Sunny leone 1st fuck story

Sunny leone 1st fuck story
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Little Sarah woke up so excited and a little sore from her first amazing day of masturbation, she actually loved the feeling of her pussy, nipples and ass being a little sore from the workout she gave them the night before and she absolutely loved the way she felt, so aroused and she was amazed to have woken up with her young pussy already soaking wet, she wondered if she would ever not be wet down there now that she had found out about masturbation and the feelings she could have while playing with herself and looking at that dirty magazine she found in her dad's garage.

OH MY GOD! The magazine I have got to finish looking at the rest of the articles. Just thinking about the dirty magazine made her pussy start to drip and her fingers immediately went between her legs, a slow moan escaped her mouth as she felt how wet and slippery her young pussy was!!!

As much as she wanted to just finger her dripping wet pussy and cum like crazy, she wanted to do more, she knew now that she found herself hotter and more willing when she discovered new things and that's exactly what she wanted.

New and exiting things to see and do. She got up and walked in front of the full length mirror and admired her young naked body.

I loved sl**ping naked, I love the feeling of the sheets against my naked body I love waking up wet between my legs. She took a minute to admire her naked body, her beautiful breasts and hard brown nipples, she totally loved to see her pussy juices dripping down the inside of her tights she reached down and covered her fingers with the juices running down and brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them clean!

I can't believe that in a matter of hours I have become addicted to the taste of my own pussy! It taste so delicious! She turned around and admired her amazingly tight young ass, she even spread both her ass cheeks and loved the look of her pretty pink asshole glistening with the pussy juices that had run down into her crack. She rubbed her finger across her tight little pink asshole and a shot of electricity run through her spine! AHHHHH!!!

I can't believe how good that feels. I would have never thought I would like playing with my little asshole so ms tia cherry and stacie lane mis platinum She regretted so much putting the huge cucumber she had used the night before to fuck her lesbianteacher fuck student with strapon lesbians pussy back in the kitchen.

I need that huge cucumber deep inside me right now! Desperate for something to be deep inside her she headed for her bathroom and found a bottle of shampoo, a little thicker than the cucumber she had used but the thought of having her tender pussy full with it was too much to resist she grabbed it and went back to her room, shampoo bottle in hand and dirty magazine in the other she laid down on her bed and opened the magazine past the pictures of the model playing with a huge toy that had given her the courage to play with her little pussy for the first time the night before into the next article.

A man and a woman kissing and taking each others clothes off were in the first few pics, she felt the electricity of the dirty pictures surge through her young soft body and as she turned the page and saw the first pictures of the couple naked and touching each other her fingers immediately found her soaking wet cunt and almost instantly 2 fingers were deep inside her making her moan, another turn of the page and she almost lost her breath when she saw the woman sucking on the guys cock.

He's huge, How can she fit his whole dick inside her mouth? It looks so hot! I would love to suck a big cock like that! Her pussy juices covering her hand now, dripping down her arm, she increased the pace a little deeper, a little faster. MMMMMM I want a huge cock in my mouth! I want to be with a man! For the first time little Sarah felt the need for a sexual partner, the next picture showed the couple on a 69 and she could not believe how fast her need to suck a big cock turned into the need to eat a wet pussy watching the guys tongue deep in the girl's pussy.

I want to lick a wet pussy! I want to stick my tongue deep in a girls pussy! I want to eat her juices! Sarah was now on fire and she started to rub the big shampoo bottle on her wet pussy, the cold hard plastic sent waves of pleasure through her whole soft young skin and gave her goosebumps all over, the next page showed the girl with her legs spread wide on the bed and the guys huge thick cock deep inside her pussy.

OH Mamando y cogiendo una verga de cm GOD!

I need that so bad! as the words escaped her mouth they were replaced by a huge moan as she pushed the bottom end of the thick hard shampoo bottle into her wet pussy.

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OHHHHH IT'S SOOOOO BIG! OMG IT'S STRETCHING MY PUSSY SO GOOD! She lost control of herself as the thick bottle dug deeper and deeper opening her pussy so wide stretching blindfolded stepsis teen pornstars and big dick pussy lips and reaching places deep inside her pussy not even that big cucumber from last night had reached, she looked between her legs and loved seeing her pussy lips wrapped around the thick shampoo bottle knowing how wide open she was.

I could take his huge cock deep inside me! He could fuck me as deep and as hard as he is fucking her. He could fuck me deeper and harder and I would love it! The next page showed the girl sucking the guys cock again and very quickly little beautiful Sarah understood that the girl was sucking her own juices off the guys cock and that made her pussy even wetter.

As much as she didn't want to take that delicious bottle out of her pussy she wanted to mimic the scene in the magazine and taste her pussy juices off that big bottle. I want to taste my pussy on that huge cock! I want to take that huge cock from my pussy to my mouth!

She loved the pop sound the bottle made as she pulled it out of her pussy but hated the empty feeling inside her. Oh well it'll be deep inside me in no time she said to herself as she brought the bottle up to her mouth, she could see her pussy juices running down the bottle and her mouth watered, she moved her soft tongue from the bottom of the bottle to the very top gathering a vast amount of her pussy juices on her tongue before bringing her tongue full of pussy juices inside her mouth and savoring her delicious pussy juices before swallowing them all.

OH MY I taste so good! I want more! I want to swallow more of my pussy juices! With that she opened her mouth wide and took the whole bottle inside her pretty mouth. MMMMMMMMMMM taste so good! I just wish it was a real cock covered in my juices! I want to suck a huge cock drenched in my cunt juices! Pretty soon she had sucked and licked all of her juices from the bottle and she new it was time to put it back where it belonged.

This time the bottle slipped smoothly into her pussy all the way to the bottom of her tunnel, she didn't think it was possible but it felt even better the second time going inside her, she started to notice that the hotter she got the better all the things she was doing to herself felt, she fucked her young pussy deep and hard with the big bottle pulling it out slowly stopping right before it left her pussy then pushing it back in as hard as she could all the way in.


YESSSSSSSSSSSS! FUCK ME DEEP! FUCK ME HARD! STRETCH MY PUSSY! MAKE ME CUM ALL OVER YOUR HUGE COCK! Little Sarah was talking to this shampoo bottle like it was a man destroying her pussy and she wanted more, she was addicted to sex with herself and she wanted to do it all.

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As she turned the next page in the magazine the first picture showed the girl on top of the guy facing away but Sarah's eyes widen when she saw that the girl was taking the guys huge cock deep in her ass and not in her pussy. She knew that last night she liked fingering her virgin asshole and she even got braved enough to take two of her small fingers in sex xxx hb story download cam ass but a big cock like that no way!

In her case she would have to take that shampoo bottle in her tight little asshole to match the picture in her dad's dirty magazine. Her mind said no way but her body said hell yeah!

She knew she had to try it, so far everything she tried she loved and couldn't get enough of. So after of a few seconds of hesitation she found herself pulling the shampoo bottle out of her drenched pussy and kneeling down on her bed then positioning the big bottle under her touching her pink asshole.

The thick shampoo bottle was covered with her pussy juices and she knew that would serve as lube but she still doubt that big bottle could squeeze inside her little ass no matter how much she wanted it. She started to lower herself on the bottle and she loved the feeling of the hard plastic against her sensitive asshole trying to brake through her opening but she knew it was too big, she gave it a good try and used her weight to try to penetrate herself but there was no way, she knew she wanted it, she knew her ass wanted it but it seemed impossible and as she moved her ass in circles on the bottle and felt her little asshole opening just a little but not nearly enough to take that huge bottle she remembered her nightly regimen of moisturizing her skin before going to sl**p and as the biggest revelation of her life she reached for her bed side table's drawer and found her bottle of baby oil.

Not even skipping a beat she opened the bottle and instead of lubing up the bottle or her asshole she just squeezed lots of baby oil down her cute bubble ass letting it drip into the shampoo bottle and her ass, she kept moving her hips in circles feeling the bottle trying to open her busty blonde bounces and nuts on a massive black dildo masturbate and insertion and she felt the baby oil drip down her ass, she loved the feeling every time she circled her asshole on the bottle and felt it opening her a little more but no real progress of getting it inside her, she was on fire she was as horny as she had ever been and she knew she wanted that huge bottle to stretch her young asshole and fuck her as deep as the girl in the magazine was taking blonde whitegirl plays with toys in webcam guys huge cock, then she realized the model in the picture was spreading her ass for the guys cock and as she reached back with both her little hands and spread both her ass cheeks as wide as she could she lowered her body down and felt the most amazing sensation over come her whole young body as the bottle opened her up to the limit and slipped inside her asshole making her almost scream.

OHHHHHHHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSSSSS! IT'S INSIDE MY ASS! She felt the pain of the violent intrusion but it was quickly replaced by pleasure and a weird sense of accomplishment for being able to be as naughty as the girl in the magazine.

She wanted to be fucked hard ella knox in fucking busty younger stepsis deep in her ass, she moved her hips a little and loved the feeling of being so full by that huge bottle and knew it was time to go for broke.

FUCK MY ASS DEEP!I WANT IT HARD! STRETCH MY ASSHOLE BABY! I WANT TO FEEL YOUR COCK ALL THE WAY INSIDE MY ASS! Jumping up and down on the bottle fucking her asshole like a professional grabbing her tits and pinching her nipples, she was in heaven and all of the sudden she got that familiar feeling she felt the night before.

OH MY GOD! I'M CUMMING! THE BIG COCK IN MY ASS IS GOING TO MAKE ME CUM! She couldn't believe she was cumming from only anal stimulation but she didn't question it for too long she let go of her thoughts and enjoyed the biggest orgasm of her young life pinching her nipples to an almost painful level squeezing her tits hard in her hands fake agent uk cumshot melissa moore begs for rough sex whole body convulsing as she came and came from the pressure and pleasure deep in her ass, after 3 huge orgasms she lowered a hand to her pussy drenched beyond believe at this point and 4 fingers went deep inside her, she couldn't believe it was possible to make herself feel even better but when her fingers rubbed her deep in her pussy she started to cum even harder, at some point she felt the bottle moving in and out of her sensitive young asshole with the fingers deep inside her pussy and the whole scene sent her over the edge and as she came this time she felt and heard a huge squirt of pussy juices leave her pussy spraying the palm of her hand and making her pussy juices squirt every where all over her stomach, all over her tits, all over her face, her mouth was wide open from the moaning all of this was creating and pussy juices landed inside her mouth she swallowed them all, after squirting several times and drenching herself she fell back as her legs gave way from all the sensations deep inside her, she came one last time squirting every where her asshole squeezed the shampoo bottle so hard it popped right out of her and as she felt more and more pussy juices squirting all over her body face and mouth she blacked out and passed out for a few seconds from all of her extremely intense orgasms.

She came back to earth to find herself drenched in pussy juices and loving it she rubbed all the juices on her body slowly loving the feeling. WOW! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED TO ME BUT I FUCKING LOVED IT! I GOTTA DO THAT ALL THE TIME! THAT WAS AMAZING! She licked her fingers clean and got up, her legs shaky almost not able to walk but she found the strength to get to the shower and turn the water on, OH NO I HAVE TO GO BACK TO BED AND GET THAT AMAZING COCK SO I CAN WASH MY HAIR!!!!

MAYBE I CAN USE IT FOR MORE THAN THAT THOUGH!!!! A big devilish grin in her beautiful young face as she said that!!!!