not sure how willing you are.

Anyway Richard has been well compensated for his service, indeed better compensated that he deserved. In time I may pick a target that is more work than I want to put in at the time and they may be dismissed unfucked, but not undamaged.

Failure to submit will be punished whether I force the issue or not." After a pause he asked "Do you want to be spared further service?" Sophia did nor respond immediately, indeed she went on silently licking for so long that the master, Naidu and Suzanne wondered if she ever would.

She had added partycove pussy insertions part 2 tube porn scrotum to her post orgasm attention.

Eager though he was to plunder her pussy he was reluctant to call a halt to her tender ministrations, in fact he wanted to further develop the experience further, so he stood to provide access between his legs. He then shed his robe to that he was completely naked for the first time with her. Naidu, immediately took the hint and removed her own robe and silently gestured to Suzanne to do the same.

Sophia had agonized over the answer. In her head she was deeply humiliated by the experience but in her intimate areas she was desperate to be filled and fulfilled. On balance she had to admit that she would be devastated if she was now dismissed unbroken.

Eventually she responded "No sir, I want to be spared nothing." "I had not expected you to be this willing but you have surprised and are behaving like slut begging cock. Much as I have enjoyed this part of your service it is time to move on. No more questions until you are impaled." Changing his tone he ordered "On the table now, on your back and spread 'em. Naidu help Sophia into position." Saddened that this was not being done in a bed and in private Sophia complied quickly.

At least there were only two witnesses and they were both women. In a strange way she considered the worst was over. Kneeling and sucking cock was certainly more humiliating than conventional vaginal sex and there was upside to having her pussy plundered.

If the monster didn't split her in two, and everyone else had survived, there was a prospect of taking some pleasure in service. She was further encouraged by the fact that most of the earlier victims seemed keen for a return bout.

Perched on the edge of the table she didn't need Naidu to tell her hold her own legs behind the knees. Balance dictated this as a way to find whatever comfort was available. Her surrender was now complete as she pulled her legs wide grotesquely exposing both lower holes for use. She had a moment of panic as she realized that in this position he could just as easily select her anus. She had no doubt at all that this monster would do irreparable damage to her dry tighter opening.

Her fears were allayed when the Lord took his place and used his hand to position his cock at the opening of her well lubricated cunt and instructed her to look him in the eye before brutally forcing his way in.

Sophia took it well.

Aimn khan sex xxxxx sex stories

As with all the other women, the initial invasion of their virginal pussies by this outsized monster hurt quite a lot, busty teen thief sucks and fucks a big dick to avoid jail she did not cry out and quickly applied herself to the task at hand. She recovered from the shock quite quickly and managed to push through the pain to find some pleasure.

"Well Ms High Flying Journalist, more questions?" he asked. "Don't feel very high flying at the moment, sir" she responded as his remarks brought home to her the extent to which she had been debased. "No matter how exalted a woman becomes, strip her and shove a cock in her and she becomes a slut.

You are enjoying, are you not?" he said driving home her feeling of degradation as he quickened the pace of the shafting to drive her to her first climax. Now panting as waves of ecstasy washed through her body she responded haltingly "Yes…yes…thank you sir, I am more than enjoying it." The conquest of Sophia complete the master said harshly "get to work cunt, this I about me not you." In a few short minutes the master released a mass of jizz into her vagina.

Partially sated but keen on more of what Sophia had to offer, he decided to bed her where he could enjoy her body more fully rather than the clinical penis to pussy contact that occurred when he was standing and the fuck toy was lying on a table. The original table fucking was designed to debase her to the max and if her performance had been any less pleasing that would be where it ended, but she was now broken although still a very pleasing playmate. The master abruptly withdrew shocking and momentarily disappointing Sophia.

He then grabbed a handful of her blond tresses and dragged her off the table, the shock of it sending he tumbling to the floor. "To the bed" he instructed her cruelly "you are probably a little unsteady on your pins so you can crawl there like a bitch you are." Shocked, Sophia tried to stand but the Master rested his right foot on her shoulder as she began to rise and reiterated "I said crawl bitch." She then proceeded as instructed, feeling resentful both of her treatment and the abrupt end to the intercourse.

She was soon to be compensated for the latter but find recovering some dignity more difficult. "Naidu, make a note to add collars and leashes to the enforcers shopping list. I would like bitches like this to be so restrained during use." he said as followed the newly fucked woman to site of her further service, watching as his cum started leaking out of her snatch and drip on the carpet. Arriving at naughty blonde teen stepsis alexa grace fucked by hard cock pornstar handjob foot of the bed Sophia stopped and awaited further instruction.

"Get to the bathroom and clean up the excess you filthy slut. Be quick about it…90 seconds no more…I want to ride you some more." When she returned, he decided to continue the bitch theme entering her from behind to do her like a dog on the floor. After cumming a second time he ordering her on the bed for some missionary position action, occasionally rolling over to have her ride him while he rested.

In all petite gf with nice ass gets anal fucked was in her for a further hour. When he was finished, he pushed her out of the bed instructing her to clean up properly and be ready for further service if required.

He then fell asleep, not stirring for an hour. **** Waking, the master found himself sexually sated for the first time. Sophia had been surprisingly satisfying and the next project, the breaking of Lesbian Robyn left him unenthused. As he opened his eyes he saw his most recent conquest, and author of his relaxed mood standing naked and clean at the end of his bed.

On seeing his eyes open she sank to her knees. "Can I be of further service to you Dominus?" she asked half hoping for more of his noble cock, half dreading the pain she would endure as a result of the bruising she has suffered in her recent shafting.

"I don't require further service from you now although, you will return after work this evening and check whether I have any further need of your body." "Thank you sir, I will return after work. I hope you enjoyed by service as much as I enjoyed performing it.

I am quite keen to offer further service to you." Like the others that preceded her reluctantly the master had ignited a unquenchable fire in her pussy. Happy to go now and rest, she was certain that any future "offer" would quickly degenerate into unseemly begging. As if he had read her mind he responded "You don't offer. You submit on command or…if no command is forthcoming you may beg for it…although there is no guarantee that such entreaties will succeed." He then added as an aside "I do rather like the idea of women begging for sex…" "As you wish sir" she added as she left the room to find her clothes.

Richard and Sarah passed her as she left the room and both took a minute to give her a very unsubtle inspection. "Enjoyable ride sir?" asked Sarah. "You will not address me in that tone and you will knock before you enter." "Of course, Sir. I am sorry. Please forgive me &hellip.I have news…We have rounded up the relatives of the Dorsets and they are downstairs. Do you want to come and select proxies?" "That was quick. How do our candidates look." He responses cheerfully.

"Well, in the criteria you set out we brought back 4 people. The Dorset's daughter is in her mid-forties and …well… her best days are behind her…but…she has couple of very nice 18 year old twin daughters… barely legal but…" Continuing he added, "their son is 37, there are no grandsons of an age to be considered.

The son however is in pretty good nick for his age. Looks like he exercises regularly." advised the black woman. "Ok, let's take a look" With that he rose from the bed an padded across to the dresser where Vanessa had left a clean pair of shorts, polo shirt and briefs.

He was impressed, he had not asked Vanessa to get him anymore clothing than required for the morning, but she had shown initiative or maybe she was just intuitive. Whatever it was, he was ever more convinced that he wanted to keep her around, pleasing on the eye, nice to the touch, talented in service and now anticipating his needs…and throw in good taste for good measure.

He thought of rewarding her for her service and in his supreme self-assurance he quickly figured that a slow comfortable screw, should be reward enough…and how he would enjoy giving her the award. As the master walked across the room and began to dress Richard and Sarah feasted on this perfect male body. Richard mused with a measure of jealousy what a magnificent creature the Lord was.

He had was desperate to get up close and personal with the master although he acknowledged that any such session would see him relegated to position of cunt while the master plundered him. Richard Orlov, confirmed homosexual was no faggott, he was user not the used. Sadly he could only see himself submitting in any tryst with the master, a position he was not familiar with and had no wish to become acquainted with. He would have to satisfy his inclinations with prisoners and accepted that the price would be occasional debasement.

He was quite transfixed by the sight of the perfect body. Even at ease the masters cock was long jordi el nino polla fucks milf rebecca jane thick, extending a way down his thighs, his buttocks round and hard, his torso extending from very broad shoulders down in a v to a narrow waist.

There was not an ounce of fat anywhere, although his fine muscle tone made him a very big man. The Lord caught Richard's stare and asked sarcastically, "Looking for a bit of action Dick?" and then before the stunned man could find the words to respond added "do you want to blow me or would like to be buggered?" "I…I…um" "I can help sir" if you would like interrupted Sarah.

"Well I don't have time for either of you cute girl getting roughly fucked by boyfriend the moment…and I am not ready to stick my noble cock up anyone's filthy shit hole…really not interested in that at all." "Oh no Sir" he pleaded, "It is more admiration than lust Lord…please…you are quite magnificent…perfect…I am and will continue to be honoured to serve you.

I look forward to showing you the sort of good time only another man can give." "In my case it's all lust master…I need to be of service" added Sarah "Very well then" he said as he pulled on the polo shirt, let's have a look at what you have brought me." The Master, Sarah and Richard proceeded to level 46 in silence.

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When they arrived at the door of 4601 they could clearly hear conversation in an accusatory, if somewhat nervous tone, directed at the gagged and restrained Mr and Mrs Dorset by their adult son and daughter.

Once the door opened all discussion came to a shuddering halt. "Ungag our accused, Sarah" instructed the master without taking his eyes off the girls. He was keen to hear their reactions as the process went forward. He was not seeking information at this stage, only amusement and he was sure the old folks would oblige. The black girl went about the task quickly and efficiently.

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Mrs Dorset was the first to find voice and immediately asked for a drink of water. With his power o speech restored Mr Dorset chimed in with a "me too please". "Richard, water for Ma and Pa Kettle…" "Well I never…" responded Mrs Dorset indignantly "Now settle dear" intervened Mr Dorset, not wishing to aggravate the situation further.

The Master was pleased to see that Richards assessment of the grand daughters was pretty close to the mark, indeed his temporary, Sophia Johansson induced satiation, was gone in the instant he clapped eyes on a couple of women he just had to have.

The girls were outwardly identical. Both standing 5' 6" with sparkling blue eyes that spoke of an inner fire. Blonde haired and long legged they sported a well-proportioned c cup breasts. Using his index finger he wordlessly ordered that they turn for inspection of their butts, again they did not disappoint. Dressed in short shoelace strapped dresses, that resemble long singlets there were few secrets. Either the girls wore no panties of they were clad only in small thongs. Inwardly the girls were very similar although not identical.

They carried the twin thing to quite an extreme. They did everything together, including men. When they had determined it was time to lose their virginity, they decided it would be together and by the same man. They were both determined to be in control up to the selection and recruitment of their stag, before completely surrendering to their chosen master. They did not have boyfriends and had decided that picking permanent partners would not occur until they were 21 and even then the partner would have to be agreed by both the girls and be willing to service both of them.

But that was in the future, until then they would satisfy their substantial lust with casual lovers. They would select carefully and as always agree on the mark. They would then try and seduce the target and if that failed, or took too long, they would contrive to compromise the victim and then blackmail him. They found the blackmail route the best as the selected beast would approach the session angry, as good as guaranteeing a savage fucking.

Indeed, this was how they had lost their virginity. Using the gym as their recruiting ground they set upon a piece of prime beef, as much as 10 years older than them. They knew the target was in a monogamous relationship by his affectionate interaction with fellow female member of the club so seduction would not work.

One sister got close enough to enable her to grab his hand while the other the other sister stood new girl in the office named lauren phillips satisfies boss off, iPhone in hand ready to snap the evidence. She attracted his attention with a request for help with a weight and as he reached out to oblige she grabbed his hand and pressed it to her mound. Shocked, he took a nano second to withdraw his hand, but it was too late.

The girls had a picture of the target grabbing a girls pussy while the girl feigned outrage. Within the hour the girls had convinced him to rent a motel room for 2:00 that very Saturday afternoon. Where the three of them conducted a four hour orgy. For all of their similarities though the girls were different in that one lived without fear of consequences while the other lived in constant fear of risk, be it pregnancy or discovery.

Notwithstanding her fears though the nervous sister was ruled by an insatiable pussy as was her sister.

The girls had been in the hotel the night before and had been part of the comet like tail that followed the master to the restaurant. Encouraged by Vanessa's bold move they resolved to do the same only to be stopped by wait staff, concerned that the master might be harassed having already recruited enough female flesh for a pleasant evening.

Their determination undimmed the girls declined offers from previous playmates to rebreak them after the prohibition on sex had been lifted. And now here he was. Both girls could almost feel their pussies stretch at the longed for invasion, although true to type one saw only orgasm while the other fretted about the present circumstances and the faint sting of future discipline across her buttocks. "OK girls, you are over dressed for the selection process…strip to your underwear." There was alarm around the room.

The girls were dressed to seduce and would have stripped in an instant if only in the presence of the master and his sidekicks, but in front of mother…aagh and in front of uncle, double aagh…in front of Gran and Pop…unthinkable. Their mother broke the silence with an impassioned plea "please sir, not my daughters, they are young chaste and blameless.

Take me instead!" Part of that was true. The bit about young was true, but they were old enough. Chaste was definitely true…physically, due to the restoration but psychologically they were a couple of sluts on heat.

For sure they were blameless but mothers intervention was largely driven by self interest. The girls deeply erotic nature had to come from somewhere and they got if from their Mama. Mum wanted the noble cock for herself. The masters lips twisted into a cruel smirk "You…you are too old an clearly clapped out. Our interrogation and discipline processes demand fit attractive bodies.

Now girls, I won't tell you again. If you do not comply, Richard here will strip you." Resigned, the girls grabbed the hem of there dresses an in one quick movement whipped them up over their heads and dropped them to the ground. Both were wearing the sort of ultra brief thongs that the master preferred for his playmates and matching white push up bras that accentuated their rather small breasts.

There was a sharp intake of breath around the room. The micro nickers left nothing to the imagination, pulled tight across their mounds, they were clearly bald and the dark patches spoke of readiness for plundering.

"Oh girls really…you look like a couple of whores" their mother spat mainly in disgust with a edge of jealousy for a youth spent. Across the room the girls uncle, a man without an incestuous instinct in his body, began to harden at the sight of his beautiful nieces in their near natural state. "Indeed responded the master. I am no closer to making a decision as to who is to be granny's surrogate…although I may have a way out of by delicious dilemma… one can be the surrogate for the questioning phase, the other for discipline…assuming discipline is in order…must not prejudge." "So who have we got as a stand in for Gramps" he enquired as he turned to look at the hitherto un noticed son/uncle "This is Ralph Dorset, son of…Mr and Mrs Dorset" offered Richard waving his hand at Ralph by way of introduction.

"You look to be in reasonable shape, Ralph." he said sizing the man up. "How old are you ?" "37" "37 WHAT" roared the Lord "37…years…old" he responded quietly unsure of what was missing. "Do I have to teach you some manners, Ralphie? Courtesy of the old man, you already have a rather bleak outlook, it would be a real shame to piss me off now and be disciplined before we commence the main event." "Sorry sir, I meant no offence.

Please forgive me." Ralph responded with genuine regret in his voice. He knew not what lay ahead but early indications were that it would be quite unpleasant. He certainly was not of a mind to incur the master's wrath. "That's better Ralph" responded the master barking the poor man's name, parodying a dog. "Looks like you probably have goods, but I must be sure…strip to your underwear." Ralph regained an amount of equilibrium.

He was wearing cotton boxer shorts so he would not suffer the indignity his nieces had experienced. He reckoned he had a better than even chance of concealing his hard on, a real potential source of embarrassment as it had developed in response to his nieces near nudity.

He quickly divested himself of his white short sleeved linen shirt and navy shorts, finally kicking off his white canvas loafers. Ralph did indeed look good for a man of 37. A workout routine, strictly adhered girl and girl dirty danger since his school days had left him with the well toned body of a man 10 years younger. Although only 5'11" he had broad shoulders a large chest and very narrow waist.

A washboard abdomen betrayed no fat and large well muscled legs extended from the boxers. His chest, belly, arms and legs sprouted a fine dusting of black hair, but it was by no means thick nor all over. His back remained unadorned. "Boxer shorts Ralph!

And that hair! You look like a monkey. I will grant you that based on what we can see so far, you would be an acceptable surrogate, or at least could be made one…but we need to see if you are man enough for the job.

No one wants to see or play with a amateur lesbo chicks get their pink slits licked and screwed wee. The mission requires moderate to large bits…if you know what I mean." Ralph's confidence collapsed as the "If you had the good sense to wear mans briefs we would have been able to complete the assessment without further embarrassing you, but…I am afraid the boxers must come off." The entire room was stunned.

The girls had no desire to see anymore. Ralph was the sort of man they would have targeted had be not jaclyn taylor gives great pov blowjob and gets fucked on wooden bridge their uncle, but he was their uncle and they loved him as such. In fact for the girls love had nothing to do with sex. Love mandated care while sex was, for them at least best enjoyed selfishly and with abandon.

For the girl's mother and grand parents the thought of Ralph displayed in all his glory was no matter really, but they were deeply concerned that Ralph was to be exposed to the girls.

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"Now see here my good man" protested Mr Dorset indignantly. "You can see Ralph is a fine specimen. There is no need to care impose this vulgarity on two tender young women. "Now see here my accused old codger" the master responded sarcastically "I have looked into your grand daughters eyes and not found innocence, in fact the opposite, I reckon they have seen a cock or two…and ridden them." he then continued harshly "lose the pants before Richard gets to you to do it for you…do it Dick" With that Richard moved eagerly to obey his master.

Seeing the reality of the situation, Ralph surrendered to unimaginable indignity and shucked his shorts to avoid the even worse indignity of having them removed by another man. With that his substantial cock sprang free, highly aroused. All the women in the room gasped. "So Uncle Ralphie would like to make jiggy jiggy with his nieces.

not nice Ralph…incest is not nice at all" the master intoned sarcastically. Mother and Grandmother responded in feigned horror "Ralph, how could you". On the brink of tears, Ralph sexblue smsll pusy porn story "I love these girls as my daughters…I would never lay a hand on them…truly…the atmosphere here is so full of sex and humiliation…I…I…couldn't help it" and tears welled up in his eyes.

Alternating the girls said sympathetically "It's okay Uncle Ralph" then "Its not your fault" and "We love you too" then "we know you wouldn't interfere with us" "Okay everybody, calm down. I am just messing with your heads. Ralph's stiffy is exactly the same as the girls clearly sodden panties. Anticipation is a wonderful thing." Changing to a more business like tone the master continued.

"You will do Ralph. When we question the old man if he is not forthcoming with the truth you will endure the physical side of enhanced interrogation techniques.

If as seems likely, he is found guilty of crimes he will be sentenced to discipline and you will be punished in his stead. You can get dressed now." Turning to the girls he said "I think I would like to enjoy you two sluts before I damage you…Sarah, take these bitches to Naidu and ask her to prepare them for use… tell her not to worry about clothing them, just deliver them naked and denuded to a fresh bedroom upstairs.

Girls, you can leave your clothes here, you won't be needing them for a while." The room was struck dumb by the casual depravity with which the girls were being treated. The girls themselves were keen for what now looked like and imminent skewering and even keener to be removed from this awkward place where their sexuality was on show for inappropriately close relatives, but as they turned to leave one further humiliation was in store.

"I said 'leave your clothes' I meant ALL your clothes…strip ladies…I am sure Richard will assist if you are mather boy sleep in bedroom girls were devastated. Naked, their mother would see how prepared they were for sex, worse Uncle Ralph would see their pussies and worse still Gran and Pop would realise that their sweet young grand daughters were anything but sweet.

Surrendering to the inevitable they removed first their bras and then panties. Their uncle and grand parents averted their eyes rather than look upon the girls degradation. Only mother continued to watch, regarding her daughters with a condemnatory stare. "Oh come on Ralphie, you now you want a look." The master added teasingly.

"Please Sir, spare me and the girls that indignity" "No Ralph, they are not going until you have a good look. Hands on heads girls and legs apart so that Uncle can get a good look.

He then changed to a menacing tone "Open your eyes Ralph" Reluctantly Ralph gazed on his naked nieces, fearing the consequences of disobedience. "That's better Ralph, now tell the girls how nice they look." "You are beautiful girls." He responded despondently. "Yes indeed, now turn around so that Unc can check out your arses." The girls complied, relieved that they no longer had to see their uncle ogling their bodies. But one more humiliation remained.

"Now girls, bend over so that Uncle Ralph can enjoy an eyeful on your pussies." Devastated the girls complied. "Nice looking snatches wouldn't you say, Ralph" Ralph mumbled. "I can't hear you…" "Yes sir" Ralph answered audibly, hoping to end this torment. "And look glistening with juice, these girls are ready and I thing eager to be plundered, I think I am going to enjoy them very much. What say you Ralph?" Once again Ralph responded clearly "Yes sir" But that was not enough for the master, he wanted to wring a graphic appraisal out of the humiliated man.

Just then the girls began to rise their highly exposed bent over stance "No girls remain spread and bent while Uncle Ralph makes a proper appraisal of your pussies." Bowing to the inevitable, Ralph responded sadly "the girls do indeed look ready and probably eager to be impaled. I think you will find them to be exceptional rides." "Well said Ralph. Okay Sarah, take these to bitches to Naidu while I see to Robyn." Then as an after thought the master said, "Actually Richard, take the men next door and lock them up.

I don't want these old codgers cooking up some story ahead of their interrogation. Don't worry Grannie, you won't be alone for long…I will return the girls once I am finished with them, so you will have company. As the two naked women were ordered into the lift well, the master turned to their mother and said "fuck off, you are not required." He then followed "Sarah and the girls out of the room and into the lift where they travelled in silence to the top floor.

Sarah regraded the two young women with a measure of contempt and jealousy. They would soon be enjoying what she desperately craved, her own prospects of a return bout with the master seemed to be getting further and further away.The master stared into space, preparing himself for the next task, breaking the dyke.

**** Sophia stepped from the lift into elexis has her little babe to love and to touch shes happy facesitting tribbing hotel lobby to be assailed by television cameras and microphone wielding reporters seeking details of her experiences. Many of the questions were of a vulgar and intimate nature, not the sort of thing one would have expected in the old world.

Watching the scene later that night on Sophia's show, the master was unhappy. He resolved to return an degree of civility and respect to public discourse, particularly and it related to his servants. His behavior would not be moderated and those guilty of crimes would not be spared public humiliation, but the likes of Sophia Johansson and indeed Swee Chou, people who had provided satisfactory service on demand would be provided elevated status within society, They would not be publicly debased as they had been in private.

She answered none of their questions striding purposefully if a little unsteadily towards the car, assisted by the Chauffeur and Rhonda. A woman who normally walked like a super model was reduced to something like the gait of a person who had just spent the day in the saddle.

Sophia Johansson returned to work a changed woman. The change was complex and unclear. Her status as the networks most valuable star was undiminished as evidenced by the company limousine that had been dispatched to collect her after her release.She had eased her bruised bottom onto the back seat where Rhonda joined her to debrief her on the way back to the studio. "How are you?" asked her longtime friend, assistant and partner in crime.

"I'm okay" she responded a little hesitantly turning to look at the rear vision mirror where she found the Chauffeur taking more than the usual interest in her. Understanding the implied visual response, Rhonda ceased this line of enquiry and moved on to business. "Are you up to doing tonight's show? I have deferred your interviews with the Olympic Cyclist and the award winning Architect to next week and we will run some file stuff, but you will have to read the news and introduce the features." "Yes, thanks, I will be fine with that." Said Sophia in a detached way, wrestling with her dual status as television superstar and fuck toy.

Sure she had had many nights of wild passion and worked within free bdsm rape violent gang bang storys kidnapping hours as a confident and powerful public figure, but in this incident she had been so publicly recruited and so brutally used that she struggled to reconcile her personas.

Further she had been ordered to return for further service after work, a fact that would soon also be widely known. Worse still she yearned for the return bout, to be stripped, manhandled and brutally fucked. She wanted this magnificent creature to reclaim her, fill her and bend her to his will again. "Before you jump in I must tell you that the news will include a report on your…um…service and the recapture of the escapee." "Yes, we must all get used to the new reality." The very thought of having to report on her degradation brought a fresh flood of arousal to her damaged pussy.

The conversation that was probably over anyway was brought to a halt by arrival at the studio. Seeing the media scrum that had gathered at he front entrance, Sophia's favoured access the driver asked "Underground carpark, Miss?

"Yes, please" she responded and the car deviated around the corner and into the privacy of the garage. Not only did this spare Sophia further harassment from rival news organisations, it also enable her to get to her office with minimal contact with other staff members.

The gawking was starting to get to her. From the carpark Sophia and Rhonda made it to Sophia's office with minimal contact with other staff. Most didn't know how to handle the situation and averted their eyes, one or two said hello but that was it. Once in the office, Sophia eased herself gingerly into her chair, the red light on the handset was flashing. There would doubtless be a number of messages, but she didn't need to listen to them to know the most important.

Horny lesbian couples finger ass with dildo a little sadly at Rhonda she said "Give us a minute will you…must call Mark" "Of course, but I really need to talk to you" responded Rhonda with understanding but worried.

"Thanks, you are a pal. 5 minutes should do it…close the door or your way out, please" With that Rhonda left as Sophia hit the speed dial for her beloved husband. He answered quickly "Hi sweetheart, I have been so worried. Are you okay." "Yes Hun, I am Okay" "I will come around straight after work and pick you…surely they don't expect you to work tonight…after…well…I don't even want to imagine…but what you have been through." "Don't worry, I am up for work.

They have already organized a light load…and I don't want to run and hide…but there is more&hellip." "What asked Mark" his voice rising with the stress of what comes next. "I have to go back." She responded softly "WHAT!" Mark shouted down the phone before regaining his composure "surely he can't want you again!" Starting to feel a little indignant she responded "Why ever not…you have never complained about…well…my bedroom talents." "Sorry hun, I just thought…we are in love and that provides and edge I imagine was missing from a…well…casual encounter." "You must understand.

He is very charismatic&hellip. and powerful. The threats are quite explicit. Perform and please him or face the consequences… he has already brutally caned one woman who failed him and another is under sentence&hellip." The mention of Claire brought back the whole unrealised horror of a fate she was now 99% sure she could not avoid. "Sounds like you enjoyed it." He responded dejectedly. "I was threatened with corporal punishment Mark." Her indignation heightened my his accusation.

"What about the Charisma bit?" "Oh really, we will have to continue this later, I have work to do. The sympathy is more in order than the accusations of betrayal.

I have a long night ahead of me. I am sore and tired and will be a good deal sorer and more tired by the time it is over." "I have a good mind to confront the beast…" "That would be such a bad idea… you would undoubtedly wind up having to watch as I am done and then be disciplined.

A better idea would be to get some rest and be ready to care for me once it is over. I need your love Mark…if you can still give it…" "Of course. I am sorry. I do love you and will do all I can to help you past this." Continuing he said softly "Take care sweetheart. Anything at all you need call me. I am here for you" "Thanks, I love you Hun. Bye for now." and she hung up the phone. No sooner had she hung up that Rhonda was back, like she had been listening sexy brunette babe sucks dudes big long cock for money ready to pounce whet the call ended.

"Sorry to be pushy, but what is the latest. How much trouble are we in?" "I won't lie to you…I think our goose is cooked. He has Claire back and the old couple. I don't think he has made the connection between Claire and Ma and Pa, but I have no doubt Claire will sing, and early. She will be disciplined over her previous sin before she is questioned." "So how bad can it be?" asked Rhonda almost rhetorically. She had a very good idea how bad it could get, but asked the question in the hope of some reassurance from Sophia.

None was forthcoming. "I have looked into the eyes of the monster and heard his words. He is cruel merciless and loves to humiliate. I had caused little offence…well I guess my line of questioning had irritated him slightly&hellip.I guess he wanted to take me down a peg or two and he certainly did that…more like three or four… but had little sense that he treats anyone with kindness." "You sound awfully casual about it all…just the facts…no hatred or resentment…no defeat…for godsake Sophia you have just been raped…I suspect brutally…and yet here you are ready for work." "I am still trying to process it, Rhonda" she responded as if from another world.

"He is quite charismatic…I have never had sex like it." "Sounds like you enjoyed it!" her friend responded in horror. "That's what Mark said…"she continued dreamily "As I said I am still trying to process it…I have to go back after work…" "WHAT?" asked Rhonda, now deeply alarmed. "Yes, and I don't mind…dunno whether I have rationalised the fact that I have no choice or whether I want it again…he is brutal and demanding…and huge.

The initial entry is painful as the monster pushed into a hole two sizes too small, but once broken I worked with him and for him and really…I think I want more&hellip." Rhonda was dumbstruck. After a silence that seemed to stretch on for ever, Sophia snapped out of her trance. "Righto, what the plan for tonight's show?" **** The master's session with Robyn left him dissatisfied, although he didn't really understand why, well not immediately anyway.

Technically it had been satisfactory. The cock sucking had proceeded well and she had swallowed all of his jizz. The fucking had also been satisfactory.

She had submitted and largely played dead. This meant that she would not be selected for a bed wench role, but again that didn't matter, she was here because of her cruel personality and would doubtless be effective in interrogating suspects and punishing the guilty.

She was not the only bitch to lie back and take it. In cleaning him after the bout, again she was competent but not sensuous. He was pissed but didn't understand why. When he pulled on a bathrobe to go to dinner, advised her in a perfunctory manner that her performance had not earned her the privilege of clothing and she was required to remain naked pending further service.

When he ordered his dinner he ordered her a bowl of French Onion soup which she was to consume on the floor, on all floors, lapping it up like a dog. He then ordered her to get down on all fours and remain so until ordered otherwise.

Robyn was just as perplexed as the master. She really thought that within the context of her sexuality she had provided good or at least satisfactory service. While humiliatingly displayed on the floor, waiting for dinner, she reviewed the service she had given, in her mind.

The master was doing the same thing pleasing her ass and pussy for an excuse to understand why he was dissatisfied. At exactly the same moment they hit the issue but with widely differing views as to its importance.

Robyn had not climaxed. For her the realisation was positive. The master was a user not a lover. He cared little if others took pleasure and indeed all, including her, that had been called for service had been strictly advised that punishment would quickly follow if they were found to be working for their pleasure ahead of his.

Whilst she had found unexpected pleasure during her fucking she had she had actively resisted an orgasm, partly as a matter of personal preference and partly out of obedience. By failing to come she felt she had stayed true to her lesbian nature. This was not the problem, or so she thought. This was precisely the problem, he thought. Sure, he believed that he cared little if his fuck toys came, but in reality it had not been tested.

All the cunts he had thus far conquered, had enjoyed at least one earth shattering climax. As with most men he took psychological pleasure from watching as erstwhile virgins surrendered to their basest instincts.

He also found that the physical characteristics of polish girl carolinaxx sucking on bbc and balls female vagina in rapture spiked his own pleasure. In fact he did care in they came, he cared a lot. Up this point he had thought there were two basic categories of bitches, those that submitted to him and those that resisted him.

To date there had been no type twos but another category had been discovered, the ones that resisted themselves, submitted to him but denied themselves. Their self-denial represented disrespect for the mighty cock, disrespect that was intolerable. The master then ordered that the fucked bitch on the floor, lapping up soup like a dog, be collared and leashed. As he finished his main course in silence he formulated his response.

Robyn felt a chill run through her body. Something very bad was about to happen.