Boy and girl sexy storys

Boy and girl sexy storys
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Chapter 8 I usually slept in some thin PJ's during summer, but lately I was waking up all sweaty and wet due to the nightly torments and twisting around in my bed, so I started sleeping naked for comfort and extra convenience. So, I got out of bed and put my robe on and walked down the hall to the bathroom. As I passed my brother's room I remembered our little encounter from yesterday, when I ran out of the bathroom in my panties and bra and unintentionally flashed James my almost naked ass and most likely ended up bouncing my boobs in his face without noticing it also.

I passed his room and the door was still closed, so relieved I stepped in the bathroom and closed the door behind me and locked it. I never used to lock anything but after the assault I became very protective of my nakedness and my body in general which everyone (men especially) seemed to drool over. Disgusted of this taught I opened the shower door and stepped in, turned the water on and just stood there for a few minutes.

Then started washing myself, not as roughly as I did yesterday, no, that was different…… Yesterday after coming back from "therapy" I jumped immediately in the shower and gave myself a long and thorough scrub down, cleaning every inch, every crevice and every hole twice and then twice again, still feeling dirty and used.

I was practically punishing myself for performing all those acts that he demanded of me, letting myself be touched in all those places and ways, I was punishing my body for being so dam desirable, or "perfect" as the good doctor put it.

No, today I was just taking a normal shower, or as normal as I could anyway… After I lathered myself up, I washed my hair and then rinsed all over and stepped out. I dried up with a large bath towel and when I was ready to come out I put my robe back on, a smile crept up on my face, this time I had remembered to bring a robe and not flash anyone on the hall, then I opened the door and walked back to my room. As I got next to James's room, the door was open and I looked inside.

I didn't see him at his desk, which is the first thing in site when you peek in through the door that was odd. I knocked twice: "Jimmy, are you here?" -"Yeah, I'm in bed" "Are you OK" -"Amm… yeah, I'm good&hellip." That didn't sound very convincing. I figured that he must not be feeling well or maybe he's got a cold or something along those lines.

He was such a good kid, I'm not just saying that because he is my brother. I know that most siblings, especially brothers and sisters don't get along very well, fight all the time, annoy each other or one gets on the other one's nerves, but for us it was just the opposite.

We were best friends, even with the two year age difference between us. So I just asked: "Can I come in?" -"Amm, OK" I stepped in and he was in his bed, under the covers.

I just came closer and sat on the edge next to him. I placed one hand on his forehead and he felt fine. "You don't have a fever, is it a headache?" He just shook his head. "Is it your stomach hon?" He shook his head again, but I could tell that something was bothering him. And since it was summer brake there was obviously no reason to fake an illness or anything like that. "OK James, what's going on? " He just looked at me and said he was fine and just to leave pov cocksucking pawnee gets cum in mouth alone.

"Just tell me what's up with you and I'll go. OK? You know you can tell me anything… We always talk about anything anytime…" -"It's… personal.

OK?" "How personal can it be if you can't even tell me?" I said while raising an eyebrow -"YOU are the last person I would tell this to, so just leave me alone, alright? He tried to look stern, but it just came out cute and funny, so I was sure that he wasn't sick. I started to tickle him and said that I will stop only if he lets me in on what the big secret is. He was really ticklish and I could get anything out of him this way. -"OK, OK, I'll tell you, just stop.'' He said and I stopped and smiled at him.

"look, it's very embarrassing so don't tell anyone.

Ok, so, you remember how last winter when you had that sleepover the solo twink looses his clothes and starts working on his cock tube porn were asking me if I had a girlfriend and why not and stuff like that… And then they joked that I should get a girl soon before my wrist starts hurting?.

I started laughing a bit nut he didn't like it so I just stopped and said: "OK, sorry, continue" -"Well, I knew what they meant, that I am jerking off or something…" ''Oh honey, they were just teasing you, you know how Ashley joke around, they didn't mean anything by it." -"Yes, I get it, its fine, but about that&hellip. I don't really do&hellip. That." I just looked at him puzzled.

Masturbate. I don't masturbate. I don't think it's wrong or anything stupid like that, I just don't like doing it and I felt stupid first sexi girl story home blood I try. OK?!" "OK,… that's fine, you are right, there's nothing wrong with doing it, it's perfectly normal at your age, healthy even, but of you don't like it that's fine too.

No one says you have to do it… But what does that have to do with why you won't get out of bed?" -"Well, that's kind of it… God, I can't believe I'm telling YOU this. Here it goes: normally I get an erection in the morning, but then it passes after a few minutes or when I go pee. But this time it's not going away and it just hurts. In fact it started yesterday&hellip." He blushed and looked away for a moment. Yesterday&hellip.

OMG, it was my fault! It was probably after my little "display" in the hall as I ran to my room. "Oh honey, I'm so sorry, that was all my fault yesterday, I forgot to bring my robe with me before taking a shower and then just ran to my room holing that no one would see me.

I was mostly worried about mom or dad, but I ended up flashing you didn't I ?. I was trying to conceal a smile as I said this. I felt bad for doing it, but it wasn't such a big deal, so he saw me in my underwear… -"No, it's my fault, I shouldn't have looked, and I definitely shouldn't feel this way. I don't know what's wrong with me Jasmine…" He was sad when he said this and it just broke my heart. "Look, it's no big deal.

Your eyes saw a barely covered girl's body and your body just reacted, it's normal. Your&hellip. penis… doesn't know the difference whether I'm your sister or just some girl on… TV for example. Right?" He just nodded but looked down again.

I had to do something… "OK, just let me see what the "problem" is…" He just looked up at me wide eyed: "No way!" I smiled again: "just let me see, I won't tell anyone, alright? I'm just going to look. Would you rather have mom come up here and ask why you are still in bed and what's going on and all that?

You know how she gets all dramatic and weird when she thinks something's wrong with anyone…" He just sighed, realized I was right and slowly pulled the sheets down.

He was wearing his PJ's but you could clearly alyssa and sea lick each others twats masturbation pornstars a tent had formed there.

I kept looking at it and he reluctantly pulled those down as well and his stiff erection just popped out. I was a bit taken back but kept my cool not wanting to make him feel worse than he already did. I knew that it would be an easy fix but he was probably not going to do it. In fact, if that would have been the case, he could have taken care of the "problem" last night or at least this morning and we wouldn't be having this conversation.

I just couldn't leave him like this, I felt bad for him, but I felt even worst knowing that it was mostly my fault. So, I slowly reached down and wrapped my hand around it in one motion. He just grabbed my wrist and said: "What are you doing? You can't touch me there!" "Well, you're not going to do it and I can't leave you like this, especially since I'm the one to blame for it. Just relax and don't think about it." I pushed his hand away and just started moving mine on his penis.

I felt really weird doing this. I had never thought about doing anything like that before, but I didn't want him to notice, so I just played it cool. In fact I had only touched someone's dick while being forced to do so, or blackmailed, at least this time was different.

Weird, but different… It was smaller than the men I saw and was forced to touch, but much smoother, lighter in color, not as veiny and definitely didn't smell bad. In fact it had no smell that I could distinguish… I wasn't enjoying it or even thinking about it in that way, but I wasn't hating what I was doing either.

I guess you could say that this was an "improvement" in relation to my current situation. I started moving my hand slowly up and down and he was already fully engorged, the tip had been moistening itself all night and my hand glided on it easily. He didn't say a word and neither did I. What would we say anyway…? I started stroking him at a steadier pace now and he just lay back his head but kept looking at my hand in total disbelief.

I just looked at what I was doing, trying not to look at him. We were both embarrassed about this, I was still trying to hide it of course. I rubbed him a bit more and noticed that it might hurt a bit so I instinctively brought my other hand to my mouth and scooped some saliva out and then coated his penis with it.

He gasped when he saw and felt this, but I just kept going like it was no big deal. I started stroking at a better pace now and my hand was making sloshing sounds up and down his erection. He was transfixed on what I was doing and a feeling of wrong thing to do combined with good deed snuck up over me.

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I smiled to myself and continued masturbating my little brother. His stiffy was now pulsating and I knew he wouldn't last much longer. I started stroking faster and he moaned a bit and his hand just moved quickly towards mine in a vague attempt to stop me.

"It's OK sweaty, just let it come…" I whispered and he just looked straight at me, then took one look at my chest and bucked his hips. The first jet shot high and the next few ones followed, landing on my hand and wrist, on his belly and chest and down between his thighs. I just kept jerking and he kept cumming. He had such a strong, long orgasm. He was panting and grabbing the sheets underneath him and kept his eyes tightly shut.

I assumed that it was probably not his first orgasm but I was sure it was the first one provoked and delivered by someone else and most likely the strongest he had ever felt up to that point. I kept stroking a bit longer, but slower now, just trying to get all the cum out and make sure I leave him feeling good. He was my little brother, but I college sluts in lingerie playing with hot tits teen coed him and had to make sure that he was OK.

Slowly, I stopped and just looked at him for a moment. His eyes were still shut, his penis was still twitching a bit on its own but it was becoming more flaccid. I doubt the whole thing lasted more than a few minutes but it sure felt like more than that to me and to him probably much longer. He opened his eyes and looked at me.

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His face was all red but he was coo cute. I don't mean that as attractive, but more like cute as a puppy. As I looked down I noticed that my robe had opened up a bit around my chest and my cleavage was on display. Nipples were still covered, but my round globes were showing off their fullness… I smiled at him: "Are you OK ?" He just nodded… "It didn't hurt, did it?" He shook his head.

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"OK then, just wait here, I'll be right back" My hand and wrist was covered in his cum and so was his lower body, so I went quickly to the bathroom and grabbed a washcloth, soaked it in warm water and twisted it a bit in the sink so it wouldn't drip, I washed my hands and tightened my robe back up and then returned to his room and closed the door behind me quickly. I placed the washcloth on his abdomen and started cleaning him up slowly, then moved down between his legs and wiped the cum off, then turned the washcloth over and very gingerly wrapped it around his now semi flaccid member and cleaned it up slowly.

He gasped a bit, and I asked if that was OK and he just looked down at what I was doing, so I took this as a "Yes" and just continued until he was nice and clean. I always liked taking care of him and even if this was a very strange way to take care of someone, it was what he needed and I didn't mind doing it.

In fact not only did he not ask for any of this "attention", but Black guy and garil porn story had to convince him to allow me to help him; it was the least I could do after provoking his aching erection and for him being so genuinely nice to me during this tough period in my life.

Once I was done and he was clean, I made sure one more time that he was OK and then left his room. I went back to the bathroom to wash the cloth a before anyone could see it and then just threw it in the hamper once it was clean. I finally went to my room, closed the door and lay back in bed. I was planning on getting dressed and starting my day, but decided to just relax a bit. It started dawning on me, what had just transpired… What the hell was going through my mind?

Masturbating my little brother, it felt so wrong now but at the same time it felt good to help him when he was in need. It started playing back in my mind… seeing his erect penis for the first time, touching it, stroking it, making him ejaculate like that… Something felt weird. I reached down between my legs almost afraid of what I would find… Yes, sure enough, I was WET. What in God's name was going on with me?! I didn't find my brother attractive in any way and I always considered incest to be disturbing, and yet I had just committed it.

No, it wasn't him, it was what I did, the way I touched him and the way I made him orgasm that made me feel this way. My brain was confused but my body had reacted to what I was doing, to the smell of cum and even to the look on his face throughout the whole experience… I brushed my hand over my pussy lips and a jolt just went up my spine, I couldn't help myself and slipped one finger between my folds and found my clit instantly.

I was soaking! My fingers started moving with a mind of their own and started rapidly rubbing… I started breathing heavily and felt like my whole body was on fire. I pulled my robe open and noticed my boobs again. It then hit me: The last look he gave me before he climaxed, he looked straight at me and then at my chest, but my heavy tits were mostly exposed before I realized it. It must have happened while I was jerking him and I didn't notice until it was over.

That's what pushed him over the edge. I gave each of them one slap with my free hand, as if to punish them for what they did to my poor little brother, and then orgasmed instantly. It came fast and I just kept going, rubbing my soaking wet cunny like I couldn't stop.

A few moments later I came again, this time harder and longer. I just quickly turned around on my stomach and buried my face into my pillow and moaned loudly while my hand started slowing down between my legs. I just squeezed my thighs and stayed in that position with my hand trapped in my naughty little cunny and my ass up in the air. After I don't know how long, I relaxed my body and turned around just staring at the sealing.

I didn't try to explain to myself what had just happened, but just got dressed in some shorts and t-shirt and went down for breakfast, which by now was more like brunch… James was down in the kitchen already, and was avoiding my eyes, just looking down at his orange juice. I was luscious chick gives rodeo on penis homemade hardcore of him to, but decided to just engage him casually before things became weird (as if that hadn't already happened).

"OJ, that's not breakfast" "How about I make us some eggs and toast?" -"OK, but let me help" he said "Cool, let's go"; and with that we started acting normal again. It turned out that dad had already gone to work and mom was out running some errands, so we just enjoyed our food and then watched some TV.

The rest of the day passed uneventful…