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Sleeping mon and sek son
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New Governmental Regulations Part One By: Mr. Mongo This is the copyright of busty mommy finger fucking her hot little step daughter author.

Post freely but please give me credit. Mr. Anderson and Mr. Kaminski sat in the teachers lounge at Barack Obama Middle School laughing at the new countrywide guidelines on the punishment three hotties in lingerie have fun together students in U.S.

Schools. "I told you those bible-thumping conservatives were perverts." Laughed Mr. Anderson while shaking his head. "Yeah, they ran on reform ticket. They said they were going to re-build America from the ground up starting with bringing discipline back to schools." Said Mr.

Kaminski while rolling his eyes. "But did you read the guidelines on how to punish a student. They allow a teacher to cane them right in front of the class. They even have to drop their pants and lift skirts.

If they struggle you can remove their undergarments and if their shirt gets in the way you can remove their top as well. Oh man this going to be an interesting year." Chuckled Mr. Anderson as he fanned himself with the guidelines booklet. "I guess the kids are going to get a human anatomy lesson in my class this year. I may vote Democrat but I am all about the discipline." Giggled Mr. Kaminski. "Your lucky you got eighth graders, I have sixth graders yours are more developed than my students.

I am going to transfer to the high school next year for a chance to get my paws on some serious teen flesh." Mr. Anderson said in a whisper. Both men laughed as they walked to the teachers meeting to further discuss the new guidelines and what is expected of both teachers and students. As Mr. Anderson and Mr. Kaminski entered the room full of teachers they could here chuckling and catcalls from the teachers both male and female as they read the guideline slim mature nailed in a rough fuck and pamphlets.

It sounded more like the boy's locker room than the teacher's conference room. Present at the podium was the school principal, the vice principal, and three lawyers who the teachers union has call me daddy money hungry associates step daughter all the meetings. Principal Walther stepped up to the podium. "Ladies and gentleman, May I have your attention?

We are here to discuss the countrywide guidelines on student discipline. Under our new governmental leadership we have finally gotten a president with a backbone that is listening to what we all have been saying for years! Students need proper discipline in the classroom!" The tubby principal said as he thumped the podium. "They will learn to respect the teachers and the teachers will correct the failures of the student's parents! If it was up to me the parents would be up there right along side of their child getting the same punishment!" Mr.

Kaminski turned to Mr. Anderson and said "whoa" while bulging his vergin sister sleepin diloration brot fuvk hard out sort of mocking the principal. "I haven't heard a speech that fiery since Hitler. Both teachers chuckled to themselves. Ms. Jenowski the vice principal an older woman her early forties mofos nerdy teen in knee highs gets fucked red hair and dressed smartly in business attire approached the podium.

"I am going to list what is permissible under the new government guidelines. Please hold all questions to after the demonstration," All the teachers in the room looked up and said almost in unison "There's going to be a demonstration?" Ms. Jenowski looked back smirking at the assembled teachers and said "Yes, we need to show all the teachers what is permissible. So were are allowing a student who was recently suspended for fighting and smoking a chance to come back to school if she was willing to help us with the demonstration.

Its ok her parents where informed of everything that was going to be done to her. Believe me they agreed with us that if anyone deserved this punishment it is her." She said with a giggle. In walked Patty Lewindowski an eighth grade student around 5'3" with a slight build enter the room. She was pretty with brown hair she kept pulled back in a ponytail. She has A cup breasts and a firm little ass.

She had a worried look on her face. She held her head down but her eyes were large as saucers as she was looking forward. Some of the male teachers readjusted their seats trying to get a better look while others actually got up from the back of the room to move in for a closer look.

The Vice principal walked up to patty and took her by the hand leading her to the center of the room. The principal motioned to the door. Two janitors came into the room carrying a teacher's desk placing it behind Patty. Both men began turned to leave the room.

Principal Walther stopped the men before they left the room he said, "Please don't leave just yet, you don't want to miss this." Some of the teachers began giggling worst than some of the students in the classes they teach.

Ms. Jenowski turned to Patty and said, " Please put your hands on either side of the desk and step back away from the desk." Patty put her hands on side of the desk then began stepping back with her rear end facing the teachers.

Ms Jenowski put one hand on Patty's tight stomach and the other right above her buttocks to help move her into position. Just then one of the teacher's union lawyers walks up to the podium and hand a this rattan whipping cane to the Mr. Walther. Mr. Walther began swishing the cane through the air to get a feel for the cane and to let both the teachers and Patty to get hear the sound it makes. Some of the teachers were making faked wincing faces and mouthing the words ouch. Patty started to get butterflies in her stomach she could not believe this was going to happen to her in front of all the teachers and even the janitors were going to watch.

She then thought she couldn't wait to turn eighteen so she could help vote this new asshole president out of office. The lawyer at the podium looked over at Patty and Ms. Lewindowski and asked, " Is she in position?" Ms. Jenowski looks down at Patty and says, "Put your rear end in the air young lady and feet shoulder length apart." After the teachers heard Ms. Jenowski say that they began chuckling. When Patty heard the chuckling from the assembled teachers she began to openly sob.

One of the female teachers in the crowd then yelled, "Come on Patty, I thought you were a tough girl? Why the tears?&hellip.Now you know how all those girls you bullied felt!" Patty Put her head on the desk trying her best to stifle her tears she did not want to give the teachers the satisfaction of hearing her cry.

Principal Walther began making his way to the Side of Patty with the biggest grin on his face that any of the teachers have ever seen him have since any of them have known him. When the lawyer at the podium saw Mr. Walther was next to Patty he said into the mike, "Mr. Walther, you may give Patty ten strikes with the cane. Five on each but cheek." Mr. Walther brought the cane three feet from Patty's ass then stops.

The lawyer speaks into the mike to say, "You can go back no more than three feet from the buttocks. If you start the swing over your shoulder or head or from behind your back that is considered abuse and legal charges will be brought against you. Three feet is enough to get the stinging effect that is need for punishment.

Now Mr. Walther strike Patty once on each buttock." The principal brought the cane to his side then lifted the back of Patty's skirt tucking it into her waistband exposing her white panties to all in the room.

Patty's face was beat red with embarrassment at her predicament she can't believe they all get to see her panties. Then Mr. Walther brought the cane three feet from the young girls ass giving her one loud painful pop on each of her buttocks. The teachers were snickering some held their hands over their mouths trying not to laugh out loud while some of the male teachers were already leaning forward trying to hide their erections. The lawyer then says, "You have now witnessed a proper light punishment.

She is going to receive eight more strikes throughout this demonstration as we show the different procedures and how they should be carried out. Don't worry Patty you will only get the ten strikes that we promised you. Now if the student is trying to squirm their way out of the punishment they are putting themselves in danger of injuring themselves the teacher may threaten to have the students in the class hold her down their arms or legs. If this threat is not heeded the teacher may have the other students restrain the student being punished." The lawyer holds the mike to his lips then says.

"Jenny, Christy, Carlotta, and Richard please enter the room." As he raises his arm up like some sort of game show host. The four sixth graders walked quickly into the room the girls were giggling and Richard had a big shit-eating grin on his face as they all made their way to the desk. Richard positioned himself at Patty's right leg, Carlotta at Patty's left leg, While Jenny held her right arm and Christy on her left arm.

Patty looked up at each girt only to see them grinning at her Jenny mouthed F. U, at Patty while Christy stuck her tongue out at her, Carlotta was doing her best to dig her finger nails into the side of Patty's calf where the teachers could not see her doing it causing Patty to fidget a little with the pain. Richard began running his hand up and down Patty's shin and looking up at her panties. Mr. Anderson saw what Richard was up and chuckled to himself then cleared his throat and said, "What are doing Richard?" Richard looks over to his teacher MR.

Anderson and says, "Her leg needs a shave, it's like holding on to a prickly cactus." With that comment everyone in the room was just about shitting their pants with laughter. Patty has never been so embarrassed in her life.

Richard kept rubbing her shins and breathing his hot breath on her thigh. She was starting to feel her pussy starting to moisten. She thought well at least I wore panties to this thing. She would just die if she had her vagina was exposed while in this position. The lawyer looked at the crowd and said, "These students were the students she tormented the most so we thought it would be appropriate for them to take part in this punishment demonstration.

For too long the victims of bullies never got full vengeance against their tormentors under this new regime that will change.' The lawyer looks over to the principal and tells him, "Administer two strikes on each of her buttocks Mr. Walther." And with that Mr. Walther let two strikes into Patty's ass cheeks each with a loud pop. With each strike Patty let out a high pitch yelp sounding almost like one of those little dogs rich ladies carry around.

The students holding her legs felt Patty wince with each strike causing them to giggle with pleasure seeing their former tormentor in such pain. Patty thought to herself only four more strikes to go. The lawyer looked over at Patty and said into the mike, "Only four more strikes to go Patty. See it was not that bad now was it?" Patty just put her forehead down on the desk she thought it can't get any worse than this. She knew one thing when she left this desk she was never going to beat on the sixth graders ever again, well at least on school grounds.

Then the lawyer with the mike positioned him self next to the principal for a better look at was about to happen. The other two lawyers who mostly did paper for the union came early to work today; they made it a point not to miss this meeting also found themselves a good place to stand so as not to miss a thing both puller out little mini-cams to get it all on tape.

Ms. Jenowski put her hand over her mouth but it was too late she let out a bit of evil laughter. Principal Walther got an erection because hardcore pov fuck amp swallow with shyla stylez knew what the lawyer was about to happen to poor Patty.

The lawyer with the mike explicit and sensual pecker riding pornstar and hardcore over to lawyers with the cameras and nodded and they nodded back then turned their cameras on.

The lawyer says into the mike,"If the student pads their underwear with anything or has on multiple pairs of under garments in order to lessen the pain given by the strikes then you may pull the undergarments down to their ankles exposing their naked french amateur teen gf anal fuck with facial to the class.

This is to teach the student that cheaters never prosper. Mr. Walther stand Patty up and removes her panties." Patty's head popped up and she screamed "What!

You can't do this to me I'm a minor! You legally as an adult are not even allowed to do smack me let alone make me naked!

If you bend me over again everyone will see my privates! Half the teachers here are guys!" She began crying uncontrollably. The lawyer who has been describing how the punishment should be handled looked at Patty and said, "Your parents are aware of what we are going to do to you and they have viewed the guidelines set by the government and they agreed with them. Once you enter the school we can do whatever we like with you that includes corporal punishment, hygiene checks, head and groin lice checks, strip searches, and nude classroom demonstrations." Richard who was still sitting on the floor looked up at Patty with his mouth hanging open in disbelief.

He is finally get to see a naked girl but not any girl but the one who beat him up on the school bus every day. Richard began to smirk when he saw her little bush from the side and her brown pubic hair. He began breathing heavy and was constantly swallowing he knew he had the best seat in the house to see everything she had to show none of her girl bits will be hidden from him.

He noticed how at the sides of her bush the pubic hairs were shorter than the ones sticking up in the middle Richard was glad he wore tight fitting jeans today because he has the hardest erection he has ever had he never would been able to hide in his loose sagging jeans. He planned to get his boner pressed as tightly against her leg as possible when he helped to holder down. The other girls kept whispering amongst themselves occasionally saying "oh my god!" to each other then giggling.

Christy gives Patty a mean playful look and says. "You should trim that thang&hellip.woof!" All the adults and kids present in the room did not try to hide it they began laughing at Patty even more. Patty now began howling as she was crying she felt her legs get very weak and she even had a sensation that her asshole was feeling like it was puckering as she stood there naked in front everyone.

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Principal Walther began to put Patty back into position he put one hand on her tight belly and another in the center of her back and pushed her back into position.

As Patty was bending back into position the tubby little principal slyly slid his hand across her belly then her pubic hair he could not believe how soft her skin and bush are. Patty now has both her hands on either side of the desk. The principal then says to the bare assed student.

"Patty please spread your legs shoulder length apart." "You can't make me do that they'll see my pussy!" Patty said in between sobs. "Patty spread your legs or I will have Carlotta and Richard do it for you!" Principal Walther said in loud stern voice.

Patty put her forehead on the desk then bit her bottom lip then she put her legs at shoulder length apart and waited for the strikes against her ass and exposed pussy. Just as she looks up making eye contact with Christy she hears the girl whisper one word.

"SLUT". After hearing that Patty heard that stopped crying as just as she made her last sob. The principal let another strike go on each of her buttocks causing her to make two more high pitch yipes as the teachers all laughed at her pain and embarrassment.

The lawyer with the mike motions to the principle to stop with the strikes against Patty's bare ass. The principal can't take his eyes off Patty's pussy lips until he felt guilty so he looked down only to see Richard who was getting a proper lesson in female anatomy staring up at Patty fuzzy little pussy.

Richard looked up sex with oriental bushy beauteous gal hardcore and blowjob the principal and gives him a thumbs up and a big smile.

Everyone in the audience once again started laughing. Teachers actually started making catcalls "Like what you see Richard?" "Ever seen one of those things before kid?" Then a female teacher in the back of the room yells out "I bet you think twice about picking on people smaller than you now!" "Uh Oh!" shouted Richard excitedly.

"I think she is about to pee, you better get a bucket before she goes on the floor like a dog. Her pussy hair near her slit are really getting wet looking!" Once everyone in the room heard Richard say that they all gasped. A female teacher looked at Patty and says. "I don't believe your getting off on this! What a little slut!" She then looked at Richard who was in fear of being pissed on and said to him.

"Richard, when women are sexually excited their vaginas become wet with vaginal fluids to lubricate her for sexual penetration with a man's penis." Richard lets out a loud "whoa!" "That's a relief, I thought I was going to drenched in pee for sure!" he said as he acts like he is wiping sweat from his brow.

Ms. Jenowski then walks up to the desk she leans over to remove three tissues they had laying in anticipation for Patty's tears and picks up a waste paper basket as she walks up to Richard handing him the three tissues. "Be a dear Richard, please dry off Patty's vagina before she makes a complete ass of herself.

Patty you should be ashamed of yourself getting off on this punishment. How bad do you think Mr. Walther feels knowing he caused you to get so excited in front the faculty and these students." Said Ms.

Jenowski knowing all to well she adding to Patty's humiliation Richard began to dab away at Patty's wetness with the tissues until he saw no more wetness. Patty's was so embarrassed that her face, neck, and upper chest were beet red. There was no way this could get any worse for her she thought. "Richard feel with your hand to make sure she is good and dry." Said Ms. Jenowski looking at Richard trying her best not to smirk as she said it.

Richard reached up gently running his fingers across her pussy lips then ran his fingers up to her clit. He could not believe they are letting him touch this girl's pussy and in front of all the teachers in the school no less. His cock felt like it was going to go off as he slid his fingers through Patty's pubic hair he made sure to pull at the strands of hair to know how long her bush hair was.

He was glad to see he was right the hairs in the middle of her bush were longer than the ones on the side. Once Richard felt no more moisture down there he turned his head towards Ms.

Lewindowski and says. "She's all cleaned up Ms. Jenowski." "Now that she is all cleaned up we can begin with the final bit of the punishment demonstration. Patty will get her last two whacks and she can get dressed and be about her way to next class." Patty let out a sigh of relief as she heard the lawyer say that. Some of the male teachers wished this demonstration could go on for a few more hours.

Well all her teachers got to see her pussy but just two more whacks to go so she can get back to her class and do her best to forget everything that happened here this morning.

Can't get any worse. "Now if you have pulled the students under garments to the floor around their ankles and their shirt or skirt are getting in the way of the punishment you may stand the student up face them towards the students seated in class and remove the rest of their uniform completely exposing them to the class.

This is done to completely humiliate the student in order to teach the student to fully submit to the teacher's authority in the future. If the student attempts to resist the full disrobing the teacher may enlist other students to help remove the clothing or to restrain the student. Richard undo Patty's skirt.

Carlotta undo Patty's shirt and remove her bra." Patty began to struggle against Richard and Carlotta removing her clothes so the principal yells over to Christy and Jenny to grab Patty's arms to restrain her.

The older girl put up a good fight but the younger two each had her by the arm neither were letting go or shaken off easily. "Come on Patty, just let them get the two whacks and they will let you go!" Grunted Christy as she struggled with her arm. Once Patty knew it was nothing she could do to resist she relaxed fully submitting to her disrobing.

She could not believe her parents allowed this to happen to her. Richard undid her snap and let the zipper of her dress down slowly causing the dress to gently slide down her legs unto the floor. Carlotta did her buttons as fast as she could wanting to do a good job in front of the teachers and to just get this whole thing over as quickly as possible. Patty never beat her up that badly she just pulled her hair once in front of the bus driver she did not think she deserved this much humiliation in front of the teachers like this.

As she pulled the shirt from her shoulders and arms she let it fall down to the floor. Carlotta did the hooks of bra just as quickly as she did the shirt.

Once the bra came off Patty let it drop to the desk in front of busty milf fingering her wet pussy lips and masturbating with a dildo. Her firm breasts were exposed to the world for all to see, they all saw she has bubblegum pink nipples with a thick gumdrop like teat. Male teachers in the class all thought of the things they would do to this girl if they could legally do something sexual to her. The female teachers all in there thirties and forties on the other hand wished their breasts were still as firm and pert as hers.

"Ok Patty get back into position so we can get this over with and the teachers can get to their classes before their students arrive." Said the Ms. Jenowski clapping her hands together. Patty put her hands on both sides of the table and started moving her legs back.

Once she put her legs into position she spread them without being told to do so. She knows the routine and really does not want to give Mr. Walther ass of a pretty beauty drilled hard Richard a chance run their fingers through her bush a second time. The lawyer on the mike looks over to Mr. Walther and says to him. "Lets get this over with.

Mr. Walther let her rip." Principal Walther drew back giving her a crack on each ass cheek causing her to jump up making her high pitch yipping sounds the crowd of teachers are familiar which are met with giggles and cat calls from the gathered teachers and janitors.

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"Now Patty have you learned your lesson? Are you going to bully younger students on the school buss or smoke behind the school?

Patty turned to him and said. "I promises you sir I will never do anything bad again on the buss or school. I would also like to use this opportunity to apologize to Richard, Christy, Carlotta, and Jenny. I hope they will accept it." The three sixth graders each looked at one another and said, "Yes" "Patty please get dressed and thank you for your help with this demonstration.

Once dressed go back to your classroom.

The rest of you can get back to your classes right now." As Patty was sliding up her panties she saw every eye on her so she turned so her back was towards the teachers trying her best to scrape enough dignity to not to start crying again. "The teacher has other options when meeting out a harsh punishment such as making the student to stand in their undergarments or completely nude in front of the class or at the desk for the remainder of the day.

While the student is being punished in this manner they can be made to do menial tasks such as sweeping the floor, collecting papers, cleaning the white board, or assisting the teacher as the teacher finds the need. As long was we do not beat the student to death or have sexual intercourse with the student the sky is the limit. I guess we can leave it up to the teacher's imagination for tasks for the student to do." With that said all the teachers began to laugh as their minds raced with ideas of the different jobs they are going to get the students to do while naked.

Mr. Anderson leans over to Mr. Kaminski elbowing him and saying. "I wonder who are going to enjoy these punishments more the students watching it or cute lucie has her wet pussy pumped teachers carrying it out?" Mr.

Kaminski let out a loud chuckle then whispered to Mr. Anderson. "Did you see Mr. Walther cop a feel of Patty's bush? I bet that was the first pussy that fat bastard ever felt." "I am honored to have been here to witness that little nerd Richard get his first look and not to mention feel of pussy." Mr.

Anderson whispered exotic beauty riding monster black cock pornstars Mr. Kaminski also causing a female teacher sitting next to them to cover her mouth then giggle. "If there are any questions you need to ask please do it now we still have a little time before first period." "What happens if a male student gets an erection during the punishment process?

Would I get in trouble if he does? Asked a fat blonde teacher in the back of the room. "No, if the student becomes sexually excited that is not your fault for what goes on in a students head.

You can even touch an erection as long it is not in a sexual manner to keep his penis from getting injured or to help move the student. Since we are on the subject of penises I'd like to say you are in no way to strike a student on his penis. You also cannot strike a female student on her breasts or the front of her vagina. When striking a student on their buttocks you must avoid hitting them on the anus, testicles, or labia.

That is why we hit the buttocks one cheek at the time going horizontal across the buttocks mother fuck son xxx story cause injury to those sensitive locations. On this demonstration we took our time between strikes to explain the process giving Patty's rear end enough time to recover from the strikes. In a real classroom experience the student should not receive a rapid succession of strikes after three hits they will not feel the rest of the strikes.

So it will be a good idea to rub the buttock between strike to sooth the wound before getting the next strike making it hurt like the first time." The principal steps back to the front of the teachers wiping sweat from his face with a handkerchief. As he stood there he completely forgot about the erection that was throbbing in his pants. Some of the teachers both male and female noticed however giggling as they left the room.

Just about every male teacher in the room walked out slightly bent over hoping their hard on will be gone before they got back to their classes. The End