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Sexy with deepika padukone xxx storys
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Escapades of a horny man 4 Well, the last time you had heard from me I was sitting in the bar area of a cathouse just outside of Vegas. I just had one of the more intense sexual experiences of my life. I couldn't believe that I fucked a NFL cheerleader; an NFL cheerleader and the problem is nobody is going to believe me unless I tell them the story of how it happened. Sitting there a small smirk came over my face as I sat there pondering what just happened to me.

My buddy Rob was still in one of the rooms probably getting his brains fucked out by the two porno stars he picked. I patted myself on the back thinking that this was by far one of my better ideas. I spun around and ordered another beer figuring that he was going to be a little longer. As I sat on my stool many of the women whom I didn't choose walked past sat down with me for a while and talked with me because they had nothing better to do.

There also came more clients through the front door every so often. Each time new clients showed it was like rewinding a video of soft porn as the girls came out and strutted their stuff for the new clients. It was about five minutes later when my life had a change forever. As I sat at the bar with about three of four other guys the doorbell once again rang. The Madam went to the door and let a new girl come in through the front door. Now, it was pretty dim and dark as they had the black-out-curtains over all the windows.

It was like being in one of the casino's you didn't know what time of the day it was, day or night because there was no clock. As the door opened there the sun shone through with a great light and then there was a silhouette of this young lady coming in with here suitcases. She looked a little familiar but what are the odds of that, someone I knew would be walking through the front door. I turned back around to the TV and was watching sports center on ESPN when I heard this songbird of a voice say, "Boot." This was a nickname that I had when I was in High School.

I got it because I have the longest field goal of 54 yards in my High School's history. Also, I was a decent soccer player and was able to score from about 35 yards out or more. God had given me a gift and gave me lightning in my legs. Once again "Boot Boot is that you?" I spun around looking to see who in the world would be calling my name in a place like this. It took a couple of seconds for my eyes to adjust to the sunlight coming through the front door.

As I gazed at silhouette standing at the front door putting down her suitcases it looked like a girl I once knew in High School. She was my ex-girlfriend's best friend Kelly. As I looked at her it was hard to try to see whom it was until she walked out of the sunlight into the dimness in front of me and then I recognized her and I said, "Kel Kelly is that No it can't be Kelly is it you? Oh my God, Kelly I can't believe it This is imposs&hellip." Kelly looked at me smiled and said, "Don't tell me it's impossible, it's me and what about you come here and give me a hug and kiss come here and give me some sugar." I got of the bar stool still in disbelief that Kelly one of my friends from High School was standing right in front of me.

My heart was pounding in my chest knowing that I would forever be known as a guy that is willing to pay for pussy. I mean really what the hell are the odds of actually seeing someone in a whorehouse that you actually know. I mean Vegas being about two-thousand-miles away from Philly. The one and only time that I actually visited a whorehouse and I end up meeting one of my oldest and dearest friends walking through the fucking front door.

Now, she's going to think that I come to this place all the fucking time. I tried to save some of my dignity and got off the bar stool walked over to her and hugged her then gave her a little peck on the lips and shook my head not knowing what to else to say or do. My face was beat red completely embarrassed being caught red handed like this. There was no story or lie I could tell her that she would ever believe as to why I'm sitting at the bar in this place.

My shoulders slumped and my head was bent forward all dejected thinking to myself, this was definitely one of the stupidest things I had ever thought of. In the matter of seconds I went from euphoria and being completely satisfied with myself with my decision to come out here and was able to fuck an NFL cheerleader; to being completely dejected realizing that this was one of the worst decisions I had ever made and made it right in front of one of my oldest friends.

Kelly just seemed happy to see me and didn't let the peck the lips that I tried to get away with, go; she lifted up onto her toes and gave me a full kiss on the mouth with a little slip of the tongue. She smiled at me with no judgmental look on her face and said, "Well, don't just stand their help me with my bags, some gentlemen you are. My room is right down here." Then the owner popped his head out of the office and said, "Hey, you're working tonight so get yourself ready you and Candy are going to replace two other girls tonight.

You can visit but you only have a couple of hours to romantic fucks with high orgasm unpacked and be ready. I don't want to hear any bullshit tonight, Okay?" Kelly spun around and said, "Don't worry I've always been ready." I followed Kelly down the hallway not speaking and my heart pounding so hard that I thought everyone in the house could hear it.

When we amateur girlfriend toys and gives a blowjob with cumshot shaved pussy hardcore to her room she unlocked the door and she told me to put her bags down on the bed. She told me there was still one more at the front door and asked would I go get it.

As I was going down the hallway again I was hoping and praying Rob had finished because this would give me the perfect excuse to leave and end my embarrassment. Of course Rob was still getting his freak on so I was still in hot water. When I returned to her room Kelly was humming a tune and acting like everything was normal.

Kelly smiled at me and said, "Thanks Boot. Can you help me put my things away? The faster I get this stuff away the longer you and I can visit together before I have to son gode dans le cul tube porn tonight." I said, "Kelly, I'm just waiting on my friend and once he's done I'm sure he's going to want to leave I should just wait for him out at the bar…" "No fucking way.

I haven't seen you in years there is no way that I'm going to let you get out of here without at least visiting with me for at least a little awhile. Besides what the hell are you doing here, huh? Who did you end up fucking? Knowing you, you probably fucked three girls at once you sick pervert. What are you doing in Vegas anyway? How long are you …" I said, "Hey slow down I can only answer one question at a time. By the way, what the hell are you doing here, huh, huh? (Smiling at her) How long have you worked here and why the hell are you working here?

I never would have expected any of this." We both smiled at each fast nati sax xxx usa com began laughing out loud at each other. Kelly walked over and hit me on the shoulder and said, "Don't be an asshole help me put my clothes away and then we can talk." After a couple of minutes of hanging some of her lingerie in the closest and putting her thongs, g-strings and bras in the drawers then her dildos and a myriad of toys went away in a box in the corner of the room.

We finally ended up on the little sofa that she had in the room. We both plopped down on the couch after putting everything away. As we sat there I put my arm around her shoulder and gave her another little peck on the cheek.

"Hey, sorry I pornstar chase ryder with teacher I'm still a little startled about you working here and you catching me here. I mean the one time I'm in a place like this and someone like you has to catch me here." "Someone like me what the hell does that mean?" "No, no, no wait a minute don't take what I said the wrong way. I mean damn it you know me we're really old and good friends.

Do you have any idea how embarrassing this is for me? I mean, of all the people to catch me in a place like this, not an old guy friend who would be able to shrug this off and we both promise to keep this a deep, deep secret for the rest of our lives between the two of us.

You on the other hand are my ex-girlfriends best friend. You know everybody that I do and that's a little disturbing especially knowing that you could never keep a secret in High School." Kelly smiled "Well, how 'bout me?

I walk in the front door and I see my best friends ex-boyfriend sitting at the bar. Listen if you didn't see me when I first came through the front door I would have tried to sneak down the hallway without you seeing me. I mean I'm even more embarrassed because you know that I work here. A man going to a whorehouse is like kinda expected once or twice in your life but for a girl being a girl and working in a whorehouse only means one thing, you're a whore forever.

Now, you know how to keep a secret and I'm depending on you to keep this only between the two of us, okay?" "No, problem if I was able to keep what happened between us that one night in High School, away from Sherry I can definitely do this. Kelly, I would never think that you well, maybe you're a little easy but that was always your rep when you went out with Peter in High School.

hahahaha" She said in a very playful voice, "You never answered any of my questions. What are you doing here in Vegas? How long are you staying and who did you pick to be your special lover today?" Well this seemed harmless so I said, "My friend and I are checking Vegas out to see if we can find work and move here.

We are only going to be here for another day or so and I picked Mandy the cheerleader." "Wow, Mandy You got the pick of the litter, she is really hot. You know she's a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders, right? Doesn't she have one blonde shoplifter darcie belle fuck dudes big fat cock the most beautiful pussies you have ever seen? I love being with her. When guys ask for a threesome we always pick each other.

Look I don't have a lot of time just a couple of hours. Would you central chennai women sex storys download in sound stay for a little bit?

I haven't seen anyone from home in years. I would really love to catch up on some people." I said, "Now that I answered your questions it's time for you to answer mine." As she sat there she had this pretty little smile.

Kelly was always one of the more hot pov session with a desirable teen brunette cumshot girls in High School but now she was a beautiful woman.

She has sandy blonde hair that comes down just below her shoulders, brown eyes, nice size b-cups and a very tiny almost flat ass with nice shapely legs. Kelly was wearing a tank top with no bra and a mini skirt. Kelly looked at me and took a deep breath and said, "Okay here it goes.

You remember when I came out to LA to go to school at UCLA? You remember it was just after our freshman year that my father passed away. Well, during the school year my dorm roommate encouraged me to do some go-go dancing. I made some good money doing it and it paid for all the little extras that my parents couldn't afford to give me. Well, once my father passed he didn't real leave anything to my Mom or me or my brothers just a lot of bad debt.

You remember when we were at my dad's funeral that's when I found out that I was going to have to drop out of school and start working to yoga sex storys big ass my family. I didn't want to drop out of school and I knew if I picked up a couple more shifts at the club I could continue to go to school and that's what I did.

Then in my junior year the same girl that got me started in the club came out here to work and made a lot and I mean a lot of money. Today she's a very famous porn star that's how the other porn stars come out here and work. The work less out here and make more money. That's when I tried it out here. I came out for ten days the first time and made enough money that it paid my bills for more than three months. I was able to finish school and graduate with honors. I have a good business that I run from my house and make a good living.

I still do this once a week every month and invest every last dime so that I can retire at a young age and make sure I can help take care of my Mom. I said, "I had no idea honey." I leaned over and gave her a big hug and kissed her again. Then I said, "You know now that I've seen Mandy's pussy and it's really pretty but I don't know if it's really the prettiest one.

Kelly smiled at me "Don't even think about it, I'm not that easy besides you probably couldn't even get it up." Smiling at her and my arm still around her shoulder I leaned in and whispered in her ear. "When we were in High School we did have that one night together, remember? I mean we didn't go all the way but you did let me suck on your tits and you did give me a blow job but I was always disappointed that you never finished what you started." "Well, Peter was just outside the door and was knocking if you remember you had to run and hide in the closet.

So, you would really want to be with me? I mean knowing what I do here?" "As far as I'm concerned I never saw you here, right? I mean you didn't see me here either, right? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Besides it would be great to be with you. In High School when I would fuck Sherry sometimes I would fantasize that it was you. And no, it doesn't bother me that you work here. When you meet someone new you have no idea how many people they've been with.

So, I don't want to know your number and I'm sure you don't want to know mine." Kelly smiled at me and there came this little tear in her one eye's as she grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me. We were making out like we were both kids back in school. Her kisses were very sensual sucking on each other's tongues. Her hands went down to my cock rubbing it in an up and down motion and my hands went to her breasts. Kelly opened her mouth "You stud!!

You can still get it up, good, that means you can last more than a few minutes. (She smirked at me again) So, how many times did she make you cum, stud?" "Twice, huge loads. Can't believe I just told you this and I'm the furthest thing from a stud." "So, do you want your fantasy about me to come true? Would you like to see if my pussy is prettier than Mandy's?" "Absolutely, I think the big guy downstairs agrees he wants inside you as well.

The big head and little head are in agreement." Kelly got up from the couch and made her way over to the side of the bed and sat down. She lifted her legs and doxy shakes large jugs during sex naturaltits hardcore spread them exposing her white thong under her mini skirt.

Kelly put her finger in her mouth and sucked on it for a while and I sat there staring at her pussy and her white thong. Then she moved the thong to one side and exposed her pussy and her finger slowly disappeared inside of her. With a coy little smile she said, "Now, you've seen mine is it as pretty as Mandy's? It's time for me to see yours pull you cock out I want to see you stroke it while I play with myself." I didn't hesitate the shirt came off then the shoes, socks then the pants and underwear.

The faster I got undressed the sooner we first night boom press sex start fucking each other. My cock was to my surprise nice and hard but seeing another pink pussy and a girl that I always wanted to fuck exposing her pussy to me, I better be hard. I said, "Okay, baby now I'm ahead of now it's your turn." Kelly used both hands and squirmed out of her tight little mini skirt leaving her thong that was still pushed to one side and now I could see tiny little droplets of pussy juice on her pussy's lips.

Kelly blew me a kiss and said, "This is for you baby." The thong slipped of nice and neat. Now with her legs spread she spread her ass cheeks spreading her pussy and her asshole at the same time. Her tongue came out and liked her lips "Can't wait to get your fat cock back inside my mouth again." I grabbed my cock starting to stroke it while she was fingering her pussy and her tongue circling her lips.

"I can't wait to get my hands back on your tits and eat you" Kelly then rolled over her stomach on the bed and her knees now on the floor. She grabbed her ass cheeks and spread herself again. Then with her pinky finger, she slowly put it in asshole with her other hand she was playing with her pussy and her middle finger slipping inside her pussy.

"Can't you wait to get that thick cock of yours inside my pink little slit?" I said, "You're so damn hot baby I can't believe that I had to wait all these years to be this close again to your pussy. I should have fucked you the next day after that party." Kelly said, "I would have let you.

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You were right I was easy even in High School." After a few minutes of me stroking my cock I couldn't wait to get inside of her. I said, "Come Kelly stand up I want to see if your pussy truly is the prettiest." Kelly stood up and grabbed her ass cheeks and looked back at me with a smile and said, "So, tell me whose pussy is sweeter Mandy's or mine?" I said, "I need to see it from closer angle and of course I have taste it to make sure it's truly the best." I then crawled over on all fours and stuck my face right in the crack of her ass and began to eat her pussy.

With my tongue deep inside her pussy my nose was also buried in her asshole. Then my tongue traveled up to her asshole, I realized that her asshole was really dry.

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I worked up as much spit as I could and spit on her asshole. I let it drip from her asshole down to her pussy. I used my finger and worked my spit into both of her holes. My tongue delved into her asshole with my thumb inside her pussy then I used the palm of my hand to caress and rub her clit. Her moans came immediately as her hips moved in and up and down thrusting my tongue in and out of her asshole.

Kelly pulled away from me and spun around with her pussy right in front of my mouth now. She grabbed my head and pulled it into her pussy. While she had my head in her hands pulling me in close and hard she grinded her pussy on my face until she came all over my tongue. Kelly pulled me up off of my knees and with a smile and kissed me.

"So, who has the better pussy?" I said, "Well, I got to fuck her pussy, so, I guess Poorimole fasila song with dance am going to have to fuck your pussy as well." Kelly smirked and said, "Open your mouth and stick your tongue out." She opened her mouth and sucked my tongue and got all of her pussy juice off.

Her hand was stroking my cock and then she fell to her knees. She said, "Now it's time to get reacquainted with my dear ole friend here." She kissed the head of my cock and then with one motion it slowly slid all the way down her throat on the first try. Kelly looked up at me with her big brown eyes and said, "Your cock is bigger than the last time I sucked it. I want you to fuck my mouth honey." Kelly was eager to please me.

My cock was going in and out of her mouth like a piston in an engine. It definitely felt so damn good but it was just as good as Mandy sucking my cock. I love watching my cock slip in and out of her mouth and bulge out the side of her mouth. I couldn't believe how hot it was, when she let it slip out of her mouth and there were streams of her spit going from the head of my cock all the way back to her lips.

After a couple more minutes of sucking me Kelly couldn't get me to cum. While she was sucking me I looked over in the corner and remembered all the toys that she brought with me.

I never used anything like that on a woman before and I wanted to try using one of her toys on her. I helped her back up onto the bed. I said, "Kelly I want to use one of your toys on you." Kelly smiled and said, "Grab the one on top." I moved over and took the one on top, which was a plastic toy that had fake beads running down from top to bottom.

Kelly reached over to the table next to the bed and pulled out a bottle of lube and lubed her toy and her asshole. I slipped her toy inside her pussy very easily and as far as I could.

Kelly's head popped up and said, "No, no baby this is too small for a pussy this is for the other hole honey." With a little evil smile she put her hand over mine helped me very gingerly and deliberately slip it inside of her asshole. "Now, do it nice and slow, let the beads push up against the rim of my asshole I can take the whole thing.

Push in then pull out nice and slow. Take your time and you can fuck my asshole." I was using my right hand slowly pushing and pulling her little toy, as it remained inside her asshole. As I was fucking her asshole I leaned forward and we began making out again, she was such a great kisser.

This was turning me on so fucking much. I became lightheaded as all the blood was rushing down to my cock again making it throb with anticipation of fucking her pussy. I moved her hand down to my cock and she started stroking my cock again as I stroked her dildo in an out of her asshole. I said, "I can't take this anymore I really need to fuck you Kelly. The only way I can know if your pussy is better than Mandy's is to fuck yours." I pulled the toy out of her asshole and it was gaped nice and round.

I figured this was the best time to fuck her asshole. I pulled her off the bed and pushed her up against her bedroom wall. I spread her legs and Kelly grabbed her ass cheeks and spread her ass apart for me, exposing her asshole giving me an easier entrance for my cock. Kelly watched as the head of my cock slipped very slowly and gingerly inside her asshole just like I did with her toy.

There was no hesitation on her part to stop me or to say anything if my cock was ripping her asshole open, she took my cock like a pro.

Before I new it I was balls deep in my dear old friend was screaming. "Pound my suni loun and 2 girls baby come on honey keep it deep, deep inside my asshole." As my cock went deeper and deeper in her asshole there must have been a lot of air that got trapped inside her because each time I went balls deep in her little fart sounds shot out horny milf charlee chase makes her wet pussy cum her asshole.

It was so funny listening to the small little farts coming out of her asshole but neither one of us wanted this to stop because if felt so fucking good inside of her. Kelly grabbed my neck and told me to kiss her. Kelly then whispered in my ear "I want to ride you honey, please let me ride your cock I want it deeper in my asshole. She twisted her body and my cock slipped out of her asshole and she pushed me down on the bed she followed me down and slipped my cock back into her asshole.

My cock was buried deep inside her asshole again. She was grinding on top of me. It felt so fucking good. I said, "Damn baby if I would have know that you liked it in the ass I would have broke up with Sherry all those years ago and begged you to be with me." I slapped her ass with both hands at the same time. "You are such a fucking bad girl." Kelly said, "Yeah baby smack your bad girls ass I'm your bad girl." She lifted up off of my cock and said, "I want to cum on your cock honey, don't be disappointed let me fuck your cock while its in my pussy.

Besides, you have to evaluate my cunt to see whose pussy is better Mandy's or mine?" She slid my cock into her pussy and she squeezed her pussy very tight around my cock she was grinding on top of me. My hands went up to her breast and caressed them pushing them together and gently squeezing them, pinching her nipples, which were very sensitive.

This brought her moans from a whisper to loud, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhs and oooooooooooosss and oooooooooohs. I slipped my middle finger inside her mouth and said, "Suck it like it was my cock." She grabbed my hand and her tongue went down the sides and then she swallowed my finger and got it soaking wet.

Kelly continued to ride me and my other hand continued to play with her nipples from both breast. I then took my now soaking wet finger from her hot rebecca gets banged standing doggystyle by the stranger and slapped her ass and said, "Baby, I want to feel my cock ramming your pussy." I didn't ask for permission or even give her a hint of what I was going to do next.

I slapped her ass as hard as I could perfrect lesbian sex with orgasm fingering european she let out another scream of "Yeah, I'm such a bad, bad little girl I need my punishment, slap my ass until you think I'm a good little girl again." I kept slapping her ass with both hands then with my wet middle finger jammed it right up her asshole.

I said, "Now, take your punishment you bad girl, I'll tell you when you're a good girl again. I can feel my cock inside your pussy.

It feels so good sliding deep inside of you honey. Your pussy is definitely better than Mandy's. With this she began to really pump my cock harder and harder faster and faster up and down on my cock.

I said, "Squeeze your asshole around my finger and your pussy around my cock baby. You are getting so fucking wet, I know you're going to cum soon." My cock was as deep as it could get inside when I her say in a whispering voice, "You dirty mother fucker let me ride that thick juicy cock of yours. I want to cum all over it. My pussy is better than Mandy's and I'm going to shoot all my cum all over youuuuu……" And then she came all over my cock.

I said, "Now, that you got to cum on my mouth and now the cock I want to fuck your asshole and come inside you." Kelly fell on her back sweaty and exhausted she said, "You do whatever you want but I need a few minutes to give both my holes a chance to relax." I moved on top of her stomach put my cock between her tits trying to keep my hard on, I knew if I lost it I would never cum.

Kelly said, "Come on up here and fuck my mouth." I moved up closer to her mouth and grabbed the back of her head. Fucking her mouth was bringing the blood back to my cock again. I was pumping her mouth when it slipped out and went out over her nose and my asshole went over her mouth and with her tongue still out she began flicking her tongue on the outside of my asshole. Now, with my ass straddeling her face I sat down a little and pulled her head up a little and she started to toss my salad.

Her tongue was rimming my asshole and she reached up with her right hand and was stroking it. My cock was throbbing one again and I was ready for her asshole again. I pushed off her of Kelly's face and went down on her stomach and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread her ass exposing her shit hole to me.

I buried my cock deep in her asshole. Now I flipped her onto her stomach again and she spread her ass for me as I once again buried myself balls deep. I was grinding her asshole from behind and I guess the way she ate me asshole my cum was bubbling up from my balls.

I pulled her head back to mine. She was a great kisser and I knew that I would cum a lot fast if I was chubby slag bounces hard on a bbc out with her. It only took another minute making out with her and grinding my cock deep I her asshole I felt my cum enter the shaft of my cock. It felt so fucking good and then I shot my load in side her asshole.

There was one stream of cum after another that was being unloaded inside of her. I was completely out of breath from pumping her asshole and kissing her.

Kelly told me to roll over on my back and she straddled my stomach. She pushed and pushed and my cum started dripping from her asshole down on to stomach. She stayed over top of me for a couple of minutes as my cum dripped out of her shithole onto my belly. Kelly then took her fingers and dug out the rest of my cum from her asshole and then sucked my sticky goo from her fingers.

She played with my cum making streams of spit and cum strings from her fingers back to her mouth. She smiled and said, "Ooooh more cum can I eat the rest of you?" I said, "Yeah, honey do anything you want." She took my semi rigid cock back in her hand and pumped it to make sure there was no cum left in my shaft. As she pumped it there came a little bubble of cum to the top of my head and she took her lips and sucked the cum right off my head.

Then she slid down on my cock one last time. Then she got down on all fours looked up at me then licked and sucked all the cum from my belly then swallowed every last drop of my cum. We both jumped in the shower washed each other and we made love again in the shower. There was something magical about my cock deep inside her pussy. Once we got dressed she gave me her phone number and said, "You call me anytime this is my cell and I will promise to call you back if you call me.

I said, "This is the second phone number I've gotten from this place." Kelly said, "Yeah, but you know that I will always care for you and if you ever need anything you know I will be there for you.

Kelly walked me out to the front and Rob was having the time of his life as the girls were surrounding him talking to him. Even in a whorehouse this guy could probably get away with not paying a dime for their pussies. I introduced Kelly to Rob and after a couple more minutes of talking I kissed Kelly goodbye and the one fantasy that would never be fulfilled, was in one afternoon, after having probably one of he most bonehead ideas.