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Hot asian slut fucks for a facial
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Note: This is my first story - part 1, of course, and constructive criticism is always appreciated. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi!

My name is Tiffany, or "Tiff", for short. This is the story about meeting the man who changed my life, Chris, and how I was finally able to "let myself go", sexually. I guess Chris was the guy that allowed me to finally express my sexuality and got me to "cut loose my inner slut"!

First, let me tell you a little about myself. I'm 28 years old and live by myself in Miami. I'm 5'8, 115 lbs, with sandy-blonde hair that has a slight natural curl and hangs a few inches below my shoulders. Yes, my curtains match my carpet! I like to think Used wife in the bus 1 free anal porn video 41 abuserporn com tube porn have "dirty" blonde hair, because my mind is always a bit more naughty than people ever suspect.

I absolutely LOVE my body! I've always taken good care of myself which includes watching what I eat and spending time at the gym once or twice a week as my schedule allows.

I blossomed in my mid teens as a freshman in high school, losing my virginity at 15 after one of the school dances. My boobs seem to grow faster than I was, and I really wasn't that comfortable with myself until my senior year when I seemed to grow into my boobs, instead of how most girls had to wait for their boobs to grow at all. I was always very athletic, and made the cheer squad my sophomore year. My mom was very attentive to me, her only daughter, and always gave me great advice about my looks and how to take care of myself.

I learned - very quickly - that my tone body and firm tits could get me just about anything I wanted, but - to be honest - I was always a bit shy.

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She also taught me the importance of being "well groomed", especially since I was going to be wearing a cheer uniform and boys were always going to try everything they could to get a look between my legs. I was almost always wet.

My mom had told me, when she was teaching me about good grooming habits, that she also "suffered" from almost-constant wetness. It made sex a hell of a lot of fun, but I just needed to be aware that I could easily soak through the front of my panties if I wasn't careful.

My mom was gorgeous and taught me really well, how to keep looking my best. Oh, I had all the urges and curiosities that every young girl has and played around with boys as best I could, but in high school, they just didn't know what they were doing and I was always fantasizing about my "knight in shining armor" that would sweep me off my feet leave me breathless every time we touched.

That fueled my fantasies to no end, but with the handful of boys that I actually "made it" with, none of them really blew my socks off. I felt like I was constantly horny, and no matter how many times I masturbated or used whatever "technique" my girlfriends would tell me about (including the use of various objects), I was just never satisfied. When I went to college in Gainsville, I went crazy! I was having sex several times a week and masturbated every chance I got sometime three or four times a day!

I had to start being careful, though, as I had been walked-in on a few times by some of my sorority sisters which was embarassing as hell. Plus, I didn't want to be known as a slut, or desperate like some of the girls - I was just really horny and was always on the lookout for that one special guy who knew how to take care of my needs. I also began to notice that a lot of guys were intimidated by me and no matter how much I flirted with hot amateur chick fucked in all positions, they would never ask me out.

I guess they expected me to be just another dumb blonde and were afraid that I was actually smarter than they were while looking as hot as I did. After getting my Bachelor's degree in business management (I really wasn't looking at a career in business, but I didn't really know what else I wanted to do), I ended up moving to Miami after my best friend moved there when she graduated. She just kept telling me about all the hot guys that were everywhere and I could take my pick, any night of the week.

That fueled even more fantasies in my naughty little head, so I took a chance and moved. Scanning the want-ads looking for work, I kept noticing how many dental offices were looking for licensed Dental Hygienists and how much they got paid and figured: "What the hell?" Plus, it was probably a good way to meet lots of guys when they came in for checkups!

Boy, was I in for a surprise! I was 26 when I finally got my certificate, and was on top of the world.

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My body looked fantastic! I spent every chance I got on the beach, wearing the smallest bikinis I could fit in to, learning that if I squeezed into one that was a bit too small, guys took more notice of me. My tits were still nice and firm (guys (and girls) would always ask if they were "real", considering so many girls in Miami get boob-jobs), my tummy was toned, and my ass had just the right wiggle to it. Mom was right - with the right diet and the right workout, you could keep things from sagging too early and stay looking 'hot'.

The guys at the beach would constantly let their frisbee, football, volleyball, or whatever, land near me. When they came to pick it up, they always tried flirting with me or just gawking. That always got me horny and I sometimes slid my free hand down my bikini bottoms and played with my clit while driving home, masturbating like a nympho when I got home to my apartment.

I'm sure the neighbors could hear my moans and screams on a regular basis, but I didn't care - I was pigtail redhead teen st time big black cock pov, dripping-down-my-legs wet, and constantly horny. I still hadn't found "Mr. Right", but I was having a GREAT time trying!

I started working at Dr. Fiskar's office which was a very modern office located in an up-scale part of Miami. He and his wife started their practice some time ago, and have made quite a name for themselves.

He was an Orthodontist and his wife was "just" a Dentist. Between the two of them, they easily made a half-million dollars a year. There were five of us "girls" in the office: four of us were Hygienists and Sandy was the office receptionist.

We all got along so wonderful, even the patients enjoyed all the laughing and joking we constantly did. Within a few weeks of working there, I noticed that we (all us mom slep sin rep mom, as Dr. Fiskar and his wife liked to call us) were all about the same age and all very attractive.

I'm pretty sure I had the best tits, though! Even at 26, they were a full and firm 34B with small aerola, and depending on the bra, I could fill up a C cup quite nicely. As I said before, I absolutely LOVE my body and I'm VERY proud of how good I look. No, I'm not conceited, I just love my body!

Much to my own disappointment, and even though I was "experienced" in bed, I was never comfortable enough with a guy to be very daring or risky. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE sex and I'm very horny (and willing!) most of the time, but I guess I just never had anyone push me over the edge where I could explore all the wild fantasies in my head.

That all changed, however, when we got a new patient at the office. I remember that day VERY well. I had my own two-bedroom house in a nice neighborhood, about 20 minutes away from work. I got a great deal on it, courtesy of a little "hookup" with a patient who was a Real Estate investor. It was against the rules to date any of the patients, but I was a single - and VERY horny - girl, so what did you expect?

I think Doc knew about some of my activities, but he never said anything and I always kept everything very professional at work. Some of the other girls had done it, too, and we knew better than to blab about it at work (although we could never resist giggling about it during lunch in our little break room!

Doc and his wife didn't seem to care that much, considering they would frequently spend "lunch" together in one of their private offices, coming out an hour later with their hair all tossed and sometimes a button or two left undone). When I woke up at my usual un-godly teen black girl gets her booty hard plowed of 6:00 am, I stumbled my way into the kitchen to start the coffee while I took a shower.

I didn't sleep in the nude; rather, I preferred one of my over-size night shirts and panties. I guess that was just left over from my days in the sorority where I was just too embarrassed to walk around naked, like some of the other girls did. I padded into the bathroom and started the water running to get warm. While I waited, I absent-mindedly slid my nightshirt up and over my head, letting it drop on the floor. As I did, however, I felt this incredible rush of pleasure wash over me, making my nipples nice and hard.

I have very sensitive nipples surrounded by rather small areola, and they get hard quite easily. I catch people looking all the time, no matter how thick or padded my bra is. Sometimes it's annoying, but I like the sensations I get, thinking that my looks might actual become part of someone else's fantasy. The drawback, is when my nipples get hard, my pussy usually gets pretty wet. I've actually had to come home during lunch a few times, just to change into a dry pair before anyone notices a growing wet spot on the front of my scrubs!

I guess I should mention that we're all supposed to wear medical scrubs as our "uniform" at work. They leave a lot to be desired in terms of fashion, and they are a far cry from what I usually wear - which is a lot more revealing.

I learned, just like my bikinis, that if I wear a size smaller than what I should, the tops actually accent my tits and, coupled with the right bra, can REALLY show some good cleavage. The pants, on the other half (no pun intended), leave a lot to be desired. At least the fabric is somewhat thin, and wearing one size smaller causes them to hug my ass and curves in just the right places (back AND front!).

I've pretty much stopped wearing regular "briefs" panties and stuck with thongs. I love the way the feel against my skin (what little there is!), and when I let the side straps ride higher than my pants, I get a real kick out of the expressions on the guys (and sometimes the girls) faces.

With scrubs, you can certainly tell what kind - if any - underwear the girls wear. Even with my white ones, though, you can't really see too much in front (thank goodness, or my constantly wet pussy would show like a neon sign!). At any rate, as I stood sex xxx story bhoomika chawla com wearing nothing but my "sleeping only" briefs, I stared at my own tits and rock-hard nipples that look like 1/2" pencil erasers and wondered what the hell got me so horny.

"I must have been dreaming." I said to myself, although I could not remember what I must have dreamt about. Without a second thought, I slid my panties down over my hips and let them drop to my ankles where I could kick them in the pile along with my night-shirt. Out of subconscious instinct, I put my hands on my chest and slowly let them slide down over my breasts.

I wasn't squeezing or anything - just letting the skin of my hands caress their firm, round shape. With my fingers spread slightly apart, I let each finger rub over each nipple. In the mirror I watched as my nipple seemed to "pop" out from underneath each finger - first my pinky, then my ring finger, my middle finger, and so on.

Each time, I felt the most amazing tingles zip down my spine and end up right between my legs. That's when I noticed how wet I had become. I kept staring at myself as I gently pinched both nipples between my thumb and finger, which caused me to give out a slight gasp in pleasure.

Again, without a conscious thought, I lowered my right hand, slowly caressing my tummy. I felt my belly-button piercing (I was never daring enough to get anything else pierced, but often fantasized about how incredible it would feel - and look - to have my nipples pierced, or the thought that a little dangly-thing would constantly tease my clit throughout the day), and then I slowly went lower, over my small "landing strip" of well-groomed pubic hair.

I've tried all sorts of different "styles" when it came to my pubes. Some guys I dated loved the "natural" look, but I couldn't stand the fact that my blonde pubes would poke out from under my skimpy bikini bottoms. I sported the "triangle" cut for a while, but it was still too much for me. I went the other way and kept myself bald for a time, and I really liked it, but it was a little to "girlie" for me.

For the past several months, I have actually kept a very small patch of my soft pubes trimmed short in a small "stripe" that was only about 2" long and an inch wide. I made sure, however, to keep the bottom well clear of my pussy - I LOVED the feel of being so incredibly "baby smooth" on my lips, and how my juices made them not just "slippery-smooth", but glisten as well!

Plus, since I absolutely loved to be eaten out, I wanted my man to have clear access. At the moment, however, I was stark naked, slowly squeezing my left nipple and fondling my breast while my right hand slowly stroked my sopping slit.

I felt my wetness actually run down the inside of my thigh. I was making slow circles around my erect little button and was ready to start fucking myself senseless when I realized I couldn't see my hand touching my pussy in the mirror any more because it had started to fog over from the steam of the shower. I was brought back to reality and realized the hot water had been running for God-knows-how-long and I really needed to get going or I would be late for work. I shook my head, turned, and reluctantly stepped into the shower.

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It was a nice sized shower that had plenty of room. It was a full-size, stand-up shower that was fully tiled and actually had a built-in place to sit. I never told my Real Estate Investor "friend with benefits" that the shower, "garden tub" and over-sized bathroom was the biggest reason I bought the place.

Do you have any idea the "fun" you can have in a shower that big, with its own place to sit!? I stood under the spray for a few minutes and made sure my hair was nice and wet before lathering up with the shampoo. Taking a step back out of the spray, I massaged the soap throughout my hair and was massaging my scalp when I started lyla storm hungrily deep throats and gets a facial about how incredibly turned on I was, presumably from this mysterious dream that I couldn't remember.

I was actually getting turned on by the feeling of my boobs jiggling back and forth as I scrubbed my scalp. What a sight that must be: hair wet, eyes closed, head back, my arms up, exposing the fullness of my tits that were swaying and softly jiggling&hellip.Mmmmm! Forcing myself to focus on the fact that I didn't really have time to play with myself in the morning (that was usually reserved for when I got home, later in the evening if I was still horny, and then again as I lay in bed before falling asleep), I rinsed my hair and grabbed the conditioner.

I had stepped out of the spray again while I massaged the conditioner in my hair. When it was all worked in, I grabbed my peach scented body wash.

While the big tits lesbian babe pussy licked dildoing girlfriend sits for the few minutes it's supposed to, I washed everywhere else with my body wash before finally rinsing all of my soapy "parts" and drying off.

However, without thinking of how extra-sensitive I was this morning, as soon as my slippery hands touched my already-hard and sensitive nipples, I let out a little "Wow!" as another rush of pleasure washed over me. I paused and thoroughly enjoyed the feelings and again let my hands slide their way down between my legs. I could tell, even before touching myself, that I was REALLY wet, and not because of the shower!

Combined with the slick "lube" of my body wash, I was starting to touch places that felt amazing! I was even surprised at how easily I was able to slide two of my fingers in me. Usually, I have to start with one and make sure my juices are good and flowing before I can get two (or more) up in there, but with these incredible feelings I was having, I swear I could have easily stuck that huge bottle of conditioner right up my twat!

That thought actually caused me to giggle. I reluctantly pulled my fingers out of my pussy and forced myself to continue with the task at hand. "What's gotten in to you this morning, you little slut!?" I giggled as I said that, knowing nobody could actually hear me.

I patted myself dry enough where I wouldn't drip on the floors, wrapped my hair with my towel and headed through the master bedroom and down the hall towards the kitchen. I like to air-dry myself if possible, and it was nice that since I lived alone, there was nobody to catch me walking around naked or laugh at the towel wrapped around my head.

Even though I was alone, and even though I knew the blinds were closed, I was still a little shy and was always looking around nervously. I love being naked, but I always had this misplaced paranoia that someone would see me. More giggles as I poured my coffee.

I leaned back against the counter and began thinking of the day ahead. I could still feel (and see) that my nipples were still hard (a little "tingly" as well), and my pussy just wasn't going to stay dry for very long, and I knew this was going to be a long and frustrating day. I split my bagel and plopped both halves into the toaster before heading back to my bedroom to start getting dressed.

I laid out the pink colored scrubs. The top and bottoms were the same color of faded pink, which wouldn't score any points with the fashion police, but this was work and not a beauty pageant. I her first sexual experience for a camera my pink thong underwear and matching bra that pushed my tits up just enough to show some great cleavage (too bad the neck line of my scrubs wasn't lower, but if I lean forward just enough, it gives just the right amount of "tease"), and slid them on.

I stepped back in the bathroom and finished getting ready. I even decided to put on my belly-chain which I hadn't worn in a while, and with a quick check of my backside in the mirror (you could just barely see the outline of my thong through the thin material as it came out the top of my butt), I was all set. I grabbed my purse, stuffed the bagel in my mouth and with my coffee in one hand, stellar czech honey lexi dona pleasures and comes the alarm, locked the door and got in the car.

Within minutes, I finished my bagel and I was almost at work. I leaned forward to turn the volume up on the radio (it was playing a great rock song that I love) and I again noticed how turned on I was. "You REALLY need to get laid, Tiff!" I said to myself in the privacy of my car. My panties had already worked themselves between my lips and were gently massaging my humming clit. I've masturbated while driving before, but I was always nervous that someone in another car or a passing truck driver could tell what I was doing, so I usually waited until I get home to finish myself off.

To keep up the fun, however, I would squeeze my thighs together or flex my kegel muscles, which kept me hot and bothered until I made it in the door (sometimes just barely!).

My pussy was damp and my nipples were hard, although less noticeable than earlier, and it was nothing I couldn't keep under control for the day (I hoped). I actually made it to work slightly ahead of schedule, just after Doc and his wife, Alexa. Since we had already given him the nick-name of "Doc", she was happy that we could just call her "Alex", as did most of her patients. Since I was the first of the "girls" to show up, I helped turn on the lights and started a fresh pot of coffee in the break room.

We usually don't have our first patient until 8:00, so there was still about 10 minutes before we were officially "open". Out of curiosity, I stepped behind the receptionist's desk and looked through today's appointments. That's when I noticed a new patient scheduled with Doc for 2:30 in the afternoon. The penciled entry simply said: "Chris NP". I knew NP meant "New Patient", but I didn't think Doc was accepting new patients at the time.

Just then, the front door opened and in came three of the other girls, including the receptionist, Sandy. They had apparently all arrived at the same time and walked in together, giggling with their usual friendly smiles. "Tiff! You're here early!" Sandy said, smiling and setting down her purse and keys next to her computer terminal. "Just got an early start, I guess." I replied, not thinking much about it. "I see that Doc has a new patient this afternoon.

I didn't think he was accepting anyone right now." Sandy leaned over to where I was looking and pointing with my finger. "Oh! Look at that! That's his handwriting, so maybe he's squeezing someone in for a favor, you know?" "Probably. At least he didn't schedule another after-hours "favor", like that last one that lasted until almost nine at night!" Sandy chuckled at that, remembering how tired we all were the next day.

We were pretty well booked through lunchtime, so not much to think about except all those teeth I had to clean. A few of the guys were handsome, but nothing spectacular. There were the usual ogling eyes that would look at my cleavage and my boobs, and the usually flirting that took place when I was alone with the patient(s) in the exam room, but nobody was really "doing it" for me today.

At least, not yet! At one point, I had accidentally brushed one of my nipples against the side of this mans head while I was doing a cleaning. I don't think he really noticed (or did he? I could swear that I what brooklyn chase wants pornstars fake tits saw the bulge in his pants twitch!), but Holy Cow! That wave of pleasure hit me again, making my nipples get rock-hard and shoot tingles down to my pussy. If it weren't for the mask covering my face, I'm sure he'd see how hard I was blushing and biting my lip to keep from moaning!

This was going to be a looooong day, for sure! Just after lunch, I was cleaning up after one of the patients and was squatting down on my heels with my back to the door. I was actually trying to reach under the exam chair to get a loose piece of trash when I sensed someone watching me.

I turned my head slightly to my left and saw Doc out of the corner of my eye, standing there with his eyes glued to my butt. I smiled as I caught a glimpse of the hard-on growing in his pants. I'm sure I blushed, but instead of saying anything, I just turned my head back to what I was doing with a huge grin on my face. He didn't say anything and obviously didn't notice that I had seen him standing there with his eyes fixated on my ass. I stayed like that for several minutes - much longer than I needed to to let him have a good look.

When I finally turned myself completely around, he was gone. I had no idea when he left, but I quickly looked over my should down to my ass and I think he was staring at my little "whale tale" where the top of my thong was visible (I guess when I was bent over in that position, my bottoms were pulled slightly down and the back of my shirt was pulled slightly up, exposing the top part of my undies where the string comes up out of my butt and joins the straps going over each hip).

I was incredibly wet and my nipples weren't getting any smaller. I sighed, again resigning myself to this being a long day.

I stood up, fixed my scrubs and whispered to myself: "God, I can't wait to get home!" . and fuck myself silly, I didn't add out loud. I wasn't attracted to Doc, but I've caught him looking at me before, knowing it was fueling some sort of sex-filled fantasy.

I guess I could have been an exhibitionist if I wanted to, but I was too shy, even though I always liked the idea that guys were constantly undressing me with their eyes, wondering what I was (or wasn't, as is sometimes the sex demonstration turns into lesbian strap on sex wearing underneath.

I had lost all track of time that afternoon, until exactly 2:15 pm. From where I was standing, coming out of one of the exam rooms, I can clearly see into the little room that served as Sandy's reception office. Leaning on the counter was the new patient, Chris.

Sandy was stammering and actually dropped most of the paperwork she was trying to hand him to fill out. He must have sensed me staring at him, as he looked right at me. I was frozen. I was like a deer caught in the headlights. HIS headlights. With a slight nod and a coy smile, he turned and sat down in one of the waiting-room chairs to start filling out all the new patient paperwork.

Sandy turned and looked at me with those "raised eyebrows" that said "Wow".I couldn't have agreed more! I'm sure I was beet-red, and made a bee-line for the break room and out of sight. My heart nearly leapt out of my chest, I was breathing so hard. To say that I felt a wave of pleasure would be an understatement. The butterflies in my stomach were going bonkers and the tingles zipping from my tits to my clit and all the way down my thighs was incredible!

And here's the wierd part: he wasn't even "model-gorgeous" or "surfer-boy", which is usually the type of guy that I'm attracted to. Chris was totally different, in MANY ways, which I will explain later. I must have been in there for fifteen minutes because I heard Sandy call my name.

"Tiff! Your 2:30 appointment is ready!" I then heard the familiar sound of her dropping the patient's clipboard in the plastic box attached to the wall next to the door leading in to the waiting area.

I swallowed hard and with slightly wobbly knees, walked out and grabbed the clipboard. I was so nervous, I was actually trembling as I looked at his cover sheet. I looked at Sandy who shared my, uh, "enthusiasm" with a huge smile. She was about to burst out giggling as she mouthed "He's single!" and gave me an "OK" sign with her hands.

I rolled my eyes, trying to look like I was brushing it off (was I somehow getting to be known as the "office slut"?), opened the door and looked at him. "Chris? Come on back!" I said, trying not to look like I wanted to jump his bones, which is exactly what I wanted to do.

He stood up and with a big smile, walked towards me. He stood about 5'10", a little taller than I am, and he looked to weigh about 170 pounds or so. He wasn't muscular, but he wasn't too skinny, either. He had dirty-brown hair that had a slight curl. His hair was almost as long as mine, but cut so it hung just off his shoulders. He had these eyes that just looked right IN to you, as if he could actually see what you're thinking (oh God, I hope not!).

He had an earring in one of his ears and a goatee that was well-groomed and framed the most boyish and charming smile. He was 29 years old, according to his face sheet that contained all his personal data (part of the paperwork he filled out as a new patient), and he had checked the box that said "Single" for his relationship status.

He was wearing an olive-drab knit long-sleeved shirt with some kind of electric guitar on the front, black jeans, and black "biker" boots. He had a nice watch on his left wrist, along with one of those rubber wristbands dedicated to something-or-other, but he wasn't wearing a ring which confirmed (to me, at least) his single status.

This was NOT what our typical patients looked like. Mostly, they wore business suits or slacks-and-polo's and spoke of business dealings which, they were surprised to find out, I actually understood and held some pretty impressive conversations with some of the city's biggest business executives - much to the surprise and amusement of my coworkers, Doc, and Alexa.

(Everyone assumes that a blonde with nice tits is an idiot, and I love proving them wrong, but it did help land a few guys in bed). I held the door open for him, and when he walked past, I couldn't help but notice his scent.

Oh my God, he smelled great! Whatever cologne he was wearing was.well.perfect! It wasn't perfumy or musky. It was more like a "clean" smell that a man SHOULD smell like, and not that overpowering crap that most guys seem to think we women like these days. As he walked honey gets lusty three some sex smalltits and hardcore, he never took his eyes off mine, keeping me somewhat frozen in place.

Because he was staring right in my eyes, I'm sure he must have noticed that I had looked him up and down, pausing long enough to take in the sight of the beautiful "natural" bulge in his pants.

He was past me before I had a chance to blush, but if he turned around he would have seen my face lit up like a bonfire. I quickly checked out his ass and instantly fell in love with it. "What is this guy doing to me?" I wondered to myself, in a good way. I had him step into the X-ray room, since Doc would need to see a full set of X-rays to plan any dental work. He was absolutely charming during the whole thing which is usually an uncomfortable thing for most people.

He had everything he did - the way he spoke, laughed, moved, even the way he looked at me. He was poking fun at husban fucks wife sleeping sister in such a cool way, I knew he wasn't being mean - just cocky, but funny at the same time.

"Is he hitting on me, or am I just wishing he would hit on me?" I kept wondering. I also knew that if he simply asked me take my clothes off and victoria banxxx fantastic pussy gets fucked in the office him, I would do it without the slightest hesitation - he had THAT kind of power that was totally irresistible. I wanted him, and I wanted him BAD! After the X-rays, I walked him into one of the exam rooms and got him situated and comfortable in the chair.

I was stammering just as bad as Sandy was, I'm sure! We have a policy in the office to keep the door to the exam room open, unless there are two of us present. It's for both our safety and the safety of the patient, lest anyone accuse anyone of doing something they shouldn't, or trying to bring about a lawsuit for something. I'm glad for that rule, because if that door were closed, who knows what I might have said or done! In the excited and charged up state that I was in, ANYTHING could happen!

My nipples were almost sore, they were so hard, and I knew that if I wasn't wearing panties (like I do, sometimes), my girl-juice would be running down my legs. I wanted so bad to play with myself, but I was at work and needed to be professional. Kinky gf morgan lee tries out anal sex while being filmed made sure to press my tits against his head as much as I seductive brunette amirah adara always love morning sex, as he lay back in the chair and I started his cleaning.

I always enjoyed that, even with some of the women, just to see their reactions. Sometimes, I could see the women's nipples get hard or their breathing get heavier (which they could always pass off as being a little chilly or in some discomfort because of whatever I was doing to their teeth. Even though I knew damn well it wasn't cold in that office, I would always ask, hysterically laughing behind my mask as I just played the part of the "dumb blonde").

The guys were better, though. Sometimes I had to say something a little sultry to get their attention, but the unmistakable twitch between their legs told me exactly how well I was doing. I just had to be careful where my eyes wandered, considering my face was very close to theirs, just hidden behind that thin paper mask and plastic eye-shield. With Chris, believe it or not, I wasn't overly concerned with the twitching in his pants (I'm sure he did, but I never really saw for certain).

I was trying hard to keep my hand steady on the pneumatic drill (being used as a brush for his cleaning and polishing) while being flooded with the incredible pleasure I was getting from subtly rubbing my nipples against him and innocently rocking back and forth on my stool.

He explained that he was a guitarist in a band that had just been signed by a major record label. Although he's a little older than most guitarists in new bands, he'd been doing session work for several years, playing on many albums that I was familiar with, and even a few that I had at home.

He said he finally convinced his manager that he was done with session work and wanted to be in a "real" band, and about six months ago, he started playing with his current band. They were doing so well, they convinced an A&R guy to come out and listen to them live, and they were signed with the label a week later. "So, what are you doing in Miami?" I asked between polishing.

"Well, we're scheduled in a studio at the end of the summer to record our first album. The studio and our producer are all here in Miami, so we all decided to move here to make it easier on the whole process." "But if you're not starting till the end of summer, why are you here now?" (It was only the beginning of March). "We're actually in what is called 'pre-production' for the album - finalizing what songs we're going to do, making sure they're all written and ready to go for August, so all we have to do, basically, is step in the studio and record it." "Oh!

I never really knew what all is involved - I'm sure it's pretty complicated." "Unngh ugh yeua" was all he could reply as I leaned in to him again and continued working on his cleaning while biting my lip under my mask. I actually knew it was more complicated, but I tried playing the "dumb blonde" role again, to see where it led. I had gotten so worked up, that I had to stop a few times and pretend to grab something off the counter so I could push my little wheeled stool out of eyesight and just breathe.

I knew Doc was waiting for me to finish, so I had to 'suck it up' and get this pleasurable torture out of the way. If only Doc or Chris knew what I really wanted to suck. Knowing I only had a few minutes left before Doc would come in to the room, and always worried that someone walking by the open door would see or overhear me saying something against the rules, I needed a way to tell Chris to call me.

Sure, I could simply get his number from his file, but it's against the law to use patient information for personal reasons, and I DO have morals, even as horny as I am! Since the chair was facing out the windows, he couldn't see what I was doing at the counter. I quickly tore off a piece of notepaper from the pad on the desk and scribbled a quick note. I folded it in half and stuck it between my lips, leaving a light impression of a kiss in the subtle lipstick I wore. I wheeled myself next to him again and looked in his eyes.

I put my finger to his lips and whispered "Shhhh!" as I quickly slid the note inside is pocket. I hesitated for a moment, knowing my hand was close to his cock, but I resisted. The torture was killing me! I leaned down and gave him a quick peck on the cheek and told him not to look until after he left. He smiled coyly and said ok. My heart was racing and I'm sure I was leaking through my panties as Dr. Fiskar walked in, forcing us to break eye contact with each other and putting a halt to whatever our minds were thinking.

The rest of the appointment was filled with the most incredible sexual tension I have ever felt. It was 4:00 when he left, and I still had an hour before I could leave. Naturally, I took every opportunity I could to undress him with my eyes as he headed to Sandy's desk, and I even caught him giving me a few looks as well.

We both blushed, but pretended that nothing had happened and continued to be friendly and professional. I made it a point to see him as long as I could, so I stood next to Sandy while she mother playfellows daughter steal and british boss liza and glen hit the bases looking through the calendar to schedule his next appointment.

I was standing next to Sandy's chair, with Chris on the other side of the counter which was about eye-level to Sandy.

With one hand on the desk "helping Sandy look for an opening in the calendar", I leaned forward and used my arm to push slightly on my boobs. Just as I had hoped, his eyes were focused right down my shirt. He couldn't really see much, I knew, but I also knew that I was giving him an eyeful of cleavage. My nipples were still hard as rocks, and I was so wet, I think I could actually smell my own sex (I'm surprised that Sandy didn't notice, or if she did, she didn't say anything)!

He said "See ya later" and all I could do was smile like a school-girl and wave "bye". I'm sure the look in my eyes told him everything else - or at least I hoped they would! I was brought back to reality from Sandy's elbow giving me a quick jab in the hip.

"So! Is Chris going to be Tiffany's next little conquest?" She said, mockingly. "Hey! I'm not THAT bad!" I said, playfully in my own defense. "Yes you are, and you'd BETTER tell me details!" Sandy said with her playfully evil grin.

I walked away on cloud nine and couldn't believe how fast the last hour actually went. I had given Chris both my home phone and my cell phone numbers, and since we weren't allowed to use our cell phones while working, I quickly grabbed it out of my purse and checked for any missed calls. Nothing. I was disappointed, but then again, I didn't know if he would actually call. The drive home did nothing to quench the insatiable hunger between my legs.

In fact, for most of the way home I had my free hand buried under my clothes with a couple fingers inside me as deep as I could get them while driving. I think the fact that half my brain was focused on driving, it kept my other half from letting me cum. That only heightened the overall tension, teasing me well beyond my "normal" boiling point. Taking a big breath, knowing that walking would be difficult, I made it to my front door with incredibly wobbly knees.

I was trying so fast to get the keys into the door that I actually dropped them. Cursing myself out loud, I bent over to pick them up and felt my thong pull tight between my lips and up against my throbbing clit, causing me to give a slight moan in brunette ex girlfriend alyce sage sucking dick outdoors pov blowjob exgf. All I had been thinking about was, of course, Chris. I wanted to know what his hands felt like against my skin.

I wanted to close my eyes and have him caress my naked body as he explored every tiny bump and curve. I wanted to feel his breath on my skin while he used his tongue. I wanted to explore his body with my own hands, pressing as much of my skin against his. I wanted to see his eyes when I looked down and watched him eat my pussy.

I wanted to feel what it was like to reach my hands around him, grabbing his cute, muscular butt and pull him into me when as we both came. I wanted to see the pleasure in his eyes as we made love. This was getting too much! Bracing myself with one hand against the door this time, I got the keys in the lock and let myself in.

I quickly shut the door, turned the alarm to "home" and shakily walked towards my bedroom. Off to my left is the living room, where I spent most of my time in front of the TV or yacking on the phone. I decided that my bedroom at the end of the hall in front of me was just too far, so I made a quick decision and headed for the couch.

I was stripping off (more like jumping out of) my clothes, leaving a trail of clothes from the front door. I laid on my back and just started rubbing. My pussy was so incredibly wet, I thought I might have actually pee'd my pants.

I brought my slick fingers up to my nose and could smell my sweet sex. I licked them clean, tasting my wonderful juices. The whole time, my left hand had replaced my right hand between my legs and my fingers were doing amazing things inside my tight little fuck-hole. I used my right hand to start playing with my tits, pinching, pulling, and twisting my nipples which caused my eyes to go dim. I'm right-handed, so I again swapped hands letting my left hand attach itself to my left tit, and my right hand bury three fingers inside my now-throbbing pussy.

I was already starting to shake and it was getting hard to breathe. I was sawing in and out of my pussy with my right hand, making wet, "slurpy" noises with each stroke. I let my thumb rest on top of my slit, so it would slide along my drenched lips and graze my now-hypersensitive clit, pushing me right to the edge.

My left hand was busy grabbing my whole tit and squeezing - almost painfully - before letting go and attacking my nipple in the same way. I thought about how sexy I must look like, getting ready to cum, and momentarily wishing I had a video camera just so I could watch myself.

That, on top of all the other naughty thoughts of Chris and how wonderful he smelled, pushed me off the edge. They say a woman's orgasm lasts about 20-30 seconds. I'm not sure how long this one lasted, but it felt like everything was in slow-motion until it ended, wayyyyy too soon. I felt my pussy muscles grab the fingers on my right hand. It felt like my fingers were getting pulled inside of me by some insatiable sex-monster.

Then I started to shake as the throws of my orgasm began to take over. My eyes were open, but I couldn't see anything except the most amazing display of bright colors whizzing around me.

I couldn't breathe, but that wasn't alarming to me at all; I just had my mouth wide open, waiting for a gasp of air. My legs were uncontrollable, but went nearly stiff, propelling my hips in the air. I was supported by my ankles and the back of my shoulders with my head tilted back towards the wall behind me.

Instinctively, my left hand (which had been twisting my nipples) reached up over my head and pushed against the armrest, further supporting my hips in the air. I'm sure my toes were curled over in a ball, because they hurt like hell afterwards.

I could feel the muscles in my ass twitching, as if they were also having their own orgasm.

My butt flexed faster and harder than any workout I ever had, and I swear my tits grew another cup size. I made some interesting noises, which, I guess, were some sort of animalistic screams of ecstacy.

The noises came in bursts, as I was already gasping for air. I collapsed after what felt like an eternity. I still had absolutely no control over any of my movements. My wife fucks best friend while husband is in the shower was just quivering and I just laid there whimpering and panting for breath. I briefly realized my right hand still had three fingers buried all the way inside me but as I tried to pull them out, my thumb grazed my clit and I came a second time, just as strong.

This time, I actually heard myself scream in ecstacy: "CHRISSSSSSS!!!". It startled me, because I didn't even recognize my own voice. I hadn't intended on saying anyone's name, but I guess my subconscious mind was telling me what I needed to hear. It took several minutes for me to be able to move again.

It was like my still-quivering pussy didn't want to let go of my right hand, so I just left it there, feeling my cum-juice pouring out of me, down my ass-crack.

I quivered several times, as "aftershocks" bolted through me. My ears were ringing and I'm sure I was glowing bright enough to light up the neighborhood. I knew I was a mess and I'm sure there was a puddle on my couch, but I didn't care. I don't think I had ever cum that hard, even with my toys. I was totally spent. I was basking in the wonderful afterglow for what seemed like hours, yearning to be snuggled up against Chris.

I must have fallen asleep, as It was dark outside when I finally came-to.