Adorable hottie is actually good at cock riding

Adorable hottie is actually good at cock riding
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Dedicated to my sexy friend Katie who inspired me to write this story--this is a fantasy but I wish it were true. Chapter 1 I first met Katie through email. She sent me a note telling me how much she loved one of my stories here on xnxx. I emailed back telling her I appreciated her comments and that I was working on part 2. Well, she emailed back and I emailed back and pretty soon we were email buddies.

I was disappointed when I learned that she lived on the West Coast—I live in North Carolina. When she told me she was eighteen I figured I was much too old for her at 66, but she said no. She preferred older men and she had already had sex with a man in his 50's as well as several in their 30's. So we started emailing several times a day. Mostly our messages were about sex. She wanted to know--what are my favorite positions, how often do I have sex, do I masturbate (silly question), have I ever cheated on my wife?

She volunteered a lot about herself—she is very sexual, tight and usually extremely wet. She also said she loved sex and would do absolutely anything. After about a week we agreed to talk on the phone. I called her on my cell so there would be no record of the call (I have a prepaid). "Hi," I said, "How are you?" "Sad, it's raining here and it's dark and gloomy." "I think I can take care of that.

Are you right or sindhu aunty b grade movie sundari pennu download hot sence handed?" "Um…right for most things." "Good, put the phone in your left hand. Are you alone?

"Yes, I'm the only one home." "Good, now put a finger on your slit. Good… nice and wet, isn't it? Now stick a finger into your pussy. Put it in all the way. Now in and out, faster and faster… take it out and taste it. You love it, don't you?" "Y…yes," she gulped. "Can you put two fingers in." "No, I'm too tight and too sensitive." "OK, now, rub your clit…not too hard. Just tease it…very, very lightly.

Getting hot, aren't you? I am…I'm stroking my big cock. It's so hard and so hot. I'm jerking it off just thinking about you." I could tell she was getting really hot. Her breathing was shallow and irregular. She was moaning in ecstasy. I encouraged her and walked her through three orgasms in less than 45 minutes.

Later that night I imagined I was fucking her and jerked off, squeezing my cock really tightly to simulate her tight cunt. When I came I felt such total relief. We shared everything and I encouraged her to find someone who would care for her, as well as someone who would fuck her regularly to satisfy her considerable sexual needs.

I never thought we would meet because of my marriage and the distance between us. I was wrong. Chapter 2 My wife and I usually travel together but one evening she asked about going on a cruise with her two girlfriends. I told her I wouldn't feel comfortable as the only man among three women. That's when she told me I wasn't invited.

This was a girls-only affair. I thought about it for a while then I told her,"Ok, go ahead, but while you're away I think I'm going to take a little trip, too." "Where are you going?" she asked. "I think I'd like to tour the West Coast, starting in Washington and maybe driving down to California, or, maybe not." She looked at me like I was kind of crazy, but I told her, "If you're going away, so am I.

Fair is fair." That's how I got to visit Katie. I flew to a nearby city and rented a car. Katie lives in a really small town so I took a motel room in a nearby city. We met at the local mall. We looked at each other and fell together like long lost lovers, which I guess we were. We hugged for several minutes. I suggested we go to my car, but she had a better idea. We went to her car where she retrieved a small suitcase. Katie was staying over.

We walked hand in hand to my car. Once there we couldn't help ourselves. We fell together in the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced. Katie's tongue was all over mine and her hand went right up the leg of my shorts where she found my bulging cock. I had to stop her. I didn't want to cum now and ruin the night ahead of us. The drive to my motel was charged with sexual energy.

We could barely keep our eyes off each other, to say nothing of our hands. Only my fear of an accident and the resultant police report stopped us from groping each other during the twenty mile ride. I stopped just in front of my room. We walked in, carrying her bag. I took a moment to close the drapes and then I couldn't wait any longer.

We kissed again passionately, with our hands exploring each other. She removed my shirt, scratched my back and sucked on my nipple. I was in heaven. It was all I could do to stop her so I could disrobe her, dropping her clothes into a pile on the floor.

Soon we were in our underwear, my hard cock peeking over the elastic band of my boxers, her nipples pressing against her 38DD bra. Both were off in an instant and we clung to each other thrilled at last by the sensation of our flesh on flesh contact.

I let Katie fall onto the bed. I knelt before her and spread her legs. I licked her from her ass forward to her clit. I couldn't believe how wet she was. It was all I could do to slurp it up. Katie moaned in appreciation as I stuck my tongue into her cunt and fucked her with it. She gripped my head and pulled it closer in an attempt to force my tongue deeper into her. She threw her head back in ecstasy. "I want to suck you," she could barely get the words out.

I pushed her back, swinging around to 69. I pulled her on top of me so we could attack each other's sex with our mouths.

She took my cock—normally about seven inches, but today, in my hyper excited state, closer to eight, all the way into her throat. She licked my shaft as I nibbled on her clit. We were both so hot! I couldn't believe the feelings running through my body. I only fervent chick is gaping soft slit in closeup and climaxing Katie was experiencing as much as I was.

Suddenly, Katie jumped up and reversed. "I want you in me." I reached for a condom but Katie beat me to it. She ripped the wrapper and slowly unrolled it around my dick. "You know I'm really tight. I hope it will fit." "Don't worry, we'll get it in.

The condoms are lubed and you're soaking wet. Just sit on it; it'll yr old mature blonde woman from themilfaholicdotcom right in." Katie positioned my cock head just below her slit.

I took it from her and rubbed the head against her, increasing the rate as which her juices were flowing.

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Slowly, she lowered herself, easing my cock into her. I've had some really tight girls and women during my life, but none like Katie. I could feel her pussy walls squeezing my cock but eventually we got most of it into her. "Are you OK?" I asked. "Never better… never better," she groaned. I raised my hips as I prepared my initial thrust. Katie nodded her OK. I pushed up all the way into her heavenly cunt. As I pulled todays special anal massage therapy for that ecletic relaxation Katie gripped my shoulders to prepare herself for the oncoming effort.

We moved together like we had been doing this for years. The tightness of her cunt combined with the abnormal size of my erection enhanced the wonderful sensations for both of us. Soon Katie was gasping and panting, a symptom I remembered from our phone sex sessions.

Her breathing quickened and became more irregular as she moaned and groaned non-stop. An instant later she rammed her clit into me, threw her head back and screamed as she reached her release-- what I hoped would be the first of many.

She collapsed into my arms where I gently kissed her cheeks and lips. We rested for almost a half hour, my cock still embedded in her pussy. She roused herself. "Ready?" I asked.

A nod was all it took to get us back into action. Again Katie rocked on my cock, grinding her sensitive clit into me. She was turning herself on, faster and hotter than I thought possible. Her pussy was squeezing me, sending jolts of sexual energy through my body. This was what fucking was all about! How incredible that I had to travel across the continent to learn about the ultimate pleasures of sex from a girl less than one-third my age.

Again, Katie's breathing became ragged; her motions irregular. She was rapidly approaching her second orgasm. I expected it to be only a fraction of the first but I was wrong. It seemed as though something had exploded within her. Her body spasmed uncontrollably until she screamed again, arched her back forcing my cock deep within her, and fell drained into my arms.

I caressed Katie's head, kissing her tenderly. "Why don't we stop for now. We can grab a bite to eat and pick up where we left off after." "Do we have to? I'm having such a good time. And what about you? You haven't cum yet." "Don't worry about me. We can take care of that later, after I've made you cum five times." "Five times?

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I don't think I'll be able to walk." "You'll be OK, trust me. I think we need a shower.

Let's go." "You mean both of us?" "Yeah, there's a stall shower. It'll be tight, but it'll be fun." We squeezed into the shower, barely making it. I couldn't soap myself but I could soap Katie. And she could do me. Too soon we were clean and drying off. We dressed and headed out for dinner. I had reservations for Ruth's Chris, the exclusive steak house. We got plenty of strange looks from the other diners but what did we care.

We made like lovers, which we were. One diner had the audacity to say "Tsk" as he walked by. In other circumstances I might have soumise sandy suce et baise au donjon him, but I couldn't afford the publicity. Besides, what did I care if he approved or not.

Chapter 3 After dinner I suggested a movie. Katie looked at me with a funny smile on her face, "I think that's a great idea, I know just the movie." Naturally it was some chick flick, but I didn't care.

When we walked through the lobby Katie excused beautiful blonde babe gets drilled by nasty pawn keeper to the ladies room. When she came out I had the feeling something was different, but I couldn't put my finger on it. We entered the theater and I started into the third or fourth row. Katie led me to the back. We were just seated when the previews started.

That's when it hit me—what was different. Katie was wearing white (I don't know what they're called) leggings or tights or panty hose when she entered the ladies room. Now her legs were bare. Thinking back to that sly smile I figured something was afoot and I was right. A minute or two later I felt Katie's hand on gorgeous girl enjoying male penis girlfriend hardcore belt buckle.

She pulled the belt to open it. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Just taking care of business. You came here to fuck me, didn't you?" "You mean here? We're going to get caught for sure. Shit, I can't believe this." But I was powerless to stop her.

I was mesmerized by this teenaged vixen. If she had told me to run naked through the streets I probably would have done it. Katie opened my zipper, reached into my shorts and fingered my cock. I reacted instantly. Katie started to stroke me with one hand while with her other moving my hand to her pussy.

There was nothing covering her cunt and it was soaking wet. I rubbed my finger into her then licked it clean. Katie sat in my lap sideways, opened her legs, and moved my cock into her. She had to bend it, but even that worked well when it straightened brunette vixen jodi taylor is ready for shane diesels monster cock pushed right into her.

This was the first time we had fucked without any protection. I quietly prayed she was on the pill. Katie shifted around so she was facing the same direction I was. She leaned forward placing her hands on the seat in front of me. She started a short subtle movement, rocking herself against me.

I was concerned that someone would see or hear us. When Katie started to moan I put my hand over her mouth. Several patrons looked over and one walked down the aisle and out of the theater. I tried to move Katie off but she would have none of it. She came just before the manager approached us. He didn't have to say a word—we got up and walked out to a mixed reaction from the crowd. A few applauded; the rest booed.

Back in our motel room Katie went to the bathroom, her cum running down her leg. She reappeared a moment later wiping her thighs dry. "Dick, I know you've never had anal. I think you should fuck my ass. I love it, you know." She knelt on the edge of the bed, opening her ass cheeks for cutie babe bianca and cutie teen jade enjoys a hot threesome sex. I put on another condom, added some lube to her asshole, and inserted a finger to help her muscles relax.

She looked back at me, smiling in contentment. I added another finger. Now she was ready for my dick. I pressed into her ass.

My tip fit neatly into the hole left by my fingers. A little pressure was all that was needed to gain entry to her forbidden orifice. An audible "pop" could be heard when the sphincter was cleared. Entry to her bowel was relatively easy now. My cock slid all the way into her rectum. I started fucking her ass, slowly at first to make sure I didn't hurt her. Her friction was intense; her sphincter was like a vise, closing tightly on my cock. I wanted to fuck some more so I pulled out. "What's wrong," Katie asked, turning around.

"I was getting too close. I don't want to cum yet." "Why not? I want you to enjoy it as much as I do!" "Trust me, dear Katie, I am having a ball and I promise you that I will cum before we go to sleep tonight, OK?" "I guess so, but I don't understand." "Well, it's like this—once I cum the sex is going to stop. I won't be able to get it up and keep it up, so let's do it my way. I'll let you swallow my cum, if you like." "It's a deal." I changed condoms so I could once again enjoin Katie's body with mine.

I lay back again so she could mount me. The fucking was much easier this time, her cunt having been stretched by our earlier couplings. Katie just sat on me not moving. I looked at her. "Just savoring the feeling; you're scratching that itch that's been driving me crazy. I just want to relax with you in me. I love the feeling. It's so incredible…so magical." I liked it, too. I could feel her heat mounting, spreading through the membranes of her cunt.

I may have been scratching her itch, but now I was getting an itch of my own. I had to move to scratch it. I badly wanted to cum. I thrust up strongly, pushing my dick deep into her. Katie smiled down at me. "I guess you're finally ready, eh?" "Oh, yeah, I sure am. You still want to swallow it?" "More than ever." "OK," I replied, "I'll let you know so you can climb off and rip the condom off, OK?" Katie just nodded and we got down to the business of fucking.

I pushed myself into her harder and harder as she rocked against me. I cold feel the heat rising—up from my balls, into my cock. I knew I was getting close so I told her, "Soon." Katie jumped off me while I yanked the condom from my cock.

Katie gripped me and started to jerk me off. When she pinched my nipple I was ready. "Ugghhh, now," I shouted just as Katie lowered her mouth to my cock. I shot several rivers of cum straight into her throat. She finished by licking my cock clean. We were both exhausted so we pulled up the covers and slept naked, holding each other through the night. Chapter 4 I woke fairly early the next morning and it was obvious that Katie had woken earlier. I was sleeping on my back and Katie was suspended over my erect cock, teasing it with her finger tips.

"Damn, Katie, I really have to use the john." "Hmmm, that gives me an idea. Remember in one of your stories the lovers peed on each other?" "Yeah, but where are you going with this? "I have to pee, too—so—we could pee on each other. I'll let you go first. Then we'll shower. I need one badly, my thighs are caked with cum. C'mon." She led me to the bathroom. Katie kneeled in the shower.

Normally I'm not too keen to have people watch me pee, but this was different. I closed my eyes and relaxed. My strong stream landed right between Katie's sensational breasts. Like Jessie in my story, Katie rubbed it into her chest and abdomen. "It's so warm. It feels pretty good. Let me do you now." Hesitantly I kneeled. I had my doubts abut this but fair is fair. I did it to her so I had to take hers, too. Katie stood perpendicular to me, my shoulders between her legs.

Suddenly, she released and her pee trickled onto me, running down my chest and back. I had to admit it felt pretty good, her warmth spreading over my chest and back. When she was done I rose and we turned on the shower. By now we had figured out how to clean each other in the tight space.

We were both horny but I made her wait. I had something in mind—something I was sure she would love. We went out to breakfast. Since we were fairly near Seattle I suggested we go there for a harbor tour. As soon as I said this Katie smiled. It was another chance for public sex. I drove for about an hour and then to the harbor. We were early so we were first on the line to buy tickets and board.

We went immediately to the top deck. Facing away from the stairway Katie opened my zipper and took out my cock which was raging hard by now. As I sat on a bench Katie sat in my lap, just as she had done last evening at the movies. Her skirt flared over her lap and mine so anyone looking at us would just assume that she was sitting in my lap.

Under that skirt, however, was another story, Katie rubbed my cock against her clit and cunt. By now I knew it would be soaking wet.

I reached under her skirt and forced my cock into her tight tunnel. Katie leaned back and closed her eyes. I knew she was in ecstasy as my hard cock expanded her vaginal walls.

We had just finished our adjustments when about 20 people climbed the steps to the upper deck. If we were caught now we'd be in deep shit. Katie squirmed in my lap. To any passerby we might look like an odd couple, which we were, but that's all they'd see—two people swaying as the ship was hit by the waves. Only Katie and I realized she was fucking herself on my rod. The ship left the dock about the same time Katie launched herself into outer space.

Luckily everyone was looking at the scenery or they might have seen her shudder in orgasmic rapture. Katie fell forward against the rail. She was breathing slowly and deeply as she recovered. The trick now was to get my cock back into my pants without anyone seeing. Katie figured it out before I did. She simply stood up, her skirt hiding my cock as I carefully slid it into my pants. There was a ton of pussy juice all over my pants, but Katie solved that problem, too.

She bought two Sprites at the concession then "tripped"spilling hers onto my pants.

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Of course, she loudly exclaimed how sorry she was and, of course, I told her not to worry—it would dry just fine. When the cruise was over we left with huge smiles on our faces, laughing wildly. The other people might have thought us crazy, but we knew that we had fucked and nasty brunette masseuse working on her clients hard cock masturbate and massage the odds again.

We were riding out of the city when Katie suddenly yelled, "Stop!" I pulled the car to the curb and turned the ignition off. Katie led me by the hand down the street to an adult shop. "Let's go in." I followed her through the door. The clerk behind the counter demanded to see Katie's ID. She is 18 but looks younger. Satisfied that she was legal the clerk let us into the store.

I wandered away while Katie had an animated conversation with the clerk. Katie gathered me by the elbow and led eden sin and sadie pop in daughters dirty business pt to the back of the store. I found myself looking at a variety of strap-ons. "Hasn't this been one of your fantasies?" she asked, knowing it was. She picked one with a medium sized vibrating dildo and two vibrating plugs for her, as well.

I led her to another section and picked out a purple rabbit vibrator and a pink double penetration vibe. I added a large tube of gel lube. I remembered to pay cash so there mia khalifa with johnny sens be no trace of the transactions.

We walked laughing to the car. Chapter 5 We couldn't get back to our motel fast enough. We practically ran to the door. Once in we ripped the clothes from our bodies. I decided that Katie would go first. I pulled the Rabbit from the box and added the batteries. Some lube on the shaft and to her pussy was all we needed to put it into her cunt. The vibe was a bit thicker than my cock so it was a very tight fit. When I turned it on I thought Katie would jump out of her skin.

The rotating pearls combined with the twisting tip drove her crazy. When I applied the rabbit's ears to her clit she had to grab the bed to steady her self. She was throwing herself all over the bed as I thrust the vibe deep into her pussy. "Damn, I can't believe what this thing is doing to me. I love it, but I don't know how long I can stand it." Not long, obviously because she came in a sudden rapid series of convulsions that shook her like an earthquake.

I slipped the vibe from her pussy as she came down from her climax. Katie rested on the bed, her pussy oozing juice and lube. I cradled her head and pulled her to me. She was a dynamic, active lover who gave all of herself to me—to my gratification. Watching her through her climax—through all her climaxes over the weekend was all I needed. I wanted, more than anything to make this weekend, this experience, one she would remember forever.

I knew she had recovered some time later when I saw that sly look on her face. It was my turn now. Katie pulled the strap-on from the bag, adjusted the leg straps and fitted the plugs—one into her pussy, the other into her ass.

She pushed me back onto the bed and held my legs in the air. She applied some lube to the dildo and some more onto and into my butt. She turned on the vibes, gasping at the combined effect of the two plugs. She eased the dildo into me. Goddam, it was the most intense feeling I've ever felt. My entire body was tingling, starting with my ass. I put my hand on my cock, not surprised to find it was rock hard. I started to stroke it as Katie began to fuck me.

I was surprised when Katie grabbed my cock. She was fucking me and jerking me off at the same time. I looked at Katie, blew her a kiss, and came in a violent spray of cum that spurt almost three feet into the air, narrowly missing her head. I pulled Katie to me as I came down, the vibe still in my ass, as well as her two orifices. I was relieved when she pulled it from my ass; I was so over stimulated I needed a rest—badly, but her two plugs had Katie all revved up. I pulled out the double penetration vibe.

It went right into her—her cunt was leaking like crazy and her ass was well lubed and stretched. I thrust the vibe into her two holes. I could see it take effect. Katie started to moan. Her breathing became erratic and shallow. With one massive convulsion she came and then she came again. Katie was drenched in a pool of sweat and coated in lube and cum from her chest to her knees.

Looking at myself I couldn't find much difference in my own body. Neither of us had enough energy to do anything about it.

We lay back on the bed exhausted, but totally sated (for now). When we woke it was about eight in the evening.

We jumped into the shower to clean ourselves once again. We were hungry but neither of us wanted a big dinner. We threw on some clothes and went to Wendy's. When we returned we knew it was almost time to go. We undressed sadly, climbed into bed and had our last fuck. I reached for a condom, but Katie said, "No.

I want to feel you. " "But, you're not on the pill. I could&hellip." "I know. I'll probably never see you again. I'd like something—someone to remember you by." "Are you sure?" "Yes, I'm positive. Fuck me. Fill me with your sperm." Katie lay on her back and pulled me to her, her legs in the air. Slowly I moved to her, wondering what I had done to deserve such a woman.

I placed my naked cock against her slit and pushed. We established a rhythm, moving against each other, building our heat until I exploded into her. Katie held her legs in the air, keeping my sperm captured in her womb. I pulled my head back just a few inches. Katie and I looked into each other's eyes. At the very same time we said it, "I love you." We kissed again, this time as lovers.

About half an hour later we dressed and I returned her to the mall. There was a tear in Katie's eye as we said our good-byes and shared our final kiss. Had she looked at my eyes she would have seen that I was crying, too. I had an early plane so I went to bed as soon as I got back to the motel Chapter 6 It was almost six months later that I found my way to Katie's neighborhood.

I had mailed Katie some money from time to time so I knew her address. I got there early—around 6 a.m.—and saw her parents leave for work. Then Partners companions step sisters daddy xxx grounded girls noticed her sister leave, but I didn't see Katie. I finally got up the nerve to go to the door. I rang the bell and heard a familiar voice yell, "Coming," from within. Katie opened the door. "D…Dick! Wha.what are you doing here?" I smiled when I saw Katie's face and smiled again when I saw her body.

"There have been some big changes in my life. My wife is dead, killed in an accident. I don't want to be alone. I want you to be with me. I've realized that ever since our weekend together." Katie…beautiful, pregnant Katie just smiled and led me through the door.