Big time cum on her pretty face

Big time cum on her pretty face
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The physical education teacher A work of fiction. Please leave feedback and enjoy as you embark on your adventure into the life of Mr. Wood. Mr. Wood seemed like your all-American middle-aged high school teacher. His slightly balding, grey hair topped his wrinkly face. He always wore color coordinated polo shirts, shorts, and tennis shoes and warm spring days like today.

He was loved by all the students and faculty, and Principal Moretti described him in jav the hustler break shot by plump wives part 2 local paper as "the most kind-hearted, selfless teacher that Kennedy High School has ever had the pleasure of knowing." Always smiling, conversing with faculty, and being receptive to the brother sister sleeping xx story of students, the physical education coach had a dark secret.

Mr. Wood found himself becoming more sexually attracted to the female students each new day at work. Last night, Mr. Wood tossed and turned, knowing full well that the next two weeks was the swimming portion of the physical education classes.

All of the girls would be bringing their swimsuits. Some of them in one pieces, some of them in bikinis, and others who were too afraid to swim so they came up with a few excuses as to why they were incapable of participating. In the past several years that he taught physical education at Kennedy, Mr. Wood enjoyed the swimming portion the most.

Last year, he caught a glimpse of the principal's daughter, Alexa Moretti, topless as her bikini fell off as she dove head first into the pool. This year, he knew he had to see more. "Alright, if I'm going to do this, I need to be quick," Mr. Wood thought to himself, sneaking into the girl's locker room late at night so that he could install a couple of hidden cameras. He placed three in the overhead vents, one in a locker that no one opens as it's full of physical education supplies, and two in two respective girls' lockers that asked to be pardoned from the swimming portion so they would have no use of their lockers for the next two weeks.

Besides, if someone found the cameras, no one would suspect "kind-hearted, selfless" Mr. Wood. Even though he didn't get much sleep, Mr. Wood woke up like a baby this morning. He put on his favorite running shoes, white swim trunks, and blue polo shirt. First period began and the boys flooded the boys' locker room, changing underneath their towels, not wanting to see each other's private parts.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wood took his iPad out of his backpack, turned it on, and clicked the mobile application that streamed the live videos from the hidden cameras. Unconsciously, Mr.

Wood began to stroke his wood as he saw Jessica Laney, Marissa Yi, and Katie Johnson compare breast and nipple sizes. The 3 girls were juniors at Kennedy High who had filled out quite nicely in the chest department.

Clearly, Marissa had the biggest tits, which was unusual because the rest of the Asians at Kennedy had small tits.

Jessica had the most gorgeous pink, supple nipples. But Katie had firm b-cups which was surprising considering she was a gymnast and most gymnasts maintained a-cups. Mr. Wood got through 6 periods, gawking over 6 different waves of high school girls and he had it all saved on his iPad. What he did next wasn't premeditated at all. After school ended and most of the students left the high school, Mr.

Wood headed towards his car in the staff parking lot when he saw Brittany Coretto and Gabriella Parker, two of Kennedy High's most popular seniors, smoking a joint in the secluded parking lot. He had virtually seen them naked during third period gym, but he found the perfect opportunity to see them nude in person. "Shit, there's Mr. Wood. Put out the J!" Brittany hastily commanded Gabriella, knowing that the two gorgeous high school seniors could be in serious trouble.

Both Brittany and Gabriella hailed from rich families. Brittany Coretto was a volleyball player in the fall and softball player in the spring, maintained a 4.2 GPA because of her achievements in honors classes, and a shoe in for valedictorian of Kennedy. She was rumored to receive a full scholarship to UC Berkeley.

Gabriella Parker was a talented young woman who cooked meals for the high school sports events, local government gatherings, and private business meetings. Her internship at the Bon Vivant Restaurant helped her towards her dreams becoming an executive chef one day. She reportedly receive scholarship funding to go to the Cordin Bleu Chef Academy.

Both Brittany and Gabriella quickly saw their success crumbling as Mr. Wood approached them. "Excuse me ladies, what is that I smell in the air? Is that marijuana?" Mr. Wood conveyed a serious tone, which was abnormal of his typical nice-guy façade. "I'm not sure Mr. Wood. I've never smelled marijuana in my life." Gabriella told a lie that sounded so unbelievable that if she tried out for an acting role with that line, she'd be instantly rejected.

Mr. Wood furrowed his eyebrows, stuck out his hand gesturing to be handed the illegal substance, and took a photo of it with his cellphone with the two ladies in the background.

"Well, seems that now I have proof that you two "model students" have gotten yourself into a very bad situation. You could lose your scholarships for this, you know?" "We know Mr. Wood. We are terribly sorry. Please, is there anything that we can do so that you won't tell anyone?

We desperately need our scholarships and don't want our parents finding out." Brittany pleaded, on the verge of tears, her bright green eyes swelling. "Please, Mr. Wood." "Tell you what ladies, come into my office and we will discuss this matter in more detail." Mr.

Wood replied, finding himself in a great situation. "But isn't your office in the boys' locker room? We'll all get in trouble." Gabriella replied. "No one is there anymore and the only reason we separate locker rooms by gender is to segregate the boys and girls while you change for physical education. It'll just be us three. Otherwise, I'll just give this photo to the principal tomorrow morning." Mr.

Wood retorted. Brittany and Gabriella bought his bluff. "No, please don't do that. We'll go. "Sit down ladies." Mr. Wood commanded, gesturing them to the two wooden chairs across from his oak wood desk, as he lay in his comfortable rolling chair. He pulled his iPad out of his backpack and began loading the video of the girls changing into their swimsuits during third period.

"Watch this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did." "What the fuck! You bugged the girls' locker room and videotaped us?!" Brittany flipped out. "We're going to get you fired Mr. Wood! Fuck you. Give me the iPad!" Gabriella nearly swooped the tablet from Mr. Wood. "Not so fast. If you break my iPad or even think about going to Principal Moretti with this, I will claim that you are falsely alleging me of a crime in retaliation for me sending the photo of you two girls smoking illegal weed on school premises.

I can text Principal Moretti the photo right now and have you punished immediately. Dudes stare at lesbo fun pornstar and hardcore if you tell her of my cameras, I can have them uninstalled quickly and the evidence removed and your "heroic" gesture will be seen merely as a false pretense.

Now, do I make myself clear ladies?" "Yes Mr. Wood." Brittany and Gabriella simultaneously softly replied, knowing that they have been defeated. "Good. Now, there is a few things that I would like to do to you both. Those few things are the only few things that will prevent me from sending this photo to Principal Moretti." Mr. Wood said sinisterly. Brittany and Gabriella looked at each other hesitantly, knowing that Mr. Wood meant a few things sexually. "But that's blackmail." Brittany replied.

"Ahh yes, you are so smart. That is why you will be valedictorian Brittany. Well, that is if you don't get expelled first." Hot lesbians fill up their massive bootys with milk and splatter it out threesome internal. Wood said.

Brittany and Gabriella began crying. "Now, before we begin, I would like to know, and please answer truthfully, how many boys have you slept with?" Mr. Wood asked curiosly. "I've only slept with my boyfriend, Michael." Brittany sobbed. "I'm… I'm a virgin." Gabriella wept hysterically. "Please, I will do anything, but not sex." "I'm sorry Gabriella.

You either fuck me or I fuck your scholarship to culinary school goodbye. Trust me, you'll enjoy it regardless. See, I've slept with many women before and I know how to please you.

Now, I'll let you two choose who goes first, but I'd like one of you to start undressing." Mr. Wood thought it was time to start initiating his plan. Wanting to protect her best friend as long as she could, Brittany volunteered.

She resisted eye contact the entire time she stripped for Mr. Wood. She wore a red loose fitted halter top with a slightly opened area at the back, showing off her back dimples, black high-wasted shorts and brown Italian designer low cut 2 inch heels.

Her natural wavy red hair flowed right beneath her shoulders. She grabbed the bottom of her halter top with her hands, fingernails accentuated by French tips, and lifted the garment over her head, revealing a black strapless bra that cupped her c-cup breasts that Mr. Wood had seen earlier in his voyeuristic video. She slowly and tentatively removed her bra. Mr. Wood stood up, leaned over his desk and grabbed each of Brittany's tits and pinched her nipples, causing her to cringe and sweat.

Her perky pink nipples were lovely. Next, she unzipped the high-wasted shorts and pulled them underneath her, exposing red lacey panties that hugged the curves of Brittany's round butt.

Her sweat caused her to cameltoe a bit and Mr. Wood commented, "You've got a pretty pussy. I'd like to see it now." Brittany removed the tiny cloth and threw it on top of the rest of her clothes. Her pussy shaved almost nude with a patch of red hair hovering above the womanhood treasure. "Well, you've proven you are a natural redhead a least." Mr.

Wood laughed. "Alright, your turn Gabriella." Gabriella felt a bit calmer, seeing her best friend undress first. She appreciated that Brittany initiated, understanding the discomfort she felt. Gabriella stared at the ground. She wore a sundress with a pink and green floral pattern and grey toms.

A golden necklace fell short of her perky tits. She slid off the spaghetti straps of her dress, bent down, and disrobed. Wearing only a green, silky bra and matching green and white panties, she splayed her arms against her private parts prolonging the embarrassment. "I'm going to see you nude eventually Gabriella." Mr. Wood acknowledged her hesitation. Brittany stuck out her hand, squeezing Gabriella's, "Everything will be okay. I promise." Feeling a bit more relaxed with the help of her friend, Gabriella continued.

She unhooked her bra, letting her b-cup tits with dark nipples hang out. Taking off her underwear, Mr. Wood observed the hairless pussy of the dark-skinned teen. Her mocha skin flawless of any blemishes, her flat sexy babe valerie kay has her big booty eaten complimented by her long, toned legs, and her tiny button nose between her full, red lips and dark brown eyes were beautifully matched with her long straight black hair.

Gabriella was no longer crying. Instead, she was in the heat of the situation, conscious of the fact that her pussy was getting wet. "Great. Now that you two are naked, I want you to get on your knees." Brittany and Gabriella did as they were instructed. Without command, Gabriella took hold of Mr. Wood's belt and began undoing it. "I thought you said you had never done this before?" "I haven't sir.

But I might as well have fun doing it for the first time." Gabriella looked lustfully at Mr. Wood. She 2 boy one girl fuck turned to Brittany and kissed her, which wasn't the first time that the two ladies have made out.

With her tongue shoved down Brittany's throat, Gabriella unsuccessfully undid Mr. Wood's belt and pulled down his pants, exposing his 10-inch cock that tented his rubber ducky boxers. "Those are cute boxers Mr. Wood." Brittany pulled them down, looked sensually at Gabriella, grabbed the back of her head, and guided her mouth towards the head of Mr.

Wood's cock. The two ladies kissed it simultaneously, and Mr. Wood's wood jumped with excitement. "Let me teach you how to deepthroat a cock." Brittany told Gabriella. In a flash, Mr. Wood's 10 incher disappeared into the redhead's mouth. "Fuck!" Mr. Wood moaned in ecstasy! Brittany's mouth engulfed his tool while she expertly maneuvered her tongue, massaging his penis. As she pulled out, she sucked the hypersensitive head harder, letting a loud pop ring in the air lovely pretty bitches enjoy sexy sex smalltits homemade she released it from her oral grasp.

She kissed Gabriella and Mr. Wood almost came at the sight but held it in, wanting to fuck their pussies first. "Now you try." Brittany instructed Gabriella. Gabriella attempted to take Mr. Wood's cock fully into her mouth, but stopped at about 6 inches before gagging and pulling out.

Mr. Wood enjoyed the sound of her gagging so he grabbed Gabriella's thick black hair and face fucked her. "Fuck that feels so good. I'm going to cum!" Mr.

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Wood released his seed deep in the back of Gabriella's throat as she pushed against Mr. Wood's thighs, trying to get the exploding specimen out of her mouth.

Mr. Wood exited Gabriella's sweet little mouth with a semi-erect cock. "I'm still good to go!" He picked up Brittany and laid her back against the oak wood desk. He placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her opening, feeling the wetness of her womanhood. With a swift thrust of the torso, he took Brittany. "Oh fuck!" Brittany moaned. Pleasurable sensations shot from the crown of her head to the tip of her toes, manifested by the surge of goosebumps across her entire body.

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"Gabriella, I want you to kiss Brittany and swap whatever cum is left in your mouth." Gabriella stood up, held Brittany's white, silky smooth face, and swapped Mr. Wood's cum as they fiercely exchanged tongues. Mr. Wood's rhythm quickened. He slammed Brittany's tight teenage pussy as his balls smacked her asshole. He saw that Gabriella was still standing and bending over to kiss Brittany, so he pulled out, got behind Gabriella, bent her over, and started fingering her virgin pussy.

To his xxx porn wen ru com, the high school senior homecoming queen really was a virgin.

As he extended his middle finger into her tight, wet depths, he felt the wall of her hymen reject the foreign object. The natural lubrication of her pussy welcomed the finger and enticed Mr. Wood into giving in and fucking Gabriella. He lined his cock with her pussy and gently inserted his member into her beautifully shaven pussy until his head reached her hymen. "Hold tightly onto Brittany. Kiss her and don't let go of that kiss until the pain subsides." Mr.

Wood commanded. The two high school girls locked lips as Mr. Wood stripped Gabriella of her virginity with a quick, powerful thrust.

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She ladies let go of their kiss as Gabriella screamed "Oh my goodness, that feels so good. It doesn't hurt at all. Uhhh." She moaned as her damiana is a latina cutie who likes to titty fuck bounced. Brittany enjoyed the spectacle, so she unfolded her legs and began touching herself with one hand as she fondled Gabriella's tits with her other.

Mr. Wood pumped away at Gabriella from behind as he grew closer to climaxing a second time. He grabbed hold of Gabriella's firm tits, pumped his entire cock into her pussy and released his cum into the not-so-long-ago virgin. He remained inside of her for a few moments before pulling out. "Brittany, the last thing that I want you to do before I expunge the incriminating evidence is for you to eat the cum out of Gabriella's pussy. Brittany quickly got off the desk and onto her knees.

She spread Gabriella's pussy lips with her face underneath, allowing gravity to drip down some cum into her mouth. She then brought her mouth eagerly to her best friend's womanhood and licked away, showing Mr. Wood that she performed a thorough pussy inspection with her tongue. "Well that was fun! I told you ladies that you would enjoy it." Mr. Wood said smiling, knowing that this wouldn't be the first time he would have these girls.

"It was quite pleasurable Mr. Wood." Brittany excitedly said. "I wouldn't mind doing it again Mr. Wood." Gabriella said, finally making eye contact with Mr. Wood. After the sex session, Gabriella went to her cooking academy to practice a bit of culinary arts and Brittany returned home to have dinner with her family.

Mr. Wood got home, whipped out his iPad, and masturbated to the tape of him fucking the two teenage high school girls in his office. "What a great day!"