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Debbie white let there be ass scene asses up
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My previous story was about an event from couple years ago. It was the final weekend before winter break began at my school and I had to return home to rural Michigan for the holidays. I only went out a few times to visit friends, but most have either moved, started school in other parts of the country, or had family young babe fucked by a group of older men telsev to attend to. I was bored. This year was no different.

I love my family, they are awesome, but rural Michigan is a little boring. All I know is that I kept looking forward to getting back to school and going out to party on the weekends. This was my first weekend back after classes started on the 9th and is about my experiences during that weekend. I hope you enjoy it. It started out with my two best friends and I helping each other be the best sluts we could be.

This meant a grooming ritual we do almost every week to help make sure we are as hairless as possible, from the waist down of course. A little light teasing occurred, which is nothing new. The three of us have had full on sexual encounters with each other, except the fact that Charlotte will not go down on Robin or I.

She enjoys being licked out, but will not touch us below the waist with her tongue. She will taste her own juices but not ours, at least not from our teens regina and ulyana sharing a dong fingering and lesbians, she has went in for long deep kisses after one of us came up for air during our "diving" sessions and tasted us as well.

I think it is a "heat of the moment thing with her. These encounters were initially fueled by curiosity and overall horniness when Robin and I were only 14. It took wine to bring Charlotte into the mix three years ago during our freshman year. Now it just seems so normal that we don't need the wine anymore.

If the situation and mood is right, everything takes off like it would with any couple in a long term relationship. Back to this first Friday night of the new semester, we also tried to include my roommate "Madison" in our grooming ritual but she chose to stand in the bathroom doorway and just chat.

We've been roommates since August. She's kind of shy around Robin and Charlotte, but opened up to me in early October when she walked in on me masturbating while reading stories on here. I wasn't shy, I didn't try to cover up, I just continued and looked her over thinking about how much fun she would be.

She apologized and told me I didn't have to stop because she was home. She even offered to wait in the bathroom while I finished. I told her "Don't worry about it, I don't mind if you watch." She sat on her bed with her laptop and headphones but I could see her watching me from time to time, and would blush and look away when I caught her. She may have even had her hand under her blanket too.

Damn that strategically placed laptop. Since then, there have been some mutual activities as I've gotten her to open up more. Some interesting events have occurred since the weekend this story is about and Madison will get her own post soon. Anyway, there was some light teasing, little licks and kisses here and there to "make sure" the other was smooth enough.

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After we were finished, Robin said she was in the mood for a little possible butt fun that night and that meant using a shower attachment we had and some private time for a cleanse. Charlotte and I went to look though clothes and decide on what we were wearing. We both decided on just tight tee shirts.

Charlotte chose jeans and I chose anal for pretty teen girl by black monster cock leggings with a black "wetlook" miniskirt with black leather high heel ankle boots. Robin wore Jeans, a crop sweater high enough that she showed underboob when she raised her arms. With our weekly ritual complete, we headed out to the bar. The bar we frequent has about six booths with three on each side of the front door as you walked in.

They are each walled in with only the front open, dim lights inside and a curtain to pull for privacy. We usually leave early enough to get a booth and meet up with other friends. There is usually about 6 to 8 of us sharing the booth. We're able to leave our bags mom and teen fucking dildos in bathroom coats there because there is usually someone there at all times.

I only found out a couple days ago that the owner has several strip clubs in the city and has the same type of license for all. This explains our private booths and the cages with dance poles around the dance floor. Our bar was intended to be a strip club but because of public pressure because it's near campus, he only operates it as a bar.

The place is licensed for adult entertainment, no wonder we get away with our shenanigans. We arrived at the bar and met up with a couple friends who were already there. We dropped our coats and bags at the table, then Robin, Charlotte and I grabbed our drinks and headed out to the dance floor to see who showed up tonight and to dance a little. After a few minutes a couple guys moved in and started dancing with us. Robin and Charlotte were dancing with one guy while the other guy was dancing with me.

He put his arm around my waist and pulled me up against his body. I turned around and starting grinding my ass against him when another guy came up and started trying to dance with me. I didn't mind, but the first guy got upset and loudly said "I'm dancing with her asshole!" Seeing a fight ready to happen, I looked at him and said "No, by all means, Dance with him." and I walked off back to the booth to hang out with friends.

A couple of them bought rounds of shots for the table and we all had fun. We played a couple rounds of truth or dare, but nothing real crazy happened. Just guys being guys and daring girls to make out with each other, which was no big deal, I had made out with every girl at the table anyway, went further with a few of them, and went further with every guy there for that matter.

We were a close group of friends that we all knew and trusted. We were a group of "Friends with Benefits". Nothing happened that was as crazy as what happened a few months back, but that is another story. Fun times were had and I met another really cute guy named "Nick". Somewhat shaggy, not quite shoulder length blonde hair and the type of stubble that just feels amazing rubbing your inner thighs. We danced for a bit and then went to talk at the booth.

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There were several people talking so I texted friends on my phone when I was not being addressed. It wasn't one of those rude texting moments where you completely ignore the person shy wife convinced tgive hubbys friend blowjob front of you. It was texting where others in the groups were talking to someone else and you half pay attention so that when someone addresses you, you can return your attention to the conversation.

After a bit longer Nick and I were dancing again and I was beginning to have trouble standing. I had an awesome buzz going on, and he was getting a little too handsy. I love exhibition, it is a huge part of who I am, but Robin and Charlotte said something did not look quite right about the guy and they came to rescue me. They told him I was getting sick and needed to go rest so he followed us to our booth which was full, Robin got his number and told him "She'll call you." and he walked off.

It was just about 10:30pm now and we would normally be there until 1 to 2 am with last call at two. About an hour later, I was sobering up pretty good and felt a lot better and went to see if Nick was still around. I looked and didn't see him. I hung around on the dance floor talking to a couple friends and dancing a little.

I was getting ready to head back to the booth when I saw a guy heading my way. As he was walking through, from I guess, the bathroom; I gently grabbed his arm and started dancing with him. He said his name was Pete and all I could think of was how my grandmother would call a penis a Peter when I was a young kid. I thought this may be a good omen.

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We danced until the end of the song and he held my hand and started leading me away from the floor. We got to the booth next to the one my friends were at and we started making out.

His hands were sliding up my shirt and he was cupping my tits and tugging on my nipple ring. I was going wild; this was the first substantial human contact I had in almost a month.

The guy could have been the worst lay on the planet, but I did not care after a month of my own fingers, a broken down silver bullet vibe, and my always faithful hairbrush. Some of you girls know what I mean. That hairbrush that has been with you forever but never gets used on your hair anymore because most of the bristles are missing.

I caught the curtains move out of the corner of my eye and heard someone kind of, but not quite yell "What the fuck?" I pulled away from him to see the gorgeous redhead that caught my eye and said hi to a few times in passing a few months earlier on campus and in one of my classes.

I knew her as Amy. She had a killer ass and tits and was standing sideways in the curtain faking an angry scowl but still smiling, at the same time. I just took a shot in the dark that she wasn't really mad and I ceamysweet sucks and talks dirty instructional big tits my finger to beckon her over to me.

She slid in behind me saying "Hi, I'm Amy, Pete's girlfriend." I said "Yeah, I know your name, I'm Lexa." She told me I know your name too. I know Robin and asked her your name when I first saw you on campus a few months earlier." I turned and started kissing her neck and then up her jaw, and I could smell her lip gloss, I asked her if it was peach and she shook her head and mumbled "Mmhmm".

I went in for a full on kiss and her boyfriend is still squeezing my tits. She was twirling her tongue around mine and running it across the backs of my teeth and I sucked her tongue hard like I was giving her tongue a blowjob.

I let go and she ran her tongue across the roof of my mouth and my upper lip as she pulled back. She darted in and started sucking on my earlobe. Turn on spot one for me, especially when it's a girl. Guys like to suck earlobes like they are trying to give them a hickey. It hurts sometimes.

Guys, Ease up! Anyway, as I'm making out with her, I felt Pete grab my hand and move it toward his groin. Just then I felt bare, euro whores for one meaty penis hardcore groupsex skin and I opened my hand to grab a medium sized cock and started stroking it back and forth. It wasn't long but it had decent girth.

It wasn't the biggest I've seen, but not the smallest either.

Amy asked me between kisses "It's big, isn't it?" I didn't have the heart to tell the poor girl I have had bigger in two holes at once. I just agreed with her and let her feel good about her man. I do have to admit, he felt pretty good to me considering my previous month back in Michigan.

I turned back towards him and they traded activities, she began sliding her hands up and down my belly and under my shirt while playing with my boobs. She kept sliding her hand down my belly and under the waistband of my leggings and skirt but wasn't able to go very far in. Her fingers were reaching only an inch or so under my skirt. I continued to stroke her boyfriend's cock while she was feeling me up. I reached down and undid the button at the side of my skirt. The next time her hand slid down my belly, there was little resistance and she went deep.

I was already wet from kissing her and the earlobe job she gave me really had me going. I remember kind of lying back against her while she had her hand down my leggings and was rubbing my clit with her thumb and her middle finger plowing through my slit. I suddenly felt her slip two fingers in and started pumping them back and forth while thumbing my clit. My heart rate began to climb and my breathing was getting deeper.

By this time, Pete had either pulled my leggings down or they had slid down hostel teacher and student xxx storys my knees and Pete was sitting back, slightly stroking himself while watching his girlfriend finger massive breasts babe katt big boobs pornstar me deeply.

I turned my head to look at her and we started making out again. I used my tongue to chase her tongue around in circles and I began to moan into her mouth as her penetrations got more intense, deeper, and more forceful. I had my feet up on the seat with my knees slightly bent as I was leaning against Amy. Pete reached down and grabbed the heel of the boot on my right foot and slipped it off. He then grabbed the bottom to the right leg on my leggings and slipped it down over my foot and slid my entire leg out of them.

I still had my skirt around my waist should I have to get up in a hurry. Afraid of losing my leggings, I slid my left foot slightly behind his back in case he had plans of doing the same on my left side to get them completely off. He seemed happy just having better access to my wet, little slit. I don't know when it happened but as if she were magic, her fingers were in my stocking tits milf need your help fast fucking using plushcam lovense toy with my own juices still clinging to them, she licked her fingers with me and I realized I was still being fingered.

I glanced down to see Pete still stroking himself with one hand and shoving his fingers from the other hand deep into my pussy. Each time he slid out I would clamp down on his fingers as if to say "Don't you dare leave me." Each time in, he would go deeper. He continued and then he tried to slip three fingers in which caused me to slide back against Amy. She just whispered "Shhh!

It'll feel great." And I relaxed a little and he slipped all three in slowly and gently. My breathing was getting faster as Amy began to twist my nipple ring around and flick it with her finger.

Her face was buried in my hair around my neck. I could hear her breathing beginning to speed up With her breathing in my ear and I put my arm behind my back to feel her out, to find out what she penis ring electric shock mistress going on. I didn't notice the clothes she was wearing when she came to the booth, other than a lightweight sheer, blouse with a black bra underneath.

She was also wearing stretchy leggings with no panties. I ran my hand slowly along her leg to a warm, wet spot between her legs. I ran my hand up behind my back to feel her tits pressing against my back, bigger than my own, but very warm and soft.

I pinched and pulled her hard little nipples a couple times and then placed my palm against her stomach and slid my hand downward. As I reached the top of her leggings, I pressed inward to push my fingers behind the waistband and down into her pants.

She was well groomed and had a small thin "landing strip". I spread my fingers to slide down both sides of the fine, soft hair and down each side between her inner and outer lips. As I pulled up, I pinched my fingers together clamping her inner lips together. Upon reaching the top, I focused my middle finger with light pressure over the hood covering her clit. When I did this, I heard her take a sharp breath and I pressed in to roll her clit around under the small warm flap of skin protecting her treasure.

I slid my hand further down to slip my middle finger inside and hooked into her like I was going to lift her up from the curved bench. All of this attention had almost made me forget her boyfriend was still there. It reminded me of my remote control bullet mel mel xxx story sex stories. You can put it into standby, slide it in, the tether hangs out, and you turn it on with the remote.

It's USB rechargeable to make it simple, easy and very handy for a girl with a portable backup power source and a laptop with her in all classes. I only received it as a Christmas gift recently and have used it during two of my classes this week. Once, while responding to comments and messages on a post I had made on another forum. At this point Pete felt like a remote control sex toy to me.

He was turned slightly sideways, angled toward me and my left leg was up on the seat against the back and my foot behind him. His hand was reaching over and into my pussy. He continued to penetrate me with three fingers. As I laid there against Amy with my hand behind me rubbing her wet little hole and as her boyfriend's fingers pumped in and out of me, I was in pure heaven. I began to buck my hips into Pete's hand trying to get more of him into me.

I wanted more; I wanted all of him inside me. I pushed against his hand and wanted it all. The harder I pushed against him the deeper I pushed into Amy.

Every time I pushed deeper, I could feel her contracting her muscles around my fingers. Squeezing them with everything she had, trying to hold me there. With my eyes half closed and breathing heavily, I heard someone at the curtain and looked to see another girl standing there watching. Pete said "Hi, Would you like to join us?" She smiled and sat down a couple feet away from, Pete watching us.

As I laid there, eyes half closed, I smiled at her and she bit her lip in that sexy little way we girls can do. She ran her arms up her chest, pushing her tits together and dropped one hand below the table as she pinched her nipple with her free hand. Her chest started heaving slightly as her breathing picked up. Pete was looking down at her while she watched him slam his fingers into me as my hips bucked wildly.

I began moaning quietly and I noticed her breathing increased some more. Pete motioned for her to move over and she did. Pete withdrew his fingers and held them in front of her face, staring me in the eye, she leaned over and opened her mouth, not breaking eye contact with me, and sucked Pete's fingers, covered my juices, into her mouth and back into her throat.

I smiled at her while Pete slid his fingers back into my wet little pussy with her watching closely. I smiled at her and then, without saying a word the entire time, she stood up, walked to the curtain, smiled back at me, and left. Too bad, if she had only stayed a few more seconds, I would have had her join Amy and I, or just had her stick around to watch.

Two things I love is being watched and being used as a toy. Just then Pete pulled his fingers out of me and slid them into his mouth. Seeing that pushed me to the edge and I leaned up, pulled my other leg up onto the bench and a couple seconds later, I was on both knees and with my face impaled on his hard cock.

I could feel Amy behind me, beginning to explore my folds with her tongue and judging by the cool breeze, I could tell I was soaked past my which is where I felt her next gentle touch. She ran her fingertips over my little hole, and slipped her finger inside and hooked it slightly. She then began to twist it around as she pressed deeper. I felt Pete's hand on the back of my head as he began pushing my head down onto his cock with my nose bottoming out against his "manscaped" yard.

It felt as if he was trying to push his cock out the back of my throat. He was already as deep into me as he could go. As I was on my knees, slamming my face down on Pete's cock, his girlfriend was behind me reaching under to grab and squeeze my tits. I could feel her sliding two or possibly three fingers into my wet little cunt, still stretched from her boyfriend's fingers just a few minutes earlier. I could feel her licking my asshole every few seconds followed by her tongue sliding downwards to lick my slick, sopping hole.

With her fingers hooked downwards, I could feel her pulling into my G-Spot. I was going crazy. Judging by the cool breeze against my legs, my own juices had run down my legs, almost to my knees. As Amy began to lick me harder and put more pressure on my G-spot, I started sucking her boyfriend hard until he was pumping upwards into my face.

I had my index finger and thumb wrapped around his cock at the base while cupping his balls with the rest of my hand, I began to feel him tense up.

As I raised up, he blasted me in the face with his first shot of cum, the rest pumped out and back down onto his hand which replaced my warm, wet mouth. He continued to pump every last bit of cum out of his balls while I had shoved my hand young courtesans hazel dew selfie lover double creampie my legs to rub my own clit.

Amy was still pumping her fingers into me like a jackhammer, and just then, my right leg went stiff and slid off the bench as I planted my foot on the floor to steady myself. Still shaking from my orgasm, I turned to face Amy with her boyfriend's cum still on my cheek. Amy pulled me around a licked it off my cheek then plunged her tongue into my mouth for a deep, passionate kiss to share her boyfriend's solitary drop of cum. We all laughed about the whole experience for a minute and Pete reached for the stack of napkins in the middle of the table.

As I was wiping my inner thighs down, Amy ran a napkin across my cunt, wiping some of my wetness away. She ran another one down my other leg as I was finishing up on my left leg. I twisted my leggings around on my leg and put my right leg back in and pulled them back up, adjusted my skirt and turned to help her as she was reaching down her pants to clean up a little. Seeing she needed no help, I turned to Pete who was just finishing wiping his cum from his hands.

He tossed the napkins on the table and raised his hips to pull his pants back over his ass. As he did his pants up, I sat back down between them and told them "Wow, this was fun." And they asked "Will you be here next weekend?" I told them there was a good chance as it was my favorite bar.

They said they may see me again then. I recognized Amy from a class we had together and seeing her around campus, but Pete was a new face to me. I had never seen either of them in year old teen must fuck her way out of jail bar before though. They may have been weeknighters where I rarely go out through the week.

I tend to focus on schoolwork and staying in through the week and usually only go out on Friday and Saturday nights. I made it home around 1:00am, jumped in the shower. After I dried off, I put on a terry cloth robe and settled in to read some comments from my post on another forum.

As I was reading comments, Madison walked in from her night out and declared she was giving up on guys for a while since none of them wanted to satisfy her. She said they always got off first and left her high and dry.

I explained I'd never do that to her with a sly, little smile. She blushed, sounded flustered as she said she was going to take a shower. I replied to a few comments and then I lay down to relive my night with Pete and Amy, wishing Madison would come out and join me. That would take a few more weeks as it turned out. Initially I had planned on going out again on Saturday night but kind of failed. I made it out for a little bit.

Grabbed a Dr. Pepper and just sat to talk with friends about their break. I did more catching up that night than dancing or flirting, although I did sit on my friend Todds lap and could feel him getting hard. That boy has a beautiful cock, he can wrap one hand around the base, and then wrap the other just above it and still have some and the head sticking out, and I know I cannot wrap my hand all the way around it.

I would have to say Todd was about the same girth as a RedBull can. He was thick and long. I rubbed him over his pants and he rubbed me under my skirt while we sat there giggling and talking to friends.

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We spent time catching up with one another. Robin and Charlotte both stopped by with guys inviting me to join them for a threebie. I thanked them for the offer but said I was just going back to the dorm to get some sleep. As I walked into my room, I heard what sounded like Porn playing and then heard Madison's suni leon new xxx vedios slam shut. I giggled at her and told her she didn't have to stop on my account and told her I might enjoy watching her after my night.

She blushed and claimed she had just finished and the video was still playing while she cleaned up a little. She got up and went to the bathroom while I stripped down to get ready for bed. She came out, gave me a big hug and told me she was glad I was her roommate, kissed me on the cheek and went to lay down and sleep. I hope you enjoy this post and I hope to post more in my continued exploration of sex and fun during my college years.