Super hot blonde verona dressed in sexy lacy stockings shows off her amazing body

Super hot blonde verona dressed in sexy lacy stockings shows off her amazing body
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Fbailey story number 711 My T-shirt Melissa came in holding one of my T-shirts. She said, "I can't wear teen adriana chechik squirts from getting dicked down thing. I need something longer. Don't you have any longer T-shirts?" I looked up from my computer and asked, "What are you doing with my T-shirt in the first place?" Frantic she said, "I need a longer one. Where do you keep them?" I asked, "First you are going to tell me why you need one." Reluctantly Melissa said, "I'm joining a club for girls and I need to wear one of my father's T-shirts to the meeting…and only my father's T-shirt." I laughed and said, "Then wear that one." She screamed at me, "I can't.

My cunt and ass will show. I've already tried it on." I couldn't help but laugh. I wasn't all that pleased with her language but I could just picture her in a dress that short.

It excited me. I said, "Okay, come with me." I took Melissa up to my bedroom and opened up my closet. I pushed my suits to the right, I pushed my pants to the right, and then I pushed my dress shirts to the right. There on the far left behind the wall was my T-shirt collection.

When my wife was alive she would pose for pictures in sexy T-shirts and nighties. I pulled a few out for my daughter to look at. The length was exactly what she was looking for.

They all had slogans on then such as: "If you can catch me, you can fuck me." "Yes, these are real. Ask my husband." Then there was the one that just says "Baby" with an arrow that points down. "I suck, I swallow, and I fuck like a bunny." Melissa asked, "Don't you have any NICE ones?" I pulled all of my Maria ozawa tokyo babe gets big tits fondled and pussy fingered fingering hardcore out of the corner and took the last one off its hanger.

It was a long yellow T-shirt and it had Betty Boop on the front. Melissa took it, held it up to her body, and said, "I can wear this one." I asked, "What is this group meeting about?" She said, "I can't tell you yet. It would be too embarrassing for me. Maybe sometime soon." I trusted her so we left it at that for the time being. Melissa put on the T-shirt and then she asked me for a ride to the meeting.

She knew where she wanted to go so when we arrived she kissed me on the cheek and ran up to the door. I waited until she had gotten safely inside before I took off. I had been home long enough to open a beer and drink half of it when the phone rang. A very nice voice said, "You can come and pick Melissa up at nine o'clock. Will that be okay with you?" I said, "Yes, that will be fine." Then I asked, "What kind of meeting is this anyway?" The sweet voice on the other end covered the mouthpiece and I heard something muffled in the background.

The voice then said, "She doesn't want me to tell you yet. I can tell you that it is a support group with other girls that have gone through or are going through the same thing as Melissa." I finished my beer and a second one before I headed back to get her.

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This time I was early and I walked up to the house and rang the doorbell. A very pretty woman in her late thirties or early forties answered it and said, "You must be Melissa's father. I know the rest of the fathers. Please…come in." I followed her inside. She was wearing a long white T-shirt. It was quite old and very thin. That shirt american bbw jacks pleasures her plump pussy with dildo all that she had on.

I would have seen a bra or panties right through it. As it was, about all that I had seen was her areolas and the shadow of her ass crack. She turned around, smiled at me, and said, "This is one of my father's T-shirts. We all wear them to the meetings.

By the way I like your Betty Boop T-shirt." I asked, "Did she tell you about the other ones that I offered her?" She blushed and said, "Your wife must have been very special to wear them for you. Give your daughter enough time and she will wear them for you too." I smiled as we entered the large room with seven girls in it.

Each girl had on a T-shirt that was too large for her. The woman said, "Melissa, your father is here to take you home." Melissa blushed as she went from girl to girl, kissing them on the lips, with tongue. Then she kissed the woman goodbye and held my hand. I looked at the other six girls and marveled at their beauty. I tried to figure out which one belonged to the woman. In the car I asked Melissa, "Was one of those girls that woman's daughter?" Melissa said, "No! She is one of us and she runs female agent and lesbian toying each other meetings.

All of us have gone through or are going through the same problem. And before you ask, no it is not drugs, booze, or smoking." After I had pulled into the driveway and turned the car off Melissa said, "Dad at the meeting tonight all of the girls agreed that in order to accomplish my goal that I needed to try something very embarrassing. They said that I should become more of an exhibitionist.

They said that I should just wear my bra and panties around the house unless I was getting ready to go out, that I should wear some of Mom's sexy nighties at night, and that I should sleep nude. Plus, I should not close any door when I am in the room, not even the bathroom." I asked, "Anything else?" Melissa thought about it and said, "Yes, I should only wear short skirts from now on and I should not close my legs." I laughed and said, "So I get to look up your skirt." Melissa said, "Why not, you are going to see me in my panties anyway." I then said, "You do know that you are going to tease the hell out of me.

Besides, I just might see more than just your panties if I pass the bathroom at the right time." Melissa blushed and said, "That's the embarrassing part." I asked, "So when does this all start and do you do everything at once?" Melissa said, "Well, it started when I left the meeting and it was suggested that I do it in stages but a few of the girls told me to just do it all at once.

So I think that is what I am going to do. Can I wear one on Mommy's negligées tonight?" I said, "Yes, of course." We went into the house and I watched my beautiful fourteen-year-old daughter go up the stars in front of me. Damn that T-shirt was just the right length to keep me from getting an eye full.

I opened up one of her mother's dresser drawers and told her to help herself. Then I went downstairs. I was drinking my third beer and thinking about how I was not able to get rid of my wife's clothes after her death.

Soon Melissa came down the stairs and stood right in front of me. The short red nightie looked good on her and I couldn't see much…which I was grateful for. At least the matching panties covered her pussy from my view. Otherwise I would have had a hard-on. An hour later we both headed up to bed. She went into the bathroom and I went into my bedroom. I waited about thirty seconds and then I went into the bathroom to test the water, so to speak.

Melissa was sitting on the toilet, the panties were between her ankles and her knees were spread wide. As soon as she saw me she clamped her knees together then a couple of seconds later she spread them again. I brushed my teeth and watched her in drunk wife rape by friends mirror. She kicked her panties off to one side, wiped her pussy, and then lifted her nightie up over her head. I watched her as she stepped into the shower.

I walked to the toilet, pulled my cock out of my pants, and peed. I flushed the toilet and a few moments later she felt a little extra hot water hit her and gave out a slight cry. I told her that I was sorry and walked back to my bedroom. I left the door open knowing that she would be walking by it when she was done. Besides she said that she would be leaving her bedroom door open too. I undressed and started to get in bed when Melissa came in to say goodnight.

She was naked with a big towel wrapped around her head to dry her hair. She was smiling at me. She was staring at my erection. I looked down and it was magnificent, it stood up tall and proud, and there was just one drop of glistening fluid over the small hole. She started breathing deeper when I looked up and saw her breasts heaving. I was pleased to see that she had light downy hairs on her pussy.

I said, "You don't seem to be all that embarrassed now." Melissa smiled and said, "It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I like being naked and letting you look at me." I looked down and said, "It sannye lie xxx vidos k like parts of me want to do erotic oriental cum hole shaving and anal sex than just look." Melissa blushed and said, "You can if you want too." There was a slight pause and then Melissa added, "That is what the meeting was about.

You see Mary Jo started it for other girls that want to sleep with their fathers. Lesbians forced it the gym Jo and three of the girls have already.

Only me and the other three girls haven't." I smiled again and said, "Do you really want to sleep with me?" Melissa laughed and said, "Well it sounds funny when you say it.

Actually I want you have sex with me, fuck my brains out, do anything to me that you want too and then we can sleep together." I said, "But honey, you are only thirteen." Melissa laughed and said, "All of the other girls are younger than me. Even Mary Jo was letting her father fuck her before she was my age." I asked, "Why do you want to have sex with your own father?" Melissa looked right into my eyes and said, "I think incest is the best.

I know that you love me, that you will always love me no matter what. I can't say that about any other guy. I have seen the way that you look at me.

It is the same way that I look at you. I've seen you get hard when I wear sexy clothes. I've seen you naked a few times too. I just never knew how to tell you until tonight. I love you. I want to make love with you. I want to wake up every morning in bed with you and with your cum in my pussy." I drew her closer to me and then I hugged and kissed her.

She slipped her tongue into my mouth. I asked, "Why did you kiss the other girls like that?" Melissa laughed and said, "To excite you. Mary Jo said that men liked watching girls make out." I said, "It worked." Melissa said, "If I had gone to another meeting you would have seen me fingering their pussies too." I'd like to see that. You said that three of the girls already sleep with their fathers so I think that you should go next week." Melissa said, "Okay, besides I need to tell them that their advice worked." I undressed and picked up my naked teenage daughter in my arms.

I kissed her as I felt her skin against my arms. I placed her on my bed and then I ran my tongue up her moist slit. She loved it when I touched her clit with the tip of my tongue. I loved it when I slipped it deep into her pussy and tasted just how good my little girl's cum tasted. After a few minutes I slipped my cock into her. I was glad that I could last long enough for her to have an orgasm. Melissa said, "Wow! That was great. Mary Jo said that it would feel good but I never thought that it would feel that good.

I felt your fat head enter me and then slide all the way in. I could feel it going in and out and then just before you started to cum you rammed the head of your cock into my uterus. It felt great. I can't wait for you to fuck me again." I said, "In that case start sucking it." Melissa smiled and kitana lure double anal with massive black cocks interracial dap sz doubleanal deepthroat down in the bed until she could get her mouth over it.

She sucked and let me show you my furry pussy causing it to swell up in her mouth. When I couldn't stand it any more I slipped it back into her pussy.

Together we reached the ultimate sensations. I could feel her shimmy beneath me. I pounded into her trying to tap her uterus with my cock. I knew that she would like it. When I lifted her legs up around my waist I got into her just far enough to do the trick. I banged into it giving her another orgasm.

During her third one I started filling her pussy with my potent baby making sperm. That was when I realized that my daughter was not on any form of birth control. Melissa said, "Oh that felt so good." I asked, "What are we going to do if you get pregnant?" Melissa laughed and said, "Oh Dad! I've been on birth control for a month now. Aunt Jane took care of that." I asked, "Why didn't she ask me or at least tell me about it?" Melissa said, "Because I asked her not too." Then I asked, "How did you learn about Mary Gets screwed by two types of the once blushed and said, "Aunt Jane told me about it.

She knows Mary Jo from when they were in those meetings together." Then Melissa went dead silent and covered her mouth with her hand. I asked, "So my sister was trying to get her father to fuck her?" Melissa giggled and said, "She did a lot more than just try." I smiled and said, "That explains a lot." I started thinking about Jane running around the house in just one of Dad's old T-shirts.

I though something had been going on but being the youngest one I always got sent to bed first. I would have to have a talk with Jane sometime soon. We made love one more time before we cuddled up and fell asleep.

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In the morning she insisted that I fill her pussy up before she went to school. I enjoyed it. Melissa called Mary Jo from school to give her the good news. Mary Jo called my sister and then Jane called me at work. Jane said, "Congratulations little brother. Melissa told Mary Jo what happened and that she told you about me and Dad." That evening Jane came over to fix us dinner. She invited Mary Jo to join us. The four of us wound up in bed together but I only got to fuck my daughter.

However, I got to watch Jane and Mary Jo make love. Then the two of them made love to Melissa. The two women told me about their fathers and the sex that they had both enjoyed until their deaths. It was a story of romance and now I could go through something just like it with my daughter.

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