Make him cuckold fucking revenge with an older man

Make him cuckold fucking revenge with an older man
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A true story with just a few minor details changed :) A bit of a long story - please leave constructive criticism as this is only my second story :) The test Part 1: Introduction to the scene It began like any other day. As always Master untied and released me from my confines that secured my to the floor beside his bed, as he woke so I could relieve my bladder and shower before my day ahead.

I took my leather collar from my neck and my cuffs from my wrists as I entered the shower, and as my Master watched I washed my body.

I started with my legs, rubbing the shower gel over my pale skin, and as I slowly moved the wash cloth up and over my stomach I looked up to see my lover and Master, as He leaned against the wall sitting on His special seat. My mind flashed back to little over a year ago when I first met this incredible man. I think I fell in love the moment he touched my body for the first time.

Being of fair complexion and blonde his olive skin, deep tan and piercing brown eyes was my complimentary opposite. My deperate need to submit and his need to be totally dominant was also an exciting and rather unexpected complimentary opposite as well. For years I had craved to serve and submit and regardless of dabbling a little in the D/s lifestyle I had never met anyone that I wanted to totally give myself too. Until that fateful day, when he turkish pornsahin aga oksana gotten vuruyor me to my knees and told me to suck his throbbing cock.

Since then life had been a whirlwind of sudden and quite dramatic lifestyle changes. The love affair moved quickly, and before I knew I had agreed to give up my full time career (I was a executive in charge of a rather large team) and moved in with him.

I gave up all rights to my body, mind and soul and agreed to serve, honour and obey. This new agreement included many specific 'laws' that I was to follow to the letter and without question.

Firstly clothing of all description was banned I was to remain naked at all times while at home and only wore what I was permitted to when out of the house. I was to go nowhere without my Master unless otherwise specified. I was to wear collar and cuffs on both wrists and ankles at all times unless showering even if we were in sexy and dirty sluts take big boner. I was to crawl on hands and knees at all times unless otherwise permitted to walk upright, and speak only when spoken too.

I was to sleep in a cage, unless I had pleased my Master or if he was planning on using me during the night, then I would be allowed to sleep next to his bed. Sometimes if I was a very good girl I would be permitted to sleep in his arms. I was to also give up all rights to any form of privacy I was to shower in front of him, masterbate on command and go to the toliet either in his presence or when he gave permission. At all times that my Masters cock was not inside my arse or pussy I was to have remote vibrating shafts inside both holes.

He would turn these on and off at anytime he wished. Finally the most important rules were drilled into my head during his slave training initiation that occurred as soon as I moved into the eight bedroom, three storey home.

I was his to use as he saw fit to share with anyone he saw fit to share me with. I would never ever come unless given permission and I would always be in heat, eager and willing to please. I would never hesitate query or refuse anything he asked ever. This final rule was a deal breaker if I ever questioned, refused or hesitated the relationship would be over and I would be asked to leave immediately.

So I agreed to the 'laws' and settled into my new life.

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My new life opened me up to experiences I could only dream of and over a short amount of time I turned from a successful young business woman to a hot desperate piece of fuck meat, a whore who lusted after my Masters attention, affection and love by becoming his special cunt, his cum slut slave. My mind snapped back to my task at hand.

My Master had trained me well. I had learnt that every task was to be undertaken in the most erotic way possible becoming a great little tease. My shower time was to provide my Master with a show through the steamed perplex glass. Often he would have me masterbate with the intense jet stream from the shower head. The pounding of the jet often left me begging my Master for release, and of course I would be allowed to finish with an earth shattering orgasm.

This time it was to be another submissive act he wished for us to do this time my lover, my master would join me. Under the pounding water he pushed me to my knees, forcing me to take his massive, smooth cock into my mouth.

My tounge loved his cock, and I automatically caressed suckled and kissed, until his body tightened and I felt the spurt of cum stream down my throat.

I continued to suck on his cock still semi hard in my mouth until Master pulled it out much to my obvious disappointment. He looked down and smiled lovingly, caressed my face and told me that he had a little gift for me.

My Master then proceeded to take his cock and began to urinate the water and the piss combining to flow over my body. I was grateful that this time I was in the shower as it was often the case my Master would piss on me and make me stay that way until latin sister in kitchen at hornbunny watch free porn videos decided I could clean up.

This was his loving way of showing me my place, always at his feet and at his command. Humility training included other acts that always made my skin burn with embarassment which was, strangely enough, extremely arousing. He told me to wash throughly and get 'dressed'. I had ten minutes to do so. I washed the rest of my body rubbing over my nipples, now erect and begging for a mouth or clamp to wrap itself around it. My large D breasts were always something I was proud of.

In my earlier years I learnt to wear low cut tops when out on the town to both tease and encourage the men that would often frequent in my regular bars. Now my breasts were never covered, and on the rare occasion that I was allowed to go out in public they would be minimally covered and never trapped inside a bra.

The sponge moved lower and over my soft skin on the mound of my pelvis. It was beautifully smooth as always. Master paid for laser hair removal as our first anerversary gift so I would never need to shave his cunt again. I pulled both vibrators out of my holes and cleaned them throughly.

I applied an emina into my now gapping arsehole and cleaned throughly as per my Masters orders. I jumped out of the shower, dried myself, applied light natural makeupreinserted my vibrating shafts, and put the collar and cuffs back on.

I crawled down the stairs to find Master sitting in the kitchen. Master was a very wealthy man for his age being in his mid thirties he had made millions through very smart investments and proceeded to sell these companies to top bidders.

He had a small live in staff. One male gardener / handyman and one female house keeper, a couple in their own right, were the key to the home running smoothly. They were paid incredibly well and enjoyed the live and lifestyle my lover offered them. So the unusual sexual activity in the house and lifestyle we lived was never a problem. There were fringe benefits as they were permitted to use and humiliate me anytime they wished I could use my mouth on his cock or her pussy however full blown sex was off limits.

The maid had made breakfast, a full cooked meal for my Master. Bacon, eggs, hashbrown, tomatoes, toast.

For me the usual oatmeal served in the doggie bowl on the kitchen floor. As mentioned earlier, my Master wanted all activity to be sexualised and meals were no exception. While I was to eat my meal on the floor beside my Master sitting at the breakfast bar in the kitchen, I was to have my wrists and my ankles clicked together in a hogtie and the vibes set on full.

These were often times I would be allowed to cum, and I usually gushed from violent orgasms from deep within my arse and pussy. After the meal I would lick up my cum off the floor until the floor was totally clean. Sometimes he would permit the maid to slap me on the arse with a paddle and taut me as I would be eat. Today was slightly different. I was told that for the forseeable future I was not to cum. My Master smiled slyly as he mentioned that this could be for an hour, a day, a month or year.

The look of dismay shadowed my face. I had become a massive cum slut desperate to feel the release of my orgasm surge through my body.

This amused him more and he order me into the living room. Crawling to the living room, I kneeled at his feet as he took his seat on his favourite leather chair. "Think of it as a test of your devotion my pet" he smiled through his words as he pulled his cock out of his tan surfer shorts. ".and of your endurance".

He leant behind my back and clipped the wrist cuffs together binding my hands behind my back. I leant in and in one gulp I swallowed my lovers cock whole. "Good girl, good lil love my cock don't you my little slut?", "yes Sir" I mumbled as I continued to suck and glide my tounge over his beautiful sexy cock. "Turn around my slut". As I turned around my Master dropped to his knees behind me and pushed me down so my chest was on the floor.

Hardcore milf feet horny step mom gets slammed left hand removed the humming vibrator from my throbbing wet pussy, while caressing my engouged clit sending shivers down my thighs and a burning deep within my belly. I groaned loudly, as he built the pace on my clit while he was pounding my pussy.

The butt plug was pushed to high adding more sensation through my body and I felt my body starting to bliss out. As the cock kept pounding my pussy I could feel the orgasm in my body rise.focusing on my breathing so not to cum, I was desperately trying to concertrate on not releasing the building flood escalating within my abdomen. Just then my lover pulled his cock out of my pussy and standing up over me he started to cum spurting his juice all over my back and in my freshly cleaned hair.

I sunk to my knees arms still bound behind my back the fever still raging within. "Didn't cum slut??" my Master teased. I shook my head. "No Sir." I timidly replied. "Do you want to cum slut??" That glint in his eye indicated to those that were well trained that something was definitely planned, best school girls xxx story he was toying with me. "Oh yes Sir.

More than anything, Sir." I replied wishing against wish that he would let me have the release that I so desperately craved. He chuckled, pushed me on my back and re-inserted the vibe into my pussy. "When do you think you will cum slut?" He pushed the vibe deep into my pussy, and I gasped as the shivers pulsated deep within my cunt.

"When ever you wish for my too Sir". Damned I taught this girl well, he though to himself as he patted me on the head.

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"Get up put your jacket on and the heels I bought you last week. We're curvy black girl london banks gets dicked out." I rose to my feet he unclipped the cuffs and I went to the cupboard in the hallway and put on the only clothing I had had on my body for over 6 months.

The leash was clicked onto my collar and giving me permission to stand and walk he lead me out the door and into the double garage. Placing a blindfold on me he lifted me into the trunk of the black sedan.

Closing the trunk he told me yet again that I was NOT to cum, clipped my ankles together and my wrists behind my back and slammed the trunk shut. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2 The night continues My Master knew how turned on Czech streets katia full story got when bound, blindfolded and naked in the trunk of his car.

This was the only way I was allowed to travel infact the day I agreed to move in and commit fully to my sexual slavery was my last as a passanger or driver in a vehicle. Once the agreed to the 'laws' of my new world I was bundled into the waiting black sedan and whisked away to my new home. I had only been out of the house three times before.

I was nervous as each time my Master took me out it entailed a lot of sex and each time increased levels of kink. Last time I was taken to a "business meeting" where I served my masters dominant friends and was gropped and fingered in both my arse and pussy during the less social more business focused part of the night.

I waited on the men serving the food and alcohol, while they discussed their dealings. I kneeled at my lovers feet when not serving these men and loved being invisable but oh so exposed. Once the business was out of the way my Master had me show the boys what a good slut I was and to masterbate for them.

There were three men all slightly older than my lover and to my suprise a young woman closer to 30 than 40 were all delighted at the thought and instantly I rolled over onto my back, like a well trained puppy I started stroking my clit, groaning at the instant pleasure I experienced. "Would you like my friends to play with you my dear??" I knew I dare not say no and with an affirmative yes I instantly had six masucline hands mauling my flesh, my tits and fingers in both holes.

The black man approximately 40 years of age and from the US, was the first one to pound my pussy while the Australian man had me swallow his cock whole. The third man leant down and started molesting my nipples biting and sucking like a man possessed. The woman sat back and pulling her wrap skirt apart she slid her fingers over her bear mound she had smiled at her decision not to wear panties that night as her handsome colleague mentioned a special surprise to seal the deal recently negotiated between the five high powered business people.

Her fingers slowly molestered her dripping pussy as she watched her associates fuck, lick, suck and use the naked girl withering in lust on the floor in front of her. The men systematically fucked the me as I groaned, screamed and became almost possessed with lust.

The mens cocks burst as their cocks spurted out cum in all my holes all at the same time.Leaving a gasping horny cum slut on the floor. The woman then walked over to a girl who was still groaning in pleasure, and unclasping her skirt she lowered her hips over the this sluts mouth, forcing me to eat her out. My hips bucked in lust as the dominant woman groaned in pleasure.She reached behind her and grabbed onto my titspulling on the nipples as I dutifully below sucked and pulled on her soaking wet pussy and pulsating clit.

The men watched us, filled with lust. Moving over to the young women lying in front of them the four men started to stroke and as the woman screamed in orgasm and rolled off me as I lay below.just as this happened all the men erupted and covered my Masters slave in their cum. Girl cum all over my mouth, and hot semen through my hair, over my tits and over my face.

"You may play with your self pet make your self cum." and with that my slave fingers moved to my clit and within seconds shuddered in powerful orgasm. Lying there, in the dark of the car trunk I groaned at the memory. My Master really shared me but when he did it was always so powerful. My kinky needs were always met and my fantasies were coming to life. I feltmyself fall further in love with my dominant every day, as my life fell into a sea of lust and desire.

After what felt like a lifetime the car pulled to the side of the road. I heard the pop of the trunk being released and as my Master lifted the trunk open the cold chill of the winter night sky raped my skin, my nipples getting even harder if that was at all possible. I heard the sound of moving vehicles through the night air and the noise was right beside me. My heart skipped a beat as my lover unhooked my cuffs from each other and lifted me out of the vehicle.

Disorientated I stood, feeling unnerved by the obviously public space we were in. It sounded like we were on the main road of a very busy street cute cougar maria has her beaver plowed pornstars and creampie hearing the hum of the traffic like lotus right on top of me. The blind fold was removed and my submissive eyes had to reclose and then reopen so I could slowly readjust to the light.

Yes it was late in the evening, but the glare from the street lamps and the neon lights around me temporarily blinded me. "Do you still real estate agent gets sucked and fucked by wife for discount doublepenetration and reversecowgirl to earn your right to cum, pet?" the warmth of the voice made me feel more at easebut looking up I realised where I was. She was on the street, outside one of the most sleeziest brothels in the worst parts of town.

She gulped and nodded her head, knowing that if I refused to do as my lover driverxxx cutie trades backseat sex for ride I would lose him, and that thought was worse than any that were running through my head about why we were standing where we were.

"I want you to go upstairs and hand the man that answers to Mr Smith this letter". I will be getting reports from Mr Smith every two hours about your performance.

You will stay here until I come and get you. You are to follow all directions and remember you are not to cum under any circumstances. You are to only pleasure and not receive any until I say you may.

Is that clear my beautiful slut?" A pitiful look crossed my face as I took the letter, sighed "Yes Sir," and started to climb the stairs to the brothel entry. As nervous as I was I was incredibly aroused and excited.

My Master had done a great job in getting me desperately in heat taking my usual state of arousal to a completely different level. As I turned the rusty knob on the wooden door at the top of the stairs I felt the vibes in my holes go on to full speed and moaned wishing that the remote vibrators were out of range as it would be hard to stave of an orgasm as it was.

The door opened and standing looking at his watch was a fat, short and balding white man - "Welcome slut. I have been waiting for you". Part three the letter. Mr Smith took his time reading the letter the slut brought in with her from her Master. He knew her Master was a wealthy man and was more than willing to oblige his whims, especially with the huge deposit that went into the brothels bank account earlier that day.

The letter read. Dear Mr Smith I would like to introduce my sex slave. She has currently been serving as my submissive sex toy and as you know she is trained to follow all my instructions and learn the joys of submitting fully to a Masters whims and fantasies.

She has been my submissive for over a year now and has agreed to train as my fulltime sexual submissive slave. As a part of her ongoing training I stepmom dava foxx prefers liza rowe cunt like to offer her for your use, in anyway that your business would wish to use her.

Any money earnt by this slave whore is to be paid to your employees as this is a lesson in humility not one in earning money. This will ensure that your staff welcome my little slut as they will earn money from her pussy, mouth and arsehole and will free their time in making their own money let this be considered a little bonus thanking them for helping to putting my slave in her place.

I would like to ask if possible that my training rules are followed: If at all possible I would prefer my slave to be kept naked this is to help keep her feeling objectified. I would like to keep her off furniture, unless it is required to service a client or even a staff member.

Ideally she is to be positioned either as human furniture (maybe a human footstool for a client??) a drink holder, or even kneeling or lying on the floor in a sexually subservient position. The more humiliating the better.

It is imperative that she be brought to the edge of orgasm and denied release and made to beg. This is always a lot of fun, for all involved. Under no circumstances is she allowed to cum and have any form of release.

She has been on heat since early this morning so she will do as you ask. I would prefer if possible to make her crawl on her hands and knees rather than allowing her to stand unless required by you. I would like to keep a vibrator in her pussy and her arsehole while she is not servicing anyone. She would ideally be in 'public' while she is doing so as this is to continue enforcing her as being only a sexual item and will ensure that she is constantly in 'heat' and aroused to follow any and all instruction.

I insist that she speaks only when spoken to and addresses females as Ma'am or Mistress and the gentlemen as Sir or Master. This should be second nature by now anyway so don't be surprised if she does this automatically.

This slave will do almost everything you wish. She enjoys, will do or allow the following: BDSM allow clients or staff to tie her up, spank her, be rough with her. I only ask that you don't leave permanent marks on my property. Only use her as a submissive NEVER allow her to be dominant. Talk to her about any special fetishes she will no doubt agree to oblige.

An example is that she is very good at puppy play, being a naughty naughty school girl, worshipping cock, licking feet and an innocent being forced (raped) to have sex. WATERSPORTS sexy ass babe wets on dildo while inside her snatch Let her be pissed on but no scat games please. :) Again she is not allowed to piss on anyone she is only allowed to be pissed and cum on. EXHIBITIONISM She has not learnt to strip but she does put on a good sex show.

If you wish her to do anything for you tell her what you wish for her to do and she will do it. ENTICEMENT If you wish to use my slut to entice patrons to go through with your girls or herself, just instruct her what to do. She could give blow jobs to men in your lounge, or eat out one of your girls pussy in the middle of the public areas. GANGBANGS are agreeable if you so wish her to do this for you. Again she WILL follow any instructions you give her to do.she will kiss your clients and moan enjoying all aspects of her submission.

Please ask everyone using my property to use protection.

If her arse is to be used please provide lube. Fisting is acceptable if lube is provided. If this is agreeable to you please advise of a night in the near future that maybe suitable to you.and if she truly pleases you we may come to an agreement for future use for clients that may wish to act out fetishes etc; as a master needs to find ways to pay for keeping his sex property!