Lesbian adorable babes groan from orgasms dildo and toy

Lesbian adorable babes groan from orgasms dildo and toy
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I am awaken feeling something wet around my cock. The sensation was getting intense as I looked down and saw the cover going up and down. I had no idea who it was as my mind started to wonder if Savannah thought to surprise me or Megan.

I reached for the cover and lifted it up and off to see which one it was. Once it was off the one giving a great blow job. I saw blonde hair neither Savannah or New nepali xxx story com sex stories had blonde hair. I started to feel panic as I stopped the woman and got out of the bed as fast as I could.

I found my pants and quickly put them on and went to the door. I was about to open it until I heard a giggle. Then a familiar voice came to my ears. " Baby what's wrong didn't my mouth feel as good as my pussy?" The voice asked which made me confused I turned to see who it was and my eyes went wide. The woman's face looked familiar, but her hair didn't. I stepped over to the bed to get a better look. I stood at the foot of the bed looking at this beautiful woman who was sitting on her lower legs.

She had a smile that looked wicked.

Tickling our roommate until she begs for mercy

" Well are you going to say anything baby?" She asked me with that wicked smile " Megan?" I asked her with my own question " Yes baby who did you think I was?" Megan asked me with a wondering expression " I.I thought you were one of the club chicks.

What happened to your hair?" I stated asking her with a shocked look " Tattooed stepmom ffm fun with curious teens that, baby I been meaning to tell you about that. I um.dyed my hair years ago when I left home.

I didn't want anyone to really notice me. I woke up early this morning and decided to take the dye out." Megan explained to me as I listened I stood there taking in her explanation watching as she scooted off the bed.

She walked over to me and stood looking up in my eyes. She was only in her blue panties smiling. " That is understandable really, but what took you so long to tell me?" I asked her wondering " We were on the road and was having fun baby.

And besides you seemed to like my hair being brown so I kept it that color." She tells me getting on her knees undoing my jean's then added" Now should I finish what I started or do you want to use your hand?" I looked down to see she had my jeans down around my knees. She started to stroke me with her right hand and massaging my balls with her left. I nodded my head as I watched her take me back in her mouth.

She was working my half hard manhood back to life. She was working franticly getting it back to where she had it only 10 minutes ago. I felt my legs spread a little to give her room. She slowly took more of my dick into her throat. She looked up at me and winked with her right eye.

She was signifying to me to fuck her mouth. I placed my hands around her head and started thrusting making her moan at the same time. She huge cock tattooed bf bangs brunette hottie it when I take her in the mouth and throat. I guess from all she did earlier I was close, because at that moment she clinched the base of my cock and pulled me from her mouth.

She kept stroking me slowly smiling. " Not yet you don't I want that cum on my pussy lips. Not in me but on me." Megan said getting up and to the end of the bed pulling me along with her Megan laid back and spread her legs. She had me pull the crotch of her panties over. She let go of my cock and pulled her legs back towards her. Her knees were touching her breast. " Now baby cum on my labia, give me that sweet tasting cum." Megan said looking up pass her legs into my eyes I took ahold of my manhood and started stroking myself to eruption.

I groaned as my balls started to tighten. Megan kept encouraging me saying ' Thats it cum baby' or ' paint my pussy lips with that baby cream'. Her encouraging sent me over the top as I got close up and started spraying my cum all over her trimmed nether lips. Megan let out a moan as I noticed her labia lips were swollen from arousal.

I kept pumping my cock so she could get all that had built up since yesterday. I stepped back to watch my cum laying where she wanted it. She placed the crotch of her panties back and pressed down on her pussy through her panties. " Well now that the first load is out of the way I have to go baby." Megan exclaimed getting up to dress I stood there pulling my jeans up when suddenly I caught onto what she said.

" Wait.what do you mean first load? What did you mean by you have to go?" I asked her with a hint of confusion After she got her top back on she stepped over to me and placed her hands on each side of my face. " Baby, I love you and didn't mean nothing by it. I just meant your first of the day is out of the way and can't wait for more later." She tells me with a smile I look in her eyes seeing any kind of trick.

She has never been able to hide from me, but this time I guess she was telling the truth. I leaned down and gave her lips a kiss. Our kiss lasted for only a few minutes when she broke it saying she needed to go. I offered to walk her out, but she exclaimed that my father wanted to see me after she was done. I gave her another kiss then watched her walk out the door and down the hall.

I just watched her sexy ass as she walked away and to the front door of the clubhouse. I noticed a clock in the hallway on the wall it showed 9 a.m. I walked out the hall and into the club's bar area. I noticed my dad and a few other members. My Dad noticed me and motioned me over. I walked over and sat in the empty old man takes advantage of sleeping girl. He asked if I slept well and all I did was nod.

Him and sexy sandra pleasures two massive meat poles few members that sat there just laughed at my expense. Dad said Megan called earlier this morning asking if she could see me. He gave her permission telling her to keep things quiet and not to loud. I sat there stunned and again they laughed. We talked for awhile as Caleb and Simon came over sitting down at another table.

There was some food cooked and brought to us. We ate as we also talked about last night. Dad asked Caleb, Simon, and I if we were still upset or mad. Caleb and Simon nodded saying they were to a extent, but didn't know how to handle the situation at home. Dad looked at me waiting for my answer. I let out a sigh and began to speak. " I have to say Savannah may not of known what was happening, but she didn't walk away. I am still hurt and confused by her actions." I answered him stating He just looked at the three of us with a concerned look.

I took my phone out to see it was 10 a.m. My dad told me to go home and see what Savannah was going to say to me. He stated the same to Caleb and Simon with my sister's. He said he was going to stay there and just keep thinking of how to deal with my mother.

I knew he still loved her, but he was still hurt inside as to what she had said and done while on the dance floor. We stood up grabbing our jackets and saying bye to my dad. He had a look of sadness on his face. Caleb, Simon, and I just walked to the front door and out. Gray's POV: I am sitting here watching as Caleb, Simon, and my son leave.

They still could fix things with their loves. As for me I couldn't figure out what to do. I still loved Tessa with all my heart, but seeing her with another man on the dance floor and that man being Karl really made things worse. I was in my own thoughts when I heard whistles and cat calls. I looked up to see a woman in solid leather enter the clubhouse. Her hair reminded me of Tessa. I noticed one of the new prospects walking over to her.

He had a smile at first, but it left his face when the woman pointed over at me. That was when I noticed her eyes they were just like Tessa's. The prospect walked back to his seat as she started walking towards me. She got closer summer hardcore and extreme spanksgiving with the family that was when I noticed it was Tessa.

She was in the leathers she never wore anymore. She looked like Olivia Newton John from the movie Grease except with longer hair. I stayed in my seat when she finally stood in front of me. I looked up into her eyes as she looked down into mine. She reached for my right hand without a word. I stood up and followed her as she led me over to the hallway.

I heard some chuckles and giggles. Tessa kept taking me down the hallway to one step brother fucking a viagra first time pornstars hardcore the back rooms. She opened the door and let me in first. I walked over to the bed and turned to see Tessa shut the door.

She backed up against the door and had a small smile. I just glanced up and down her tight body. She walked over to me starting to unbutton her jacket. She didn't have any bra on as I notice her nipples started getting hard. She let her jacket fall to the floor as she stepped in front of me. She grabbed the hem of the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up taking it off me. I extended my arms up to let her. Once it was off she started on my belt undoing it then my jeans.

She un zipped my fly and started to ease my jeans down kissing her way down my chest and body as she did. I just watched as she pushed my jeans down with a quick motion.

Tessa squatted in front of me looking up at me then at her favorite play toy my penis. She placed her right hand around it as it was half erect. She then started to lick the head and then the sides. I felt her tongue slide back and forth across the skin of my dick. She worked the head twirling around my piss slit. The sensation felt so nice and great as I felt her left hand ease it's way to my balls. She fondled them like she did when we were younger.

I had to sit as my knees since they were getting weak. I sat with her still working me up to where I was hard. I laid back on my elbows just watching my wife. She surprised me by smiling at me then with one fluid motion take me into her mouth. " This horny blonde gets cummed on tattoo Tessa." I moaned feeling her wet, warm mouth around my dick She let out a moan as she started to suck on sexy ebony oils up for a good fuck has always been hers.

She was bobbing her head as her pace picked up. She took her left hand and eased it up to my chest and started massaging around by my heart. Tessa's touch was so wonderful to me. She knew exactly what could get me aroused. I laid back enjoying her advances on me. I loved her so much, but this was something new. I placed a hand on the back of her head running my fingers through her hair.

I felt the top of her throat as she worked more of my cock inside her mouth. All that she was doing really was getting to me. I started to thrust into her mouth as she bobbed up and down. I looked at her raising my head.

Her eyes were looking at me. I felt her tongue twirling around as she was sucking me. " Tessa.oh fuck." I moaned her name She slowly eased her mouth off my cock, but still stroked me smiling. " You close baby, you like your biker bitch sucking this beautiful cock of yours?" She asked me getting a moan from me then added" Gray my love keep it hard for me as I get these pants off." I gave her a nod as she let go and I placed my right hand on my dick and stroked.

Tessa stood unbuttoning and un zipping her leather pants. She eased them down bending over letting her tits hang in front of me. I noticed no panties on her. With her pants around her ankles she kicked them to the side. Tessa stepped closer to me and placed both her hands between her legs spreading her legs a bit.

She spread her pussy lips apart smiling down at me. " You want this pink pussy on that sweet tasting cock baby. You want your woman to ride you dating in saint john nb a biker bitch?" She exclaimed asking me with a wicked smile " Yes, I want my biker bitch to ride me as I suck her nipples." I answered her with a bit of authority Tessa got on the bed and straddled my hips.

She reached down and placed the head at her entrance. I watched as Tessa lowered herself down onto my dick. Both Tessa and I moaned as her wet, warm, pussy wrapped around me.

She was wet which never surprised me as she always got that way pleasuring me. Tessa leaned towards me and kissed my lips before speaking. " I love you Gray my love. I am so sorry for last night." She told me slowly grinding against me " I love you too Tessa my darlin. But if you ever do that again this won't happen again." I told her placing my hands on her hips " I know and it won't, you are the only man that will place his hands on me.

Now give me your baby making sperm and get me pregnant." She said with a smile " You serious, you want a baby?" I asked her with a shock expression " Yes, I want us to have a baby. I want another child with you." She proclaimed to stunning teen redhead girl with big natural t grinning I looked in her eyes and saw love and desire as Tessa started to go back and forth on my cock.

She sat up and began riding me up and down on my cock. Her hands on my chest looking down in my eyes. As she rode me I started thrusting up into her.

She let out moans with some being my name. I rolled us with her getting on her back. She pulled her legs to her. " Yessss.fuck me.faster.harder." She said loudly to me I grabbed her feet and started pounding in and out of her wanton love tunnel.

She was watching as I jack hammered her. I looked to see passion in her face. " Oh god.you are.making me.cum." My beautiful wife moaned out exclaiming " Oh shit.cum for me.cum on my cock." I moaned back to her as I made love to her " GRAY.I"M CUMMMMINGGGG." She yelled squirting her sweet cum on my cock " TESSA." I told her as my climax took over I erupted deep inside her as I held my cock deep into her.

She let go of her legs and wrapped them behind me. She kept me deep inside her placing her hands on my hips to help. I leaned down and kissed her lips our tongues finding one another. After just a few minutes her legs fell and feet were on the floor. She placed her arms around me keeping me close to her. " Thank you baby, I love you so very much, and promise to never hurt you again." Tessa stated to me in a quiet voice " Your welcome baby, I love you back just as much, and I promise to never leave like I did last night." I told her back to what she exclaimed We kissed making out for awhile laying side by side holding teen sydney sky gives bj and rimjob to neighbor another.

Both naked feeling our bodies hot teen interracial fuck with a big black cock down from our orgasmic highs. I broke our kiss and looked into her eyes.

" So what made you dress like you did and come here?" I asked her being curious She looked into my eyes then answered. " I knew this was the one way to show you I was so sorry for my actions. And I haven't dressed like I did for you in years." She answered explaining to me " Wow, will it worked, but there one thing on my mind." I told her with a chuckle " And what is that Gray darling?" Tessa asked me curious " If this was your way of apologizing, I just wonder how the others are going to apologize to their men." I stated to her with curiosity Tessa looked into my eyes then let out a giggle.

I gave her a stunned expression as she finally answered. " I can just say all three of them are going to get a shock of their lives." My loving wife told me as I placed my lips on hers Simon's POV: Caleb and I stood outside our house that we both bought for Shelby and Lisa. On the front porch we both debated on how to deal with the situation.

I turned to look at my best friend seeing him staring at the door. I thought of telling him we could just get back on our bikes to leave when the door opened. I turned to see Lisa and Shelby standing there. Both dressed in see through baby doll outfits. Lisa a pink one and Shelby in a red one. Both Caleb's and my eyes shot wide.

Shelby and Lisa just stood there giggling at our expressions. After their giggling was done they both stepped up to us and took our right hands. Lisa mine and Shelby took Caleb's. They led us in as Caleb shut the door with one fluid motion. We were led to the couch in the living room.

Caleb on one end and I on the other. Shelby stood in front of Caleb as Lisa stood in front of me. We both stared at them both being confused. I noticed there was some kind of writing on Lisa under her outfit. I couldn't tell what it read as she went over and push a button on the stereo remote. A few seconds later a song started to play. It wasn't too loud or fast. It was a love song I guess for us both.

Lisa came up to me and got down on her knees. Out the corner of my left eye Shelby did the same for Caleb. Lisa looked up into my eyes as she was un zipping my pants.

She pulled them down as my cock slung out. She smiled as she caught sight of it. She pulled my jeans down to my ankles and worked them over my biker boots. I looked over and noticed Shelby doing the same to Caleb.

I looked back to Lisa at that moment as she started to wrap her right hand around my shaft. When her hand touched me I sighed with some relief. Lisa winked at me as she took the head of my shaft into her mouth. I let out a moan to the sensation she was giving me. I heard a moan a few feet from me. Shelby was doing the same to my best friend. I sat there enjoying what my beautiful girlfriend was doing to me. She was being loving and so passionate to me. I felt her tongue twirl around caressing my shaft.

She was giving me pleasure like she never did before. My emotions were running wild as I never expected this would happen today or like this. Caleb was moaning just as much as me.

Mom teach seks full story mp4 picked up her pace sucking me as she moaned. the vibrations from her moans were causing me to start thrusting into her mouth. I had to place my hands on the couch just the keep from pushing her head down. " Oh god.Lisa." I moaned saying her name " Oh shit.Shelby." Caleb moaned saying her name Both Shelby and Lisa stopped and took us out of their mouths.

Lisa kept stroking me as she spoke. " Simon, I want to say I am sorry for all that I did not see last night.

You are the only man I desire and Love. Please forgive me my love." Lisa exclaimed as I heard Shelby tell Caleb almost the same thing I turned to look at Caleb. He looked back at me and nodded.

We turned back to our loves and smiled. Lisa stood up and stepped towards me straddling my hips. She reached down moving the crotch of the baby doll to the side with her right hand and placed my dick at her entrance. We looked into each others eyes as she lowered herself. She was wet as my dick entered her sweet spot. I placed my hands on her hips and moaned as she started riding me.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear. " Simon I thought of only two ways to show you how much I love you." She told me with a whisper " And what is that Lisa honey?" I asked her whispering back " I want to carry and have your baby." She answered raising back up grinding her clit against me I looked up in her eyes and notice them sparkle.

I noticed she moved her hands to the front of the baby doll. " Are you serious? And what the other idea you had?" I asked her with curiosity as I noticed Shelby doing the same " Yes as for the other." She answered me as I watched her take her arms out and lowered the outfit I sat there as she was slowly riding me reading the words that was written on her chest and stomach.

I noticed Shelby had the same on her. Caleb's eyes were wide just as mine was. I looked back up in Lisa's and could only respond by pulling her close to me and start thrusting up inside her as she started riding me a bit faster.

Her breast pressed against me as I stood up holding her. She wrapped her legs around me hips, then she placed her arms around my neck. I placed my hands on her sexy ass helping keep her up. We were enjoying our love making hearing moans fill the room.

" Im Cummingggg." Lisa yelled loudly as she went back down on my shaft And Lisa did all over my cock and legs as she was riding my cock. I turned us and placed her down on the couch. I positioned my body and started pounding her pussy. She reached up and placed her hands on the back of the couch and held on.

She looked up into my eyes. " Fuck me baby.cum deep inside my womb." She stated moaning to me I heard Shelby and Caleb moaning out loud filling the room with their love. I felt my balls turning and tighten. I reached and placed my hands on Lisa's looking down in her eyes.

" LISA!" I moaned loudly " Yes.cum in me.give me a baby." Lisa moaned telling me it was ok As her words left her lips I erupted deep inside her with the last thrust sinking the head of my cock deep. I felt her cervix as my cum filled her womb. I let out a moan with her.

Her hands let go of the back of the couch and to my back. Her fingernails dug into my skin leaving marks. I stayed like that for a bit enjoying Lisa's pussy clamping down on me. Lisa was smiling up at me as I leaned down and gave her a long passionate kiss. After a few minutes she broke the kiss and had me get up. I stood up sliding out of her. She sat up and started cleaning my cock with her mouth.

Her licks and sucking was having again a affect on me. Once she was done she grinned the spoke. " We taste good together like always." Lisa said redhead having some solo fun fingering and romantic a comment She got up and moved the crotch of her baby doll back in place. Lisa had me to sit back down as she got in my lap to cuddle. I turned to look at Caleb and Shelby doing the same. " So who's idea was this if I may ask?" Caleb exclaimed asking Shelby and Lisa who were still topless They both looked at each other then back at us.

" Megan did, she told us the best way to apologizes was to give ourselves to our men completely. Did you know she is actually a sister brother sex suspense sleeping. Seems the brown hair was just hair dye." Lisa explained to Caleb and I " No shit, well she's a smart blonde, but what's with the wanting a baby all the sudden?" Caleb asked both Lisa and Shelby " That the other side of it all.

Megan stated that if we were truly sorry for not seeing what was going on last night then we should bare our loves baby." Shelby answered with a explanation Caleb and I sat in our spots taking in all that both Lisa and Shelby were telling us.

" So you going to answer our question we wrote on our bodies?" Shelby asked looking at Caleb then me Caleb and I turned and looked at each other. I nodded my head then reached in my inside jacket pocket. Caleb was doing the same as I did. I pulled out the small ring box and presented it to Lisa.

She took it from me with a confused but yet surprised expression. She opened the box and that was when both Shelby and Lisa screamed getting off Caleb and my lap's. " Actually we were going xxxx sunny lione fust fucks story ask you both the same question." I said smiling up at Lisa " Oh god really?" Lisa asked in a shocked tone Caleb got on one knee in front of Shelby as I did in front of Lisa.

We were both naked from the waist down so this was a weird moment. I took Lisa's hand and stared into her eyes. " Lisa Dawn Covington, I love you very much, And I say yes to your question, but will you marry me?" I asked her getting a responsive nod yes from her I took the ring she had in her right fingers and placed it on her left ring finger. She got down on her knees and we hugged watching Caleb doing what I just did.

Shelby had her arms around Caleb's neck. " I wonder how Gray and Nick are taking their apologies?" Caleb said being curious " Oh I think they are enjoying their morning. And besides Nick had a appietiser this morning." Shelby said telling us with a giggle Caleb and I looked at her with confused expression's as we didn't see Savannah or Megan at the clubhouse.

But then I remembered seeing a blonde walking towards the room Nick was in. My eyes shot open and Lisa gave me a nod. Caleb also was wide eyed remembering the same.

" Well I am sure Nick's going to to have a great morning and partial afternoon." I exclaimed to the wild love tunnel drilling from hunk smalltits hardcore of them " Actually guys we have to be over at Dad and mom's around 2 p.m." Lisa pointed out to Caleb and I " What for Lisa, we thought we would celebrate our engagement's?" Caleb asked my fiance " Caleb, Simon, my brother and his loves can't get married like we can.

So mom arranged for us all to be witnesses in a commitment ceremony. It will be us four, Dad, Mom, Rick, Kera, Dwight, Yvonne, E.P., and Jax." Shelby explains to Caleb and I " This day just gets more surprising. Does Nick know about it?" I asked both Shelby and Lisa " Nope, for it was Savannah and Megan's idea, Mom is just making sure it happens." Lisa answers with a smile " Well I guess we should get ready then as it's already close to 11 p.m.

And besides we have to let your parents know the good news." Caleb said holding Shelby in his arms I'm standing in the doorway to our room. On the bed is Savannah and Megan they are in a position that they can't see me with their backs towards the door. " Oh god.fuck me Megan.fuck me with that hard.fake dick." Savannah moaned out loud " Nick baby please get home I'm getting tired and she just keeps taking more." Megan said as she kept moving her hips back and forth I felt my cock getting hard as I watched my blonde haired Megan slamming her strap on dildo in and out of my ebony beauty.

Stepped into the room taking my jacket and shirt off quietly. I then took my jeans off also quietly with my dick standing straight out pointing at them. I stepped slowly over to the foot letsdoeit horny brunette granny loves riding cocks the bed and eased myself onto it. I scooted in front of Savannah who was on her hands and knees.

Her eyes were closed for a few minutes until she felt something touch her lips. Savannah looked up at me and had a small smile. She opened her mouth and invited me in. I slid the head of my cock into her mouth in which she started to pleasure.

I reached down under her and started to play with those beautiful breast of hers. Savannah was working my dick for a few minutes until she took me out of her mouth.

" Put it in me.oh shit.I'm going to cum." Savannah stated to Megan and I " Baby, take over please my knees are hurting." Megan told me as she pulled the strap on out of Savannah As she did there was a sudden spray of cum hitting Megan on the legs. Savannah repositioned herself with her sexy ass towards me. I noticed her labia lips glistening from her cuming. I placed the head of my cock at her entrance and eased in. She let out a moan as she met my pace taking more of me into her.

Megan got off the bed and took the strap on off of her. She came back on the bed and laid on her back. She positioned her pussy in front of Savannah with her legs spread wide.

" Eat me out my sexy ebony lover. Repay the fucking I was giving you while our man pounds that pussy." Megan stated to Savannah with a little authority Savannah nodded her head and lowered to start pleasuring her now blonde lover.

I placed my hips on her hips and started making sensual babe desires thick cock in pussy to her very wet love spot.

I heard moans filling the bedroom as both cutie in pigtails bouncing on large cock pornstars hardcore women were feeling pleasure. I watched as Megan cupped her breast and pulled on her nipples. She was letting out little moans her and there. It wasn't to long that Megan gorgeous amateur babe fucks her pussy hard with dildo masturbation and girlfriend her legs up in the air and held them to her.

She made her crotch raise a little so Savannah could get better access to it. I was slamming into Savannah with each thrust. Savannah was moaning into Megan's vagina making Megan moan at the sensations. I kept up my pace keeping a build up to what will indeed be a climax. " Oh god.baby are you.oh fuck.close." Savannah asked me moaning " Yes.Where do you.want my love cream?" I asked her pounding her " In my cunt.make me pregnant.oh god." She explained answering my question moaning I kept up with my thrusting as I felt my balls tighten.

I felt her fingers as she was rubbing her clit. My cock started to throb inside her deep. It was at that moment that I pulled her so against my cock and cumed deep inside. I felt rope after rope shoot inside. Savannah moaned to the feeling we both were sharing. " Oh fuck.I feel your baby juice.Yesss make me pregnant." Savannah moaned loudly I stayed behind Savannah feeling her pussy milk my cock.

Megan was moaning as Savannah was eating her pussy. I sat back on my feet watching as my ebony beauty was rubbing her clit. My adorable teenie is tempted and then drilled hardcore and creampie stayed inside her not even showing a hint of coming out of her beautiful pink hole.

I moved over to Megan. I layed by her and started kissing her lips as my hand went to her right breast. I fondled her nipple as our kiss lingered. She would moan into my mouth as our tongues found each other. I felt a hand slide down to my dick. Megan was stroking me getting it back to life.

Savannah was still licking and sucking on Megan's clit. Megan broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. " I want your cock.in my mouth.oh god." She said moaning as I got in position I brought my dick close to Megan's mouth. She opened wide as I slid it in. She closed her mouth around my shaft and started working my cock back to it's hard rock shape.

I watched as my ebony looked up at me and smiled licking her lovers clit. We all were enjoying this moment of showing our love becoming one again. Savannah kept her hand between her legs. She was working her clit and moaning into Megan's wet pussy.

Megan was really working me back to hardness. I felt my dick getting hard in her mouth. She took her left hand and started stroking me as she looked up into my eyes.

I let out a groan as Megan took her mouth off my cock. " I can't.oh fuck.take it anymore.baby fuck me.fill my cunt." Megan moaned out exclaiming what she wanted Savannah moved from between Megan's legs and up by Megan's head. I moved between Megan's legs and grabbed my shaft. I lined the head to Megans wet entrance and thrusted entering in one motion. I placed my hands on Megan's thighs and started pounding in and out of my beautiful blonde.

She looked up at me smiling. Savannah was on her knees holding Megan's ankles up in the air. She watched on as I was thrusting long and deep into Megan. " Oh Yesssss.baby fuck me." Megan moaned loudly again saying what she wanted I obliged her by pounding faster and harder into her. She moved her hands to my ass and was pulling me deeper inside her.

" Yes my love pound her pussy, cum deep inside, give her a baby to." Savannah encouraged me smiling I could feel my climax coming to me. I held Megan's thighs as I kept pounding her faster. I felt my balls tighten again.

" MEGANNNNN." I moaned as I erupted deep inside her I stayed deep inside not moving making sure my baby love cream would make it's spot. Savannah let go of Megan's ankles and moved to lay by Megan. Megan moved her legs and let them drop onto the bed. One on each side of me while catching her breath. I slowly pulled out of Megan as we heard a pop sound. I sat back on my feet looking at the both of them.

Savannah my ebony love, Megan my wild blonde biker love. They both completed me in every way. I so wished we could have a wedding to show our love for each other, and to others that doubted. I moved over next to Megan on her left side and placed my arm over her chest with my hand on Savannah's left breast. " That was amazing you two." Savannah stated to Megan and I " Yes it was, so amazing my pussy is throbbing in ecstasy." Megan proclaimed to Savannah and I " So I take it this was a apology or something?" I asked just laying there holding my loving ladies Savannah sat up and moved over Megan to me.

She laid on my chest after Ai haneda long bj with orgams in her mouth got flat on my back. Savannah looked in my eyes with a nervous grin. " Baby, I am sorry for last night. It took Megan's words to jolt my mind to realize what did happen. I love you baby and yes all this was a apology." Savannah confessed laying her head on my chest " Ok so why have Megan help?" I asked her placing my left hand on her head running my fingers through her hair Megan turned over on her stomach and propped herself on her elbows.

" Oh that, After getting your first cum load this morning I came home and told her the details. She got horny and needed to get off, but she wanted more and after 45 minutes my knees started to hurt and that when you joined in." Megan explained to me the whole thing " Well I have to say, if coming home to what I saw is a everyday thing then let it be." I said smiling up at Megan Megan laid back down cuddling up to Savannah and I.

I loved this moment holding the two most beautiful women I loved besides my Mother and sisters. Savannah moved off me and got to her feet out of bed quickly. Her naked body turned and looked at me with wide eyes. Megan looked at where Savannah's was looking at the clock next to the bed. She also got out of bed standing on the other side of it.

" Ok what is wrong did I fart without knowing?" I asked with a chuckle They both looked at me with a little disgust. " Ewww, no baby it's just we need to get ready. It's 12:45 in the afternoon." Savannah stated to me which made me confused " Ok what is going on.

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You both know I hate freaking secrets." I said feeling still confused " Baby it's something good please don't be worried. And besides your mom set it up so please lets get ready for we only have a hour." Savannah explained to me with a nervous smile I laid there looking back and forth between them.

I didn't know what my mother was planning, but I figured whatever it was must be coming from her heart. I nodded my head as they both smiled. Both my women helped me out of bed and into a shower. They washed me as I washed them back. We dried off and started to get dressed.

They both dressed big titty briana starss sucking dick in very rough fashion nice. Savannah in the dress she wore last night, while Megan wore a skirt and blouse. Both didn't worry about panties or a bra. They had me dress in what I wore last night. Both of them were fixing each others hair and makeup not too much just enough. I noticed the time being 1:45 p.m. as both my lovely women came up to me with smiles. Savannah took my right hand in her left and Megan my left in her right.

They led me out the door and down the hall. We got to the top of the stairs and started down. I noticed the coffee table was moved closer to the entertainment center and the chairs moved back. We three kept walking until we reached the foot of the stairs. I then noticed my Dad, Mom, Sister's, Caleb, and Simon standing behind the couch. Mom came around and stood in front of us with a smile. I guess I had a confused look on my face as my began to speak. " Nick I can tell your wondering what this is all about." She said getting a nod from me then added" Son what you, Savannah, and Megan have is unconventional so as your family that is here we are going to witness you three commit to one another." I stood there in a bit of shock as her words reached my mind.

I looked at them all to see smiles and nods. I turned to look at Megan and Savannah who were also smiling. My took a step back and nodded at both Savannah and Megan. Both let go of my hand and stood side by side in front of me. Mom moved over next to me as I noticed my dad walking over and standing on my left as mom was on my right.

My sister's walked over Shelby next to Savannah as Lisa stood my Megan. Both Caleb and Simon had their cell phones out and I guess took pictures moving around to get the girls faces. There came a knock on the door at that moment and Mom went to answer it. After a few seconds Sierra came running up to Savannah who leaned down and picked her up.

I wild luscious brunette get a doggy humping in the sofa to notice Rick, Kera, Dwight, Yvonne, E.P., and Jax come in. Rick and Kera walked over and stood behind their daughter. Dwight and the others also took out their phones and started to take pictures getting everyone in the screen. Mom came back and stood back on my right. Savannah looked at Sierra then at me. " Nick, you and I have known each other for years now.

We have had our test in love and from that time it gave us a beautiful baby girl. Bj lover samantha rone tongue fucks holly hearts wet pussy is a symbol of our love.

I love you baby and always will. I commit my love, my body, my heart and soul to you. As I vow to never hurt you or betray you. I will cherish, honor, be faithful, and loyal. All these things I commit to you." Savannah said finishing as she stepped to me and hugged me with her right arm giving me a kiss on the lips Sierra let go of Savannah and came to me.

Savannah stepped back and it was Megan's turn to speak. " Nick, at a time in my life that I felt alone and empty you brought love and filled my heart again.

The day we met was a start of a beginning. I lost one love just to have another that as a big heart. I love you my love and always will. I commit and vow to cherish, honor, be faithful, loyal and stand by you everyday of my life. No other man shall touch me as long as I live." Megan stated to me stepping up to Sierra and I She gave us both a hug and kissed my lips.

Megan stepped back with a smile. I stood there taking in all they both said until I felt a poke to my ribs. I turned to see my dad smiling and nodded. I turned and looked at my loves and let out a sigh. I stared in their eyes and began to speak. " Savannah, You are right we have known each other for years and yes our love was tested, but never left our hearts.

I have always loved you even when I left on the road the second time. Megan, You came into my life when I felt alone and numb inside. You helped me realize I need to live. I love you as the first time I told you those words.

I commit to both of you my love, heart, body, and soul. I vow to never leave either of you for another. I will always stay faithful and loyal, cherish, and honor both of you." I told them both getting tears from their eyes I stepped up to them both and hugged them both giving each a kiss on the lips.

I felt a tug on the collar of my shirt and looked to see Sierra take her pacifier out of her mouth. She puckered her lips and had her eyes closed. It gave me a smile because she was so cute.

I gave her a kiss and backed up to see her smiling then replaced her pacifier into her mouth. Rick and Kera hugged Savannah then Megan. They came to me and welcomed me back in the family.

I thanked them teen jojo kiss takes big cock very deep I heard my friends cheering saying about time to me. My family hugged us congratulating us. It wasn't long until I sat down on the couch with Sierra on my lap.

Savannah and Megan were with the women. While the guys sat in the living room. Dwight sat on my right and E.P. on my left. Dad sat in his chair and Rick in the other. Jax sat on the arm of the couch. Caleb and Simon stood on either side of dad's chair. We all talked and laughed. It wasn't long until we heard a scream from the kitchen which got a scared Sierra wrapping her little arms around my neck.

I held her close calming her down. Mom came in and went to Caleb and Simon. She hugged them both as the others came out of the kitchen giggling. " It's about time you two asked my daughter's." Mom said to both of them " Well you may say they asked us to this morning." Simon responded to my mother " Well still it's about damn time. I am so happy for you four." Mom smiled saying to them Mom sat in dad's lap and gave him a kiss.

Kera went to her husband and did the same. My sister's stepped over and stood in front of me and Sierra who was calmed down at this moment. I looked up at them to see nervous smiles. Sierra looked at me wondering what was up.

Shelby was the one to speak. " Baby brother Lisa and I want to know if you will walk us down the aisle at our wedding." Shelby asked me with a smile Everyone looked at me waiting for my answer. I looked over at dad curious to why he wasn't walking them down. I had to find out why.

" What about dad I thought he would walk you down the aisle?" I asked them being curious " That's because dad is the best man to Caleb and Simon. They already made that decision along time ago." Lisa answered me with a smile " Ok um how, you guys got engaged just this morning?" I stated to them getting a few chuckles from my dad, Caleb, and Simon " That's because years ago we asked Gray if we ever got married if he be our best man." Caleb answered to my question " And his answer was and I quote ' If you two goof balls actually get two girls to say yes to marry you then yes I will be best man'.

Simon stated which got my dad to shake his head " Damn I forgot about that. Their right son I did say that so I won't be walking Shelby or Lisa down the aisle." My dad told me with a grin I looked at them with wide eyes as Sierra started to move around. My daughter placed her hand in my hair like she usually did before she went to sleep. I sat there thinking then smiled looking up at my two beautiful sisters.

I handed Sierra to E.P. and he took her. Sierra loved her uncles very much. Even though E.P. and Jax weren't my brothers by blood they were still family to me.

I stood up and faced my sister's. Savannah and Megan were standing on the other side of the couch behind me. I felt they too were waiting for my answer. I took Lisa's right hand into my right and Shelby's left hand into my left. " Shelby, Lisa I would be honored to walk you both down the aisle. I love you both as much you love me." I exclaimed to them both They let go of my hands and hugged me. We heard aww's and cheers from the room.

At that moment I heard E.P. behind me speak. " Sierra, you have any other aunt's that need a man?" E.P. asked my daughter which made everyone start laughing I broke the hug with my sister's and turned to retrieve my daughter. I picked her up from E.P. and stood there smiling. " Bro don't start having my daughter being a matchmaker she is way to young." I said getting a laugh from my family " Sorry man, but Jax and I feel left out around here. Don't get me wrong I am happy for all of you, but dang you can't blame me for asking my god daughter." He said chuckling in which Jax and I joined him I sat back down between him and Dwight.

Savannah and Megan placed a hand on each of my shoulders. It was just a few minutes until Sierra took her pacifier out of her mouth making a strange face and then spoke.

" Da Da I poop." She stated to spanish milf have fun black artistry denied getting a laugh out of us all Savannah reached down and took Sierra from me. Savannah and Megan said they would take her to change her dirty butt. Sierra was laughing as my ebony love started tickling her calling her poopy pants. Again everyone laughed and chuckled.

Savannah and Megan took Sierra upstairs to change her. I just sat there thinking of how this day was turning out. I was smiling to myself thinking how happy I was.

I had my family back both sides. Savannah's parent's, Dwight, Yvonne, E.P. and Jax. Then there was my family we were all coming together as one family. I listened as Dad and Rick were talking as was both mom's Kera and Mom. Caleb, Simon, Dwight, E.P. and Jax were all getting along great. Yvonne decided to go up and help with her niece. Even though her and Dwight weren't married yet she claimed Sierra as her niece. My daughter was so loved and that made me know she was happy.

My mind came to two people I haven't thought of in a along time Sasha and Lucy. I might be at odds with their dad, but they never knew about the adoption, or all that their dad had done. I still loved them two, but didn't really know how to talk after the past few years to them.

Sex with busty hawt legal age teenager so many minutes my wives came back down with Sierra followed by Yvonne. Sierra pointed to me as Savannah and Megan walked over to me.

Dwight and E.P. scooted over to let them sit. Savannah on my left and Megan on my right. Sierra moved over to me and sat. " Da Da I clean." My daughter told me with a bright smile " Good girl." I exclaimed to her holding her " Yes she is, but damn she needs to lay off the spinach whew wee." Megan stated to us getting a laugh " So baby how does it feel to have two wives?" Savannah asked me with a grin " It feels wonderful, how does it feel to have a husband and wife?" I answered but asked her back " It feels great my love." She answered me placing her right hand on my left knee " So where are we all going to eat.

There is like 17 people here?" My mom asked us all We all sat thinking of her question and pondered. It wasn't long until Dwight answered mom's question. " How about Golden Corral, they have the best bourbon chicken I have ever tasted." Dwight proclaimed to us all " That sounds good Kera and I will cover the bill." Rick said agreeing to my best friend " Sorry Rick, but Tessa and I will pay for us all." My dad exclaimed to my father n law " Nope sorry Gray I already called it." Rick said again We all watch as they kept arguing about who would pay.

It was my ebony love that chimed in giggling. " Dad's why don't you both pay jeez." Pal drills tight ass hole hardcore and massage told them which made them look at her They both sat in their chairs looking at each other.

It was Rick who spoke responding to what Savannah said. " She's right ok we will combine our money and pay." Rick stated to my dad in which my dad nodded " Yum yum food here we come." Dwight, E.P., and Jax all three said in unison " Da Da wat urbon chicken?" Sierra asked me being cute " It's chicken cooked in a different way then fried." I answered her with a smile She sat on my lap thinking of what I said then smile.

" I wat try." She said giving me that bright smile That got a laugh from those around her. I chuckled at my daughter she was the apple of my eye. Mom got up off dad's lap as he stood.

" Ok everyone get up and ready. As for you little Sierra there other things to eat besides chicken." My dad stated to us and my daughter " Gandpa mean." Sierra said sticking her tongue out " Awww what I say wrong." My dad said walking over to get his granddaughter " I think it's because you said there more then chicken to eat." Megan responded to him " Well there is damn." He said holding his beautiful granddaughter in his arms We all got up and started to get ready.

Savannah went up to get our daughters diaper bag just in case we needed it. I just looked at us all and saw a family. Across the street from the warehouse: Cal's POV: Since that week in jail two years ago I have learned never judge a book by it's cover. Alex had me learn from a friend of his about P.I.

work and Bounty Hunting. So I learned both and have been given the right equipment to get the job done. I have been working for the local Prosecuting Attorney to get evidence for him to use against Karl.

Karl as of late has caught the PA's eye in some illegal dealings. The PA wants Karl out of his town and the state. So he has hired me from a good recommendation from the local Chief of Police and Alex. Seems Alex has been talking to the Chief of police since the whole Savannah thing. They are making up a task force to get Karl and those that work for him.

Although he tries to stay a good family man and respected to those that he sweet talks. It's the ones he has hurt along the way that have came forward telling their side of it all.

I have spent 6 unusual model stretches her slit and loves hardcore penetration tailing Karl staying hidden with help from the PA and the police.

I also have the warehouse wired with my new bag of toys that I was given. I am now able to hear everything Karl and his associates say now. It's around 3 p.m. when the conversation started to get really interesting. Also it was around this time my cell phone went off.

I looked at the number and a smile came across my face. I answered it with a greeting. " Hello.Yes I am.Yes he really is laying out some plans.No he personally hasn't.I can do that hang on." I said listening to my friend on the phone I placed the phone up to a speaker a bit as he could listen also. We both hear Karl setting up what sounds like to abductions. One a decoy and the other the real one.

Karl explains he wants a final talk to his Nephew and the only way that can happen is if one of Nicks women was in Karl's hands. He also explains that this would be the final talking as he has plans of how to take Nick out and do away with the woman of Nicks heart. I sat in the driver side seat feeling my own blood boiling at what Karl was saying. He told his men to just keep their eyes out and stack out the house Nick was living in.

I knew he was staying with his parents so I to was going to do my own stake out just to make sure no one would get hurt. I brought the phone back to my ear and spoke. " You hear all that.yeah I plan to.you coming down when.tomorrow.so the task force getting ready then.good and I have enough for the PA.yep just seeing Karl in the warehouse and what he goes through with Nick.Yes I'll be ready I have all I need to defend.yep see you later." I stated hanging up my phone I kept listening to all that Karl kept saying until he stated to the decoy team they could have fun with which ever woman Nick had with him giving the real team a chance with her later in the night.

They all laughed at his comment until one asked about the real abduction. Karl stated that once Nick was out of the euro blonde stunner puma swede cums hard from solo solo masturbation masturbation that everyone would get a turn with both women before he sold them.

My fist clinched and my temper flared. " You Son of a Bitch, Karl you will never touch either of Nick's women as long as I am around or hurt anymore people." I said as I hit the roof of my car ----------------------------------------------------- Writer's Notes: Well I hope everyone enjoyed Tessa, Shelby, Lisa, Savannah's way of making up to there men.

Plus Megan waking up Nick by surprise. The next chapter will start bringing things to a head.

Will Karl escape Nick's grasp? Will Gavin get his just reward? Who was the person Cal talked to on the phone? And did little Sierra take a bite of her Uncle Dwight's Bourbon Chicken without her Grandpa Gray not looking? Some of these will be answered in the next Chapter of A Family At Odds.

Stay Tuned.